Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Heath

On this sad anniversary, a toast to Heath and two of the places he happily called home.


Cottesloe Beach sculpture

Boatshed on Matilda Bay

Cottesloe Beach


From South Pier

Moon over the city

Botanical Garden

With thanks for who he was and wonder for what might have been: Cheers, Heath!

(Photos courtesy of flickr: PadburyPhotos, _autumn_leaf, RichardMarkKay, arno4m, ninabradica)


chica said...

I can't believe that it's been a year. I miss him so much, what a talent and a beautiful soul. Thanks fpr posting the beautiful imqges of Heath, they are perfect.

The AA nominations will be announced today and Heath's name is sure to be announced.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful choice of pictures UV!
Heath, R.I.P.

agent_krycek said...

Lovely choice of pictures UV.

RIP Heath, you're missed

suvee said...

Such a lovely and bittersweet post, UV.

You are missed, Heath.

Xenia said...

Stunning pictures UV, all of them.

R.I.P. Heath, I will never forget you.

shondra said...

Beautiful pictures UV and a beautiful post, thank you.

You are missed so much Heath.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful UV, RIP Heath.

sag actor said...

What a beautiful tribute to Heath UV.

Heath was nominated for best SA, no surprise but still bittersweet.

Here is the list of all the nominations:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the nice words on the post, everyone. The aim was to find evocative, uplifting pics, though there were a lot of beautiful, more somber pictures that could have been used. I might post some links to those later.

This is probably obvious, but the pictures get bigger if you click on them. The cherry blossom tree is especially beautiful embiggened, I think.

It's kind of hard to believe in spring at this moment, both literally and metaphorically. But other events of the week and Heath's spirit are all about hope.

Congrats to Heath on the nomination. Bittersweet, indeed.

Monica said...

Good morning, Gyllenbabble!

Thanks, UV!
I loved all the pictures! They are so beautiful as our Heath!

Congrats to Heath on the nomination.

Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures,UV.

RIP,Heath ! We miss you !

extra said...

What a lovely tribute UV. beautiful and bittersweet.

bobbyanna said...

The pictures are beautiful! Thanks, UV. It was Heath who brought me to Jake.

"It's kind of hard to believe in spring at this moment, both literally and metaphorically. But other events of the week and Heath's spirit are all about hope.

Congrats to Heath on the nomination. Bittersweet, indeed."

Well said, UV.

What an emotional rollercoaster this week has been.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Perfect post UV. I'm feeling quite meloncholy today with the anniversary of his passing away and his nom. for BSA.

The pictures are beautiful, thank you.

UltraViolet said...

In meetings for the afternoon - boo. I've seen a lot of nice Hearh tributes. I'll try to post links later. Please share if you see one you especially like.

I stumbled on a thread from a year ago at Bettermost. It was painful to relive that shock.

bobbyanna said...

I just discovered that David Fincher was Executive Producer for Lords of Dogtown. So his career intersected with Heath's for a moment. I was also surprised to learn 2009 is Fincher's first Oscar nomination.

jo said...

Great choice of pictures UV and thank you for such a beautiful and uplifting post, the loss of Heath is still painful.

I had no idea this was Fincher's first nomination, thanks bobbyanna.

josie said...

That was me, sorry.

sag actor said...

Goldderby on Heath's chances for the oscar:

Narcissa said...

Thank you UV. Lovely words and choice of pics.

Re the Oscar noms: congrats also to David Fincher and Anne Hathaway.

josie said...

Heath slideshow:

sheba baby said...

What a beautiful tribute to Heath UV, I love all the pictures you have chosen.

Such a mixture of sadness and joy today with his nomination.

Congratulations to Fincher and Anne for their nominations.

Anonymous said...

Simple but touching post.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon :)

The popsugar slideshow was very nice, josie. Thanks! People and Us also both have slideshows, FYI.

Rolling Stone has links to a few stories, including the their obituary for Heath. It has some annoying inaccuracy/speculation, but also some beautiful, wrenching lines:

That's why his death feels wrong, and why the response has felt primitive, tribal. It means youth and vitality aren't enough. It's like losing a season.

At press time, the New York Police Department has yet to settle on an official cause of death, but in a sense it's right there in front of us. Ledger made great demands on his heart — romantically, professionally, personally, physically. And in the end, his heart said "No."

FluorescentLamp said...

It was a full moon the night he died. I looked up, noticed it and said aloud to no one - there was a full moon the night you died.

Tonight's moon is called the Waning Crescent. For what it's worth.

Lovely photos you used, UV.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Unforgettable Heath Ledger! Jake's silence looks like the best honoring to his dear friend. Thank you for remembering it!

Monica said...

I agree with you, Leonor!

I like to remember the good times of the Heath. I chose this video to remember the smile and the joy of Heath Ledger:
La biennale

paula said...

Yes, this post is simple and touching, perfect.

I had a lump in my throat when they announced the nominations this morning. I miss you still Heath.

