Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memphis news

Jake Gyllenhaal continued on the Mumford and Sons Express, landing in Memphis on Saturday, where the band played the Beale Street Music Festival. After the usual comfort zone checks (farmers market, coffeehouse, bike), Jake apparently took a dive into the wild side: He was spotted latenight at a local McDonald's!

A few more photos of Jake from the Railroad Revival stop in Marfa last Sunday:

And kind of an unintentionally artsy photo of Jake on the screen at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, with members of Mumford and Olivia Wilde, watching the Avett Brothers:

(Marfa photos courtesy of skilark119.)


UltraViolet said...

Some fun tweets from the day:

I keep missing everything! Gyllenhaal's been riding his bike around and Ke$ha @keshasuxx was just hanging outside the media trailer! #bsmf

Lol I love that Jake Gyllenhaal is touring around with Mumford & Sons. He's a bandaid

Moment of the day: Ke$ha and Jake Gyllenhal chatting backstage. No I did not take pics because it would have been a bad look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for those wonderful shots from Memphis.

I think that is the end of their tour. According to their website their next show is in Missouri and Arkansas in June.

As we can see Jake got himself a change of clothes :D

Is the first photo a DJ (I was looking at the guys shirt and it looks like there are call letters on it)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is the end of the tour and I miss it already:(

I think that guy is a DJ anon. and it looks like Jake is starting to grow his hair back a bit.

Just want to follow up on a few comments from the previous thread. I watched the WH correspondence dinner on C-Span last night and loved what the President and Seth said about Trump!

I didn't think I would be into the Royal wedding as much but I loved it. It was a nice escape and Kate gown was dazzling.

mary said...

yes its sad to see this tour come to an end jake had such a good time glad we could be along for the ride:)

Anonymous said...

It has felt like we got to ride along on the train too.
The Avett Brothers being apart of this also. They are a piece of work.
They have the same love for what they do that the Mumford's do and it's all genuine so can understand Jake wanting to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

It has felt like we got to ride along on the train too.
The Avett Brothers being apart of this also. They are a piece of work.
They have the same love for what they do that the Mumford's do and it's all genuine so can understand Jake wanting to be part of it.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the "two".

UltraViolet said...

Just added a pic of Jake and Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons. The Memphis Farmers market posted it on their Facebook page.

Yes, trekfan, that's a dj. It was taken backstage. The Beale Street Music Festival posted it on their FB.

OONP, I'm definitely not a monarchist. But for some reason, I do enjoy things like the wedding. Even though I hate the whole princess fantasy for little girls, too. Just a contradiction, I guess.

bobbyanna said...

Hitting the trail...or the rails...with Mumford and Sons has been a fun surprise, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I was preparing myself for a drought after the SC press tour, so this was completely unexpected. I loved reading that Jake rented a bike in Memphis, too.

I completely agree about the "princess fantasy" UV. But I did enjoy the pageantry, the heralds blowng their trumpets, the imposing grandeur of the Abbey, the beautiful music. The ritual and sense of history and tradition was fascinating. It was almost like watching a movie with really, really good production values. : )

And I confess, after watching William grow up,and all that has happened in his young life, this sort of completed that narrative for me.

mary said...

we will probaly be in the jake drought now unless he does something un expected again

FL said...

East coast bound.

Jake Gyllenhaal sitting next to me on flight back to NY, and I have to say, RayBan aviators look better on @BrandonVance #taylorcandobetter

Sounds like Jake took a connecting flight out of O'Hare.

Wonder if the Mumfords are going to NY with him.

just saw the lead singer of mumford and sons at o'hare. whoa.

Josie said...

I never heard of Mumford and sons until Jake and I want to thank him for turning them on to me, they are really good.

This has been such a fun ride and I love following Jake on this tour.

There will be a drought before he starts filming so I will treasure all the coverage here on GB!

I'm not a fan of the Monarchy either and the whole Princess thing is a turn off but I will have to say I caught the coverage when I got home from work and over the weekend and enjoyed it.

Kate is a lovely young woman and if Diana was still alive she would approve. What a fine young man William has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

I guess Jake figured while he is on the east side of the country he should go to NY to visit his sister. I wonder if he leaves any clothes at her place.

it sure has been a wild ride for him and US. thank goodness for modern technology that we got to see pics and tweets and could all be, albeit vicariously, part of the action

Chica said...

Maybe he finally bought his own place in NY, finally or is visiting cousins, aunts , uncles, friends.etc.

It doesn't always have to be about visiting Maggie and I would hope that if he didn't get a place that he wasn't leaving clothes and stuff at her place or I should say her, Peter's and Ramona's place:)

I have to echo the sentiments here about following Jake and M&S via twitter, FB, etc, it's been fun and i'm a bit sad that it's over.

The Royal wedding was such a spectacular event that even this jaded individual got a bit choked up:)

bobbyanna said...

