Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grand Theft

New photos of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon picking up some coffee and a lost camera at Peet's in Santa Monica. This beautiful picture of Jake makes it easier to overlook X17's idiotic commentary.

The Crime

The Stealthy Escape

The Getaway

"That's a good one - we look great!"

The Disguise

Jake uses his winning charm and clever Jogging Man costume to fool police looking for The Great Camera Thieves.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

This is an unexciting find, but at the end of this video, there's a little snippet of Jake getting into his car. I don't think we've seen it before. Most of the video focuses on Deacon and Reese, who is not happy.

It's from before Christmas. Apologies in advance if it's been posted before.

Anonymous said...

love your post uv hilarious

Monica said...

UV, so funny!

This camera is too small to be used by a paparazzi! I may be wrong, but I think the camera is not the paparazzi or the paparazzi created all this!

Anonymous said...

forgot to say i love that first picture and i think you are right monica that camera is too small for the paps they usually have one with a big zoom lens

office of nancy pelosi said...

I love the first pic too UV, his hair really doesn't look that long. Maybe he trimmed it a bit for the GG's on Sunday.

Maybe X17 should call the cops on Bonnie and Clyde, I mean they have the evidence, they took the pictures of Jake "stealing" their video camera, LOL!!

I guess the poor paps were so stunned that they couldn't utter the words: stop thief!! Not even when they were in their getaway car, what a bunch of tools.

And you are right monica, that camera does look too small. It looks a bit like my video camera that I take on trips. I don't think thst it belonged to anyone at X17 or they wouldn't allow him to walk into Peet's with it, they had to have seen him, they took the picture!

bobbyanna said...

Belated welcome home, UV!!! Thanks for that video. I had no idea the photographers got that close to Reese and Deacon.

This post is a hoot! You can see the two "criminals" looking all furtive and stealthy...:)

Anonymous said...


Reese just won best female movie star!!!! Yeah!!!!! She looked beautiful! I did notice she was wearing that same gold ring on her left middle finger. She always wears it. Is it maybe a gift from Jake? Seem special to her. Any ideas? Also, did anyone see Jake with her on the carpet?

suvee said...

Welcome back, UV! And thanks for this great post.

Oh my...... that first pic of Jake is one of best I've seen in a long, long time. Love how his face is bathed in both sun and shadow...... and those eyes! (sigh)

Some movie critic (can't remember who) called them "silver dollar eyes"...... I've always loved that description.

Just saw Reese win her PC award. Yay for her! And she's wearing a very nice LBD..... along with her favorite gold ring. : )

lawgoddess said...

Very good post, you nailed those jerks, UV.

Reese looks great these days. She must be in love. :)

sass said...

An embarrassment of riches. So much Jake and Reese. TY FL and UV, and UV, welcome back from me too:)
Now, I have to catch up with the PC awards...TY for the 411.

chica said...

Yay for Reese, she looked great! I don't think she did the red carpet.

Love this post, X17 better see if they can get them to arrest Reese for theft before she makes her getaway with their video camera and Jake, LOL!!!

UltraViolet said...

Love how his face is bathed in both sun and shadow...... and those eyes! (sigh)

Very well put, suvee! And the eyes, indeed. Just beautiful.

Congratulations to Reese. I missed it, but I assume it will be on youtube. I like her dress.

bobbyanna said...

Reese's little black dress was a SHORT little black dress! :) She looked very glam and very sexy. Very classy.

Of course The Dark Knight swept every category, won by acclamation, and Christian Acknowledged Heath to tumultous applause...

Amazing. I'm sad and angry and proud for him, all at once. These are the moments when I really feel Heath's absence. He should have been on that stage.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but just Jared has some adorable pictures of Miss Reese in her SLBD! :) And yes. She has The Ring on.

josie said...

Congratulations Reese!!!!

She looked amazing and sexy!

Bonnie and Clyde, LOL!!! Well at least they have the "theft" on film!

office of nancy pelosi said...

I know it's late and I should be in bed but if i'm not mistaken, this picture loks like Jake gave the vido camera to a waiter in Peets:

It's a bit blurry and there is another pic at #24, it has to be it. X17 took 37 pics but they are not posted inorder so it's a bit confusing. It shows you what a bunch of assholes they are and stupid if they put that caption there and they posted pics of him turning it over to a waiter, or was that the point of them making those 2 pics blurry?

Congratulations Reese!!

agent_krycek said...

