Tuesday, July 13, 2010

25 Years

July 13, 1985.

"It's twelve noon in London, seven AM in Philadelphia, and around the world it's time for Live Aid ...." So said Richard Skinner to open the show. Seems like yesterday.

I think we can play a little 6 Degrees of LiveAid with Jake. For instance, this spectacular U2 performance of Bad...

and the scene from Brothers where they discuss listening to this song when they were in high school...

Or how about David Bowie doing a killer version of Heroes at LiveAid which he dedicates to his then 14 year old son...

And son all grown up now...

Honorable mention: Beach Boys at LiveAid singing Wouldn't It Be Nice...which is featured in Bubble Boy.

I haven't figured out how Style Council singing Walls Come Tumbling Down at LiveAid works in the 6 Degrees game, I just love to watch Paul Weller dancing around.

I'd love to hear other memories from that day.

Jake is engaging in some philanthropy of his own. Here is his PSA for Stand Up To Cancer, airing tonght during the Major League Baseball All-Star game:

Jake and the PSA director talk about how cancer has affected them:

(PSA clip courtesy of Entertainment Tonight and SU2C.)


bobbyanna said...

Love it!!! This is just the coolest post!!! Thanks, FL!

I love this blog! :)

Can't get over Bono's hair.
It looks very...Persian.:)

RIP, George. He certainly made it interesting!

Chica said...

Has it been 25 years already??? Now I feel really old! U-2 had to cancel their tour this year due to Bono's emergency back surgery:(

I was in Grad school in '85 and I remember how important the Live aid concert was.

I love doing 6 degrees, love the Brothers connection!!

Steinbrenner did make the NY sports scene very interesting, RIP George.

bobbyanna said...

Certain things are such vivid memories for me. I remember Madonna. I remember The Who. I remember Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Tina Turner. But most of all, I remember Queen. Freddie Mercury and Brian May. Classic! It was very exciting to do that simulcast coming from both sides of the Atlantic. We're so jaded now.:)

FluorescentLamp said...

When the DVD of the day was finally released several years ago I was shocked...SHOCKED! to see acts playing that I don't remember seeing at all on that day. Then my memory returned and I remember that any act I didn't like, didn't get recorded. Sorry Beach Boys, you didn't make the cut.

Clashing stripes, cucumber and watermelon salad in Edgartown.

Anonymous said...

ET has the video for Stand up to cancer up.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks Anon. Makes me wonder about baseball themed movies...:)

Cathy E said...

But most of all, I remember Queen.

Me too. :) And something about Phil Collins flying in from the UK on the Concorde to be two places on the same day?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

1985: I remember we were into the 2nd Reagan Administration::((

Live Aid: The Boomtown Rats, The Pretenders Run DMC, Eric Clapton and the Who! I remember Collins too Cathy, I didn't know he did that!

What an amazing event.

Thanks for posting Jake's PSA, he looks good and I love that he is doing this for such an important cause.

Cathy E said...

:) It was an amazing event. Off to watch the All-Stars game and to see Jake's PSA on TV!

UltraViolet said...

Posted right at noon - nice touch :)

I remember Status Quo, "Here we goooooo, rockin' all over the world." The only SQ song I know.

My favorite acts were Bowie and U2, of course. And I remember the London portion was so much better than the American. Much like the BandAid single vs. Hands Across America.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, forgot to say that I think Jake looks great in the PSA. I wondered if he'd be in baseball gear, but jeans and the blue shirt was probably a better choice :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, UV, for uploading Jake's SU2C PSA filmed at Dodger Stadium, third base line. Saves me from having to sit through the All Star game.

Extra said...

My favs were Queen , U2 and Tina Turner. Live Aid was an event to raise money for the Ethiopian relief effort, Farm Aid was a "spin-off" of Live aid.

This post is a trip down memory lane!

Jake does look good in that PSA, off to watch the All-Star game!

FluorescentLamp said...

And I remember the London portion was so much better than the American.

Sing it, sister!

UltraViolet said...

I knew we'd agree on that, FL :)

Also, I meant We are the World, not Hands Across America when I was referring to the famine charity singles. Hands Across America was a totally different debacle!

FL, you're missing someone from Glee singing.

You also missed some celebs reading tributes to "regular" American all stars. Wouldn't have minded seeing Jake in that sgement, just to hear his voice. He could have taken the place of the insufferable Julia Roberts. Ben Affleck did well, actually imbued some feeling. McBongo was his usual somewhat silly self.

This is a trip down memory lane, Extra. It feels like yesterday in some ways. Can't believe it was 25 years ago.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh I saw Amber Riley singing. Had it on mute. She's not my favorite Glee'er.

Did anyone notice Joe Girardi has braces on his lower teeth? It's kind of attractive.

bobbyanna said...

"He could have taken the place of the insufferable Julia Roberts. "


I left when the Glee girl started singing.

suvee said...

Sorry, no All Star game for me. My affection for Jake has turned me into a Tour de France fan! Can't believe I actually enjoy watching a bunch of guys ride bikes. :)

I remember watching and loving Live Aid. And yeah, I thought the London show was superior to the U.S one.

Thanks so much for posting the PSA. I do like the blue shirt. But Jake, please, for the love of God...... shave!

Monica said...

Today I heard Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, two of my favorite bands.
I like U2 of that time of the video, but unfortunately he is disappointed with the albums released recently.

It's a great video of Stand Up To Cancer.

Thanks for the video of Chris, FL. He always looks great!

Monica said...

New director for Nailed:

David O. Russell quits long-delayed 'Nailed'

Ok, finally they will complete the film, but it is absurd to have another director!

mary said...

yea thats pretty strange i wonder how they can finish with a new director i thought its was almost finished at least jakes part was sais to be finished be interesting to see what happens

UltraViolet said...

