Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Source Code Sources

We got a little bit of info on Source Code, the Jake Gyllenhaal movie directed by Duncan Jones. Jones was interviewed by the folks at ManMadeMovies. Jones revealed that the movie should be released early next year and talked about going from the moon to Hollywood.

Back in January, you blogged here at the start of the Source Code process. Can you tell us a bit about how it all panned out after that, the experience of working, the learning experience, the cast, managing a second unit in Chicago etc?

It has been a seismic shift on how I would normally work, but I think I have adjusted ok. It all makes complete sense, when you think about it. With more money, there is more caution, more advice, more suggestion, and over the course of making the film, I had to keep reminding myself that I was asked to direct the film because the people in charge trusted my choices. I think that was the real turning point. At first it was a little over whelming, being second-guessed so much, but I educated myself fast, and fortunately I was supported by the incredibly gracious and talented Jake G, who really got behind me and trusted my instincts. It would have been easy to lose my perspective, with so many others being offered.

Don't get excited about seeing any SC material anytime soon:

To date, we have seen no (official) footage, or even a single still from SC, is this a conscious thing? More & more films these days seem to start releasing promotional material earlier & earlier in the process.

Absolutely. We showed a lot early, on Moon. People knew more than they should have just by watching the trailer. I think for a small film like Moon, it was probably the right move, but this film is a little bigger, and I think we can afford to hold our cards a little closer to our chest. I feel much more comfortable with that, because it means that when we DO release stuff, we will have had a chance to really work on it, think it through and make sure it really gives everyone a good sense of what we are trying to make. Source Code is very different than Moon… its quite a bit different from a lot of films, to be honest, and Im hoping when we are ready to show people, the patience will pay off.

Patience, yes. We Jake fans have learned to practice that.

We’re all REALLY looking forward to Source Code, especially after the great feedback from Jake Gyllenhaal while being interviewed on PoP promotional tour, if you could take a step back, like Worzel Gummidge, and pop on an audience head, what would you think of what you have all achieved?

Too close to it, to be honest! I know that performance-wise we got some great stuff from Jake, Michelle, Vera and Jeffrey. I know that the script was always tight, and the film has a hell of a fast pace to it. I know that I did my best to inject some humor where I could. But other than that, we float, helpless in the post-production maelstrom right now!

See how I have resisted making a joke about whether we'll see a Source Code poster before one for Love and Other Drugs. Admire my restraint!

Fox is apparently not showing LaOD in Toronto, but there was a screening in Kansas, where all the hip movies are shown, on Tuesday night. We'll update if reviews trickle in. So far, the only reaction found is from a Facebook poster:

funny but little too much Anne Hathaway sans clothing. Was borderline "skinamax".

Note that she did not complain about too much Jake skin. This could mean either that a) She has good taste or b) There isn't enough naked Jake to mention.

Please let it be A!

Ooh, here's a blogger rave for LaOD. Warning - there are spoilers in the review:

Chick flick. Romantic Comedy. These are words that will make almost any man cringe when uttered by his girlfriend. I know I do. When my girlfriend mentioned the invite for an advanced screening of a new romantic comedy I almost told her to take a friend. I’m glad I didn’t. ...

This film was by far the best romantic comedy I have seen. It’s smart, sexy, raunchy, and hilarious. The chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Hathaway worked very well, and their relationship was very believable. Josh Gad’s character added the raunchy ‘Hangover-esque’ guy type of comedy needed to keep the male half of a couple interested. Writer/Director Ed Zwick’s interpretation of Jamie Reidy’s novel Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagara Salesman translated extremely well to the big screen and made me want to read the book. I know, the movie is never as good. Overall, the film worked, the cast including Platt and Azaria were perfectly picked, and I would totally recommend it.

Hopefully ‘Love and Other Drugs’ does well at the Box Office and causes a trend toward ‘rom-com’s’ that work for both members of the sexes.

I give ‘Love and Other Dugs’ 4 1/2 Stars

Thanks for the review, Shep!

(Most photos courtesy of IHJ. Source Code gewgaw courtesy of Digital Spy Movies, via ManMadeMovies


Monica said...

I was in a Brazilian site about movies and saw that laod already has a title in Portuguese and a release date in Brazil. Will be on January 14!

