Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello Old Friend

Look what Jake just found again!

Proving that not only is dog man's best friend, but sometimes, just sometimes, so is his postage stamp tee shirt.

Jake in '05

Jake in '06

BONUS! Postage stamp tee AND the jeans!

Jake in '07

More pics from today's postage stamp tee outing

The rest of the set can be found at Postage Stamp Tee Shirt Central.

Maybe for our next installment we'll chart the history of the grandpa sweater.


Anonymous said...

Is Reese wearing one of Jakes beanies, also what do you think he is doing Here

Anonymous said...

BTW meant to say great to see them again, don't think they were to happy to see the paps though.

Anonymous said...

looks like in the photos he has some dye in his hair or some new color??

office of nancy pelosi said...

It looks like he is flipping the paps the bird, LOL!!

Good to see the postage stamp shirt again and it looks like Jake had that beanie on before Reese, you can tell by his hair.

bobbyanna said...

I noticed that T-shirt right away!!
Good job, FL! Yeah, OONP, it looks like Reese snatched his beanie. Not at all happy to see the paps, and God only knows what the paps were shouting. My goodness, he has long fingers!

Looks like his own hair color is starting to grow out. It's darker at the roots then the reddish brown. I hope he really is finished with his movie. He looks like he is tired.

josie said...

Ahh, the t-shirt reappears!!! I thought it fell apart in the wash.

Love that Reese is wearing his beanie and it does look like he is growing his hair color out.

Don't foget to watchthe Sag Awards tonight. got my fingers crossed for Heath and Annie.

chica said...

We all have to thank Reese for grabbing his woolie hat before they left the store!

The postage tee!!

josie said...

And speaking of Annie:

"But I'm a normal shape and Scarlett Johansson is not a skinny, skinny girl. Beyonce Knowles looks after herself and has a beautiful body. Reese Witherspoon looks great."

sass said...

Howdy babblers,

Ah, thank you two so much. I alternate my desktop PDA pics; sometimes I have a pic of Barack and Michelle, sometimes my picture is of Jake and Reese.
I'm a happy babbler today.

Big hugs to ya,


extra said...

Hi Sass!!!
Good to see him w/o that hat and they do look pissed at the paps here. The tee shirt, the sweater and it loks like the jeans too!

Don't forget to watch the SAG awards tonight.

lawgoddess said...

Love the postage stamp shirt! great post.

But either the shirt or my vision is fading. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out.

Jake and his hair look great. And I think he's wearing The Jeans, too.

FluorescentLamp said...

He is, LBarb, he is! It's almost as if the postage stamp tee and those particular jeans are a combo for the ages. Or at least since 2005. ;)

suvee said...

it looks like Jake had that beanie on before Reese, you can tell by his hair.

OONP, thanks for that explanation of what happened to Jake's hair. Honestly, when I first saw these pics, I thought Deacon had given him a haircut. : )

We all have to thank Reese for grabbing his woolie hat before they left the store!

I'm thinking Reese finally got worried that his haircut/beanie issues were turning into an obsession, so she took action and performed a spur of the moment beanie intervention. Hee.

shondra said...

You have a good eye FL, I would have never have caught that!

Beanie intervention,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bruckheimer Debuts ‘Prince of Persia’ Poster Within His Own Film, ‘Confessions Of A Shopoholic

Prominently featured on the poster is lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal in full-costume as Prince Dastan. The film, based on the classic videogame, is an action/adventure that, in the words of it’s original
creator, combines the Arabian Nights genre with the style of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


josie said...

Thanks for the heads up anon!
That's very clever although the demographics are different for these 2 movies, but Bruckheimer's other film, G-force is featured as well so what do I know??

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!
Jake finally showed their beautiful hair. Thank you, Reese!: D

Thank you, anon for information about POP.

sag actor said...

Interesting cross promotion with Bruckheimer and Pop/Confessions of a Shopaholic. I can see a bunch of fanboys rushing to see this just to see the Pop poster in the movie!

His hair is really short here, i wonder if he is done with the reshoots?

