Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Okja Okay

We don't know if Jake Gyllenhaal will be on the Croisette for the Friday premiere of Okja, but the film is already making its presence known in Cannes.

At Cannes, IMR International will be selling the rights to The Sisters Brothers, the Jaques Audiard movie Jake will be filming this summer.

The Sisters Brothers is scheduled to begin principal photography in Spain and Romania next month and is based on Patrick deWitt’s darkly comic novel about a pair of brothers who wreaked havoc during the California Gold Rush.

Phoenix and Reilly play the eponymous killers – one of whom enjoys his murderous lifestyle while the other longs for a quieter life.

Everything changes when they are assigned to track down a gold prospector, played by Gyllenhaal, working for their mysterious employer the Commodore.

Red carpet and other event photos to fill up the post :)

Noir et blanc:


Video highlights:

Jake and the gang arriving for the photo call.

Press conference:

TV interview


Red carpet:

Post-screening reaction:

Jake and Tilda interviews:

Jake at Fandango press conference

Jake and others at the IRC/HFPA event

Jake presenting the big check

Jake leaving the party

Jake on a yacht

Jake in the background applauding after The Killing of a Sacred Deer screening

New character poster:


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UltraViolet said...

The NY Times theater critics posted their Who Will/Should Win picks for the Tonys and gave Jake some love:


WILL WIN: Ben Platt, “Dear Evan Hansen”

SHOULD WIN: A tie! Ben Platt and Andy Karl (in “Groundhog Day”)

SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Jake Gyllenhaal, “Sunday in the Park With George”*

You can go here to vote for Jake/SITPWG. Normally, I'd say it's bad to vote if you haven't seen the shows, but they make you vote in all the categories, so everyone is probably voting on something they haven't seen.

Diana said...

I love those huge posters on buildings, they are quite a looker!

I think Jake might really go to Cannes, just a gut feeling. I could imagine that Netflix would want the whole cast of the two movies taking part in the competition to be there.

I am soooo tempted to vote for Jake/SITPWG since the voting opened but I don´t know any of the other shows and you have to fill in the whole form of course!
Decisions, decisions.... right now I would love to know the exact date for the release of the cast album.

BlueJean said...

Good to see a new post! Thanks UV! Hope you're OK! x

Hagen said...

I've noticed that there's no DVD of Netflix' "Beasts of No Nations". I guess "Okja" will only be available to Neflix subscribers.

Diana said...

Multiple newssites report that Jake will attend Cannes.

The official site of the festival has a timer on it that counts backwards, it ends at 7 p.m. CET. You can click on a button that says "web tv" and you can choose between "live", "channels" and "trailers" there.


Anonymous said...

In LA at the moment but hoping he flies out soon to Cannes.


likemonalisa said...

I watched the interview Anon 6pm mentioned. not so good. the host didn't prepare well. But Jake looks great, he seems very relax. i looooooove when he says how are u in mandarin.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good

BlueJean said...

"I watched the interview Anon 6pm mentioned."

What interview? All I see is a photo. I need new glasses, for sure! ;)

Hagen said...

Deadline: ‘Okja’ Star Jake Gyllenhaal On Joy In Mimicry, Movies As Sandcastles And Carving Out His Unique Space As An Actor

I play a guy named Dr. Johnny. He’s a zoologist, and he had, at one time, a very popular animal show, and it has since been in decline. He was hired by the Mirando Corporation—which is Tilda Swinton’s company, her character is Lucy Mirando—to be the spokesperson and head of this contest that they have, where each continent has developed one of these creatures. They’ve been genetically altered, and a different farmer on each of these continents has been given one of these creatures to raise. I’m the face of the contest, and because I’m a zoologist, I pick the most perfect specimen who’s going to then be cloned. He’s insane. He’s mad. He has horrible style, but he’s a wonderful character.

Maura said...

That Deadline interview is great. He talks about working with Denis. Really enjoyed it!

Scott said...

Full trailer


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Scott. Good to see the full trailer. It is intriguing!

Loved the Deadline interview, too, Maura. I'm going to assume the reverse view of Jake's face was intended. Here's a little info from the photographer.

It seemed Jake would be attending, and thanks to this alert Facebooker, we know he's in France.

