Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don't remember seeing that!

Now that we've all (I hope) had a chance to see Prince of Persia, it's fun to think back on all the Disney marketing and wonder, "Hey, what happened to that shot?" The smallest change can be jarring - I saw the trailer so many times, that when Dastan says, "You really like telling me what to do," my mind kept supplying the "Don't you?" But that wasn't in the movie.

I preferred the trailer version!

there were other differences - I think the movie kiss is from the reverse angle in the film. And we saw lots of stills and images that didn't make it to the final cut.

Sadly, Prince of Persia is out of local theaters, so I can't go again this weekend to check. But I don't remember these scenes in the movie. I guess they couldn't include everything, and apparently some people would have objected to a three-hour epic. But I'd never say no to more Jake Gyllenhaal on-screen.

The shot above and the one below were probably done during the last act of the movie, back in Alamut. You can see Sheik Amar there, and I remember Dastan in that cape. But we never saw him sitting and trying to avoid detection, nor did we see the three of them running from that angle. It's too bad, because these are beautiful shots.

A dramatic escape for the prince. I wonder if this was supposed to be part of Dastan's run from the market after meeting Nizam. I don't remember the buildings being close enough for him to suspend himself. But it's a cool shot!

This shot is very intriguing. It appears that Dastan is in Tamina's chambers. Maybe this was part of the infamous deleted scene that would have given the film an R rating? One can only hope that scene really was filmed and will appear on the DVD.

Would love to know what's going on here. Dastan and Bis didn't get to spend enough time together onscreen, so it would have been fun to see them interacting more.

I guess there isn't a lot of time in an action film to show the hero looking all brooding and pensive and gorgeous. A pity!

Dastan tracks Tamina down in the desert one last time, but in the film, he wakes her up when she's sleeping, and she doesn't try to run from him. This is a beautiful shot, but I'm not sure what was happening.

I can see why they cut this one. It's a little too Rambo-esque. Kind of silly!

This is the most egregious omission of all! I think these were the first shots we got of Jake in costume on set. And then they were never seen again. It looks as if they are in a palace, maybe setting up for a banquet. Perhaps they were taken of Jake in between takes and not for an actual scene, but what a tease!

Please feel free to devise your own dialogue or scenarios to explain these missing scenes! Or are these scenes or shots you were expecting to be one way that turned out differently?

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


mary said...

good post uv i was looking for that scene where is bholding himself up between the buildings really the only scene i remembered from some of the tailers

pop is stilling playing in my theater but only 2 shows in the evening but shows change on fridays so ill be surpised if it still playing tomorrow

FluorescentLamp said...

You forgot the greatest crime against humanity of all!

No lingering camera shot of this all!

Monica said...

The first two pictures are gorgeous, but I think the director cut to make everything faster. In film, you need not show everything in detail because it can get tiring.
Looking at these pictures, I can not imagine how they would fit in the movie.
However, I would love to have seen the scene of the leak.

Some Brazilian fans are creating a site about Jake, with photos, videos, etc.. For the moment, is under construction. But when it is in the air, I'll share the link here.
I was invited to join the collaboration.

Monica said...

OT: Oh, that's awesome. It's a story about Michelle and Matilda in Canada:
Michelle and Matilda

Cathy E said...

Awww, very sweet. :)

Extra said...

The pics ae gorgeous!

Thanks for doing this post.I noticed scenes that I saw in the trailers/featurettes that missing when I first saw Pop.

I don't know if the edited scenes would have made any difference in the film, hopefully they will end up on the DVD.

Thanks for that link to the story about Michele and Matilda Monica, that was so sweet! I can't get over how much she looks like Heath.

Good luck with your collaboration with the new Jake site Monica, looking forward to checking it out, I love your blog as well!

bobbyanna said...

What a fun post. My imagination takes such a turn looking at the picture of Dastan in Tamina's chamber, I'm at a completely loss... Agree with FL on the lingering shot of bloodied Dastan. Oy!

