Monday, May 2, 2011

Back to the City

Jake Gyllenhaal is back in NYC after a whirlwind rail trip with Mumford and Sons. We have a few more photos from the whistlestop tour. First up, Jake and his teammates with the opposition from Austin High:

Jake captured backstage at the Austin concert:

Jake sidestage in Memphis (?) and at the New Orleans Jazz Festival:

Jake at Pinkberry in New Orleans:


UltraViolet said...

Lots of Jake sightings today. He was at Cafe 50 West and just now at an Apple Store.

Extra said...

I don't see a tear in his pants so either he had them mended or he bought a new pair!

He really worked up a sweat playing basketball, he is soaked but i'm sure those girls didn't mind one bit!

Anonymous said...

he looks good on the phone :D I wonder if there are more to come

UltraViolet said...

Lol, Extra. I meant to mention the pants. Those girls odnt look like they mind!

A couple of FB sightings:

just talked to jake gyllenhaal for 3-5 minutes in the apple store. I think he was all zannied out but he couldn't have been more perfect.

I saw Jake Gyllenhall at The Spotted Pig tonight!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh
15 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

There's another photo of Jake from today here.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for that second picture, UV. I guess that answers the question about his pants,extra! LOL!

Saw a photo of Maggie at the Fashion Institute Gala at The Met tonight. She had a sparkley dark blue gown on and looked stunnning.

Chica said...

He's back in NY, The Spotted Pig is one of his old NY CZ:)

I didn't realize how sweaty he got playing basketball when I first saw these pics last week, yeah I don't think those girls minded one bit!

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, this is a cool thing to hear. Baz Luhrmann on Moulin Rouge:

"I saw everyone," Luhrmann said of his lengthy audition process. "I have audition material of people you wouldn't believe. I know who can really sing, people who've got amazing voices, from that process.

"Dear Heath Ledger, [he had] incredible scenes with Nicole," Luhrmann revealed. "Because at one stage, Christian [the role that went to McGregor] was very young, he was a younger guy, and then I was aware of Ewan but I didn't know if he could sing."

Another familiar face up for the role of Christian was Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Jake should do a musical," Luhrmann said. "He's a wonderful actor, but [he has a] great voice, tremendous voice. He sang some [Stephen] Sondheim for me, complicated singing, great voice. When is he going to guest on Glee?"

Monica said...

Before BBM, Moulin Rouge was my favorite romantic movie. Today it shares with BBM that honor.
Ewan did a great job and the chemistry between him and Nicole is perfect.
One of the best in years.

I would love to see videos of Heath and Jake singing, especially with Nicole Kidman. Fox, please, I want to see these videos!
Great words from Baz.

Thank you, UV!

When is he going to guest on Glee?

I hope never. Glee is ridiculous!

bobbyanna said...

"I would love to see videos of Heath and Jake singing, especially with Nicole Kidman. Fox, please, I want to see these videos..."

So would I, monica!!! How lovely that Baz said that! I can't help but think that if it does exist, maybe we will see it one day.

I'd love to see Jake do a musical.
But I confess, I'm over Glee. It was a short affair.

Yeah, Jake was a sweaty mess in Austin!: ) The little girl with the NC t-shirt posted on FB that Jake got so close to her, she was putting her t-shirt on her wall and never washing it! : )

mary said...

boy jake sure loves those pants he either has more than one pair or he took a needle and thread to those pants:)

good news about bin laden its about time like chica said didnt think we would ever get him so proud of those navy seals for the good job they did my son is in the navy and works in the intelligence department adn says there are pictures out there in the intelligence department of bin laden body some one mentioned on one of the shows i watched last night that they release a picture to prove that he is really dead as they did with huuseins body for those who dont really believe that he is dead

JF said...

Jake looks happy, probably the aftermath of the great experience on tour and SC's box office.
Just a few weeks left until I'll finally see SC.

I don't think the death of someone should be celebrated, even if it's Osama Bin Laden.

Office od Nancy Pelosi said...

I am not a fan of Glee either so, no but I would love to see Jake in a musical.

I would love to see those audition tapes for Moulin Rouge!!

We know how fond Jake gets sometimes with clothes, remember the postage stamp T and the jeans with the bleach stain:)

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the auditions for Moulin. Isn't that where Heath and Jake first met? Or did they know each other beforehand?

wouldn't it have been fantastic if they both got the role, that would have been their first movie together (but who knows if that did happen maybe they wouldn't have done BBM? just a thought)

Tweety said...

Jake at another NYC CZ, The ABC Kitchen:

I used to watch Glee, but i'm so over that show like you Bobbyanna.

UltraViolet said...

He's finally home! :)

UltraViolet said...

Also, anon, you realize Jake and Heath were auditioning for the same part, right? So they couldn't have both gotten the role.

Anonymous said...

oh I didn't realize Heath and Jake were up for the same role. Is this where they first met?

Tweety said...

Lucky woman!!

kristin_farrell: Is right at this moment being checked out by Jake Gyllenhal good day!

about 3 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

Boy, things sure are quiet when Jake's not on tour :)

Video of Mumford and Sons in Memphis. You can see Jake on the right sidestage at about 5:15, 9:15 and 13:35.

Sag Actor said...

I saw SC again yesterdsay after work, the theater was about half full, not bad fro a Tuesday.

According to Boxofficemojo,it came in at #6 for Tuesday.

mary said...

thanks UV yea things are pretty quiet when jake not on tour:) i knew we be in for a jake drought hope it doesnt last too long

UltraViolet said...

That isnt bad, Sag Actor I hope to see it this weekend again its a shame it took a couple of weeks for the great WOM to kick in The box office could have been even better.

We have been lucky, Mary. We got that bonus tour time. Guess we can be patient for a bit.

Funny FB sighting:

I walk home in the drizzling rain, pop in my sweet headphones that look like M&Ms, make awkward eye contact with a passerby, and realize that he is Jake Gyllenhaal. In the moment of shared awkward eye contact, I say "Hi!" as though I know him. After giving his companion a confused glance, he looks back at me and says, "Hi?"

...I'm pretty sure we're dating

bobbyanna said...

I'm always glad for these sightings, but I wish we'd get just a few more details...: )

UltraViolet said...

Never enough details, Bobbyanna!

New post :)