Monday, August 24, 2009

Everything old is new again

Whine (quietly) and ye shall receive: Even better old new photos. Because they are fairly new and there's nothing old about this chest!

No news on the Jake Gyllenhaal front, so let's trip down memory lane a bit. I saw Brokeback Mountain on the big screen again last week and was reminded again of its power and beauty.

Here are a few videos I hadn't seen before. First up, an interview:

I love where he talks about the epic, Hollywood aspect of the film. And the clear case of Gyllenbabble, where he seems to say that he, Ang and Heath all stayed in the same trailer.

You know there are miles of footage of Jake and Heath from these interviews. I wish people would put them all on youtube!

Speaking of Heath, here he is:

In case some haven't seen it, an interview with Jake done in Venice - this one's a keeper:

Jake at the Los Angeles premiere:

I have seen this video before, but hey, never enough Jake, right?

You've probably seen this new still from Brothers, but click for mega size:

I also made some new caps from the trailer. A sampling:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


bobbyanna said...

Thanks for this. How great that you got to see it on the big screen again.

I was struck by Jake mentioning that Heath listened to a lot of Nick Drake music while filming Brokeback. And I was also quite taken by Heath's description of Michelle's performance. Don't remember him saying that before. He describes the "explosion she had to contain inside her," and let it "drip through her eyes."

I've watched so many videos of these interviews, many repetions, too, and yet I still keep finding new ideas expressed by both actors.

The L.A. premiere was December of 05, if I'm not mistaken? Jake looked usual. The isolation is something he comes back to often. It must have really affected him.

chica said...

I would love to see BBM on the big screen again. Very few movies have effected me like BBM.

Loved listening to Heath discussing Michelle's performance, I don't remember hearing this before.

Jake looks incredible at the L.A. premiere.

What a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

Jake on MV on the beach from 8/7/09 looking really hot!:

UltraViolet said...

Wow, I almost ended the post with a note to Jake that I wouldn't mind updating if we got new pics. And boy did we ever! Thanks for the heads-up, anon.

UltraViolet said...

It was wonderful seeing BBM again in full cinema beauty. I wish the Brattle (the theater where I saw it) would show Jarhead, because I never got to see that on the big screen.

Bobyanna, I love hearing the new answers and ideas. And that's why it drives me crazy to know there is so much on tape out there that we'll never see. Especially for Heath.

I loved the Nick Drake quote from Jake. I also really want to know what the bad pop songs were.

He does talk about the isolation a lot. But how lonely could it have been with all of them in one trailer? :)

Glad you liked the post, chica. Even if shirtless Jake is upstaging it!

Heath often waxed poetic about Michelle's performance. I wish more people would wax eloquent about Jake's. His performance is underappreciated, IMO.

Office of nancy pelosi said...

Oh yesss!!! I can't believe he lost the best chest poll to Patterson! Better late than never, thanks IHJ and UV! He looks really good here, maybe more will surface, fingers crossed!

How great that you got to see BBM on the big screen again UV.

I don't remember seeing the Heath video at all, thanks so much for posting it UV. What an incredible description of Michelle's performance by Heath.

Jake and his gyllenbabble/speak, I love listening to him and especially during BBM promos. What a special time it was for him, Heath the cast and of course the fans.

UltraViolet said...

Do people remember the Jake interview? Because I'd never seen it before, either.

I remember the setting but not this interview.

And there was this interview, similar but not the same.

I love Jake's quiet voice in both interviews.

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Nice. Wish he wasn't holding that paddle in that way...:)

suvee said...

I've been doing my fair share of quietly whining, too. Nice to see that killer chest again.

My all time favorite BBM interview is their appearance on Oprah...... I actually taped it, and I am so glad I did. I love it, not for Oprah's clumsy and awkward questions, but rather for the glimpse we get into each of the 4 actors' personalities and interactions. And, of course, it's so bittersweet now that Heath is gone.

