Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pull my finger

No, seriously, I'm not sure what Ben Kingsley was going for in this photo, but it's the first one we've seen of him in costume for Prince of Persia. Sadly, it is not accompanied by a Jake Gyllenhaal photo.

But Jake did make some UK news: He placed third on Cosmopolitan's Lust List, behind some guys named Depp and Clooney.

In fact, only three men in their 20s make the Top 25 – Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal, British actor James McAvoy and singer Justin Timberlake. All are beaten to the No1 position by Pirates Of The Caribbean swashbuckler Depp. Clooney takes second spot, followed by youngster Jake.

It's just no contest:

A few reasons that Bronze is Best:

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and Defamer.)


Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Ben is a great actor. Schindler's List, House of Sand and Fog, Gandhi ... memorable performances!
I liked the look on POP.
thanks, UV!

Jake was third sexiest?
Before POP, that after this movie, I think it will be the first!

extra said...

Ben looks awesome, thanks for posting! Jake came in 3rd? I think that they should do a recount, no offense to the other 2 dudes, hee.

I watched the videos in the previous post, what a great find! Loved seeing Chris and I miss Boo as well.

If the accident on set story is true, i'm just glad that it wasn't more serious. Mike Walker from the NE is like a dog with abone with the J&R marriage stories!

Bette said...

Did anybody see this? My husband? Looks like this was kind of the worst kept secret. My guess is that Reese and Jake are the two getting married this fall then, and not Maggie and Peter.

I'm crossing my fiingers!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

First of all always thank you!
I enter every day and it is my favorite playtime. I found video, certainly, I do not believe that he is Jake, but it calls the attention.

Http: // V=I4Ktm8AGCrc

Another topic is the debate between fanatics of the game. Very angry some because Disney chose Jake. They wanted algun Persian actor or to Orlando Bloom.
I believe that The Prince is going to make grow Jake's popularity up to where we do not imagine. I suppose that it will be major that of the Pirates of the Carib for whom the Prince includes more ages. For example, the alone one of so many videoes of the Prince in youtube has been seen 688.903 times.

I believe that every time he will be more persecuted and certainly there will be fewer spontaneous photos. A good alternative (Jake's recommendation) is to check his films, always we can discover new aspects in his performances. But as some they are exhausted the great task it will be to press for new editions. From 1er. Day of the Prince I worried for the risks in a film of permanent and intense physical exhibition (shocks body to body, extreme jumps - parkour - and horses). It is an aspect that not always is born in mind. But the accidents are very frequent in the work of the actors. I have the whole file of examples.
I hope that Jake could be protected.


Monica said...
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Monica said...

Hello, Leonor!
Another topic is the debate between Fanatics Of The Game. Some very angry because Disney chose Jake. They wanted to algun Persian actor or Orlando Bloom.

They did the same with Heath Ledger and what happened?
And did this with other actors too!
I did a search around here, with some fans, and they liked to see the look of Jake. They said that it is very similar to the Prince. Before they did not like the choice.

sheba baby said...

A co-worker swears she heard that Maggie and Peter were married last year. I asked her where she heard it, was it in some rag or on TV and she said no, it was some chatter in Brooklyn where some friends live.

Remember when Jake was doing PR for Rendition and he said that Maggie and Peter were married, it was on the Jonathan Ross show and I think the Daily Show. I thought maybe he was kidding but why would he kid about that? If true than it has flown under the radar w/o an official announcement and maybe he slipped and no one outside of Jake's fandom picked up on it.

Is there still talk of marriage in MV? I remember that there was during the Summer, we will find out soon enough!

Love the pictures of Sir Ben, we are getting a really good feel about how this movie is going to look so far, can't wait.

I'll take the Star story about Jake being injured with a grain of salt. Love all the videos you found UV, love the basketball video of Jake and Chris!

bobbyanna said...

Looks Like Sir Ben is trying to cast a spell!!!This movie promises to be a very awesome event, from what we've seen and heard about the sets, the costumes, the parkour, the actors, etc.

Interesting. Peter refers to Maggie as "my wife" and she refers to him as my husband!

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Perfect to go out canvassing for votes....;)

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam, but I have carefully examined recent photos of Jake, going back to Jake shirtless and sweaty in Morocco(!)- and I haven't seen anything resembling a scar or awound on his face near his eyes.

agent_krycek said...

On the Jonathan Ross show the quote was, AFAIR

JR: And your sister, she's a married lady now..

JG: Yes she is

Which pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Narcissa said...

"...but I have carefully examined recent photos of Jake, going back to Jake shirtless and sweaty in Morocco(!),,,"

All in the interest of research I hope!

shondra said...

Coming in 3rd on that list is pretty good!Pull my finger,LOL!!! I'm really looking forward to this movie.

Intersting "slip-Up" from Maggie and yes I remember Jake on more that one show last year confirming that Maggie and Peter were married.

And unles the folks in MV were planning for some belated reception according to that blog a few months ago, what in the world were they planning for???

lawgoddess said...

I think Marthas Vineyard would be a lovely place for a wedding, but it's getting a bit late in the season for it.

With Jake in England, I can't see it happening this fall. Wish I could.

Still a while until the end of the year, though.;)

I like the glimpse of Sir Ben, and Jake looks great.

Anonymous said...

I see a picture J & R hand in hand walking on the London street from my country's newspaper. Maybe you will see the set of pictures later in every gossip sites. Anyway, I scan the picture and e-mail to But it didn't note when the picture was taken.

sag actor said...

I love how Disney is trickling out little morsels to keep us excited, first pictures of Jake in costume now Sir Ben!!!

Turner Classic movie channel is finally doing their tribute to Paul Newman today: Torn Curtain, Exodus, Hud and Cool Hand luke are some of the films that they will be showing today.

chica said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Newman tribute sag actor! Love Kingsley in his Pop costume, would love to see Gemma and A. Molina now as well.

Jake is in good company on that list!

I've heard Peter refer to maggie as his wife as well...

It would be interesting to see that pic anon. It could have been taken last week when they were spotted twice. There were a couple of pap pics of her this week, the first said it was taken this week and the x17 pic didn't give a day but it's assumed it was Friday since it was posted on Saturday.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks to anon at 6.39, I've included the pic they sent and made a new post.