Friday, February 25, 2011

New Jake

As the interwebs buzz about the possibility of Jake starring in a reboot of the Bourne series, we get a new, short clip of a new Jake in Source Code:

We also have a brief clip of Jake talking about his character. We've seen some of the interview before. This is from the DVD release of Love & Other Drugs:

And a series of Jake and Anne scenes from L&OD:


FL said...

Thanks for the new SC clip, UV. I see this is going to be another Jake film to test my squeamishness over his Jokestore comic eyeballs.

I wonder why in some films his eyeballs are more pronounced than in others?

bobbyanna said...

Fine, Jake! Have your way with me. So I watch a few SC clips! What can it hurt! (I'm so weak when it comes to Jake!:))

LOL, FL, I think it's his hair. And maybe the shape of his eyebrows? The camera angles definitely. He had bigger eyeballs in Jarhead too.

Thinking about the Bourne rumors, I can't help but think Source Code is coming out at exactly the right time. Altho, if they are serious about wanting him,I bet they'd find a wy to look at it. They should watch Brothers, too. They'd definitely pick Jake.;)

bobbyanna said...

Tonight's the CAA Pre-Oscar bash at Bryan Lourd's house.

Shondra said...

Love all the SC clips, I can't stay away!!

Ha, ha, he's eyes do look bug-eyed, more so because of his close cropped hair.

Looking at Jake in his finest on the previous post makes me even more excited, i'm so happy that he will be presenting this Sunday.

The are too many names attached to the new Bourbe movie so I hope SC will give Jake the edge.

Lola said...

I think his eyes looking more large is because of the haircut and his eyebrows shape. I actually am loving the idea of Jake as Jason Bourne. I'm worried though that everybody else won't, and are to attached to Matt Damon. I'm excited about Jake presenting with Amy Adams, they will look lovely together.

suvee said...

Curious what you think of the Bourne potential, suvee? Could provide quite a few smirks :)

The Spy Who Smirked Me? I like it! :)

Seriously, I don't have a problem with Jake taking on a spy type role.... it could be a good fit I think.

I do think the Bourne spin-off, specifically, does have a big down side though. On the one hand, the producers are dependent on the popularity of the first Bourne movies...... they need/want that Bourne connection in people's minds to get them in the theaters. But once they get them, they need/want that audience to sort of forget the previous movies (and Matt D.), open up their minds, and accept this new story on its own terms. Seems like they want to have their cake and eat it, too. I just think that's very hard to pull off.

bobbyanna said...

"On the one hand, the producers ...need/want that Bourne connection in people's minds to get them in the theaters. But once they get them, they need/want that audience to...accept this new story on its own terms. Seems like they want to have their cake and eat it, too. I just think that's very hard to pull off."

What you say makes a lot of sense, Suvee.

BTW: Entertainment Weekly is discussing this on their blog. I was incensed at the anonymous expert "casting agent" who dismissed Jake out of hand saying his movies all bomb! Said POP was an example.

I posted a comment and I urge anyone else who can to do likewise. I know it can be frustrating and time consuming, but sometimes I just feel like a rebuttal is definitely in order.

Chica said...

I think Jake will do just fine if he if offered the role, but you do bring up some very good points Suvee.

Even though they are launching a new character, the movie audience still will have Damon in mind, it's going to be a tough sell.

His eyes look larger than usual, and yes I think it's his haircut.

I like the new SC clip!

bobbyanna said...

A sighting earlier from a young man who is working security at the Kodak for the Oscars:
"I met Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Billy Crystal, Steven Speilberg, Mandy Moore, Zack Taylor and a couple other famous people today. Sweet job"

T said...

Some pics of jake from JJ

looking fine & love the jumper x

Monica said...

He looks good.

Good to know I have one more reason to watch the Oscar.

Bourne Legacy? hum ...not like the the idea .

Josie said...

He is looking fine in those pics T and I see that he is wearing one his favorite sweaters!

That said, it's obvious that he is annoyed, he is turning his head away from the paps, has been doing that for that last few months.

I'm actually looking forward to the Oscars this year because of Jake participating and Anne and James hosting.

Can't wait to get my hands on the LAOD DVD!

Jake's eyes are kind of freaking me out here:)

Mixed felings about Bourne, I think the franchise may have run it's course IMO.

bobbyanna said...