I sure hope there's a special edition with added scenes, even if, especially if it makes the movie longer!

Thanks for the link Monica. It's been a while since I'd heard anything about them. Good luck on your collaboration.

BTW, FL, I really like Chris's beard. I really do.:)

Anonymous said...

That link to Michelle and Matilda was really sweet. Clearly Michelle is keeping Matilda's life very normal amnd grounded by mixing with other non-showbiz families.

I have now bookmarked that pic of Dastan! Thanks for that.

And yay for the deleted scenes coming out on the DVD. It will only be a few months and the DVD will be out.

KD said...

Infamous deleted scene? R-rating? Why haven't I heard of this before?

UltraViolet said...

Infamous was an overstatement. I read somewhere that Jake and Gemma filmed a scene that would have gotten the movie an R rating. No idea if the poster was full of it or if it's true. But I'm hoping!

Bobbyanna, it's fun to imagine chambers scenarios, isn't it? Gets the mind going ;)

Monica, I know they had to cut scenes for the movie's pace. I wasn't really complaining (well, except for the scene FL mentioned and the totally missing shirtless scene).

It's just fun to note the differences between marketing and movie. And to imagine what might have been.

Good luck with the new site, Monica. Seems like Jake has definitely attracted many new fans, especially in Brazil!

That was a lovely story about Matilda. I wish she hadn't posted the photos. But it's great to see Matilda laughing and playing.

UltraViolet said...

I thought this was a cute story, on Facebook:

We bought Baylee a Prince of Persia (w/ Jake Gyllenhaal) poster for her room. We put it up and she said "Momma, look at him he's so cute. Can you pick me up so I can kiss him on his lips?"...Husband said, "I'm going to go vomit"...LOL! Then tonight I put her to bed and she said "But momma, I didn't kiss the Prince goodnight" so I had to let her...I don't think we're ready for this!

Hee! Another Gyllenhaalic is born.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, love the blog (because ya's about Jake ;)) and secondly, I honestly hope they throw us a bone with the DVD (pun intended ;)). In a perfect world they'd include the complete versions of the fight scene and the shirtless chamber scene but alas this DVD will be geared towards ten year old boys and their equally juvenile fathers and that is definitely not a recipe for shirtless funtime. :(

Anonymous said...

R-Rated scene between Gemma and Jake?!

Yes please!!

(Nothing is ever an overstatement when it comes to Jake Gyllenhaal.)

Carla said...

R-Rated scene with Jake and Gemma?? Yes, please....:-)
Perhaps we will get a proper DVD with extra scenes and so on.
Although I don´t believe they really did that "R" scene.

Will be interesting to see what rating LAOD will get. I am a bit surprised we did not even get some official pictures yet.
Hopefully in August.

Good to see so many new fans for Jake in Brazil, Monica. Unfortunately over here the film did not have that impact...:-((

I liked the little story about Michelle and Matilda - good to see that Matilda is growing up like a normal child not like some of those Hollywood kids....

JF said...

I'm patiently waiting for the LAOD trailer too and some promotional pictures.

It's still so disappointing to me that POP underperformed in the US, but at least it did much better overseas and I think the reviews were better too.

OT: Michelle and Matilda

Matilda seems so boyish. She's cute as are the little boys with her. Michelle is rumored to be seeing Ryan Gosling. I hope it's true for Michelle, he's awesome and hot *swoon*. :)

tweet said...

I found this on twitter:

keanebear: @hathaway_anne I saw Love and Other Drugs and thought it was amazing. If you aren't sexiest woman next year I'll riot. Have you seen it yet?


Chica said...

When the first pics of Jake showed up on the net (the shirtless pics posted) they looked like test shots to me for costumes, lighting, etc.

That is an amazing shot of Jake suspended between the buildings, and the bedroom scene with Dastan and Taminia, what was really edited out???