Carla said...

Thanks for the interview with D. Jones, very interesting.

His comments on the profit of a film made me smile - especially in relations to the discussion on PoPs BO we had earlier.

Based on his and Jakes comments it is safe to say they had a great chemistry and Jake as a "Hollywood veteran" probably could give him some good advice how to handle some of the egos involved....:-)

I am very disappointed that LAOD is not part of TIFF. The festival is considered to be the opening of the Oscar season and it is a chance to create buzz especially for smaller films.

Seeing all the comments which mention the "nakedness" I am starting to think that maybe Fox is getting cold feet. I really hope they won´t try to "mitigate" the film.

Anonymous said...

Have to comment about the "hip movies in Kansas". Know it was a joke but there is a perception that people in the middle of the country are somehow backward in what is going on in the world.
Nope, they've got tv's too and newspaper's and movie theaters where they see as wide a variety of movies as anyone else.
There are varied views in every town and city and that goes for Kansas too.

LAOD has already had buzz. It has been having it since early in the year. Maybe that's how Fox wants to do it. Not being at Toronto (unless its a last second deal) doesn't hurt its chances for Oscar talk.

Shondra said...

Loved that interview with Duncan Jones, loved the bit of him at ComicCon wearing the Moon T!

Sounds like it was an eye opener for him directing Moon VS SC, small-indie film VS a bigger budget HW film.

Based on this interview and from his tweets, Jake and Duncan got along real well during shooting.

Disappointing news that LAOD didn't make the list at TIFF:((

Maybe we will get more reviews from the screening in KS and elsewhere.

bobbyanna said...

There's a reason why test marketing and focus groups occur in different regions of the country. There's a solid basis in marketing according to patterns of consumer preferences when advertisers refer to "Middle America."

There're definitely cultural norms that are different in different regions. That doesn't make them bad or good. It just makes them different.

I live in the Midwest, but I've spent time in the South and the East. I can even see differences right here in Michigan, as to rural vs. urban, vs. suburban.

I didn't take the comments as derogatory of "Kansas." I'm thinking, from a marketing perspective, the Powers That Be are testing LAOD in a variety of regions and markets with specific demographics in mind.

Maybe they're producing/tweaking the trailers based on audience and focus group feedback.

Duncan's comments were interesting. Maybe the producers for SC, and a lot of other people were "looking over his shoulder." I was really glad to hear him praise Jake. I've gotten so accustomed to his effusive comments about Sam Rockwell...still, that I wondered about that.

UltraViolet said...

Posted a blogger review from the screening last night. Warning: It's spoiler-y.

It does also mention wild sex between Jake and Anne :)

The guy really liked it, so another good sign.

FluorescentLamp said...

It’s smart, sexy, raunchy, and hilarious

Ahhhhhhhhhh...finally!, a Jake movie I will unequivocally love.

UltraViolet said...

That's great, Monica. I hope the date doesn't change.

Carla, I had seen yesterday on a German site that SC would be released early next year. I was going to ask you to translate for accuracy. But I guess they were correct.

I hope Fox has the, er, balls to keep the naked in!

've gotten so accustomed to his effusive comments about Sam Rockwell...still

Yes, Bobbyanna. Duncan does seem to have at least one foot still in his Moon days. It's a little disconcerting but hopefully he's giving SC his all.

Shondra, that ComicCon t-shirt story was funny. You know there are some Moonies who are slapping themselves for not noticing!

"Smart, sexy, raunchy and hilarious" is a pretty encouraging summary, FL :)

UltraViolet said...

From twitter - I guess she couldn't get a quick phone pic:

Is it possible this is jake gyllenhal staring at me on the train? Yes it is.

Chica said...

Interesting interview with Duncan, too bad SC wasn't ready for a screening at Comic Con. I can understand his affection for Moon, his first movie he directed and it was a success but yeah I wish that I could read an interview where he talked about SC exclusively.

That's great Monica, sounds like LAOD will open around 11/24 in the US.

I love that review of LAOD (thanks UV!)Smart, sexy. raunchy and hilarious, sounds perfect, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Seeing as Moon is still at cinemas it would obviously still be on his mind..and who wouldn't gush about Sam Rockwell, he's incredible :P

bobbyanna said...

