Saturday, January 10, 2009

Party Time

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon attended a pre-Golden Globes party at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica last night. We were breathlessly awaiting the big hair reveal at the GGs, but Jake gave us an early peek at his unhatted self.

There's also news that Jake might be out and about tonight:

PRE-GLOBES GALA: Even celebs who may not be Golden Globes-bound will don glamorous duds this weekend. A spate of stars — including Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sting — were expected Saturday at the Art of Elysium's annual charity gala.

The swanky soiree, held at a former cathedral in downtown Los Angeles, will include dinner, music, a fashion show and special honors for Eva Mendes and Jim Sheridan.

Mendes was chosen to receive the inaugural Spirit of Elysium award for her work with the organization over the past two years. Sheridan, the event's co-chair, was to be presented with the Visonary Award before passing the torch to next year's honoree, Shepard Fairey.

Founded in 1997, the Art of Elysium encourages actors, artists and musicians to share their time and talent at artistic workshops for seriously ill children. Last year's gala raised over $800,000.

The event is hosted by Ryan Kavanaugh, one of the producers of Brothers. And you can watch it online. Scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm PDT/10:00pm EDT on CelebCast TV.

One assumes Jake and Jim will be dressed in slightly more formal attire.

Clearly, Jake and Eva have prior experience with golden globes, er, awards. So they should have fun tonight. Keep your eyes up, Jake!

Finally, some video of Jake and Reese's post-People's Choice Awards dinner. Or date, if you prefer:

Ignore the inane commentary and focus on the pretty.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

The hair of Jake is so beautiful!:):)

Thanks for the information of the party tonight.
I hope it will be released a photo of Jake with Jim Sheridan and Tobey Maguire.

I watched the video without audio.: D

suvee said...

According to the LA Times Goldderby Forum, Jake will be introducing the clip for CCoBB at the GG ceremony. Also, Maggie has been added as a presenter!

Thanks for the heads up about the big affair tonight shondra. Hopefully it means more pics for us to peruse (drool over)!

bobbyanna said...

Kavanaugh, Sheridan, Toby...hmmmm...Sounds like they'll be there. I thought the banter was kinda funny on TMZ...for a change.. I'm with "blondie": "Gotta keep ot fresh!"
Thanks SO much for the links.

suvee, thanks for the info. Wonder why one of the CCOBB actors aren't introducing the clip?

JoeAnn said...

I'm having a brain fart here. CCoBB?

UltraViolet said...

You're right, bobbyanna. For TMZ, it wasn't bad. And nothing derogatory about Jake and/or Reese. I just despise Harvey Levin. He's an ass.

The actors present the clips of their films at the SAG Awards - remember Jake and Heath's hilarious performance?! :( Not at the GGs, though.

Thanks for the info, suvee. I hope Jake actually sits at a table. And I hope it's with Reese and Maggie and Peter.

Good night, Monica - I hope your picture wish comes true. Sweet dreams.

suvee said...

Sorry, JoeAnn! I was too lazy to type Curious Case of Benjamin Button. : )

UltraViolet said...

It took me a minute, too, JoeAnn. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

So that means Jake comes out alone. No co-presenter.

shondra said...

Thanks for the news on Jake and the GG's tomorrow Suvee. I have my fingers crossed for a table for Jake/Maggie/Peter/Reese!

That TMZ clip was cute, surprised that it wasn't snarky and yes Levin is an ass.

Thanks for the link to watch the party tonight online UV!!!

Monica said...

Thank you, suvee!
It took me a minute, too, JoeAnn. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

suvee said...

So that means Jake comes out alone.

Yeah, as it should be. : )

And it seems the Fincher/Gyllenhaal connection is still alive.

Forgot to thank you, UV, for the link to the party tonight!

Monica said...

Suvee, you know if Ewan McGregor was included in the list of presenters?

JoeAnn said...

Thanks, Suzee! I haven't seen any of the Best Pic noms except for Dark Knight. While it looks interesting, I was planning to wait for CCoBB till it hit DVD.

chica said...

Awards season has snuck up on me this year, thanks for all the updates!!

So Jake will be presenting the clip from CCOBB?? Yes, the Gyllenhall/Fincher connection is live and well.

