Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Oscars

Sure, it's a little early. Okay, a lot early. But two Oscar prognosticators have placed Love & Other Drugs on their lists for a potential Best Picture nomination. Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger writes:

10. Love and Other Drugs The Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway comedic drama reminds me a lot of Up in the Air and Jerry Maguire (both past Best Picture nominees). And it’s perhaps the sexiest movie I’ve seen in years. It won’t be for everyone, but if most critics go for its blend of titillation and tragedy, then it’s a contender for one of the five “B-list slots.”

IndieWire's Anne Thompson also lists L&OD in her Top 10.

The blogosphere is full of dissenting opinions and some agreement. As we learned with Brothers, it's probably not wise to get one's hopes up for awards. I'm just hoping for a big hit for Jake. And a fun, sexy movie.

Some photos of Jake from the Le Grand Fooding event in late September. A videographer caught heavily bearded Jake and a heavily bald friend in action.

Thanks to the folks at Grub Street for unearthing this gem!


UltraViolet said...

Nothing new here, but some cute video snippets of Jake.

Lola said...

That was a cute video. Yeah i agree with you im not going to get my hopes up thinking about awards. I just hope this movie does well for Jake.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

condivido ciò che avete scritto... è un pò presto per dire delle possibilità alla nomination... però credo che a differenza di "Brother", che come film non mi è piaciuto particolarmente, " Love & other drugs " sia veramente un grande bel film, molto bene strutturato... drammatico e nello stesso tempo divertente.
Da alcuni spezzoni che ho visto del film, Jake mi è sembrato in grande forma... bello, sexi, e molto convincente nella recitazione !
Buona giornata a tutti :)

Carla said...

Hope you are feeeling well, UV!

Cute video!

I also hope that LAOD will be successful at the Box Office - and for a "sexy" movie. Harry Potter will be released one week before but the target group is not the same, so I am sure LAOD will find its audience.

And we will be getting the first "real" reviews next week when the film will be shown at the CMJ festival on thursday.

lawgoddess said...

UV, great to see you posting!

Love the pictures! And I have my fingers crossed.

bobbyanna said...

Very cute video, UV. I love the comparisons to "Up In the Air." I'm feeling like this movie will do really well for Jake. But thanks for the reminder about Brothers.

From FB: "I'm a little star struck at this moment: Jake Gyllenhaal and I are having lunch in the same restaurant ;-) Cool!"
4 minutes ago ·

Monica said...

I don't think this film will be nominated for Oscar, but I'm happy to see it receive praise from great critics.
Besides these two, Peter Hammond and David Denby also praised laod.

Extra said...

I liked the video UV, thanks!

I remember the chatter about Brothers so I am reserving any enthusiasum but I have a feeling that this will be a hit.

The Oscar predictions are premature but it's still nice to see the mostly positive responses so far.

Anonymous said...

As it looks like the nominations this year will still include 10 instead of 5 LAOD might at least have a chance.
whatever happens overall i think it will be very well received.

FL said...

From FB: "I'm a little star struck at this moment: Jake Gyllenhaal and I are having lunch in the same restaurant ;-) Cool!"
4 minutes ago ·

Evidently this is his new CZ. She later posted they were both having lunch at Sun In Bloom. "...I just felt bad disclosing the place till he was gone....

LOL obviously she doesn't realize SIB's owner FBs every time Jake stops in.

This place is incredibly teeny tiny. If Jake is having lunch the same time you are, I'd say you are basically having lunch TOgether! Take a look.

Anonymous said...

Just found this pic of Jake.

FL said...

Also, Grub Street has a still shot of Jake from Le Grand Fooding a couple of weeks ago. As well as the video it came from.

FL said...

Hold the phone!

Another shot of Jake at Le Grand Fooding with a newly shorn Chris. Wow.

UltraViolet said...

You're too fast, FL. I was just coming here to wonder if my eyes were deceiving me on that video or if it was a shaved-headed Chris. Hee.

Maybe they are in some kind of bizarre opposites contest!

FL said...

Maybe they are in some kind of bizarre opposites contest!

LOL I thought the same thing.

Chris looks positively Jarhead-ready!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that Sun in Bloom place IS tiny, FL. I just checked and that FB person added this about Jake:

He was very cute indeed! And so soft spoken, and sweet, and calm, and and and ;-) I just didn't want to disturb him. I'm sure that when you've been famous for a while it gets annoying having people all over you all the time!

mary said...

thanks for the new post UV the other was getting rather long.

chris sure looks different with the bald head wouldnt of recognized him my self hope jake never goes for the bald look i would prefer the beard to bald:)

FL said...