The R rated scene was talked about on IMDB, I don't know how true it was.

I would think that the deleted scenes will be included in the DVD when released.

What a lovely story about Michele and Matilda Monica, Matilda is a beautiful little girl.

Best of luck with that new Jake site Monica, he really has a great following in Brazil, I love your Jake site Gyllenhaalics!

LAOD will be getting an R rating based on the script, I hope we get to see a trailer soon!

What a cute FB story UV, got to start them young!

Cathy E said...

I missed the "clothesline" pic - Jake suspended between the two buildings - terribly. I thought it was a very clever picture. And of course, Dastan in Tamina's gorgeous boudoir. Maybe, they'll have a little more interaction in a sequel? It's like the just met, even though they spent so much time in the past life. I really loved her character. I'd like to know more of her impressions of him, what she doesn't reveal.

bobbyanna said...

I really love the picture of the scene with Jake suspended between the two buildings.

I don't expect a special "director's cut" would change the rating, but I'd love to see an extended version.

I'm also hoping to see lots of outtakes in the DVD. You know they'd have to be hilarious. Ditto for some commentary btwn Jake, Alfred Molina,and Mike Newell.

UltraViolet said...

Fingers crossed that Disney/Bruckheimer go all out on the DVD. I hope the disappointing domestic box office doesn't cause them to scrimp.

Interesting tweet, JF. I wonder if that person just saw LaOD? Somehow, I don't think that's the real Anne H that he's tweeting to.

Stephanie added a few pics of Jake and Peter in NYC from last year. They are kind of cute/funny.

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL, this inner monologue sounds vaguely familiar.

LiveGreenMom: At a BBQ with Jake Gyllenhall. Uhh. Hello. How are you. Never mind, say nothing, act cool. about 1 hour ago via UberTwitter

She's down the Vineyard.

Sheba baby said...

The picture of Jake suspended between the buildings is so cool! The pic of them in her bedroom looks so sexy.

I hope Disney really has plans for a top notch DVD/Blueray release of Pop complete with the edited scenes and commentary.

Can't wait to see that new Jake site Monica::))

What a cute story about Michele and Matilda!

LOL FL! I think I would only manage the same myself if I was anywhere near Jake.

We should be getting (hopefully) tweets and blog mentions of LAOD screenings soon.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

"Ah, life!"


I like much how he writes Stephen!

Tweety said...

That lingering shot is smoldering FL, hope it maes it to the DVD along with the other missing footage. I just hope that Disney doesn't go the cheap route and does the DVD some justice.

The missing scenes are stunning UV!

Looks like livegreenmom had another encounter with Jake :

livegreenmom: Ok, now I'm in the eggroll line @ West Tisbury Farmers Market behind Jake Gyllenhal. Hiding behind a bushy beard, this guy is everywhere
4 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Monica said...

Matilda is so beautiful and so Heath.
Michelle is so adorable and a great mother. I'd love to see her in a movie with Jake.

Ryan Gosling? He's great!

Participate in the site is something to think about, because I know that requires time, and I still have the forum and blog.But at the same time I want to help in the beginning.
I saw the look and it is beautiful.

Here is a wonderful sun and I can not go to the beach because I have to do a job! Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Go Uruguay!

Sag actor said...

Interesting article on the BO blues this summer so far:

I'm looking forward to the DVD release of Pop.

bobbyanna said...

So Jake has a bushy beard?!?!! Oy!

Thanks for the link Sag Actor! I read the article and it certainly puts things in perspective!

Monica said...

^^This is for a new movie?

Anonymous said...

I think the bushy beard is just because he doesn't want to shave on his "vacation".
I think, hope, we'll be seeing him clean shaven before too long.

UltraViolet said...

I was happy to see that tweet, FL. There was a sighting of Jake in LA on Thursday and I was hoping/assuming it was erroneous. I like the idea of Jake just chilling out on the Vineyard for a few weeks. Hell, he should stay all summer and then go back to work making a movie :)

Thanks for the follow up, too, Tweety. The woman also described him as "very low key, quiet, cooool. Yes, hot!" Sounds about right!