Diana, go ahead and vote! They are basically making people vote when they haven't seen things.

Hagen, I hope there will be Okja DVD features, even if there's no actual DVD.

Likemonalisa, do you know if there's a link to the interview? I wonder if China will embrace Life more than the rest of the globe. Would be nice if it bumped it up into profitable territory.

And BJ, I'm hanging in there :)

Maura said...

Lots of problems today at the Okja screening.

Love this tweet from Kyle Buchanan:
OKJA: Big pig and big ideas, but the performances are even bigger, topped by a Jake Gyllenhaal role so flamboyant it can be seen from space

I can't wait to see Jake go REALLY BIG!

Hagen said...

Festival de Cannes‏ @Festival_Cannes
#Photocall #Cannes2017 OKJA by BONG Joon Ho #Competition

Peter Bradshaw‏ @PeterBradshaw1
Bong Joon-ho's Okja is a wonderful family action-adventure in the spirit of Roald Dahl, Melissa Mathison and Dodie Smith #Cannes2017

Robbie Collin‏ @robbiereviews
Okja: every inch a Jon Ronson-penned film, and perhaps madcap to a fault, but the highs – mostly visual/kinetic – are dizzying. #Cannes70

Bilge Ebiri‏ @BilgeEbiri
OKJA contains the best and worst of Bong. Loved the 1st half, but his ability to balance wildly divergent tones eventually fails him here.

Alex Billington‏
Okja - Bong Joon-ho's anti-capitalist, anti-meat love letter to animals. Fun action, goofy characters, satire galore, captures your heart.

Alex Billington‏
Wowza. Never seen anything like Okja before, one-of-a-kind film. If this doesn't make you go vegetarian, I don't know what will.

david ehrlich‏ @davidehrlich
OKJA: like ET on crack. wild & wildly uneven, but always soulful. A+ cast, 1 legendary chase, everything you want AT the movies #Cannes2017

david ehrlich‏ @davidehrlich
There is *oodles* of room for improvement in OKJA. There are also more memorable characters here than in most entire summer movie seasons.

Gregory Ellwood‏ @TheGregoryE
As for the movie itself... Okja is masterful filmmaking. Moving, inventive, visionary. And funny too. See it on the big screen. #Cannes2017

Hagen said...

Variety: Netflix’s ‘Okja’ Redeems Itself With Cannes Critics After Tech Snafu

Hagen said...

The Wrap: ‘Okja’ Cannes Review: Netflix’s Giant Pig Movie Is Messy Good Fun

The members of ALF include a delightfully earnest Paul Dano – but their comic escapades, and even Swinton’s delicious scenery-chewing, are overshadowed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s insane performance as Dr. Johnny Wilcox, the host of an animal show with declining ratings. In short-shorts and bad hair, he plays Dr. Johnny as part Crocodile Hunter, part Richard Simmons (in his prime) – he’s way over the top, which is exactly where the famously exacting Bong wants him to be.

Diana said...

Jake answering the question how he prepared for his role:

"That´s just who I actually am. Right now.....behaving the way I am now I have spent a lot of time preparing for. I am trying to be as cool and calm and collected as I possibly can but normally I am like that, I dress like that and it´s what I prefer to be".

NEVER sip at a cup of coffee whilst watching an interview with Jake! I don´t have to renovate my kitchen now but it is THAT close!!


I´m still laughing, I cannot even finish my coffee!!


likemonalisa said...

It's live streaming, so I don't have the full interview. But the stream media made a 3 min. cut. I'll try to upload it to u2 later

likemonalisa said...

hope it works.


Scott said...

Well the HW reporter did not like Jake's performance, they did not get it was supposed to over the top. HW is stuck in Nightcrawler land.

Ann said...

It wasn't just the HW Reporter. Most reviews I read didn't like Jake's performance. But I did see a few make the same criticism of Tilda Swinton as well that it was too over the top.

I'm really excited for Okja!

Scott said...