It's sort of a good news, bad news scenario, I guess. It doesn't make sense to have a different director, but at least it sounds like the guy is trying to get the film finished and released.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like there's going to be much if anything changed about 'Nailed" as the majority of it was finished. Maybe some change in the editing of it but if Jessica and Tracy do the scenes they need to do (and don't think it would take all that long) they finally could get the movie out - in some form.
David has gone on to do other thngs and this probably feels like it was something that was too past for him to want to be involved with.
Rem. the pic. of Jake and David outsie somewhere and a hug goodbye..They all seemed to enjoy the filming - except of course for the contant delays and wondering if it would ever get finished.

lawgoddess said...

Loved Jake in the PSA.

I don't know what to make of the Nailed news. I saw Jessica Biel mentioned in a Google alert and it said Nailed would be released later this year. Seems unlikely.

UltraViolet said...

Hi LG - I just added another video with Jake and the PSA director discussing how cancer has affected them.

Anon, the problem is that Russell hasn't edited this version of the film, it seems. And a director always wants to do their own edits.

It's not the first time a movie has been finished by another director, but you definitely lose the unique vision of the director.

But to me, it's the lesser of two evils, because we'll at least get to see the damned thing, hopefully.

Monica said...

So cute: Jake

Chica said...

Another director for Nails? I don't like the sound of that at all.

The All-Star gane was awesome, the NL won!! I don't understand the phenom that is Glee...

Jake looked good in the PSA but I got itchy looking st his face!

That pic is adorable Monica! It looks like he was in some school production of The King and I.

Monica said...

I don't understand the phenom that is Glee...

Me too. So overrated!

FluorescentLamp said...

I won't deny that Glee is over-hyped. But if you love musical theatre, and let's face it not everyone does, then it appeals. :-)

FluorescentLamp said...

I just added another video with Jake and the PSA director discussing how cancer has affected them.

Oh interesting. That's Scott Cooper, director of Crazy Heart.

bobbyanna said...

Interesting news about "Nailed." I'm almost hopeful the movie might get released, but I feel bad about the way things've turned out.

"...you definitely lose the unique vision of the director."

This is the part I worry about.

All this time, I'd been under the impression there were just a few scenes to shoot to wrap it, finish laying the soundtrack, and final editing.

I find myself actually feeling bad for DOR! And I couldn't stand him before! I guess he's relieved to be out of it after all this time has passed.

Forgot to thank FL for the latest Food video with our favorite chef! I like his apron! And I LOVED the real estate. Now that's the kind of house I want on MV! :)

Tweety said...

I remember bits and pieces of Live Aid, I was 10 at the time! Thanks for the video so I can see and hear what I missed remember about that concert.

I didn't watch the All-star game last night so thanks for posting Jake's PSA videos. Cancer has touched Jake personally and it's wonderful he is supporting Stand up for Cancer.

He filmed that video last month (I think) so he must relly look like aMountain man now unles he shaved!

Russell is a pain is the ass IMO, but I do feel bad that he wan't able to finish Nailed. Even with a new director, I have a feeling we will not be seeing the finished product anytime soon.

FluorescentLamp said...

I find myself actually feeling bad for DOR! And I couldn't stand him before! I guess he's relieved to be out of it after all this time has passed.

Evidently he's a stand-up guy after all. Didn't want Jake's good friends Wick and Fisher to be squeezed out and treated unfairly so he decided to walk if they weren't involved. That's really admirable in Hollywood.

I'm still uncomfortable that a building contractor (Tutor) may have this much power in H'wood. Sure he might be a good businessman, but what about vision and imagination? Bleh.

Sag actor said...

Tutor is in the middle of buying Mirimax?? YIKES!! I don't like his name atached to Nailed either. Bummer that Russell bailed out but I don't blame him under these circumstances.

Live Aid: U2 all the way, one of my favorite groups of all time.

Great game last night, I still enjoy the All Star game, caught Jske's PSA for Stand up for Cancer.

bobbyanna said...

The only good thing I read about the Miramax deal, SAG Actor, is that according to Disney, Tutor has pushed Bergstein out of any involvement.

At the very worst, FL, the building contractor neither appreciates or understands the function or the value of having good producers! I'd read that, too about DOR. Glad he stood up for them when Tutor was trying to squeeze them out of their percentage.

I hope the person who claims they saw Jake with a "bushy beard" was exaggerating...

UltraViolet said...

Man, these lucky people! From Duncan Jones's twitter:

Finally got a chance to show a cut of Source Code to a small audience last night... saw a woman in front of me jump in her seat! Victory!

So cool. Happy for DJ and hope it means good things for the flick.

FluorescentLamp said...

Wow that's great news, I hope.

I would have commented earlier but I'm too distracted by the Old Spice Guy. :-DD

FluorescentLamp said...

Aww I love that Jake.

From FB:

Last night during an all-star game commercial-
Me: "Who's that?"
Sarah: "Jake Gyllenhaal, from Brokeback Mountain."

Today whilst on Martha's Vineyard-
Me: Driving a moped, Sarah in tow
Jake Gyllenhaal after beeping at me: "Sorry for beeping at you, but you shouldn't let all those cars pile up behind you...it can be really dangerous..."
Me: "Was that the actor guy?"

Cathy E said...

And I LOVED the real estate.

Me too, the office was amazing. :)

I liked Chris' mixed patterns. There was a certain order to it - the stripes were the same and just the colors were reversed. ;)

Sweet Jake looking out for the person on the moped. :)

Josie said...

was a big Madonna fan in the 80's and I remember her performing for Live Aid. Do you think something like that on that scale will ever happen again?

