Monday, January 5, 2009

Jake and Reese at the Lakers

You know...

it's not often...

we get to see...

Jake and Reese...

enjoying soggy nachos...

and overpriced beer...

at a Lakers game...

So I thought...

I'd include...

a couple...

of those...
Photos courtesy of IHJ


agent_krycek said...

That last one is cracking me up, everyone else looking up following play, J&R otherwise engaged =D

josie said...

They look adorable, I love these pictures. They both look so happy and relaxed and like tghey are ghaving a great time.

Anonymous said...

Haha what a great choice of pics FL, love them. I never noticed the one where Jake has his hand on Reese's knee.

Nicole said...

Those pics are great , they look so happy.
I'm with you,Agent K, the last one is just too funny.
Reese's boots are to die for. This girl has a great taste in shoes. And man of course....

Monica said...

Good Morning, babblers!

Excellent choice of photos, FL!
All are adorable!

bobbyanna said...


I think I've looked at probably 100pictures from this outing, but these are the absolute best, FL. Thanks.

sheba baby said...

Yes FL, you picked the best ones. The first one and the one with his hand on her knee are just as hot as the kiss IMO, sigh.

smile said...

Great choice FL!
They look like a safe and happy couple. There is intimacy, there is implicitness, there is trust.
Oh, I forgot, there are bedroom eyes!

extra said...

And don't forget, they are sharing soggy nachos and overpriced beer!!!

They look happy in love ans so content, love these pictures!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

She looks so pretty in these pics. As does Jake of course.

A couple of pictures in the set caught my eye just now...


I can understand why Jake has that guacamole hidden under at the back of his nachos tray, stuff looks NASTY.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that BUS-TED Pic FL, classic, from Access Hollywood.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
The crowd at the Staples Center might have had their eyes glued to the court as the Los Angeles Lakers played the Portland Trailblazers Sunday night – that is until Jake Gyllenhaal planted a kiss on girlfriend Reese Witherspoon on the arena Jumbotron.

Access Hollywood witnessed the smooch seen round the stadium during the portion of the evening when the crowd is encouraged to kiss a loved one sitting next to them on camera.

As the camera panned to Jake and Reese, who were sitting in prime courtside seats, Jake grabbed Reese’s face and gave the “Four Christmases” star a big kiss on her lips.

Following Jake’s overt PDA, Reese looked up at the giant area screen and realized the entire crowd had witnessed their kiss. She appeared to be a little embarrassed, but also sported a big grin.

Access Hollywood

Anonymous said...

I'm missing something. What's so special about the Bus-Ted picture?

Monica said...

Jake is so funny in this photo:

Jake funny

agent_krycek said...

I'm missing something. What's so special about the Bus-Ted picture?

Follow Jake's line of sight ;-)

Narcissa said...

They both look great.

I covet Reese's boots.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, although jeez when exactly was the last time Jake was seen with Austin *roll eyes*

Why even bring it up, Agent K?

lawgoddess said...

Oh my God! A real kiss!

This ought to answer those who say Reese never smiles. :)

Thank you, FL, a great post!

bobbyanna said...

I am loving pictures 1,2,4, and 5.
Jake looks devilishly persuasive!'s probably about the nachos?

shondra said...

Bedroom eyes, if he looked at me that way I would melt into a puddle!

They look so happy and I love the kiss, I don't think I have ever seen Reese this relaxed and happy.

office of nancy pelosi said...

They are the cause of my ovaries exploding yet again!!!

They are too cute and you picked out really great pics from the set FL. I guess this is their first official appearence as a couple, I wonder if he will bring her to the GG's???

Anonymous said...

They were there as guests of Katzenberg's. "Monsters vs. Aliens" will be rolling out in a few weeks. They didn't just decide to go to a Lakers' game.

verdeblusm said...

I just having an heart failure...and the reason is a KISS!!!!!
A REAL kiss...
So unexpected...I'm very happy.

scout said...

Great set of pics, they look so happy!

