Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming attractions?

It's the week for fake movie trailers! First, we got to see the pitch that Jordan Mechner put together to sell Prince of Persia as a movie. Then the adventures of BalloonBoy unleashed a series of Jake Gyllenhaal/BubbleBoy tweets and spoof ideas.

Now comes the preview for Oceans 40, a fictitious and funny proposed sequel to the Oceans movies. Oceans 40 will feature a cavalcade of stars from A-list to Z, with Jake, Leo, Hugh and others joining Brad, George and the gang.

Hilarious! And though I know this is intended as an absurd commentary on the Oceans series, I'd love to see Jake in a caper movie. Can't you see it already?

Okay, maybe notsomuch in that second photo... That's more like the sequel to Grizzly Adams.

That's more like it!

Oh, maybe Penelope Cruz can join!

One more Jake-related movie video. Fran Healy from Travis relating the story of Love WIll Come Through, a song on the Moonlight Mile soundtrack.

Good to see they still keep in touch!

This video has been up on youtube for a year, but I don't remember seeing it before. Some new/old video clips, which is always fun.

Finally, Empire Online had a poll that listed Jake at #16 on the list of Sexiest Male Movie Stars. You can vote on whether you think Jake should be higher or lower on the list. So far, most people seem to think Jake should be lower. Unless they mean a lower number, I don't know what they are smoking! Vote here if you want to have your say.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ. Oceans 40 trailer from HISHEdotcom.)


Anonymous said...

16th is not too bad for someone that hasn't had a filmed released for 2years, I bet if they have the same poll this time next year Jake will be at/or very near the top. Come on Robert whathisface at no2, yuck!.

I would also love to see Jake in a caper but the more I read about LAOD the more I want to see it, what with orgies and the macarena.

Anonymous said...

Cute about Oceans 40. :)

Jake is probably one of the best looking and sexiest men around, regardless of how he is rated. He's got a wonderful masculinity. It kinda looks like he's doing his best Stanley Kowalski imitation (and I mean that in a good way) in the Jarhead vid you posted.

bobbyanna said...

Great post, UV!! I've never seen the Ocean's 40 video before, but hey! It could happen! I love the casting.

Joking aside,Jake and Clooney, Pitt, and Matt Damon would be great together in a smart caper movie!

Twitter went crazy with the Bubble Boy/Balloon Boy thing, didn't they!

That was a nice clip of Jake stuff. I'd never seen that compilation before.

Chica said...

The Bubbleboy/Balloonboy tweets were over the top and funny but I thought of the movie UP when I heard about it!

Oceans 40!! It looks like they went with the Jack Twist look for Jake, that video is funny, George Lucas, ET and Gary Coleman, LOL!!

There must e a glitch in that poll, why the hell is he down?? I voted of course.

Some of the bits of that compilation video are familiar, the BBM and Zodiac stuff, but not the Jarhead interview, thanks!

UltraViolet said...

The Oceans 40 thing still cracks me up.

I just added a video from the Fran Healy/Andy Dunlop show from Dallas, where they play their song from the Moonlight Mile soundtrack and show pics of Jake. It's amusing :)

I added some new/old pics of Jake and Penelope Cruz, as well.

suvee said...

Help! Can someone "translate" the Fran Healy clip, please? Between the accent and the poor sound quality on my MacBook, I have no idea what he was saying about Jake.

The Ocean's 40 parody was funny..... great find, UV. I actually really liked Ocean's Eleven..... would love to see Jake in a fun caper movie along those lines. The pic with George always makes me think they would make an interesting (and hot) screen buddy duo.

And I never, ever, get tired of looking at Bafta Jake. Many thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Aren't the pics of Jake at BAFTA stunning? And he and Penelope looked like they really need to make a movie together. ASAP. Ditto for Clooney.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That Oceans's 40 video clip is so clever! Jake in a caper with Clooney and Co, yes! The Moon project sounds likes the making of a caper film. All those Balloon boy tweets and it sounds like the whole thing was a hoax.

Penny is gorgeous and so is Jake in a tux/suit, wow! I'm so sick of that Twilight dude, I don't know what everyone sees in him.

Thanks for the Jarhead clip UV, that interview is new to me.

