Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vanity Project

It's that time again: Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue is about to hit the stands.

For our 17th annual Hollywood Issue cover, Vanity Fair went back to the basics—no teenagers, no penguins, no (full-on) nudity, just the most exciting actors and actresses of the moment. Anchoring the front panel are Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco (himself a best-actor nominee), along with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, two of the most versatile, likable (and, yes, good-looking) leading men in Hollywood.

According to the NY Post:

"Modern cinematic glamour by way of 1930s Shanghai was the look Vanity Fair fashion and style director Jessica Diehl planned for the cover of the magazine’s 17th annual Hollywood issue, due on newsstands Thursday. What she didn’t anticipate was Titan the lion cub teething on Rashida Jones’ Tom Ford gown. But the young lion’s appetite was no rival to the ambitions of these fresh Hollywood faces. “We picked 14 actors and actresses who are constantly working and are in the movie theaters now and throughout the year,” says Jane Sarkin, VF’s features editor. And then there’s the 80-year-old man behind the bar. “Everybody was awed,” says Sarkin, “by the presence of Robert Duvall.”

There are some behind-the-scenes photos and a slideshow here.

Don't know if Jake will be in more photos inside, but one hopes he will!

(Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair.)


UltraViolet said...

So the question is - who got to shave Jake? And did they get pictures?

Sheba baby said...

Wow!! I don't know who got to shave Jake but he looks incredible!! I love the theme of the photoshoot, very old Hollywood, and Anne looks stunning!

I sure hope there are more pics inside, what a way to start my day, thanks UV!!!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV!

I love the 'bar in Shanghai' Old Hollywood theme, too! Jake, Anne, and James look stunning together!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Wow much better than I expected. Jake and James Franco in the same cover! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Here's another picture in HQ:
Vanity Fair

mary said...

thanks UV jake looks gorgeous cant wait to pick up the magazine

Chica said...

Jake, James and Anne together on the cover of VF, YES!!! (Noticed I didn't mention Reynolds, too bland for my taste)

I love the cover and the Robert Duvall is so random, I love it!

Jake looks perfect.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Chica! Yeah, sort of not worth mentioning.:)

Jake has so much natural elegance, and he doesn't have to "try" to look sexy. The eye is drawn to him. Not too many guys like that.

FL said...

I dunno. I like Ryan Reynolds. Great sense of humor. I don't find a need to dismiss Ryan to build up Jake. They're both equally stunning in their own ways. :-)

FL said...

Has anyone gotten the video on this post to work? I can't tell if it's because the VF site is down or what.

Get Real said...

OMG....LOVE seeing Jake, Anne and James on the cover together!!!! What's even better is that they all did the photo shoot together, not separately like in some years.

Jake looks stunning and sexy and suave....swoon.

I like Ryan Reynolds too but I LOVE Jake and James. :)

And had to say Jake looked fantastic at the GG's.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the HQ link, Monica. I also found an HQ link of the cover without the writing. Put both in the post.

FL, I embedded a youtube version since the VF site must be down. It worked for me last night, but maybe they can't handle the traffic.

I don't feel the need to say anything bad about Ryan Reynolds to build up Jake. But he just doesn't really do it for me.

It's interesting - Jake looked a little uncomfortable in the video last night, I thought. But to me, he looks the most comfortable in the actual shot. Some of the others really look like they are playing dress up.

Of course, for some of the women, it's because their costumes are ridiculous. Like Olivia Wilde, who is basically wearing a few strips of fabric. That's not really elegant or glamorous.

FL said...

What's even better is that they all did the photo shoot together, not separately like in some years.

I don't think they did. When they talk to JGL he mentions there are 9 or 10 of them there (which would be his section of the photoshoot). Then in the video you can see they've blocked off the set where Ryan, Jake, Anne and James would eventually be placed.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I definately love the old HW feel of this photoshoot, Jake looks classy, suave and oh so sexy! Your're right UV he did appear a bit uncomfortable in the video but quite at ease in the photos.

I love Anne's look, very glam and sexy. I like Reynolds and he is handsome, especially here but he doesn't do "it" for me like Jake or James (looking good!).

The only clinker for me is Wilde, what the hell is she wearing???

Monica said...

Interestingly, I think Anne Hathaway a little uncomfortable.
Good to see Anthony Mackey, who in my opinion should have been nominated for an Oscar last year for The Hurt Locker. I think he was better than Jeremy Renner.

Chica said...

Ditto Monica about Mackie. I was very happy that he was in this shoot, he looks really handsome!

bobbyanna said...

Anthony Mackie was excellent in HL!
Definitely Best Supporting Actor candidate,IMO. I thought Renner was excellent, too.

