Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Those socks don't match those shoes

Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of Love and Other Drugs, rocking the shades and the, er sandals and socks.

As you may recall, this is not Jake's first encounter with tragic footwear. He's done the socks and sandals before:

And he's worn these awful Lakertastic Nikes on at least two occasions:

Then there are his trusty soft clogs. Comfy, no doubt, but not chic:

But thank the heavens, at least he's not wearing Crocs.

Oh, dear...

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Monica said...

I used socks and sandals before... it's comfortable!

bobbyanna said...

Sometimes I think Jake uses his sandals the way some people use house slippers.

Nice of you to concentrate on his footwear challenges. Usually, when I'm looking at Jake pictures I never get that far! LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Bobbyanna. It is difficult to move past certain areas.

And Monica, I agree. It is a comfortable look. We all have footwear or outfits that other people cringe at but we love!

I did get a chuckle out of this tweet tonight:

Dad:"I'm looking at a pic right now of jake gyllenhall wearing socks w/sandals." Me: "that still doesn't make it ok for you!"

lawgoddess said...

Very clever post about the "tragic footwear."

He looks kind of tense/ irritated in the first picture, but he's entitled to be that way sometimes, like all of us.

Love his haircut for the film. Also the eyebrows seemed to be tamed lately. :)

Thanks for reporting all the tweets, they're fun.

Monica said...

I deleted my twitter.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the trip down Jake/socks & sandals lane!

I hate this look so much but whatever make Jake comfortable is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he may have had a long day. I like that he wears what makes him comfortable too. I wonder where Reese is - maybe that's why he's a little cranky. ;)

Extra said...

I don't know what is more tragic, the socks and sandals combo or the crocs, they should both be banned, ugh.

But he is rocking the shades!

Reese is still shooting in Philly, reshoots according to the tweets and other sources until November. Jake gets cranky now and then like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's just concentrating on something.

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, LG, I haven't noticed the eyebrows. Will have to look again. Hee.

Forgot to post this last night. At the premiere of An Education, Peter Sarsgaard's latest movie:

Alfred Molina, who plays the father, never saw Peter and Maggie’s three-year-old daughter Ramona on set, but calls the couple “very nice.”

The actor also worked with Jake Gyllenhaal in the forthcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Of Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake, he says, “They seemed very happy. They’re a very nice couple.”

Working with both Peter and Jake was “like a family affair,” he says.

And of course, Carey Mulligan is in the movie, and she has a small role in Brothers. That Hollywood sure is a small town!

Chica said...

Ahhh! The return of the dreaded socks & sandal combo! Still not as bad as those fugly crocs, thanks for the reminder UV!

Love Molina and love what he said about Jake and Reese and Maggie and Peter. I want to see An Education, Carey is getting excellent reviews but I'm also hearing great things about Peter's performance as well. Had no idea Carey was in Brothers too, small world indeed!

OT: On the subject of movies with buzz, I saw a screening of A Serious Man and all I have to say is wow! It's not for everyone and people are split on the Coen Brothers, you either like them or you don't I find. This is the kind of movie that gets you thinking well after the credits roll. Basically it's why do bad things happen to decent/good people and why does God let it happen among other things. Good, thought provoking film with excellent performances from the cast.

Monica said...

...Scott Feinberg, by the way, has laid out an argument for Sarsgaard being nominated for Best Supporting Actor (along with Alfred Molina).

An Education

Thanks for the link, UV!

Chica said...

Wouldn't it be great if Peter is nominated Monica, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tweet from Katheryn Winnick about some scenes filmed today for LaOD

Shooting pajama party scene's today. Lot's of beautiful people in itsy bitsy clothing..

Tweety said...

Let's hope that one of the beautiful poeple shooting that scene is Jake, minus the socks and sandals! Thanks Anon.!!!

Jake look a bit cranky in that pic, maybe he finally realized that Sandals and socks are a no-no!

Tweety said...

