Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best dressed favorites

You, Jake Gyllenhaal, have been chosen for the Vanity Fair 2010 International Best Dressed list. The magazine pairs Jake with sister Maggie, whose fashion taste is more, shall we say, unreliable. But they did both look great at the Oscars.

Here are Jake's details:


RESIDENCE: Los Angeles.

FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: Hoyle Jackson jeans.*

Proof that even the best dressed make fashion missteps!

Two favorites in one picture!

FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Salvatore Ferragamo made-to-measure three-piece suit.

FAVORITE SHOES: Billy Reid Delta work boots.

Just purchased!

FAVORITE TAILOR: Mario’s of Beverly Hills.
FAVORITE WATCH: 1954 Rolex Submariner.
STYLE ICON: Clint Eastwood.

FAVORITE CAUSE: New Eyes for the Needy.

Here's a picture of Jake and Maggie that I've always liked. They both look stylish. And a little goofy :)

*Who would have ever guessed?!

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


bobbyanna said...

How cool is this!! Glad Jake got recognized 'cause when he's performing his "official duties" he always looks impeccable.

Thanks for clarifying the comments about Jake surfing. Whoever the blogger is, MV isn't the best place for even a RINO to find love.
(Can't imagine why anyone would want to identify with that party.)

Maggie wore a black gown with a floral print to the Dark Knight premiere, I think. Anyway, it was stunning. I applaud her for taking risks. But you're right. Sometimes she should just not.

Thanks, monica.

Carla said...

Thats great they involved him and Maggie! He looked absoluteley stunning in that Ferragamo suit.

Good that the green Crocs and the grandpa houseshoes did not come to their attention...:-))

I like and respect Maggies not playing it safe - with her filmroles and her clothes. Sometimes you have to get used to her dressing but at least she is always unique.

Speaking of Maggie - she was part of Emma Thompsons project "My Safe Place" - a campaign against violence towards women.

Maggie & Ramona

Monica, I saw the release date for LAOD in Germany now but I really hope it is not true - January is a horrible month for releasing films.

UltraViolet said...

I think it's January in the U.K., too, Carla. That does seem a bleak time for movie releases.

What a beautiful photo set of Maggie and Ramona. Maggie is definitely an original, but I do think her clothes choices are more hit than miss. Then again, VF chose Helena Bonham Carter as one of the "Originals," so the list isn't predictable.

when he's performing his "official duties" he always looks impeccable

He sure is. I almost did a montage of all his PoP premiere and promo outfits, but I couldn't resist showcasing The Jeans.

Jake has worn a stunning watch for the past couple of years - I often wondred if it was from Reese. But I don't think it matches the Rolex he listed as his favorite watch.

I also would have preferred a different style icon. I don't quite buy Clint as Jake's. Julie Christie was a good choice for Maggie.

UltraViolet said...

You can see the watch better in the larger version of the Oscar pic:


Chica said...

So happy that Vanity Fair recognized Jake and Maggie!

Jake always looks so sharp and elegent at events, it must be a dream to dress him. Maggie definantely takes chances with some of her choices, but for the most part I really like her style.

Clint Eastwood is an odd choice for a style icon, I certainly don't think of style when I think of Clint.

The jeans and the postal tee in one pic, yes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looooooove the vintage watch. Glad Jake and Maggie were recognized by VF. Jake is classic. I thought the pic of Maggie and Ramona was beautiful too. :)

mary said...

is that best dressed article from the new vanity fair? my daughter gets that magazine ill have to check it out thanks UV jake has a good sense of style but yes im surpised of his choice of clint as his style icon

UltraViolet said...

Yup, Mary, it's in the one with Lady Gaga on the cover. Should be in stores next week. Or now if you're in LA or NY.

The Maggie/Ramona pic is beautiful, anon. I wonder who took it. I forgot to look to see if it said.

it must be a dream to dress him

ITA, Chica. And we always hear that from the stylists/magazine types who get to do that. Lucky bastards.

Carla said...

The picture with Maggie and Ramona was taken by photographer Nick Haddow - it is a book project called "safe" with Emma Thompson.