I participated in Hands Across America, and if I dig around in my Apt., I know I will find the certificate of appreciation that I received for being a part of that.

I didn't catch the All-star game so I appreciate the posting of the videos. He looks really good in blue, a bit too much facial hair for my taste but he still looks good.

I hope they show this very important PSA often.

I love all these twitters and F sightings of Jake on MV, and I love the last one you posted FL!

I'm so glad Chris is back to blogging and the real estate segments I between are a perfect touch. It must be heaven ling there.

Nailed is really turning into a mess. I hate when director steps in to finish a film, it's not a good sign and I would rather that it remained shelved if Russell isn't going to complete it.

Josie said...

I forgot to add:

I hope we get more reports about the LAOD screenings, I can't wait until that movie comes out!!

Jake make a perfect spokesman for Stand up for cancer, I liked his calm, serious tone for the PSA.

Anonymous said...

Think they had to replace a director on "Gone With The Wind".
As Nailed was almost finished it's not like someone is coming in with it only half way through. I would hope the new director keeps it all in the spirit of how the movie was filmed and he might be an o.k. director...tough for Russell as all have said.

UltraViolet said...

That Facebook story is adorable! Love it.

Josie, I hope we get some LaOD news soon, too. And how funny that you were part of Hands Across America. Definitely a moment in time.

I like Chris's stripes, too, Cathy!

UltraViolet said...

More about LaOD, posted on IHJ:

Just thought I'd drop in and say that I saw this movie at a screening in Pasadena back in March and it was AAA-MAZING. I haven't always been the biggest fan of Jake's movie choices in the past (don't get me wrong - I love the man - but I'm picky ), but I had absolutely zero complaints about this movie. It was hilarious, sexy, touching... BRILLIANT. It has a lot of depth... more than I would have guessed from some of the summaries I've read about the film!

As for the question about Jake's nekkidness... heh. I'll start off by saying that the theatrical cut may be missing some of the stuff I saw at the screening. SO MANY SEX SCENES/NUDITY. HOOOO DOGGY. You see Anne's bosoms a lot, but Jake gets his fair share of nakey shots too... a scene that particularly sticks out in my mind is this part with a video camera that is placed very strategically over Jake's man-bits... heheheh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that stays in the final cut.

I won't give too much away, but I can absolutely from the bottom of my heart say that I CAN'T WAIT 'TIL NOVEMBER. AHHH.

Please, no cutting the Jake scenes!

FluorescentLamp said...

a scene that particularly sticks out in my mind is this part with a video camera that is placed very strategically over Jake's man-bits...

Hehehe his man-bits. That makes me laugh. *Serious face now*...DON'T CUT ANY OF THESE SCENES editor gods!!!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, someone tweeted about sitting next to Jake on the ferry. Is the MV idyll over?

Paula said...

David Bowie rocks, and always will!

Live Aid was such an incredible effort, it will not be duplicted again IMO. Whatever happened to Bob Geldoff??

If the tweet is legit then it sounds like his stay on MV is coming to an end. As much as I love seeing pics of Jake , I loved that he is able to get away from the spotlight for some down time.

Oh man, I can't wait to see LAOD, this is definately getting an R rating and they better not edit any of Jake's "important" scenes out!

I love his PSA, It's a wonderful organization.

I have a feeling that Nailed will not see the light of day:(

Looking forward to hearing more about SC, I hope D. Jones keeps us up to date with his tweets.

Anonymous said...

If Nailed doesn't make it to the theater it should be on DVD.
LAOD seems to me was always going to be an R rated movie.

UltraViolet said...

Well, Jake either wasn't on that ferry or it was a local ferry or he went to the mainland and came back!

Just saw Jake gylenhal lt whatever in a corner store in marthas vineyard. Oh.
25 minutes ago via Echofon from West Tisbury, MA

From Facebook:

just saw Jake Gyllenhal at lunch and when he couldn't find a place to sit, I almost pushed Garrett off the bench.

The replies are hilarious:

You should have!

You didn't?!

He always has your lap!

Omg! So jealous! Is he cuter in person?

SO jealous!

And from the guy who said Jake ordered "local, craft brown ale" at his bar. Still don't know where the bar is (might be Pittsburgh) or when Jake came in, but it's always nice to hear this kind of stuff:

jake gyllenhaal was really cool. He just kinda hung out with his friends and drank good beer. seemed like a fun guy.

UltraViolet said...

I wondered about this when I saw a tweet from Duncan Jones about Comic Con. Someone asked why he wasn't going with Source Code:

Im hoping to go to the Con as a fan... we"re too early to go with the film. Only just started work on trailer.

FluorescentLamp said...

Today must be social Thursday.

From FB:

Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at a store on the vineyard.

Wonder if he was wearing a t-back tank top today...

He already had good bicep structure to begin with

UltraViolet said...

You've made your Josh and Sam screencaps - congrats, FL!

From the Inside Track, again:

Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal picking up some lobsters and checking out the lobster salesladies at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market

Oh, and that Facebooker who wanted to kick her S.O. off the bench reported that Jake isn't handsome in person.

Kidding! She described him as "super good-looking."

Chica said...

I love that sighting from Inside track UV! I 'm glad to hear that he is still on MV enjoying his vacation. It's always great to hear that Jake is just a regular guy reading these encounters.

Love the review of LAOD from that poster that saw the screening, just hope we get to see just as much of him as Annie:)

I was hoping for SC to make an appearence at C. Con, too bad that Jones it isn't ready yet.

Tweety said...