This local DJ from Pittsburgh is trying to contact Jake, maybe he should sign up for an extra in L&D!!! The DJ sounds like a local College DJ, maybe they want to guest DJ he has been seen at mostly sports bars in the area:

DJZimmie: I'd like to thank everyone for reporting Jake Gyllenhaal sightings to me but I'm trying to get his contact info or get him mine.
about 2 hours ago from web

suvee said...

Big week at work..... we were visited by one of our major licensors (who shall remain nameless). This licensor was giving us a preview of their movies, tv shows, etc. for 2010 and beyond. Long story short..... I saw the PoP trailer!!!!!

Well, I saw a PoP trailer. Have no idea if this is the actual finished trailer, but it sure seemed good enough to me to be released. It was awesome!

Here are my impressions (but keep in mind that I only saw it once, and it went by quickly!).....

- Jake looks incredible.
- It really has the look and feel of a movie we haven't seen before. The setting, costumes, time period, story line definitely do not have that "been there, done that" feel.
- It showed a few scenes with Dastan and Tamina that featured witty, sexy banter. Sort of a Cary Grant/Irene Dunn in 6th century Persia thing. I loved that.
- Jake looks really incredible.
- The accent. (I can only describe how it sounded to my American ears.) It sounded kind of mildly British...... not a strongly pronounced accent. But the sound wasn't great, and there were only a few scenes of Dastan speaking more than a few words.
- The action scenes looked amazing and cool. I'm not the target audience, but I thought they were exciting. Saw one parkour scene which was quite dramatic and breath taking.
- Jake looks really, really incredible.

Based on what I saw, PoP looks magical, intense, sexy, romantic, exotic, swashbuckling and fun!

Anonymous said...

Based on what I saw, PoP looks magical, intense, sexy, romantic, exotic, swashbuckling and fun!

Oh wow, how exciting Suvee - I'm sure there will be something for everyone in it, even if some of us are not the target audience. ;)

I can't wait to see the costumes, and I missed hearing about Tamina's room. ;)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, suvee, thanks so much for the recap! Stuck at work late, but I'm leaving now. I'll reread and be back with questions, I'm sure.

You lucky woman!

bobbyanna said...

"- It showed a few scenes with Dastan and Tamina that featured witty, sexy banter. Sort of a Cary Grant/Irene Dunn in 6th century Persia thing. I loved that."


So tell me. How did Jake look?????

UltraViolet said...

Hey suvee - some questions: Was it a real trailer, with a date and the cast names and the title and everything? Or did it seem like perhaps the same thing they showed at that Disney convention?

Not sure how big the room was where you saw it, but could you tell if other folks liked it? Did anyone talk about it later?

Thanks again for the sneak peek!

This is sort of cute. From a Paper Magazine list of 25 great Paper Mag moments (they are celebrating their 25th anniversary):

1) We pulled a fabulous Benjamin Cho dress for Maggie Gyllenhaal to wear. She loved the dress and someone had the idea of using a fan to blow the dress out a little. The cover shot ended up being an adorable photo with her laughing and her ass completely hanging out.

2) Speaking of the Gyllenhaals... We were shooting Kirsten Dunst when her then-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by the shoot wearing snug-fitting dark indigo Levi's. This wasn't actually in the magazine, but it was magical.

agent_krycek said...

In the Telegraph there's an item of the 50 most confusing things in the world (at least if you're from the UK) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/6270964/The-50-most-confusing-things-in-the-world.html

And number 30 is, of course, Donnie Darko

Number 46 - In the night garden, is the most fabulous piece of totally surreal childrens TV, generally best watched whilst slightly drunk

Sheba baby said...

Oh wow Suvee, you are so lucky!! The trailer sounds exciting, love hearing about the banter between Dastan and Tamina. Thanks so much yet again for giving us a sneak peek to what's coming up naext year!!

And about those socks and sandals on Jake: I don't mind the look if he is working and wearing them between shooting, but I DO have a problem with him walking around like that off duty, LOL!

Monica said...

Thank you, Suvee. From the description, I think it's the same trailer of Disney Expo.