There is a moment in that show that struck me as odd at the time, and I have always wondered if anyone else noticed it. (This is not something that I see in hindsight..... I noticed it when it happened on the show.) At the end of the show, Oprah asks them something about being excited about all the Oscar buzz. Up to that point in the show, Jake has been the most outgoing and chatty of the group..... Heath and Michelle are clearly introverts and not entirely comfortable, Anne is the "junior" member of the cast and acts as such.... that leaves charming Jake to do the heavy lifting. Anyway, when Oprah asks the Oscar question, Jake is absolutely silent, as is everyone else. Then they all kind of simultaneously say, yes, of course, they are thrilled about any Oscar chances BBM might have, etc. As I was watching, I thought his silence was uncharacteristic.... and I have always wondered if he already had an inkling, based on his Hollywood "connections", that BBM was not the Best Picture favorite it appeared to be. Am I the only one that noticed his reaction?

Sorry for the long comment!

sheba baby said...

Add me to the whiners as well Suvee and boy was it worth it! What a beautiful man!

I remember that interview on Oprah Suvee, it was my favorite interview because it was the only time that all four were interviewed together.

IMO Jake must have known that BBM chances were shaky. His mother is a member of the Academy and I think at the time Maggie was too, They must have heard the chatter and passed it on to Jake. So yeah I think the cast knew. I'm still angry at what happened that night, disgusting.

I don't remember the Jake interview you posted UV, but there are some parts that I have seen, it looks like they pasted together 2 different interviews for the video. I really enjoyed listening to the videos you posted and the one in Italian at the link UV, I never saw that one.

Listening to Heath is so bittersweet especially when he is talking about Michelle.

bobbyanna said...

suvee, that Oprah interview is etched in my brain,too :).It was kind of puzzling. It's possible Jake picked up some of the undercurrent of negative murmuring from some members of the academy.

Maybe it was just an issue of not wanting to seem too cocky, just wanting to say the right thing. Striking the right tone. I didn't care for the way Oprah handled the whole thing, but they handled her very well.

They gave perfect answers to some really silly lines of questioning. It was almost as if the burden of being gracious was on them and they definitely rose to the occasion. (Not a huge Oprah fan here.)

That Heath interview seems like part of a larger set from Venice. I'd seen him giving an interview in that exact setting, but not saying those things. Same with Jake's.

Jake on MV,, my, my.

Anonymous said...

I think people expect Jake to always give a good performance. He just goes along doing a great job.
Remember for the earlier part of his career Heath was not taken seriously as an actor. it wasn't until the small role in "Monster's Ball" where people said - hey, that was a good performance. And for many BBM gave him such attention because he surprised a lot of people. Then of course they could see the talent he had.

Jake from the beginning has been called one of his generations best actors.

sass said...

Evenin' babblers
I can't thank you enough for these beautiful Jake pics. I'll be back soon to look at videos and read everything!
I don't remember if I got to share with everyone that Chuck invited me and other brokies to the Lincoln Center week long Ang Lee Festival to see BBM. It was marvelous to see it again on the big screen; I know how you feel.
I will always remain grateful, that I had another chance, to see my favorite movie again.

UltraViolet said...

I should add the Italian one to the post in case other people haven't seen it. That's one of my favorites because it's longer than most.

I also loved the Oprah interview, despite Oprah's inanity and her obvious discomfort with the topic. I don't know if Jake had any clue that there would be a BBM backlash, though I do think the infamous Nikki Finke column had already been come out.

Some of it was also not wanting to appear overconfident. Also, Jake didn't get a Golden Globe nomination, so he probably was a little more cautious.

I wish Heath and Jake had done more promotion together for BBM.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Sass - glad you got to see BBM on the big screen again, too! There's nothing like it.

And yes, bobbyanna - I've seen bits of other interviews in this settting. That's what I mean - let us see all of them!

Okay, I'll stop whining... about that!

Added the Italian interview to the post.

sass said...

Tis true son and I saw all our boys movies from the beginning and Jake never hit a wrong note to me. It wasn't until I saw Monster's Ball that I sat up in my seat and said, "Where the hell did that come from...that boy can act his a*s off." That's an almost exact quote. Heath did say he was doing OJT with his career and did he ever succeed.
I miss you like hell Heath....
xoxo again

lawgoddess said...

Beautiful pictures of Jake on the beach, and great clips too. Thank you.