Hi Leonor! Stephen G does like to hear himself talk. I'm glad someone else does, too :)

Monica, I'm guessing Jake's beard is just his "on vacation" look. He is probably enjoying not shaving.

I was hoping that Variety story would say that PoP didn't do all that badly, but I guess it's nice they absolved Jake from the total blame for its "failure."

sheba said...

I love to hear that Michelle is living her life in a positive way with Matilda and that she has Ryan in her life if that's true. He's talented, gorgeous and has a beautiful singing voice. A real sexy, soulful guy that somehow reminds me of Heath.

Also love the idea of bushy beard Jake, I could just nuzzle in it ;D He deserves some skin preservation time:DD

Disney can be extremely discrete if they want to be by putting this infamous R-Rated scene in as an Easter Egg. Now that our PoP journey is over the withdrawal symptoms are setting in. I'm with the little girl from facebook that wants to kiss Prince Dastan every night.

A friend of mine called me today to proudly announce that she's got Prince of Persia on pirate DVD and she's going to see it for the first time tonight. I was sooooo annoyed and said: 'Why didn't you go and watch it at the cinema on the big screen like how it should have first been seen.' She wasn't impressed by my acid response. We're still friends though :D

So thank you so much for this look back at PoP and scenes we may never see but it has been so fantastic in healing me and getting me back to work.

Now..... bring on Love and Other Drugs, we're so ready :DD

sheba said...

BTW, Prince of Persia is still #7 in the UK box office even though it's now only playing on 138 screens.

Anonymous said...

Can't get to the Variety site - what is the POP comment?

Monica said...

Summer has hits, but not blitz
Memorial Day Weekend entries "Sex and the City 2" and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" disappointed domestically, but overseas totals have helped offset hefty pricetags.

In the U.S., both films have yet to cross the $100 million benchmark, while worldwide figures for Warner's "Sex 2" stand at $273.6 million and a princely $322.1 million for Disney's "Prince."

Like "Sex 2" and "Prince," profits for U's Ridley Scott-directed "Robin Hood" were buoyed by international turnouts, reaching $305.8 million worldwide, with more than 65% from foreign auds.

UltraViolet said...

I think there are two different Variety articles. The one Sag Actor posted talks about how the media jump on the first weekend box office to prematurely rate the success or failure of movies, usually blaming the star of the flick.

The second movie is sort of a scorecard of the summer so far.

Hi Sheba! LOL at your chastising your friend for not seeing PoP in the theaters. Good for you :) Maybe if she enjoys the pirated DVD, she'll buy the real one and make up for her lapse.

It was fun to sort of revisit the movie by looking at what didn't make the screen. Hope there's much more to come when we see the DVD.

UltraViolet said...

The Vineyard is the place to be if you want to see shirtless Jake, I guess.

someone kicked the back of my chair tonight... but i didnt mind.... because it was jake gyllenhaal... who by the way looks quite pleasant running without a shirt on when you pass him in your car


to quote my son, alex, .."just ran into jake gyllenhaal..shirtless..yessss"..gotta love mv!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I always find it fascinating to learn why certain scenes don't make it to the final film. Hopefully the DVD will explain why the scene between Dastan and Tamina in her bedroom and other scenes on this post and in the featurettes didn't make the cut.

I love the idea of the Easter egg Sheba! I'm happy to hear that Pop is still in the top 10 in the UK, it finally dropped out of the top 10 here last week.

Thanks for the links to the articles on the summer BO SA & Monica.

Love all the tweets/sightings of Jake on MV, lucky Islanders!

suvee said...

I'm enjoying the MV tweets of shirtless Jake.

Just heard about the flash flooding in Boston..... be careful!

mary said...

thanks for all thr tweets of shirtless jake just wish some one would snap a picture for us any way glad hes enjoying his stay

bobbyanna said...

