Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh look who it is! Part 2

Thanks to the ever-vigilant, always-diligent Stephanie, we now have the full set of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon in London. More specifically, looks like they were in Chelsea this time. :-)

What a great pic.

You can see the rest on IHJM.


UltraViolet said...

Eeek - yay. What a sight to see upon logging on! Thanks SO much, FL and Stephnie, for making my morning.

Back to gush after I pore over the pics!

UltraViolet said...

I can't look at all of them because I'm fixated on the laughing ones. They both look gorgeous. And so, so happy.

Anonymous said...

date on the pictures is friday the 10th so i guess reese is over there now they look very happy

agent_krycek said...

Sorry, I couldn't resist when I saw the name on the bag, one quick google later

It does look bright enough to have been Friday, it's been absolutely lovely here for the past few days, spent quite a bit of today in a t shirt and shorts in my garden

FluorescentLamp said...

Also, agent_k, if you see the one pic on IHJ of them strolling past an antique shop...ding ding ding CHELSEA!

Now of course I have Elvis Costello's song running through my head.

They really look so lovely together in these photos. Very Chelsea-chic.

bobbyanna said...

God, I love Stephanie and FL!!!!!
Wow. I mean, hey, Star Magazine. Can't you just see all the tension and the unhappiness? Yeah. Looks like they are having a realy hard time. Ummm hmmm.

BTW: Reese is definitely wearing a ring...on her left hand. As she has been in previous pictures lately.

The laughing pictures are absolutely the best, UV!!! They have a certain joyfulness, at the risk of sounding absolutely corny. But Jake. What's up with your clothes, sweetie?

agent_krycek said...

Just so long as he hasn't taken to supporting Chelski....

bobbyanna said...

Bet he's reciting "those" limericks with a British accent.;)

Anonymous said...

I looked up that bag she is carrying

warning the site, it is kind of for the adults to see, not the kiddies

sheba baby said...

Yay!! They look so happy! Thanks gyllenbabble and IHJ!!

And yes, that last picure is the best!

lawgoddess said...

Aww! Beautiful, thank you!

That ought to quiet down the people who say " they always look so miserable together."

They look gorgeous, and in love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pictures!

they look so good together and jake.....well irresistible.

I think i am jalous now lol


Bette said...

Awww, they look so happy together!

josie said...

What a beautiful sight to see ! They looks so happy! I had a feeling she was in London, I have a feeling she visits him every other weekend.

Thanks FL/UV and IHJ!!

Narcissa said...

They both look terrific!

chica said...

Yes they both look terrific! Love Reese's boots and he looks hot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you FL, Stephanie and the Anon poster who sent the scan on the previous post, they do look terrific and very happy, love the laughing ones.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I forgot to thank the poster who sent the scan in. That was a fun scoop!

Can't you just see all the tension and the unhappiness?

Hee, Bobbyanna. You always shop for lingerie in the middle of a fight, right?

I'm out of the habit of expecting pictures these days, so this was a real treat.

Monica said...

I love the look of Jake. I love this simple and natural style of dress.
It was charming and sexy!

Reese of the clothes are beautiful. Mainly glasses and a bag!

Lingerie? Uh ...: D

Thank You Gyllenbabble and IHJ!

Lemon said...

Bonsoir all! And ooh la, that is one hot looking couple. I just love how tiny she looks compared to Jake. They both seem to have really taken on British (Or London) life. I do like Jake's hat/scarf/sunglasses combo. Says it all really.

spent quite a bit of today in a t shirt and shorts in my garden

Seriously, what is going on? I'm in Manchester and I've been wandering around all day in cropped pants and a tank top. I live in the rainy city, yet I'm October.

agent_krycek said...

Seriously, what is going on? I'm in Manchester and I've been wandering around all day in cropped pants and a tank top. I live in the rainy city, yet I'm October.

Sorry, you're in Manchester AND IT'S NOT RAINING!!! That's it, the world is coming to an end!

Actually, I love Manchester, have cousins there, but I've got to say it's bucketed down every time I've been there.

Looks like Reese has brought the LA weather with her - Thanks Reese, much appreciated

Lemon said...

Trust me agent_k, I'm as shocked as you are. As much as I love my city (which, by the way, Jake and Reese totally need to visit) the weather here does suck...a lot.