Have not read that many reviews because I can't find them. Sorry to hear that about Jake but I thought the whole point was to not like the character.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it seems like Jake's performance wasn't well received. I guess that's the risk when you go big. There were some people on twitter who liked Jake, along with many who didn't. I thought Tilda Swinton's Snowpiercer performance was over the top and cartoonish. Seems like the director encourages that sort of thing. It ill be interesting to see for ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Jake's performance and choices (high-pitched voice) are exactly what director Bong Joon-Ho asked from him. It was addressed at the presse conference:

Jake: "He said that's where his voice is"... "Bong acted it out for me, so that was purely Bong inspired."

Bong: "Sorry, Jake!"

If they don't like it, they should ask director Bong Joon-ho why he wanted Dr. Wilcox to be portrayed this way. But for any Bong connaisseur: all his movies have wild, bizzare and grotesque characters (Tilda Swinton in Snowpiercer). It's not a Bong movie without one such character.

Anne Thompson - Indiewire: Gyllenhaal asked Bong to give him a part in the movie he was concocting with Swinton, and plays television wild animal wrangler Dr. Johnny at a high pitch, as directed by Bong.

Steve Pond - The Wrap: The members of ALF include a delightfully earnest Paul Dano — but their comic escapades, and even Swinton’s delicious scenery-chewing, are overshadowed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s insane performance as Dr. Johnny Wilcox, the host of an animal show with declining ratings. In short-shorts and bad hair, he plays Dr. Johnny as part Crocodile Hunter, part Richard Simmons (in his prime) — he’s way over the top, which is exactly where the famously exacting Bong wants him to be.

Kyle Buchanan - NY Mag: At its core, Okja is about a little girl who goes on an incredible journey to reunite with the titular super-pig pet, but Bong Joon-ho has dressed up that simple story in flashy clothes and big ideas, embroidering his film with chase sequences and over-the-top performances. Swinton is a strenuous hoot as the businesswoman who kicks off the super-pig project, but it’s Jake Gyllenhaal who will have people talking: As a short-shorted TV show host who tangles with Okja a time or two, Gyllenhaal delivers a performance so flamboyant, you can see it from space. I can’t wait for the whiplash in his inevitable lifetime-achievement montages when Gyllenhaal’s sensitive, subtle work in Brokeback Mountain runs right up against a clip of him shrieking, “Half-wit degenerate fucktards!” from Okja.

bobbyanna said...

I haven't read too many reviews but the accounts I did read were mostly positive about Jake and Tilda. I know filmgoers were angry at first because of some technical gliches, and of course it was Netflix so there was some catcalling and booing, but once the movie began and things settled down people talked about the movie itself and like Jake's character. I guess I'll wait. I love Tilda & Jake so I can't imagine either of them giving a bad performance.

BlueJean said...

I must be the only one who isn't looking forward to 'Okja' - sorry *hides* I don't have Netflix, so I probably won't be able to watch it anyway.

Hagen said...

Variety: Annapurna Nabs Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal Western ‘Sister’s Brothers’

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal throws serious shade at Trump's treatment of the environment

bobbyanna said...

Good for Jake. I'm glad he's speaking up about issues.

Sag Actor said...

Same here Bobbyanna! Looking forward to Okja, looks like a wild ride!!

I saw Life, thought it was just ok, not one of my favorite Jake films.

Anonymous said...

The lovely @melsil asked Jake Gyllenhaal about female directors, and his response made my eyes turn heart shaped. Bless #Cannes2017

@TomiLaffly 5m5 minutes ago
What was his response?

@melsil 10s10 seconds ago
I had to make eye contact with him so I am awaiting a transcript but it was feminist as fuck.

Diana said...

@melsil has posted the transcript on twitter, I can´t copy it, though. I would love to watch this press conference, I have read there were three so far. I have seen one.

Anonymous said...

Greta is with Jake at the festival. She's a lucky girl to get to do all this traveling with him.

Scott said...

This is so sad.....but funny too. He should get tips from Alicia.


UltraViolet said...

That was funny. I saw the guy's first post on twitter and was going he'd have his moment. Alicia Malone mentioned in one of her blogs that Jake said hello to her at the smaller Okja press conference.

I'm pleasantly surprised that they're has been more promotion for Okja. I figured it would be one day and then out. And Jake's hanging around for a few days was also a fun surprise. Especially happy to see him involved in helping the IRC.

