Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Encore: Vive la France !

Reese Witherspoon is Vogue's November cover girl, and there are a few Jake Gyllenhaal tidbits in the story. Plus some gorgeous photos of Reese.

Along the Avenue Montaigne again, this time at Theyskens's atelier, where Reese is dressed in a bustier-like Nina Ricci dress that, aside from being sexy, is a work of art. The mirrors of Theyskens's office have become a spiraling prism of Reese Witherspoon in black, complemented by Olivier's long, raven-black hair. She is talking about dinner the night before, when her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal (who dropped by during makeup), wrote cute remarks in the restaurant's guest book (something about French melons), which his girlfriend found charming, her smile now bubbling like champagne in a black crepe flute. "He wrote, 'Vive la France!' " she says, laughing. Ah, Paris and love!

On Bastille Day, Reese is at another café. She has done her share of cafés in Paris. "It's the first time I've taken my kids," she says. She believes in taking the kids. "My girlfriend was saying the other day that it's like that famous Mark Twain line, about how travel is fatal to bigotry and narrow-mindedness—I'm paraphrasing, but it's something like that." Travel is also good for discovering croissants, crepes, and macaroons. Also for introducing her son to the toy boats at the Jardin du Luxembourg, or the French sewer tour. And then there's the Métro, a five-year-old boy's thrill. "He goes from one stop to another; it makes his day," Reese says, beaming. And on that very evening, as the French celebrated, she and Monsieur Gyllenhaal would take her nine-year-old daughter out late to see the fireworks—the Seine glowing, the Eiffel Tower a sparkler.

As far as the boyfriend goes, she doesn't like to talk about him so much, and it can make you feel a little tabloid about asking. Still, this is Paris, city of light and love, and if you've heard the song by Carla Bruni about French president Nicolas Sarkozy—"I give you my body, my soul, and my chrysanthemum/For I am yours/You are my lord/You're my darling/You're my orgy/You're my folly"—then you figure, what the heck, it's Paris. You ask. "He's very supportive," she says. You press her. "Suffice it to say, I'm very happy in life, and I'm very lucky to have a lot of really supportive people around me who care very much for me, and, you know, that's all you can hope for in life. I am very blessed in that way."

She will tell you that she was with the guy she'd rather not blab about some weeks earlier—in Rome, speaking of beautiful cities—and that one night they went out to see the Trevi Fountain. It was late, it was beautiful, and she threw a coin in and made a wish. What did she wish for? Come on. Do you really think she's going to tell you that? "If I tell you," she says, "it won't come true."

(I know it's not the Trevi, but hey, they managed to go unpapped on the trip she's mentioning!)

And because I can't resist:

(Pictures courtesy of
Vogue and IHJ and flickr.)


lawgoddess said...

Great post, UV. I could wish she's said more about Jake, but I can't blame her.

She looks terrific. And I have an idea what she wished for. :)

Anonymous said...

The shot of her in the red dress is perfection.

Great post.

sheba baby said...

What a great post Uv, Reese looks stunning!! I love all the quotes.

And the interview took place the same time they were in Paris in July, it sounds like they got a chance to visit Rome a few weeks earlier!! It had to be in June when she was there for 3 weeks and before the kids came over.

I wish she she said a bit more about Jake to lawgodess, but i love the tidbits! Who knew he was visiting her during that balcaony shoot!

FluorescentLamp said...

The silhouette in that red dress is beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest of Theyskens' dresses on her in this spread.

She will tell you that she was with the guy she'd rather not blab about some weeks earlier—in Rome, speaking of beautiful cities—and that one night they went out to see the Trevi Fountain. It was late, it was beautiful, and she threw a coin in and made a wish.

Ha! So THAT'S where they were during that period in late June when they were conspicuously MIA, until they were next spotted in London in early July. Wonder if those rumors of them cycling around Tuscany really were true then. I also remember that Maggie, Peter and Ramona were in Venice that very same time while she was doing the TDK junket. Wonder if they all met up somewhere.

agent_krycek said...

I think June is right, it fits with the timeline.

And how adorable that Deacon was thrilled by the Metro - not quite so sure he'd have found the London Underground quite as thrilling, well, at least not the Northern Line

Gorgeous shots of Reese, just beautiful.

UltraViolet said...

Welcome, walktheline. Or welcome back if you've visited before.

LG and sheba, I'm thrilled Reese talked about Jake. This is the first time on-the-record for either of them, I think. So even though I wish there were more, I would have predicted we'd get even less.

Though the reporter could have dished a little more about Jake visiting!

I also adore the red dress picture. And it was so much fun to relive the Parisian adventure.

The Metro story was adorable!

get real said...

Reese looks gorgeous in these shots and OMG do I adore the Jake quotes! You have to love her getting all bubbly at talking about Jake's quote at the Paris restaurant. And such a cute quote from him to leave. Vive la France, indeed! :D

Great post as usual!

chica said...

She looks absolutely beautiful!!
I love reliving the Paris trip and I love all her little tidbits about Jake.

Even though she didn't give away too much, what she did was so romantic and sweet.

The timeline does fit FL and AK, they were MIA in late June!!

UltraViolet said...

Good for them that they managed to go to Rome (and maybe Tuscany - I love that idea) without being spotted. Really. I mean it. I'm totally happy that we had no idea.

Who among us has not made a French melon joke in her/his head after reading that. And how adorable is it that Jake wrote in the guestbook?

gabbana said...

Beautiful shots - I don´t like the cover so much but all other pictures are wonderful - for a woman it must be a great feeling wearing something like the red dress - even if I don´t have a body like Reese....

