Sunday, August 30, 2009

West Coast Return

Updated to add this, from Facebook/Pinkberry:

Adorable Jake Gyllenhaal swirled into our Little Tokyo store this weekend. Wonder if he bought one for Reese...

It's been a while since we had an L.A. coffee run. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Looks like they paid another visit to Intelligentsia.

Good to see you again, Jake :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and Faded Youth.)


suvee said...

It is good to see him again.... and he's looking mighty fine.

And we get a little tongue teaser, too. :)

Thanks, UV.

lawgoddess said...

I like the straw hat, and he does look good! I also like Reese's necklaces, and the gladiator sandals.

In some of the pictures Jake just looks so young and sweet.

It is good to see him again, thanks UV.

UltraViolet said...

De nada, suvee and LG. Happy to see him again. I added some more where he's really smiling, so be sure to check the post out again.

Also, that doesn't look like coffee they are drinking!

UltraViolet said...

I wanted to comment on how fun it was that people answered Jake's interview questions in the last post. I got lost in Kennedy land over the weekend, but I will have a crack. Thanks for suggesting that, FL. I loved reading everyone's answers.

Oh, and about that Huffington Post poll. Thanks for letting us know, suvee. I think you were referring to Naomi's 10/10 vote for BBM when you mentioned seeing other people's votes, yes? That was really cool.

suvee said...

I think you were referring to Naomi's 10/10 vote for BBM when you mentioned seeing other people's votes, yes?

Yes...... I did a double take when I saw her photo!

(I watched the Kennedy coverage all weekend, too.)

UltraViolet said...

Good eye, suvee!

Some details on the Jake/Warren Beatty Polo Lounge sighting that was tweeted a while back:

Hey, there!
While dining with friends at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel, Mallika met Oscar winning actor-producer-director Warren Beatty and Jake Gyllenhaal, star of the upcoming Hollywood film Prince of Persia. Beatty and Gyllenhaal were finishing a dinner meeting when the actress, who's walked in with some of her friends saw them.

After-dinner conversation
The actress who recently became first Indian actor who became an honoury citizen of Los Angeles spoke to the Hollywood actors. Says a source close to the actress, "Beatty, who is quite the ladies man said it was 'the first time' he'd ever met a Bollywood star and was especially 'thrilled to meet one.

He even went on to offer Mallika advice about working in Hollywood. Gyllenhaal, currently dating actress Reese Witherspoon, was also chatted with actress about her forthcoming film, and promised to keep in touch with her."

bobbyanna said...

Awww! They look sweet. I love to look at Reese's jewelry. I'm getting used to Jake in hats. I like this one, too.

Yes, I also seem to have spent much of the weekend with the Kennedys:) It was a beautiful, very moving celebration.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to add: I would've loved to eavesdrop on Warren Beatty and Jake!

Chica said...

It is so good to see Jake again, it seems like it has been ages! I like this hat and I love what Reese is wearing.

Love the extra details on the Jake Warren meeting, would love to love to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Jake is spending so much time in Venice?

Sheba baby said...

Hello stranger, LOL!!! I've missed him and his beautiful smile, they both look great, I guess there is a break in filming.

Hmmm, Jake promised to keep in touch with that actress. I think his production Co. Nine stories may be finally involved in some projects, I suspect that the Co. is located in Venice, just speculation of course.

Anonymous said...

The air quality in Los Angeles area is very problematic because of the fires, and it is possible that the closer one is to the sea, the better it might be. Venice is part of what you have referred to as the CZ, altho it is on the outer reaches. Venice, Santa Monica, etc. they are all not so far from Brentwood.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He is looking really good, the hat, meh. I love her sandals!!! It's good seeing pictures agin they look really happy, thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Is it my imagination or does Jake appear leaner in these pics? Maybe getting ready for his movie.

Reese has a hat like that. Or at least I've seen her wear one...

OT, but not:
Disney just spent a huge boatload of $$$ to purchase Marvel. As in Comics.

Extra said...

Looking good Mr. G and yes he does look slimmer bobbyanna! Reese does have a similar hat, I think the band around the hat is white.

I saw the news about Disney buying Marvel comics. There were rumors of a member of buyers, Disney is a big surprise. This will be interesting.

Tweety said...

Picture of Jake at a Pinkberry's in L.A. over the weekend with a very lucky woman!:

Love the new pics of J&R, I wonder if they are still in L.A. or she has to be back on set today.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, tweety. Added the photo to the post, since it's on a public company page.

cathy said...

They look great - I love the hat and flip-flops on him, her jewelry, sandals, and white top/pale blue shorts. She looks great!