Now that was a great review!:)

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...finally!, a Jake movie I will unequivocally love."


UltraViolet said...

Here's the follow-up to the above tweet:

It was possible but it wasn't him.

And is that because Jake wasn't in NYC, but the Vineyard? From FB, from someone on the island:

saw jake gyllenhaal tonight at a film festival.

Tonight's movie for the MVFF was The Tillman Story. I really want to see that.

Monica said...

Great review, UV. Thank you!
What makes me happy is knowing that people are enjoying the movie. This is very important.
And finally a review that talked about the movie much more than the nudity.

I hope the release date is correct in Brazil. This is a good time for movies like laod.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Monica, it was great to get something more than just naked talk. I really appreciated the guy's writing it. And it's a good sign that he liked it; hopefully, this will appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

As sophisticated as Kansans might be, they apparently don't care for the technology. Just two reports on the screening! Nothing on twitter. Maybe some other reactions will trickle in.

This is the kind of article I was referring to in the last post - the example of Jake and/or PoP as a joke.

Yes, I understand it isn't everywhere and that opinions vary. But I'm using it as an illustration of the kind of thing I see a lot of lately. Really hope LaOD is a hit, and this sort of thing fades away.

Monica said...

I understand you, UV, but the best thing to do is stay away from all that trash.
I do not read more this sort of thing, I have no more patience with such nonsense. Just to give you an idea, I do not know what Mel Gibson did.

That was just a mistake, and I think he learns from his mistakes. That made him more mature and probably he will be more cautious in choosing his next films.

Many actors have been in the same situation. Leo DiCaprio became a joke in the release of the movie The Beach. Today he is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

What Jake needs is a great movie, because the last great movie of him was Zodiac. He needs a big critical success and it is accompanied with the public, will be great for him.

But do not worry because I see that film critics still respect Jake.

Carla said...

There are some reports of SC released "early next year" over here but I hope it won´t be January/february - ususally the worst time for cinema in Germany, ok - some exceptions like "Avatar"...

"Moon" was Duncans "child" and his gushing is understandable - I am sure during the next months he will be concentrating on discussing SC.

Interesting and kind of ironic that many of the blogs/sites who trashed PoP are now eagerly awaiting "Source Code" - mostly because of Duncan Jones - but have no problem with Jakes casting....

Monica, I agree that it is time again for Jake being part of a critically acclaimed film (and perhaps good box office) - lets hope LAOD lives up to the expectations.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Moon was Duncan's first film so it should be no surprise that it comes up while talking about SC.

I loved Moon and Jones is of course proud of it but he is excited about SC as you can see from this interview. He also liked working with Jake and has nothing but praise for him.

Jake chooses diverse and interesting roles to play and Dastan is one of them. The movie did disappointing BO in the US but he did a great job with the role. Movie critics who didn't like the movie pointed this out.

Jake will be just fine with SC and LAOD ,I'm looking forward to both .Surprised that LAOD will not be at TIFF:(

What a great review of LAOD and it was good to read about LAOD w/o talk of the nekkidness, LOL!

So Jake is still on MV?? Good for him, hope he is enjoying his vacation.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Moon was Duncan's first film so it should be no surprise that it comes up while talking about SC.

I loved Moon and Jones is of course proud of it but he is excited about SC as you can see from this interview. He also liked working with Jake and has nothing but praise for him.

Jake chooses diverse and interesting roles to play and Dastan is one of them. The movie did disappointing BO in the US but he did a great job with the role. Movie critics who didn't like the movie pointed this out.

Jake will be just fine with SC and LAOD ,I'm looking forward to both .Surprised that LAOD will not be at TIFF:(

What a great review of LAOD and it was good to read about LAOD w/o talk of the nekkidness, LOL!

So Jake is still on MV?? Good for him, hope he is enjoying his vacation.

Anonymous said...