In other news, I'm excited for "Burn After Reading". It makes me think that I'd quite enjoy seeing Jake work with the Coen Brothers. I like the idea of Jake in that kind of dark comedy role.

gabbana said...

Reese looks sexy! Love her boots...
Jake looks a bit scrumpy and he really loves those shoes...:-))

Thanks so much for posting them - made my day...

And again a reason why we should not pay any attention to those rubbish tabloid "reports"...

get real said... they look amazing and happy!!! Love to see these new pics so much! :D

Reese is looking lovely and Jake is looking super sexy in the scarf and hat. Nothing beats the laughter and smiles.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes i agree get real, they look happy and amazing!

Love the boots on Reese and Jake is loking yummy as usual!

extra said...

I knew there were picures once they were spoted last week!!

They look so happy, thanks FL and Stephanie/IHJ!!

suvee said...

I'm out of the habit of expecting pictures these days, so this was a real treat.

I know! My "no expectations" philosophy had pretty much kicked in, so this really was a great and welcome surprise. Thanks to everyone (FL, IHJ, anon Babbler) for this lovely Sunday treat!

I love seeing them so obviously happy..... and they both look sooo good. Love what Reese is wearing, love what Jake is wearing...... they have very simpatico styles IMO.

And of course, now I have the image (okay, fantasy) of shopping for sexy lingerie with boyfriend Jake in my head. I think I need a drink. :)

bobbyanna said...

My goodness. I had no idea there were FDA approved vibrators!

shondra said...

Happy, happy joy, joy!!

I had a crappy day, what a wonderful sight to click on to, thanks so much for posting!!

sass said...

Good Morning UV and FL and babblers all,
OMG, What a wonderful sight for my eyes at 4:30AM. Jake will never know how much his smiling happy face means to me, and boy he does seem wildly happy again. These pics remind m a bit of some of his past giddy happy Kirsten/Jake snaps, but perhaps even more so because he has to be certain by now he is well loved by Reese.
TY for having us here once again. I have the biggest smile on my face.

sass said...

Incidentally babblers, The UK Prime Minister Brown, is on the telly having a talk and a press conference about the Global money crises and measures taken to remedy the situation in the UK and the world.
When he talks about measures taken to stabilize and reform the markets and financial systems, he reassures me for some reason; whenever I see Bush on the telly, I just feel very very afraid. :lol

UltraViolet said...

Do you think there are vibrator inspectors, Bobbyanna?

And {{sass}}! So good to see you. What is either of us doing up at this hour?! I'm glad you saw the pictures and got a lift from them. I think we all did.

And yes, there is a carefree quality that is very nice to see.

Off to bed for me, finally. Thank goodness for the imperialist holiday tomorrow!

UltraViolet said...

Ditto on Gordon Brown and W, sass! I did read somewhere that the British plan was the best of the lot. And, also, speaking in full sentences always trumps Bush-speak!

agent_krycek said...

My mother has the most almighty crush on Gordon Brown - one wink from him and she'd leave my dad and be down the road as quick as her dodgy hip could carry her - my Mum worries me sometimes.

Brown's actually very unpopular over here at the moment, which probably means we'll get the smarmy David Cameron next time, do not like that man, but at least he's not Boris Johnson.

verdeblusm said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!!I just can't stop smiling
Thanks to Stephanie, FL, IHJ and poster:you made me happy!

Nicole said...

They look both so happy in these pics. And so gorgeous.
Reese,I love your boots !
I haven´t seen these pics on any gossip site , so maybe a magazine (People?? ,US ???) bought them and will have a story as well.

bobbyanna said...

US Weekly or one of the magazines will have a spread on Reese and Jake " back together, after a rough patch." ;) ;)

chica said...

I was thinking the same thing nicole and bobbyanna!

The pics were taken last wek based on the sightings and I think that it will tie in with the house/renting angle.

josie said...

Happy Thanksgiving for all the Canadian posters and Happy Columbus day to the US posters!!

Still enjoying the pictures....

ontd said...

From ONTD, dated today. The other day would mean around the date of the pics. I just thought that the pics were earlier and that the date was off. I doubt her friend waslying!:

"My friend said she saw Reese and Jake out in London the other day and they looked sweet together. But she's probably lying".

sass said...

babblers all,
Happy Columbus Day!
Happy Thanksgiving Canadian babblers:)
Happy Monday everyone:)
{{{{to ya}}}}}
I miss ya so so much.