Just as well Reese won that award and Jake's career is going well, as they're both fairly rubbish at being master criminals

For the record, I don't think Reese is in any 'delicate' sort of condition, but she does seem very attached to that ring. In a completely non connected way, for some reason that blind item from a couple of months ago about a high profile couple flying under the radar and getting hitched keeps springing to mind - no idea why though ;-)

sheba baby said...

Stop thieves,Love the post UV!

Can't really tell what actually happened but looking at the pictures on their site and IHJ they look like they are not posted in a any order, just very random and taken over a period time.

At first glance it looked to me that it belonged to them. Could be that they were sitting outside and had the camera out spotted the paps and went in. They then realized that they left it out there and came back for it, noticed that Reese doesn't have her bag when they retrieve it, she has left her bag in coffee shops before.

But then I looked at the pic at the link by OONP and it does appear that he is returning something.But they claim they stole it from them but Jake and Reese must have seen them taking pics of the "crime". Oh well on to a better mystery:

Did she by that LBD at Herrara's? Because I have a hard time believing she bought a dress for the awards the day before the show, especially when winners are told in advance. Golden globes???

I'm so happy she won, she looked great and yes I did notice the ring AK!

Anonymous said...

yes Reese looked stunning at people choice award !!!!

I wonder why she visited doctor office though lol ( I have wishful thinking right now, sorry i can't help!)


extra said...

I love this picture from last night:

Love the high-fiving on the way up to the stage, she is adorable! Love the dress.

Hee, hee on the camera caper, I wonder if the duo fled the country last night after the awards???

Anonymous said...

Great post UV, I went to the x17 site boy what "clowns", I didn't read the comments but can guess some of them.

for some reason that blind item from a couple of months ago about a high profile couple flying under the radar and getting hitched keeps springing to mind - no idea why though

It wouldn't surprise me at all.

Nicole said...

So ,can we assume that the two are on the way to Brazil ? Are there any Wanted Posters in the Post Offices yet?
Sorry,but X17 are a bunch of morons.

I think The Ring is gift from Jake , she has always worn it since September/October.Definitely not just "Decorative Jewelry" . When girls wear a piece of jewelry permanently,then it has a meaning.

Anonymous said...

Jake is wearing a LiveStrong windbreaker and sweats. Maybe they went for a workout before coffee?
How to the photographers know where to find them? Is it just random stakeouts? Is this a neighborhood coffee place or is it famous?

sass said...

I feel sorry--NOT;)--for the bloggers and entertainment columnists that try to dissect and analyze J&R's life, love and family situation, while they constantly try to twist that information to whatever scenario they THINK is reality/actuality.
I love it that Jake and Reese are living and enjoying their lives.

UV, I tried to welcome you back last night, but I don't think I posted it, so welcome back x 309759375:)

I just reread our Laker topic and discovered the jumbo-cam kissing shot. *sigh* I hope J&R will walk the GG red carpet, but I've given up hope they ever will. Ben Affleck didn't accompany his wife on the carpet trip last year. And when she was accosted on the carpet, by an apparently inebriated Gary Busey, I heard her say "Ben where are you?"

have this theory that she has wanted to be careful about PDA's because of her kids and her family, but Jake is SO affectionate

I agree with your Jake/Reese PDA opinion. I started dating after my divorce, Stupid me, I brought home a red porcelain rose my date had given me, at which point my boy had a hissy fit. He told me he was the only person allowed to give me flowers and he knew my date v.v.v well.. These dating situations are tricky when you have children. I totally admire Reese for her mature handling and merging of Jake and her darling beautiful children.
Bobbyanna...thanks for the sympathetic knees.

UltraViolet said...

Hey, sass - thanks for the welcome home! I'm so glad Jake has reemerged to help us all through the January blues and you through your medical woes.

Speaking of Jake, IHJ has some more photos from Tuesday. At a pet store and picking up those Mozza pizzas. On the IHJ forum, the caption says Jake is picking up pizza for Reese's children, but I don't know why they specify that.

How will Jake get his Mozza fix when he's on the lam?

FluorescentLamp said...

Cap and shades be damned, this one is the best of the bunch. Mmmhmmm.

shondra said...

Hi ((Sass))!!!

LOL at this post UV, they will be featured on America's most wanted anyday now! The first pic really shows off his beautiful eyes.

I missed the Peoples choice awards but I saw the pics of Reese and she looks amazing and so happy, I think this is the 2nd year in a row that she has won that award.