Thank you UV and thanks to the other posters for the links.

lawgoddess said...

Very moving post, UV, and great pictures.

It was what I needed yesterday.

nancy drew said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul.

I didn't know if I should post this on this thread but I was hoping someone here could confirm something.
In the farmers market and Lakers pics, Reese is wearing a pendent like she has before, flat silver, but in the pics from yesterday it appears that she added something to the neckalace, and I think it may be the gold band she has been wearing. The previous pics it appears that there are no other charms/pendents on the neckace, but the pics from yesterday you can clearly see something was addded:

Farmers market:

Laker game:

Santa Monica:

Wondering if she did that after the J. Charleston "story".

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Nancy, also she has the same car Jake was driving the other day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.What's the J.Charleston "story"?

Anonymous said...

theres a short tidbit in star magazine i know so take it with a grain of salt but it says jake has his house up for sale for 2.5 million and only qualified buyers can look at it

nancy drew said...

Janet Charlton who has a gossip blog and she claimed that a "spy" that was at the Laker's game saw Reese playig with a antique diamond ring and she and Jake were laughing and J. Katzenberg from Dreamworks who was sitting with them said you better put that away.

The pics do show her wearing two rings, but the other looks like a gold band too and she wore it throught out the game.

I do take anything from the Star or any rag with a grain of salt but I wouldn't be surprised if he did put his place up for sale since according to them, he is practically living in Brentwood.

Anonymous said...

Very moving post. I hate the word, "posthumously."

shondra said...

Heath Ledger: Memories:

Anonymous said...

Regarding the white car(s) Jake and Reese have been seen driving. Intrigued by the comment at 11:29 I did abit of checking (sad I know). They are both driving the same make of car (white Chrysler Chargers, 2008 models I think) although I done think they are the same vehicle (also Jake, not the most eco-friendly vehicle you can choose, what happened to the Pirus). In the BHs doctors car park, assuming the white Chrysler Charger photoed is the same one Jake was driving the previous day, the rear lights are mono-colored. Reese's one has a white strip through the middle. I may be mistaken. Also, someone should tell Stephanie at ihj that Jake's number plate is fully visible in a number of those photos (oh and the car seriously needs a wash). Also Reese's car looks like its a rental, can't tell about Jake's. Have a look and let me know what you think.

FluorescentLamp said...

Anon, the white car you're looking in both pics of Jake and Reese (but not Jake in the parking garage) is a 2009 C Class Mercedes.

Anonymous said...

SAG Awards on Sunday. Anyone know whether either Jake or Reese will present?

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
Untitled Moon Project (2010) (in production)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) (post-production) .... Prince Dastan
... aka Prince of Persia (USA: short title)
Brothers (2009/II) (post-production) .... Tommy Cahill
Nailed (2009) (post-production) .... Howard Birdwell

Anon, 12:15:
Sag presenters

sag actor said...

Unless Jake and Reese are last minute additions, it doesn't look like they will be presenting at the SAG awards.

suvee said...

Here's a little more from the Star story that anon 12:24 referenced.

The price to live like the Brokeback Mountain hunk? A cool $2.5 million, according to the 2,900 square-foot, three bedroom, three bath abode's real estate listing - and only highly qualified prospective buyers are allowed to take a tour.

Sounds legit to me if they are sourcing the real estate listing. And for the record, I think him selling his house is a BIG DEAL. : )

bobbyanna said...

Long ago, I remember reading that Jake bought/owned a house not too far from the house that Ellen sold to Heath and Michelle. I think this might be that house. I agree, suvee. it's a big deal if it is true...

I think Jake and Reese would rather avoid awards shows unless they have a strong reason to be there, sag actor. Neither is nominated,or an immediate past winner. They might go to a private industry related party from time to time, but that seems to be it.

extra said...

I agree suvee, that along with the fact that he is most likely living with Reese IMO.

I'm just surprised he just now put his house up for sale, he and Reese may have decided that between the place in Brentwood and Ojai, there was no need for his place.

Good detective work nancy drew!

sass said...

Evening babblers,
UV and FL, this is a beautiful post with wonderful photos. It's amazing how much I still miss Heath and it's unimaginable what Michelle and Matilda must be feeling this week: Michelle loved him so much and his daughter adored him. This Sunday and next month Matilda Rose will have a Sag Award and an Oscar to add to her dad's Golden Globe award.
I thought I'd share this article about the Vineyard off season...I thought of everyone here when I read it, plus Jake's name is mentioned:)

The Vineyard in Winter

and please enjoy this article about Michelle, Matilda and her new film, which caught my eyes and my heart.

Michelle's new movie

please enjoy
hugs to ya

sheba baby said...

Just my 2 cents: I think Reese, Jake, Deacon and Ava will be living here year round soon:

Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a guest house (i think) a ranch/stable, 90 mn from L.A. perfect.

Anonymous said...

new pictures of Jake

new hair color?

Anonymous said...

looks like in the photos he has some red like dye in his hair or some new color??