I've updated the post with lots of photos and video, so enjoy. Hopefully you haven't seen all of them already!

UltraViolet said...

Also, thanks to the person who pointed out that Jake's OTT performance was at the director's lead. I've read more positive things about it on twitter, though the reaction was mostly negative. An interesting switch for Jake, who is often praised for delivering a great performance in a mediocre movie.

Not sure if people saw this article, where Jake and Bong talk about their relationship and the character.

"There are a plethora of these kinds of television hosts and the oddity of how they behave, which is speaking to children and getting a certain amount of attention from that, and being this broken child himself," Gyllenhaal said. "So I think he misunderstands how he talks to people because he's so used to getting attention from being like (in kids-show host voice) 'Hey!' It's sort of a performance on top of a performance all the time."

Recalling his direction to Gyllenhaal for a scene in which he wheezes heavily in a breathless high-pitch after climbing a mountain, Bong cringes a little. "Sorry, Jake," he says. But the director had his own ambition: to be part of the canon of wild, unrestrained Gyllenhaal performances.

"He's done so many wonderful works with many great directors. It's a huge spectrum. 'Nightcrawler' and 'Southpaw' and 'Enemies,'" Bong said. "And among these various and impressive roles that he performed in so many films, I wanted to create a Jake Gyllenhaal performance that was very impressive, but unique." ...

"Particularly Tilda's and my character allow for this ability of reality and fantasy to coexist," Gyllenhaal said. "That freedom you feel, you're safe in his hands. It's fun. It's not wracked with searching. It's just this crazy jumping off a massive cliff."

Of course, more important than all of this is the situation in Manchester. What a horror. I'm sorry for everyone who was there. Such a senseless act.

Real Sal said...

Morning all,

Horrible news about Manchester, my thoughts are with them. I felt a bit tense on the underground on my way into work.

Be safe out there :)


bobbyanna said...

My heart aches for all those who are affected. Sending lots of love to Manchester this morning.

Diana said...

I´m still in shock about the news from Manchester. I´ve been in the city so many times and I love being in England in general... it´s become a second home to me. It feels odd to carry on like nothing happened...

So Greta went to the screening of The Killing of the Sacred Deer with Jake. She can be seen standing and applauding next to Jake in the video you linked, UV, and they are talking, too. I love to see them together, friends or more, I don´t care. It´s great to see him with people he cares about.

The black/white shot of Jake and Lily looks gorgeous!

Chica said...

I will never understand the violence, my heart aches for all who are effected. Awful news.

Love all the pics and videos from Cannes, I didn't think Okja was going to do that much publicity there.

BlueJean said...

Manchester :( Shocked and sad. Will this ever end?

Good to see the 'Okja' updates, UV. Haven't seen or read much lately, so I'll be sure to check them all!

UltraViolet said...

It's a shame Jake didn't/couldn't go to the 70th Cannes reunion. Would have been fun to see him with all those fellow filmmakers.

IHJ has more Jake-on-a-yacht photos.

Scott said...

It was great that Jake was a lot more visible at this film festival but bless his heart he seemed so embarrassed at all the "Jake Jake" from the photographers.

Anonymous said...

Is he still in Cannes? Wonder if he'll stay till the end of the festival and then go straight to the Indy 500 (Sunday).

UltraViolet said...

I think Jake left Cannes a few days ago, because he didn't attend the 70th anniversary festivities. Someone on IG posted a photo of Jake at a restaurant in NY today - don't know if it's from today or what. <=It's kind od an odd photo.

Here's the Deadline piece in PDF format.

Real Sal said...

In that creeper shot, he looks like he's trying to kill someone with his eyes!

UltraViolet said...

I know!

Reminder that Jake and Jeff Bauman will wave the flag to start the Indianapolis 500 tomorrow. The race is on ABC; coverage begins at 11:00 but I don't think the race starts until after noon. (I saw 12:19 listed as the start time in one story.)

Thee is a red carpet from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. It doesn't seem to be on TV. We'll see if Jake makes it to the carpet.

From this photo, it looks like he's in Indy already.

Diana said...

From what I´ve seen on twitter and facebook (including Jake´s postings!) he and Jeff seem to have had a brilliant time!