In another vein, from laineygossip:

"Jake is scheduled to present at the Globes on Sunday but my sources are now telling me he’s been asked also to accept on behalf of the late Heath Ledger should he win for Best Supporting Actor. Apparently the Ledger family hasn’t decided if they’ll attend and if they do end up skipping, they’ve supposedly requested that Jake step in for the honours. As you know, Jake and Heath became close during Brokeback Mountain and Jake is godfather to Matilda. Keep you posted."

paula said...

So what? Anyway wouldn't it make more sense if they appeared at a Lakers game closer to the PR rollout? Who is going to remmeber them this past Sunday if the roll out is going to be on Superbowl Sunday?

Hey maybe they will be at the Superbowl!! Doesn't matter to me why, all actors do that, big deal.

They look so happy in these pics, I never have seen Reese so happy, she's glowing and Jake looks like he is over the moon!!

And of course they know they would be seen, all actors do.

I do think it's their official event out as a couple.

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake on GossipGirlsat a pet store.

smile said...

They had some talk with the Levines. Adam Levine is a sexy little jerk, just IMO

gabbana said...

I have just read Laineys entry and IMO she is really going out on a limb here. If none of the Ledger family will attend at the Globes and (as expected) one of the Dark Knight colleagues will accept on Heath behalf (if he wins and I have no doubt about it) Lainey will look like an idiot.

It could be possible that they attended the game as Mr Katzenbergs guests - and you better don´t say "no" if he invites you....:-)))

And I agree with Paula - it is a kind of "official" coming out as a couple.

FluorescentLamp said...

God bless him, he's even got the dogs on an organic diet.

Bette said...

I love all these pics so much. They are so adorable together.

chica said...

Yes they are adorable,I love the last picture especially!!

Thanks for posting these, they made my day!

verdeblu said...

Maybe do you have already seen it...anyway, I found these points of view of Lakers game, but I dont know if links are really working:

FluorescentLamp said...

My error, I should have brought over that Flickr link from the previous post. Thanks for reminding me, verdeblu.

April_Joy's pics of the Lakers game.

Jake and Reese on the Kiss Me cam.

bobbyanna said...

I think it's terrible that some unscrupulous types in the media are setting people up. Or so it seems to me!

First, it was Michelle with some imaginary "argument" with Heath's family about accepting an award on his behalf, now it seems they've moved on to Jake. And this particular source is just despicable. She should get struck by lightning for even mentioning Heath's name.

I think the etiquette for this, as you've pointed out, is if Heath should win an award, Chris Nolan, or Christian Bale, or one of the producers would accept it. Heath was part of The Dark Knight family when he died. I'm surprised they haven't mentioned Maggie...yet.

I am just loving these pictures. Looks like even if it might have been business related, with Katzenberg, they really had a good time. They look relaxed and happy and Reese looks just beautiful.

Organic dog food!!!!!!!!! Bless 'em.

verdeblusm said...

It was a pleasure FL!

suvee said...

I don't know if I will ever get tired of looking at these pictures. Great choices, FL!

I never doubted that sooner or later we would see Reese at a Lakers' game with Jake..... it was just a matter of time. They are such a beautiful couple.... I could really get into a major gush fest over these photos, but I won't!

I love seeing how happy they are...... their joy and delight (in each other) is contagious. : )

get real said...

Squee!!!! Love the Lakers pics so much. They are so sexy and adorable. :D And the kiss (on the Jumbo-tron!)...sigh...

And there is an very sweet pic of Jake talking to a boy at the game in the flicker pics FL posted.

Organic dog food...what a great doggie daddy. :)

get real said...

And thanks Smile for the photo with Adam Levine/other Maroon 5 guy(I think?)

sass said...