Looks like all is quiet on the Jake front at the moment. Thanks for the FB sighings, so happy that he is enjoying the Vineyard.

This is Jake/Pop related. Some (HW) put some of the blame for Pop's disappointing US BO on Jake. But the #'s for Sorcerrer's Apprentence are really disappointing. I know that Disney was expecting more from Pop and wanted it to be the next tentpole series, but the bottomline is it's a JB film. With This, Pop and last years Confessions of a shopaholic and G Force (Confessions bombed and Force eventually made the $$$ back) I thnk HW is now saying maybe JB has lost his touch.


I plan on seeing Inception today!

Anonymous said...

Since very few movies this summer have performed as highly as many thought they would then I think if POP had been the only or one of the few movies that didn't live up to expectations and all the others did 90 million it's first week then maybe there could be some
"blame" on Jake..but with this we'd have to blame some pretty big stars for the failure of their movies...tho failure is a strange word...as a failure in a movie on opening to me would be something like maybe 20 million... As far as Jake goes he did a great job in the movie, he did everything it called for and anyone seeing it would know that. If he'd been a weak lead it would of been different.
And as said maybe Jerry is losng his touch a bit and also maybe some people were just not interested in a "desert movie". As mentioned before for a lot of people too they would hear "video game movie" and they'd think they wouldn't be interested in it. But when they rent the DVD they'll be surprised they liked it....
Also timing - maybe if this had been out at a different time cause movie audiences kind of have cycles in what they're interested in...when it comes to "genre" type films.
Think of "Pirates" tho that could of been a hit whatever year because Johnny made his character so unique but at the same time there might of been another year and it would of done fine, but not the blockbuster it was..as in the public might of though..naw, not interested in Pirates at the moment.

Looking forward to LAOD and am sure it should be at some of the film festivals.
Wonder how soon they will have the trailer out to the theaters. Maybe 3 months ahead? Two months at the latest.

Monica said...

Tweety, I'm anxious to see Inception, but unfortunately I have to wait until 06 August that is when it debut in theaters in Brazil.

The DVD cover of Prince of Persia in Brazil will be different:

I think POP would have been a failure anyway.

Anonymous said...

Maybe POP might not of ever been a "blockbuster" but to call it a "failure" don't quite see that...making over 320 million worldwide doesn't sound like a failure.
It didn't reach blockbuster size in the U.S., but at the same time it certainly did better than something that would be called a flop...

sheba said...

Prince of Persia has been an epic journey for many of us who first heard Jake got the lead for it. When it got delayed for a year it seemed like an eternity. what is the most disappointing thing for me was that what the *&^% were they doing with it during that year-long delay. It should have been crystalline perfect or maybe I have no real understanding of the painstaking movie process :/

In any case to me and many others who've seen it with me Prince of Persia has been soul-satisfying and uplifting. No explanation needed. Jake should be extremely proud of his efforts and how his performance has affected many, young and not so young :DD. I pray for PoP 2.

UltraViolet said...

PoP is definitely not a failure. It's an under-performer, but you can't make $320 million and be considered a total failure.

Sheba, I do love it that PoP brought so many new people to the Jake party. And pleased so many of us who were already here. I get so jealous when I see people tweeting that they are going to or have come back from PoP. It's been out of theaters for weeks here, and I miss it!

Monica, I see Mike Newell gets the name treatment over Jerry Bruckheimer on the Brazilian DVD. I wonder if Jerry's bailing on it!

Tweety, I'm glad PoP did better than TSA seems to be doing this weekend!

Someone on twitter saw inception, then in a later tweet said "Love and Other Drugs looks great." I wondered if they'd gotten to see a trailer. Since there have been no other reports of an LaOD trailer, I'm guessing no.

I hope we get one soon.

UltraViolet said...

Journalistic confirmation of the CZ!

From an article on location housing in Pittsburgh:

Ms. Neiman, a real estate agent for Howard Hanna in Shadyside, estimates that she has placed about 20 actors, directors, producers and crew members in private homes over the last dozen years or so. The top consideration is usually location, she said. Mr. Gere was interested in Fox Chapel, for example, because "The Mothman Prophecies" was filming in Kittanning, an easy trip north on Route 28.

Jake Gyllenhaal was a notable exception, she said, when he was in Pittsburgh last year for "Love and Other Drugs."

"He wanted to be where he could walk around, be close to stores," she said. "He wanted to be where he could go to Whole Foods."

Ms. Neiman found a private home in Shadyside -- she lives close by and volunteered to walk his dog every day -- but the homeowner got cold feet about relocating. So Mr. Gyllenhaal ended up staying in a vacant unit at the Beechwood Commons townhouse development in Squirrel Hill.

His co-star in that movie, Anne Hathaway, also stayed at a home in Squirrel Hill -- the same home where Sharon Stone lived when she filmed her role in "Diabolique" in 1995. Katherine Heigl -- in town filming "One for the Money" -- is currently in a private home, as well.

I love it that he's so predictable. And nice going, volunteering to walk the dog yourself, Ms.Neiman!

The whole article is worth checking out. Some interesting tidbits.

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for the article UV! What a great way to lure movie studios and actors to Pittsburgh (besides tax insentives. The city doesn't have a "glamour" rep, so offering private homes for the actors to stay at makes sense, it's something a bit different than offering the usual hotels/suites in cities like L.A. and NY.

I remember some of the tweets and sightings at the time and thought that he was staying in a residential area (the same with R. Crowe who was filming there at the time too)

Live Aid was such a monumental event, Queen was awesome!

Pop was not a flop as you said UV.it didn't do as well as Disney would have liked but so far it has grossed over 320 million WW, hardly a flop.