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for the info suvee, all sounds good - did the lighting and 'feel' of what you saw match up to the lovely stills we got of a few weeks ago, Dastan leaping the balcony etc?

Chica said...

Thnaks for that incredible description Suvee, this is going to be an amazing movie!

Josie said...

It sounds like the real trailer, like the one that was shown at the Disney Expo!!! Sounds amazing, thanks so much Suvee for giving us all here a preview yet again!

Liks like Jake has been fond of that combo for a few years now!

Love the hair, sunglasses and suit, but the footwear, just no.

Anonymous said...

The trailer
ought to be
out soon I think.
That would be great
Hope that is right

Thanks for the summary
I can't wait
Everyone :)

lawgoddess said...

suvee, thank you so much, reading about the trailer made my day.

And UV, I loved the Paper Mag comment about Jake and his jeans. So cute!

Extra said...

Thank you so much Suvee for sharing this , loved reading it! You have an incredible job, I'm both jealous and grateful!

The bit about Jake visiting Kristen at that shoot reminds me when Jake visited Reese on her shoot for Vouge and Elle, thanks UV!!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

((((Suvee))))!! Sexy banter, i'm so there!! I can do with the mild British accent.

How about Jake looks really, really, REALLY incredible!

Thanks so much Suvee, you are doing an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

No Jake but a set pic from LaOD.

FluorescentLamp said...

It seems to me there are very attractive people in the cast of LAOD. Maybe one or two not so much, but mostly are.

bobbyanna said...

OT: Does anyone know anything about Belgrade...in Serbia? My eldest just e-mailed she was going to a conference there on Monday about ovarian cancer. I'm uneasy about it. But then, that's my job.

suvee said...

Hope I can answer all your questions about the trailer.

As to whether this was the "real" trailer, I can't say. It did begin with a majestic shot of some Persian architecture (maybe statues?) with a grand musical score and the title (I think). Some of the trailer was narrated by Tamina's voice, basically providing the gist of the story of the dagger and what Dastan must attempt. The trailer ended with the May 2010 date screen, but there wasn't any credit screen. This seemed almost like a whet your appetite trailer....... the kind you often see for really big movies well ahead of their release date.

As for the "feel" and lighting..... yes there was a similarity to the stills we saw. There was a sort of golden, diffused quality to it..... by that I mean what I saw was not bright, sharp, highly contrasted shots. It had a very earthy feel to it. I'm afraid I'm not doing a good job of describing it. But it was definitely rather dark and beautiful.

We saw it in a large room, at least 250 people attended. The licensor's presentation was almost 2 hours long, and naturally, they saved the previews of their upcoming live action movies for the end. As soon as the PoP trailer ended, another new movie trailer started, so there wasn't an opportunity to talk amongst ourselves about what we had just seen. One nice little note..... when the PoP trailer ended, the licensor's representative that was presenting these trailers (a woman) said, "I told you it was sexy!". And she would be correct, based on the little glimpses I saw!

I did talk to a few co-workers today who also attended, and they agreed that PoP looked very good.... one of them compared it to those old fashioned Errol Flynn adventure movies. Not a bad thing IMO!

And yes, I really do appreciate my job...... especially this week. :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Does anyone know anything about Belgrade...in Serbia?

I've never been. But I know a few people from Belgrade through another fandom. Looking at Wikipedia it seems to be a very old and historical city with some beautiful architecture, museums, theatres, office buildings. A big tourist destination as well. I don't think you have anything to worry about, bobbyanna. :)

Suvee, sounds like you saw the same quasi-trailer shown at D23. Lucky lucky you!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. You're probably right. I just hate it when either of them travels so far away, especially to places that are sort of off the beaten path, so to speak. I mean it's not like saying, "I'm flying to London for a few days."

Suvee, your descriptions are really great. I am really getting a feel for the movie. It sounds very textured, very rich looking.
With Bruckheimer we can kind of assume no expense was spared, but to actually see the result must be very satisfying.

agent_krycek said...