Hi Hi Hi everybody,
Thanks all my babbler mates that sent me miss you mail . I miss all of my babbler mates and I miss checking here so so much
I've been out of it in pain and pissed. A lady sat down in the seat in front of me at the movie Frost/Nixon...a very good good movie I might add...If I told you this story already, please forgive me...I'm on Narcs still... I just left my Rheumy...When she sat down the entire back of her seat fell backwards and struck my knee. I had to do the ER routine twice cause it was nearly Christmas when this happened my regular doc was on vacation, then Hanukkah and my rheumy was off for two weeks. He just got back today. I'm just starting to recover enough to by US Magazine for my Reese/Jake collection and post their pic here.
I did share my misfortune with my BC online group; I had to whine to them or die...having Breast Cancer was ENUF!! thank you and that the man upstairs should please spare me the knee/hip joint injuries please....but, I am oh so happy I'm here today. To think I would have missed these fantastically gorgeous pics of Jake and Reese. That Reese is such a lucky gal....
love to you all

sharing this pic...make it bigger please:)

Jake Reese Loveydovey US Mag

Again thanks everyone for thinking of me. Damn, I wish Jake would look at me period...If he looked at me with this much love in his eyes, I would just roll over and die. I have more chemo to process so I am going to enjoy the hell out of these pics...and this bit of respite.
xcuse all typos and grammar messes.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

I am oh so happy I'm here today.

sass, I believe you will be here for a very very long time!

I am happy every time I see you here!

bobbyanna said...

(((((sass!)))) Subconsciously, I must have known. My knees were doing sympathy pops a few days ago.:) Ouch!

Sheesh. I guess The Kiss was a big deal. It made the E! news and ET had video footage of them at the game. I love it! All those weeks and weeks of jakelessness and

"They are such a beautiful couple.... I could really get into a major gush fest over these photos, but I won't!"

Well said, suvee!

extra said...

Video of Jake and Reese on E!:

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

one kiss ... it crossed the world!!!
An example:
"Gyllenhaal & Witherspoon's big kiss (San Diego 6) "
Yes! ...look so happy and relaxed !!!
Thank FL/UV !!!

Anonymous said...

yea i saw it on e news i guess everyone was surpised to see them kiss in public i just love it they are so cute together

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
Extra, the video does not work for those who live outside the USA!

I found another video:
Reese and Jake's Basketball Date

lawgoddess said...

I saw this in a Google news alert, about The Kiss.

"According to, the kiss was a bit long and lingering."

His hand on the side of her face really did it for me.:)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, these are some great pictures, flourescentlamp. Thanks.

sag actor said...

Happy belated New year everyone!!

Great pics of them at the Lakers game, I'll say it again Jake is one lucky dude!

BTW, the buzz on Monsters vs Aliens is great, people who have screened it compare it to the Incredibles.

Lemon said...

Either I've turned into Jake or Reese really is amazing, because I think even I'm in love with her =P

Got this link today, although I doubt its reliable...sweet nonetheless:

A source reveals, "They had a traditional Christmas with Reese's kids around and they really were like one happy family.

"Reese loves the way Jake is with the kids and they love him like a father. I think if Jake asked her, Reese would marry him tomorrow."

Click for More

UltraViolet said...

I love, love, love all these pictures. So sexy and adorable. What a treat.

And I don't think Jake is the only lucky one in this couple!

extra said...

Cute, random comment about Jake and Reese at the Lakers game from

HAHAHA! I watched this game on TV. (GO BLAZERS!)

Our announcers, The Mikes, kept talking about Reese, it was adorable. They talked about how these two were making "googley eyes at one another" - Seriously, they need to host Entertainment Tonight.

smile said...

Guys, help me out here. The 5th pic, what is that golden thingy Jake is playing with besides playing with their intertwined fingers?
Any ideas?
And yes, they both seem happy, relaxed but at the same time very aware of the other, good thing.
Sass, best wishes.
And extra and lemon, thanks for the links :))

UltraViolet said...

Eek. I just read your post, sass. Glad you have some support. Feel free to vent here as well, anytime. I'm sorry for all your troubles. And thanks for the us photo. It's a great one.