There are some short interviews linked on twitter, I have found the most searching #indy500 and @ims

I am wondering whether Jake and the rest of the cast are doing more promotion for Okja, since it is a Netflix movie. What do you think? BTW, I can order Netflix via my cable tv provider. They have included it not too long ago. No watching on the computer screen then!! I would still love to see Okja on the big screen though, I hope to be in London on time.

Real Sal said...

Looks like this guy has already started posting pictures from 'The Sisters Brothers' set


UltraViolet said...

Oh, nice find, Sal. I wonder when Jake will begin filming. I'm guessing the beard will stay for this project.

Diana, Jake did really seem to enjoy himself at the race. I had to laugh at this quote:

“It feels like people are actually enjoying themselves,” he told FTW. “At big events and ones I’ve been to – things in the entertainment business – it doesn’t always look like a whole lot of fun. I’ve been on other red carpets and people aren’t smiling as much, so it’s really nice to be here where people are enjoying themselves and having fun.”

So is Jake saying he doesn't smile on red carpets because no one else is? LOL.

Another story:

The bombing survivor was accompanied Sunday by actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who portrays Bauman in an upcoming film adaptation of "Stronger." The duo waved the green flag to begin the race.

Talking about the movie's script, Gyllenhaal said it "was funny, full of a lot of humor because (Jeff) is always full of a lot of humor."

"I loved it because it moved me so much, but it didn’t take itself too seriously.”

Asked about his relationship to speed, Gyllenhaal deadpanned, “Fastest I’ve been in a car was when I was trying to follow Jeff Bauman around Boston.”

We need a trailer soon!

IHJ Videos has all the interviews from yesterday. Cute video with a fan.

Jake also posted on his Facebook page, which is a rarity.

Diana said...

UV, I had to laugh about that part about people actually enjoying themselves at an event (for a change?), too!

I just cringed a little... there is a video with an interview with a guy in a red shirt, who introduces Jake as "Jake Gyllenthal". But I think the interviewer was there because of the race and not because of people working in the movie industry...

Jake should be with me in my car when I´m on my way to see my family...LOL. But I wouldn´t beat a race car, I have no death wish! An average speed of 110-120 mph is fast enough! I bet Jake didn´t mention his ride with Paul Newman because he didn´t want the press to warm that old story up again!

I think I´m going to be too late for Okja when I´m in London. I´m gonna be there from July 27th, the movie comes out June 23rd. I´m going to keep an eye on it, though, you never know...

Anonymous said...

Does he have a new stylist? I don't think Nina and Clare styled him.

Michelle said...

Nina was at Cannes with Kirsten. She has been posting an insane amount of pictures of her on the nina.clare Instagram. I'm sure she would've had time to style Jake, if he had wanted, but I'm guessing there is a conflict of interests there. Nina has always posted photos of Jake whenever she has styled him in the past, so I'm guessing they have parted company.

Anonymous said...

Purely speculating, I think it was a conflict of interests - from Kirsten Dunst side. Nina and her company have always styled Kiki, they're friends, she posts on IG dozens of pics from Kiki's home, Kiki's cats.
Nina styled Jake and posted pics until the end of 2016. Nothing from early 2017, coinciding with Kirsten's engagement ring and marriage announcement to her Fargo costar.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think Kirsten has anything to do with it. Nina worked with him for years after the break up, I don't think she would stop just because her friend got engaged. That's just weird and frankly kind of mean.
I just thought it wa weird they stoped working together, that's why I asked.

UltraViolet said...

I don't really think we have any idea what happened, if anything, so speculation seems pointless.

Just added the hilarious character poster for Jake in Okja. Diana, I hope it's still playing somewhere when you're in London. I hope it will screen in Boston, but I think it may be only in NY and LA.

And "Gyllenthal" is a new one for mispronunciations!

Diana said...

In case anyone wants to go, this is what I have found about the theatrical release in the UK and the US:

In the UK, cinema chain Curzon will screen the movie from June 23 with a ten-screen release.

In the US, it will be screened at the iPic New York and LA. I don´t know about dates, but now that we know the theatres it will be easier to find out.