I would love to see a Pop sequel too Sheba!

I caught Jake's PSA for Stand up for Cancer twice since it aired during the All-star game.

Hope Jake is enjoying his vacation!

bobbyanna said...

Nice article, UV. Michigan is offering tax incentives to movie makers, too. Right now Richard Gereand his cast, Hugh Jackman and his cast, Gerard Butler and Michele Mognahan, and the cast of Scream 4 are in town filming. That's four that I know of.

If Jake were to come here to film, I know of a lovely private home he could use. He'd have access to a lovely kitchen, two or three farmers' markets, two Whole Foods markets, and one hugely successful gourmet, organic, seriously-high- end-more-expensive-than-Whole Foods-ever-dreamed-of store. All within a 6 mile radius. There'd be a dog walker, and ever single kind of amenity you can imagine. Even a Masseuse.

FluorescentLamp said...

From the Post Gazette article UV links above:

So many movies -- with so many cast and crew members needing housing -- have come to town in recent years that a local woman has become a "travel and housing coordinator," working consistently over the last few years to find places for Hollywood types to stay.

Ohhhhh my dream job. Dream. Job.

bobbyanna said...

I forgot to mention the lovely bike paths, and walking trials, and even a river that's only semi-polluted, with wild ducks, Canadian geese, (lots of geese) and a huge crane. I even have an extra bicycle.

Chica said...

Great article UV and what an incredible job to have!

Lot's of movies are being filmed in Queens NY where I live. Last year a co-worker that lives in Sunnyside was approached by filmakers to use her Apt. for the main character in the film played by Keanu Reeves!

Plans fell through and they decided to use another venue (I don't remember the name of the film) but she did say that Keanu and the film Co stayed in the area which is mostly residential.

suvee said...

If Jake were to come here to film, I know of a lovely private home he could use.

Yeah, me too!

And I could even provide a lovely, mature girlfriend for Atticus. Of course, I'm afraid part of the deal would require that the home owner must remain on the premises during Jake's stay. :)

Thanks for the article, UV.

bobbyanna said...

"...I could even provide a lovely, mature girlfriend for Atticus. Of course, I'm afraid part of the deal would require that the home owner must remain on the premises during Jake's stay. :)"


No girlfriend for Atticus, but the
owner-occupied dwelling I'm thinking of comes equipped with an Unacknowledged Gourmet/Masseuse.

mary said...

yea my place is available any time if jake likes small places at least it would be cozy but unfortunely no whole wholes near me

and i dont consider pop a failure either just didnt do as well as disney wanted

UltraViolet said...

Looks like we could have lots of the US and no doubt some of Europe covered. Should we register somewhere? :)

If you're curious, this is the place mentioned as Jake's Pittsburgh residence.

I wonder who walked Atticus everyday?!

UltraViolet said...

Oops - here's the correct link.

Monica said...

Monica, I see Mike Newell gets the name treatment over Jerry Bruckheimer on the Brazilian DVD. I wonder if Jerry's bailing on it!

They are using "the same director of Harry Potter" ... curious, but I think this is a work of Disney Brazil.
I guess they got tired of POTC and decided to go to Harry Potter!
The film is still a hit in Brazil.

I visited the website of Fox movies and I saw that there is no date for the debut of laod:
Coming Soon

Thanks for all informations.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when certain movies - like Pirates for Disney becomes such a blockbuster and possibly be a surprise it did even better than they thought it would the expectations of every movie after that is put up against it and that's just not going to happen.
Am sure they were hoping the Nicholas G. movie would be a big hit too and it's not near the opening of POP.

As we know release dates for some of Jake's movies have been moved..and moved...but don't think LAOD will do that. The studio will want it to be in the Oscar race..and a movie has to be released before the end of Dec.
So for countries outside the US don't think whenever a release date has been planned, it won't change.

UltraViolet said...

I noticed that last week, Monica. It's a little strange they don't have a date listed. That plus the complete lack of promotional material makes me nervous.

They did send that clip to Cine Expo and there is awards buzz, so I can't believe it will be delayed. But we need a sign soon!

Shondra said...

Been busy with my kids this past week! It's been hot as hell here so we have been involved in activities that won't tire us out too much!

They will be away in daycamp starting next week.

I didn't remember some of the acts at Love Aid it's been so long but I do remember Madonna, Queen, Collins and Tina Turner who was incredible!

I love that we can keep up with Jake during his down time w/o invading his privacy. I'm glad that he has such a private and quiet place to relax and unwind.

I'm not surprised that SA bombed, it looked like crap in the previews.

Pop did a lot better of course, I just wish that it had done better here.

I swore that there was an actual release date for LAOD, wasn't it Nov. 16th or something?

mary said...

i thought the release date was nov 24

Anonymous said...

Yes, mid Nov. for LAOD..if its moved it would only be a few weeks I'm sure.
There are movies that are given big Oscar buzz in the spring and some are mentioned even tho there hasn't even been a showing of it in any form and sometimes you never hear from them again when it actually gets close to Oscar time.
LAOD has had screenings and they have overall been very positive.
But the big push for it isn't time yet.
But the studio does know what it has and we'll be hearing about it.


Carla said...

PoP is still shown in our cinemas - it has some legs here, a good sign.

I am wondering about the "no-date" for LAOD as well - someone must have leaked the November date?
The film is getting very good buzz - and I always thought they will be starting the PR at the end of July/beginning of August.

Perhaps they are discussing the rating...:-))

BTW I just saw that "Moon" is now playing limited in our cinemas. But only one show and very late - perhaps I will be able to watch it the following weekend.

Anonymous said...