Love the story about the Trailblazers announcers. Too cute.

FluorescentLamp said...

Guys, help me out here. The 5th pic, what is that golden thingy Jake is playing with besides playing with their intertwined fingers?
Any ideas?

Here's a bigger version from Celebutopia. Doesn't look like anything gold really. Maybe a piece of string? A twist-tie? I think the gold you're seeing is actually part of his thumbnail.

smile said...

Thanks FL for the big pic, still cannot really make something out of it. Could be a match or something like that, maybe.

bobbyanna said...

lemon, thanks for the link. That was really sweet. I am happily overdosing on all these sweet things! :)

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake on Just Jared

Apparently he and Reese visited a Doctors office!.

Anonymous said...

Damn he looks so sexy. Love it when he kind of swaggers with that smile.

Swag bag said...

Reese shopping for a dress for the GG's???

Anonymous said...

Sorry to gush, but I love Carolina Herrera. Can't wait to see what she's going to wear, if she's going. Loved the boots she wore to the Lakers game too. She looked really cute. And Jake . . . :)

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sheba baby said...

Is it safe to say that they will be attending the GG's together on Sunday???

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon shopping at Ralph Lauren:


Anonymous said...

Monica why have you deleted you link?.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry you reposted it.

Monica said...

Because he was not working!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake needed some stuff for his tux, so they popped in to RL,
but I don't expect to see them together at the GG.

He is just a presenter. Neither one is nominated for an award. So, unless she is going to present, too, they have no reason to both show up.

On IHJ someone said the People's Choice Awards are coming up and Reese is nominated. Maybe she will win something, there.

All I know is, in the RL shopping pictures, it seems like Reese just cannot stop grinning. I bet she's SO happy to have Jake home. We are too!!! (She is wearing an interesting blouse, too.)

Anonymous said...

Is it safe to say that they will be attending the GG's together on Sunday???

I would love to see them together at the GG's, but then again just the thought of some of the comments that would appear on some sites makes me hope they don't.

sheba baby said...

I can't imagine anyone shopping at Caroline Herrara's for the Peoples Choice Awards but who knows? I think she won last year.

And her smile is contagious like his, almost blissfull and serene. And she looked radiant in the Lakers pics!

Monica said...

Anon 8:22, there will always be negative comments.
Do not read those comments.

suvee said...

Okay, I've made a real effort to not even spend one minute hoping J & R will show up at the GG together..... not a doubt in my mind he would go solo. And what happens? Reese pops in to Carolina Herrera's! Which, of course, makes me immediately think of red carpets. It's things like this that sabotage my attempt to keep my expectations in check. : )

Hi to sass! After reading about your movie theater injury, I think you are more than entitled to whine. Hope things are better now.

chica said...

Hi Sass!
Good to hear from you. So sorry to hear what happen, hope things are getting better.

Thanks for all the links and updates! I was thinking the same thing suvee about the GG's, but I started to change my mind after Sunday and now the sighting of her shopping at Herarra's and pics of them at R.Laurens. They look really happy and content in the shopping pics today, I have my fingers crossed!!

bobbyanna said...

I just did some checking, and The People's Choice Awards are on TV Wednesday, tomorrow, January 7th on CBS. So if Reese won, she will be on to accept her awards. I wonder if she'll be teased about The Kiss. :)

Can I just say. I am definitely on overload! I am running out of my quota of exclamation points. R&J look so happy to be together, just doing normal everyday stuff. No running back and forth to airports and movie shoots!

I have this theory that she has wanted to be careful about PDAs because of her kids and her family, but Jake is SO affectionate. I think it's his nature to be affectionate. She seems less stresed, and so much more affectionate and relaxed with him. (sigh.) I'm going to start gushing all over the place.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

6 JR went to a medical center and... Jake appeared very but very satisfied ...:) ... 5 saw Reese's photos with sports clothes running with a friend? ...:)

Anonymous said...

I think we put that theory away.