UltraViolet said...

De rien, LG :)

It's apparently shirtless Jake day! I just looked up and the beginning of Nightline was showing the Jake shirtless baseball photo. They must be rerunning the feature they did on the return of chest hair. In case you're up and haven't seen it :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! I missed Nightline!

UltraViolet said...

Nightline sometimes puts the clips up on their website the next day - check it out. It wasn't much - they don't even say Jake's name, much to my annoyance. But they show his picture a few times.

Those pics and these beach pics expose what a facre RPattz's chest victory was!

Monica sent me this link, which was culled from that A&E bio of Jake, I think. Heath does talk about Jake's performance in this clip.

We're thinking of you, Monica. Take care.

JakeFan said...

Monica sent me this link, which was culled from that A&E bio of Jake, I think. Heath does talk about Jake's performance in this clip.

Great find. Thanks. All the other videos are great too, even though I watched them before. :)

roby100 said...

Thanks UV for the new hot pictures and the old but new interviews. I'll never get tired of them, never.


Josie said...

Love the MV/beach pictures, he looks really buff and fit!

I missed Nightline too!!

I have seen most of these videos except for the Italian one. Thanks so much for finding them and posting them UV.

BBM is one of my all-time favorite films. How great that you got to see this masterpiece on the big screen again UV and Sass.

tweety said...

Wow, I have not seen the Jake interview posted or the Italian interview UV and I thought that I saw all the BBM interviews, thanks so much. I will take time during my lunch break to watch all of them. I loved the way Jake looked and love listening to his voice, and Heath just breaks my heart.

I see someone managed to get a few pics of Jake on MV from a few weeks ago and i'm glad they did! And yeah Bobbyanna, that paddle is in the way! Is it wrong that I think Jake looks sexy in that pic of him smoking in that Brothers still?

From Twitter from last night:

MelanieMerkosky: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Runyon tonight. He was wearing a Lance Armstrong outfit, and riding a bike UP the hill.

Sheba said...

Thanks for the new post UV, always happy to see new/old interviews not seen before. So many people patting him on the back or rubbing his back like they can't help themselves to touch or hug him. Bet many of us still feel the same way.

The problem with Jake's GyllenBabble is that I can totally understand what he's trying to say and yet it makes no sense. His incomplete sentences I finish every single one of them in my head. Makes perfect sense to all of us here.

When Jake talks of the loneliness he's spot on. The sweeping landscapes and the openness of it must have exposed feelings and emotions they all had to keep inside. We all know he was going through a breakup during filming therefore its all there in his prformance. He was very present. I feel gratified to know that we'll see and hear more of Heath as time goes on, when it doesn't hurt so much to talk and reminisc about him.

Also, we can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. I will say though that in coming here, I never feel lonely.

Yay for the new pictures. More semi-nekkid Jake please ;D

get real said...

GUH....THUD!!!!!!!! Jake is looking so SEXY in the MV pics!!! Love it. :)

Thanks for the videos/links...really appreciate looking back at those interviews.

Damn, I missed Nightline too. :/

Hey there Sass!

Anonymous said...

In the MV pictures Jake looks sexy, but he also looks bigger to me. I wonder if he is gaining weight and letting his hair grow for the movie with Anne Hathaway?

Notice how careful the picture taker was to only shoot a picture of Jake and not the other people he was with. Hope we get to see more pictures.

FluorescentLamp said...

Notice how careful the picture taker was to only shoot a picture of Jake and not the other people he was with.

There very well could have been other pics in this series that included whom Jake was paddling with on the beach. IHJ/Stephanie only posts Jake pics.

chica said...

After I finished drooling over the MV pics, I wondered who he was playing paddle ball with? The 2nd pic you can see an umbrella, don't know if the umbrella belonged to whomever Jake was with. Don't know too much about paddle ball but I would think that is something a kid would play. Maybe Reese kid's were on the beach with him,it was the day before the race and maybe the delay was because the kids were in the pics, just a thought.

The race pics of the kids, the official one's were posted on that site but the photographer obviously sold the pic of Jake taking a pic of Ava to Splash, that pic didn't appear on his site.

UltraViolet said...