Love the pic of him in Little Tokyo too. :)

sag actor. said...

A lot of moaning and complaining over Disney buying Marvel saying that Disney will "weaken" the Marvel characters. Not me, I think this is great news, can you imagine Marve/Pixar, YES!!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of another actor right at the moment, who gets the kind of reaction Jake does.
"AdorableJakeGyllenhaal" it's like it's one word. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think it is back to school time but some schools are closed from fire and air quality in Los Angeles. Maybe Reese will have the whole week off. No worries. She will be happy for Jake to be nearby working, too very soon.

josie said...

AdorableJakeGyllenhaal indeed! I love these photos and I even love his hat! She looks adorable, i'm in a good mood now after a crappy morning. Love that pinkberry photo!!

Thanks for posting that link about the Jake/Warren meeting, sounds interesting!

Forgot about how the fires have effected things like schools in California, you may be right Anon. My thoughts are with everyone in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, I never get tired of looking at photos of those , sigh.

My prayers to everyone in California, may they keep safe.

Paula said...

I need to catch up on a few things, I've been away for a few days on vacation! Love these photos, they look so relaxed and happy. Lucky woman in the Pinkberry pic!!

sag actor said...

More on Todd McFarlane and the Prince of Persia toy line:

Tweety said...

Based on these 3 tweets, Jake and Reese are back in philly, or she is still in L.A. because they are filming what looks like Paul Rudd's character's home, or maybe she is in Philly because they are filming inside her characters apt all day! No tweets of any actual sightings, just a few for Rudd, she may not be neended for any scenes today:

cole1783: stalking reese waiting for her and jake to come out of the trailer for the huge spread of food mary and i watched security lay out
about 1 hour ago from mobile web · Reply · View Tweet

iPhillyChitChat: @inothernews ok sounds like this is Paul Rudd's house, which would explain why Reese Witherspoon is still in California
about 2 hours ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

@iPhillyChitChat they are currently filming inside an apartment, which is Reese's character's apt. They will be there all day, possibly tom
6 minutes ago from web in reply to iPhillyChitChat

Anonymous said...

I hope she's off this week and they all went to Ojai.

Anonymous said...

Weel, there was no filming yesterday, but there is today. Sightings of Paul and Owen so far but not Reese so far. Someone tweeted that they think she arrived to film night scenes.

Anonymous said...

reese is still in la just jared has pictures of her and deacon out shopping today in brentwood

Tweety said...

Thanks anon. Deacon is a cutie and I see that Reese is wearng her straw fedora!

From these photos I thought that maybe she flew to Philly after for the night shoot, but reading the twitters and looking at the few twic pics from the set, it doesn't look like she was on set last night.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is in Albuquerque, New Mexico Filming

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What adorable pics of Reese and Deacon, thanks for the heads up!

get real said...

Adore the photos of Jake and Reese and sighting/pic of Jake and the woman from Pinkberry! :D

Thanks for all the info everyone!

Anonymous said...

A couple of new Jake pics at Wenn

Shondra said...

Thanks Anon! Looks like it's back to the Medical center again, probably getting ready for Love and Other Drugs/insurance. Is it me or does he look like he lost a lot of weight??

Love the Reese/Deacon photos, Deacon has gotten so big!

Josie said...

Thanks anon!! He doesn't look to happy here and yes he does look a bit thin.

Extra said...

Even pissed off he looks good, love scruffy Jake!

Anonymous said...

I think it's not so much a pissed off look as a look that says, "I'm ignoring you. You do not exist."

diane said...

Well, whatever look it is I don't blame him! I have seen enough of these awful videos where there are dozens of photographers acting like rats or something, swarming, and clicking, and shouting stupid things to get his reaction. It looks so foolish until you realize that it happens to him all the time and can even be dangerous. I also believe he has a few who team up and get downright stalkerish following him around, cackling at him. It must be pretty disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Video of Jake and Reese leaving Mozza restaurant last night

chica said...

That video was annoying : Jake is it true you are getting married this Christmas holiday? Reese?? Are you getting married this Christmas?? Where are they getting this? Reading the rags??? And it looks like they were hanging out at the back of Mozza. Sorry, as much as I like looking at pics and videos of Jake, I can do w/o that crap as well as the paps stalking that medical building in BH.

I wish Jake and other celebs would find another place to go, I know that it's probably convinent but still.

On another note, I though that Reese had the whole week off from filming, have a feeling she won't be back in Philly until next Tuesday after Labor day.

Anonymous said...