I don't have any active dislike for Ryan, I just find him bland. Very sorry if I came across as putting him down to build up Jake. That would do Jake a disservice and it's not necessary. It's just that for me, Ryan's was the weakest image in that photo montage.

I think it's a great cover in general, and I'm real happy Jake's on it!;)

UltraViolet said...

Double ditto for me on Mackie, Monica. I was disappointed when he didn't get an Academy Award nomination. And I am very happy he's on the cover.

I think Anne, Ryan and Franco all look a little uncomfortable. Jake stands out to me, for that reason. I do wish they hadn't covered him up with so much writing.

suvee said...

The Vanity Fair cover is very striking! I really like all 4 actors they featured.

Pity that Jake was relegated to the sitting position with all the sell copy covering him! :(
The HQ of the cover is awesome though.

Anonymous said...

Jake looks great, And I liked the pic with him and Ryan. I wonder when he shaved and when this shoot was taken?

Tweety said...

This cover is very striking, and Jake looks incredible!

He looks very natural and some of the other do look a little stiff, but I like the photo of Jake and Anne with his tie undone, very sexy!

Same here regarding Mackie, I was surprised last year when he wasn't nominated for HL.

Shoots for magazine covers are usally done about a month or so before they hit the stands so it probably was done sometime in Dec. when Jake went under the radar for a bit like he does on occasion.

I think I remember a tweet about a photoshoot last month and thinking that it was too late for LAOD and too early for SC!

bobbyanna said...

OT: Well, our official blizzard has finally arrived. We expect the worst part to be during the night. I pray we don't lose power.
Hope suvee is doing OK.:)

OT: Read something about Natalie Portman's production company, handsomecharlie films getting ready to develop projects.

Chica said...

I have cousins in your neck of the woods and they are battening down the hatches Bobbyanna!

We are getting hit with a ice storm this time, it sounds like it's going to be a mess going to work in the morning:( I hope you don't lose power!

I forgot that Natalie had a production Co. She is really smart along with being beautiful and talented, what a year she is having!

Thanks so much for posting the ummarked photos from VF UV, now I can see the pretty more clearly!

Monica said...

Awww Source Code will debut on April 1 in Brazil! Yes

We do not have snow in my state. In this period we have rain. Much rain.

Extra said...

I'm getting a film noir vibe with this cover, really cool!

Jake looks fantastic, lucky Anne! She is surrounded by not only Jake but Ryan and James:)

And as much as I love Anne's look, Mila looks gorgeous.

I can't wait until it hits my newstand!

Monica said...

I'm getting a film noir vibe with this cover, really cool!

I feel the same. A gangster movie by Michael Mann.

bobbyanna said...

Ouch! to ice storms, chica! Nothing's moving here.Blizzard alert's in effect til 7PM tomorrow. Everything will likely stay closed thru Thursday. My poor niece is getting slammed in Indiana.

Cool! Noir vibe! Another movie I thought of, looking at the pictures, was Once Upon A Time in America. It's a gangster movie, but not noir.

monica, I read about the rains in Brazil and was very sorry to learn about how destructive they were.

Monica said...

I'm a fan of gangster movies. But I like noir too.

I think the age of 30 are doing well for Jake. He is very sexy and comfortable in this photo.

Monica said...

Thank you, Bobbyana. Everything that happened in Rio is very sad. Thanks for the words.

UltraViolet said...

Get real and suvee - hello! Good to see you. Sexy and suave sums it up. And grr on all the words too close to Jake!

The weather outside is frightful in so many places around the globe. The Brazil floods were horrible, Monica. And Australia is beacing for a cyclone in Queensland, after all those floods. Thunder snow in Chicago closes Lake Shore Drive and rips part of the Wrigley Field roof. We're getting ice and sleet tomorrow after snow today. And twitter sees a huge uptick in Day After Tomorrow references!

Stay safe and warm out there, everyone!

suvee said...

Hope suvee is doing OK.:)

We survived, bobbyanna! Still have power, and the worst of the snow is over and should be totally done by early morning. Now it's just insanely COLD!!!! I'll be working from home again tomorrow I'm sure.

Good luck to all of you east of us..... the Blizzard of 2011 is a monster!

mary said...

stay safe every one

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to whine about the VF interviewer not knowing how to pronounce Jake's last name. Really? After all this time. I find it unpardonable :)

bobbyanna said...

"Thunder snow in Chicago closes Lake Shore Drive and rips part of the Wrigley Field roof"

Crap! That's supposed to be heading our way! Maybe it will lose steam?