I have to watch that Healy clip again Suvee myself to translate what is being said, I do love the choice of Jake photos used!

Monica said...

My dream is to see Jake in a movie with George Clooney.
I would also like to see him working with Brad and Matt Damon too.
That pic with Clooney is one of my favorites. Two great men!

Help! Can someone "translate" the Fran Healy clip, please?[2]

UltraViolet said...

The audio isn't very clear and the Scottish brogue is thick, but I think this is the gist: The premise of the concert is that Fran Healy tells stories about the songs - how they were created or what inspired them, etc.

The video begins after he's started telling the story of the MM song. He says, "I have some pictures of Jake," then says "this is connected," basically, I think, to say "I'm not just up here showing random Jake Gyllenhaal photos." (Not that there would be anything wrong with that!)

He then makes a joke that this doesn't mean he's trying to come out. (I think that's what he says.)

Then he says he prefers the first, younger Jake photo to the PoP one. "The beefcake is kind of scary."

Then he says Jake was in a movie called Moonlight Mile and the director, Brand Silberling approached him about doing a song for the movie. He loves the movies and had never been asked to do that before.

I think he says he "kind of" had the song idea already, but he didn't tell Brad that.

Not sure what he says after that. Then he says, "That's me and Jake out for a jog." And the crowd roars.

I definitely missed some stuff, but I think that's the important stuff.

agent_krycek said...

UV, that's pretty spot on, honestly I don't find Fran's accent that thick, but being half Scottish myself I'm probably not the best judge - we've a couple of Glaswegian clients at work, and I'm official translator for them :D

A funny, intelligent caper movie staring Jake and Robert Downey Jnr is still my dream

Shondra said...

I love that photo of Jake and George, would love for them to do a movie together. That Ocean's 40 parody is hilarious!

Penelope Cruz is a stunning woman, adore her. Jake looks so sexy with her, someone else I would love for him to do a movie with.

I prefer the less bulked up version of Jake too, I watched the video but your translation helped UV, Thanks! It's great getting some background info on one of my favorite Jake movies, MM.

suvee said...

Thanks UV.... appreciated the translation. It helped!

Reese is the cover girl for the November issue of In Style. According to the teaser blurb on the cover, she finally opens up about love, family and life with Jake. Something to look forward to. :)

Anonymous said...

He had to be bulked up for this role or could you imagine the put-downs that would be getting. He doesn't have that muscle look like the video-game Prince, etc. (and he's not Persian to boot).
Don't rem. seeing a picture of the real person who he is playing in Love & Other Drugs. Am sure we will sometime next year when the movie is released on time. (I have hope).

Anonymous said...

Is Twitter down?

Tweety said...

Twitter is up and fine, why are you asking that question here anyway?

No Jake or Reese tweets for that matter in the last few days= not working!

LOL at that Oceans 40 video , not too far off the way HW operates!

Jake and Penelope look yummy together, he is such a flirt!

I love the Healy/Dunlap clip, it was alittle hard understanding what they were saying, thanks so much for the tranlation UV.

Thanks for the heads up on the In Style article Suvee!

So glad that BalloonBoy's parents were charged , jackasses.

tweety said...

Jake and Reese aren't working and far away from PA if this tweet is true, they are in Hayes Valley in SF:

Ironyi: is at Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley..Jake Gyllenhaul & Reese Witherspoon sighting!
about 1 hour ago from txt

Tweety said...

Realtime results for reese witherspoon
He should have gotten a pic!! Looks like they are ontheir was ack to PA??:

dpaschel: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal citing at SFO. Cute couple. Should have asked for a pic, but didn't want to disturb :/

6 minutes ago from TwitterBerry bluebottlealley: Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were at the Kiosk today, maybe doing movie research about baristi making coffee out of a garage

Anonymous said...

Love all the old/new pics of Jake and Penelope, I would melt if he looked at me like that!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is a little off topic, but does anybody know where I can find the scans of the article that Reese did for InStyle? I really want to read what she says about Jake, but I have not seen it online yet. Some people said they already got it in the mail.

Anon 2:01, (not 9:49.) said...

"Twitter is up and fine, why are you asking that question here anyway?