She has been seeing drinking beer and wine on Jakes birthday and at the basketball game.

I could be wrong, normally drinking during such delicate times is not healthy, and Reese is a very healthy person

Anonymous said...

Beer and wine in moderation are acceptable ...and healthy. Distilled spirits not so much.

Anonymous said...

drinking while preggo?
probably not healthy

Anonymous said...

I am not saying she is delicate, I am not saying she is drinking while delicate.

I am saying I don't think she is with child

shondra said...

Pregnant? Where did that come from?
Not only is Reese up for an award for Peoples Choice (Favorite actress) but Jake is too, favorite performer under 35 or something weird like that, but he has tough competition. I noticed that Reese is the one carrying the RL shopping bag, maybe she bought something for him or accessories for herself?

I have my fingers crossed for Sunday too!

swag bag said...

I think Jake and Reese were shopping for the GG's, they have stiff competition in their catagories and the actors are always informed ahead of time if they won:


Amy Adams

Drew Barrymore


Orlando Bloom

Chris Brown

Chace Crawford

Miley Cyrus

Leonardo DiCaprio

Zac Efron

America Ferrara

Ryan Gosling

Jake Gyllenhaal

Anne Hathaway

Scarlett Johansson

Angelina Jolie

Alicia Keys

Keira Knightley

John Krasinski

Shia LaBeouf

Blake Lively

John Mayer

Eva Mendes

Daniel Radcliffe


Taylor Swift

Justin Timberlake

Carrie Underwood


Milo Ventimiglia

Pete Wentz

Kanye West

Reese Witherspoon

Favorite leading lady:

Angelina Jolie
Keira Knightley
Reese Witherspoon

Anonymous said...

Jake had a small RL bag tucked under his arm, too.

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was my theory too, that she was sensitive about having any kind of PDA, no matter how innocent and natural, splashed all over the mags and media, for the sake of her kids' feelings. She might have been hypersensitive about it right around the time of her divorce too. Jake did seem like a demonstrative person. But there's nothing wrong with the expression of love and affection between two people. They should enjoy each other, especially since now quite some time has passed, and they are still together. I do hope to see them at the GGs now. :)

ladyonaplane said...

"swag bag" you linked to the People's Choice Awards. Those are on tonight. The "GG" are the Golden Globes and they come on Sunday night.

The PCA are a popularity contest where real people supposedly vote for their favorites in a lot of categories. The Golden Globes are awards given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to actors in film and television. Sort of their version of the Oscars.

In fact, the Golden Globes often track Oscar winners. After these, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards will be coming out soon, all leading up to the Oscars which come in late February.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

X17 Xclusive - Jake And Reese Out About Town

lawgoddess said...

The video-It would have been nice if he'd opened her car door for her, but I'm sure they were in a hurry to get the hell out of there.

There was a point when she was in the RL store and looked back and saw the paps and shook her head.

It's nice to see them living their lives as a couple.

I like the way he always comes out of doors ahead of her- he's protective. He often walks a bit in front of her, too. I've seen him do that with Maggie and with his parents- I think he wants to be out in front a bit in case there's a problem.

I should stop gushing, but I love the guy. :)

bobbyanna said...

Awww! LGBarb, you gush if you want to! There's been a lot of gushing lately...:)

I worry that I've used up my quota of exclamation points and it's only January.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that video link, Monica. And LOL at Bobbyanna and the exclamation point quota. Jake does bring out the squee, doesn't he?

Jake continuing to reacquaint himself with the Comfort Zone:

I know he was just spotted there with Ms. Reese, but while I was sitting at the bar at Mozza at lunch time today I saw JAKE GYLLENHAAL walk in, at first I thought it was Reese standing next to him (there was a blonde head.. there was a bit of a crowd at the door..) but I cannot confirm that. I was too cool to turn my head fully around to scope out the table he sat at.

Jake was busy yesterday!

Also, if anyone else doesn't have a life and wants to see the back of Jake and Reese's heads at the Lakers game, you can spot them in some of the shots on the videos here.