Maybe the paps saw Jake carrying 4 boxes of individual pizzas and assumed they were for the kids, Jake and Reese, I know, lame! It did look like they were following them around that day when they were shopping, J&R seperated when he dropped her off at C. Herrara's and he probably went to Mozza's for take out. The Defamer sighting said that he was seen there, he was probably waiting for his order and the blonde head they saw was probably some random woman standing in line because you know that the paps would have caught Reese there too!!

I don't know if I gave you a welcome back shout out UV in the previous post, welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation, thanks for all the updates!!

Anonymous said...

sammatha harris from the insider spoke with reese after the peoples choice awards show and they talked about the kiss so it should be on the insider show tonight

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the Insider info, anon. Here's the clip.

I bet they had fun...

And FL, I love that shot, too!

Thanks, shondra. I had a great, fabulous, far-too-short vacation. But it's good to be home. Really. I don't miss the beach and the sun and the warm weather at all. Really. I swear.

bobbyanna said...

Oops!! You beat me to it, Anon. If you go to The Insider website, Samantha asks Reese about the Lakers' game kiss and Reese handled it beautifully. No denials. "We HAD to kiss." She said it twice with a huge smile.
Claim him, girl!

I'm going to watch it tonight to see if they show anything more.

FL,that is a delish picture!

bobbyanna said...

Double Oops!!! Sorry. Didn't see your post, UV.

bobbyanna said...

She says she didn't know they were on camera at first, when they were kissing. Awwww!

OK. I'm ging to do some work now. If I can concentrate...:)

Anonymous said...

i cant get the clip to work

UltraViolet said...

Jake Jogging

The arms!!

FluorescentLamp said...

Man those delts are insane!

UltraViolet said...

Sp[lash has embiggenable pics, so the insane muscles are even crazier!

gabbana said...

Is he running from the police?? Do they want to arrest him for theft of a camera?? Or does he want to work on the Pizza calories?::-))

Oh my - he looks sexy, his body is great.

During the last weeks we were flooded with stupid polls. But this one makes me think:

Best Hairstyle in 2008

Jake is No. 3 - but what hair are they talking about? I mean when was the last time we actually SAW his hair in all its glory?

I am starting to believe he will be wearing a saucy/awful/rakish hat at the Globes.....:-)))

Monica said...

UV, thank you for the links!
Jake, my love, you want to kill me?

paula said...

I've been a bit under the weather so i haven't been around to check my favorite blog and what do i find??

Jake and Reese are wanted criminals, ha, ha!! That's just too funny, sorry I have no sympathy for that scum over on X17.

Congratulations to Reese on her peoples choice award, she looked amazing and hot and so does Jake, man is he ripped!!

I just hope he does'n wear a beanie at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Thanks for all the links and updates!

extra said...

Popsugar has a few pics of Jake and Reese at a L.A. restaurant last night after the awards. They don't say where and you can tell it's a fan pic, that's why they probably don't mention it.She is still wearng the LBD, can't tell what she is wearing, except the top is white and he is wearing that beanie!:

But man the looks they are giving each other, sigh.

Anonymous said...

just saw inside edition talking about the peoples choice awards talked about reese winning and then went to dinner with jake afterwards and showed a picture of her with jake didnt see much of jake just a profile of hom mainly it was taken the same night because shes wearing the black dress so maybe he was there but stayed back stage and not in the audience

Lemon said...

Running Jake = Oh.Sweet.Heavens.
This man just gets sexier every day. Is it wrong that I just checked out (read: perved on) every inch of him?

On another note, I finally got round to seeing a few new films. I'm quite annoyed at how behind the UK is on the big releases. I absolutely loved Slumdog Millionaire, even the subtitles, which I usually find to be useless.

Anonymous said...

thats the picture that the insider showed so i guess it was taken at the resturant

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the popsugar link extra.

extra said...

I can't believe I didn't mention buffed up Jake! Wow he looks huge, I'm not complaining though!

Of to watch the Insider....

suvee said...

Cap and shades be damned, this one is the best of the bunch. Mmmhmmm.

I've said it before, I'll say it again...... as adorable as smiling Jake is (love the dimples), I am a total sucker for serious, all-business Jake. That direct, intense and slightly enigmatic expression really does it for me. So sexy!

And the running pics! He can keep his PoP body, and I'll be a happy girl. Lucky, lucky Reese. : )

Loved hearing Reese's explanation of The Kiss...... thanks UV for the Insider link.