No Jake or Reese tweets for that matter in the last few days= not working!"

I asked if Twitter was down because I could not access it at all. Since this morning I kept getting a screen saying the link was broken. It had nothing to do with Jake and Reese. I know other people on here use Twitter so I asked.

I'm sorry you if felt the question inappropriate.

Extra said...

Here is the cover of In Style, no quotes from the article though, ignore the usual skanky comments:

Love this post, the Oceans's 40 thing is too funny! I would love for Jake to do a movie with Clooney and Cruz as well, she is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for the Healy video snd the translation, i think it's so funny and cool that they added Jake via MM to their concert/tour.

Watching that video of clips from Jake's interviews from Jarhead, BBM, Zodiac makes me realize that he has been off the big screen for 2 years! I can't wait for the Brothers promo.

Thanks Tweety!

suvee said...

Hi Anon 8:05..... I don't think the new issue of In Style is on newstands yet. Well, at least I didn't see it when I was shopping today. I checked In Style online this morning, and they didn't have anything from the Nov. issue yet. If subscribers are getting it in the mail, we shouldn't have much of a wait.

JustJared has a scan of the cover though.

suvee said...

Hi extra! Posting at the same time. :)

UltraViolet said...

Anon 2:01, (not 9:49.), I think Tweety was just having a little fun. No need to worry.

A little more detail on an old sighting, from the NY Post:

Reese Witherspoon shopping for a coat as Jake Gyllenhaal tried on hats at Blue and Cream Bowery

Boring Pittsburgh has an article on one of the LaOD sets, the one we saw Jake filming at last week.

Here's a photo from that filming, as well. You can't see much, but there's a cute little anecdote.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, that last link was wrong - here you go:

LaOD set.

thePitts said...

I'm not convinced they were in San Francisco this weekend. Unless they are finishing up early. I'd heard Jake was working Saturday.

E. Zwick said...

You heard wrong.

Jake was not working/filming on Saturday. He was last on set on 10/14, Thursday. He wasn't needed on set on Friday and there were costume fittings for extras on Saturday, no filming period.

He is due back on set on Monday, 10/19.

E. Zwick said...

10/15: Thursday.

thePitts said...

Thanks, Zwick! Good to know.

Tweety said...

Deom Sunday morning:

leese:Saw Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal at Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station this morning. Cute couple.
about 7 hours ago/

Anonymous said...

On the set of JLB film with Reese Witherspoon37 minutes ago from mobile web

That was a quick trip if she is already back on set.

The rich are different said...

Yes it was a quick trip for both, they were on the West Coast Fri, Sat, and left Sunday morning. Just because there were tweets/sightings of them on Sunday, doesn't mean they arrived and left on Sunday.

They know people in and around Marin and Napa that don't feel the need to tweet when friends come visit. You know it's about a 5 hour flight non-stop from SF to Philly? Why wouldn't she be on set on 10/19? Most likely they arrived in PA early Sunday evening.

Looks like she is on set on time and had a nice rest after her trip. It must be nice to be rich and take off for weekends like that. I wish I could do the same.

They seem to spend their off time on weekends elsewhere: NY, MV, L.A. rather than PA if given a chance, I don't blame them. Ain't much happening there.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Now that we have Jake and Reese's weekend travel schedule figured out and the explanation on the mystery of Reese being on set this morning, on to the LAOD link that UV provided!!

You can't see much but that is a cute story and the first time (I think) that Jake and Anne have been spotted together on set (The Anne in her trailer spotting doesn't count).

After a flurry of pics we seem to be getting just occasional tweets now. I think I read that the majority of the film will be shot at some abandoned hospital in Pitts. If true, I wonder how much we will actually see for the remainder of the shoot??

Thanks for the find UV!!

Tweety said...

Looks like Jake is on set early as well:

CurlingRacer: There's a movie being filmed in our building today. Got to meet Jake Gyllenhaal in the parking lot.
about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

Sheba baby said...

I love me some flirty Jake, he looks so yummy next to Penelope, lucky woman!! She is so beautiful.

I don't know how far they can go with the Ocean franchise, the last one was pretty lame but that video is pretty funny!