Reese also will be busy during the next weeks - promotion and then the premiere of "Four christmasses" where I hope Jake will be her "date".

For those who are interested - during the last days we got some information about her new project with Cameron Crowe and Ben Stiller- plot sounds very strange:
Reese new project

I am always happy to read that Jake and Reese are able to spend real private time together (Rome) without being harassed by the paps or other bloggers.

Bette said...

I love that she finally talked about him. It's confirmation of how happy he makes her, but we didn't really need that did we? Pictures speak for themselves. I love her in the red dress too. It's a very beautiful shot.

Nicole said...

Great post,UV ! She looks gorgeous. I´m really thrilled that she said a few words about Jake.
I also think that the Rome visit must have been June . Great to hear that they manage to spend so much time together .

agent_krycek said...

That red dress picture, put anyone else in mind of Grace Kelly?

FluorescentLamp said...

I just want to say I adore this dress and would love to see her wear it someplace special.

shondra said...

Yes ak, she does remind me of Grace Kelly in that red dress!

She looks stunning and I love the fact that she talk about Jake! I won't touch the French melon comment. heh.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I agree with you gabbana, the cover is blah, but the photoshoot is, WOW!!! She looks great and I'm so happy that she is talking about Jake.

This post is great, I loved all the pictures of them from France and it's so good to see them all again.

So happy to hear that they get some private time together, Rome again, sigh.

PS: Reese will be on ET TONIGHT!

sass said...

Hi everyone,
This is a wonderful post, about a beautiful Reese and a delicious gorgeous happy Jake hanging with her and the family.
TY so much. I love her hearty laugh and her HOT designer.

suvee said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, UV! Reese looks absolutely gorgeous...... I, too, would never have imagined she could look that sultry.

And even though a part of me would love nothing more than to hear her gush about him..... I am happy with her first public acknowledgment of Jake. I think she managed to convey his importance in her life while still protecting the privacy of their relationship.

How nice to hear that they were able to have some private time in Rome. I have a feeling that city might have special meaning for them. :)

bobbyanna said...

Good call, Agent K. She is definitely channeling Grace Kelly. UV, this is just a beautiful post. The Jake tidbits are great, for sure, but even more special for me is the way the reporter records her reactions! All bubbly and happy and smiling. I think it shows thru in the photos. Those balcony photos she looks very sexy. ;)

I never expected anything either, so these tidbits are very much appreciated. Funny. I think she is so happy, that she has to remind herself to contain it when she is with journalists, because I think she'd love to tell Jake stories. Clearly she thinks he is adorable. The girl is totally in love. And yes. It is official confirmation.

I do admire the fact that they want so much to be private. It's great they had some time alone and undisturbed in Italy.

So my little "crush" loves riding the Metro!! Go Deacon! Deacon makes me smile. He seems like such a sweet, lively, exuberant kid. Bet he and Jake a totally BFFs!!

FL thanks for that link to the B/W gowm. It is stunning. I'm not in love with the cover either, but Reese looks beautiful in the photospread. Very glam.

(Sigh.) This is just a lovely post. Sweet memories. I hope they'll let us all sit together at the wedding dinner! ;);)

Anonymous said...

It's a little late but I used a translator and got:

For one, yesterday, when I arrived and met my husband after his job at High St Ken so I had apparently missed 1 Displays Super heting. Type 5 minutes before I came had Jake Gyllenhaal (And Reese Witherspoon, but who cares?) Been there and acted for several hundred pounds. OH. MY. GOOD. And I wandered around in the bloody Boots before. DAMN! Incidentally, I can tell you that I know what I suffer, my problem is contrasts. When you see white, screaming their heads after black. When all is harmonious, screaming their heads after kaos.So true.Nu should I sleep. Tomorrow I wake up 8 to start my project. Which is out and running in Richmond Park.Godnatt

FluorescentLamp said...

I hope they'll let us all sit together at the wedding dinner! ;);)

LOL, ohh bobbyanna, that made me laugh right out loud. Gosh I hope so, too!!

Just remember, I have the wedding hat collection right here at my fingertips. So whatever anybody needs. . .

buzz kill said...

LONDON — Not one to gossip, but are Reese Witherspoon and man-child boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal having problems?

I sat near the couple at a coffee bar on London's Marylebone High Street, and let's just say that Jake was getting a right-ear bashing for “not supporting me on this.“

Quite what it was I never found out, but they left without speaking to each other. ...

I'll leave it at that you know how reliable fox news gossip is.

josie said...

Thnak you buzzkill, but as youalready know, that gossip has made the rouds already, it's almost a week old. We also saw the pics of them over the weekend in London, after that tidbit.

Thanks for this post UV, Reese looks sexy and elegant! I love all the bits about Jake, I am officially jealous!

extra said...

Someone pissed in their cornflakes this morning!!

Viva La France indeed, thans so much for this Paris revisit. Reese looks lovely, I plan to buy this issue.

Jake is a very licky man and Reese is a very lucky woman!

Hope all is well with you sass.

That ET "exclusive" on Reese was nothing but the Vogue video, but it was still good to see.

agent_krycek said...

Jake is a very licky man

Some inside info you've been holding back extra? Anything you'd like to share with the group =D

extra said...

Hee, hee!! Too early in the morning AK!

Well he is lickable and lucky, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I believe they are going to get married. Whatever obstacles they had, they've already dealt with, talked thru, worked out. I think their basic personalities are in sync, and what outsiders view as obstacles have already been cleared away. So if they bicker, or have occasional disagreements, it's not anything unusual. It certainly is no dealbreaker.

bobbyanna said...