I always associate Tony Gilroy with Michael Clayton. He was lead writer, and he directed. I thought it was one of the smartest, most well written films I've ever seen. He also wrote the screenplay for Delores Claiborne, Duplicity, and State of Play. So he's not too shabby at all.:)

For some reason, I tend to compare him with Zwick, in that he likes to tell intricate stories with a definite plot, but he also develops strong characters. Sometimes it works well, other times not so much. (Armageddon.) I

I think the Greengrass Bourne movies worked because of the pacing. It was really edge of the seat stuff. Greengrass is masterful at building tension especially action sequences.

Daniel Craig managed to come out of the James Bond experience quite well. So, while I have some anxieties, I'm all for Jake doing an action thrillers, sci fi, romcoms, etc. Please.

bobbyanna said...

Guess Jake really loves his sushi:

"Dined near Jake Gylenhall at Sushi Nozawa :)"
10 hours ago

The Independent Spirit awards are given out today. I'm trying to see if there's a live stream.

Get Real said...

Hey guys!

Great to see the SC clips. And yeah I think the short haircut can make his eyeballs more pronounced.

Interesting about the Bourne rumors. I could see him doing I great job if the promotion is right. I don't want POP promotion.

Glad Jake will be at the Oscars. I love when he mingles with other actors/directors. I am looking forward to tomorrow night.

As I usually do I have seen all the nominated films....all great stuff. Plus Anne and James are a win, win. Would be so fun if Jake interacted with them. Btw, I saw Anne and James interviewed together and they don't have half the chemistry Jake and Anne do.

Chica said...

Hi Get Real!

I agree, James and Anne are cute but Jake and Anne's chemistry was off the charts!

bobbyanna said...

Don't know how good the reception will be, but I found a link for live streaming the Independent Spirit awards. The red carpet is live right now:

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Bobbyanna, I almost forgot about these awards today!

I saw a commercial for the LAOD DVD and for SC, Yes!!!!

I see that Jake got a haircut for the awards tomorrow, can't wait.

The reaction to Jake starring in the next Bourne flik around the net has ben mixed to negative. I like the series, i'm a big fan of spy films.

A few of the names thrown out there I never heard of, if they decide to go with Jake I think that would be a great choice.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, OONP, but I guess they just livestreamed the "red carpet arrivals" part. I had the audio on while I was doing some work. It was lame. They've delayed broadcasting the actual show on IFC channel, until 10 PM tonight.
Of course twitter is already announcing winners.:)

I agree with you guys about the chemistry btwn James & Anne.

It's snowing.:(

UltraViolet said...

I'm a little under the weather, folks. So I will probably be a little slower than usual!

Thanks for all the tidbits. Jake was a Sushi Nowaza the other night, as well. I winder if it's the same sighting ir if he went twice. According to Roger Friedman, Jake was at the Bryan Lourds part. As were Reese and Taylor, who apparently had a convo with Jake standing a few feet away.

The haircut looks good but I was hoping for longer hair than at last year's AAs. That Jake. He never listens to me.

me again... said...

Forgot to say that Shia LaBeouf's name is in the hat for Bourne Legacy, too. He worked with one of the producers, Marshall,on Indiana Jones a while ago. Which may not mean all that much. Not an Executive producer like Liman, but still a loose connection.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Here are some winners so as per awards Daily:

I don't know why the IFC isn't airing these awards live Bobbyanna.

Oh boy, I cringe at the spin the tabloids are going to have regarding that gathering UV!

bobbyanna said...

(((UV))) Feel better!!!

I don't believe they actually stood around taking about him, UV, (that sounds like some exagerrated tabloid B.S.)

Altho, Taylor was at the CAA party.(there's video) very odd since she left them for WME in'08. After all the lying we've experienced about Jake, I almost feel like I have to confirm anything I read.:)

Jake did the Kodak theatre yesterday,& went for sushi.This is the first I heard of him being at the party. I was checking twitter a lot, too.

He did go to a CAA Golden Globe party. Guess Reese is unavoidable now that she's engaged to a major CAA big shot.

Well, if it's remotely true, they couldn't have had a single bad thing to say about him, because he's an angel. Agree about the haircut. Mila Kunis was at the CAA party.:) She seems like a fun person.

UltraViolet said...