Unless nudity and sex scenes are now considered to be PG-13..don't think it's going to change from the R rating.

UltraViolet said...

Nice to hear PoP is still showing near you, Carla! Box Office Mojo figures for it aren't moving, because Disney has stopped reporting the domestic box office. Not sure if they are reporting international still.

If we can't get a trailer for LaOD at the movies, I guess hearing Jake talk about movie scores is better than nothing. From Facebook:

Saw it last night. F'ing stellar, and, w/o Mike's insight, wouldn't even have noticed the score. That made it just that much better. The movie had a preview ad with Jake Gyllenhall talking about how he loves scores too, so that was a double hit on something we shallow folks just don't even give credit to.

I think the guy saw Inception. Has anyone here seen it? I haven't yet.

UltraViolet said...

Also, let's hope Duncan's not in charge of the names on the trailer. His response to someone asking about his next movie:

yes. Just finishing the edit.it's called Source Code, and Jake Gyllenhall is in it! Should be fun!

UltraViolet said...

Triple-posting: PoP DVD on 9/14?

UPDATE: Our friend Loys Johnson has informed me we MIGHT expect the following as bonus on these releases listed below.

An Unseen World: Making Prince of Persia
Deleted Scenes

I think this is what Monica already reported.

bobbyanna said...

OK Fifth try. Haven't been able to get past blogger's "error message" all day!

Hope LAOD makes it to Venice and Toronto,bcz then we might see early PR for it. I won't expect them to do a roll out for it before mid-September at the earliest if it's opening on November 24th.

Saw Inception Sunday night. Action thriller. Two stories, IMO. At first I thought the dialogue was cheesey and stilted. But after the first 10minutes, I didn't mind!

It was like watching a video game with real people. SOrt of convoluted plot with a lot of fantastic(literally) psychobabble. Great special effects ...without 3D! I might see it again in IMAX.

The "other" movie was about Leo and his problems with his wife. I enjoyed the cast Joe Levitt, Ken Wantenabe, Ellen Page. Marion Cotillard is just exquisite. I adore her. She should work with Jake.

Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine were recycled in from
Batman I. If you like SyFy thrillers with the pacing of a Bourne movie, you'll love it.


bobbyanna said...

Thinking about it, I've decided you can enjoy Inception on a lot of different levels. Because a lot of it is about life and death, death and dying learning how to deal with grief and memory, etc.
It's deceptively "deep."

I think. :)

Would love to hear other reactions to it!

Cathy E said...

I saw Inception over the weekend too, loved it. You can't stop thinking about it, it's very affecting, as well as a great action "heist" movie. I didn't see any previews/trailers about Jake and LaOD at my theater, unfortunately. I agree, I'd love to see Jake work with Marion too. :)

Monica said...

Ang Lee in an interview to DGA Quarterly:
Q: One of the most dramatic moments in all your work is the scene when Ennis Del Mar visits Jack Twist’s parents at the end of Brokeback Mountain. How did you go about setting the mood?
A: Well, it goes much farther back from the point when you step on the set. And that scene is, as it happens, my favorite scene in the movie. It’s a very stoic scene, a scene about a person who’s not there but had been brought to life so vividly by Jake Gyllenhaal, who all of these characters have lost. For my visual inspiration I referred to Andrew Wyeth, and also the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi, for those stark, white doors. So the first thing to do was find the right house, the right space, and of course that’s the task I brought to the production designer, Judy Becker. And to shoot that scene I used a style that I had worked with in Hulk. I shot with two cameras, capturing the actors from both sides, and then changing lenses and doing it again. It’s a very irregular way of coverage. When you edit it together, you can apply certain emphasis to certain reactions, emotions. Shooting this kind of coverage can confuse some actors. But of course it did not confuse Heath [Ledger], Peter [McRobbie], and Roberta [Maxwell], all of whom I just loved. It was a strange day. I wanted a lot of sunshine for that scene, and I got it, and I remember walking to the set and just feeling that this was going to be a great day. Still, a scene like that, it’s the actors and their faces, they make it all.

It's one of my favorite scenes too.

bobbyanna said...

Wow. Thanks for that monica. I have to say that it was that segment,the entire visit to Jack's parents' house, that was so wrenching and so painful for me.

I remember particularly,the moment in the kitchen, when Jack's mother handed Ennis the paper bag, and I realized just what an incredible job Jake had done building the character of Jack Twist.

Interesting. I think remember reading that Heath finished his scenes, but came back to work with Roberta Maxwell and Peter McRobbie even tho he wasn't needed.

Tweety said...

What the hell is up with blogger this time??

I saw Inception and C. Nolan has proven once again that he is one of the best Directors working in HW IMO.

This movie messes with your mind like he did with one of his earlier films Memento but the plot (s) are more complicated.

It works as an action thriller and a psycholgical drama with lots of cool special effects that don't distract from the film.

I didn't see any trailers for LAOD.

This is one of Leo's best roles and it has an outstanding supporting cast lead by JGL and Marion C.

Cathy E said...

Wow, how interesting, Monica. There is something so very stark and empty about that scene in the kitchen at Jack's parents' house. It's a very painful scene to watch. Ang is an amazing director. :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Inception reviews and commentary, Tweet, Bobbyanna and Cathy. Sounds like an intricate, power-packed movie. I'm a little on the fence still about seeing it, but it feels like one of those Event movies that should be seen on the big screen.

I'd love to see Jake work with Nolan, though I wonder if Nolan is or isn't a fan of Jake's, since he didn't choose him for Batman. Could be just that he didn't think Jake was the right fit or that he doesn't like Jake as an actor. Or a dozen other reasons.