I am so looking forward to Sunday..... DVR time, I think.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that popsugar link, extra. Those restaurant pictures are swoonworthy.

Also, if you didn't catch The Insider, the clip was slightly different from the one on the website. When I first watched that clip, I was disappointed that we didn't see Reese's face when she was asked if she knew the camera was on.

On the show, we did see Reese's face, and she looked adorably embarrassed/wide-eyed. Very cute.

Gabbana, I also laughed at the Jake hair win and wondered "What hair?!"

And Paula, I hope you feel better soon. Maybe the new restaurant pics perked you up!

UltraViolet said...

I added a new caption/entry in the post about the saga of Jake and Reese, Grand Thieves :)

UltraViolet said...

I'm triple posting here but Nightline just did a spot about the trend toward hairy chests for men, and they used two Jake shots among the photographic proof of the macho hairy chest. One was the classic bike-riding pic and the other, one of the baseball shots.

Sadly, they did not name-check him. But it was still fun to see him on Nightline.

They have last night's clips up on the site tonight, so look for this one tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

There is a video now of Jake jogging on X17

chica said...

Damn, he looks hot!!!! Can't wait to see him in his tux on Sunday, w/o the beanie! Best hairstyle? His hair has been covered up for most of '08!!!

How perfect, a pap pic of Jake talking to the cops, love the update UV!!

Love that pic of them after the awards, definately swoon worthy, they look like they are in their own little world.

sag actor said...

Hmm, I can see Jake and Reese in a remake of Bonnie and Clyde!!!

Congrats to Reese on her P. Choice win.

OT: Some of the winners at last nights Critics Choice awards:

Best Action Film: The Dark Knight

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Meryl Streep, Doubt; Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire

Congratulations to TDK and Slumdog, two of may favorite movies last year and to Heath, Anne & Meryl(A tie!)

The rest of the list of winners are here:

Monica said...

Heath deserves!:):):)

JoeAnn said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Nightline clip, UV. So apparently now Jake falls into the "retrosexual" category, lol. Thanks a new one.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I love Bonnie and Clyde's little getaway after the heist, LOL!!

Wow, that picture is so sexy, and definately taken by a fan.

Jake looks hot! I hope he keeps up his routine after he finishes with Pop.

Anonymous said...

new pictures of j&r at the restaurant after the peoples choice awards on ihj so romantic
lucky girl

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish you were her?

hair care said...

This post had me bursting out laughing!!! If they really "stole" that camera, I would think they would have contacted the cops already.

De-lurking for the second time because my friend's hubby had a few more tidbits he passed along regarding the Pop reshoots:

They started this week, and Jake has been at the studio Monday and Wednesday late afternoons so far (he was off on Tuesday not sure about Thursday). I assume he will be working today as well. My friend is a bit antsy about some info because she knows that I'm a Jake fan and Disney is of course very tight-lipped about the movie for good reason! Don't know which scenes are involved in the reshoots, but so far it's just Jake and some extras, I think it's mostly CG stuff. I don't get him and the beanie though because from all reports, his hair really isn't that long.

I see Reese has decided to keep her extentions so far, she looks good and it looks more natural then when she first put them in.

She looked fantastic at the People's choice awards, I wonder if she will show at the GG's? She didn't do the Red carpet and presenters usally don't do the red carpet, but I wonder if he will take her to the awards? I just hope he isn't wearng that beanie!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info haircare i dont expect jake to walk the red carpet at the gg especially if reese goes with him which i hope she does

Anonymous said...

Thank you Haircare, much appreciated.

bobbyanna said...

(Blows kisses to haircare!) Thanks for the update! I'm not optimistic about seeeing them together for the GG. People don't just go, unless they have a professional reason. Jake's a presenter, but probably won't walk the red carpet.

Now, if Reese is invited, say maybe by Jeffrey Katzenberg, to sit with the Dreamworks people (with Jake of course)that would change things. Apparently Katzenberg's planning a huge PR rollout for Monsters and Aliens, for Superbowl weekend, so who knows!

I'm waiting for the day (sooner or later, but probably sooner) when one of them is nominated for an award, GG or Oscar or BAFTA, and they are together. It will come.

Question for haircare: If Jake is doing reshoots does that mean they put the extensions back in his hair? I am SO curious about how he'll look Sunday! I need a life.:)

hair care said...

Ha, ha!! That's OK bobbyanna, i'm curious too!