My old Oncologist was such a Maroon. He gave me chemo through my one good peripheral vein...and I let him cause I was afraid of ports etc...silly me... and now, as of Friday, my new Onc's nurse couldn't get in that vein. It's damaged but I hope it will recover. arrgh

Now, I am waiting for an appointment to have port placement in diagnostic radiology later this week.....

Reese is wearing some hot hot boots...Name please.:)
Chanel bag?
When will we have the newsstand magazine?:)



Jake, you are one lucky man:)

agent_krycek said...

sass, if I knew where they were living I'd be planning a break-in to get my hands on those boots (we're the same height, so I'm guessing same shoe size!)

Hope things get a bit better very soon sass, best wishes and good luck xxx

lawgoddess said...


Hang in there!

bobbyanna said...

I love those boots, too. I'm shorter than Reese by an inch or two, so our feet might be about the same's our legs that are different...mine are more...shapely...;) (I do not have cankles!)


get real said...


chica said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for these gorgeous pictures. They look amazing. Just beautiful.

paula said...

They look absolutely smitten and happy, I love these pictures!

I want her boots now!!! And Jake is looking hot and compfy, I have a great big grin on my face!

You are in my thoughts Sass.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! Yes Mónica! Some admirers of the game already changed opinion and those who even not surely will do it when they see what can Jake's talent!

In relation to Jake's boots ... I them come continuing years ago!
Will they be the historical ones?
They do not meet hurt in Jake's face!

And what good them one sees!

It is not possible to ask any more!

Cordial regards > Leonor

suvee said...

Thinking of you, sass....... hang in there!

Monica said...

Sass, is always good to see you here! You are in my prayers!

Leonor, is the same boot! He has this boot for a long time and not worry about that.

bobbyanna said...

Can I just say. I LOVE this blog! We are some of the best, coolest fans in the world.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way this is the best site

sass said...

Babblers all, I love you. I love this site so so much:)
Thanks everyone for the all your hugs and all your kind thoughts.
My port will be placed Wednesday morning, and if all goes well, Chemo will resume Friday afternoon.
back soon,

UltraViolet said...

Aww, hugs for sass and for everyone else. See how happy we all are when Jake makes such a gorgeous appearance!

Seriously, though, I'm glad this is a haven. I did notice around the internets today that the J&R hate wasn't as prominent, which was nice. And which can change in the blink of an eye, I know.

Oh, and Leonor, I'm so glad you posted! I love those boots of Jake's, and I think he does, too.

Hope the Canadians out there had a happy Thanksgiving.

And if we have any Swedish-speaking lurkers, here's a Jake and Reese sighting.

They were on Kensington High Street and spent hundreds of pounds somewhere, I think. And they went into Boots. But beyond that, online translators cannot go!

bobbyanna said...

Well, Boots is a pharmacy like Dwayne Reade and CVS and RiteAid, yes? Kensington, High Street is that near the Mayfair area where Jake is supposed to be staying?

extra said...

Hey UV, I came acros this earlier and did the swedish to english translation via google but I couldn't make sense of it so i didn't post it!

Here it is:

October 12, 2008
Birth r pharaoh, IgA ¥ r, when your I came and mà ¶ TTE up my husband after his job Box: High St Ken, please, I had apparently missed 1 Displays Super heting. Type 5 minutes before I came had Jake Gyllenhaal (And Reese Witherspoon, but who cares?) Been dà ¤ r and acted / Search several hundred pounds. OH. MY. GOOD. And I wandered around the Box: Jà ¤ vla Boots before. FAN!

Birth r à ¶ indeed, I can tell you that I know what I suffer, my problem is just contrasts. Nà ¤ r you see white, screaming their heads after black. Nà ¤ r everything is just harmonious, screaming their heads after the chaos.

So true.

Now I sleep. Tomorrow I wake up 8 / Search the Box: bà ¶ betray my project. Which is just out and run in Richmond Park.

Good night

Ok, I have no idea. Gid they run into them at Boots or do they work there? it's dated 10/12, so maybe they saw them on the 11th? I think she may still be in London.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I did the translation, as well, extra. That's why I hoped we had a lurker who could help, because that was pretty much real babble!

