Monday, October 12, 2009

Pitching a Prince

Updated to include a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal filming Love and Other Drugs in Pittsburgh on Monday. Thanks to the folks at Boring Pittsburgh, who have more photos of the action.

We don't have a real trailer yet for Prince of Persia. But thanks to Destructoid, we have the prototype for the Jake Gyllenhaal movie:

Prince of Persia movie pitch trailer (2003) from jordan mechner on Vimeo.

In 2003, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner had a sit-down meeting with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney executives. The goal, to sell them on the idea of a Prince of Persia film.

Mechner explains it took him a week to cut up the above pitch trailer in Final Cut Pro, using existing footage from the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time game. He says that designing the trailer was a challenge, as many of the key scenes, locations, and characters from the film simply weren't in the game.

"So rather than attempt to explicitly tell the story of the movie in the trailer," he writes, "I set out to convey the kind of movie it would be."

What you won't see in the trailer -- time freezing, sand monsters, and the game's eerie vision sequences. They're apparently not in the movie, instead replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal's abs and five o'clock shadow.

Sounds like a fair trade-off to me :)

Mechner also talked about possible sequels. And he emphasized that PoP is not a video game movie, but a swashbuckling adventure.

Yeah, I think we could all take a few more of these:

While we continue to wait for the trailer, let's review the first PoP footage we got a good look at:


FluorescentLamp said...

I cannot wait to see the finished product of this film. I only wish Mechner had spliced together actual film footage for an actual trailer. :)

Jake filming today on Baum Blvd. God he looks so thin.

bobbyanna said...

I'm amazed at the number of people it takes to shoot one scene of Jake running in and out of a store! :)

He looks thin, but entirely gorgeous, FL!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I had no idea Mechner was pitching this film to Jerry/Disney way back then! Wish it was the actual trailer too, I can't wait!!

He does look thin but yummy! Both he and Reese are back working today, there are pics of her in Phily filming as well.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese both look so relaxed and happy on their sets.
I think they bring each other joy.

BoringPittsburgh said...

It was awesome to see Jake Gyllenhaal running around the streets of Pittsburgh . We were thinking the same thing... so many people needed to shoot one scene! And he does look thin lately, what's that say about the food in Pittsburgh? JK

bobbyanna said...

Jake always loses some weight to shoot a movie...unless his character is a marine or a Prince.:)

Don't worry, BoringPittsburgh. As long as there exists a Whole Foods, Jake will be fine. He's reputed to be an excellent cook.

Monica said...

The video is great. I remember these images when I was playing.

God he looks so thin.

Agree, but he still sexy and hot!

In Contetion:

Hollywood Producer Award: Ryan Kavanaugh, “Brothers,” “Nine,”etc.

Chica said...

Must be so exciting for Jordan Mechner to see this finally coming together and he is already talking about sequels!

Jake's weight goes up and down depending on which film he is working on.

And there is a Whole foods near by!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for stopping by, Boring Pittsburgh and for following Love and Other Drugs so diligently. As you can see, we appreciate the sightings and the photos.

Jake seems to be enjoying Pittsburgh so far. But maybe he needs more Pamela's pancakes!

Thanks for the link about Ryan Kavanaugh, Monica. Looks lke Carey Mulligan is getting an award, too.

Tweety said...

Patience Jake! No wonder he is looking thin, sushi??

harraton: He almost got kicked out for line jumping.
about 1 hour tweet

about 1 hour ago from Tweetie Jake Gyllenhaal is having sushi here. Go Pittsburgh!

Liked the trailer that Mechner spliced together, can't wait to see the real thing..

Swashbuclking, sounds very Errol Flynn!

UltraViolet said...

Lots of tweets this weekend - thanks, tweety!

Mechner has some more comments on his site.

It would be fun if this person's pics were published somewhere. Maybe Boring Pittsburgh will post them!

Finally, thisis a funny quote I hadn't heard before - from 2005:

Every week, lists the 10 coolest celebs, movies and goings-on in the world of entertainment. ...

4. Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger, for being grossly indulgent--and admitting it. Ledger said he went to extremes to compete with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of the Western. "I actually ate two or three bars of Cadbury's chocolate each day to get as hyperactive as Jake. I just got fat by the end of the film."

Brings to mind that reporter's account of Jake and Heath after the BAFTAs, lifting up their shirts to prove who had the worse "six-pack."

Good times :)

Tweety said...

Someone took pictures of Jake playing baseball on set??? Bring them on now!!

I remember reading about Jake and Heath comparing their six packs at Bafta. Thanks for the story UV:)

Ryan Kavanaugh has a lot of Producer credits, thanks for the link Monica.

I can't tell if this tweet was from over the weekend (they are from NY) and they are just tweeting about it now or it's actually from last night. They were both filming yesterday, perhaps they have todsy off??:

aml678: saw reese witherspoon and jake gyllenhaal outside my apt holding hands... hotness
about 7 hours ago from web

You're welcome UV!

Extra said...

He looked the same way when he was filming Zodiac, except for his arms.

I'm getting more and more excithed about this, we should be seeing an actual trailer next month Disney's A Christmas Carol is coming out, it would make sense to show the trailer then)

Tweety, I think that tweet was from over the weekend if this is correct from this morning:

divyasheel: On the set of Love & Other Drugs *ing Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway
about 2 hours ago from mobile web

No wonder the film is getting an R rating, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

If there will be sequels for the Prince, Jake will need to keep up his body and his working out practices. I will hope they shoot them much later next year so he will be ready.

Tweety said...

Sorry i'm spamming with so many tweets! This is a follow-up to a tweet I posted in the previous thread. Again I assume this was on a Sunday??:

voxels: Maggie, Peter, Jake, and Reese came to my roommates party.
about 11 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

Monica said...

You saw And Education, UV?

I remember reading about Jake and Heath comparing their six packs at Bafta.
This is new for me! thanks!

Oscar Update: What's There to Talk About?
Other, yet-to-be-seen and discussed possibilities include Rob Marshall's Nine which was moved into December, James Cameron's Avatar, Jim Sheridan's Brothers and the possible De Niro five-spotter Everybody's Fine. Of the bunch I think we can all pick and plot where a potential nom will come from, but I can't help but wonder if Brothers has the power to really capture critic and audience attention.

lawgoddess said...

Thanks for the trailer, that was fun.

I hadn't heard that 6-pack story either, it's adorable. And LOL about Heath trying to get as hyperactive as Jake.

You're right, UV. Good times.

Love Jake and Reese holding hands!

bobbyanna said...

Slimmer Pittsburgh Jake looks really young to me. Funny. Last night TDAT, Bubbleboy, Rendition, and Lovely and Amazing, were all on TV at about the same time give or take! (BBM,DD,Jarhead, and Zodiac often pop up, Proof much less often, and Moonlight Mile never.)

I never heard that anecdote about Jake, Heath and the Cadbury bars! Sweet.

Thanks for the Oscar update, Monica. I'm going to keep being optimistic about Brothers.

OT: If I'm not mistaken, Everybody's Fine, is a remake of an old Marcello Mastroianni movie. Sweet and sad. A widower tries to reconnect with his kids, and discovers all their petty dramas. The ones they don't share in phone calls and letters. DeNiro will be perfect.

Chica said...

I caught Lovely and Amazing on IFC last night Bobbyanna, it's been a while since I have seen that film.

Love reading that bit about Jake and Heath, never heard about that. Thanks.

Thnaks for the Oscar update Monica, i'm still hopefull about Brothers.

Sheba baby said...

That trailer was fun! I can easily see Jake and Gemma doing exactly the same things based on the descriptions from Disney Expo and Suvee.

Jake does look slim and young in those set pictures. I'm sure he is taking care of himself.

Thanks so much for finding that story about Heath and Jake UV.

I noticed that Natalie is the only one mentioned for Oscar consideration for Brothers and even that is an outside chance.

Thanks for the link Monica, I can't wait to see Nine!

bobbyanna said...