Of course we have no way of knowing what they actually said, not that it will stop people making it up. How's this?

God, I miss him.
Me, too.
You had him for three years! I only had three months.
What was I thinking?
I have no idea. You're crazy.
You're immature.
You're old.
You're overexposed.

Meanwhile, Jake leaves with the actress/model/sexpot of his choice.

UltraViolet said...

Two very cool SC notes from Roger Moore. M
Not 007 but the Orlando Sentinel movie blogger:

Not to “review” this sci-fi action piece about a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal) shipped off into another person’s mind to recreate a terrorist attack on a train and prevent the terrorist from striking again, but I will say I was quite surprised to be as touched by what was served up in this.

“Source Code” opens April 1.

Jake Gyllenhaal might be the new Jason Bourne

Tony “Michael Clayton” Gilroy wrote the script for “The Bourne Legacy,” and is the director of the next installment in the Jason Bourne spy-with-no-memory franchise. And word is that he’s pursuing Jake Gyllenhaal as his lead.

Maybe, like me, he’s seen Jake in “Source Code.” I’ll bet the guy’s price goes up after that one, in which he shows off a light touch, a hint of pathos and some serious action chops.

bobbyanna said...

LOL!!! I love your imaginary convo!It was perfect! Hee.

(Sigh) Wow, UV, I love what Moore said!!! I love what he said about SC, and I love that he said Gilroy was pursuing Jake!

About the party:
It's just odd.I was getting tweets about the party, and of course I saw tweets about Taylor there.

You'd think if Jake, Reese, AND Taylor were all in a room near each other, there'd be more comments. This 411 guy, Friedman, is the only one even saying Jake was there.

There were at least two hundred people there, so I won't dispute him about Jake being there. I read there was a one hour wait for valet parking to get in! Traffic was gridlocked.Sounded like a mess.

But the report just reminds me of the gossip item about Jennifer Aniston having "a talk" with Taylor about Jake at some awards event. (People's Choice??)It never happened.

Tweey said...

Love what Moore had to say about Jake and SC UV! I want this to be a big hit for Jake, all the elements are there.

Thay is too funny UV! I don't remember seeing any tweets at all about Jake being at that party, hmmmm....

Congrats to James Franco for winning the ISA for BA!

me, again! said...

From FB:
"So i get home last night to find out that JAKE GYLLENHALL was hanging out at my house and partying with my i always miss everything!:)"
6 hours ago

He says his roommate,a woman named Nicole, is VP at some modeling/talent agency. Jake was at the agency for some reason and "she schmoozed him into coming home with her." Hmmm. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Natalie too!!

Hmmm indeed Bobbyanna:)

Nicky said...

As the Jake, Taylor and Reese "Exclusive!" came from Roger Friedman, I'd rather not make anything of it. They may of been at the same party and maybe they did speak to one another but Roger Friedman is a "reporter" with bad track record for making up articles. He is disliked by many in the industry and has a crappy reputation for his negative stories. The Hollywood Reporter fired him last year for "factual inaccuracies" so it wouldn't surprise me if this story was a little embellished just for the hits and linkbacks it will receive for his website, but who knows? LOL at the FB sighting, not quite sure what to make of that one! Hope you feel better soon UV.

Chica said...

Thanks for the report on Mr. Friedman Nicky, sounds like more "embellished" BS.

Hope you feel better UV.

Interesting FB sighting Bobbyanna:)

Watching It Happened One Night on TCM!

embarrassed bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Nicky!! Context is so important.

OK. I messed up. I always try to check the location of the items I find, but this time I didn't. I assumed the guy was in L.A. But he was in Philadelphia.

So he was joking. Unless Jake went to the Kodak for rehearsals, and then got sushi around 9 PM, and possibly sat in a traffic jam on a residential street for over an hour to go to a party with people he just saw three weeks ago, then managed to squeeze in a flight to Philly at some point, to go to a modelling agency and get picked up by one of the VPs.

mary said...

thanks for all the updates guys been gone the last day and a half cant wait to see jake at the oscars

Monica said...

I do not like the idea of The Bourne Legacy because Bourne is still in memory. Despite being different, but with the name of Bourne in the title, the comparisons are inevitable. And people will think that is the same as Bourne.
I'd love to see Jake with a franchise, but something new.