Don't forget to watch the SAG awards tonight!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Good investigation! Thanks! And what does look like to them his boots? Are they the mythical ones?

Anonymous said...

Are there any true PoP fanboys? You never hear about anyone discussing this like Batman or Superman or even Halo or Lara Croft. I don't think PoP has a real deeply rooted fan base who would flock to see a movie about a girl shopping just to see a picture that has been on the web already in various formats.

FluorescentLamp said...

There seem to be a lot of PoP message boards among all the gamer boards out there. When Jake was first announced for the role I did a little research and found a lot of PoP chatter out there on the interwebs.

Monica said...

Congrats, Heath!

UltraViolet said...

Yes, congratulations to Heath. It's so bittersweet to see him winning all these awards.

And a big welcome back to The Tee. As someone said, I guess it was in the last box of stuff Jake moved into Reese's :)

Love seeing it again, as well as Jake's hair, whatever the color du jour.

I am still annoyed with Jake that he never let us enjoy his long hair. Just because he hated it, or so it seems, doesn't mean we would have!

bobbyanna said...

It's kind of overwhelming in a way. Heath is getting all these well-deserved awards, and I want so much to be happy and celebrate, instead, I'm pounding my fist on the furniture and wiping away tears. I suppose he's around some where enjoying all this acknowledgement. It's just too bad we can't share it with him.

I love that they included that special scene with Jake from Brokeback in the Trailblazers sequence at the SAG awards. The sequence ended with The Joker.

One thing I know. If Heath had been there, it would have all unfolded exactly the same. He'd have been acknowledged in the Trailblazers sequence, and he'd have won. And he would have loved sharing the spotlight with Sean Penn bcz he admired him so much.

gabbana said...

The Stamp shirt and the grandpa sweater - welome back! :-))

Love the way he is "subtly" flipping the bird...

Jerry Bruckheimer talks about Jake and PoP

"Yeah, you won't recognize Jake Gyllenhaal," Bruckheimer said in a press conference on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his latest film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. "I've seen most of Prince of Persia. It looks fantastic."

Jerry on Jake

Congratulations to Heath - IMO this award given by his acting colleagues would have meant the most to him.

sag actor said...

Congratulations on Heath winning the SAG award for BSA.

sheba baby said...

It is kind of overwhelming bobbyanna regarding Heath winning all these awards. On the one hand I am thrilled because he truly deserves all the recognition but on the other hand there is such a feeling of sadness and loss, sigh.

Loved Oldman's speech on behalf of Heath at the SAG's. I love that they added that scene too from BBM.

Oh my, Jake's hair looks um, messy!!! And yes it does look like he had it on before Reese snatched it, he really has become attached to his beanies.

Interesrting cross promotion with Pop/Shopaholic, I think Bruckheimer is going for the Pirates demo.

I thought the same thing UV about the t-shirt and grandpa sweater being in the last box when he moved into Reese's.

Now that his house is officially on the market, I guess he has finally given up his bachelor pad and moved in 100% with Reese.

Anonymous said...

I notice they don't take Atticus out for walks as often. Maybe two kids and a farm are giving Atticus a lot of exercise. :)

Anonymous said...

We don't know if Jake's house is really on the market. That is just a rumor so far.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, sass! Morning, all!

FYI - Reese's Vogue cover was the magazine's 2008 best seller.

extra said...

This blogger mentions a Jake and Reese sighting. Doesn't say where or when (although she says this wek, meaning last week).

It's on the right side bar. She lists her occupation as a writer, so it's a good bet she saw them at some screening since they are both Academy members:

I helped contribute to that Vogue issue being a best seller UV!

sheba baby said...

I know the selling his house story came from the Star, but it actually seems legit the way it was worded.

If he is living with Reese, then it makes no sense for him to keep the place. I actually thought he had sold it already.

paula said...

Thank you Reese for grabbing your man's hat and plopping it on your head, LOL!! The t-shirt, the jeans and the sweater, all of Jake's fav/comfy clothes, I love seeing him wear them.

Reese looks like a little girl walking behind him, they are beyond cute.

I watched the SAG awatds last night with mixed emotions, awards season is really hard this year.