Anon who posted the video link here, sorry Chica I didn't here the commentary as I am at work so could only watch without sound.

chica said...

That's ok, Anon, just doing a little bitching this morning. I hope they at least enjoyed dinner.

I noticed that Deacon is wearing a Lego/Star wars T-shirt in the pics of Reese and Deacon from Tuesday, too cute!

Sheba baby said...

Jackass stalkarazzi. I hope J&R have a relaxing and long Labor day weekend as it looks like she may be off this week from filming.

Hope everyone here has a great Labor day weekned, mine istarting early, i'm off Friday!!

UltraViolet said...

No need to apologize for posting the video, anon. It's certainly not the worst we've ever seen. Why are the photographers yelling about Christmas? It's not even Labor Day.

Wasn't there a story from last year about Jake and Reese getting married at Christmas? Maybe like the "Reese's black eye" story it got retweeted belatedly.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

They ask the same questions every few months. There is a video from the other day with Reese and Deacon and they ask her the same thing again, in front of Deacon.

You are right UV, we ahave seen worst. Hope they are having a relaxing long weekend, I know I will and I hope everyone here on GB that celebrates Labor day does too!

josie said...

I watched both videos and thought that it was weird that they were asked the same question 2 days in a row by the paps. Are they the same group of paps following them around or are they just repeating old gossip from last year?

Anonymous said...

Someone tweeted that they saw Jake in Brooklyn a little while ago.

chica said...

I saw that tweet, if true he was spotted there last night.

I'll be in Brooklyn this weekend, maybe i'll run into him!

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese out with the kids yesterday:

Tweety said...

Stopping by to wish everyone here that observes Labor day to enjoy their long weekend!

From the recent tweets it sounds like Jake and Reese are back on the East coast: Jake in Brooklyn and Reese back on set in Philly.

FluorescentLamp said...

Reese leaving Neil George Salon on 9/3.

I don't normally post solo Reese pics, but being hair-obsessed, I couldn't help but notice how fabulous her hair looks in these pics and what a brilliant colorist she must have at the Neil George Salon.

extra said...

Wow, she does look fabulous, you can see the before pics at that link too! Love what she is wearing too.

sheba baby said...

She really looks great, I can see why all the celebs run to him to get their hair done!

sag actor said...

I hope everyone has a great Labor day!

Bette said...

The pictures of Jake, Reese, and the kids! That one tumbnail looks cute. I can't wait to see them. Hi guys it's been awhile! I've been so busy, I've missed a lot.

Shondra said...

Hi Bette! Yeah I would like to see a better pic too!!!

Jake fan said...

"Love and other drugs" shootings will be starting September 21:
Filming in Pittsburgh

And WDW has the scans of the whole Interview article with Natalie Portman and Jake.

Anonymous said...

New Jake pics on IHJ.

Jake fan said...

Thanks anon, wow he looks very slim...5 pounds more and he would be perfect....:-))

I don´t like him being called "Mr Witherspoon", it is time that the PR for Brothers and POP starts and he gets again attention for his acting.

sass said...

Morning babblers,
Happy Labor day weekend!
Jake looks great with his pretty woman and the kiddos.
I saw a group of his pics wearing aviator shades and a blue shirt. He looked quiet and thoughtful. I don't know his thoughts or anything about his life, but I though about all he's gone through through since Heath passed on 1/22/08. His grandma died and his family split, which is awful at any age. I sent him lots of love, prayers and God's blessings.
I had no idea a new Jake film is starting this month. 2010 may resemble 2005. That year he had at least three films premiering including BBM.
Thanks for the wonderful Jake new movie news.
It's good to see him out and about. Thanks UV and FL. So Jake may come to Brooklyn this weekend eh? My eyes are peeled. I'll check the gossip columns, facebook and twitter if I can manage it. I probably won't do all that much checking. When he's here the news gets around. They loved Heath here and of course Jake and Maggie are loved.
A designer on one of the shows...Issac's show...for a challenge did a knock off of a dress Maggie wore to an awards show in LA, I think. He was caught immediately. We know everything she wears here; she's considered a style icon, very edgy and very stylish.
I signed on twitter 12/07... it's nuts. I love that it takes few words and it's fun. I LMAO it when politicians tweet fubars and embarrass themselves all round the world.
I read that red wine helps with Radiation therapy toxic effects, burning, fatigue etc. NOW they tell me. I'm getting some this week, to chase away any leftover effects :lol:lol:)
luv again

extra said...

Wannabe, new project for Jake?

Mr. Witherspoon, how childish. It loks like that Brooklyn tweet was false. No tweets about filming in Philly either except for Jack, no Reese.