As someone already pointed out landing at #16 on that list is pretty impressive since Jake hasn't had a film out in 2 years.

I haven't had the chance to watch the Healy/Dunlap and Jarhead videos yet, I'll check them out on my lunch break, thanks for finding them and posting them UV!

Thanks for all the tweets Tweety! Looks like they got away for the weekend again, looking forward to the In Style interview:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice, romantic, private seaside getaway. Sigh. Hope they had a nice time at Point Reyes. :)

Anonymous said...

Reese talks Jake

Be warned it's on Perez Hilton.

On spending time with Jake:
"Jake is a great cook, he does a lot. We spend the weekends outside of LA, where I have a farmhouse. We have chickens & we grow cucumbers & tomatoes. It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennessee."

Anonymous said...

That sounds hot! They are such a sexy couple.

Anonymous said...

I love that bit about spending time at the farmhouse. A getaway from the madness that is LA, thanks anon! I can't wait to read the whole article.

Anonymous said...

They are good together - I like how down to earth she is, and he is. It is hot. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know right? They are inspirational to other Hollywood couples who wish they could have what Jake and Reese obviously have together.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to say things just so you don't have to say it to the person's face or how about one of the children.

In the article Reese doesn't talk in depth about Jake, but then they don't do that as many do and some of those who have gone on and on about their relationships decide some maturity helps and they stop doing it.
When he was making POP she went to visit him more than one time. It takes a day to get to where he was filming and then to spend maybe 3-5 days there and then another day coming back. That's a lot of travel for just "somebody"..That's what people do when they want to be together and they want their relationship to work.

Anonymous said...

They've been together now longer than most Hollywood marriages. It's nice that she went all that way to see him. I know of a couple - she went to see her love in Seoul, Korea in the military for what amounted to not more than a day. :)

suvee said...

I love that Reese refers to that incredible property as a "farmhouse". She is indeed down to earth. I'm such a home grown garden tomato addict...... I would love to know what varieties they grow.

Loved the LaOD antedote. Once again, too bad no one snapped a pic of the dancing.

OT: A question for agent k...... are you familiar with Boden? I've been getting their catalogs, and love some of the clothes.... but I wonder how the sizes run. If you have any first hand knowledge, I would really appreciate your opinion. Sorry for the off topic!

Anonymous said...

^^Sorry, I meant just for a week! :)

Chica said...

Yes that is some farmhouse!!! When i first heard about the place, I had hoped that it would become a place for them to relax amd be with each other and her kids. I have a big smile on my face thinking about it, it must be a godsend for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather read about their "farmhouse", their chickens and gardens, and cooking, than the typical wild HW lifestyles. It's refreshing!

UltraViolet said...

Agent K, forgot to say thanks for approving my "translation" of Fran Healy )

And thanks to the named-for-the-day anon who taught us all that people can fly from the East to the West in the US, all in one weekend. I had been really perplexed about that whole jet travel thing.

Another SFO sighting but with no detail:

A long run, coffee with Abbey which included a Jake Gyllenhaul & Reese Witherspoon sighting

I see that this is one of the people who tweeted about it so it's not really new, I guess!

Jake fan said...

Thanks for the link to PH - Reese and Jake seem to be very down to earth - and obviously not interested in the usual Hollywood lifestyle.

Reese is also on the cover of the australian Marie Claire. IMO she looks much better (natural) here than on the In-Style magazine cover.

Marie Claire

And Doug Liman has updated his blog on the ninjas - great to see how the project is growing step by step.

Moon project

"Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of my Moon movie, is better looking than any of us there, but he’d still fit right in. I think that we, as audiences, have accepted movies where better-looking people play the real person."

Josie said...

Whoa, that picture of Brad is scary, he looks like a werewolf!

That Ocean's 40 trailer is a hoot, LOL!!!Would love fo him toteam up with Clooney to do a movie. Love b&w photos and the one with Jake in a tux is beautiful.

P. Cruz is gorgeous, love her and she looks sexier than usual standing next to Jake, who wouldn't?

Watching the Healy concert was fun, love their "presention" of Jake and the background on M. Mile.

Jake was so good in Jarhead, he didn't get enough credit for the film,thanks for the video clip.