Don't know if this will help bobbyanna, Belgrade hosted the Eurovision song contest in 2008 (very, very cheesy song contest - hilarious if you like an evening of very bad songs and weirdness) and it does look the most beautiful city - it's a big tourist destination in Europe these day, I think it's a bit similar to Prague in terms of architecture.

UltraViolet said...

Belgrade looks like a beautiful city, Bobbyanna. She'll be fine. And you're a good mom!

A few tweets about another PoP screening. They run the gamut:

Came back home from a special screening of prince of persia and it was a great movie !! saw it before it comes out in summer of 2010!

Haha .. i got to see an Advanced Screening of Prince of Persia the Sands of time .. and i got to see it with NO KID ...

Just saw a secret screening of Prince of Persia...kind of lame. However I got to pee next to Jerry Bruckheimer.

It's the little things in life... so to speak.

One more review:

just saw it at a screening and it was really awesome like the game!!! It does not even seem Disney at all

oh yeah and there is a lot of running up the walls and all that good stuff!!! =)

Shondra said...

Love all the Pop reviews of the trailer but especially yours Suvee!! Thanks bunches for giving such a detailed description of the trailer that you saw, it does sound like the one that was previewed at the Disney expo.

Jake looked good and grumpy on the set earlier this week, I will just ignore the footwhere!! Doesn't sound like he was on set after these pics were shot, well he wasn't in the pajama scenes anyway.

bobbyanna said...

"...I got to pee next to Jerry Bruckheimer.

It's the little things in life... so to speak."

LOL! Priceless, UV!

Bet by Christmas we'll start seeing teasers in theaters!

Thanks for the kind words! I'll tell Lisa about the song contest, Agent K.:) Last Christmas my nephew and some classmates spent New Year's Ever in Prague! It was his very first trip abroad. And he said it was way cool!

President Obama- a Nobel Laureate! Almost embarrassingly soon, (less than 9 months in!) but I guess the rest of the world is alarmingly grateful for our new emphasis on diplomacy.

Talk about great expectations! I hope the Nobel Committee's enthusiasm doesn't inspire global backlash. (We can expect some inside the USA! LOL!)

I guess it was a way of saying they have confidence in his leadership. Anyway, it's nice when good things happen. He's the third sitting President to get one.

Chica said...

I have never been to Belgrade Bobbyanna, but I haven't heard anything negative about the city from the people that I know that have been there. It's a beautiful city, I don't think that you have anything to worry about!

I remember that brief time we all heard Jake speak in the British accent as Dastan, it was that interview that he did for ET, we got a brief second of it. I remembered it after your description Suvee, love the comparison to an Errol Flynn movie!

I was thinking too Bobyanna that it may be a bit too soon for Obama to receive the Nobel Prize for peace, but hey it's a postive and i'm excited and proud! The world community must thing very highly of him.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

A bit on Brothers from Awards Daily. Both Brothers and Precious deserve attention from Lionsgate, one shouldn't have to be ignored for the other:

"I think Brothers is the only one that’s slipping into December very quietly, and I wonder if it has the quality of some of Jim Sheridan’s previous work, if the script and acting are up to snuff, and if people love it, whether Lionsgate will give it as much attention as Precious".


No Jake in the pajama scenes on the set of L&D, what a waste!!

Awesome about Obama! Deserved?Too soon? That can be debated but you know that certain GOP heads are exploding right now!!

bobbyanna said...

In his acceptance comments, the President just said he didn't feel he deserved this and was accepting it as a "call to action." I think it means that the rest of the world thinks we are finally headed in the right direction.

In other news, Rush Limbaugh said he wasn't getting a swine flu shot...:)

Lionsgate is loaded with money! I'm not ready to conclude they're ignoring Borthers. I'm hoping they just have different marketing strategy to promote it...OK. That was weak.

But with three high profile actors, it could start advertising November 1st for a December 4th release and it would be OK...

Monica said...

