Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh look who it is!

Many thanks go out to a GyllenBabble reader for kindly sending along this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon that appeared in their country's newspaper and says it was taken in London. No reason to dispute that since Jake hasn't been Stateside in many a month and they both look dressed for the recent coolish London weather.

Some new pics on IHJ of Jake and Selma "We met making a movie together and we spent most of our time fake humping each other" Blair at the 2000 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Jake looking very Pilot-like here.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Pics courtesy of a GyllenBabble reader and IHJ.


Monica said...

Hello, babblers!
When was this photo taken?
Thanks to the person who sent and FL!

Selma Blair is beautiful and a great actress. Jake has wonderful friends!

Anonymous said...

They look good - love her boots, for fall and winter, & he looks great - slim and muscular for Dastan, not overly bulky. :)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes they both look good! My guess is that it was taken the first week in October based on the two sightings of them.

Thanks to the gyllenbabble poster for scanning and to FL for posting!

agent_krycek said...

I'd go first week of October as well, it's actually freakishly warm at the moment (I'm typing this sitting in my garden in a t shirt and a pair of shorts, it's that warm), but it was very changeable during that week - plus it ties in with the sightings.

Thanks for whoever sent it in, and Reese looks great, loving her boots