Didn't look at the joke that they think POP and Jake the mention of "mistake" I hope wasn't about POP because it wasn't a mistake in his career. It made over 325 million worldwide..just because it didn't make 100 million (but it probably is in the 90 million area)in the US isn't the end all and be all of a successful movie.
There are actors who have made good movies and have a continuing career but have rarely if ever made a "Great" movie. Yes, Zodiac - great movie - did not do well at the box-office...and he made another Great movie - BBM.
And everything else he has done has been of good quality (Highway to me was the least..but still he gave an excellent performance).
He didn't go the way of so many young actors who do the "teenage" movies.

bobbyanna said...

UV, it's infuriating when crap like that appears in legitimate news outlets like the Boston Globe. The guy is clearly pulling his thoughts from a place other than his brain!

One of the things I'm picking up from twitter and facebook, is people (mostly female) who are "discovering" Jake. Both thru "PoP" and thru "Brothers." Jake got nothing but praise for "Brothers."

These new fans tweet about watching more of Jake's movies and liking them, so that makes me feel really good.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, thank you, Bobbyanna! I'm not intentionally looking for this crap - it just comes up in a Jake search. And you have to read something before you know if it's mocking or not.

IMO, Jake doesn't need a great movie. He needs a hit movie. An unqualified hit. Would be great if it is also a great movie. But the world knows he can make good movies. He needs to show he can make hit movies.

Fingers crossed for LaOD!

And the twitter love for Jake is heartening. Especially for Brothers, which didn't get a fair run, as we know.

Looks like Jake is on the Vineyard. From FB:

Saw Arrested Development Saturday night @ Nectars!....Soooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love my job. Jake Gyllenhall @ Flatbread eating/chillin' last night too!

mary said...

i agree bobbyanna i dont read any of those articles jake has picked up a lot of new fans i noticed since pop came out

cant wait till laod and sc come out too bad laod not playing at the tff

bobbyanna said...

One more thing: If memory serves, I think "Gangs of New York" got blasted by some critics, and DDL, Leo, and Martin Scorcese were fried as well. I have to smile at the nerve of some jerk criticizing Martin Scorcese...or Leo and DDL!

It's not that they're perfect, so much as that the so-called "critics" are usually just pompous asses with a public forum,who are not well-informed, and have no perspective. They think they're being clever when they trash someone.

Extra said...

I lot of that crap comes up in Jake Google alerts and now twitter, I try to ignore them.

He has gained a lot of new fans from Pop and Brothers, which is wonderful. The same will happen with LAOD and SC.

What a fantastic review of LAOD, it's definately getting an R rating! Too bad it won't be showing at TIFF though.

Thanks for the Duncan Jones interview, love his energy and what he said about Jake.

Glad to here that Jake is still chilling on the Island!

bobbyanna said...

Good for Jake haveing a relaxed summer!

(It's just ashame the whole cell phone with camera thing doesn't exist for the dear souls on MV.)

UltraViolet said...

Discretion is so overrated! Just a quick snap from someone would be okay, right? LOL

If you want to vote for Jake in another poll, you can choose which of Reese's pot-smoking exes is hotter ;)

Carla said...

On Awards Daily a poster named "Zach" claims to be an extra in LAOD.
He/She gives a little report of the shootings, calls Jake "absolutely adorable, total goofball".

LAOD shooting

You have to scroll down a bit - I don´t know whether its true but sounds reliable.

Thanks for the link to that useless poll *lol* - but what does "pot smoking exes" mean? Is it in inside joke or have I missed something?

Anonymous said...

Here you go Carla, original I suppose.

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, great find, Carla. I love the inside stuff.

Sorry about the vague pot-smoking reference. That story was all over the place earlier so I couldn't resist a reference.

Monica said...

Carla, thanks for the link. Once I read that Anne also had a rude behavior on the set of Brokeback Mountain. While Jake was a lovely person with everyone.

I think it's time of Jake to begin processing these sites, magazines and newspapers. Because it will still be a problem for him in the future.

Josie said...

Looks like it was a slow gossip day (eyes roll). That's what happens when Jake goes MIA! I'm glad he is enjoying his Summer Vacation.

So we should see SC early next year?? Awesome! I bet Jake goes to Wondercon again.

Duncan's thoughts on small films and big Hollywod productions were interesting.

4 1/2 stars for LOAD, wow he really liked it! I'm bummed that LAOD won't be screened at TIFF but I don't think that it will hurt the film, too much positive buzz.

bobbyanna said...