"Just heard about the flash flooding in Boston..... be careful!"

Good heavens! UV & FL, hope you guys are OK.

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL, I didn't know anything about it. Though my basement is a little damp.

UltraViolet said...

All's well here, too. No flooding. Some of the reports were scary, though!

Congrats to Spain. Too bad the game wasn't better.

Chica said...

Glad everything is Ok UV &FL. We were expecting a storm yesterday but it skipped us and hit parts of Long Island.

I'm enjoying th tweets from MV:)

Congratulations Spain!!

UltraViolet said...

Here's an exciting sighting, chica, lol:


Spotted: Jake throwing away a piece of trash at the Chilmark Store, by Muffy's dad. Around the same time I was thinking about stopping at the store to buy a coffee...and then decided to not stop. NOOOOOOOO. Big. Mistake.

Someone else apparently asked Jake today if he had a reservation. I don't know where the person works, however!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bobbyanna said...

Really glad both of you are OK!

Yes, congrats to Spain!

I have to agree with mary. Wish we could see a teensy, tiny picture taken discreetly...:)

I just realized Prince of Persia is still at some theaters if I felt like leaving my CZ.:)

Monica said...

What a game!
Congratulations Spain!!!

Kiss of the goalkeeper Casillas in his girlfriend, Sara:
Sorry, my first link was wrong!

Thanks for all these sightings. Good to know that Jake is enjoying the island!

Shondra said...

Pop has disappeared from my local theaters::((

But thanks so much for this post UV! I knew that there were scenes missing but this post realy points some of them out.

LOL@ the Rambo/Dastan shot, a perfect description of that pic, ha, ha!!

Glad that you and FL are safe, love the reports of Jake on the Vinyard, he deserves a nice long rest but I wouldn't mind a twicpic of him shirtless running on the beach!

Congratulaions on Spain for their first WC win!

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Extra said...

Jake, Maggie and Chris sighting in MV:

Jake and pal "Smallville" actor Tom Welling, along with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and Black Dog top dog Rob Douglas, yukking it up at Lenny Clarke's comedy show at David Ryan's in Edgartown

FluorescentLamp said...

I'll just make that long link clickable for you, Extra.

Tracked down...Jake Gyllenhaal

It makes me smile a little bit that Chris' name is bolded in that sighting, as if Chris might be recognizable to Herald readers. :-)

Paula said...

All of these missing scenes have to be included in the DVD release!

This post is a great revisit, Pop is no longer playing anywhere near me any more so I am looking forward to the DVD.

I really loved this movie. Jake was Gemma were perfect and the costumes, sets and cinematography were stunning. The film had it's flaws but it deserved a better BO here then it got.

Love reading that Jake is having a great time on Martha's Vineyard, thanks for keeping track !

FluorescentLamp said...

Rob and Gaz to recreate BBM in video. is all too confusing for me.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, not sure what to make of that.

The Jake and Tom Welling sighting was a bit of a head-scratcher, too. I don't think of Jake as a comedy club/Lenny Clarke kind of guy. But someone pointed out that Lenny was in Moonlight Mile, which I had forgotten.

Massachusetts is a small town!

FluorescentLamp said...

What is it about Lenny that you wouldn't peg Jake as a fan?

FluorescentLamp said...

And then again, this IS The Track Girls reportage...Jake may have been 12 miles away at the time.

UltraViolet said...

It just seems incongruous to me. But as you said, it's the Track. I dismissed the report as soon as I saw it, lol. Especially the "pal" part about Tom Welling. Have we ever even heard of them mentioned in the same place before?

mary said...

i read on another blog that the dvd release date for pop is sept 14dont know how true that report is

bobbyanna said...

I thought the Tom Welling sighting was odd, too. I remember a report that Madonna and Sean Penn had dinner together last fall, just bcz they were in the same restaurant, and said hello. Maybe Jake was just being friendly at a club,if Tom Welling was even there.