So Jake is finaly selling his home, I was waiting for that to happen as it seems like he spends most of his time at Reese's.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say thanks for the blog sighting, extra. Those have been few and far between lately!

Latino Reviewhas an interview with Jerry Bruckheimer about Shopaholic and other movies. The PoP tidbits:

Is this the future of advertising, this 'in movie advertising', seeing the 'Prince of Persia' and 'G-Force' ads CGI'd into Confessions of a Shopaholic? Is that a first?

Bruckheimer: I don't know. It's funny because I was watching the movie and we had ads for other films and I said, 'Why don't we put our own movies in here.' It's kind of silly to promote someone else's movies.

Was that done in the late stage of the film?

Bruckheimer: Yes. It was done two weeks ago.

How big is 'Prince of Persia' going to be?

Bruckheimer: As far as the scope of it, it's enormous. It's a big romantic adventure.

It's based on the 'Sands of Time' game, the one that came out a few years ago?

Bruckheimer: Yes.

And nothing on the current one that's out?

Bruckheimer: No. Well, I mean, I shouldn't say no. I haven't played the current one. I heard that it got really good reviews.

Will there be a lot of stunts and action scenes that people haven't seen before? Is it more Parkour, like with the Prince?

Bruckheimer: There's Parkour, yeah.

A lot of action then. Is this a future franchise, a new 'Pirates'?

Bruckheimer: You never know. If you'd have asked me this question before, before the first 'Pirates' came out I would've said that you were nuts and that we just hoped to get this one sold. You don't know.

But with the success of 'Pirates' –

Bruckheimer: Every movie is a different thing unto itself. I really just don't know.


When do you think we'll see some teaser trailers on some of these things, say, for like 'Prince of Persia'?

Bruckheimer: 'Prince of Persia'. I think there's a reel on it, but I don't think they've done a trailer on it because it doesn't come out until 2010, but they have a trailer for 'G-Force' and 'Sorcerer's' we start in March. That's with Jay Baruchel playing the apprentice. It's fantastic. The designs on that movie are amazing.

Come on, man. Give us more than a poster tease, Jerry!

agent_krycek said...

Hmmmmm, so if the house has recently come onto the market - just after the holidays, after Jake being away from home for an extended period of time, to me that indicates that the ring Reese has been wearing since mid-September is very significant indeed, if you follow my drift ;-)

bobbyanna said...

Agent K? Are you suggesting I needn't bother about my hat?:) :)

Thanks for the blog sighting and thanks UV, for the PoP "tidbits."

Funny. Jerry Bruckheimer is known for his BIG movies. He blows things up. But he was also the producer of one of my all time favorite movies, "Veronica Guerin," with Cate Blanchett.

I bet by late Summer, they'll start "leaking" trailer clips on the internet. The PR build up to PoP is going to be huge! I think this is the calm before the storm. We will all be able to have our very own Jake doll. But only Reese gets to have the life sized one.:)

sag actor said...

OT: The tanking economy is effecting everything, layoffs at Variety:

PS: Very clever promotion from Bruckheimer, he knows what he is doing.

agent_krycek said...

Agent K? Are you suggesting I needn't bother about my hat?:) :)

Obviously as usual I'm saying nothing ;) , but just mentioning the timing of a lot of things...and a certain blind item of a few months back, can't think why it's springing to mind again...

UltraViolet said...

Speaking of hats... This was posted on DC. Hee!

Anonymous said...

Would whomever saw the Trailblazers sequence on the SAG Awards be so kind as to describe what the BBM clip was, that Jake was in? I've been searching YouTube for two days to no avail, so maybe whomever saw it could give us the mental image of what it is that we missed, Thank You!

FluorescentLamp said...

Was just a quick flash of the dozy embrace is all.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? :) thanks FL!

extra said...

Jaske and Reese sighting from Saturday:

Jake may be called for jury duty:

TMZ is scummy for hanging around.

bobbyanna said...