I like Jakes' a, I have no idea why he keeps covering it up with that damn beanie!

Love TMZ clip snd i will be checking out the gala/party tonight online, thanks for posting it UV!

suvee said...

Sorry, Monica..... Ewan's name is not on the most recent list of GG presenters.

Monica said...


Thank you, Suvee!

UltraViolet said...

Not sure why this event is getting so much play, but Extra also has a link for watching the arrivals.

I love Ewan McGregor and would love to see Jake work with him.

Monica said...

I am a fan of Ewan since Shallow Grave(his first film).
I also love to see Ewan working with Jake.

Remembered something. Ewan currently lives in Brentwood.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for all the updates and links, yeah it's kinda weird the coverage this event is getting. This is only the 2nd year for this event.

Eva does have impressive, um globes, LOL!!

Love seeing Jake's w/o the beanie,i wonder if Jake will bring Reese to this event?

Anonymous said...

E1 had a clip of last night's party and said it was honoring Tom Cruise. Showed Jake and Reese leaving and Jake didn't look happy. Once he was in the car, he burned rubber screeching out of the parking lot. I think he was hoping a photographer would have just tried to get in his path. LOL!

ihj said...

New addition to the laker pics from last Sunday, this is too sweet!

sheba baby said...

Here are some pics of some of the arrivalsfrom tonights gala, no Jake or Tobey so far:

I had trouble with the live feeds from the 2 sites. Thanks for the TMZ video of J&R !!!

I have a feeling that neither Jake or Maggie will do the red carpet, just present. Hopefully they have a tableand Reese and Peter will join them.

I love Jake's hair, but he does looked annoyed and Reese does later on th car.

lawgoddess said...

Thank you, UV, clever and informative post as always.

I'm on Cloud 9 over all the Jake-reese sightings. :)

gofer said...

If Maggie is at the Globes, she'll sit at The Dark Knight cast table.

If Reese and Jake both go, they will either sit at a Disney table or Dreamworks.

Tables are reserved/assigned by the filmmakers, producers, studios, and major agencies.

gabbana said...

Good morning everyone - thanks for all the pictures and the videos.

Obviously no arrival pictures of Jake, Tobey or Jim Sheridan at the Gala. But people like Rumer Willis, Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth....

Jake presenting Ben Button would be great - the relationship between Jake and Fincher was never clear to me. But it seems they worked it out.

Heath is the only one nominated for The Dark Knight, perhaps Maggie will introduce "Supporting Actor"?

I only see Jake sitting at one of the tables if he or Reese are invited by someone. We haven´t seen him the years he presented at the Red Carpet nor in the audience. I doubt this will change this year.

Bette said...

I have a feeling Reese and Jake won't show up together. It's a shame. I'd really like to see them go together.

gabbana said...

I just had another look at the GoldDerby side and found this:

presented by Cameron Diaz & Mark Wahlberg"

presented by Aaron Eckhart & Maggie Gyllenhaal"

After Mark Wahlbergs comments in an interview about BBM (apparently he was in discussion for one of the roles) I really dislike this guy and I would prefer someone else than just him presenting this award.....:-((

Bette, perhaps they will be together at an after party, but it is very unusual that the presenters walk the Red Carpet or are among the audience.

josie said...

It's quite possible that Disney and Dreamworks may have a table at the awards because Bolt(Disney) and Wall-E(Pixar/Disney) and Kung fu Panda(Dreamworks) are all up for best animated film.

TDK is not up for best picture, Heath is the only nomination I think so I don't think they would get a table, but i may be wrong.

Yes it is unusal for presenters to do the red carpet, and jake doesn't do them and Reese skipped it at the PC awards.

Jake looks like he has hat hair, too much beanie wearing!! Hopefully they will at least go to an after party.

Looking forward to seeing Jake present the clip for CCOBB, but i'm not thrilled with the Whalberg choice for presenting SA for the reasons you stated Gabbana.

According reports, Heath's father will accept if Heath wins tonight according to HEPA.

extra said...