OK. As all of you who know me would agree, I would never indulge in irresponsible, outrageous, off the wall speculation.(cough!) So does anyone else here think Reese might have been getting measured, fitted, picking out fabic, etc. etc. etc. for a "SPECIAL" dress during the Parisian photoshoot???

I mean if ever the was a legitimate ruse to hide behind, this would have provided it. And no one the wiser! Hah!

agent_krycek said...

Ahh, sod it, I'm going to make a prediction....

Come Christmas time, Jake will be done with PoP, Reese will be done with promotion of Four Christmases - I predict they'll both disappear from view over Xmas and the New Year, and the next time we see them Reese will have a whole new surname.

There, I've said it!

extra said...

This is what Reese bought at Myla according to Popsugar, but how the hell did they find out, LOL!!


Very cute/sexy and comfy, something that I would imagine someone younger might by, but I can definately see Reese buying it.

Lemon said...

Wow! She looks phenomenal. Those are some beautiful shots. Reese really does echo old Hollywood.

and the next time we see them Reese will have a whole new surname.

Not to take away from your point, but I can't imagine Reese Gyllenhaal. She didn't take Phillippe's name so I wonder if she'd take Jake's.

bobbyanna said...

So they're sayin' Reese spent $685 on cashmere underwear that basically resembles sweatpants. I was hoping for handcuffs. NOT. Just kidding. No. Really.

lawgoddess said...

Agent K, I'm on record elsewhere already predicting a 2008 wedding.

I hope we're both right. :)

Don't disappoint me, Jake!

(not that you ever do)

Anonymous said...

I'd bet she's already practicing her signature.

Bette said...

Actually wouldn't it technically be Laura Jeanne Reese-Gyllenhaal. I don't think her legal name is Reese Witherspoon, considering Reese is her mother's maiden name. And privately she could have taken Phillippe. Nobody knows, just her stage name is Reese Witherspoon. I'm pretty sure she does go by Reese privately, and family still call her Laura I'm sure, but I don't think her friends or Jake call her Laura. I could be wrong, not having personally known Reese, but in 1999 when she got married she was registered as Laura Jeanne Witherspoon. Wiki links to a entry in somebody's blog that linked to the registry entry at the county offices, or at least used to. That's how I know this.

UltraViolet said...

I guess Star is back on the bandwagon!

Exclusive: Reese Gives Jake Sexy Lingerie Show

Just 24 hours after Reese Witherspoon arrived in London to visit Jake Gyllenhaal, she coaxed him into a sex toys and underwear emporium for a private strip show.

While shopping in a Myla boutique on the West End, Reese beckoned her beau into the changing rooms, where she surprised him with a private strip show. Jake watched — with a smile plastered across his face — as Reese slipped out of her clothes and wiggled into various bra and panty sets, including an itsy-bitsy pair of purple panties and a matching push-up bra.

Reese's private show seemed to have the desired effect — Jake brought some items up to the cash register, then Reese paid with her credit card.

"Clearly, that purple set did it for him," clerk Vanessa Brown tells Star. "Reese has a really fit body. She looks fantastic. She's petite... but I'm not telling her bra size!"

On the way out of the store, the lovebirds stopped, giggling at a display of sex toys. Reese pointed to a black spoon-shaped gadget designed for "all over body massage as well as more intimate use" and dissolved in fits of laughter.

"They were laughing and joking and just enjoying the moment," added Vanessa.

Too many comments are floating around in my head :)

And I guess the cashmere wasn't all she got!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

UV, Thank you! Reese is great in those pictures!
In the first photo she is sexy and powerful.

She is talking about dinner the night before, when her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal (who dropped by during makeup), wrote cute remarks in the restaurant's guest book (something about French Melons), which his girlfriend found charming, her smile now Bubbling like champagne in a black crepe flute.)

I loved reading this! Jake has an incredible sense of humor!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for this,UV. You know. Sometimes even Star Magazine tells the truth....;)

UltraViolet said...

I adored that story, too, Monica. And again, the French melons give one many ideas...

And yes, Bobbyanna, even Star has to get things right sometimes. Or we can choose to believe that if we want to :)

josie said...

Star also had the sex in the airplane story! Last week they were drifting apart, now this.

No wonder J&R had those grins on their faces!

agent_krycek said...

Oh dear, someone's wandered into the wrong place.

Anyhoo, not entirely sure how happy I'd be having my knicker purchases splashed all over the internet, although I suspect a 5 pack from Marks and Spencer wouldn't have quite the same impact.

Also, BTW, that jacket Reese is wearing in the London photos, not a million miles from the awesome one I picked up at Portobello Road market on my failed stalking trip, different colour, but very similar cut (I do suspect her's was rather more expensive then mine, and not bought off a market stall!)

Narcissa said...

Clean up in aisle 3 please!

Reese looks great. The Vogue cover is.... OK. I like the blue dress, but some of the other shots are far better. I love classic, Old Hollywood glamour. That red dress!

Of course, this just provokes jealousy, bitterness and resentment in some unhappy people.....

agent_krycek said...

Does any regular here actually bother with those other sites anymore? I'd be surprised, I know I certainly weened myself off the habit months ago, and no amount of inflamatory posting here is going to make me break that.

I'm definatley going for late December for a wedding and we all remember how accurate my "not that I'm saying anything" prediction was :p ), I shall wear a hat all over the Christmas break, just in case =D

suvee said...

I've never bothered with any Jake related site that isn't respectful of him and Reese..... 'cause frankly, I don't care what they think. And I've also learned not to bother reading the comments when there's a Jake story on sites like JJ or the online mags. I don't need any more reminders that there are some nasty, cruel people in this world.