LOL this has to be some sort of record...has Jake ever frequented the same food establishment twice in a day??

"OMG!!! He just came in again!!!! Picked up a bunch of food and left on is bike ;-) Sooo smitten ♥"

bobbyanna said...

What wonderful finds!!!

And Chris looks SO different.

Thanks for finding the video of the Grand Fooding event. Looks like it was a great success.

Seems like Jake is enjoying his sort of"anonymity" :)

Monica said...

What happened with Chris? HAHAHA

I love the new look of Jake, but I do not like the new look of Chris!


UltraViolet said...

And it continues:

Ok. Jake Gyllenhaal made his 3rd & 4th appearance @suninbloom today... His favorite dish is our Reuben Special & is officially addicted to our gluten free chocolate chip cookie sandwhich.

Chica said...

Wow, Chris looks so different! Not surprised to find out Jake's good friend was there as well.

Thanks so much for the pics and videos!

Sun in Bloom is so tiny, and he seems to love the food there based on the multiple sightings.

I don't care if LAOD is Oscar worthy or not, I just want it to be a hit and I think it will.

Good to see you UV, I hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Jake Gyllenhaal made his 3rd & 4th appearance @suninbloom today... His favorite dish is our Reuben Special & is officially addicted to our gluten free chocolate chip cookie sandwhich.

Yes, we get it SIB, Jake loves your food, now will you please get over yourselves already and give the guy a break and not mention every visit and what he ate whilst he was there?!
I'm almost tempted to comment on their Facebook how tacky it is to constantly name drop him for some free publicity. I feel bad that Jake's found this nice little place round the corner from his sister's and yet every time he visits, it's made public for the sole purpose of selling some pretentious hippy food.

Tweety said...

As much as I enjoy all the Oscar chatter around LAOD, I'll just be happy if it's a hit.

Thanks for all the sightings and the pics and video of Jake from Le Grande Foode from a few weeks back.

Chris!!! I barely recognize him, definately the Jarhead look!


leannebryant: Did I really just have the most intense staring contest of my life with Jake Gyllenhaal right now? Ooh wee.
about 5 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Hey UV!

Lola said...

Hey UV i hope your feeling better. Thanks for all the tweets and Le fooding pictures Guys. Yeah i sort of agree with you Anon 6:27 he found a nice little place to eat at they should let him be.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That video has made me very hungry! And Chris, what happened to your hair::((

I think LAOD , Jake and Anne have a good chance on getting a GG nom., not too sure about best pic even with the best pic list of ten nominations.

The tweets and FB sightings are fun to read, but I agree that it may spoil his private time and his freedom to go to these places w/o the paps and others catching on.

People keep tweeting that he is going to these places over and over.

From the NY Observer ab out Jake attending the Ballet last week:

A surprise guest even to event organizers, Jake Gyllenhaal sat discreetly in the last row of the orchestra accompanied by a petite brunette.

Now we at least know that his date looked like!

Shondra said...

I love the comparison to Up in the air too. It's too early for Oscar talk, remember Brothers? I think the film will do well.

That is a cute video UV and I love the video and stills of Jake and Chris (yikes!) from Le Grande Fooding.

Loving all the sightings,he sure has a healthy appetite!

Here is another cute video.It's Jake and Maggie appearing on Shalom Sesame, love Jake with his matzah!


Monica said...

Thank you, Shondra!
I did post on blog and gave credit to you.

I also agree with anon. I think everything is fine when it is mentioned once or twice, but every moment he is there is something unpleasant.

suvee said...

Thanks for the Le Grand Fooding video clip, UV. I think Chris looks kinda hot with that shaved head. Jake, though.... the less said, the better. :(

I agree with OONP that L&OD's best shot for award nominations is the GG. But I feel the same as everyone else...... I just want it to be a big, bona fide. I loved Up in the Air, so I'm interested to see if L&OD has some similarities.

Jake is so cute in the Shalom Sesame video.... thanks, Shondra!

Anonymous said...

From FB: Gladys Lupi "Having a full conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal AND getting his autograph ? TOTALLY made my day !!! XD"

She goes into a little more detail about what they talked about but also mentioned he was taken when her friend admitted Jake was his all time man crush! Maybe she was kidding or could the petite brunette be a new GF?

suvee said...

Obviously, I left out the word "hit" (as in big, bona fide hit).

Hate it when my brain is just a bit slower than my fingers! :)

Shondra said...