I assume this writer means 12/28 when J&R were spotted in Ojai unless tehy wee there last Sunday as well:

Last Sunday, Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon (“Walk the Line”) was there in jeans and a sweater, conferring with a knit-capped Jake Gyllenhaal (“Brokeback Mountain”) about items on their shopping list. Witherspoon grabbed some Russian kale ($2.25 per pound) from the McGrath Family Farms booth, scored a bag of first-of-the-season Kishu mandarins ($3) from Churchill Orchard and was gone.

Looking forward to seeing Jake present tonight, it's been awhile since we have seen him do anything official. I also agree that J&R will not do the Red carpet, at least we got a peek of them together at the pre-party and a peek of Jake's hair!

Love the TMZ video!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you people tip-toeing around the fact Kirsten Dunst was at this event last night, spending a lot of time with Toby Maguire and his wife. There is clearly a reason why Jake and Reese didn't go. Kirsten looked beautiful.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I had no idea Kristen attended the event since she was not on the list, thanks for the info anon.

I doubt that was the reason, if I remember correctly last year, Jake and Jake and Reese were listed as attending a few pre-awards parties and they never showed along with a few stars. One that comes to mind was this big gala that was supposed to have Brangelina and Jake and Reese in attendance along with J. Aniston. Not only were J&R no-shows but so were J&R.

The CAA/pre-GG party was not an announced event, so there attendance wasn't announced in advanced.

Jake and Kristen have been over with for a while now, i think that the "awkward" stage is long over.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Correction, that should be Brad and Angie were no shows at that gala last year along with J&R.

Jake really doesn't do events like this anymore, with the exception of award shows where he is announced as a presenter like the GG.

I remember a few online Jake fans were quite upset in '06 when he was announced to appear at a charity event in L.A. and he was a no-show. One was so upset that she demanded her $$$ back. Earlier in that same year Jake and his family were listed as atending an event in NY and none showed.

The reasons why he or other actors are announced and don't show are not known to the fans, you can speculate but that's it.

Kristen and Tobey are friends and co-stars. It would have been great if Jake appeared since Jim Sheridan was there but I think it's childish to think he didn't show because an ex-GF was going to be there, ex's show up at events like this all the time, no big deal.

Maybe he was tired, doing the Pop reshoots in between isn't helping.

lawgoddess said...

I just embiggened the pictures and realized Jake is wearing a Hermes scarf with his great suit and scuffed boots. :)

I like him in scarves.

Maybe he and Reese decided they'd rather have popcorn by the fire than go to a big event.

FluorescentLamp said...

?The reasons why he or other actors are announced and don't show are not known to the fans, you can speculate but that's it.

Usually what happens is invites go out to the big name stars. When press releases are sent out about the event those same big names are attached to the release as "expected to attend" even though they may or may not have designs on attending. It lends the event more cred with high profile names thrown into the ether.

bobbyanna said...

I visited IHJ a little while ago. Do you realize that yesterday...(so far as we know,) was the first day in week there were no pictures of Jake???

I love seeing all the pictures, since we've been on such short rations for all those months he was shooting, but there is a huge part of me that is glad he was invisible yesterday.

He's been working, then the holidays, now the awards season social stuff. Lots of running around. Since he's basically a homebody, maybe he was glad to not go anywhere.

In pics of Reese out yesterday for lunch, she was alone, casual,very relaxed. They were at the CAA thing for Tom Cruise Friday night. Jake is presenting at the Globes tonight, (with or without Reese.)

He may still have to deal with finishing re-shoots on Monday. Oh, and there are two little kids who probably enjoyed the fact that mom and Jake weren't out last night. (And maybe Maggie is in town and they wanted to spend time with her.)

I agree Kirsten, per se, is not a reason for them not to go somewhere. But I also suspect they wouldn't give the paps/rags the satisfaction of the fantasy hype.

Tabloids are always trying to set up Brad, Angie and Jen. But it's fiction, confirmed recently by Brad himself. They'd probably love a new angle on R&J. Something with Ryan and Jake, or Abbie and Reese. But in a pinch, Kirsten will do. They are rotten and unscrupulous.

It seems to me, it's very difficult to have any kind of private life if you're famous, especially if you have children.

I feel sorry for the Travoltas right now. The most horrible thing that could happen to anyone just happened to them. And some jerk on TV was actually speculating about whether John would show up at the GG "where he is supposed to be a presenter." Like that's important?