Apparently they have someone at the studio that attaches and reattaches the extensions which must be a pain in the ass! He could have probably avoided that if he just let his hair grow a little bit and then they he wouldn't need extentions, but he did that earlier in the shoot and didn't like it.

His hair is at the length where the hairdresser has just enough to attach, but like I said by all reports his hair isn't that long.

He must be the type that likes his hair at a certain length and is uncomfortable with anything different.

My guess is that he may wear it slicked/combed back, not cut because the reshoots will start again on Monday.

If Jake isn't doing the red carpet then Reese may not attend unless Jake has a table at the awards, but do presenters have tables or do they just wait backstage?

bobbyanna said...

I've seen presenters scattered all over. Ususally they sit them with people they're working wth, or as someone's invited guest or at some random "extra" table. So if Jake comes alone, he might sit at a Disney table. Or maybe they will find him a seat at the Robert Downey table. But I think last year, Jake was in and out. He presented,with Hilary Swank, I think, then he was gone!

Let's see....the last time I was at the Golden Globes,...:) :) :)

Monica said...

Bobbyana, I believe that Jake was at the same table that Maggie.
Remember? She was competing for Sherrybaby.
There are some presenters who pass through the red carpet.

UltraViolet said...

We never saw Jake in the GG audience when he presented with Hilary Swank. I love the idea of him sitting with RDJ, though. Fingers crossed!

New running pics at JustJared.

And as JoeAnn saw, the Nightline clip is up now. See, the news is educational, JoeAnn. New vocabulary words :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and the restaurant pictures are swoon-worthy. I feel bad because they are intrusive. But they look so happy, I hope they don't even care.

bobbyanna said...

OK, UV, I just looked at the Nightline clip. It was hilarious.
Seriously. Funny. If that site experiences an unusual increase in hits, I think we need to tell them it was because of Jake...unnamed, but definitely not unnoticed! :) :)


I wish some innocent bystander type would blog about seeing Jake and Reese cuddling at the restaurant.

Monica said...

I love the idea of him sitting with RDJ, though.


I do not know what is happening, but the link of photos of Just Jared does not work for me!

UltraViolet said...

Yes, bobbyanna! They should be forced to name Jake, damn it

Monica, try this site. If that doesn't work, either, I'm sure Stephanie will have them soon.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I forgot to say I agree with your ps wish. bobbyanna! We need more blog sightings.

Monica said...

Thank you, UV!

Anonymous said...

where will the POP reshoots be?
in the USA or Europe?

extra said...

Thanks for the update/info hair care!!!

The reshoots are taking place in L.A.

Bette said...

Does anybody know if those J&R pics are somewhere else? The ones of them after the awards?

extra said...

No just Popsugar and IHJ. I think that's because it looks like a fan pic by cellphone or maybe someone who works at the restaurant (the tip off is that the place is not named).

Reminds me of that fsn pic of Jake and Reese kissing at some cafe taken by a fan and showed up on Popsugar,it didn't show up anywhere else, that only happens when it's sold to an agency.

These pics were, don't know if they will circulate unless someone from ontd or a site like that posts them.

More pics of Jake jogging!!!

Anonymous said...

TMZ had the video of them in the mexican restaurant after the People Choice awards. The pictures look low quality because they are just caps from the video.

Anonymous said...

inside edition also had the pictures of jake and reese athe resturant after the peoples choice awards

extra said...

I just checked tmz, the only recent videos thay have are of Jake jogging from yesterday and Jake and Reese on his b-day and the infamous egg throwing chef incident.

I missed Inside edition

Anonymous said...

Try Splash; there's a piece on them with the restaurant clip. It only lasts for a second, so don't blink.

extra said...

Couldn't find it there either, mabe you could provide a link? Thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Good Splash tip, anon. Here's the link, extra.

There's brief restaurant footage, a shot of Jake with the pizzas and also a very brief snippet of Jake and Reese in the Luxembourg Garden from the summer. I can't remember seeing that before.

suvee said...

Hi extra. Go to on the main msn video link, at the bottom right, is a link (pic of J & R) named "cutest couple in hollywood"...... that's the video that has a quick view of them in the restaurant.

extra said...

Thanks, I found it!! Boy that was a quick,but I loved the clip, it was cute!

chica said...

Jake and Reese at the Buffalo club in L.A.for the GG reception:

I think it's a safe bet that Reese will be attendng the awards with Jake tomorrow!

chica said...

PS: No beanie and his hair looks fine!