Many wonderful pictures!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake always looks gorgeous on the Red carpet, his style is so classic. Maggie's taste is more quircky, but I love her originality.

Love the photos of Maggie and Ramona, mother and daughter are beautiful.

OT: My heart goes out to the familes whose loved ones were killed in Manchester, CT. I can't imagine losing someone that way, going off to work and never coming home:(

mary said...

what happened in manchester,ct my mother is from there?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Here is the link to the story Mary. A worker at a beer warehouse went on a shooting spree killing 8, then himself:


mary said...

thanks thats really sad

bobbyanna said...

The news from Connecticut was very sad. My heart aches for the families of the vicitms.

"Beautiful" doesn't say enough about the photograph of Maggie and Ramona.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh how in the world did we let THIS slip by???

Love!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

bobbyanna said...

FL, you've done it again!!!!

What a cutie! Finally! Jake wearing glasses! The hair, the ears, the fledgling smirk! I love it all! :)

FluorescentLamp said...

And just because I'm naturally curious, I googled the girl next to and above Jake in that yearbook. Khaila next to him is in music publishing in LA and Rachel above him is a filmmaker, screenwriter and former PA to Brad Silberling. Ohh that LA is such a small world.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes very sad news from Manchester, my prayers go out to the families.

That pic of Jake as a boy is adorable FL, I love those glasses! And great detective work on his classmates::))

Happy Birthday President Obama!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, little Jake! And what a surprise that all his photo neighbors are in the biz. And that you googled them, FL :)

I'm not sure if Jessica Biel actually said she'd be going back to film Nailed or if thie reporter just assumed it:

Usually a very private star, Jessica likes to keep herself and her fabulous body under wraps.
But that should all change as she finishes her next movie, Nailed. The film, in which she co-stars with Jake Gyllenhaal, has had a troubled time with funding falling apart and the director David O. Russell walking off.

They are finally about to finish shooting so we'll soon see Jessica throw caution to the wind with an abandon only boyfriend Justin Timberlake may have seen before.

In Nailed, Jessica plays a waitress who, when an accident causes a nail to get lodged in her head, she turns into a sex-crazed vamp that no number of men can satisfy.

It's a huge step into the unknown for an actress who previously picked out body doubles if her character was supposed to be nude.

"In one film they wanted a close-up of a breast and a bottom, and I didn't feel comfortable," Jessica said. "I thought, 'That's for my bedroom and my man, not for everyone else.'

"I had to pick out the body double. It was a real ly bizarre experience, I felt like a man. I wasn't getting to know t he models, I was just assessing their bodies. There are so many shapes of breasts. I never knew that. You're just used to what yours look like."

I'd love to hear that she's actually filming it!

suvee said...

Great find, FL!

Bless his heart! This photo is proof that school pictures are the great equalizer...... most of us looked like little dorks and dorkettes!

Despite its many problems, I would love to think that Nailed is actually going to be finished.... I still want to see it. Thanks, UV.

get real said...

Awwww....so cute, baby Jake in glasses....squee!!!!

Get Real said...

And also have to say fantastic to Jake and Maggie being on the VF best dressed list!! Jake always looks amazingly dapper and impeccable on the red carpet.

Paula said...

Jake looks good in a tux or in an old t-shirt and jeans! Love the pic of Jake and Maggie at the Oscars. I remember some people saying at the time they didn't care for the dress but I thought she looked lovely and it fit her off-beat sense of style.

Jake looked dapper and handsome as usual!

That pic of little Jake is geeky/adorable!

Any positive news on Nailed would be great, after reading the script I was really looking forward to it.

UltraViolet said...

Evening, everyone! No Jake news today. A FB/Twitter poster says he spotted Jake at a restaurant today. Unclear where - I think L.A. But no details.

Congrats to the anti-hate forces in California on the overturn of Prop 8. Let's hope the Supreme Court does the right thing and upholds the decision.

mary said...

that picture of jake in the year book with the glasses reminds me of my son at that age with the big glasses nad smile how cute

Extra said...