Bobbyanna, here's a good map of London neighborhoods. So you can see Kensington Road/Kensington High Street is sort of across the park and down the road from Mayfair.

Jordan said...

According to this blog the two of them are still having troubles. Why don't any of you guys want to admit that these two could possibly be having problems. I would assume most of you have been in relationships and you know the ups and downs of them.

Xenia said...

Jordan, I think that the point is that we (you and us as well) don't know if they're having or not having problems, that's all. None of our business even.
The body language in those pics says they're having a good time at least and that makes some of us happy. Let's stop at that.

enigma said...

Because worrying that two actors may be having relationship issues is pointless? Because how would anyone know how their relationship is going but Reese and Jake?

Why get knickers in a twist when you can just enjoy their work and also fawn over how hot both are looking.

agent_krycek said...

According to this blog the two of them are still having troubles.

No, according to this the two of them had a disagreement about something, who in the hell knows what - could be minor, could be major, but a comment about him 'not supporting' her hardly indicates major troubles - for all we know Reese could be wanting to go for a bubble perm next time and Jake isn't so keen. God knows I had a full on row with my bloke this weekend because apparently 'something nice' isn't a helpful response when asked what I wanted to eat.

As you said, all relationships have ups and downs, and they may be finding the distance is putting a strain on them, but any concrete evidence I see points to them making it work so far, and I doubt they would be having a major row about it in a busy London cafe

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

New video: Reese Witherspoon in the City of Lights

ET has your exclusive look inside Reese Witherspoon's fashionable photo shoot for Vogue magazine, where the Oscar winner dons designer gowns in the chic Paris! Meanwhile, in the new issue of Vogue, on stands October 15, Reese talks about her movie star beau Jake Gyllenhaal.

"He's very supportive," she says. "Suffice it to say, I'm very happy in life, and I'm very lucky to have a lot of really supportive people around me who care very much for me, and, you know, that's all you can hope for in life. I am very blessed in that way."

Watch Reese open up about balancing work and play as a busy mom.

"I'm very lucky I get to bring my children to great places and they get to see the world with me, and we get to grow and learn and experience things together," Reese says about traveling with her kids.

enigma said...

Wow, she looks gorgeous in those dresses.

Thanks monica.

extra said...

Ok UV, i hope someone comes along and translate for us!

Jordan, we all know that all couples have problems. And I would like to point out that the blog you linked to is quoting the Fox gossiper from last week.

True or not, we have no idea what's going on with them.

Thanks for the link monica, she looks amazing!

agent_krycek said...

I gave the Swedish tranlation another go

Too pharaoh, yesterday, when I came and met up my man after his jobs on High pcs Ken, so had I evidently missed 1 drink (having) things. Jerk 5 minutes before I came had JAKE GYLLENHAAL (and Reese witherspoon, but who cares?) been there and shopped (think there might be a spelling error on the blog) for several hundred pounds. OH. MY. GOOD. And I as walked around at damn Boots before. DAMN!

I think the writer went to meet boyfriend/husband at High Street Kensington, and just missed seeing Jake and Reese, either in a pub or in Boots, although I'm at a slight loss as to how anyone can spend hundreds of pounds in Boots?

verdeblusm said...

I know it's quite normal to have up and down in a relationship. But why should they have problems? Only because there was a lack of photos/news about them? The only problem the have had, is only that magasines didn't have news about J& R and they start to make something up!They could invent anything else but a break or a crisis...Years ago I worked in a little daily paper as journalist. The editorial staff used to say to me: when you have no stuff, make it!

extra said...

Looks like Reese returned yesterday:

And she is wearing that killer outfit with the boots!!

Looks like it was another weekend trip, something she has been doing since he got back to London IMO.

BTW, she is glowing and who can blame her??

bobbyanna said...

Monica thanks so much for the video. She looks just beautiful! This probably was done when they were in Paris in July.

I agree Agent K, the idea of them having a serious spat in a restaurant is very unlikely. (Reese with a bubble perm...interesting...)

Whatever! These pictures clearly indicate Reese and Jake are happy! Both of them, fortunately, are in the same line of work, so they understand the demands, and both of them are secure, mature people so they are aware of the stress and strain.

