Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jake Oscar Firsts

Update: First TV spot for Source Code. Slightly spoilery.

And a new trailer:

It's Academy Award week in Hollywood. As we saw last year, Jake is an old pro at this now. But the AP asked a few stars about their first Oscar experience. It's unclear if Jake is referring to the first time he attended or the first time he was nominated:

Jake Gyllenhaal was totally overwhelmed: "It's like this mind-blowingly intense situation. And, yet, at the same time, oddly normal, which makes it even more strange. I remember George Clooney shaking my hand at one point as I was walking to my seat, and not believing it. And I remember so many — a sea of famous people's faces, I remember that."

Let's take a look back at Jake's virgin Oscar experiences.

First Oscar show rehearsal:

First Oscar red carpet:

First Oscar presentation:

First Oscar nomination:

First Oscars as a nominee:

First party as an Oscar also-ran. Boo! Also, without an Oscar, Jake apparently needed his ID.

Of course, there are also the less traditional Oscar firsts, like the pre-Oscar party photo bomb:

And the bomber becoming the victim of a savvy Oscar first-time bomber:

What Oscar firsts, Jake or non_jake, do you remember? And what non-Oscar Jake firsts stand out? Like your first Jake movie, etc.


UltraViolet said...

Is this movie one of the ones that have been talked about forever, like the rock executive film?

Matthew McConaughey is attached to star in Bill Dubuque’s 2008 Gold Prize-winning drama THE HEADHUNTER'S CALLING, and Jake Gyllenhaal is attached to star in Bill’s movie THE ACCOUNTANT. Bill is repped by Zero Gravity Management.

UltraViolet said...

Michelle Monaghan gushes about Jake. On the actual show, they aired a very brief clip from the movie, one I hadn't seen before. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to turn away! It is not included in this video, though.

Chica said...

That photo of Jake photobombing Ang at that party is a classic!

I think Jake was talking about attending the awards as a nominee.

I hope Jake attends some parties, it doesn't look like he will be presenting this year.

My Oscar memory was the first time I was allowed to stay up late and watch the awards, I must have been aboit 12! I remember feeling so grown-up being allowed to stay up so late, it was then when my family realized what a movie fan I had become!

This is such a great post, love all the pics of Jake in his tux, sigh.

The Accountant sounds new, unlless it's the rocke executive film re-named.

FL said...

Who is this mysterious "Bill Dubuque" screenwriter person? Someone nobody has ever heard of before and all of a sudden he has two major actors circling his scripts? Innnteresting.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. I don't remember this project. If he does it, I hope they change the title. "The Accountant" ???

Michelle is gushy, isn't she.
I love that!

I have so many "favorite " Jake memories, I need to really think about it.Prioritze.:)

I noticed him in OS,& TDAT,but I forgot about him. Proof, BBM, and Jarhead were a triple whammy. Unforgettable performances. Incredible charisma. I realized he was an amazing actor, and getting to "know" him as a person, he's as beautiful inside as outside.

Favorite non-Oscar moment: When he won his BAFTA for BBM. The special hug with Heath before he went up; the look on peoples' faces when he was speaking.

SNL's "Dreamgirls" of course.

An actor's lucky if they get one memorable role, much less and iconic role. Jake has at least three. People still watch DD, BBM, TDAT, Jarhead. They're still relevant. His body of work's pretty amazing. I don't think he's ever given a bad performance.

Right now, I'm still on a "high" from LAOD's press tour. I feel like I've seen another side of him in these interviews, hes more open.

Chica said...

I think I missread UV's post after reading Bobbyanna's wonderful Jake memories, not enough coffee this morning!

My first Jake memory was when I saw DD. I read the reviews and didn't think I would like it but some of my friends insisted. I was blown away by his performance.

TDAT was a fun movie filled with cheesey GG effects and I forgot about the movie right after I saw it.

He hit a grand slam the following year with Proof, Jarhead and BBM and I was really hooked by then.

My favorite non Oscar Jake moment was when he co-hosted the ISA with Zooey!

bobbyanna said...

"Who is this mysterious "Bill Dubuque" screenwriter person?"

Very good question, FL.;)

"I remember feeling so grown-up being allowed to stay up so late, it was then when my family realized what a movie fan I had become!"

Me too, chica!!!

Jake has such effortless elegance. He really knows how to work a tux.:)

I will never forget the 2006 SAG Awards when Jake and Heath had to present a clip from BBM, and broke up everyone, but especially themselves! Talk about memorable moments! I smile just thinking about it.

UltraViolet said...

Very little info on Mr. Dubuque. The McBongo movie sounds like a Lifetime movie, so if The Accountant is real, I hope it's more promising.

And yeah, the title leaves a lot to be desired.

I just love the whole photobomb series. It's bittersweet to relive that Oscar year, but there are so many great moments.

Oh, first Oscar memory is a good one. Except I don't remember. I do remember that fun feeling of being allowed to stay up late. It was all so glam.

I also don't remember the first time I saw Jake onscreen. I'm guessing it was The Good Girl. I remember really liking "the guy" in that movie, but I didn't obsess. I don't know what was wrong with me!