Bobbyana, I read the comments of the agent on EW's website. Well, someone needs to tell him that, before Bourne, most movies of Matt Damon were box office failures.
I remember that Matt Damon had many failures until he act in that movie with Clooney and Pitt, and only a few years later he made Bourne, who is the biggest hit of his career.
There's one more detail, when he was chosen to act in Bourne, several people disagreed.

Extra said...

I remember people's reaction when Damon was cast in Bourne as well Monica and look how that turned out for him.

That said, I have my reservations about Jake stepping into this franchise, I want him to have his own.

Can't wait for the Oscars tonight!

Anonymous said...

Almost every actor who takes over a role or is going to be in a movie that has had a following as a book or comic, etc. has been criticized.
Daniel Craig is all wrong for Bond..what a mistake.
RDJ as Iron Man? Noooooo.
And it goes on and on and in almost every case the nay-sayers have been proven wrong.

bobbyanna said...

Monica, you make some very good points about Matt Damon, and Extra, I definitely would love to see Jake get something fresh, that he can define. But Anon, your Daniel Craig observation is a good example of something that worked.

If it's a good script,well directed and marketed, he'll be fine. But he hasn't got the part yet. He may not even be up for it, in reality. It may not work out.

I just wanted to add that I remember when they announced Tobey was going to be Spiderman. I was appalled. I was sure it would be a complete disaster. It felt like the worst possible choice. :)

One last comment on the Freidman/411 item: I've read multiple accounts saying Jake did in fact go to the CAA party Friday,& he went earlier. Taylor arrived around midnight, but he was gone by then.

She went to Ari Emanuel's WME party first, because they represent her, then she stopped by CAA later. It was a big mess with the traffic, valet parking, and a downpour, too.

Duncan Jones tweeted that he was going to a pre-Oscar dinner last night and I'm wondering if Duncan was at the Weinsteins' bash. Rolling Stone had a party, too.

FL said...

Oscar morning from James Franco. Totally adorable at the end.

bobbyanna said...

Aww! I like! :)

UltraViolet said...

That was fun, FL. As annoying as he can be, Franco is also a lot of fun.

If you want a rundown of the show, here's the scoop from Nikki Finke. Warning: surprise guest spoiler.

So now you know when to look for Jake.

It could be wrong, of course. But the idiots at the Academy have stripped the Deadline reporter of his credentials due to their posting this schedule.

I love how they act like it's the nuclear codes being revealed!

Sag Actor said...

They did strip Deadline of their credentials due to Nikki's "leak", idiots.

It's not like she found out the winners and posted them.

Countdown to the Oscars!!!

bobbyanna said...

I thought that was SO wrong to strip Nikki of her credentials.
The security guard who posted meeting Jake at the Kodak, mentioned BC being there too, at rehearsal! On FB! So it was out there. There are no secrets from FB and Twitter. I think there's a deeper plot. Feuds and such.;)

Sag Actor said...

Nikki has ruffled some feathers in HW. Remember she was the first blogger to say that Crash was going to beat BBM. Others must have known the same but chose to remain silent.

I think one or two did mention it a day or so before the awards but she was the the first after talking to some academy members.

I also wonder about the surprise host. Was this a last minute decision? It seems to me that James and Anne are more than capable of handling the hosting duties. I see where they may be going with the surprise but why take the spotlight off of James and Anne, even if doe a few momnets?


Monica said...

Thanks, FL. James is so cute!

I want to see David Fincher win the Oscar for best director. He deserves it! Please!

Today, I saw Never Say Never! Interesting.

UltraViolet said...

There are some funny (and many not-so-amusing) tweets about the Oscars.

Extra said...

That was so cute, thanks FL!

Tweety said...

This sighting was at Runyan Canyon:

WhittieBittie: Just saw Jake Gyllenhal...shouldn't he be getting ready for the oscars?

I certainly hope so!

Monica said...

Mila Kunis is gorgeous. I'm in love with her dress.
Michelle is beautiful too.

Chica said...

You beat me to it Monica, Mila and Michelle are the best dressed so far!

Milas's dress is very daring: sexy and fun and I love the color.

Michelle looks stunning, the gown is classic and I love her hair.

No sign of Jake yet but I caught a peep of Amy Adams, I think she is wearing a purple sequined gown but I only saw the top part.

Monica said...