Found this on FB:
"On the vineyard in the parking lot at the Chilmark Store, waiting in my car next to this huge Tahoe, looked over and saw a woman in the passenger seat, she looks familiar, then a very handsome guy came out of the store with a bag. He got in his car and gave the woman a pack of gum, i'm thinking these two people are people - who are they? and then it hit me, happened to be Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal."
3 hours ago · View Feedback (4)Hide Feedback (4)

Then I found this on Twitter!

"RIGHT NOW in MASS: Maggie Gyllenhaal + Peter Sarsgaard on the ferry fr Martha's Vineyard back to Falmouth, MA. (Th 7:16pm) "

The FB lady went on to say she noticed Jake because he was very handsome. VERY handsome. Said he has a full beard, but noticed his eyes. Said he was very tall.

Monica said...

That's wonderful, bobbyana. Thanks.


I’ll be posting my updated category-by-category awards projections tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I’d share my breakdown of this year’s top awards contenders, by studio. This list will obviously be augmented over the coming months with films that are picked up at the various upcoming festivals, including Venice, Telluride, and Toronto. (Please let me know if you think I’m missing something.)

20th Century Fox

•“Love and Other Drugs” (11/24)
•“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” (9/24)

mary said...

thanks bobbyanna for the fb update glad jake is having a good time on mv maybe his short trip back to la was business related

Carla said...

Thanks Anon 5:24 PM - obviously I have missed nothing...

So Jakes stay in LA was just a short intermezzo and he is back in MV enjoying his holidays - thanks for the info, Bobbyanna.

I would really like to know which PR strategy Fox has planned for LAOD. The film is getting such a good buzz - it would be great to support it with at least some official stills or a small teaser..

Anonymous said...

Remember Jake had to leave during making BBM at least one time to go back to LA to be in talks about "Jarhead".
So his trip may be about his next movie.

LAOD is out at the end of Nov. Four Months away. There are some movies where you see something about maybe 4-6 months ahead.
But for many it's 3 months. If we haven't seen much of anything by the end of August then we may wonder when they're going to get going.

Monica said...

From imdb:

i do surveys a lot online, i swear 2 weeks ago i had a survey where i had to view the trailer and rate it, which scenes i found the best and which not. looked quite good. i really thought it was on youtube, otherwise i'd have put it up. i cud tell they have loads of sex scenes, lol, every other second someone was shown almost nude (this was not a r-rated trailer).

had no release date on it tho, just said coming soon. theres a scene where shes crying or somthing, so it's not all comedy. im waiting for the trailer as well now.

I hope it is true and that we will soon have the trailer.

lawgoddess said...

"Incredibly gracious and talented Jake G."

Thank you, Duncan. :)

I join the long line of people hoping for Jake-nakedness in LAOD.

get real said...

Fantastic to read such great reviews of LAOD and to hear Duncan give Jake so much praise!! I would think with all the praise LAOD is getting that they will hopefully give it proper promotion in the fall. Fingers crossed on that one! Just because a movie isn't at TIFF, it could still be in Venice. As for SC, it sounds exciting and I love the cast.

Nice to hear Jake and fam are on MV! I wonder if he or they will be at Chelsea Clinton's wedding tomorrow. They are friends with the Clinton's and Rhinebeck wouldn't be that hard to get to from MV.

I just got back from a lovely time in Cape Cod so I can appreciate their time in that part of the country.

get real said...

As for the gossip, I will just roll my eyes...sigh....

Chica said...

Hi Get Real, welcome back! Two years ago I was there for a wedding, beautiful.

I was wondering if Jake is on Chelsea's geust list,Rhinebeck is going nuts over this wedding!

I'm loving all the postitive reviews and buzz for LAOD too.

Janet Charlton? Is she still in the "gossip" biz? I have long forgotten about her.

Anonymous said...

From an IMDb poster re LaOD.

Theres very little to say about this movie other than it nails everything it tries to do. There are a lot of subplots but I believe audiences will be completely with it for the entire lengthly runtime. There were 2 moments when the theater exploded into so much laughter that a few quick jokes might have been missed due to the deafening roar. The whole theater applauded and quite a few people were verbal about their appreciation for it. After the theater everyone was talking to each other about the movie and if you have been to other screenings, it remains pretty quiet while everyone fills out their surveys. The "suits" were twiddling their thumbs and murming to each other in delight at the crowd's reaction.