I'm another fan of the December wedding (in Ojai) scenario..... and I have a lovely pale green silk hat, just perfect for a wedding. Only been worn once, so I need an excuse to put it on again.

Wouldn't it be something if they really did end up getting married around December 19th? :)

UltraViolet said...

These are tough times in Haterville. I guess it's hard to be irrelevant and ignored.

Thanks to the regulars for not feeding the increasingly pathetic trolls.

Agent K, I'm with you. Haven't gone in eons, and when they visit, I remember why. Good policy, suvee. There's enough bitterness in the world. No need to ask for more.

bobbyanna said...

Well, I'm on record with Ojai over a MV wedding, so I'll definitely go for the November/December date.

I read a more detailed account of the Vogue photoshoot,and Olivier has been to Reese's home and they seem to be good friends. She TRUSTS him. I'm more convinced then ever...based on very little, that my speculation about a "SPECIAL DRESS" is solid. I really love the Ricci collections. They're very flattering to her.

BTW: Does anyone know where Reese is? Did we establish that the airport picture was of her arriving or leaving Heathrow? I don't think she has been spotted at home since the "shopping" pictures, has she?

agent_krycek said...

BTW: Does anyone know where Reese is? Did we establish that the airport picture was of her arriving or leaving Heathrow?

They were both, jacket on and tickets in hand was Heathrow (UK), jacket off is back in LA

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Reese Witherspoon candids - out and about in Beverly Hills


paula said...

I seem to have missed some crap while i was away from computer today, thanks for the clean-up!

Reese is definately channeling Grace Kelly in that red dress, beautiful and what a beautiful post to wake up to.

And yes the Star seems to be backon the bandwagon, LOL!!!

imdb said...

Someone on the IMDB Pop says that this guy will be Jake's stunt double:


bobbyanna said...

Sure wish Brothers Spy would pop in! I'm wondering how much longer before this movie wraps? You can tell just from the November Vogue that Reese is gearing up for a full out promotion of Four Christmases. She will probably be doing Ellen, Leno, etc. Can't wait for the teasing by Ellen. You know she will mess with Reese.;)

agent_krycek said...

Does anyone know anything about the ring that Reese has started wearing on the middle finger of her left hand, and it's definately not the signate ring she sometimes wears - I'm currently developing a wild ass theory about it and just wondered if anyone knows if it's something she's had for ages - which won't fit in with my theory BTW

Nicole said...

Agent K , I've noticed the ring , too. I noticed it about a month ago.I don't know if it is an old one. Could be a present by Jake. It doesn't look like an engagement ring though.

UltraViolet said...

Agent K, I can't tell if it's a new ring or a return to the famous Rings from the beginnings of their relationship. One of the first reasons we knew they were together, along with The Sapphires.

But I'd love to hear your theory anyway!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Nicole - it definitely doesn't look like an engagement ring.

I also forgot to say that Reese looks totally wiped out in those new pics. Guess she's coming down from her trip :) Thanks for the link, Monica.

And Bobbyanna, I'd love to know the PoP schedule. It's a mystery.

Finally, hi Paula! And ditto on the Grace Kelly comparison. Can't remember who mentioned it first yesterday.

agent_krycek said...

Agent K , I've noticed the ring , too. I noticed it about a month ago.I don't know if it is an old one. Could be a present by Jake. It doesn't look like an engagement ring though.

I don't think it's the same ring, and no, it doesn't look like and engagement ring

Nicole said...

Agent K , I think I know what you're thinking..... ;-)

agent_krycek said...

Obviously saying nothing, but possibly thinking something ;-)

*Scurries off to do some more research*

lawgoddess said...

One of the blogs I read sometimes said some great things about Reese.

Stunning. This is the only word that comes to mind when I see Reese Witherspoon on the November 2008 cover of Vogue. ... I also love a woman who could name her production company Type A - if you know me you get it.

Nice to see some Reese love on the Net,it makes a nice change.


lawgoddess said...

Sorry, the link doesn't work.

If you're interested, google "All About The Pretty.'

I thought I did the code right, but oh well.

UltraViolet said...

"All About The Pretty?" Shouldn't that be about Jake :)

Monica said...


Vogue November 2008: Reese Witherspoon

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. You're the link queen!

I wish the cover photo were more interesting. She looks good, but it's kind of flat. Not like the inside photos. Have I mentioned how much I love the cafe/beret one? Or how much I want to go to Paris again? Even without Jake, it's pretty magical.

lawgoddess said...

Thanks, Monica. :)

If I can't be in Paris with Jake, I'm glad Reese had the opportunity.

I can't wait to see what Agent K comes up with about The Ring.

One ring to rule them all....

Sorry, wrong movie.

Monica said...

You're the link queen!

One more:
Reese X17

I love the look!

chica said...

I love the look too monica, thanks for the link!

Yes, we are due for a Pop update from brothers spy.

Waitin for the results of Ak's ring investigation....

extra said...

This is the 2nd blog that says that this is what Reese bought at Myla's:


I belive they are correct and the Star story saw fiction, fun but I remember reading that Reese was intimidated by Victoria's secret, so she would not have bought the purple number described in Star, the gray cashmere/comy/sexy camisole sounds more like it.

I guess the intern at Star saw the bag and went to the site IMO and viola!! I have to admit their story was more interesting.

Anonymous said...

i read the article in star magazine at the store it also said jake was filming pop till december who knows if thats true or not

Anonymous said...

I think the original filming schedule was October/November in the UK, with December off. I'll go with that schedule instead of the Star unless it changed.

Jake sounds like he is working around the clock with maybe a weekend off here and there so it sounds to me they want this wrapped up if not by the end of November at least before the Holidays in December.