Lemon said...

Jake looks gorgeous at the GG reception and I agree, his hair is fine. Plus his boots always make me laugh. I do not get what Reese is wearing though...

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

No beanie !!!:):):)
Jake, your hair is beautiful!
Thank you, chica!

agent_krycek said...

So possibly the first red carpet appearance then - 'citing!

Anyone else think the increase in public appearances is leading up to something, and in a completely non connected way, I see the ring is still firmly in residence =D It's amazing how it seems to go with everything Reese wears and all her other jewellry - such versitility ;)

get real said...

Wow, thanks for all the pics, links, info, etc.! Loving all the Jake/Reese sightings, Jake jogging (arms!!) sigh....Jake/Reese looking happy together. :D And we see the hair..yay!

So excited to see Jake and most likely both of them at the GG's.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

chica said...

Not too sure what Reese is wearing either Lemon but it may be a coat. I dont think it's a dress since Jake is wearing a coat and scarf, it must have been chilly.

I was having the same thoughts Ak!

Anonymous said...

Re what Reese is wearing..I think there's an LBD underneath the coat..looks quite dressy to me:)

bobbyanna said...

I'm a teensy bit more optimistic about the GGs, but I'm not "there" ...yet. I agree this escalation in public sightings of togetherness, coupled with Agent K's ring sightings,(:)) definitely signals major changes.

They're telling the world things are more serious. Really serious. Beginning with pictures of them vacationing together with the kids, Reese flying back and forth like clockwork, to Morrocco, to London, Jake flying home in between...and making a point of being there for Deacon's birthday, being seen socializing with friends at the ranch over Christmas, as a couple, going to market with Mom, etc.

Evidence is mounting...if they're not engaged, they are definitely heading in that direction. I don't think they're married, tho. Neither one of them would be able to keep the secret. That Lakers Game was definitely an "announcement." They are way more open. (sigh.) I feel like a Yenta.

Thanks for the new picture links. Great find!

Anonymous said...

Jake's shoes are dirty on the dress up pictures. His running shoes are cleaner then his dress up shoes!

extra said...

Is this ring on her right finger a match set for her earrings?I can't tell.

Anonymous said...

"Jake's shoes are dirty on the dress up pictures. His running shoes are cleaner then his dress up shoes!"

I think they're his 'self-portrait' Cannes boots - I love 'em. Obviously they mean something very special to him. There's probably a great story behind them.

All these great happy pictures of Jake and Reese together somehow makes me happy and hopeful for them.

What's a Yenta, Bobbyanna?

bobbyanna said...

It's Yiddish word and I always thought it meant a hovering, smothering, chatterbox; like an overly concerned auntie or a meddlesome neighbor. I meant it in a humorous way. I know the term can be a negative term sometimes, I didn't mean it negatively. And in modern popular usage, I think the smothery, hovery chatterbox is closer to how it's used now.

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to add that the Yiddish yentas (!) I have known, are always reading tea leaves. They see "meaning" in everything.

If you tell them bad news, like, "Mable's husband left her!" They will say, "See. I knew!" :) :)
I know a LOT of Italian "yentas." :) :)

suvee said...

bobbyanna and agent k, you have inspired me to share some of my random thoughts.....

1. Still don't believe J & R will walk the GG red carpet together. : (
2. Do think Reese will be going with Jake to the GG's, and we should see pics of them at an after party. : )
3. As the Buffalo Club photos show, his hair looks fine..... time to lose the beanie! : )
4. The ever present gold ring clearly means something. : )
5. The very noticeable escalation in public togetherness IMO is a reflection of the fact that they are more or less living like a married couple now that Jake is back home......whether they've made it legal is kind of irrelevant. : )

shondra said...

Finally the beanie is gone!! I like his hair, but the shoes, um no. Reese I think is wearing a coat.

I also think that neither will do the red carpet but you will see/hear about them at the parties.

Another pre-GG party/charity event tonight:

PRE-GLOBES GALA: Even celebs who may not be Golden Globes-bound will don glamorous duds this weekend. A spate of stars _ including Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sting _ were expected Saturday at the Art of Elysium's annual charity gala.,4670,GoldenGlobesVignettes,00.html

UltraViolet said...

Hi Agent K, lemon, monica, get real, chica, extra, shondra, bobbyanna, suvee and oonp! And anons. And everyone.

GMTA, shondra. Just made a new post with that party news, as well as a link to watch it online.

So new post :)