Hello Roby - thanks for stoppign by and commenting. And "prego" for the videos :)

Also, we can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. I will say though that in coming here, I never feel lonely.

Yes on both counts, sheba. And what a nice thing to say - thank you.

shondra said...

I remember Jake talking about the isolation and being lonely during shooting BBM. That definately influenced his performance, Jake and Heath were so perfect together.

This post brought back so many memories, watching the videos again I picked up a few things that I missed. Thanks UV.

Jake& bare chest=HOT!!! Need more photos like this!

Chica, paddle ball/beach tennis is played by young and old. I've played it on the beach with the hubby and the kids!

Waves to Sass!

sag actor said...

I always believed that night that Jake, Heath, Michelle, Ang, etc knew what was coming that night in 2006. One of the biggest travesty in AA history IMO.

I forgot about a lot of the interviews, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's really no mystery with these awards shows anymore. There are so many awards shows that the element of surprise is gone from it.

Once the Golden Globe AND SAG went to Philip Seymour Hoffman, I don't really think Heath expected anything different than the same outcome at the Oscars. I can't even recall who won supporting against Jake and Michelle.

To me, the biggest genuine "upset" was in the Best Picture" category. It is very rare that a BP award doesn't follow Best Director.

Anyway, I hate remembering all that. I get angry and depressed bcz of it. So I try to move forward. It is too much like picking at a scab.

It's pretty obvious that "Crash" is rarely mentioned in any context, and BBM is becoming a classic. Niether Ang, Jake or Michelle has suffered from being slighted,and Heath has been vindicated. He was so happy about his work on Joker!

sag actor said...

Anon., Clooney won best s. actor and Rachel Weisz won best s. actress. They were expected to win along with Reese and Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ang because they were winning most of the awards leading up to the AA's along with BBM. Then a few before the awards the winds changed and you know what happened.

As you said nobody remembers Crash winning but BBM is becoming a classic.

suvee said...

I just mega sized that new still from Brothers..... am I seeing things or are those tattoos on Tommy/Jake's right hand fingers? We knew about the neck tattoo, but it looks like there's more ink. :)

Monica said...

So many interviews. I love everything about BBM.
Jake & Heath in the best film together.

thanks for all links, UV.

My friend found this:

Anonymous said...

looks like some tattoos along his fingers on his right hand didnt notice them the first time i mega sized it

UltraViolet said...

Good to see you, Monica - thanks for the photo link. Jake looked beautiful during the Proof filming.

And suvee - I've seen the hand tat before but this is a better shot of it. Love it.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, man - I was just about to go to sleep and I saw the news about Ted Kennedy. A complicated, imperfect man but what a life and a legacy.

This is a tough one.

chica said...

I woke to the news that Ted Kennedy passed away last night.

This is a tough one UV, i'm feeling very sad right now.


suvee said...

What sad news to wake up to. I like your epitaph, UV.

A complicated, imperfect man but what a life and a legacy.

He will be missed by so many...... his passing is this country's loss.

bobbyanna said...

I have no words. It was expected, but it's such a huge loss. He once came to our city, mid-'80s, to conduct hearings on homelessness during the Thanksgiving holidays. I was assigned to work with his staff. I still have a handwritten note from him thankiing me for my help. It was such an unexpected, gracious gesture. He's left us quite a legacy. Something to celebrate.

get real said...

RIP, to the Lion of the Senate. He will be truly missed. :(

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The news was not unexpected but it's still a blow. The Lion in the Senate will be truly missed.

RIP Ted.

extra said...

Well said UV. His fight for health care reform, workers rights, etc will be his legacy. What a sad day and what a loss to the nation.

Farewell Lion.

Love this post UV, lots of interviews that I do remember but I enjoyed listening to again. Jake with his gyllenbabble which I still manage to understand to listening to Heath. BBM is scuh a special movie for so many. Thanks.

Hi Monica, glad that you stopped by and thanks for the link to the Proof pic. Didn't notice the hand tattoos, thanks for the heads up!

I love what Jake is wearing in the MV pics, he looks so yummy!

JakeFan said...