Anonymous said...

If I guess correct, looks like Reese will be filming in Hawaii


sag actor said...

I'm a big fan of Reese but I wish she would saty awy from stuff like this, the comparsions to Joe vs the Volcanos is dead on unforunately.

I ust hope that this is a "mock" storyline to throw off people on the tru nature of the script.

If not, Hawaii is a great place to film, just wondering how she will handle being away from the kids for the shoot since they will be in school. I can't see them flying back and forth or her for that matter.

At least Jake will have a really cool place to visit her, lucky dude.

PS: Reese looks hot!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard she would start to shoot the new film in January

Maybe Jake will be done filming POP by January

imdb said...

Pop will be done by January, believe me.

And don't count on that movie to actually start filming in January, the whole thing sounds dodgy IMO.

If and when it starts I expect Jake to travel to Hawaii and bring the kids as well, don't expect Ryan to do that anymore since they divorced.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the kids get a break in February like mine do. It's a short break, but didn't Reese go to Hawaii with the kids during a school break, back in the early days of dating Jake?

UltraViolet said...

Stepping in here before this gets out of hand. I don't want a whole discussion about where and when the kids will live/go on vacation/visit Reese, etc. I'm sure
Reese will figure it all out.

As for the film, it does sound odd. I'm hoping it will be better than the last Cameron Crowe movie starring a Jake paramour.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Reese and her family have vacationed there more than once and i wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of family vacation spot like SC.

IMO,Jake and Reese planned their work schedules, he basically filmed 3 movies back to back: Brothers, Nailed and Pop is scheduled to end by Dec. Then she is off to film.

I doubt that the Moon Proj. or the Namath script is ready, so
Unless something else pops up, he will probably take it easy. It's far easier for him to visit her on set, it was a challenge with her due to the kids although i'm sure they will visit and she will go home during breaks.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Sorry,I posted twice! I'll cool it with the kids talk.

Oh yeah, Elizabethtown, ewwww!!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, you're post was fine, OONP. Obviously, the kids are a factor. It's not that we can't mention them. I just don't want endless examination and speculation about school schedules and custody agreements. Clearly the children are Reese's top priority. She worries about them. We don't have to!

brothers spy said...


Jake's parent's are divorcing according to TMZ.


They've been separated for "several months."

Naomi files citing "irreconcilable differences."

I wonder what happened.

sheba baby said...

It was officially announced last week but this rumor was going around since last year.

It's sad news, but not surprising.

I was wondering when you would pop in brothers spy!! We need a Pop update if you have one, please!!

brothers spy said...


In case you're wondering (since I've been away lately), the last day for filming Prince of Persia will be December 3rd. That was confirmed by my source.

He also told me that Jake and Gemma will have a two-week break in November.

My source has the entire shooting schedule for England (although he's not there) and believe it or not Jake is already one-third finished in England and filming is about 60% done all together. I'm trying to convince him to give me the schedule.

Also, Jake and Reese have seen each other at least three times since Labor Day:

1. For three days (after her Brazilian trip) when Reese visited

2. Jake went to LA for one-week to 9 days in the second/third week of September.

3. Reese made a surprise visit to Jake and spent all of last week with him.

I'm not sure when/where they will meet again. If I get the shooting schedule i'll get an idea of when Jake is off and on. So far this has been a good indication/precursor of when they seem to get together.

Right now, however, i'm still shocked about Jake's parents.

brothers spy said...

sheba baby,

Sorry I didn't know it was announced last week. I heard the rumor last year as well.

It's still shocking.

I've been so crazy busy with work ever since my summer holidays ended in late August (there were three weeks there where I was working 80 to 100 hrs per week). Things are slowing down now though and I finally got a chance to catch up on some gossip stuff.

I provided a bit of an update in my last post on POP.

I'm thisclose to getting the shooting schedule. When I do, I'll pass along all the information I get.

Monica said...

Hello, BS!
Thanks for the information about POP!

I was also saddened by the divorce of parents of Jake and Maggie.
But,I think they will be united forever.

Anonymous said...

maybe his two week vacation in November will be for the USA Thanks Giving Holiday
November 27, 2008 is the USA holiday

Anonymous said...

Funny. I went to Stephen's blog and he'd posted a poem, a tribute to Naomi on October 7th. I think sometimes it must take more then love to make things work.

brothers spy said...

Sorry to spam...

Let me just clarify something. I'm not sure when Jake/Gemma have their two-week break. I assume it will be early November given that they are completely finished on December 3rd.

I realized that my saying that Jake was 60% done was actually from a week or two ago, so --- if you don't include his two-week break --- he only has about 4 weeks left of shooting all together. So he's actually probably closer to 66% to 70% done now.

I'll tell you everything I know...

1. I'm assuming that the two-week break is related to the release of the new James Bond film, in which Gemma has a major part, which comes out in early November. I'm also assuming that Jake's schedule was set BEFORE they decided to push back the release of Brothers so maybe they had this all set beforehand.

2. I'm thinking, and this is just a guess on my part, that they may be done with filming actual scenes by early November and after they return in late November, they'll have two-weeks or so to film the green screen stuff. I remember my source telling me months ago that they would be shooting the green screen stuff for "three weeks or so" at the end of production. (Remember I told you back in July that they were considering breaking up the shoot into two parts, October to November: interior scenes; January: Green screen. This obviously didn't happen). I think they were considering this due to Gemma's film initially being slated for a late November release and Jake's film released in early December. But since "Quantum of Solace" was given an earlier release date (because "Harry Potter" was pushed back to next summer) and "Brothers" postponed to Cannes, I think the point became moot.