I agree TMZ is scummy, extra. But I'm afraid Jake may look back on these days fondly, as a time when he had more privacy then he'll have once Prince of Persia trailer, etc. hit. When the Bruckheimer/Disney machine moves into high gear. Jake can kiss any semblance of anonymity good-bye.

suvee said...

This is from UsWeekly....

TMZ said that Gyllenhaal, who was wearing a baseball cap and jacket, was told to take off his hat inside the courtroom.

Bless his heart..... he must really hate his hair. : )

extra said...

I agree bobbyanna, Jake better enjoy what little privacy he has now, I have a feeling that Pop is going to be huge!

Yeah suvee, Jake must really hate how his hair looks now, poor guy! Looks fine to me.

The cafe they were spotted at is a health/organic cafe:

josie said...

Us weekly said that they sent him home today, but he has to go back tomorrow.

UltraViolet said...

TMZ has a picture now. I'm sure Stephanie will have some soon.

Doesn't look like Jake felt the need to dress for jury duty.

Anonymous said...

most people dont dress for jury duty anymore the times i been including me wear jeans

Anonymous said...

I think Jake was trying to be inconspicuous and that's why he wore his hat. He probably does hate the two-toned hair color, too.
They said they took him into a private room. But I didn't understand why, bcz TMZ said they were with him and saw him leave and they even knew he had to take his hat off..

office of nancy pelosi said...

If he was dismissed yesterday, most likely he is done. They really don't like celebs on cases, too distracting.

If he is still doing Pop reshoots, that could also factor into it.

Anonymous said...

I forgot add, in my experience with jury duty i was interviewed in a privat room by the lawyers. After the interview they informed me I would not be a juror and I was done.

When I was called for Grand Jury i was interviewed in fron of a pool of people, i was chosen the same day to serve.

How would TMZ know if he will have to come back today to see if he was chosen? Are things done different in CA? And if that was the case, would't he just have to call the courthouse?

office of nancy pelosi said...

That was me at 6:07!

agent_krycek said...

Pity he's not in the UK, you can't identify jury members over here, certainly couldn't photograph them.

extra said...

You would think that something as serious as jury duty, there would be some kind of discretion. If I was a lawyer on the case I would not choose an actor, too much attention and distraction. Very taccky IMO.

I came across this, they must be talking in the past tense when Jake was still in the UK filming:

UltraViolet said...

I saw that, too, extra. I assume it's safe to print the info now that Reese and Jake are no longer renting it. Also, as we remember, I'm not sure they stayed in it for too long.

TMZ has some video of Jake leaving the courthouse yesterday. According to them:

Jake's prospective new role -- juror in a misdemeanor battery case in downtown L.A. He's back in court at 10:30 AM. He's on a panel and has not yet been questioned by the lawyers. We were there yesterday as Jake sat all morning in the jury assembly room, squished into a corner by a really large man.

Will Jake make the cut today? A lot is riding on it. He stands to earn $15 a day and $.34 a mile.

Anonymous said...

Did Jake spit at the paps?. Good for him if he did.

bobbyanna said...

I don't think Jake would do that. Unless they said something really really awful to him.

I am sitting here watching the fourth inch of snow come down. They said it would let up by noon, but they lie! My basically intermittent phone service from Comcast is out again. Since last night. my computer is tempermental.

Please tell me that the cherry pie I have in the frige, that I picked up on sale for $2.99 so I just had to buy it, is not something I want to do right now. Anyone? Anyone?

chica said...

We only got a couple of inches of snow here in NY and everything comes to a screeching hault!

It must be a slow gossip/news day if they think that Jake showing up for possible jury duty is newsworthy, actors being called for jury duty is pretty common in L.A. If he is being called back today it sounds like he is done with the reshoots because that would be a reason to get out of it!
He spat on the sidewalk, not at the paps.

He is really attached to his hats/beanies now and it has nothing to do with the length of his hair as we saw, it may be the color which looks like he is trying to grow out.

Yeah I think it's safe to post that info about Jake and Reese and the flat they rented in the UK extra and UV since he is finished filming there.

Anonymous said...

Just done a little searching, could this be the house they rented?.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look very kid friendly.

agent_krycek said...