Good news indeed out of CA regarding Prop 8! On to the Supreme court where I hope they do the right thing.

Glad to see that both Jake and Maggie made the VF list, Jake always looks so good at events, very classic and timeless.

Maggie has a more eclectic taste and some of them are misses, I loved the gown she wore at the GG awards.

I was wondering when a pic of Jake wearing glasses would surface and it finally did, he looks absolutely adorable!!!

lawgoddess said...

Love seeing all the jeans pictures.

Jake's body was made for wearing clothes! ( Wait, what am I saying, I meant for taking clothes off of).

bobbyanna said...

Jake's school picture is making it's way allll over the internet! :)

It's a good thing FL discovered it, because he sure has disappeared! I'm beginning to wonder if he's still on MV.

Monica said...

Clint Eastwood? Good choice, Gyllenhaal!

Carla, the picture of Maggie and Ramona is awesome. A wonderful image for a very important cause. thank you.

There are so many shapes of breasts. I never knew that.

Poor, Jessica...

Sheba baby said...

What a great post! Jake makes looking good so easy, he always looks good when he is "working". Maggie has her own style and I like her choices are a bit daring at times.

I was surprised that Jake chose Clint Eastwood, not complaining though!

It's been over 2 years since Nailed was filmed and I have a feeling that we will never see it on the big screen despite the news bits we are getting on it.

That yearbook photo of is making the rounds, what an adorable pic, and the glasses make him look even cuter!

UltraViolet said...

Man, that yearbook photo really is everywhere, with some very funny comments. It's funny how these things take off.

No Jake news, really, except that someone on twitter said she saw Maggie and Jake in Hollywood. I know Maggie was there for Emma Thompson's star ceremony.

The Wrap on Twitter's Top 25 directors. Duncan Jones makes the list.

mary said...

if jakes bck in la hopefully well get pics soon he cant avoid the camera forever:)

bobbyanna said...

Is he participating in the Teen Choice Awards stuff? It's on August 9th.

(Why do I know these things !:()

mary said...

i was wondering that too babbyanna i know hes nominated and i think with this award the winners are notified ahead of time so if he doesnt win i doubt if hell go but i guess ill have to watch it to see

Tweety said...

Jake & Ferragamo= A perfect combination. He should always wear Feragamo when he attends events!

I like Maggie's style, very independent and not afraid to try something outside of the box.

Saw several tweets of Jake and Maggie in L.A.

Shewas at the HW walk of fame ceremony for Emma Thompson, don't know if Jake will make the Teen awards, we will find out soon enough!

Tweety said...

PS: Love Jake's Harry Potter yearbook photo, what a cutie!

bobbyanna said...

Today is gorgeous here.

Just saw this on Twitter:

Had an awesome breakfast @ LaMill in Silverlake with friends. Busy Phillips & Jake Gyllenhaal were there too. "

Sag actor said...

OT: Jarhead is on FX now, it's my favorite Jake movie!

Anonymous said...

X17 has a video of Jake, Maggie and Peter from last night.

Good to see you again Jake but please shave soon.

Tweety said...

The tweeter is listed as being from Scotland, but she may be on vacation in L.A:

LieutenantLoker: !!! “@TikiFhe: okay, no princess. but jake gyllenhaal. and i talked to him. and his ass was right in my face. and his dog is just adorable.”
13 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

It must be Atti of course, but how could she have talked to Jake with his ass in her face???

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Tweety. I think we need a few more details on the ass-in-face situation!

Apparently, there will be a screening of LaOD on the Fox lot on Tuesday. Hope we get some reports!

About the Jake yearbook picture, from IHJ:

So I looked up the Khaila girl next to him on FB (yeah, I'm a creep), and I messaged her... thankfully she has a good sense of humor. APPARENTLY she has been getting messages all day about that picture. hahahah Poor girl. She finds it amusing though, and said, "Jake was a lot cuter than that picture shows... even back then." haha Lucky girl.

I bet her FB and e-mail exploded, poor thing. Glad she is having fun with it.

Carla said...