UltraViolet said...

Love the way Michelle gushes, but I dont think she looks great. And she doesn't look too good in the clips I've seen from SC. Did Duncan not have a proper make-up budget?

Posted a TV spot for the movie at the top of the post.

Sheba Baby said...

I love looking at all the Jake
/Oscar photos, the Ang/Jake pics are so funny. Jake definately had too many adult beverages that night!

I don't remember if I ever saw that pic of Jake and Michelle, they look so young there and it was only taken 5 years ago.

My first Jake memory was The Good Girl. I saw it because of Jennifer, I was a big fan of hers then and I came away becoming a big fan of Jake.

My favorite non-oscar Jake moment was when he and Heath presented at the SAG awards and they kept cracking each other up over the intro!

I never heard of Bill Dubuque and that title neds to be changed IMO if this is actually greenlighted.

Michelle M sure is gushy about Jake isn't she?

Thanks for the SC trailer UV!

UltraViolet said...

Sheba baby, I've only ever been able to find a small version of that Jake and Michelle photo. And it has always bothered me that no one got any photos of Jake and Heath either there or at the Oscars.

I'm trying to remember if I saw Moonlight Mile before TGG. I remember not wanting to see it because it seemed like it was all about Dustin and Susan, and I wasn't interested. Then I was so happy when I finally saw it and loved Jake in it.

Added a new trailer with nothing really new!

It's really bugging me in the SC clips that Jake says "I was unable to complete the mission." It sounds stilted. "I wasn't able to" or "I couldn't" seems to flow better.

I don't know why it's bugging me so much!

bobbyanna said...

I'm being strong and not watching the SC stuff.(I hope I make it til tomorrow.:))

After seeing Proof, Jarhead and BBM, I had to go back and find MM, DD & GG. Then I rewatched young Jake in OS, and TDAT bcz I couldn't believe it was him!:)

I smile bcz, as I surf thru twitter & FB, people are doing the same thing. They discover Jake thru PoP, or LAOD, or Brothers, and go back to watch Zodiac, Rendition, BBM, GG, DD etc. I've seen dozens of comments about "Jake movie marathons."

I love the photobomb series too, UV.

I also noticed his stilted language in SC,when he introduced himself to Michelle's character on the train, and later talking to Vera. Hmmm.

UltraViolet said...

Good job, Bobbyanna. With precious few moments in the film, it's good to save as many as possible!

My favorite Jake Oscar moment could be when he kissed Diana Ossana's hand as she went up to get her Oscar.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake kissing Diana's hand at the Oscars when she was going up on stage to receive her Oscar with Larry wass a special moment for me too UV.

The rest of the evening wasn't as special :(

I also loved when he presented with Rachel last year. My favorite non-Oscar Jake moment was his excitement and surprise when he won the Bafta!

I didn't see Jake on the big screen untill MM and TGG and was impressed with his performances.

Both characters he played were complex and he shined and held his own with Susan and Dustin in MM.

He has played such diverse roles in his career so far from Jarhead to BBM to Brothers and LAOD.

I'm looking forward to SC, I'll try and stay away from anymore spoilerish clips and trailers!

Shame that there seems to be no pics of Heath and Jake at the Oscars.

mary said...

i think my favorite jake awards is of him and heath presenting at the sag awards too i didnt really notice jake till i saw BBM i had heard of him but never had seen any of his movies but he had me hooked as soon as i saw BBM

UltraViolet said...

Jake back in the CZ:

Ok felt slightly starstruck standing next to Jake gyllenhall and waiting for my pnut kale fix at m cafe
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

Also, I loved this from EW:

It’s not typical for teaser trailers to be released after the trailer, but I’m not complaining in this case. Because when it comes to piecing together Source Code‘s convoluted plot, I feel like every little bit helps.

Unfortunately, if you’re efforts have resulted like mine, you’ve probably watched this new teaser 10 times and gained no further understanding. Oh, high-brow, futuristic movies, how you baffle me so. Those attending SXSW won’t sit in confusion much longer — the movie opens there March 11. So I’ll just wait patiently until they spoil it all for us, which is not to say I still won’t go see the movie. You can take the mystery out of a plot, but you can’t take it out of Jake Gyllenhaal’s blue steel. Mmmm.

Monica said...

This new trailer is good. Well edited.
I do not like any scene I see of Michelle. I feel no chemistry between Jake and her..

These photos are wonderful. I love the picture of Jake and Michelle together.

My first Oscar was in 1994.

My first Oscar with Jake was in 2005. At that time I thought he was arrogant, so I said: This guy looks so arrogant! Never forget that.
I knew nothing about him, only that he was talented. He is talented!

Bobbyana, the Bafta 2006 is unforgettable, as well as presenting SAG. Jake and Heath were great together.

Extra said...

I really like the new trailer, suspenseful and it makes you want more. I just hope they changed their mind about that poster.

These photos are great, love the Lee photobomb and Gaby pics! I was always puzzled on why there were so few pics of Jake and his BBM castmates. I know that Anne wasn't there but Heath and Michelle were, this is such a cute pic if him and Michelle.