"I caught Lovely and Amazing on IFC last night Bobbyanna, it's been a while since I have seen that film"

I caught pieces of it too, chica! I love Jake's scenes with Katherine Keener. The whole cast was good. Some very funny bits.

bobbyanna said...

OT: Senate just voted healthcare overhaul out of committtee, 13 to 9with Olympia Snowe supporting. Now to a full Senate vote, attempted amendments, a Conference committee to reconcile House and Senate versions, more changes, another committee vote or two, or three, and then to the full House, and the full Senate,(gasp) and then the President can sign it...sometime in the year

Chica said...

He was great with Keener wasn't he Bobbyanna? They are both in Nailed as well, don't know if they have any scenes together or if we will ever get to see it on the big screen.

OT: There was one scene that caught my attention in L&A because of a film I saw on Saturday. It didn't involve Jake or Catherine but 2 of the supporting characters. Their names escape me at the moment but the older girl was doing the younger girls hair, putting a relaxer in it. The older girl then said that she was 10 when she got her first relaxer (the other girl was younger than 10) and thought that maybe shhe was too young to get a relaxer.

The film I saw Saturday was a documentary called Good Hair by Chris Rock and it explored the world of African-American women and their hair: relaxers, weaves, etc. All of it hit home for me and my friends. I was surprised that the subject came up, even briefly in L&A back in 2001! It was just a few words but I was ten when I got my first relaxer as were my sisters, a right of passage for a lot of African-American girls sadly.

I no longer use that product anymore thank God!

Anonymous said...

The more I read about PoP the more I am I want to see it, but with the snippetts you get read on twitter I think I am looking forward to LAOD even more.

UltraViolet said...

Man, it kills me that I can't find the link to the story about Jake and Heath post-BAFTAs. Or maybe it was pre-. They were at a party and two British journalists were sitting at their table. Somehow the discussion turned to six-packs and abs and Jake and Heath were both apparently very proud not to be sporting a washboard stomach. So they lifted their shirts up for judgment, and Heath won/lost the contest as the less-toned.

As for Oscar chances - I saw a trailer for that Robert DeNiro movie yesterday, and it looks awful. Everyone is obviously going to learn a very valuable lesson about life.

And haven't we already seen Robert DeNiro drive around the country? I guess this time he's flying.

I want to see Good Hair, chica. I saw Chris Rock on Oprah, and he was very funny.

I saw The Invention of Lying yesterday. Some very funny moments, as well as a few poignant ones. But it does get a little heavy-handed at times.

bobbyanna said...

Ouch! Haven't seenDe Niro's trailer, I just got all dewy eyed remembering the original, with Marcello! LOL! I loved him.

I'll probably see the Chris Rock movie, too,but I'm not sure what his basic point of view is. I knew very few people who were really pre-occupied with their hair, so that they were making some kind of "statement" with it, mostly going back to the '70's, until now.

My kids were at least 12 before they finally, once and for all, totally rebelled against braids, so I took them to the beauty shop to get "relaxed," but an older cousin burned her girls'scalp(not on purpose)regularly,doing it herself, at home.

My older daughter got a weave in undergrad a few times, but you sit for hours, and it was costly, so she stopped. I thought that little girl in L&A was really good. She was a handful. I forgot Katherine was in Nailed with Jake.
We'll see it. One day.

UV, do you mean there might be actual video of Heath and Jake from the BAFTAS talking about their abs?

Tweety said...

The Macerena, ahh the 90's, so much that I would like to forget! LOL at the thought
of Jake doing that lame-ass dance!

str1keupthe8and: New highlight of my life: Watching Jake Gyllenhaal do the Macerena a few feet away from me. Friggin' tits.
6 minutes ago from txt ·

Monica said...

Hated Macarena!
But will be funny to see Jake dancing Macarena!

Tweety said...

Looks like Dish is becoming a Jake fav. in Pittsburgh, this time Anne came along!:

amfmateus: What are the odds? Yesterday at Chaya and tonight at Dish, is Jake Gyllenhaal following me? And this time Anne Hathaway came along! Classy?
21 minutes ago from Echofon

Sag Actor said...