Inception was a good film but could have been better in some respects. I don't believe Love and Other Drugs could have been any better. But be warned it has a different approach to its directing style. The movie feels unlike the movies we see now.


The movie borders on voyeurism with how long the shots are. 15 second steady shots of action and flirtation. EXTREMELY sexy. Anne gets full frontal twice i believe and there is another breast scene for her. Jake gets ample assage.

I am getting really impatient now.

UltraViolet said...

Get real, good to see you! I was wondering if you'd gone away. Glad to hear you had fun on the Cape :)

Nice to see some IMDb action. The last two posts that anon cited are from someone who saw the movie months ago, so there's no way of knowing if the movie still has those scenes.

It is heartening to know that there is at least a trailer in existence! Hope we get to see it soon.

No tweets of Jake on the Vineyard yet today. There was apparently a report on an Anchorage radio station that he's in town. FWIW.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say hi to Josie, Extra, Monica, Chica, LG, Mary, Carla and anyone else I missed :)

bobbyanna said...

"There was apparently a report on an Anchorage radio station that he's in town. FWIW."

You mean they're saying he's in Anchorage? ...Alaska?

mary said...

yea alaska would be a odd place for jake to be if he is there i wonder what for?

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

We do not know if twitter is joking or if he really is there.

But if he is really there, he may have gone just to know the place, perhaps part of his vacation plans.

I still think we'll see him in Chilmark Road Race on August 14.

Monica said...

Stuart M Thomas:

05/09/10: We are currently working on the next Ed Zwick film, Love And Other Drugs which includes amazing performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

He is working with Thomas Newton Howard.

Monica said...

correction: is James Newton Howard.

Sorry, UV.

UltraViolet said...

No need to apologize, Monica! Thanks for the info. Nice to see someone praise Jake, as well as Anne :)

The Anchorage thing is probably just a case of mistaken identity, but here's the scoop:

Scott or stu from 101.3 kgot swears he saw him then like 3 other people called saying the same thing.

We'll see where else he turns up!

UltraViolet said...

From a Jake forum:

in the middle of a news show they had a commercial about PoP dvd coming out, so it is official, the date is September 14th! it was a short commercial but they showed a quick look at the making and had jake in front of a green screen. so excited for the extra features!

Tweety said...

Alaska? I have't come across any tweets of him in the usual places: MV, L.A., NY so who knows if it was him or a look a like!

What an enthusiastic review from that screening, I'm really excited about LOAD, can't wait until November.

An early SC release next year sounds like February maybe?

I enjoyed reading that interview with Jones, thanks for posting it UV.

Pop out on DVD on 9/14, hopw it has lots of extras!

Anonymous said...

Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood are also going to be on DVD in Sept. So they weren't pushing POP to be out sooner on DVD because it didn't perform as big as they expected in the U.S.
It's kind of the norm now for DVD's to be released 4 months after they appear in the theaters.
(rem. when it use to be almost a year and then it was 6 months - before long we may be able to buy the DVD At the showing of the first-run movie..ha).

Chica said...

Ted Danson and Mary Stenbergen were spotted in Rhinebeck for Chelsea's wedding. Ted and Mary live on MV and are also friends with the Gyllenhaals.

So unless those Jake sightings in Alaska are Jake look-a-likes, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Jake was a guest!

FluorescentLamp said...

I think Ted and Mary hold a different sort of connection to the Clintons than Jake. I believe Hilary is one of Mary Steenburgen's best friends.

Chica said...

Thanks for clearing that up FL, I wasn't too sure!

And apoligies for the misspelling of Mary's last name, a wonderful actress who I miss seeing on the big and small screen more. I think the last movie I saw her in was 4Christmases!!

Tweety said...

Still on the Vineyard?

Liz93: are you kidding me? RT @CarolineJoyner JAKE GYLENHALL IN VINEYARD PART TWO!!!! (Im done with the excessive tweets but this was so necessary)
about 7 hours ago via web ·

Monica said...

Finally I watched Brothers!