All the TDAT references are pretty funny, UV. People have re-written the plot, and want Jake to come save them. Also lots of enthusiasm for the Vanity Fair cover. Though I also hate the clutter of words around Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Good to know you're okay, suvee! Bobbyanna, I hope the storm lets up before hitting you.

Guess Aaron Rodgers has heard the comparisons, too.

Access Hollywood had a clip about the VF issue. The VF person said Jake was very funny and kept everyone entertained. The shoot was done in NYC, late at night because they had to wait for Franco to take the train from school after finishing his last final.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yikes! That's all I gave to say about the weather. We got hit again with snow and now ice/rain. Spring can't come quick enough for me.

Everyone that is being effected by the storm please keep safe.

The floods in Brazil aew horrible Monica, please take care.

Love all the TDAT tweets when we get weather like this:)

I'm a fan of film noir, Jake should do a gangster movie, he would be perfect.

Ha, ha, A. Rodgers had to have heard about the comparison to Jake, it's true!

I'm glad to hear that Jake kept everyone entertained during the VF shoot, he seemed uncomfortsble or maybe a little annoyed that after all this time some still don't know how to pronounce his name!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys pics of Jake out & about yesterday at


Hope its ok to post this link!!

bobbyanna said...

Nice pictures, thanks anon. Looks chilly in LA.

I just did my snow. I'd say about 6inches, but it's still snowing.(My special antique, vintage snowblower can't handle too much at one time:)) We didn't get the wind Chicago got. It is so quiet outside. Not a car in sight. Very TDAT.

mary said...

yes its a little chilly here in la 40 degrees where i live and windy

hope that meeting was about an new film role

Viv said...

I don't want Jake just cut hair and shaved for VF....but who knows ....saw lots of twitter mentioned TDAT and Jake...well, who doesn't want Jake Gyllenhaal to come to rescue ? :)

Shondra said...

Now that's a cover, looking good there Mr. G! Anne, James and Ryan look great too, nothing beats a tux on a man a a sexy gown on beautiful woman.

As it has already been said, Jake should do a gangster flick set in the 40's, he has the look here.

And as far as the wheter is concerned, all I have to say is thank G-d for snowblowers!!

Chica said...

Speaking of Film Noir, they are showing a bunch of Fritz Lang films at the Film Forum in NY:


Scarlett Street and Woman in the Window are two of his best, I'm going to try and catch a few.

UltraViolet said...

Two FB sightings of Jake at LAX... wonder where he's off to?

mary said...

i wonder too if hes heading to the east coast doubt if he can get a flight guess we will find eventually

bobbyanna said...

"Speaking of Film Noir, they are showing a bunch of Fritz Lang films at the Film Forum in NY:"

Another reason to love NYC:)

I think Maggie and Peter's play closes on February 6th. Maybe he's flying East.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, I made a mistake. MAggie & Peter's play runs thru March 6th.

Don't know what to make of this tweet:

"Ha my uncle gave out to Jake Gyllenhaal for cutting him off on the freeway today and his sister was in the passenger seat. I missed it :("

Maybe he saw Jake, but I doubt he saw Maggie.

UltraViolet said...

From someone who saw a screening of SC:

@ManMadeMoon I mean, you combined all of my favorite film things. Time bending, second chances, sci-fi twists, and nailed the 3rd act. (1/2)
31 minutes ago via web
Reply Retweet

If you enjoy movies, trust me, you will enjoy Source Code. The best ride I've had in a movie theater since Inception. Definitely go see it
about 4 hours ago via web

@ManMadeMoon (2/2) the chance to meet you if the press tour comes to NYC, if only to shake your hand. Congratulations sir
about 4 hours ago via web

@ManMadeMoon just got out of a screening of Source Code. You may have made one of my favorite "mindfuck" movies of all time. Hope I get(1/2)
about 4 hours ago via web

Viv said...

How can you get so much information?? You are the god of gyllenholic :D
I still don't wanna get my expectations too high about SC, test screening means nothing(OK...am I lying? :P)and I am getting nervous when the release day of SC is getting close.

Anonymous said...

I had thought the play ended this Sun. I am glad it is till next month, this way Jake will be able to see it.

I have to believe he would have checked the conditions in NY to see if he could get a flight out there.

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:
"EXCLUSIVO!!! Jake Gyllenhaal en el Aeropuerto JFK en Nueva York!"

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Forgot to post a link to the twitpic:


me, again said...

Double Oops. Sorry to spam:

"Boyfriend just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal on 26th & Madison with "two pretty ladies." Color me jealous!"

56 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

don't you just love twitter?

I am wondering if he wanted to get away from the paps, again and to see Maggie's play.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, Twitter is sometimes a wonderful thing :)

Thanks for the triple dose of info, Bobbyanna!

New post.