Great video! sounds like Disney has another franchise now that POTC has grown stale IMO. Jordan seems pretty confident that there will be a sequel.

Love and other drugs sounds like it's going to be a real funny movie.

Chica said...

The Healthcare bill just got over a major hurdle, it will take time Bobbyanna, just hope that it doesn't take until 2086!

I never did the hair weave thing, but my sisters did. The documentary Good Hair is very funny UV but it also examines women and how society and imagess in the media define whats beautiful.

bobbyanna said...

" also examines women and how society and imagess in the media define whats beautiful."

Thanks,chica.I'll probably see "The September Issue," this week. Documentary about Vogue/Anna Wintour. Might make for an interesting combination of perspectives.

I am loving all these tweets from Pittsburgh and beyond! Glad Anne's on set. They should be finishing up in a couple of weeks? Reese too?

Anonymous said...

"The new California law makes it a crime to take and sell unauthorized photos of celebrities in "personal or familial activity." Violators face fines up to $50,000. The anti-paparazzi amendment takes effect in January>"


Josie said...

Thanks for keeping me and everyone else here updated on the filming of LAOD and all the Pop related goodies! The video/trailer looks amazing. Speaking of Catherine Keener, she is one of the voices in the new movie, Where the Wild Things are!

I think I read that LAOD is filming in Pittsburgh until 12/1. Reese was supposed to be done but Brooks did some re-shooting of the DC scenes. It was tweeted that she will be filming until next week at least, Paul and Owen may be done and she is filming the baseball sequences.

The Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The Macerena? I thought that I would NEVER here about that dance again!

The public option is the major stumbling block , but it still is a major victory that it got this far.

Extra said...

So that's what it looks like inside of Gorilla Coffee:

Not that Gorilla is just a haven for hipsters. Lurking in your midst, there at Gorilla, you may see Maggie Gyllenhall or her brother Jake and his girlfriend Reese (I've seen them there a few times); or, there might be an illustrator for The New Yorker. Check out this New Yorker cover they have hanging in their window.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for that inside look into Gorilla Coffee, Extra.

I know this may offend, but I literally just howled out loud at this paragraph in that blogger's blog:

The coffee at Gorilla may ruin you for all other coffee. It is so F-ing strong (forgive my language, it's the only way to describe it) that you'll either have a seizure or an instant bowel movement the first time you try it. ("That's kind of gross," says Craig. "I know," I reply, "but it's true!")

Very funny. I must now try Gorilla Coffee.

Monica said...

Brothers: Facebook

Natalie Portman is growing through her roles: LA Times

Monica said...

Empire Sexiest Movie Stars:
Jake Gyllenhaal

Heath Ledger

Jake Fan said...

Thanks Monica!

And Jake's two leading ladies, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman are number 12 and number 6 respectively. :)

bobbyanna said...

Delighted they have a facebook page for Brothers. Also gives an idea of their marketing "strategy."(!)

Hope it's not a substitute for trailers in theaters, and on TV. Some display ads on lots of different websites, and in newspapers and magazines would be nice, too. And maybe they are going to do all of that...eventually.

LA Times article was nice. Except the part about Meryl. Not. Even. Close. I mean.

Thanks for the link, Monica. I voted. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic write-up from Empire about Jake and Heath, couldn't have said it better or agree more, gorgeous pics of them both. :)

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for the links Monica, loved what they said about them and the pictures of them are beautiful.

I love Natalie, she is one of my favs but yeah Bobbyanna, the comparison to Meryl: no way.

I had to laugh at all the tweets today about the missing boy in the ballon and people mentioning Jake and Bubble boy, LOL! BTW The boy has been found and the whole thing was a hoax!

Gorilla coffee in Brooklyn has become another CZ for Jake it seems and Reese.

Strong coffee has the same effect on me....

Anonymous said...

Nobody could look more hot in a sequined gown and a wig than Jake does - it's those biceps, peek of chest hair and narrow hips, and ahem, the faint outline of his boy parts that does it. Sorry. ;)

bobbyanna said...

y daughter tweeted from Belgrade. She said their coffee is extremely strong, but she likes it; "very robust." I will ask if it's as good as Gorilla.
She leaves for home tomorrow...