The gossip blog X17 has a video of Jake, Maggie and Peter leaving a restaurant in LA. The "mysterious" woman seems to be one of Jakes team, I have seen her before.

http://x17online.com/<a href="X17</a>

Jake starts to looking like Grizzly man...:-)

Will be interesting to read what the IMDB user has to say about LAOD. If they are not showing the film on any filmfestival it should be time for starting some pics and/or a teaser to keep the buzz alive.

Carla said...

Sorry, I pressed the button too fast - but you know where to find X17...:-)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes, that's one of his PA's in that video and he is making me itch with that Grizzly look!

Looking forward to that LOAD review too on IMDB.

And a great big welcome to Elena Kagan, the (112)Supreme Court Justice!!!

bobbyanna said...

"And a great big welcome to Elena Kagan, the (112)Supreme Court Justice!!!"


Since we'd heard earlier reports about the beard, I was expecting much worse. But I hope he shaves soon, too!

Tweety said...

And again no pic!:

chrisgriffin: Ladies, I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal hiking shirtless. #celebsighting #nohomo
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone ·

UltraViolet said...

LOL, tweety. People are not fast enough with their cell phones! A few farmer's market sightings, too. No pics either.

Any news of Jake at the Teen Choice Awards?

Tweety said...

No UV, not yet anyway!

bobbyanna said...

"@chelseajoness I saw Jake Gyllenhaal too. I wanted to say hi and take a pic but he was with his niece, so I didn't bother him. No on did"

Morning, all! Found this on twitter. Sweet!

Chica said...

Saw that too Bobbyanna, so cute!!

I would like to extend a nice big welcome to native New Yorker Elena Kagan to the US Supreme court as well! She of course joins fellow native New Yorker Sonia Sotomayer!

mary said...

how sweet glad to see jake spending time with family just wish we get some pictures nad i also hope he shaves soon

UltraViolet said...

Aww, Jake and Ramona. How sweet.

I guess the Twi guys beat Jake out for the Teen awards. No surprise there. Too bad though. I'd like to see Jake on those someday.

suvee said...

I know it's wrong, but I admit I would love to have seen a pic of Ramona & Uncle Jake.

Again, a big thank you to all you Babblers that pass on all the FB, twitter, etc. Jake sightings. It's appreciated so much!

Tweety said...

Hi Suvee! How are you doing?

I would love to see a pic of Ramona and uncle Jake too:)

Love all the tweets pissed that Jake lost to Patterson!

suvee said...

Hi Tweety!

I'm doing very well, thanks. Had to wait 2 weeks after surgery, but now I can drive again. Yay!!! Also don't have to give myself injections of blood thinner anymore (my poor abdomen is so bruised!). I have 2 more weeks of medical leave before I have to return to work. At this point, it feels a bit like a vacation...... but I'm not complaining! :)

Tweety said...

That's great news Suvee, I'm happy the hear that you are on the mend!

I hope that you can spend the next 2 weeks continuing to recuperate and relax.

Tweety said...

dazdp: Dinner at AOC on 3rd. Amazing tapas and wine "flights". Next booth over Jake G, Maggie, and Peter Sarsgaard. Cool
about 7 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Carla said...

Hi, Suvee, good to see you feeling better!

LoL - it was clear that Jake would lose to the "pale one"....

And after I have seen at JJ who attended at the show I am not sure whether I want him to be part of that crowd...!

"Love all the tweets pissed that Jake lost to Patterson!"

Could you give us some links? That would be great!

Looks like Jake is enjoying his time in LA with the family.

Hopefully we will be getting some impression from the person (or any of the participants) who will be attending a LAOD screening tonight.

Tweety said...

Here are a few of the tweets Carla!:

about 11 hours ago via web

JtotheAke: I hate American teens. I&apos;m gonna go punch them all in the genitals for voting for Douchebag Lautner over Jake Gyllenhaal.