I'm glad Chris got a mention, too FL. Agribusiness man, chef and entrepreneur/TV guy! :) He's following his passion and doing something positive too.(Plus he's gorgeous.)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

(((Chris))) It must feel great to be doing something that you really love. I love his mention, he must be real well known on MV!

Nver heard that Jake and welling wee friends before. As you have mentioned Bobbyanna, they may have just been in the same place. I remembered reading that Welling got married on MV.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

^^^ ^^^ ^^^
Never, Welling, were

blogger is acting up again!

suvee said...

The Tom Welling "pal" thing struck me as totally random and, like you said, incongruous. I guess it's possible, but more likely it's just they were in the same place at the same time, as Bobbyanna said.

I love thinking that Chef Chris has a certain degree of fame and renown in Massachusetts..... he certainly is worthy of bolded name treatment as far as I'm concerned. :)

Tweety said...

I love that Chris is recognized on the Island, he has become a local celebrity !

Tom Welling from Smallsville? I used to be such a fan of that show!

The Lenny Clarke/ sighting is a reminder about another older Jake film: The Good Girl is on Lifetime right now!

Monica said...

DVD and Blu-ray:
Prince of Persia

The DVD will come with the making of the film entitled "A World Never Seen Before: The Making of Prince of Persia". And the Blu-ray, besides the making of and deleted scenes, come with an extra called "The Sands of Time."

I don't know if have more extras than this, but I think so.

Monica said...


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the DVD details, Monica and Mary. I'm holding out hope for a totally tricked out DVD.

The Herald Track idiots continue their late-to-the-game Jake watching:

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” kvetch Larry David and “Prince of Persia” hunk Jake Gyllenhaal supping at the Chilmark Tavern on The Rock - but not together - . . . Larry’s pals Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen strolling into the Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven for breakfast . . .

UltraViolet said...

Prediction that LaOD will be at the Toronto Film Festival. Selections are announced at the end of the month.

Carla said...

PoP will be out here (Amazon) at the 20th of September in three different versions. Since I want to buy a new TV and DVD player I think I will try the Blue Ray version.
Always during July/August my town has an "open air cinema" where they are screening all kinds of films. PoP will be shown at the 23th of July.

So Chris is a kid of celebrity now? Great he is now recognized.

I am happy that Jake is enjoying his time in MV without the usual pap madness but on the other hand one little picture would be great...:-)

Fingers crossed for LAOD in Toronto!

Anonymous said...

From PRNewswire

New Stand Up To Cancer PSA Starring Jake Gyllenhaal to Premiere During the Major League Baseball All-Star Game Tonight on FOX

Sheba baby said...

I like that prediction about LAOD at TIFF. If the film is ready, I don't see why not?

Love reading about the bits and pieces we are getting about Jake's vacation on MV, sounds like he is having a great time wioth freinds and family.

Thanks anon for the heads up on the PSA, I remember Jake wearing the Stand Up to cancer sweatshirt last month.

UltraViolet said...

Damn, now I have to watch the All Star game!

Not sure how long this will be up - someone posted it on imdb. It's PoP on youtube, in 11 parts. Not a great print - someone taped it in a theater. Dastan's eyes look brown and the voices are a little off. But if you've been missing the Prince, you can get a glimpse.

mary said...

i thought the same thing uv:)

Chica said...

I usally skip the All-star game due to the AL winning every year since 1997, but I will definately watch tonight!

As a Met fan and someone who despises the Skankees I do appreciate what a great owner George Steinbrenner was.

RIP George.

I have my fingers crossed for a screening of LAOD at TIFF!

Thanks for all the Jake sightings on MV.

Looking forward to the DVD/Blueray realease of Pop, thanks for the info Monica.

In the meanttime I may check out the youtube download, thanks for the link UV!

FluorescentLamp said...

New post.