Hope they are haveing a relaxing Labor day weekend, and I wish the same to everyone here on GB!

Chica said...

((((Sass))))! Looks like the Brooklyn sighting was false, there are pics of him on IHJ shopping in L.A. form yesterday.Ha, no stalking in Brooklyn for me this weekend!

I have a twitter account too, it is fun getting feedeback, especially on politicsl stuff. That pic of Jake, Reese and the kids is too tiny, I want to see i bigger picture!

Jake has gone through a lot, I think that it has matured him. Looking forward to doing Brothers promo and stsrting his new film at the end of the month.

Another Jake project? Sounds interesting, I love gangster films.

Have a great Labor day weekend everyone!

Monica said...

Many photos! Thanks UV, Babblers and IHJ!!

Jake Fan, he is slim, but still sexy and hot!

Another movie for Jake, extra? This movie seems interesting!

((((Hello, sass!)))

agent_krycek said...

Hiya Sass, hope you have a lovely big glass of a very nice red this weekend!

The movie does sound interesting, wonder if Jake would be playing off spring of Irish mobsters, when I first really noticed Jake, before I'd read too much about him, I'd have sworn he was of Irish decent, he's very classically 'Black Irish' looking.

bobbyanna said...

Hi, to all!!! Great new pictures!

I tweet, too! I love the challenge of expressing my political opinions in 140 characters!!!


Our weather here's been gorgeous lately. So what have I been doing on this lovely Saturday of the Labor Day weekend? On my computer. Reading!:) Found a new author who's just amazing. Could not believe how much time passed when I only intended to "take a minute."

So good to see you Monica.

I can't wait for the big rollout of PR for Brothers, and then for PoP! Sounds as if Reese and Jake will be finishing up their film projects around the same time.

Next few months are going to be busy for Jake. In fact, next year, too. He'll probably be flying all over the place for PoP promotions.

(That "Mr. Witherspoon" nonsense is just ugly and without any basis in fact at all! Those caption writers are not the brightest bulbs in the box! LOL!)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

suvee said...

Thanks for the link to the Wannabe info, extra. Sounds like it could be a very interesting movie.

I cannot keep track of all the potential projects Jake is interested in, loosely attached to, rumored to be interested in, etc.! I'm waiting to see which ones actually come to fruition before I get too excited.

Love all the new pics..... thanks to all.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day holiday. And hugs to sass and monica.

sheba baby said...

Love the tiny pic of J&R and the kids. :) He looks good but thin in the pictures from yesterday, must be getting ready for L&D.

It is hard keeping up with all of Jake's rumored projects suvee, Wannabe sounds interesting, thanks extra.

(((Sass))) and (((Monica)))

UltraViolet said...

Ditto on the hugs for sass and monica. You could probably both use some good red wine :)

And Bette, it's good to see you.

Seeing Jake play a mobster could be fun, if it's not the usual mobster foolishness. Quite like your take, Agent K. And I agree with you on Jake's look :)

Have a good Labor Day weekend, USers.

Narcissa said...

There are scans of an interview with Maggie in Marie Claire on WDW.

Paula said...

Thanks Narcissa, I love Maggie!! I would love to see Jake in a gangster flick, fingers crossed!

Enjoy your Labor day wekend everyone.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Good to see you Sass, hope you are enjoying your wine this weekend!

Hi Monica, I hope all is well with you.

I love the idea of Jake in a gangster film. I remember a photoshoot he did several years ago for the NY times I think. It was in b&w and one photo he was dressed in white and in a car. He reminded me of a young Al Pacino circa The Godfather!

Have a great Laor day to all that observe.

Chica said...

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I'm in Brooklyn this weekend and I'm off to Coney Island.

Have a great Labor day!

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal e Reese Witherspoon aqui no Whole Foods de Westwood.
about 1 hour ago from UberTwitter

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon here at Whole Foods in Westwood

tweety said...

I think that this tweet is from whole foods too:

larrules: my aunt just ran her cart into jake gyllenhal and reese witherspoon's cart at the supermarket by accident. we really r family

Anonymous said...

The Flynet pics of Jake, Reese and the kids from Thursday are tagged exclusive and no internet use. Would explain why they aren't on IHJ.

Anonymous said...

That would explain why they weren't posted!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe somebody made a deal with a magazine. There's probably a lot of magazine stuff coming up of Jake in the next few months.

tweety said...

thatshannon: Spotted: Jake and Reese at Three Square Cafe
about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck

UltraViolet said...