He is really attached to his hats/beanies now

Once you succumb to the power of the hat you can never go back!

Be quite funny to have Jake on a jury, when asked why they failed to reach a verdict the foreperson replied 'We were distracted by the overwealming hotness of Jake and didn't actually notice there was a case going on in the first place - sorry' =D

bobbyanna said...

If I were on jury duty with him, I'd be studying his hands, or counting his eyelashes, or just generally appreciating the geography of Jake!

I think he needs to understand that it isn't because he is a famous movie star that people look at him. it is because he is unbearably hot. If he were just an ordinary (!) private person, he would have the same effect. You just can't go thru life looking like that and not get attention.:)

shondra said...

If this is the flat they rented in Sept-Nov, then it wouldn't need to be "kid friendly", the kids were back in the states back in school.

The kids joined them in late June/early July and that was a brief stay as you remember, ended up spending the remaining time at a hotel before they left for Paris where they stayed at non-kid friendly hotels.

Reese spent a lot of time flying back and forth to London during that time. The flat looks really nice but I can't imagine spending that much a week to rent it !

The last time I did jury duty was 3years ago and it was for the Grand jury, and i was an alternate juror. They dismissed me after 3 days!

Anonymous said...

stephanie has the pics of jake leaving the courthouse up

get real said...

Heh, Jake having to do his civic duty! :) I would have real trouble concentrating if Jake was on my jury.

I did jury duty twice (posted here during one of them, lol) and you usually have to go for two days unless you are called to a case. And lol at him being asked to remove his hat.

It does look like he spit in the video, seemed annoyed at the paps.

Thanks for the info on the London flat. Looks really nice.

bobbyanna said...

shondra, I think PoP probably had to provide Jake with a housing allowance or something. It is usually in the contract if they make someone go on location. They've also give actors a per diem and that can be very impressive. All this is over and and above a salary.

chi said...

Hey get real! How are you holding up in this horrible weather here in NY??

I watched the video again and I keep going back to spitting on the sidewalk or chewing gum, either way he wasn't in a good mood although the pics on IHJ show him smiling a bit.

chica said...

chi=chica, my fingers are frozen, LOL!

UltraViolet said...

He definitely spit in the pap's direction. Not on him; he wasn't that crass. But it's pretty clear he wasn't in the mood for their BS.

On a lighter note, here's a fun sighting:

So, Jake Gyllenhaal just bumped into me at the bookstore.

he obviously is in love with me.


sidenote: Reese looked great
her hair was fabulous.

Guess he needed some reading material for jury duty :)

UltraViolet said...

Also, here's a fun link to an ONTD post from someone who says she's seen Jake (and Reese) on the Vineyard frequently.

Anonymous said...

UV, that ONTD poster said "Last August..." but they were running back and forth to Morocco. I think the ONTD poster meant August, 07.

Anonymous said...

tmz has another video of jake from today coming back from his lunch break still dont know if hes been picked but i guess he was frustrated tried to push on the door when you were to pull to open it and the pap asked him how he was doing and i guess he kicked the pap in the shin lol

Anonymous said...

Jake kicks a pap? TMZ

UltraViolet said...

I know what the poster said, anon. I didn't say the poster saw Jake and Reese in August '08.

And that TMZ video is hilarious. The whiny cameraman is getting no sympathy from even the TMZ posters.

UltraViolet said...

I should amend - the cameraman's whining is hilarious. I feel bad for Jake that he has those idiots right in his face like that.

Anonymous said...

Update from TMZ

UPDATE: 5:14 PM ET: Gyllenhaal was just excused from jury service in the battery case....probably because he just committed one


Anonymous said...


suvee said...

So, Jake Gyllenhaal just bumped into me at the bookstore.
he obviously is in love with me.

Thanks, UV! That's easily the second best giggle I've had today.

The first would be hearing that pap whine, "Jake, you assaulted me, dude!"

Can I just mention that I think he looks really hot in those courthouse pics? And I'm not turned off by the spitting either..... I don't mind him indulging in a little overt machismo now and then. : )

sheba baby said...