OK. I'm done. Sorry for my rambling rant. Really looking forward to all the GG festivities.
And for Heath to win!

get real said...

So excited for tonight. Thanks for all the info everyone.

I am confused about the sighting anon mentioned on E! It may have been another event that Jake and Reese were at because the Art of Elysian (sorry I know it is misspelled) had no pics of them and if it was a special thing for Tom Cruise, I am sure we would have seen pics of him there too.

I agree with you though, FL, that many times they list all those that got an invitation but not everyone shows up. Probably what happened with J&R.

I am really glad Maggie is also going to be there. Man, I miss seeing Jake and Maggie together. Would be absolutely fantastic if we got pics of Jake and Maggie and Jake, Reese and Maggie together.

chica said...

Hi get real!
I think the anon.means that the E! segment of Jake racing away with Reese was the CAA/pre-GG party on Friday, but that was not a party for Cruise, if so it would have been noted and there were no pics of Tom there.

Jake was a no-show at the gala last night, FL is right, a lot of times names go out to press w/o the stars confirming. I noticed that Demi Moore was expected to attend and she was a no-show too.

I would thik that Jake is exhausted with the re-shoots and getting ready for tonight, so i'm not surprised that he didn't confirm/go last night, especially with Maggie in town.

Looking forward to the show tonight!

Anonymous said...

Chica there is a video on x17 of Tom Cruise at the GG Party, it also shows various other people but no J&R.

suvee said...

Hope this works..... it's the GG program schedule. Jake is on early in the show.

bobbyanna said...

I thought I read or saw somewhere that the pre-GG party was a CAA affair honoring Tom Cruise. I did see pics of TC there. This is the one from Friday night, Jake in a suit, grey scarf, no beanie, coming out the back with Reese?

Oh, well.

chica said...

Thanks anon. Just odd that Tom wasn't mentioned at all in the beggining, and why would CAA have a party for Cruise? I know he is nominated for a GG, but so are a number of their other clients I assume.

I get the feeling that Jake and Reese are the types that show up at these events only if they have to IMO

I heard some jerk speculating about Travolta attending the awards tonight too bobbyanna.

What a jackass, he just lost his son, the GG's are the last thing on his mind.

get real said...

You are correct, Bobbyanna. Jake and Reese were at the GG/CAA event, which is Jake in the scarf. I didn't realize it was also honoring Tom Cruise. Anyway, J&R were there even if they aren't on the video, they are in photos.

The other event was the Art of Elysian (sorry misspelled again) which is the fashion event last night, which J&R were on the list for but didn't attend.

I am glad they did attend the CAA event.

get real said...

Waves a hello to Chica!

I did not know about Tom Cruise being a big part of the CAA event either until now.

Oh well...roll on tonight!

extra said...

I guess Tom was here!:

Sounds like Jake and Reese tried to sneak out the back and were caught by the paps!! Looking at the pics of them in the car, they didn't look too pleased.

Anonymous said...

Get Real I didn't mean to imply they weren't there, I meant they were not on the x17 video.

sag actor said...

Schedule for the GG awards tonight:

6 PM to 8 PM - E! - Live From The Red Carpet: The 2009 Golden Globes

6 PM to 8 PM - TV Guide Channel - Live At The Golden Globes


7 PM to 8 PM - NBC - 2009 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

8 PM to 11 PM - NBC - The 2009 Golden Globe Awards


bobbyanna said...

Whoa! Thanks for the link to poptv!!! If you scroll down to the video that says "Star Studded GG Party," you will see what a total mess J&R had to cope with. Them and everyone else who was there.

I heard the paps ask several celebs "What'd you say to Tom?" Everyone was there!!!Frank Langella came with Tom Brokaw. Jared Leto, Daniel Craig, Diane Kruger, Ron Howard, both Sutherlands, etc. Gerard Butler, who is not famous for his tact, was even asking in a very courteous, humble way, "Please guys, I can't see." The blast of flashbulbs was totally blinding and the gauntlet to get to your car was a mess.

They had footage of Jake and Reese he came out the back gunning it and roared out of there. What a Bad Ass!!!