I find Jake's gyllenbabble cute too and I love his voice, it's so soothing.
I never had a problem understanding Heath. I think he had a great voice and was eloquent. :)

bobbyanna said...

I've been watching a lovely "Irish wake" on MSNBC. They've had some wonderful stories to tell about Ted Kennedy.

chica said...

I'm at work right now, hopefully MSNBC will air it again tonight. Thanks for the heads up Bobbyanna.

bobbyanna said...

It ended at 10 AM. They used the Morning Joe segment to just have various people sitting around talking, telling stories. Don't think it will repeat exactly, but I'm certain tonight on MSNBC will be more of the same. It's the "Irish" network! LOL! Doris Kearns Goodwin, Mike Barnacle, Chris Matthews, John Meacham, Nora O'Donnell, and the usual suspects.:)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake is playing with Ava or Deacon in the beach pictures? I wish we could see who is with him.
I hope we'll see more of the beach set. Oh and Jake's body looks amazing.

chica said...

Thanks Bobbyanna, I figured it was live and probably won't be repeated but i'm sure there will be more of the same tonight, thanks!

sheba baby said...

Goodbye Sen. Kennedy, a national treasure was lost.


Anonymous said...

All these publicity videos remind me that Jake will be making the rounds of talk shows for Brothers, likely in November. At least I hope he will. So I'm wondering about Letterman, Ellen, etc. and whether they will tease him, and I also like it when he does those sneaky little shout outs to Reese, like he did with Ellen that time.

UltraViolet said...

I was happy to find this on the Jezebel story about Teddy. A link to the full eulogy (or at least longer than the usual clips) he delivered at the funeral for Robert Kennedy. Warning: If you're prone to tears, this may push you over the edge.

Beyond the sadness of the occasion, there are some remarkable words on the meaning of life and public service.

Anonymous said...

Big-name celebrities to appear on Jewish kids show
By JEN THOMAS (AP) – 50 minutes ago

JERUSALEM — Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Stiller and Christina Applegate are just a few of the stars slated to appear in a new Sesame Street-style production geared at teaching Jewish-American children about Jewish culture.

"Shalom Sesame," a 12-part series for preschoolers featuring the globe-trotting Muppet Grover, will explore Jewish identity and traditions and will film on location at several Israeli sites,

UltraViolet said...

Jake's going to be a Sesame Street veteran!

I think we are all looking forward to Jake's promotion for Brothers, anon. It's been too long since we've gotten to see the Jake charm on tour.

Going back to Ted Kennedy for a minute - I can't tell you how annoying it is that in Boston, they didn't show the Today Show or other network morning shows. We got all local coverage, which I hate. When something important like this happens, I want to know the national and international reaction, covered by pros.

As bad as the network hacks might be, they are better than the locals. (And I know the Boston locals are better than many other places, but still.)

Also, I really hope to avoid Mike Barnicle if at all possible. I despise that blowhard.

Okay, on that cheerful note - here's a video of Biden's remarks. Despite saying "literally" not-literally every other sentence, he was very moved and moving.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for that link, UV. I don't mind tearing up. It's worth recalling. That eulogy was one of the most eloquent calls to public service that I can remember. It affected the way I wanted to live my life. I was a teenager, & 1968 was a year of such upheaval. The part I remember best, starts at 5:55.

I' m very grateful that GB has enabled us to acknowledge Teddy, today.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Biden video. Very personal. Sweet. Made me tear up again.

(I'll take ten Mike Barnicles to one Joe Scarborough and a Pat Buchanan! LOL!)

I am SO looking forward to charming Jake. All your videos make me realize how long it's been. I love the little shout outs R&J give one another,too, whether it's talking about pigs or "small women pack a punch!"

Ofice of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks do so much for the links UV. I teared up listening to the eulogy,it's been awhile since i heard it. Biden speaks for a lot of Americans today, very moving.

Can't wait until Jake starts his interviews for Brothers too, and I loved the shoutouts J&R gave each other during Rendition and FC!

FluorescentLamp said...

UV, I think everything you're looking for from the major morning shows is online now.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I forgot to add that I love that Jake will be doing segments for the US version of Sesame Street and the Israeli one! It's not clear from that article where is segment will be filmed, here are Israel.

josie said...