More about Brothers:
Peter Knegt: Brothers. I’m certainly doubtful, but it’s not like the director (Jim Sheridan), the actors (Portman, Gyllenhaal, to lesser extent Maguire), or the material (highly dramatic family conflict) are at all unproven entities. No one’s really predicting it for anything right now (including myself), but it could really alter this year’s landscape if it really scores.

Bobbyana, you're a great mother. Your children should be very proud of you!

Congratulations to Barack Obama!

UltraViolet said...

Well, at least people are talking about why Brothers isn't being talked about! Maybe that will get the Lionsgate people off their asses!

Interesting tweets. If true, Anne is finally in Pittsburgh. And I certainly hope they aren't referring to Atticus!

Reese witherspoon is here, too, and a sophomore accidentally called her dog ugly.

Anne hathaway is hiding in her trailer to avoid dealing with students. Jake gyllenhall has been chilling with the first person he sees e ...

IMHO... said...

Well, the Brothers trailer practically gives away the entire story, and that's never a good sign. Neither is a poster of Toby Maguire with his shirt off.

The movie will be of limited interest. War movies are never popular. The only people who will see this are fans of the director or the actors. No one else will be mildly curious. I certainly don't see it generating any Oscar buzz.

Monica said...

Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus is scheduled to screen at the 3 Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in November.

The film festival runs November 6-21.

Anonymous said...

"Reese witherspoon is here, too, "

Bet Jake's all calm and friendly now.:)

Monica said...

The movie will be of limited interest. War movies are never popular.

Of course they are not popular. The general public is too stupid to appreciate certain movies. Especially good movies.
But I have not seen Brothers, I can't tell if it's good or not.

Extra said...

I hope she wasn't talking about poor Atti!!!

Reese I think owns a french bulldog, I wouldn't call them ugly but I can see if others may. German shepards are not ugly so I would assume she has her dog with her in Pittsburgh. And Anne is finally on set!

Anonymous said...

Brothers isn't centered on the war but what happens to families at home.
When they do get around to promoting it that probably will be what they will push.
Don't think it has any more previews. they did with an unfinished product so maybe they will do that sometime in Nov.

Anonymous said...

"The only people who will see this are fans of the director or the actors."

Then it is sure to do very, very well!

Anonymous said...

I think that was Atticus with Reese, we know he is with Jake and I doubt Reese took her dog it Pittsburgh or Philly for that matter.

Monica said...

Brothers isn't centered on the war but what happens to families at home.

Exactly. But some people think Tobey's anger is because of just jealousy.

Anonymous said...

If tobey's character seems to some folks to be just because he is jealous then the Trailer hasn't given them the whole story.
I think people know that if Tobey is in the movie and he has been in the war then its not a surprise that tho they thought he had been killed he wasn't. (i think that made sense).

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if you don´t invest any money in PR you won´t get any buzz- no matter how good a film may be .

Most of the dicussed films for Awards season have been shown at some festivals. Jim Sheridan is a well respected director among film geeks, but the longer no buzz is created or no promotion is done people are losing interest or faith.

If they don´t promote the film and the WOM is not overwhelming good the film will be out of the cinemas after one or two weeks.

Tweety said...

Hmmm. Attempt at poetry after too much booze?

Jake in Brooklyn?:

ishurrdid: just had the most interesting ride back in2 brooklyn.. sadie, jake gyllenhall, boston, and the giggles
about 8 hours ago from txt

I hope Lionsgate doesn't ignore Brothers, the lack of buzz is dissapointing.

Anonymous said...

Remember the huge buzz for 'Dreamgirls". That started sometime in July I think. It was definitely Oscar nominating material said the "powers that be'.
Didn't get nominated.
"Brothers" is going to have a New York premiere and also one in Ireland.
Have no doubt that Jake will get good reviews, as will the cast.

FluorescentLamp said...

Well I guess she wasn't joking about her ride back into Brooklyn last night.

Jake Gyllenhal & Reese Witherspoon are waiting in line at the restaurant that I'm at (Prune)


FluorescentLamp said...