I saw Anne Hathaway. She is wearing a red dress.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ditto on Michelle and Mila, Haylee Steinfield is adorable!

I missed Anne!

Monica said...

Reese Witherspoon is perfect! wow

Shondra said...

I hate Ryan Seacrest, switching to ABC...

Mila body is banging, Scarjo forgot to comb her hair, Michelle looks gorgeous, Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous and Helena BC looks like she is wearing one of her costumes from AIC, Sweeney Todd, take your pick.

Monica said...

Ryan Seacrest sucks. He was asking about Matilda to Michelle and she was not enjoying it.
They were stupid questions.

Sandra Bullock is very pretty. Red is the color of night.

bobbyanna said...

I loved Hailie Steinfeld's dress!
Michelle and Anne looked lovely. Natalie looked beautiful, ditto Mila. I was very impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow. REally Stunning.Matthew McConnaughey's wife Camilla is gorgeous!

I was surprised to see Penelope Cruz but she was beautiful!
I loved seeing Anne with Valentino.

bobbyanna said...

I loved Hailie Steinfeld's dress!
Michelle and Anne looked lovely. Natalie looked beautiful, ditto Mila. I was very impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow. REally Stunning.Matthew McConnaughey's wife Camilla is gorgeous!

I was surprised to see Penelope Cruz but she was beautiful!
I loved seeing Anne with Valentino.

Monica said...

For those who have not seen Anne: Oscar

Anne Hathaway will travel to Brazil next month to promote the film Rio.

bobbyanna said...

Reese was very glamourous in a "society matron" kind of way. He hair and make-up reminded me of Charlotte Ford in 1962. (Google images:))

She disdained the red carpet and went straight to the exclusivity of the "Green Room, with it's clubby feel, to do a Vanity Fair interview. (No. I'm not being snarky. Not at all.; )

I thought Mandy Moore and Hillary Swank looked very lovely as did HAlle Berry, and Busy Philipps was gorgeous in her black dress She was with Michelle.

Sag Actor said...

James Franco seemed a bit off when he was on the red carpet IMO.
I hope that's not why they brought in the surprise guest host.

Hope there is at least one surprise tonoght, I wouldn't mind Hailie winning BSA.

FL said...

Reese was very glamourous in a "society matron" kind of way. He hair and make-up reminded me of Charlotte Ford in 1962.

Well back in 1962 a woman her age was considered a matron. I can be generous; I thought she looked amazing.

Oh my Anne Hathaway should never wear red lipstick and a red dress.

JHud looked truly gorgeous.

Get Real said...

Guys I just saw a SC commercial on right before the Oscars!!!! YAY!!!!!

me again said...

No Jake on the Red Carpet. Lots of Jake with SC & LAOD ads! :)

I'm excited for Anne & James. Here we go! :)

me again said...

No Jake on the Red Carpet. Lots of Jake with SC & LAOD ads! :)

I'm excited for Anne & James. Here we go! :)

Sheba baby said...

That is so cool Get Real!
Loved Michelle's dress and busy looked gorgeous too.

I liked Reese's gown and hair, thought she looked amazing.

Too much red for Anne, a bit over-powering.

I almost didn't recognize Hudson, she lookes incredible.

Natalie looked pretty nut she looked a bit nervous!

Chica said...

Leo won and dropped the F-bomb, the show is all kinds of awkward so far. Anne is doing fine but James seemd a bit stunned?

It's going to ba a long night, longer than usual.

Monica said...

Anne is very natural, funny. I think he was a little nervous.

UltraViolet said...

Wireimage has a nice pic of Jake and Michelle. I am technologically out of resources tonight. Will try to make a new post with it ASAP.

Monica said...

Here, UV:
Jake and Michelle

UltraViolet said...

Oh thanks Monica. There is ome where you can see his face better. If you get that one too can you post the link? I'll be stealing from you to post if that's okay.

Monica said...

I'll look. This link is from wet dark.
I was crying to see Christian Bale won the Oscar. I waited so long for this moment.

Sheba said...

Yay for Christian Bale. At last. Wonderful heartfelt speech too. Reese looked beautiful. James and Anne no doing so well but Anne's beautiful and giddy so she's forgiven. Am missing Jake's gorgeous face. Where are you man? This lack of sleep had better be worth it.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Sheba! You are up late. Hope we get to see Jake soon.

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