You're welome Monica, thanks!!

Anon. She was most likely joking taken as in he's mine, LOL!!! Unless she saw that blurb about him and the petite brunette, or that the girl was with him which I doubt, otherwise she would have mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

@Shondra, I thought as much but I wasn't entirely sure!

Looks like Jake will be busy tonight, he's attending a charitable event in aid of Edible Schoolyard NY. More info here

Apparently he's already arrived. Not sure if we'll get official photo's of the event but I'm hoping someone will sneak a pic!

Anonymous said...

We have a photo already!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Looks like he trimmed the beard a bit! And look it.s Alice Waters!

I had no idea Chris worked at Alice Water's Chez Panisse:

Mr. Fischer, the third-generation grower who trained as a chef at top New York restaurants, worked at Alice Waters’s California locally-grown mecca Chez Panisse.


Anonymous said...

He looks great!!!! :)

Lola said...

It does look like he trimmed a bit. He's looking HOT!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Shondra! What a cute video! I think that was Natalie Portman who danced thru in the pink hat at 1:38, too.

That's a great picture of Jake! Yes, it definitely looks like he's trimmed the beard. My, he looks hot!

I'm impressed that he's teaming up with Alice Waters. She's really S.E.R.I.O.U.S. about locally grown, healthy, sustainable food projects. Linking it up with schools is important, too.

Hope we get more pictures from the event.

FL said...

I'm impressed that he's teaming up with Alice Waters. She's really S.E.R.I.O.U.S. about locally grown, healthy, sustainable food projects. Linking it up with schools is important, too.

He's been linked with Alice Waters for several years now. Jake is following the practices of ESY (Edible School Yard), which Alice Waters introduced years ago, at Manual Arts High School in LA.

Anonymous said...

Is that his mom in the background?

FL said...

No, that's Alice Waters. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Yes, FL, now you've mentioned it, I do remember the AW connection. Didn't Jake also do something with schoolkids and gardens a couple of years ago in L.A.?

I seem to remember pictures of him with the students and a teacher, I think in one picture they were in a lab or a greenhouse of some sort.

Talk about ten degrees of separation:) MANY years ago,a man I worked with mentioned that his sister-in-law decided to open "a little restaurant" in San Francisco.

He said he and his wife would go there a couple times a year to visit her, and she was doing "real well."

It was Alice and Chez Panisse. Which I found out much later.:(

FL said...

Yes, my sentence structure was unclear, it's Manual Arts High School in LA that Jake is affiliated with in their ESY program. Alice Waters started it years ago in NorCal.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Shondra, thanks for the Shalom Sesame clip. It's adorable!

Hope we get some more photos or info from the event tonight. The trimmed beard looks good :) Wonder if Chris is also in attendance.

Loved that FB sighting mentioned today. The poster seems like she had a nice long convo with Jake.

Forgot to say hello to Rosa yesterday - good to see you again.

UltraViolet said...

A nice L&OD review from a blogger who saw a sneak preview.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say congrats to everyone in Chile! That mine rescue was heart-stopping and heart-warming. So glad everyone made it out safely.

Looks like Jake was one of the event's hoststonight.

UltraViolet said...

One last post - a few clearer, but small, pics of Jake here. Hope we have bigger and better ones in the morning.

Carla said...

Thanks for the pics, UV. I searched a bit but could not find them elsewhere.

Good to see Chris is back - but what with his hair? Jake has too much and Chris has too little....:-)

The CMJ festival next week- is it important? I have to admit that I never heard of it before.

The AFI has now announced the 8 Galas for the film festival:


So good to see LAOD will own the opening Night!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the pics, UV!

Looking at her photo with Bette Midler, Alice Waters must be a tiny person!

BTW: I found this article this morning. Ewww!

"Lincoln Center has some unwelcome patrons: bedbugs.

New York City's pre-eminent performing arts center made the discovery in a dressing room of its David H. Koch Theater. It's the home of the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.

The theater is currently dark. The opera's fall season opens Oct. 27. The ballet company last occupied the building on Sunday.

"...the theater's managing director Mark Heiser...said treatment to rid the theater of the tiny pests was under way."

I love that LAOD is opening the AFI Festival! I never heard of the other one before either.

Chica said...

Thanks Shondra for that S. Street video, that was so cute!

I'm so happy that LAOD is going to open at the AFI, looking forward to all the red carpet excitement, it's been too long.

Jake looks really sexy in the gala pics, beard nicely trimmed. Good for him for being involved in such an important cause.