I do not know what happened to the character of Jake, because in the script he was much more developed, especially in the relationship between Tommy and Sam. Even with these problems, Jake has a great performance as Tommy.
He is wonderful, only confirms how much he is great actor.
Natalie is good, showing that with the right material, she have good performances. And Tobey Maguire finally has the acting of his career.
It's a great movie.
The scene in the dining and in the kitchen are unforgettable. As the performance of Bailee Madison.

Monica said...

OT:Her dress is beautiful:
Chelsea's wedding

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Monica. Chelsea looks lovely. It looks like it was a happy day.

I never read the Brothers script or saw the original, but it definitely felt as if they left out too much regarding Jake's character. It's a shame, because, as you said, he gave a great performance. I also liked Natalie, but Tobey left me cold.

Glad you finally got to see the movie!

In today's random Jake geo, someone on FB thinks they saw him in the Hamptons.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Chelsea's dress was stunning, she looked so beautiful and happy.

Congratulations to Chelsea and Mark!

Glad you finally got to see Brothers Monica. Solid performances by Jake and Natalie, but Tobey's performance was over the top IMO.

Now Jake has been spotted in the Hamptons? All of these sightings remind of that PBS series for kids called Where in the World is Carmen Santiago? Insert Jake's name at the end!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding. :)

bobbyanna said...

"these sightings remind of that PBS series for kids called Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?"

LOL!! Yes, OONP!

Didn't Chelsea look like a dream! Beautiful dress, veil, hair, etc.!
I wish we could see more pictures. I loved the color of Hilary's dress. It looked like a rasberry red. Oscar De La Renta!

Monica, I'm glad you saw "Brothers" and enjoyed it so much. Jake was really good in it.
He needs to do more roles like that.

Monica,UV, I agree Jake's role was "edited" way too much. I wasn't that inpressed with Tobey's performance, either.

Interesting to see how "Brothers" is still very much 'alive' on twitter. Most people really love it, and they love Jake in it.
Wish they'd been in theaters!

After seeing the garbage out here, I'm convinced anything can get decent BO if properly promoted.

UltraViolet said...

Carmen is apparently still in Martha's Vineyard. Facebook sighting of Jake today at the Menemsha Cafe.

I hope we get to see a few more wedding pics, too, Bobbyanna. Though I'm happy we got these. I was afraid they wouldn't release any.

Gorgeous day here, again. It's been a beautiful weekend.

bobbyanna said...

Slightly overcast here, UV, but with temps in the 70's I am not complaining!

bobbyanna said...

"we are at a restaurant on the vineyard with jake gyllenhaal. living the life..."
This was posted on FB about an hour ago.

nothing earthshaking, but still...

Monica said...

UV, I read the script and there was much more about the character of Jake. For example, there was a dialogue between Tommy and Sam in the car. That dialogue was important, but unfortunately it is not in the movie.

But the movie still wonderful, mainly because of the cast.

UltraViolet said...

I'll have to read the script sometime. I would like to have seen that talk between the brothers.

I also think the movie needed to show a little more between Tommy and Grace, both before and after Sam's return.

Thanks for the FB sighting, Bobbyanna. I went to that same restaurant (Nancy's) last summer when I was on the Vineyard. Jake was not there!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Fox Movie Channel:
Nov 24 - Love and Other Drugs

Carla said...

Thanks for the link, Monica, looks like the release date for LAOD will be really Nov. 24th. Here is the link to a usual reliable site:

Release Date

No release date so far for LAOD here in Germany.

Finally I will get my "Brothers" DVD this week. And since we are also getting a new TV I will be able to watch this on a bigger screen.

PoP DVD will be out here on Sept. 30th - bonus material will be:

- The sand of time - Interactive commentary for the movie
- extra scene: The banquet
- A never seen world: Making of Prince of Persia

Carla said...

"we are at a restaurant on the vineyard with jake gyllenhaal. living the life..."
This was posted on FB about an hour ago."

From Twitter

"Had to grab a John Daly with Jake Gyllenhal. #truestory #marthasvineyard (@ Nancy's)"

I would love if one of those people takes a little, tiny, small picture.....:-)

But probably this is a No-Go in MV?

UltraViolet said...