Extra said...

I know that you were a bit anxious about your daughter's trip Bobbyanna, I hope everything went well.

A bit on singer Michael Buble and friend of Jake and Reese:

He’s a global superstar – ultra-famous in Italy (acknowledging his family’s Italian heritage, the Rome authorities gave him a passport), mobbed in Australia, a Hollywood A-lister who’s buddies with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal – but who is more interested in being a raving sports fan than being coolly worldly-wise.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Michael Buble treated Emily Blunt terribly! A real cad! I adore Emily. I do not see Ms. Witherspoon finding that kind of behavior anywhere near acceptable. This might be some hyperbole in a puff piece. Not entirely true.

Monica said...

Will These Guys Ever Win Oscars? Part III, The Under 35 Crowd

Jake Gyllenhaal (28)
Nominated For: "Brokeback Mountain" – 2006 – Supporting
Why He’s a Contender: After more than proving himself with the feel-good film "October Sky" ('99) and the cult hit "Donnie Darko" ('01), Gyllenhaal hit the big time after receiving an Oscar nomination along with his late co-star/secret lover, Heath Ledger, for the infamous gay cowboy film, "Brokeback Mountain" ('05). Neither man went on to win the award, although Ledger received one posthumously for his role in "The Dark Knight" ('08). Whether or not Gyllenhaal can obtain one of his own, remains to be seen. His performance in "Jarhead" ('05) was overlooked in our opinion, much like the film itself, and later this year he co-stars in the family drama "Brothers" with Tobey Maguire. That film looks a little forced to us, but in a weak year might give either actor a chance.

Anonymous said...

When Jake was making POP and Reese had been on the People's Choice Awards and I think that was when she met Blake Shelton who had record Michael B's song "Home" and his girlfriend had mentioned to someone she had met her and had said Reese had said that was one of Jake and Reese's favorite songs.
Whew - so maybe they read that in People or wherever and decided to make it sound like Buble hung out with them. Unless of course he does know him, but can't see them "hanging out together".

bobbyanna said...

"I know that you were a bit anxious about your daughter's trip Bobbyanna, I hope everything went well"

Thanks, Extra! She'll be home in NYC by 7 tonight! I can't wait to hear her stories.

for all your reassurances...and these wonderful distractions! :)

Al Pacino's shooting his
Dr. Kervorkian movie for HBO about 10 miles away from me! I saw a picture of him at the local courthouse, and you'd never recognize him. I wonder. If JAke had to alter his appearance to get into character, could he walk right past one of us and go unnoticed...I think not!:)

Chica said...

You have a very good memory Anon.!! Don't know if the story about Buble is true, but I do remember the story about the song, thanks for the reminder!

Love that list Monica, both Jake and Heath should be higher, they are in good company. I didn't know that Natalie Portman was so involved in directing/producing, very interesting article on her.

Jake is very much indeed a contender for an Oscar, and I agree 100% about his performance in Jarhead and the film as well.

I like the facebook for Brothers but Lionsgate needs to get off their asses and promote the film better.

Hope your daughter has some wonderful stories from her trip Bobbyana, and you saw Pacino!! I'm so jealous!

bobbyanna said...

I wish! No, chica. Sadly, I only saw a picture of him in a local newspaper. I did a doubletake bcz it was SO not Al Pacino-ish! It was Kevorkian! Altho, Dr. Jack has an almost skeletal build.(no pun intended.)and Al Pacino has never been very thin.

I'm also sure Jake's going to get recognition for his work. His work in Jarhead was seriously overlooked.

I love that there's so much variety in his work. I'm looking forward to Jake doing some really smart comedy. Maybe this LAOD is "the one."

Anonymous said...

Jake has always been mentioned as one of the best actors (if not the best) of his generation and that is why no one is ever surprised by his performances. He has picked a wide variety of roles and will continue to do so. His Oscar nomination wasn't a one time thing and think the "acting community" knows that.