As well as:


Holy shit! I just stepped out of my door- saw a dude who looked familiar with some short blond chick. Jake Gyllenhal & Reese Witherspoon.about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

further from her:

They were talking about adopting a bulldog. American vs. English. Wanted to ask him if he remembered using my phone on Lispnard 4 years ago.about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter


Monica said...

They were talking about adopting a bulldog. American vs. English

I love dogs!! I have a poodle!

Tweety said...

Choose the English Bulldog!

KJButta: just walked past Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhall in SoHo...
about 6 hours ago from TwitterRide

Tweety said...

I hope they know this guy, LOL!

voxels: jake and maggy gyllenhaal are going into my house as i jump into a cab @alliwalk
9 minutes ago from Echofon

agent_krycek said...

English Bulldog, they're completely adorable! And yes, I am biased :p Must admit, I've no real idea what an American Bulldog looks like

Monica said...

AK: American Bulddog

Anonymous said...

Reese's two bull dogs, Coco Chanel and Frank Sinatra, are French bulldogs, I believe.

Extra said...

Reese's dog is a french bulldog, C. Chanel the other bulldog I think belonged to Ryan and I think it was a English bulldog named F. Sinatra.

I think it's great that J&R are thinking about getting another dog together. Maybe they are used to having 2 dogs, Boo is gone and F.Sinatra is with Ryan.

Tweety said...

jessbebe10: In tribeca,, just saw Reese Witherspoon n Jake Gyllenhaal on the street. She's so tiny and he's so hot!
28 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Tweety said...

csamact: just made tea for Maggie, Jake and Reese.
11 minutes ago from txt

shilojean: Jake Gyllenhaal at the lodge general store.
20 minutes ago from Brizzly

Adayinthelifech:Reese, Jake, Maggie, Peter...
about 1 hour ago from mobile web

Monica said...

Thank you, Tweety!

The other day I saw Rendition again. Peter don't need much effort to prove he's a great actor.

I'm anxious to see And Education!

Tweety said...

Jake is going to be clean and shaven when we see him next time!

nyshavingco: Jake Gyllenhaal just came in 4 an Ultimate Shave while Reese Witherspoon,Maggie Gyllenhaal and husband Peter Sarsgaard watched.He loved it!

Thanks Monica, it's kinda of fun keeping up with all the tweets!

I can't wait to see An Education either, Peter is getting great reviews aa well as Carey.

Anonymous said...

This is SO frustrating! What are they tweeting on, a typewriter? Don't these people have camera phones they can use VERY disceetly??? I'm glad they're all together having a good time, etc.
Honestly. I just. want. to.see.them. A glimpse. That's all.

suvee said...

Hmm...... am I the only one that thinks that watching Jake get a professional shave on a Sunday afternoon is kind of..... sexy?

Just another of the many, many perks of being his girlfriend. :)

Thanks for the updates, tweety.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

No Suvee, that is a sexy image and Reese is lucky!

Thanks for keeping up with the tweets Tweety!

Anonymous said...

Guess who gets to give him his next "ultimate shave!"

Josie said...

I would love pictures too, i won't lie but I'm glad that they are spending the weekends visiting Maggie, Peter and Ramona in NY for what seems like every other weekend! It's a plus that they are both filming in PA where it is easy to travel ack and forth especially on this 3-day weekend.

Image of Reese giving Jake a shave...

Anonymous said...

No, you are not the only one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jake could make picking lint out of his navel look sexy!

Monica said...

Prince Of Persia Creator Talks Film Sequel
Jordan Mechner

Paula said...

Thanks everyone fo all the updates and new information, especially you Suvee, you have the best job! The trailer sounds incredible.

From all the tweets it sounds like Jake and Reese were in NY for the weekend, hope they enjoyed themselves and had a nice visit with Maggie and Peter.

I assume the shave was because he is due on set today. The image of Jake getting a shave is very sexy indeed!

UltraViolet said...

New post :)