ImanMonique: @Litalove Yeah I love R. Pats as much as the next person but Jake Gyllenhaal did really good in Brothers...I did like Remmeber me though
about 12 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·

venusvalo: Jake Gyllenhaal wins in every aspect. What the fuck teenagers and Robert Pattinson.
about 12 hours ago via Mobile Web ·

bobbyanna said...

Here's a brief sampling of some of the indignation. I thought it was knda cute! :)

"In what world is Robert pattinson better than Jake gyllenhall?!? I honestly dont get this fumed about award shows but this guy doesnt bathe"

"I officially hate Taylor f****ing Lautner. How dare you beat Jake Gyllenhall and JOHNNY DEPP. JOHNNY DEPP, MAN."

"Jake Gyllenhall should've won. He's the only guy I know, that can pull off long hair without looking dirty. HOOOOT."

Hey, suvee!!!! So glad to hear you're on the mend!! Sounds like you've earned a little vacation time. Enjoy it while you can!:)

bobbyanna said...

And here's my final two:

"I wish Jake Gyllenhall would have won:( But congrats Rob!) "
about 15 hours ago via web

ilavayouuu: "Robert Patterson is so ugly...Jake Gyllenhall should have won."

This is just a sprinkling. They're all over the place with various spellings of Gyllen, Gylen,hall,haal,hal,etc. :)

I do agree, given the crowd that attended, I'm glad he wasn't there.

mary said...

loving all this tweets mad that jake didnt win and yes im glad jake didnt attend either

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Those tweets are too funny! Thanks for all the FB and tweet updates everyone.

(((Suvee))) Glad to hear that you are mending well !

It's primary day here in CT, should be interesting. The era of Dodd is over and WWE McMahon is on the move!

mary said...

forgot to say to suvee glad to hear every thing went well and you are on the mend enjoy your vacation mine starts the 18th cant wait going to palm springs for a few days

Carla said...

Thanks for all the tweets!

What a funny read - love to see people standing up for Jake!

Tweety said...

Jake spotted at his new CZ:

eternaldawn: Lulz, Jake Gyllenhaal at La Mill.
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck · Reply ·

And this lucky tweeter will be seeing a screening of LAOD (I assume!) today:

vanceman: seeing a screening today on Fox lot, Jake G&apos;s latest...hope he&apos;s there. #wishiknewhowtoquityou
33 minutes ago via web ·

UltraVIolet said...

Someone tweeted that he just finished watching LaOD at Fox. No details. This was posted about two hours ago. Hope we get a little more than that!

Also earlier today someone saw Jake at Erewhon buying a lot of sardines. Hope he wasn't cooking for Ramona.

UltraViolet said...

Eek - forgot to say it's good to hear you're okay, suvee. I'm on vacation, so I have limited access. Can't get the wireless to work so I'm stuck with my iPhone. I'm so glad things are going well though that blood thinner stuff can be scary. Glad you're off that. Enjoy the rest of your recuperation.

Monica said...

My sister loves sardines.

Suvee, I am happy to know that you're ok.

Thanks for all informations. And I'm anxious to read the comments on the screening of laod.

I found this: POP in Moscow

I watched Inception. The film is the best I've seen this year. Then I talk more about it.

Anonymous said...

Another tweet from someone who saw LaOD.


I recommend watching Love and Other Drugs out November 2010! :) Just saw the screening today! Loved the movie. ♡ about 2 hours ago via Echofon

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the tweets that Jake had died? That wasn't funny :(

Shondra said...

Stopping by to do a bit of catching up, I've been on vacation too, almost over with:(

Looks like Jake is back in L.A., thanks for posting all the tweets.

I'm anxious to hear more about the LAOD screening!

I love this post, Jake from Jeans to tux, he sure cleans up great! I can't wait to see him on the red carpet again promoting LAOD.

We all have heard Jake talk about wearing glasses as a kid and we finally have a pic! He looks adorale but I wonder who posted it after all these years???

Glad to hear that you are doing ok Suvee!

Anonymous said...

That kind of "tweet" or internet stuff happens to every well known person it seems...last week it was Bill Cosby.
Whoever does that has no respect for anyone, esp. themselves, and don't think that the person they're talking about have family and friends.
Of course it can be disproven quickly.

bobbyanna said...