I think most seasoned or native Vineyarders wouldn't take a photo, Carla. But some of those tourists should!

It is nice for Jake to be able to wander about freely, I suppose :)

Thanks for the PoP DVD info. Just the one extra scene, it looks like. That's a shame.

Glad you're getting a new, bigger TV in time for the Brothers DVD!

Monica, it's good to see something official from Fox with the LaOD release date!

UltraViolet said...

From the NY Daily News:

On Wednesday, Caroline Kennedy, "Jarhead" star Jake Gyllenhaal, his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband Peter Sarsgaard checked out "The Tillman Story," Amir Bar-Lev's documentary about the death of pro-football-player-turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman that hits theaters this month. The film, which looks into the military's cover-up of Tillman's death from friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004, was hosted by Russell Baer, a soldier in Tillman's platoon, at the Chilmark Community Center in Martha's Vineyard. And a source at the screening tells us that Jake, hung around "to meet Baer" after the screening.

Sheba baby said...

I'm happy that Jake is able to get some R&R w/o being bothered but I wouldn't mind seeing a twicpic!

I think a lot of Americans have forgotten about the Pat Tillman story, this documentary will remind them of what really happened.

I'm glad that Jake, Maggie ,Peter , etc. were at the screening.

Thanks for the confirmation for the release of LAOD in the US Monica! Looking forward to it and Jake and Anne making the rounds for promotion.

Interesting interview with D. Jones. If SC is a hit then I think he will be in demand in HW, I loved his first film Moon.

There has to be more than one deleted scene Disney could add to the extras on the DVD IMO. I still will buy it when it comes out in September.

bobbyanna said...

True story:
This morning I went to the imaging center at my hospital to get a mammogram. They have a huge complex with a cancer treatment center ajacent.

As I walked down this long hallway, I passed some conference rooms and noticed for the first time that each one was "named": Vineyard Haven, Tisbury, Menemsha, and Chilmark. It made me smile. Perked me right up.

Don't forget to get your mammogram.

get real said...

Sounds like Jake has been on MV after all despite all the "sightings" elsewhere! I love all the excited tweets at seeing Jake in person. :) I am not surprised he has been left alone, which I am glad for him, but, like Sheba, I think a quick photo would be nice. ;)

Glad he, Maggie and Peter got to see the Tillman doc. I saw a poster at my local theatre for it too.

Chelsea looked beautiful and it seemed like a lovely wedding! They had a gorgeous day too.

I am so excited at the continued praise for Jake and LAOD. Sounds like the release date will be around the Thanksgiving weekend so I hope that is good!

IHJ said...

New/old pics of Jake and David Fincher at Cannes 2007:

Monica said...

Carla, I read on some german site that the release date of laod in Germany will be on January 13.

IHJ, these images are amazing.

Remakes That Worked:

Extra said...

Some more info on the DVD/Blue release of POP on 9/14. A lot of extra goodies, but no commentary by Jake:(

Extra said...

Would just love to have seen a pic of Jake surfing on MV!:,0,3175492.column

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Extra, what a tease from that reporter! Another case of "Where are the cell phone pics?"

About the DVD: I hope there will be commentary from Jake. The article doesn't mention commentary from anyone, not even the director. So I'm going to assume Jake will be on it.

bobbyanna said...

Dang! I went to extra's link and couldn't access the item! The link goes to the Hartford Courant, but they tell me they can't find what I'm looking for!:(

It's just amazing! Since Jake "disappeared" near the end of June, no one's bothered to snap even a teensy picture of him on MV!

I hope Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Newell don't hog the commentary. I'd love for Jake to take the lead on it!

Please don't forget to vote in today's primaries!

Monica said...

here, Bobbyana:

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, it was in a column about someone switching party allegiance:

I realize I may have RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only) tattooed on my tanned forehead. But did you know that Arlo Guthrie switched to the Republicans a few years ago? And I've just spent a week on Martha's Vineyard (Oh, isn't that Jake Gyllenhaal surfing. … Did you see that Alan Dershowitz is speaking tonight on behalf of the ACLU. … Isn't it great that Obama is coming back!), and I must cleanse my political soul with a GOP gin-and-tonic.

New post :)