Splash news asked IHJto remove the courthouse pictures from yesterday from their site. I know that there are certain agencies that won't allow thier pics to be posted, i didn't know that Spalash was one of them.

Not to worry, the video is still on TMZ and i'm sure they will air it tonight (sarcasm).

Spitting,kicking, whatever Jake has a right to be pissed under those circumstances IMO, sorry I have zero sympathy for them.

Thanks for all the links,I love the bookstore sighting and the link to the ONTD thread. I knew they were talking about 8/07.

sass said...

Hi babblers,
Just thinking about cherry pie makes me up bobbyanna:) I love Key Lime pie and will never stop eating moderation...NOT:)
The snow has stopped and has changed into my favorite winter slush...arrrgh.

shondra said...

Go for the cherry pie bobbyanna, that sounds delish along with a cup of java right about now!!

I forgot about Disney giving Jake an allowance for housing, that makes sense of course. The place was really nice!

Ha, ha at the creepy paps, i mean come on already, at the courthouse? Give the man a break.

Thanks for all the links and updates!

bobbyanna said...

Great Links, UV! I was strong. No Pie. Gallons of green tea, today. I went out and played with my antique snow blower.
I also did some exercise. I really just need to give the pie to my sister-in-law. Poor thing. She's "painfully thin." Damn! As I said earlier, Jake is unbearably hot. Love the video.

I think HBO has some special at 10:45 on "The Making of Rendition." I still cannot understand why Jake was never nominated for an Oscar in '08 for his opening scenes...:)

suvee said...

I forgot to include this in my earlier post. It's an article from today's USA Today about the best on screen chemistry in the last 20 years.

extra said...

Thanks for the heads up bobbyanna about the HBO special on Rendition, I loved Jake in that movie.

sag actor said...

Review of the Blu-ray edition of Zodiac:

sag actor said...

Almost forgot! Jake will be appearing tomorrow night with David Fincher at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

UltraViolet said...

That's easily the second best giggle I've had today.

I'm a little late here, but that made me giggle, too, suvee. And thanks for the USA Today link. It's a little odd that the scene they chose for chemistry was Ennis with the shirts. Yes, it's an amazing scene but I think the Dozy Embrace or the Reunion Kiss would be the scene that shows their chemistry.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to ask - did anyone watch the HBO Rendition special? Was it the same one they aired when Rendition first came out?

Anonymous said...

Old but fun tidbit,

"We had a little family reunion at the Hollywood Bowl about a year and a half ago when Rufus performed his Judy Garland Carnegie Hall show there, and then got to go to the after-party at Carrie Fischer's house up in the canyon, which was gorgeous and dotted with random celebs. The best part of the night was seeing Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon up close and personal - and Jake trying to schooch behind me and almost falling down. I restrained myself and didn't try to bother them or anything (I just wanted to give him a quick "I wish I knew how to quit you,") but it was cool to see them together. US Weekly still hadn't even figured out what was going on, but everyone at that party knew. I also met Jake's dad who was very nice."

Anonymous said...

reese has started promo for aliens and monsters enews had a small interview with her introduced as jake gyllenhaals girlfriend

sheba baby said...

I love the posters for Monsters vs Aliens, here is the one for Reese's character:

Now that the Jake supposedly kicking the pap/spitting "in the direction" of the pap 48 internet recycle spin is sputtering.

Hopefully we will get really good reports from his appearence tonight with Fincher tonight at the Santa Barbara film festival, Jeff Wells from hollywood elsewhere has been covering the festival.

Sorry, zero sympathy. That said, a quick glance at the sites, including TMZ shows that most are on Jake's side on this.

Anonymous said...

Don't think Jake was as unhappy as some seem to think he was.

During a break from his jury duty, Jake Gyllenhaal hosted an impromptu autograph session for two lucky ladies at L.A.'s county courthouse. Apparently the actor's attempt to go unrecognized – he wore a baseball hat – didn't work.


extra said...

I almost forgot about Jake and his appearence tonight with Fincher at the SBFF!