Cathy, Ang really did convey the stark loneliness of the Twist house. And I remember thinking the first time I saw BBM, "That looks like a scene from a painting" when Ennis arrives at the Twist homestead. The framing and the vivid sky and the rundown house.

I'm happy that Ang acknowledges that the scene is more powerful because of the strong presence Jake created in the film. Jake gets short shrift from so many regarding BBM.

Makes me want to watch the movie again. Haven't viewed it in a while.

UltraViolet said...

From Facebook - decorator/designer Mitchell Gold was on the Vineyard for a book party at Midnight Farm (where Stephen G had his poetry reading a few years back):

Mitchell enjoyed dining with the stars (tho not dancing with them) Friday at the home of Tamara Weiss of Midnight Farm on Martha's Vineyard. Name dropping--impossible to resist...Tamara's husband cooked for Mitchell and Carly Simon, Jake Gyllenhall, Jim Belushi, Amy Brennerman (Private Practice/Judging Amy), Busy Phillipps (Cougartown), and NY restaurateur Keith McNally (Pulino's, Balthazar, Minetta Tavern...)...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nolan thought Jake was too young for Batman.
I doubt if it was personal.

Monica said...

I'd love to see Jake work with Nolan, though I wonder if Nolan is or isn't a fan of Jake's, since he didn't choose him for Batman. Could be just that he didn't think Jake was the right fit or that he doesn't like Jake as an actor. Or a dozen other reasons.

I also thought the same, but I hope it is just because Jake was too young for the role.

I saw some footage of Leo in Inception and I imagined Jake in the same role. I think it would have been wonderful.
But I'm happy to see Leo in the movie. He is not my favorite actor, but always admire him for wanting to work in interesting films.

Anonymous said...

UV, I think you would love Inception. I may have to see it again, because I have a few questions in my mind about it. I could see Jake in something like this, because the lead character Dom really has feeling and soul. Inception has a lot of cleverness too, and subtle winks and nods. They did their dream research.

I also should watch BBM again, I haven't seen it in awhile. It truly is a work of art, I can't imagine it every not being in my top favorites movies. :)

Cathy E said...

Oops, sorry, that was me. Blogger is playing tricks today I think. :)

UltraViolet said...

Blogger has been having lots of issues lately!

I will probably see Inception this weekend. Or maybe Salt.

Found this on a post discussing the Oscars. More praise for AH - but it's good to hear praise for the film, too:

My Aunt works for Regency and she took us to a company screening of LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. Anne Hathaway must win the Oscar for this cuz she was amazing. The film is really good.

Also a good sign that the production company is showing the flick, even though we don't have an official release date yet!

suvee said...

Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be MIA from GB for a little while. I'm having a hysterectomy (laparoscopic) Thursday morning, so......

But how considerate of Jake to time his pap free MV vacation with my "down time"! Doesn't look like I'm gong to miss much.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hope it goes well and take care, I'll be thinking about you. I bet Jake will be back in action when you return:)

Interseting that Lee framed that scene as a painting because that's what I thought when I first saw it. The way it was set-up and directed was sheer perfection, sad, lonely despair and loss.

Thanks so much Monica.

Love that FB sighting UV, I remember Jake's Dad's poetry reading their back in '06!

The buzz on LAOD has been great so far, looking forward to seing the trailer soon and hopefully a screening at Venice or TIFF.

UltraViolet said...

Sending all good thoughts your way, suvee! Hope you won't be out of commission for too long. We'll keep an eye on things while you're gone!

OONP, I hope we hear soon that LaOD will be in Toronto or Venice or both!

mary said...

take care suvee our prayers and thoughts will be with you well see you when you can come back to visit

bobbyanna said...


You'll definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! Take care...and get back here ASAP!:)

I saw two trailers with Inception that looked like movies I'd watch. A movie with Robert Downey, Jr., Jamie Foxx, and Zack Galakawhatsis, who was in LAOD with Jake, and a movie called "The Town" filmed in Boston, starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, (yesss!) and Chris Cooper. Ben also directed and co-wrote it. It's a crime thriller.

Anonymous said...

Anyone rem. Zach G. and his great one shot in Bubble Boy as the bus station guy..or bus house guy..whatever that was..Rem. them saying he kept adding things.

FluorescentLamp said...

and Zack Galakawhatsis, who was in LAOD with Jake,

I think maybe you meant Josh Gad, who was in LaOD with Jake. I know, I know, all those zaftig comedic actors resemble each other.

and a movie called "The Town" filmed in Boston, starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, (yesss!) and Chris Cooper. Ben also directed and co-wrote it. It's a crime thriller.

Some day I'll share just how many times I drove through the middle of their film sets on the way either to or from work each day. Got lots of great cellphone pics. :-)

So Busy Philipps on MV? At the same do as Jake? I don't know why, but I can't help thinking it has less to do with Busy and more to do with Busy's husband, the screenwriter.

{{{{Suvee}}}}, here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

bobbyanna said...

"Some day I'll share just how many times I drove through the middle of their film sets on the way either to or from work each day. Got lots of great cellphone pics. :-)"

I cannot believe you drove past Jon Hamm! You're a good woman, FL. I SO would have kidnapped him!

Chica said...

My thoughts are with you Suvee, have a speedy recovery.

Jon Hamm FL!!?? I would have been arrested for attempted kidnapping!

Wouldn't be surprised to hear that Jake's next project will have Busy's husband attached to it FL:)

Carla said...

Best wishes to you, Suvee, hope you recover soon!

After the PoP fuzz things are now a bit boring....:-)) Some of those MV twitters should use their cellphones...

Good to see some buzz for LAOD although I hope Jake will also get some praising from the first screenings...

