Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebratory and contemplative

There's a new interview with Jake Gyllenhaal in Australia's Herald Sun, conducted sometime in the past week. Jake is asked the usual questions about Source Code but also about recent world events.

Having been politically active in the past, for environmental and civil liberties causes as well as former presidential candidate John Kerry, Gyllenhaal won't be drawn on his personal reaction to the US military events of the past week.

"My opinion matters very little but to be here, I have seen a whole number of reactions," he says of the mood in his homeland right now.

"It's hard to speak for everybody and that's what makes America so extraordinary. It's celebratory and contemplative at the same time."

Having played a US marine in Jarhead, a pilot in Source Code and a cop in the coming drama End of Watch, Gyllenhaal says he takes the portrayal of serving men seriously.

"I think even as this whole thing with Osama Bin Laden comes out and people start to think what an extraordinary job these Navy Seals did, to portray someone who does a job as significant as they do accurately and with respect, I find that to be a great responsibility," he says. "I always feel pressure when I am doing it and try to do as much research as possible."

With the 10th anniversary of Moulin Rouge approaching, Baz Luhrmann recently reflected on the fact that Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger were the last two considered before he ultimately decided on Ewan McGregor as his leading man. After all these years, Gyllenhaal remembers the near-miss fondly.

"It was an honour to be seen and heard and listened to by Baz," he says of his audition. "He is a great filmmaker. I remember it as a very nurturing, huge growing process for me as an artist, which says a lot about Mr Luhrmann."

Given McGregor's surprising vocals in the film, surely Gyllenhaal is harbouring musical talents too?

"Oh, it's not hidden," he says, laughing. "And I'm not even necessarily sure it's a talent, but I would love to do a musical one day."

(Railroad Revival photos from flickr/mandalandish and breakfastontour.)


UltraViolet said...

Come on, someone give Jake a good musical role!

Not sure if the two photos (sepia/black and white) are new old photos. I don't remember seeing them though they are vaguely familiar.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, I think Jake's comments are very diplomatic. I don't think he wants to be drawn into anything political, which I think as a celeb was a wise move.

I wonder if he will be riding along with the LAPD and practicing on the shooting range.

After seeing Jake sing on SNL, he definitely deserves to do a musical.

UltraViolet said...

Jake has a lot of work to do. He nneds to do a play, a musical. Play a real bad guy. Do a heist movie. He should be busy lining up all these roles!

This could be Jake or someone else. In LA:

ElleComm: @CocksWithP @littleleap just sat at the table next to your boy Jake G at breakfast and all I could think of was the two of you

bobbyanna said...

Beautiful pictures, UV, and a really nice interview. Thanks.

I swear. I couldn't stand to be involved in the kind of work Jake does. He has to be almost Zen about it. :)

It takes so long for things to come together, you'd probably have to have a half dozen projects in various stages of development to stay sane. No wonder he runs, and cycles, and works out, and goes on the road with the band.

But if I had to list my preferences, I'd like to see him do the bad guy role after EOW, then a musical, then a heist movie, and some stage work in between...:)

From twitter a few minutes ago from some guy in L.A.
Just helped out Jake Gyllenhaal.

It's gorgeous outside!

Chica said...

I have not seen these b&w/sepia photos of Jake before UV, they are beautiful.

Very even and diplomatic response from Jake regarding the events of the past week. He shouls also add Colter Stevens as another military character he played as well.

Yes someone please hive Jake a musical role ASAP!!

It's beautiful here in NY too Bobbyanna!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

"It's hard to speak for everybody and that's what makes America so extraordinary. It's celebratory and contemplative at the same time."

Agree. He summed up perfectly what I am feeling right now.

The pics are gorgeous UV, perfect for this post.

With the mention of Jarhead I thought for a moment that the pic in the post was from 2005, not 2011!

I remember last year Jake talking about musical based on Hans Cristian Anderson, I wonder what the status of that is?

Tweety said...

That photo of Jake with the guitar always cracks me up, LOL!!

The sepia and black and white pics do look familiar, very intense and serious but stunning.

Its a good thing Jake has other interests, I would think that he would get restless in between gigs, looking forward to EOW.

I think she into Jake today at an event called UniqueLA, sounds like a flea market:

mikkele: recap: jake gyllenhaal, pacsun bikini flash mob (witnessed, not participated), farmer's market, and @UniqueLA. not a bad saturday.
about 1 hour ago via web ·

UltraViolet said...

This chef saw Jake today:

My Erewhon appearance was OFF THE CHARTS! It was so cool to see all the amazing peeps come out. It was cool to hook up Jake Gyllenhaal with pizza, he loved it!

Not sure why or to whom this was sent:

Jake Gyllenhaal wrote a letter to #korean fans

Shondra said...

I love the first photo, what a perfect profile!

His comments on the capture and death of Bin Laden struck a perfect note IMO.

I plan on spending a quiet Mother's day with hubby and my boys, wishing all the Mom's here at GB a Happy Mother's day.

MARY said...



Chica said...

Working on Mother's day?? Boo!!

Happy Mother's day Mary, Bobbyanna, Shondra and all the other GB Moms!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks chica! (((mary)))

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

UltraViolet said...

It's Sunday. Must be market time:

Jimmy Kimmel hammin' it up with Jake Gyllenhaal on Selma. @TheHFM
32 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...


My Mother's Day morning? Well, I spent it with Jake Gyllenhaal & his mum @ Hollywood Farmers Market. #true
about 1 hour ago

Anonymous said...

AW Jake and his mom? I wonder what he bought her for Mother's Day. I bet he is planning on cooking a meal for her (being that they are at the farmer's market)

It's nice he met Jimmy Kimmel. I remember during the interview he did on Jimmy's show (I think when he was promoting LAOD) he mentioned Jimmy told him about a restaurant he should try (I can't remember where it was located) and Jake did. So they are BOTH foodies. Jimmy has mentioned he loves to cook too. He likes to entertain and has parties at his house for his family and friends.

I wonder if he and Jake exchange recipes?

UltraViolet said...

Jake visiting another LA CZ spot:

My cousin and I just went to Intelligentsia for coffee in Venice. We gave up our seats to Jake Gyllenhaal and his mom when we were done.

Is your cousin star-struck?!

how'd he look

Graham was definitely star struck. He looked awesome even in a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Good dimples.

Extra said...

I'm glad to see that Jake is taking his Mom to all his CZ's today!

The black and white and sepia photos of Jake are so beautiful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Josie said...

I had brunch today with my Mom, I hope everyone here had a great day!

SC has made over 50 million domestically and 91 Million WW, I saw Duncan tweet about it and he was so excited!!

I think Jake playing roadie with Mumford and Co has probablly made him more dertimed than ever to rry and land a musical role.

Anonymous said...

X17 have pics of Jake out with Naomi yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Just seen IHJ has them as well:).

UltraViolet said...

Posted a couple of the pics, as well as a couple of new interviews in a new post.