Eek - sorry I've been out of touch all weekend. I didn't even do anything all that much fun! I did go to a good cookout, so that made it an official holiday weekend.

Hope everyone in the U.S. and Canada (forgot you Canadians last week) had a good weekend.

Hope to have a new post up tomorrow at some point. Night, all!

Anonymous said...

A Jake & Reese Sighting from yesterday.

I had breakfast next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon yesterday.

True, this has absolutely nothing to do with garlic or my post, but I can’t stop thinking about it and thought it was a good attention grabber.

Okay – it’s out of my system. We can proceed. However, for all of you wondering, they are both as good looking – if not more so – than they appear on the big screen.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Jake and Reese sightings are mentioned in the strangest places!

chica said...

That's too funny!! I wonder if he saw them in Gilroy or somewhere else? I love cooking with garlic, almost too much.

Speaking of cooking, I saw Julie and Julia yesterday, I was supposed tio have seen it a few weeks back. It was worth the wait, Meryl is wonderful as Julia Child. I wouldn't call it an impression of Child. After the film I never thought: Wow, Meryl did a great impression of Julia". It was more than that, it was such a joyous, warm performance and Stanley Tucci as her husband is just perfect.

Also in the lobby I finally saw a poster for Pop!! It wasn't big but it was beautiful due to the image of Mr. G. It was the same teaser/poster that's out, it was just great to see it.

Speaking of Pop, the Disney expo is coming up and pop and other Disney films will be featured on Friday morning on 9/11. I wonder if Jake will make an appearence?

tweety said...

Looks like Jake may be in Pittsburgh, early prep for Love and Drugs?

LaurenMonds: just landed in PIT! jake gyllenhaal is sittin 2 rows ahead of me in first class!
about 1 hour ago..

suvee said...

Given Jake's confessed fondness for Italian food, too bad he didn't know there was a garlic farmer dining in the same restaurant. Imagine the conversation they could have had! Thanks for the link, anon.

Chica, I thought Julie and Julia was a delightful movie, too. Meryl was so good! I saw Taking Woodstock this weekend (I enjoyed it, but it is a slight little movie).... I was hoping to see the Brothers trailer, thought it would appeal to the same demographic, but no such luck.

And tweety, I don't thank you often enough for your twitter vigilance. Even though I don't make the effort to follow all the tweets, I'm grateful you do! :)

bobbyanna said...

I was hoping to see a Brothers trailer with Julie & Julia, too, suvee, and all they showed was movies about explosions. The trailer for 2012 was especially jarring.

chica, it's so cool that you saw a PoP poster. I am SO looking forward to both movies.:)

"And tweety, I don't thank you often enough for your twitter vigilance. Even though I don't make the effort to follow all the tweets, I'm grateful you do! :)"

90% of the time I can't find the tweets. Of course I'm not as imaginative a speller as some of the tweeters:)

Tweety said...

Thanks bobbyanna and suvee! I'm speculating about Pittsburgh and pre-production for Love&Drugs, but It makes sense.

Two more thumbs up for Julie and Julia, I can't wait to see it, thanks chica and suvee!

I love that sighting of Jake & Reese, sounds like they had a great Labor day weekend based on the tweets.

So Jake and Reese are both in PA, the tweets place Reese on set in Philly , we will find out for sure.There were some tweets last week but obviously she wasn't in Philly.

I love how they schedule their time, she will be finishing her film right around the same time he starts filming. It gives them time to visit each other and fly back home to LA.

Anonymous said...


• Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, treating the actress's kids Ava, 10, and Deacon, 5, to a cold treat at Twist in Brentwood, Calif. "Jake was great with the kids and they all shared little samples before deciding on flavors," an eyewitness tell us of the family frozen yogurt outing. But with dessert comes exercise – and earlier in the week, the couple took an exercise class at Burn 60, focusing on arm and shoulder work, as well as cardio. "The air conditioning wasn't on and in the 90 degree heat, Reese and Jake sweated and struggled like the rest of the class," an onlooker says, adding that the famous duo "seemed to enjoy" their workout.,,20303065,00.html

Tweety said...

Another confirmation that Jake is indeed in Pittsburgh:

21streetcoffee: Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is in town, because he was just here and ordered a quad Americano. Cool.
19 minutes ago from web

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

More good reviews for Julie and Julia! That movie is the next on my must see list. I enjoy reading about Jake and Reese sigthings just as much as see pictures of them, thanks for the sighting!!

I love how they schedule too tweety!

Extra said...

Want to wish Ava a very Happy birthday today, she turns 10!

Tweety said...