I heard about the bed bugs at Lincoln Center Bobbyanna, ugh!

Monica said...

Behind the Scenes of Love and Other Drugs: Not your typical rom-com
Ed Zwick

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pics of gala & s.Sesame clip just to cute.
I think Jake was joking bout being taken i mean it took him best part of 2 years to admit Reese was his girlfriend so dont think he'd be that open so soon, but hey who knows maybe the beard has given him super im gonna talk about loveeeee powers xx

Anonymous said...

That Sesame St/Shalom video is too adorable!

Jake looks good in the pics form the event last night, not too much fur and he looks sexy.

The girl that posted he encounter on FB said that he was taken,she didn't say he said it. Joking I would assume since how would she know one way or the other, she's a stranger and Jake nor any other public person would say something like that to a total stranger, fan or not.

Use you noodle.

PS: This brunette is got me curious,she has been descried as petite and gorgeous. Doesn't look like she was with him last night, but her "shyness" is probaly due to the fact that she isn't in the biz and probably lives in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Admit i was curious about the petite brunette, could be some one in his team hence the no pics if she knows Jake wasnt wanting any at the Ballet esp if he was rocking a back pack, no other mentions of her being at other places so probably just a friend or someone on his team enjoying a night out, But if a date good for him, but a date wouldnt normally ask for no pics (would they) xx

Anonymous said...

Jake looks just perfect in the photos from last night. The Sesame Street video is so cute!

Chris looks like a Marine ala Jarhead!

I really hope that LOAD is a hit, the Oscar talk is premature but I don't mind at least the film is being talked about.

She would if she was a "civilian". Also if has a member of his team and she didn't want to be photographed then I would think that she wouldn't bother to attend since the paps would want a pic.
Jake has gotten burnt in public with his relationships, so I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to date someone not in the biz. Also I remeer a twet that same night and she was on the train with Jake, I don't think that a member of his team would be riding the train with him, I would think they would have grabed a cab or called car service.

And I hate to sound catty but unless Jake has a new member of his team the term gorgeous brunette woudn't describe any of the brunettes on his team, average, attractive but nut petite nor gorgeous..

Anonymous said...

FL said she saw a brunette get in to the car with Jake after NYer interview. Wonder if she is the same one and is the reason Jake is staying so long in NY.

Anonymous said...

Another clearer pic of jake from last night.

ihj said...

Pics from last night:


FL said...

I think this photo goes with this tweet (that I posted the other day)

"OMG!!! He just came in again!!!! Picked up a bunch of food and left on is bike ;-) Sooo smitten ♥"

suvee said...

This is the first I've heard about this potential new film for Jake:


Oh, and I loved the caption on that tweet photo. Thanks, FL.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, suvee! We don't often see Jake's name publically linked to projects. Ususally we just hear he's reporting to a set. :) Thissounds really interesting.

I could never be in the movie business! It is SO nerve wracking, it's a wonder any movies ever get made. All the ups and downs and uncertainty would make me crazey...er.!:)

FL said...

I hope we find out a bit more about the story. Because right now? Big name actor, big name actor, big name actor, Jake, jungle, organized crime, drug violence. Jake's character dies.

suvee said...

Hmmm, a gritty drama that takes place in South American jungles......

I think I understand the beard now.

Monica said...

It would be a good justification for that new look! Some filming will take place in Brazil and Argentina (Hello, Leonor!).

Last month Katherine was here looking for some locations and she was delighted with the place.

From twitter:
@aliciamalone Alicia Malone
Writing a review of "Love and Other Drugs" for @filmink magazine. Do you think they will accept "Jake is hot" written 100 times over?
38 minutes ago via web

bobbyanna said...

FL, you definitely have a point. LOL! Maybe it's "The Departed" meets "Traffic" with a bit of "Blood Diamond." Leo died in two out of those three. But at least they waited until the end of those movies to kill him off. They haven't mentioned Mark Wahlberg...have they?:)

Monica said...

I was reading the twitter of Sasha Stone and found this:
@MrHam84 Matthew Starr
@AwardsDaily funny you should say, I just caught Love and Other Drugs tonight.
48 minutes ago via web

@AwardsDaily Sasha Stone
@MrHam84 and? Good, bad, lame?
45 minutes ago via

@MrHam84 Matthew Starr
@AwardsDaily still mulling it over but good overall. Funny and entertaining. Some weakness in story but chemistry b/w jake/anne is great.
37 minutes ago via web

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the news Suvee, I think that would explain the beard! The plot sounds interesting and it's an ensemble piece. I hope we will hear more about this.