And thanks for all the tweets and updates, love the quote from Reese abouther and Jake on their farm. They sound really happy.

Goats on the roof!

Monica said...

More here :
Speaking of her relationship with Jake, who she began dating before her divorce was finalised in 2007, she added: 'Someone told me recently to live in the present but make plans and take pictures. And I am. I'm writing, more, I'm reading more, going to more concerts. Jake and I went to Coachella this year.

She also revealed the happy couple are homebods at heart, spending idyllic weekends at her farmhouse in Ojai, outside LA. 'I love it,' she said. 'It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennesse. We have chickens and we grow cucumbers and tomatoes. Jake's a great cook, he does a lot.'

Appearing on the cover to promote her new fragrance, 'In Bloom', the actress also told the magazine her 'ideal scenario' would be to make just one film a year, sparking more rumours she is ready to settle down with her children and Jake.

Just last month Reese was pictured wearing a gold band on her wedding finger, although her representatives fiercely denied reports the couple are engaged.

Thanks to Ennis& for the link!

Extra said...

That was cute thanks, Monica!!

I want something a bit more juicy though, come on Reese, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

More from Reese, and also a pic of Jake and Reese I'd never seen before:

Tweety said...

That linky is stinky Anon!

I have no idea who "She" is, I hope the cast os ok:

beth910: So they brought someone in the give the crew on Love & Other Drugs flu shots. She sneezed all over bfast and now they're all sick. Good job!
about 2 hours ago from Echofon

Thanks for the link Monica, love the interview!

Monica said...

Tweety, try again. The link is working.

I hope everyone is ok!thanks tweety!

The link is here:In Style
thanks, anon!

Posting a link : HTML links

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the links, folks. And thanks, Monica, for trying to teach linking :)

Here's a shot of the whole PoP Lego set. Not sure we've seen them all together before.

Oh, Agent K, if you're reading today, can you send me an e-mail, please? I don't have your e-mail address or I'd send one to you :) (GyllenBabble at


Monica said...

LAOD News:
Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway:
"When you see what they have together, that is the heart and soul of the movie," Zwick said. "So chemistry is an elusive thing, in real life as in movies, but you do know it when you see it and know it when you have it."

JakeFan said...

Anne and Jake sure look good toghether and always had great chemistry. She's a sweet, smart girl. A good catch. ;)

Tweety said...

Thanks Monica!!

Are you talking about the 2nd picture Anon?? I never saw that pic either, looks like a fan took it, it's blurry. Too bad because it looks hot!

Monica said...

The photo was taken at the Ben Harper show in London last year.

Tweety said...

Thanks again Monica!! I guess it didn't make the usual rounds because I never saw it. I only started checking out the Jake sites this year. She mentions in the In Style article that she and Jake are going to concerts now and she mentions Coachella.

Tweety said...

Awww, Atticus is on the set eith him today!

TheBatGirls: the day im on set with jake gyllenhaal nothing exciting happens and we smile at each im not there my friend plays ith his dog
about 1 hour ago from web

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for all the updates and links and tweets! I liked the In Style interview(thanks for posting the link for the full interview Monica) but i'm nosy so I wanted to hear more, LOL!!

Seriously, they sound so happy and grounded, I'm so jealous that they have a place like that to escape to.

I'm so glad that Jake took Atticus to Pittsburgh with him, I feel a lot better knowing that he is with Jake rather than some doggie hotel.

Tweety said...

There is a Madison Ave. in Pittsburgh, I don't think it's NY, he was tweeted on set earlier:

cammy_baby87: Omg. I saw Jake Gyllenhaal on Madison ave!! He is so yummy!!!
31 minutes ago from Snaptu

Sag actor said...

I didn't know that George Segal and Jill Clayburgh joined the cast of LAOD, what great news! Thanks for the link Monica.

Tweety said...

I love how she had time to tweet this, i would have been too stunned!

itinalouise: Omg omg jake gyllenhaal is right next to my car!!!!
29 minutes ago from txt · Reply · View Tweet

Anonymous said...

October 23rd is Deacon's birthday.

Tweety said...


innerbitch: Why I #ff RT @Girl11Eleven: Reese Witherspoon is launching her new perfume next month. I hope it smells like sex with Jake Gyllenhaal.
about 7 hours ago from Echofon

Anonymous said...