He sure is drinking a lot of coffe today!:

@marydoyouwanna he came into the starbucks on walnut street. he's filming a movie here called love and other drugs lol
7 minutes ago from Tweetie

Hmmm. I would think she would have to audition with him for this. Would further explain his early arrival in Pittsburgh, all the casting is being done there:

laurakb: The best friend's at a callback today for a role as Jake Gyllenhaal's lover in "Love and Other Drugs." Fingers crossed!
21 minutes ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet

Happy birthday Ava!!!

Jake fan said...

Thanks for the Twitter updates, Tweety.

But does Jakes presence in Pittsburgh mean he won´t be attending the Disney D23 event? Hopefully he will be back in LA on friday....

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I don't know Jake Fan, it al depends on how much he will be involved in pre-production on Love amd Drugsin Pittsburg. It would be great if he could make to the expo in Anaheim tomorrow.

OT: Congressman Joe Wilson from S. Carolina is a disgrace and a coward. His outburst during the President's speech was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Love Nuggets: Penelope Cruz will spend the holidays with Javier Bardem‘s family, that sounds pretty serious to me. … Meanwhile Jake Gyllenhaal will be spending the holidays with his gal pal Reese Witherspoon‘s family, that‘s serious too.

Chica said...

There are calls for Wilson to be censured. He deserves more than that, what a piece of shit. I'm sick and tired of the direspect that is shown the President, it has to stop.

Doesn't Mike Evans have a column in the NE and claimed that Jake and Reese were engaged back in early '08?? Predicting a couples holiday plans really isn't gossip or inside info., just an assumption and in the case of Jake and Reese it's a given IMO.

I don't know if Jake had planned to attend the Disney Expo tomorrow or not but I don't see how him being in Pittsburgh at the moment would be a problem unless he couldn't get away for that day.

Extra said...

I was hoping that Brothers would have a screening at the London Film Festival. No such luck, bummer:

I have my fingers crossed that Jake will make an appearence at the expo tomorrow!!

Ditto on Wilson OONP & Chica

bobbyanna said...

"There are calls for Wilson to be censured. He deserves more than that, what a piece of shit. I'm sick and tired of the direspect that is shown the President, it has to stop."

Well said, chica!
Apparently his challenger in next year's Congressional race saw a huge jump in campaign contributions last night!

Was the Evans' gossip item referring to the Labor Day holidays, since it appeared on 9-2?

Chica said...

Morning Bobbyanna!!
I heard about his challenger's jump in campaign contributions, YESS!!!! Vote the asshole out of office! did you read his lame-ass "apology"? What a douche.

I assumed he meant the Thankgiving/Christmas holiday but you are right about the timing. I can only go by the tweets and they were spotted in Venice and Westwood on Sunday and the sighting on Labor day from the garlic farmer. Could be that her family was in L.A. for the Labor day weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wilson's government website crashed! LOL!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

LOL!! I read that this morning Anon.Ha, ha!!!!

bobbyanna said...

OONP, I loved the way you boss was glaring last night. If looks could kill, etc. :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's been up and down here in Pelosi's office, but that was definately an up moment for my boss, I was so proud!

Video of the Presedent, the V. President and my boss from last night:

Catherine from CSI said...

The full set of Jake, Reese and the kids pics from last week. It looks like they were playing dodge the paps in this set.

The pics are posted out of sequence, but you can see where they are parked when they arrive and when they leave the car is parked somewhere else from looking at the background.

Someone either parked their car for them while they were in the store (valet parking at twist?)Or Jake ran ahead and met them at another spot in the area. Reese has her keys out and the kids are getting in the car. Jake I assume has a key as well and slid over so Reese could drive, it's her car.

I think it was their attempt to make sure there wasn't too many shots of them togehter in the same frame.

Cute pics but I wonder if the value was diminished because of the scenerio.

BTW, Jake has a lot of frozen yogurt, maybe Reese's family was in town over the weekend as suggested above!

Extra said...

LOL! They don't looked too thrilled for the most part, paps will take the pics regardless anyway. Still cute, I love Ava's glasses, thanks!

This poor woman at a Wholes Food in Pittsburgh had a Jake encounter. I wonder if she recovered???

PS: Joe Wilson is slime but the fallout is worth it!

Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia comstume dislay at the D23 convention.

Hope you are both well UV and FL:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the photo and info links, everyone. I hope we get more PoP news tomorrow.

Is it bad to admit that I missed the speech? But I'm glad Wilson is being roundly condemned.

Tried to make a new post, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Maybe manana.

Anonymous said...