I´m off to bed now. And "Gyllenthal" still hurts. Luckily my name is not that hard to remember or pronounce! But I have had people messing up my first name in so many ways, and Diana is not THAT hard to pronounce, is it!!?! Good night!

Scott said...

". And "Gyllenthal" still hurts"

I saw that interview, the interviewer seemed really nervous. I didn't hear a mispronunciation. Speaking of, I love how the Cannes announcer during the photo calls and red carpet always pronounce Gyllenhaal the correct Swedish pronunciation of Gillenhal.

UltraViolet said...

Posting a couple of encouraging Okja twitters - from a Jake perspective. There were so many negative ones, it's nice to see these:

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer with @YahooTV and @YahooMovies
LOVED Okja. Wild, funny and thrilling mixture of Old Yeller, Fast Food Nation & even a little Cloud Atlas. And a true global movie to boot.

Haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, but Mija is my pick for action heroine of the summer right now. Swinton, Dano and Gyllenhaal are aces, too.

Rebecca PahleVerified account
Assoc. Editor at @Film_Journal

Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja will change your life. He saw what Swinton did in Snowpiercer and said CHALLENGE FUCKING ACCEPTED/Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja is negaverse Steve Irwin mixed with Pee-wee Herman on crack./It makes Eddie Redmayne's performance in Jupiter Ascending look sedate.


Oh, he's having so much fun, it made me so happy

this is music to my ears.

Reading that back, it could sound awful, lol. But I think she/they meant it all as positive.

Sadly, I also saw this from a writer for The Wrap:

Nigel M. Smith‏Verified account @nigelmfs
OKJA boasts probably the only Jake Gyllenhaal performance I didn't enjoy - film is otherwise total delight. Thrilling, weird and sad.

I think that will be the overwhelming response, but it's still nice to see some happier tweets.

Diana said...

Scott, you´re right - the interviewer really seemed nervous! I wasn´t sure about the mispronunciation at first, but I watched it on our bigger computer screen again and thought I could tell by lip-reading. It doesn´t matter anyway! I actually thought his nervousness and obvious excitement was quite cute!

UV I´m not sure whether the negative responses to Jake´s performance are because he didn´t do a good job (which I don´t believe) or because his character is difficult to like. From what I´ve seen and heard so far it should make you cringe, and director Bong wanted Jake to play this character way over the top! At least I understood it that way!

I haven´t found any more interviews on Okja, everything posted still seems to be from interviews in Cannes.

Real Sal said...



Anonymous said...

Apparently he's gonna be bald and have ginger beard in the sisters brothers

Scott said...

OMG Jake bald? Although the Jarhead and End of Watch look were good ones. I don't think he will need help with the red beard though. He looks that look often and well enough but this time he gets paid for it. I assume no styling products are needed this time.

Real Sal said...

We've seen him extra hairy for quite a while now, will be odd seeing him bald!

Back in NYC.


My friend and I just booked a holiday to NYC for New Year's (my work colleagues are already plotting my death over my excitement and daily countdown). We've both been before but only in the summer. If anyone has any Broadway show recommendations, please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

The fat and bald character in The Sisters Brothers is Eli Sisters, the sensitive brother. Eli is played by Joaquin Phoenix, who's in Almeria now.

Jake will play Hermann Warm, the alchemist inventor of a method to find gold. He isn't bald or fat but he does have a beard.

The person who tweeted "I can't wait to see him bald, paltry and ginger-bearded" thought Jake is playing Eli. She's wrong. Joaquin is playing the bald and fat lead character.

BlueJean said...

"extra hairy"


EFK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EFK said...

Thanks for all the updates from Cannes and Indy 500!

Loved seeing Jake out and about at Cannes. His pics with Emma Thompson were especially adorable. Wish he had been able to be the Cannes 70th party.

Wish all those reviewers who didn't get Jake's character in Okja realize that he is meant to be over the top. As we can see from the poster lol.

He did seem to be very relaxed and having fun at Indy.

Here is an interesting interview with Riz Ahmed and Elisabeth Moss, giving Jake very nice compliments and empathizing about the responsibilities he deals with on a movie.