Anne Hathaway's in NYC with her boyfriend. I think maybe Jake has a few days off, too.

ihj said...

More new/old pics: Jake and Peter at premiere of Jarhead:

facebook said...

Everyone thqt has a facebook account, ALERT: You can ask Bruckheimer and Mechner questiions about Pop. Deadline for posting questions is Monday, 10/26:

Facebook said...

Also, someone on boxofficemojo posted their reasons why Pop is going to be a hit:

1. It opens on Memorial weekend with little direct competition (IM2 opens 3 weekends before and the next big movie which isn't even a direct competition is TS3 that opens three weekends after).

2. It has Jerry B. behind it and it only takes one look at his resume to see that he can make big money making movies.

3. It has the original maker of the video games as one of the script writers as well as many other talented screen writers.

4. The cast and crew includes many talented people as well as at least three Oscar winners and 1 Oscar nominee (that I can think of).

5. The games have an old AND young fan base that is relatively strong. And this might be the first game adaptation that has the backings of both the game creator and the company behind it (Ubisoft).

6. There is a lot of buzz for this movie already which is unexpected for video game movies. Example would be that it is on RT's list of most anticipated movies.

7. The marketing for this should be amazing. There is a whole set of action figures and it's own Lego set that will be coming out (the first video game to have a leGo set, as Lego normal takes it's sets and makes games out of them instead). There will also be a graphics novel released right before that will be done by some of the best graphic novelists out there such as Todd McFalane.

8. While the video game and the action will bring in the guys, the typical love story that Jerry B. movies have will attract the female crowd which is again, something new in the video game adaptation genre.

Monica said...

thanks, facebook!
Very interesting!

mary said...

thanks face book very exciting really cant wait to see the movie now

Tweety said...

This person was on a flight with Jake from Pittsburgh to Philly. I don't know if Jake connected to LAX as well, the tweet doesn't say:

hornermark: On flight to philly and Jake Gyllenhall is sitting across the aisle. I connect to LAX.
about 7 hours ago from txt

#Gyllenhall is in Pitt for filming #Love and other drugs. Also on my flight to Philly.
about 7 hours ago from txt On

Thanks for the info facebook!

Tweety said...

I would be freaking out too! If this tweet is true, than he is in NY. Either there were no direct flights to NY and he had to change in Philly or he stopped in Philly to connect with Reese. It's possible that she hopped on the plane to NY with Jake and the tweeter connected to the LA flight.

This is just speculation of course but Reese's film wrapped this week I think and she will be in NY on Tuesday and Wednesday for Avon:

brianwood: At restaurant... Nearby to Peter Saarsgard and Jake Gyllenhall. Wife is freaking out.
9 minutes ago from Tweetie

Tweety said...


Maggie too
30 minutes ago from Tweetie


suvee said...

Wife is freaking out.

That made me laugh.... he's so matter of fact about it.

Thanks for the updates, tweety.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the updates. By coincidence, I spent the night with Peter Sarsgaard, as well.

Okay, not in NYC but in Boston. I went to see An Education. I liked it, though I didn't love, love it the way some people seem to.

Sorry for the lack of a new post. I was trying something that didn't quite work and I got annoyed. Will post something tomorrow.

Tweety said...

Seems like Jake was saved from the paps by a fan in NY!:

missthea: hilarious moment just now where @mimcRED defended jake gyllenhaal on the strt from a photog.
36 minutes ago from txt

Tweety said...

mimcRED: Who thought I would end up defending Jake Gyllanhal from a photog on the street?
24 minutes ago from Tweetie

Tweety said...

This tweet is from last Sunday since Jake and Reese were spotted at this same place then, for some reason this person decided to post his tweet today!:

coolmonk: I recommend everyone in SF to try out Blue Bottle, incredible coffee. In front of me in line today were Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhal
about 2 hours ago from web

Extra said...

Jake and his Dad in NY today:

Monica said...

Thanks, Extra. But I will wait Steph to post on IHJ.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Extra. Monica, I posted the pics in a new post, if you're trying to avoid the comments at JustJared :)