"The Royal wedding was such a spectacular event that even this jaded individual got a bit choked up:)"

Me, too. couldn't be helped. : )

BTW: SC's still in the top ten, & total box office is about $84M. Domestic is @$49M.

Anonymous said...

Since Kate is a smart, accomplished young woman "Princess" may have a more strongly defined meaning now.

UltraViolet said...

There have always been smart princesses. But that's not the main quality held up as desirable.

ITA on the pageantry and the history of the wedding and the Abbey. And it was all made more poignant by Diana's absence.

Posted one of the other farmers market photos. The eagle-eyed will spot an interesting hole in jake's pants. Definitely time to retire those. He can keep them in his scrapbook!

Chica, amen on the sister thing. Who knows whom Jake will visit, if anyone, in NYC.

Josie, we do have Jake to thank for turning us on to Mumford. I'm not a superfine yet, but I do enjoy their music.

mary said...

LOL UV he definitely needs to change his clothes hes worn those pants out good find:)

bobbyanna said...

OMG. Hope he didn't go bikeriding in those! : )

bobbyanna said...

Watching October Sky on HBO. Jake's minor masterpiece. :)
Too often overlooked when people talk about his body of work. He was so good it's hard to believe it's his first leading role.

mary said...

maybe thats how he got the hole in his pants bobbyanna its more like a rip that an hole:)

Sag Actor said...

That is fantastic news about SC still being in the top ten.

It really is doing solid business at the BO.

Tweety said...

Found this pic of jake at pinkleberrys in NOLA, looks like Marcus in the background!

FL said...

LOL it doesn't take him long to get back to the BK CZ.

You know, just hanging with Jake Gyllenhall here (@ BKLYN Larder)
20 minutes ago via foursquare

Oooh great find on the Pinkberry pic, Tweety. :-)

FL said...

Have we seen this picture yet? From Jazzfest on Friday in NOLA.

mary said...

nope that looks like a new one thanks

UltraViolet said...

Clearly other events going on in the world, but a few tweets/sightings from the weekend. First from someone who saw Jake in New Orleand and then met him and the band:

Jake Gyllenhaal, I will love you forever. You are one of the sweetest guys on the planet….you have FANTASTIC taste in music….and who the fuck knew you could play the trumpet LIKE A MOTHA FUCKIN’ BOSS!!!

From a blogger who saw Jake at the Jazz Festival:

but the best part of all was that we could see Mumford and Sons listening on the side of the stage with none other than Jake Gyllenhaal! And who had a telepathic conversation with him? Mhmm dats right. Not lying here. We were freaking out, jumping up and down, to get his attention, and then he saw us. Happened like 5 times, and he’d start laughing and then tap one of the Mumford guys and point at us. It was magical.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the rip in his pants? A friend of mine pointed them out to me. I think those pants got a lot of wear during this tour.

Chica said...

We got him, we finally got the bastard. It took almost 9 years, but we finally got him.

Bin Laden is dead and there is some feeling of justice.

Monica said...

As much as I miss all this, I want to see him working. I also hope he has other jobs after End Of Watch!
I saw Harsh Times last week, bad movie, and it increased my concerns about the End of Watch.

Great news about the box office of Source Code. It is a solid box office. And also good for times when the box office are not going well.

Yesterday, I saw Thor. I do not believe that this movie cost 150 million. The effects and sets are of poor quality. The 3D is the worst I've ever seen.
The film is entertaining, but forgettable!

bobbyanna said...

hey, chica! yes, even tho the danger's still present,that needed to happen. It ended the only way it could have. I saw photos of our servicemen following the story, and it was very moving.

Anonymous said...

Monica, Source Code is doing very well in my area. The theater I saw it in is still playing it with the same times listed as when I first saw it. Usually if a movie isn't doing as well they will reduce the movie times, usually to evening hours. SC is still going very strong.

As to End of Watch I guess we'll have to learn more about the movie. It's still pretty vague.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The war on terror is not over true, but his death has cut off the head of the snake.

Like Chica, I never thought we would ever catch him.

I'm missing the M&S and Jake tour already:(

Monica said...

Anon, I was talking about the box office of all movies. This is not a good season for many movies, so it's nice to see SC with a solid box office.

Of course it is necessary to know more about End of Watch, but the director worries me. He is mediocre.

Shondra said...

As much as I have enjoyed tagging along with Jake on this tour, i'm anxious to see Jake working again.

I'm not familiar with the director for EOW but the story sounds interesting.

SC has done very well @ the BO, here and abroad. Great reviews and WOM will do that!

I'm so proud of the Navy Seals the President, I hope that Laden's capture and death will bring some kind of closure to the families of 9/11.

UltraViolet said...

I think we all want to see Jake at work. But this was only a little over a week. And he will be there soon.

I also think we all want to hear about another project. But I don't want to judge EoW before we even see a frame or a page of the script.

New post.