Sardines!!!! My father'd get a tin of sardines drenched in olive oil,a raw onion,a hunk of Italian bread,and a cold beer, and that was his "snack" while we watched the Friday Night fights on TV together. Oy, the smell!

UV, enjoy your vacation!!!

UltraViolet said...

LOL Bobbyanna. Jake would probably love that!

Good to see you, Shondra. Hope your vacation has been fun. I forgot my phone today and made it through a whole afternoon with no access to outside communication! Except for everyone else's phones, of course.

Cute picture, Monica. Sigh those Moscow memories.

Not much LaOD reaction so far. Too bad.

get real said...

Good to hear from you (((Suvee)))

Enjoy your vacation, UV!! Waves his to everyone!! :)

Chica, Bobbyanna, OONP, I add another congrats to our NYCer new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan!

Jake buying lots of sardines?!?!? My dad would love him for that, lol. He used to keep sardine cans in the fridge...not a big fan myself.

Hope we hear more about LAOD screenings.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

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Anonymous said...

Someone on IMDB said the trailer for LoAD will debut Friday with Eat Pray Love, and another poster said it will be on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday.

Carla said...

Enjoy your holidays, UV!!

It is mentioned on different blogs that ET will be showing a preview for Love and Other Drugs tonight!!!

It also makes sense to show the trailer with Eat, Pray, Love.

I am excited!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god i saw that on tv and came over here to tell you guys. I literally screamed and jumped up and down when i saw that and i'm not the kind of person who does that kind of thing! I cant wait to see more of it tomorrow.

Lola said...

^^^^Sorry i meant to sign Lola, i guess i was to excited:)

Anonymous said...

A very very quick clip here.

It's only a preview of what ET will be showing, but it's a appetizer at least.

Anonymous said...


bobbyanna said...

This is wonderful news!!!! I've read three reactions to the test screening and they were all very good, including one that said Jake "tears it up!" and that came from a guy!

Chica said...

Good news indeed, finally!!!

get real said...

Yay...can't wait to see the LAOD trailer!!! :D

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the LaOD news, Carla and Lola. The LaOD trailer is pretty much the only thing that could get me to see EPL.

I can't view the ET clip and won't be able to see it tonight. Hopefully it will be on yt quickly. Finally! We've been waiting forever.

Great news for the PoP DVD, Leonor. Seems like we are all getting it around the same time. I'm curious how it will be to watch at home since part of the fun for me was the crowd reaction.

Sunny and beautiful day here at the beach. Hope everyone's having a good one.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having a problem getting on the IHJ community page? I can access the main IHJ page, but not the community.It's been that way since yesterday.

I'm so excited for LAOD!

Monica said...

I'm having trouble accessing the IHJ community, anon.

I'm very anxious to see the trailer for laod!

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Shia LaBeouf, Channing Tatum & Basically Every Young Male Actor Wants To Get A 'Safe House' With Denzel Washington
The Playlist

Extra said...

Having problems with IHJ and I can't get that ET clip about LOAD to play either:(

Thanks for the heads up about the LAOD teaser on ET tonight, I despise that crappy show but I will do my duty as a Jake fan, LOL!!

It's either thyat or catch it on youtube or when it's posted here!

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks! Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems getting onto IHJ right now. I've been freaking out all day, haha! I need my Jake fix!

Extra, the ET clip only showed brief clips of LAOD, but I'm so excited! One is of Anne's character (who looks stunning by the way!) taking off her clothing in front of a very surprised Jake. Thud! And just some other close up pics of Anne and Jake's characters. I can't wait!

suvee said...

Monica, regarding "Safe House"..... I just read on the LA Times GoldDerby Oscar forum that Ryan Reynolds is definitely the front runner for this much sought after role.

According to this article, the director's short list was limited to Reynolds, James McEvoy, Sam Worthington, Zac Efron, Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf. No mention of Jake at all.

Monica said...

Thanks, Suve. I think I'm happy with this news, because the story seemed like something we've seen before.