The paparrazzi in front were so unbearable going out the back was slightly better. It was really really hard to see. Everyone commented on it.

The hosts were begging the paparrazzi in front to "getaway from the car...let them pull out..." so I truly understand why Jake and Reese handled it the way they did. Go Jake!!!

Who ever planned this event at this venue really messed up.They needed a bigger place, better security.

FluorescentLamp said...

What they needed was a separate roped off area on either side of the entrance with the paps behind the ropes. How foolish not to have something like that in place so the celebs could at least see where they were supposed to be going.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. CAA are supposed to be a professional representation and that was pretty uncomfortable to watch. Fire the events manager! It's a good job these actors and actreses get paid huge sums of money; to see what they have to put up with and some of those snarky dumb comments.

Watching Jake burn rubber was fun, pity he didn't take out a few ratzis on the way. Can't wait to see him tonight.

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

Thank's for all links and information!

I did not like to know that Mark will be the presenter of the supporting actor. I also remember the comments about Brokeback.
I will keep my focus on the prize!
Go Heath!

bobbyanna said...

I'm disappointed, too, Monica. I'd have been OK with Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell who at least worked on Parnassus for Heath.

You're right,FL. I think they had some kind of flimsy boundary, but clearly it was insufficient, or not enforceable.

sag actor said...

Since Aaron and Maggie are presenting and were co-stars of Heath's in TDK, it would have made more sense if they presented, but then that would have been seen as too obvious. Heath is a lock to win. It's possible that one of them will aacept for him, we will see.

Monica said...

Here in Brazil will be broadcast by the channel TNT!

extra said...

GG arrivals:,d&igi=348220&nbc1=1

Monica said...

Maggie is so beautiful!

Pia Zadora's GG award collecting dust said...

LOL! Nikki Finke's live blogging of the Golden Globes:

sheba baby said...

Ha, ha!!! The GG will never live that one down, where is Pia these days??

Maggie does look beautiful, Kate Winslet look stunning as well.

sheba baby said...

And the stunning Kate just won for best SA, Congratulations!!!

Monica said...

Jake is so beautiful!

get real said...

OMG, Jake looks gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

where! where is Jake!

chica said...

Jake looks incredible!!!! And Heath won!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope there will be some pictures on line

Monica said...

Heath deserves!

shondra said...

Loved Jake's hair and tux, and liked his intro for the clip.

Nolan's acceptance speech for Heath was perfect.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! I do not find any Jake's photo!

FluorescentLamp said...

So now that's he got the hair cut, does this mean we lose the knit caps? God I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 cute basketball game pictures I found of them holding hands

get real said...

Oh, just saw another glimpse of Jake when they were going to break, talking to David Fincher!

For all those who haven't seen Jake present yet, I am sure IHJ will have it up asap.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal - 2009 Golden Globe Awards vid!

UltraViolet said...

Loved seeing that little glimpse, get real! And I thought it was Fincher, too.

I hope this means Jake will stick around and mabe go to a party or too after!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Thank you very much Anonymous!

sheba baby said...

Holy crap, Kate won again!!!

Best SA, Rwader and Best Actress, for Revolutionary road,


Anonymous said...

screen caps are on IHJ right now

bobbyanna said...

I caught the glimpse too, get real. I think it was Fincher. Glad he didn't just run off after his presentation. I thought he look great!

I have a question: Was there a mistake with the supporting actor awards? I thought RDJ, Tom Cruise, and James Franco were nominated for Best Supporting in a Musical or Comedy, and Heath was nominated in the Dramatic category. I was very suprised Demi Moore came out to announce those.

Maggie looked really good. I liked her dress and her hair and make-up were perfect. Chris Nolan's acceptance speech was heart-breaking and comforting.

I was delighted for Kate Winslet, and Colin Farrell. Laura Dern, too. I guess I need to see The Wrestler. But it has to wait until I see Slumdog.

Bette said...

So I'm guessing Reese sat this one out? No sign of them at the after parties either? Sorry I missed the GGs, had to work, but I loved Jake's speech. He did a great job.

UltraViolet said...

No sign of Jake at a party or in the audience, Bette, except for one brief shot where he was chatting with David Fincher, we think. Maybe something will turn up tomorrow.

New post.