Inception will be starting at July 29th here- try to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Anne has the most dramatic role in the movie so a lot of attention will be on her and of course the fanboys will be pretty much only talking about her.
But have seen some comments about the great job Jake does.
If the relationship seems as believable as they say it is then she didn't make that happen on her own.

Cathy E said...

Take care Suvee and a speedy recovery -

Sag Actor said...

I don't know if this was posted here already.

This site is projecting LAOD as one of the frontrunners for best pic and Jake and Anne as Best leads:


Thanks for the Inception reviews, I'll probably catch it this weekend.

Wishing you a quick recovery Suvee.

UltraViolet said...

I find this article so annoying. Come on - we know there's more than one deleted scene!

It's like the Ang Lee claim that there aren't any BBM scenes that didn't make the movie. We know that's not true.

Just show us this stuff, man!

In other news, Jake might be back in LA. From twitter:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Santa Monica...my god, was he the most beautiful creature on earth

Someone on FB also reported seeing him.

UltraViolet said...

This Variety article talks about Black Swan probably opening the Venice FF. There are other movies mentioned, but LaOD isn't on the list. Wonder when we'll hear some Toronto news.

bobbyanna said...

"I find this article so annoying. Come on - we know there's more than one deleted scene!

It's like the Ang Lee claim that there aren't any BBM scenes that didn't make the movie. We know that's not true.

Just show us this stuff, man!"

Yes and Yes!, UV. I agree!!!

I saw the FB item earlier, but thought the poster was just messing with her friends. After all, she just arrived in LA for vacation on Monday. And she saw Jake today! :(
Which is SO not fair! I mean really.

But I guess the additional twitter confirms it. BTW: In L.A., I think people have cameras on their cell phones...

mary said...

im going to la on saturday with my daughter so if jakes back in town i guess ill have to keep a look out for him:)

sheba said...

((((Suvee))))) Best wishes for your op, your return to health and a speedy reovery to deal with all the wonderful Jakeness coming our way when LaOD publicity starts.

Monica loved that Ang Lee article and his descriptions. I remember the way that scene was lit which was incongruous to the sadness that permeated the room. It was amazing. The light in John Twist's eyes showed the hate and the hurt toward his son. Memories come flooding back. I can't watch it yet though, well done if you can :) Now, if there were some extra or deleted scenes on a new release DVD, then I'd watch.

Still missing Heath and don't know why but have been thinking a lot about Paul Newman recently, his films and philanthropic efforts. What a mighty fine man.

Hope everyone enjoys their holidays/breaks and the kids don't drive you too crazy :D

Monica said...

Suvee, my prayers are with you.

Sag actor, I saw this list at the former site of Scott Feinberg.

The website In Contentionupdate its forecasts for the Oscar on Monday and laod is still on the list for best film, as well Jake and Anne on the lists for best actor and best actress, respectively. Note that Ed Zwick is no longer on the list for best director.

Extra said...

Hope everything goes well tomorrow Suvee. Wishing you a quick recovery.

Thanks for the links SA and Monica. It's a bit early for Oscar predicts but it's good to know that LAOD is getting such postive feedback.

I hope there is more than one deleted scenes added on the Pop DVD UV!!

Thanks for that link Monica. That scene with Twist's parents and Ennis was heartbreaking. Thinking about it breaks me to tears. It's been awhile since I viewed BBM, I think it's time to view it again.

UltraViolet said...

Suvee, sending all good wishes to you today. Take care!!!

Bobbyanna, someone posted a cell phone pic of Peter yesterday from the Vineyard! Why no one thought to do that for Jake, I don't know.

Lots of LaOD in Oscar talk. Jeff Wells mentioned the film in his potential picks yesterday. I just wish we'd get the trailer already. Or even a poster. A still from the movie? Anything.

Just realized we haven't heard from Get Real for a while. Hope all is well with her!

Anonymous said...

We have seen what happened with "Brothers". It was not promoted properly or hardly at all compared to many others.
"Zodiac" did have some attention but was treated like it was just a plain, everyday movie when it was a Great film.
So there might be the feeling that because we haven't seen certain things on LAOD yet it is going to be the same thing. But we Know it's not going to be like that.
When the studio thinks its the right time to start the publicity it will.
I'd like to see something too but at the same time I don't feel any panic about it, nor am I worried about it.
If the movie was out at the end of Sept. Then I might be.
It's going to be interesting and fun when Anne and Jake start doing interviews. And it would be neat if they did at least one interview together with a magazine.

Sheba baby said...

((((Suvee)))) Thinking about you today, hope everything goes well.

Love all the LAOD Oscar talk. Hope we get to see a trailer, poster, etc soon. And if it isn't going to be screened at Venice than hopefully it will at TIFF.

The promo for Brothers was a disgrace IMO and with Zodiac it seemed that Jake did all the promotion. It was such a great film and yet it was treated like it was just your run of the mill crime drama.

Anonymous said...

Annie here -

Was just thinking maybe the studio with their showings want to go this way with the word of mouth type thing. And they are seeing the movie listed on Oscar hopefuls because of that.
I rem. a movie 4-5 years ago (yes, name escapes me at the moment) which had pictures and info. & lots of stuff about it long before it was to open and talk about this looks like it's going to be Oscar nominated and when the movie was seen by critics that was the end of any Oscar talk.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Annie - nothing worse than Oscar hype leading to a dud of a movie. But I still think it's past time for them to put something out.

And I do hope Jake and Anne do at least one, if not more, appearances together. I like to see Jake interact with his co-stars, and he always seems to do promotion alone. It's a shame.

Finally put up a new post.