My first Oscar memory, non-Jake was when F Murray Abraham won for Amadeus and thinking, wow the guy from the Fruit of the Loom commercial just won an Oscar!

I remember seeing Jake in OS and thinking this young actor is good, he made such an impression. Then I saw him in DD and GG and that sealed it for me!

I loved Jake and Heath at the SAG awards.

bobbyanna said...

Wow. There are a lot of Bill Dubuques in the world...including one who lives about 6 miles from my house and he's in his
early 30's!...maybe I should knock on his door,ask if he's written any screenplays lately...;)


Those two pictures of Jake with his bow tie, my.


bobbyanna said...


UltraViolet said...

You beat me, Bobbyanna! I was just about to post that. Hee.

I got worried because there were two sketchy tweets of Jake in NYC today.

mary said...

yea good news for sure now i cant wait

mary said...

wonder what award he will be presenting?

Anonymous said...

Reese is also presenting.

Tweety said...

Yess!!! I was hoping he would present this year.

Bubble boy was the first Jake movie I saw, not one of my favorites so it was awhile before I wanted to see him on the big screen again, LOL!!!

It was Jarhead and then BBM and Zodiac. Three totally different movies and amazing performances.

Jake's suprise reaction on winning a Bafta is a wonderful memory for me and I liked when he presented last year with Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Even if not liking the story of Bubble Boy..can't imagine not thinking Jake gave a great comic performance. Reviews of it whether good or bad all said Jake was excellent..

Lola said...

YES! I knew that jake had to be a presnter and come to the oscars, with Anne hosting and Natlie being nominated. I love the photobombing photo's. IA agree with everyone else my favorite non oscar memory is Jake winning his BAFTA, also i love last year when he presented with Rachel.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Honestly tweety, if BB had been my first Jake movie, I'd have taken a break, too.:)

They announced Mila Kunis and Amy Adams today along with Jake. I'm really enjoying the way the ads for the Oscar broadcast. It looks like fun.

I saw an ad for LAOD DVD today!

UltraViolet said...

I can't cut and paste for some reason. But this is such a tease:

Jake, Tobey (!?) and Garrett Hedlund in contention for lead in The Bourne Legacy.

Extra said...

I saw that UV. Funny how several posters here wanted Jake to have a Franchise like Bourne!

I had no idea Matt wasn't returning nor the director, this will be a new character.

I have mixed feelings about this, I would love for Jake to have a franchise, but it would be great if it was his own. He tried with Pop but perhaps if SC is a hit that could be his franchise.

Also they are going with a new director which is dicey.

Jake will be presenting on Sunday, great news!

UltraViolet said...

I have mixed feelings, too, Extra. But it's nice to see jake's name associated with a big movie. And it could lead to more than one movie. OTOH, his own franchise would be even better.

Big Jake news day, though. Nice for a change.

UltraViolet said...

Also, it's not like he'd be playing Jason Bourne. So that makes things easier.

mary said...

i saw an ad tonite for LOAD dvd

interesting news about the movie role at least hes being considered for roles

mary said...

i mean to say some new film roles

bobbyanna said...

You mean they aren't considering Ryan Reynolds for this? Or James Franco? (Kidding!)If this is even partly true, it suggests Jake is looking at more action/thriller/scifi oriented stuff.

He'd be a great choice for something like this if it's done well. I'm crossing everything I have to cross that SC is a success for him.

bobbyanna said...

Doug Liman was one of the executive producers for Bourne Ultimatum and he and Jake were working to develop the UMP a little while ago.

Tobey is still too closely associated with Spiderman to go into another franchise, he should take a break.:)

Here's my favorite "trailer" from the Bourne series:

Sag Actor said...

My first Jake movie was Darko and my favorite non-Jake Oscar memory was when ROTK sweeped the Oscars.

Glad he was able to make the presenting list at the last minute.

I love Sci-fi and I am looking forward to SC.

Interesting news on the Bourne front, I can see Jake in this.

suvee said...

Hi to GB!

Thought you all would like to know that Jake and Amy Adams will be presenting Best Documentary Short Subject (according to Nikki F.).

mary said...

thanks survee i was curious what award he would be presenting

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, suvee! Not a bad partner. I'm not a huge AA fan, but they could look good together.

Curious what you think of the Bourne potential, suvee? Could provide quite a few smirks :)

bobbyanna said...

(waves to suvee!) Cool. I like Amy.
(I was sort of hoping for Mila Kunis.)

Most of the tweets and FB commenters think Jake or someone else is replacing MattD as the character Jason Bourne. Naturally most are definitely not in favor of that.

I wish someone would make things clearer, bcz sometimes, when they let stuff leak out, they are testing reactions.

Chica said...

Thanks Suvee, I was just going to post that!

I think Kunis is presenting with J. Timberlake.

Bobbyanna, the Jake/Bourne info is just another case of lazy people repeating missinformation:(

mary said...

jake and amy are also presenting the best active action short film oscar too

UltraViolet said...

Oh good. More time on stage!

I agree with the frustration of the misinformation out there. And also with the negative reactions to Jake. Though it's not all negative.

And LOL at your Franco comment, Bobbyanna.

New post.