3. That Icelander actor who's playing Garsiv said that his part --- which is one of the main characters --- would be complete in mid-November. There's a sequence between Garsiv and Ben Kingsley character which takes place indoors. Perhaps they are filming this sequence during those two weeks and when Jake and Gemma return they'll just go into the green screen stuff. I don't think that Garsiv character is involved in any of the green screen stuff.

4. They filmed the NASAF Banquet Hall scene/sequence (if you read the script you'll know what I'm talking about) between October 1 and October 8th. This was one of three main sequences to be shot in England. *Of course they'll be filming more than three sequences, but there are three in the script which takes place almost entirely indoors and thus not necessary to film in Morocco. This is one of them. The other is the sequence at the end when Dastan follows Kingsley's character into all those strange rooms which is the climax of the story(I can't say anymore without giving away spoilers). I'm assuming they are filming this now or at least soon. The third is the sequence between Garsiv and Nissam (sp?) that I mentioned before and doesn't include either Jake or Gemma and will almost certainly be filmed while the two are off.

5. So my best estimate (if I should get the schedule I will certainly know the answer to this definitively)...

Spring 2008: Jake accepts part and begins training while filming Nailed.

June-July 2008: rehearsing/training in England.

July 15 - July 21: Final (dress)rehearsals (in Morocco) and training before filming.

July 21-September 12/13: filming in Morocco.

September 22-mid November 2008: they're filming interior scenes at Pinewood Studios in England.

mid-November-December 3 2008: They shoot the "green screen" stuff at Pinewood.

2009: Post-production.

Right now, given the information I have this seems the most likely scenerio of what is going on.

That's all I have. I'll let you know if I get more.

P.S. BTW, have you guys heard that Brothers will probably premiere at Cannes 2009? I'm very excited about that.

I was thinking that given that Reese will have herMonsters vs. Aliens film coming out around that time and it might premiere at Cannes as well, just as Angelina Jolie's film Kung Fu Panda did this year. Both animated films are from Dreamworks Animation. So perhaps they'll be together (Jake and Reese) at Cannes this upcoming year.

Just a thought...

bobbyanna said...

Poor Jake. He's had a rotten year in some ways. Starting with Heath in January, his grandmother passing away, hopefully this will be the last of the bad news.

I'm glad he's been so busy with three film projects and that Reese has been there for him and so have her kids. Maggie has Ramona and Peter.

I remember in 2006? Jake spent weeks at MV with his mom, and then I recalled those fairly recent pictures of Maggie and her mother walking around Paris with Ramona. I know from experience, no matter how old a child is, divorce really affects them. I still believe there's a lot of love between all the members of that family and they will remain very close.

Anonymous said...

November 27, 2008 is a major USA holiday
I think Jake will probably take a few days off for the holiday

sheba baby said...

Hi Brothers spy and thanks for the update!

Yes bobbyanna, it's been a rough year for Jake, and no matter how old you are, a parents divorce is rough, i have been through it.

suvee said...

Glad to hear from you, brothers spy. Thanks for the PoP shooting schedule update...... there is an end in sight!

Looks like 2 weeks is pretty much the maximum time J & R can stand to be separated. I have a feeling after Jake's 3 back to back movies this year, 2009 might be a "stay at home" year for him...... you know, plenty of time to devote to home and (his new) family. :)

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks for all the info, brother's spy. Some of it I had forgotten. Thanks also for the timeline. I like timelines. Timelines make me happy. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Wow, Brothers Spy!!! You are like our own personal genie! Glad you've made an appearance, and with such wonderful nuggets of information! Maybe Jake will come home long enough to celebrate Halloween with the kids and then to vote!

I agree, suvee. Jake will probably take several months off in 2009 to rest and recharge and spend quality time with family.;) ;)

I wonder if Jake will participate in awards season. Since he has (hopefully) a couple of movies coming out, they may ask him to be a presenter.

Anonymous said...

Jake will be done with filming work just in time for his birthday!

agent_krycek said...

2. Jake went to LA for one-week to 9 days in the second/third week of September.

Interestingly, that dovetails very nicely with my ongoing research....

extra said...

msn.com on Reese, jake and her Vogue interview:


They think the interview is boring( too reserved on Jake) and doesn't think too much of her upcoming flick with Vaughn and just some quotes from the Chicago times marriage talk from last week.

Thanks so much for your update on Pop brothers spy and good luck with your research ak!!

get real said...

Very sad news on the Gyllenparents. :( Had heard the talk for a while but seeing it official is hard. Hope they all can get through this as best they can.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find the interview from a long time ago. I'll keep looking for the interview

I swore Jake said he had an unhappy childhood because his parents fought all the time, or his house had a lot of fights growing up

Anonymous said...

That may have been the commentary he did for MM anon. He mentioned his parents fighting.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find those comments and that interview again

brothers spy said...

I don't think he'll have Thanksgiving off at all. You have to remember that the vast majority of people working on this picture are British and don't celebrate the American Thanksgiving. Jake, and Jerry Bruckheimer, are the only Americans working on this.

I figure, given everything else we know, that Jake will get his one or two weeks off in EARLY November. They finish work on December 3rd, why would he get a week off less than two weeks before he's finished work? That doesn't make sense.

brothers spy said...


I agree with you. Especially now that ALL THREE of the films he made were pushed back:

"Brothers" to Spring 2009 (to make it to Cannes).

"Nailed" probably to late summer/fall (because of money troubles).

"Prince of Persia" to May of 2010 because everything was being too rushed and Disney wants to give it a huge push.