Such sadness today and such a loss. Thanks UV.


sheba baby said...

Ted Kennedy's speech at the DNC last August and his plea for health care reform:

FluorescentLamp said...

I've never been one of those Kennedy apologists, so the move Ted was trying to pull at the end of his life smacks of all the things I hate about hack politics.

Oh and terms limits for senators please? Thank you.

UltraViolet said...

I don't see any Kennedy apologists here. I also wish he hadn't tried the latest maneuver. It's unfortunate that it was his last public act.

But I'm not in favor of term limits. And I'm happy and grateful Ted Kennedy was a Massachusetts senator for as long as he was.

chica said...

No apoligist here, and I didn't like what he tried to do at the end either, left a bad taste in my mouth. We all benefited from Ted Kennedy being in the Senate as long as he was IMO.

Now Mayor Bloomberg here in NY should NOT be running for a 3rd term as Mayor, what he pulled and got away with is vile. Hate that man with a passion.

verdeblusm said...

Senator Ted Kennedy was a cornerstone of USA democracy and in the same way, the last american prince. ..I think this is a loss for all the world

bobbyanna said...

I didn't like the idea of any attempt to change the rules, even tho I understood why he made the request. In the end it proved nothing more than a gesture, and I believe, as I'm sure you're aware,he just didn't want people to delay or draw out the selection process, with important issues pending. He didn't do it for personal aggrandizement. He was just counting votes right up until the end.:)

I am certainly not an apologist for Ted Kennedy.I find the suggestion repugnant. I haven't always agreed with him. I have problems with all of them, including President Obama.

The larger point is his amazing contribution in political leadership,and his legislative achievements. I'm grateful for his public service. He affected the lives of millions of people in such a positive way. I can't think of anyone else who's been as productive. I'm also not in favor of term limits. I do favor a greater sense of civic literacy!:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't always agree with Kennedy a lot of times, but at least I knew what he stood for. He wasn't wishy washy. He was a Liberal, but he never apologized about it.

Office of Nancy pelosi said...

Well said Bobbyanna. I didn't like him doing that either, changing the rules of the politcal game pisses me off but as you pointed out, it wasn't for personal gain.

MSNBC is airing a documentary tonight hosted by Chris Matthews about all of the Kennedy brothers.

suvee said...

bobbyanna, I loved your story about receiving the thank you note from Teddy. Thank you for sharing.

My personal favorite Teddy memory is his eloquent eulogy at Bobby's funeral. I was a passionate teenage supporter of Bobby Kennedy, and I clearly remember watching that funeral and being moved, almost beyond tears, as I listened to him honoring his brother.

And I am definitely going to watch MSNBC's Kennedy brothers documentary. Thanks for the heads up, oonp.

agent_krycek said...

There's been fairly big coverage about Ted Kennedy this side of the pond, and I must admit I'd forgotten how important he was in getting Northern Ireland to the place it is now

Pauls said...

Kennedy leaves behind a legacy of legislation and public service that Americans can all be proud of.

RIP Ted.

Wonderful post UV. I enjoyed watching the interviews again , the Italiasn interview is new to me. I can listen to Jake and his gyllenbabble all day and listening to Heath is so bittersweet.

Too bad we have to wait until next year to see Jake on the Israeli version of Sesame Street I think that it great that he is doing this along with him partcipating in the 40 year anniversary of Sesame Street along with Maggie.

he looks delish in the MV photos!

Anonymous said...

That should be Paula above, I didn't have my coffee yet!

chica said...

I forgot to thank you for sharing that story about Ted, Bobbyanna. What a lovely memory.

Ang Lee's new movie Taking Woodstock is opening up tomorrow. It has recieved mixed reviews so far, debating on seeing it tomorrow.

Just Jared said...

Jake interviews Natalie Portman. She's on the cover of Interview.

Jake and Nat

Sheba Baby said...

Thanks JJ, that was a fun read! It says that it's an excerpt, I can't wait to read the whole interview.

I remember when David Fincher interviewed Jake for Interview 2 years ago!

UltraViolet said...

We're on it - new post :)