Reese shopping for linens yesterday and she has the rings back on her hand instead of on a chain:

Anonymous said...

wonder if they'll go to ranch this weekend? i dont think ojai is too far from santa barbara but im not sure, but i think jake will lay low next couple of days after the last couple of days anyway

bobbyanna said...

I had to laugh, too, bcz most comments about kicking and spitting supported Jake. I only hope the paps don't use the fake "incident"as an excuse to get more agressive with him.

I don't think he minded being called for jury duty so much as he minded the commotion it caused.

Hey, UV. The "making of" Rendition special they showed no HBO was the same one, but it seemed shorter.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Bobbyanna. Glad I didn't miss anything new, but it would have been fun to think there was something unseen out there.

And thank for that Rufus Wainwright tidbit, anon. It's funny to think back to those "are they or aren't they" days, when it was clear to anyone with a brain that they were dating. Sounds like a fun party!

How fun would it be to have jury duty with Jake Gyllenhaal?

agent_krycek said...

How fun would it be to have jury duty with Jake Gyllenhaal?

Ahh, but can you picture the verdict - an irate judge asking how, after the defendant was found holding the murder weapon, filmed himself carrying out the murder and then got a tattoo saying 'Yes I did it, I killed him' across his forehead, the jury failed to arrive at a verdict.

Juror 1: Err, sorry, I was busy counting Jake's eyelashes

J2: What, there was a trial going on? I just thought I'd scored the worlds coolest job of sitting next to Jake for a week.

J3: No, sorry, they weren't notes I was taking, I practising my new signature for when I marry Jake and writing 'I *heart* Jake' a lot

J4: No, not notes either, but it is a really hot Jack/Ennis AU - wanna read?

And so on.....

Anonymous said...

LOL Agent Krycek.

sag actor said...

A discription of tonights event at the SBIFF:

Friends come out for a celebration of David Fincher

In what has become an annual tradition of featuring a Guest Director, SBIFF is thrilled to have David Fincher as the 2009 Guest Director.

On Friday, January 30, SBIFF will present “A Celebration of David Fincher,” where he will be joined by Jake Gyllenhaal, Academy Award-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson and a few special friends.

Anonymous said...

Jakes is Jamie Foxxs video for his new song,

It helps to have celebrity friends: Jamie Foxx is getting a hand from a variety of Hollywood heavyweights in the new music video for his song, "Blame It."

The singer will be joined in the video by Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, director Ron Howard, Cedric the Entertainer, Samuel L. Jackson and Quincy Jones, his label confirms.

Directed by Hype Williams, the clip will premiere the week of Feb. 9. "Blame It" comes from Foxx's latest album, Intuition, which was released in Dec. 2008.


They have a photo, the hat looks familiar

paula said...

I thought the hat was a gift from Reese or even Maggis since I saw pics of Peter wearing a fedora around the same time!

I've heard that song, it's OK but I must be a real geek if i'm just as excited to see Opie in the video as well as Jake, Jaime and Forrest, hee!!!!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the link anon! It's a good bet that he filmed that viseo around 12/21 when he was papped wearing that hat because he hasn't warn it since.

The song blame it is about drinking and getting down and loose with women!

gabbana said...

Jake in J. Foxx video - thats funny and exciting, something new. I like Jamies acting but have never listened to his music. To be honest I never knew that he also is a musician.

And I hope we will get a report about the David Fincher celebration. IMO it is an honour that Jake is one of the guests.

Those are the news I want to read about Jake - not spitting on other people....

suvee said...

How cool does Jake look in that shot from the music video.... cannot wait to see it! I bet you're right, OONP, about when the video was filmed. I was hoping to see more of the fedora ....I thought it really suited him.

BTW, Jamie Foxx and I were born in the same small Texas town... my family moved when I was a baby, but I still have lots of relatives there. Always meant to ask my cousins if they knew him when.....

chica said...

Yes!!! I love Jaime Foxx, I can't wait to see this video. Found the song on youtube:

A homage to alcohol,girls and the effects of the two, catchy and the best song on his CD if you are into hip hop.

UltraViolet said...

Here's something I haven't said before - new video pics, new post :)