That means that Jake doesn't really have to make another movie for a year or so. I remember having a debate with UV about this a couple of months ago where I said that there was NO WAY that Jake would make another film at least until the fall of 2009. I still stand by that.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that Jake will take a nice two-month vacation come January or so.

Perhaps in Hawaii...(wink).

Call it a hunch.

P.S. Bobbyanna, it's funny that you had said that you wanted an update just hours before I returned.

Maybe I subconciously knew that I was needed here. lol.

agent_krycek said...

It's highly unlikely he'd get Thanksgiving off, for the reasons bs said, it'd be like me coming to the US and thinking I can take the English Bank Holidays off (Mind you, being of Irish/Scottish decent I have attempted to wrangle their Bank Holidays off as well - to no avail :-( )

To the anon desperately looking for reports of arguments - IIRC Jake, or possibly Naomi, was refering to the time both Senior Gyllenhaals worked on Losing Isaiah together, which didn't go smoothly, and they didn't, as far as I know, work together again - which is understandable, love my OH, but have to work with him, please god no!

bobbyanna said...

Know how you feel, Agent K. I couldn't even partner with my OH on a game of Whist...but I'm not a good example..being single now.

Ironicaly, once we finally decided to call it a day, after 20 years, we stopped competing with each other, stopped bickering, and arguing, trying to "be right," and we stopped undermining each other. We get along well now. With great affection and respect. (His wife...not so much.) My children think we are the most successfully divorced couple they know. And they know far too many.

BS, I'm just a little Italian Yenta sending out "needy" vibes ;) ;) Glad you responded to them!!!;) As I said earlier,maybe Jake might come home for Halloween and voting. (Deacon's Birthday is October 23rd. And a very adorable little girl is turning 3 on October 28th.)

Anonymous said...

Jakes London fashion


X17=clueless said...

Ok everyone, take a good look at this picture of Reese and tell me what is off about it:


Anonymous said...

I can't get the link to work

Anonymous said...

In the first pictures, her hair looks too long. Either it grew about four inches in the past few days, or this picture was taken months ago, before she got it cut.

Second, they aren't showing Deacon with Reese. Deacon is running with someone who has shorts on with different sandals, so it is either not Reese, or it was Reese but she's wearing different clothes.

All in all, a complete fiction constructed by X17. My guess is to make their fake "story" stick, they had to do some creative "editing."

FluorescentLamp said...

When did X17 get on the ring-watch bandwagon? What I notice is that she's wearing no jewelry other than earrings. Not even a watch. Big deal.

FluorescentLamp said...

In the first pictures, her hair looks too long. Either it grew about four inches in the past few days, or this picture was taken months ago, before she got it cut.

Oh. And that. :-D

shondra said...

I only noticed the long hair, LOL!!! Yes it was either taken earlier in the year or knowing that site last year.

Remember last week when they posted those jogging pics of her on 10/10 that were actually taken in August? Or earlier in the year when the posted pics of Reese and Ava that were actually taken in '06? People knew something was off since Ava looked really young in them? And don't for get that video of Jake and Reese from last April that they said wasn't Reese and it was?

What is with that site and posting old pics and i'm sure Reese isn't the only one.

Anonymous said...

There just trying to get hits for there site, or in X17's case, maybe they are trying to pawn off some old pictures with a fake new story line. X17 sells pictures to magazines and videos to TV. There also probably hooked up with some magazine to 'create' a fake storyline. No news isn't good news when you're in the gossip biz.

The tabloids started something with Jake and Reese not getting along, and then they look stupid because there are recent pictures of them in London obviously getting along. Then there's pictures of Reese at airports, international terminals.

You guys seem to have better information then any gossip blogs or tabloid magazines.

agent_krycek said...

Hair is completely wrong, Reese is rocking her latest cut, I somehow don't see her suddenly adding extensions and the fringe is completely wrong, plus in the photo with Deacon, I'm sure that is Reese, I recognise those shoes, so she changed from jeans to shorts, changed her top and her shoes, all to pick Deacon (who is soooo cute) up. Plus, I can't remember when it was, but I'm sure I've seen those photos of Deacon in that top before - during the summer.

Hmmmm, wonder where they picked up on ring watch from *rolls eyes*

chica said...

So Dec. 3rd is the day when Jake is finished with Pop! Thanks brothers spy, you are the best! Glad to hear that he will be getting a break in Nov. and confirming the J&R hook-ups!

LOL! Regarding x17online, what a bunch of tools and yes this blog has the best Jake news and updates, i love it!

extra said...

Ak, Deacon was wearing that shirt earlier this year when Jake and Reese took him for a picnic, I think Atticus went along. It may have been before he filmed Nail.

I know, I need a life.

Anonymous said...

us magazine web site has the same picture of reese states its from thursday

Monica said...

In Wednesday, X17 has posted photos of her in Neil George Saloon. Perhaps this is the new look for the Cameron Crowe film.

Bette said...

It looks to me like Reese is outside of The Brentwood Country Mart with the long hair, and that probably isn't Reese in the shots with Deacon.

x17-clueless said...

If she is wearing extensions from a salon then they did a crappy job! If it's for the new film, it's a bit too early for her to be trying out a long look if that's what she is doing even for pre-production.

It wouldn't be the first time Us posted an old pic,they posted a pic of Reese on 10/8 saying it was from "earlier in the week" but it was really a pic from July.

I would think they would mention the longer hair or they just didn't notice it. And where is Deacon? If they got this from x17 they may have realized that the pictures were dodgy and was more interested in advertising her bag and glasses.

We will see if she is sporting a ponytail in the next pap pics, weird!

brothers spy said...

Hey peeps...