IHJ has the pics of Jake and Reese and the kids up from last week:

Extra said...

Thanks for the
link Anon., the Pop costumes look amazing!!

And thanksfor the IHJ pics of J&R and the kids!

Tweety said...

Jake related tweet from C. Cantara, Stephen Gyllenhaal's literary agent. She gives me the creepy-crawlers but I'm still fascinated on how she still exploits the family for attention:

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That woman is a piece of work. What better way to get attention than to get the host to bring up the most popular Gyllenhaal, Jake and muse about his personal/sex life. And yes I believe she asked the host to bring it up so she can talk about her book on the family. Her cute-no answer was meant to be funny but came across slimey, which she is. She wants to play "on the fence" but her jokey attitude that I gleam is that she is saying he is straight, on earth but isn't on Venus, oh boy.

Like i need confirmation from her of all people.

Sorry I wasted my time listening.

Today is the 8th anniversary of 9/11. In this case, does not heal for me anyway.

Chica said...

I was at work when I heard about the planes hitting the towers via the radio in the break room. Shock, fear and disbelief spread through out the office. When the towers fell, everyone left work.

I walked home from Manhattan to Queens on 9/11 along with scores of others. Traffic was cut off coming and going from NY. I remember just collapsing on my bed and couldn't stop crying. I avoided watching TV , listening to the radio and reading the newspapers. That was my way of dealing with such a horrific tragedy.

I didn't loose any one on that day but I know some who have including co-workers and people in my neighborhood.

My allergies were really bad today so I called in sick but it was more about 9/11. I don't know why it's affecting me more today than last year or in 2007, maybe it's the gloomy weather in NY today or that I was downtown last night meeting friends for dinner. I haven't been in that area in a while.

If this is what I feel, I can't imagine what the families are going through.

God bless them.

No comment on attention whore Cantara. Can't believe S. Gyllenhaal still has her as his agent, must be the contract.

Tweety said...

Two tweeys from pittsburgh today. I was hoping he would make an appearence at the Disney expo today.:

_iralz: I almost just cried. Jake Gyllenhaal WOULD come in on my ONE day off. fghcjdowjehsvgarrrr
about 2 hours ago from Tweetie

tashiaw: I just saw, chatted with, and rang out JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!!!!
about 2 hours ago from Twitter


Anonymous said...

From Latinoreview

Next was Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The trailer footage looked great and showed Jake standing on top of a building looking over the city. This trailer was mostly quick cuts. There's a dagger that controls the sands of time and they show a shot of Jake almost being killed by a sword when he activates the dagger and the sand starts to cover his body as he goes back in time. There was a similar clip when a snake almost bites Jake in the face and he activates the dagger. There were a lot of shots of him and Gemma. One scene she asks him if he has the dagger on him and he jokingly tells her she'll have to search him thoroughly. The movie showed jake fighting and a scene where they're inside a temple and the sand they're standing on starts to sink in. Movie looked great even though a lot of the visual effects weren't completed.

Tweety said...

Jake may not be in Anaheim, but he did make an appearence on the big screen: His poster!! Pic of Bruckheimer and big screen poster Jake:

Anonymous said...

I was at work when I heard about the planes hitting the towers via the radio in the break room.

So was I - we saw the second plane, thought it was a general plane crash at first. We had people traveling who were unaccounted for as well, what a terrible, terrible, chaotic day. Peace to the families and those who lost loved ones, and those who were terrorized.

Anonymous said...

What did cantara said pls. I can't get it.

bobbyanna said...

tweety, thanks for the tinypic of big screen PoP Jake!!! He looks amazing. I think by the time the movie comes out, I'll be taking tranquilizers! :)

9/11: Both my kids were in the area when it happened. We'll never forget it.

My oldest was doing her post-doctoral at UMDNJ in Newark, saw the second explosion and the smoke plumes. My youngest was in the subway traveling from Brooklyn to classes at NYU in the Village, when the second plane hit!
Hours later, she walked back to Brooklyn across the Manhattan Bridge. This may sound strange, but I was very proud of NYC that day, and in the weeks that followed.

Monica said...

D23: Prince of Persia Trailer Impressions

Overall, the trailer was beautifully shot, atmospheric, action-packed and exactly what one would hope from a Prince of Persia film. With the release date (May 28, 2010) still a ways away, who knows when viewers will be able to see the trailer in theatres. But we can assure those of you who might be anxious that it should be worth the wait.

Thanks for all links, babblers!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're "teasing" us with bits, and clips, and photos here and there of POP, building suspense until it just gets unbearable. Then, one of these times Jake will suddenly appear in the flesh, like a big surprise, and there will be screaming, and fainting, and mass hysteria! LOL!!