It is a very huge commitment that sends someone flying from LA to London on a regular commute. I doubt seriously that Reese would make the effort if Jake didn't want her there.

I am not worried. If there really was a glitch, it seems to have evaporated! They look deliriously happy. And very very comfortable together. I am very glad in the Vogue interview, she was not reluctant to talk about him! I agree there really hasn't been any news or pictures for so long, the tabloids have to make things up.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam. Thanks for that translation. Maybe the blogger was complaining because she wasted time at Boots, and missed Jake and Reese who were in the other place (a store?) where her husband/boyfriend was waiting for her, and where they spent a few hundred pounds?

i have too much time on my hands said...

Taken on 8/16/08

Taken?? No date given but posted on 10/10, so I would assume 10/9:

There was something familiar about those pics posted on x17, I swore I saw the whole set somewhere, that the pic wasn't recent. Then I watched the ET video on Reese linked by Monica and they showed a pic of her in that outfit with the kids. Then I remembered where I saw it: it was on the first site.

Now I know that she could have been wearing the same outfit, hat, sneakers, etc. last week as she did in August but what are the odds? And in the 3 x17 pics the kids arent pictured, but in the original pics there is at least one pic where she is solo.

This would not be the first time that site posted old photos.

So what would be the point? To make it look like Reese doesn't visit Jake as often as I and others think. I think she has been flying over to London every weekend since he got back from Morocco IMO.

Also the arriving at LAX pics on that site. She is seen arriving and carrying her jacket, but the last picture she is carrying a black bag and a brown paper bag (overhead) and she has her tickets out. Why would she have her tickets out if she was returning or am i missing something.

She does put her coat on but i'm just wondering if this wasn't taken last week sometime.

agent_krycek said...

Maybe the blogger was complaining because she wasted time at Boots, and missed Jake and Reese who were in the other place (a store?) where her husband/boyfriend was waiting for her, and where they spent a few hundred pounds?

Reading it again, I think you're right, at the time my head was beginning to hurt doing it word by word via a dictionary and my brains got scrambled!

You sort of forget that, just like your own language, other languages have various regional dialects and slang that doesn't really translate via a dictionary (I'm still in therapy after, on my first trip to the US I was advised to put my purse in the fanny pack! Slightly different meaning over here), so there are a couple of guesses in there - but I think that is the gist of it.

agent_krycek said...

Now I know that she could have been wearing the same outfit, hat, sneakers, etc. last week as she did in August but what are the odds?

Plus exactly the same white top/bra underneath with the grey vest top pulled down slightly in exactly the same way - think you've nailed it there.

FluorescentLamp said...

Good detective work there, ihtmtomh.

There's a slightly longer Reese/Paris/Vogue videoshoot on the Vogue site. She looks great and really sultry in some of them (which is a word I would not normally associate with her). This link should take you directly to the longer video.

i have too much time on my hands said...

Ok then I wasn't going crazy then!I think she was in London all last week and returned Monday afternoon based on the 2 sightings we had earlier in the week: forget my observations in my previous comments about her arrival at LAX, I assume she picked up her overhead bags, put on her coat and for some reason had her tickets out.

I also think they met up a few times in NY as well.

Thanks for the translation!

agent_krycek said...

I assume she picked up her overhead bags, put on her coat and for some reason had her tickets out.

Looking again, that last picture is tagged as her at Heathrow, which makes sense.

sheba baby said...

The cover of the November issue of Vogue. Reese looks amazing:

Looking at all of these pictures of Jake and Reese in London makes me think that we need a Pop update!

Where is brothers spy when we need him???

sheba baby said...

Oh and good catch on those pictures of Reese ihtmtomh, so she was in London probably all last week, good work!

agent_krycek said...

Only had a quick skim of the interview, but I do wonder what she wished for, and ahhhhh, Rome revisit

She will tell you that she was with the guy she'd rather not blab about some weeks earlier—in Rome, speaking of beautiful cities—and that one night they went out to see the Trevi Fountain. It was late, it was beautiful, and she threw a coin in and made a wish. What did she wish for? Come on. Do you really think she's going to tell you that? "If I tell you," she says, "it won't come true."

bobbyanna said...

I LOVE the photo of her leaning on the balcony! That short black dress is hot!

Ahhh, Roma!

UltraViolet said...

New post, kids.