(this will be kind of long)

I think the time off will correspond with the release of "Quantum of Solace." I think that was the rationale for the break. Remember that "Prince of Persia" is a British production. James Bond is HUGE in Britain and they wouldn't do anything to hurt a James Bond film.

As I said, I think they devised the schedule before they learned that they were pushing back "Brothers" and "Quantum of Solace" was supposed to initially be released on Thanksgiving (thus pushed forward). So they created a two-week break for their stars accordingly.

So I think Jake just lucks out with one or two weeks off.

I hope my source gets back to me with the schedule. That would answer any final questions we may have about everything.

Anyway, the reason for my post is because I just learned that "Quantum of Solace" will have its British premiere (along with France and a couple of other countries) on October 31.

The film will then open wide (America, rest of Europe, Austrailia, Japan, etc.) on November 6th. Meaning that Gemma will probably be doing press for the film between October 27th and November 8th or so.

Also, remember that my source told me that they were dedicating the last three weeks or so to the green screen stuff. That would date that filming at November 13th (or so) to December 3rd.

So we know they need to get the Icelander playing Garsiv out of there (and complete his parts) by mid November as per his interview before production started (I also recall his saying that they were filming until early December --- and he was finished in November --- which corresponds with my source saying that shooting will wrap on December 3rd).

Also the timing corresponds with what my source told me in early September about techicians working on some of the CGI stuff in England through September until "the first week of October."

This reminds me of something else I thought about last night and didn't share yesterday...

Remember when those CGI guys, in that interview, said that they had recently completed their work on "Prince of Persia?" I asked my source about that and he then told me that they had completed their work on August 28th or 29th, whatever it was. (I don't know the first thing about CGI stuff. I don't know any terms, much less the science of it).

Well, apparently, another group took over from there, at Pinewood, and began preparation for some important scene from early September until "the first week of October." They were suppose to film the actual scene/sequence thereafter.* This was suppose to take two-weeks to shoot.

* I assume the scene they were working on is the final sequence of the film where Dastan discovers the gateway to the secret room, and confronts Ben Kingsley's character, etc. I won't give it away. It's the final sequence of the script between Ben Kingsley and Jake. If you read the scene you will notice that there are a lot of descriptions that will almost certainly require CGI (a cascading waterfall, etc.)

Well I remembered that my source had told me very specifically that they were filming the scene at the Palace of NASAF (the banquet scene where something happens to Dastan's father and he's forced on the run, thus setting in motion the events of his journey back to ALAMUT) from October 1 to 8.

My source also told me specifically that they filmed [b]scene 109[/b] on September 25th & 26th; [b]scenes 56 and 57[/b] on September 29th & 30th. (I don't know what any of these scenes are, he only gave me the scene number. Since my version of the script doesn't have any numbers, and the script has been re-written since then, i'm pretty sure that I won't be able to figure out what scenes they filmed just by using those numbers).

Well, we know that they began filming in England on September 22. We also know, from an earlier conversation with my source, that they began filming Gemma's scenes in Alamut during the opening battle and another scene between Gemma and Garsiv. These scenes don't involve Jake.

Thus the schedule most likely looked something like this...

September 22-24: Gemma's scenes (Jake not involved).

September 25th-26th: Scene 109. A scene involving Jake, not sure which. Not sure who else involved.

September 29th: Scene 56 (whatever it is).

September 30th: Scene 57 (again, whatever it is).

October 1-8: The NASAF Banquet sequence.

Then they seemed to take a 4-day weekend from production, probably because they worked through the previous weekend. This was also the week that Reese visited Jake in England. That was probably why.

Then beginning on October 13th (this past Monday) until October 24th they film the last sequence between Ben Kingsley, Jake and Gemma in those crazy rooms. There were at least four: The Hourglass Chamber, The Loophole Corridor, and two others. If you read the script you'll know what i'm talking about.

Then between October 24th and November 8th, Gemma will be away doing promotion for "Quantum of Solace." It's possible that Jake won't have the entire two weeks off. After all, there is another scene i'm certain they're shooting in Britain, which doesn't involve Gemma, in the "Kings Baths" which is between Dastan and his older brother Tus. But other than that, and maybe a short scene or two, every scene Jake is in includes Gemma.

Therefore, Jake is CERTAIN to get at least one week off.

During that week, they will film the scenes between Ben Kingsley and Garsiv (as well as Dastan's brothers) at the Palace, after Dastan escapes and goes on the run. (There are several scenes).

Then beginning on November 13th (with the Icelander --- and possibly Ben Kingsley???) done their parts, they will film the Green Screen stuff until December 3rd.

I think that's a pretty good estimate of what is happening in England. So if I had to venture a guess, i'd say Jake will be done on October 31st and not return until November 10th or so. But that's speculation. It fits the timeline though.

There you have it...

Anonymous said...

The picture of Deacon coming from Karate he is with the nanny. Reese is at Brentwood CM with staff members.


FluorescentLamp said...

Those must be sympathy hair extensions then. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd say if Jakes last day of filming is Dec 3, he is already dreaming of a hair cut.
How quick do you think he will cut the prince hair?

Anonymous said...

I hate to be contrarian, but I'm not convinced the pictures of Reese at the CM in Brentwood were taken recently. I also have a problem with Deacon's picture. I think the X17 people, who have been very unscrupulous in the past, might have taken Deacon's picture when he was being picked up by nanny and his mother wasn't even there. Which would mean they are stalking kids. So to cover it, they caption it as Reese picking up Deacon, when she actually wasn't. I find that possibility chilling. Neither Deacon nor his sister are public celebrities. And they are minors as well.

UltraViolet said...

I don't get the hair thing, either, anon. They definitely seem like old pictures.

New post up.