The beard has been trimmed and he look a lot better, you can actually see his handsome face. He looks good but a bit tired in the pics.

I like Sasha Stone so it's good news that she likes Jake and Anne in LAOD.

That video clip of Jake on Shalom Sesame Street is cute!

I followed the rescue of the Chilean miners too UV. What a incredible rescue and story.

Carla said...

He looks good on those pictures at IHJ but so serious, not just a little smile....:-(

The Bigelow project sounds interesting, I think at the moment every actor is interested to working with her. "Variety" is ususally is trusted source - and with four leading parts it will be interesting to see who will be getting those roles.....!

Monica said...

ONP,positive comments came from @ MrHam84 Matthew Starr. Sasha was asking the questions for him.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the correction Monica!

I don't blame every actor in HW wanting to work with Bigelow, the plot sounds fascinating!

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:
"At the PS 216 Edible Schoolyard groundbreaking -- he hosted an ES benefit earlier this month. Nifty!
31 minutes ago via web "

"Jake Gyllenhall is here!"

FL said...

God bless him. I wonder if he's ever been that far south from his Park Slope-CZ before. LOL

Get Real said...

Wow, I just have to say how exciting it is to have so much, Gyllen-news!!

I adore that Jake had been making the most of his time in NYC. All the sightings are making me squee a lot, lol. :D Whenever he is in the city I make note of the places he enjoys, not to stalk him or anything, but because I think he has great taste.

I am a foodie too and it is wonderful to see/hear him enjoy excellent foods. It seems he has been able to be out and about without too much fuss. I think this is perfect, he isn't followed by paps every second but we do have sightings and some pics along the way. :)

Also excellent to hear him and Anne continue to hang out together. I can't wait for them to do promotion for LAOD.

Can't get over Chris shaving his head, while Jake is all hairy, lol.

Seeing him at the Alice Waters event he looks great. The beard is nicely trimmed!

I would love to see Jake work with Kathryn Bigelow. I hope that rumor becomes reality.

Great to hear the the continued good LOAD news. Awards would be fantastic but I first and foremost want it to be a huge success for Jake!

Jake (and Maggie!) on Shalom Sesame is adorable!! Jake talking about the afikoman (which is some of the Matzoh on Passover which is hidden for the kids to find. When they find it they get a present, usually money) was precious!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

Sheba Baby said...

What a BIG difference from the photo of Jake at Le Grande to the photos of him from the benefit with Alice Waters, I prefer the latter Mr. G!

I'm loving all of the NY sightings of Jake, he really is at ease there and it looks like he is left alone.

I don't care about awards, I just want LAOD to be a big hit!

Jake is in good company with those list of actors interested in the K. Bigelow film, I have my fingers crossed for Jake.

I'm so happy that he is involved with Edible Schoolyard/NYC, I remember reading earlier this year that Maggie and Peter were involved as well.

And that Sesame Street video is so cute, I love Jake's facial expressions!

Sag Actor said...

Thanks for all the links and updates!

Sasha Stone from Awards Daily talks about the pharma side of the film:


I saw a screening of LAOD as I have mentioned already and I liked it. It's not a rom-com but I understand why Fox is promoting it as such.

Solid performances from both Jake and Anne and a great supporting cast. There are some parts that doen't work and I don't see this getting any major nominations but an entertaining film.

The audience liked it as well from what I remembered except for a couple in front of me who started texting during the film, jackasses.

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:
"Majora celebrity sighting on Union Square: Jake Gyllenhaal!"
about an hour ago

SAG actor, I was surprised at some of the movies that are listed for special AMPAS screenings as part of the process!

Movies like:
Despicable Me, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Mother and Child, The Kids Are Alright, Greenberg, Solitary Man, Get Low, Ghost Writer.

The Hollywood Reporter had a list of special screenings for AMPAS members only.

Not having seen it, I'm thinking the Golden Globes may be more likely, but like most of us,all I want is for LAOD to be a hit! I hope people will love it!

UltraViolet said...

Hey, Bobbyanna, someone else seemed to tweet that Jake is/was at Rosa Mexicana, which has more than one NYC location. One of which is in Union Square.

Interesting news on the Bigelow front. I'm curious about a movie with that many leads, but I'd love to see Jake in a high profile pic.

Thanks for the Jake/Anne sighting, get real. Would have been fun to get a pic of them together.

New post with pics from today's Edible Schoolyard event.