I checked them out in case there was something fun or interesting, but alas - no.

Vicky said...

Great to have you back UV, hope you had a good break.

Anonymous said...

on x17 site theres a picture of jake and reese exiting a cooffee shop i guess the camera left his video camera on a table while he took some pictures with his camera when jake came out he picked up the camera and went back inside came out without the camera and wouldnt tell them what he did with the camera i dont know how to bring the pictures or article over

Monica said...


I think they found the camera and returned. Thinking that someone forgot. See the photos.
But that kind of attitude does not sell.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, X17 knows they turned it in. How do we even know it was the X17er's camera? It's all just exaggeration or set up for a story.

I think it's hilarious that Jake and Reese ignored them.

Monica said...

Hello, UV!
How are you? All right?
I agree with you. It was hilarious!: D

agent_krycek said...

It makes no difference to them, I know, but after that, that is officially the last X17 link I knowingly ever click on. No, it won't stop them doing what they do, but hey, it'll make me feel a bit better.

Personally, I sure they did something nice with the camera, like donate it to the nearest charity shop hopefully (although I probably think Jake handed the camera in and the shop didn't hand it back until J&R were clear of the area - complete and utter numpty who left it there in the first place anyway - deserved what they got!)

josie said...

Ha, ha, good for them! Yeah, he stole it, what BS.You are right AK, I bet they handed it to the creeps after Jake and Reese were gone.

I'm wondering if Reese and Jake will make an appearence at the People's choice awards tonight?

bobbyanna said...

Yay, for Jake. What kind of fool leaves his camera on a table, then shoots pictures of someone walking away with it! Hilarious.

People's Choice Awards tonight. Wonder if either one is going?

Anonymous said...

yea im sure jake turned it in and the people at the shop pretended they didnt have it till j&r had left why would they stand there and takes pictrures and not say anything when jake picked it up

Anonymous said...

The stores do not let photographers inside. They want their customers to shop unmolested by paparrazzis. In some video someone here provided, I saw the staff at the Ralph Lauren store pull down the doors/windows, and when Reese went to Carolyn Herrera, they locked their gate to keep them out, and there was a huge security guy walking towards the cameras.

If customers can shop in peace, they are more likely to spend more and to come back often to a place they feel is safe.

That is private property, so they are very unsympathetic to someone "misplacing" a camera. X17 looks very dumb to be blaming Jake and Reese and calling them thieves.

bobbyanna said...

I was just Googled that USC is giving out the Scripter awards this year for the best adaptation of a script from book to screenplay.

The awards will be announced at an event on January 30th, and
Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal is Chair of the committee. An amazing group of people are on the committee. Like a who's who of film and literature.

sass said...

hey there babblers all,

Jake cracks me up all the time. That camera it Jake. He and Jim Cramer make me lMAO all the time. Love that Jake... he's in his anonymous plaid shirt again. I just watched the BB video...TY for the video SQueeee
Jim C. is on CNBC right now calling...loudly... for white collar crimes to be prosecuted with long prison terms and perp walks NOW. I totally agree.
It's unbelievable the amt of dough those folks got away with.

Then came Madoff...Until Wall Street cleans up its act, I say invest in

Their kiss so sweet and hot hot hot. Is there a video...They are out and about now. I have never ever seen Reese this happy nor have I ever seen Jake looking so googly eyed:)
Some of my bestest kisses happened when my face was held while I was kissed....OMG. *thud*
I agree with whoever is in love with Reese/ I was always a fan but I see her differently now...Jake-fluence that made me do it:)

Anonymous said...

ihj has the pictures up from the coffee bean outing you can see jake returning the camera back into the store

UltraViolet said...

X17 has the photos of them bringing the camera into the store. That just didn't fit with their storyline!

Thanks for all the "welcome back" messages, folks! It's always good to be home, but I do miss that sun and sand and surf.

New pics, new crime, new post :)