That would be cool.

get real said...

The PoP costumes look great! Glad to hear that the trailer was good. :)

Jake looks great, as do Reese and the kids, in the new pics.

Cantara is a sleeze. Joe Wilson definitely needs to be censured. What a disgusting display. Very glad to hear his challenger raised so much money.

Memories of 9/11 still hit hard. I was here in NYC that day and will never forget hearing/seeing the planes go into the towers. Had to walk all the way from uptown to downtown and to see posters of all the missing people plastered everywhere for weeks afterwards. Just heartbreaking. Thankfully no one I know was in the towers. Can't believe it has been eight years.

Anonymous said...

This may sound strange, but I was very proud of NYC that day, and in the weeks that followed.

It doesn't at all - you made me remember how the entire country was so proud of NYC, the news reports of people helping each other. NYC is a great city, full of great people. :*

Chica said...

It's not strange at all bobbyanna, I have heard the same thing from other people after 9/11.

NY is a great city, the way everyone came together and the love and support from people all over was incredible.

Thanks for that Latino review link anon. Sounds like the trailer/teaser went over very well at the expo!

Chica said...

I'm sorry Monica, you are not Anon!! Thanks again for the link.

Monica said...

Prince of Persia Trailer:
Coming Soon’s Silas Lesnick is on the scene over at D23 and got to see both trailers today. He says that the trailer for “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” featured quite a bit of Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan and that it explained the basic plot. Lesnick then describes the trailer by telling us that: “there is a magical dagger that offers the bearer the power to travel through time. Ben Kingsley (as the evil Nizam) wants to steal it and use it it to destroy the world, so Dastan and Tamina (Gemma Arterton) have to take it to “the secret guardian temple” where it can be safe. There’s quite a bit of fast cutting and flirting between Dastan and Tamina. At one point, they appear to be in disguise as servants and she asks if he’s carrying the dagger. He tells her that she’ll have to do a pretty thorough search to find it.”

This sounds cool and all, but I’m let down because I don’t see any mention of scenes showing off the video games trademark acrobatic/parkourish stunts. I want my “Prince of Persia” movie to be nothing but Prince Dastan running up walls, grabbing on to bars, and jumping from one wall to the next Jackie Chan style. If the finished film doesn’t have any of this then I, and all the other fans, will be pissed. I’m 100% sure of this.

Chica, Anon posted the link to Latino Review. I posted another link!

Anonymous said...

The movie is more than 8 months away so I'm sure they won't be showing some of the most anticipated scenes yet.. it's still too early. I would imagine when it gets closer there will be bits and pieces from all the "expected scenes" tho not going to give all away until the first early screenings.

bobbyanna said...

If the "hook" they're using to promote PoP, is sexy Jake, flirting while he flashes his dagger, I think a lot of people will be very excited about this movie!:)

I also think Jake did do a lot of "parkourish" moves, leaping, climbing, etc. I recall him mentioning somewhere how he tends to always overprepare, and really got physical and worked on that.

Anonymous said...

I know I shoudn't ask and perhaps I am being rude, but has something happened, no new post for 2 weeks and UV and FL have hardly posted at all. I hope this isn't going the same way as the Gyllenspoon blog, no explanation, no nothing.

If you want to delete this please do.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything is "wrong." I think some times are busier than other times. Sometimes there's two new posts in a day, and updates within hours,other times things are quieter. Even IHJ is slow right now.

Both Reese and Jake are working, near to each other, but separately. Soon there will be more news as the movies start to be promoted. I am missing them, because I have been reading about the Venice Film Festival and now the one in Canada and I wish Jake could have participated.

Tweety said...

Good morning!
Another tweet, I have lost count on how many different ways people spell Jake's last name!:

Hushpuppygreen: served jake gylenhal tonite (sp?), ate by himself but was uber nice and talkative. Should have asked him to introduce me to his sister...
about 7 hours ago from Twidget

Thanks for all the updates and news on Pop at D23, I love the costumes and I love the description of the trailer.

Sheba baby said...

Thanks for the all the updates everyone! I'm sure there will be other trailers featuring Jake doing parkour and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Update on the UMP from Doug Liman. Looks like the script is ready, they are already working on the action sequences:

Tweety said...

Jake, Reese and Maggie in Brooklyn:

niloumotamed: Reese Witherspoon, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaall and co, lunching at Frannys in Brooklyn. So are we.
half a minute ago from TwitterBerry

UltraViolet said...

New post.