Btw, if you have not seen the series Handmaids Tale, Elisabeth Moss is absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking. She, and the show, should definitely will all the awards. It is terrifying though to watch because of how close we are to that here in the US. :(

Anonymous said...

The person who tweeted "I can't wait to see him bald, paltry and ginger-bearded" thought Jake is playing Eli. She's wrong.

She was not wrong - in the book Hermann is described as "small", "completely bald", "full beard", "arms long and wiry" and "his belly arches as with a pregnant woman"

Audiard really has to take many liberties with the book. Jake looks nada like Herman is described.

Diana said...

I am following the news about London Bridge and Borough Market in London for some time now. I hope everyone is safe and I hope there won´t be any deaths reported.

Real Sal said...

I've walked over that bridge a million times. It's very surreal. My mother lives in Cape Town (where I'm originally from) and is texting constantly and I feel for her.

Anyways, Jake is in Frankfurt? I'm not sure if it's for The Sisters Brothers or maybe Okja promo?


Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter: Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in and Produce World War II Film 'The Lost Airman'

Based on recently declassified materials, the book tells the incredible true story of Arthur Meyerowitz, an American turret-gunner whose B-24 bomber was shot down over Vichy France in 1943. While hiding in the French countryside, Meyerowitz befriended Marcel Talliander, the founder of the legendary French resistance group Morhange, who helped shelter the man from the Gestapo through his secret network. After six months of barely evading capture, Meyerowitz escaped through a carefully orchestrated plan that also involved R.F.W. Cleaver, one of the most accomplished British fighter pilots of the war.

UltraViolet said...

Diana and Sal, the latest incident in London was another terrible tragedy. Of course, Londoners and the UK are responding by forging on, ignoring our ignorant president and the ignorant cowards trying to make them fearful.

UltraViolet said...

That is an incredible story. Will be interesting to see who comes on to direct. Jake certainly has a lot of projects in the works!

Dan Harmon (creator of Community) on Okja:

Holy man I just saw Bong Joon Ho's Okja it's incredible, has left me exhilarated, sad, excited and vegetarian/Okja should deserves many Oscars but I hope they create a new category for Outstanding use of John Denver in a humanitarian gunfight

how was jake gyllenhaal? asking for a friend

People are going to say he's over the top. Everyone's over the top but it works, he does stick out. You love him, you'll love him in it.

Jeff Wells dined with Luca Guadagnino:

So I’ll be mentioning that we met and lunched, and that the great-looking Call Me By Your Name poster will be out soon, and also that great line about ‘family’ and perhaps a mention of how Rio, the Jake Gyllenhaal-Benedict Cumberbatch thriller you’ll be shooting next year, will actually be shot in Sri Lanka, etc.

Jake fails a quiz.

UltraViolet said...

From Bold Film's Gary Michael Walters on twitter:

SUPER excited for the Stronger trailer to drop!!!
@roadsidetweets is doing a FANTASTIC job creatively! Never more inspired! #JakeGyllenhaal

No date though.

Diana said...

The NYC premiere of Okja took place yesterday. Lily looked amazing in the red Valentino dress!! I know I wouldn´t!

Brad Pitt was also there. I didn´t expect Jake to be there, I am sure he´s in Europe. I wonder if he is in Spain already?

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Jake is in Spain since Monday

Diana said...

Anon at 9.18, Jake was seen at Frankfurt airport on monday morning. I already wondered whether he was simply flying to Spain VIA Frankfurt, so that´s probably what he did. Strange route to fly, though!

I am following "asergarciarada" on instagram. He´s on the set of The Sisters Brothers and is already posting photos from the pre production. You might want to check on the photos he´s already posted!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18 AM is right, Jake is in Almeria since Monday afternoon. I thought everybody here knew it, since the Spanish press reported it.

Frankfurt terminal was just for transit, he arrived later that day in Almeria and met with Audiard, according to La Voz de Almeria, the local newspaper that reported Joaquin's arrival last week.

06 /06/ 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal aterriza en Almería para protagonizar 'The Sisters Brothers'

El actor norteamericano, nominado al Óscar por 'Brokeback Mountain', llegó ayer lunes por la tarde

El elenco de 'The Sisters Brothers', el western que dirige en Tabernas el cineasta francés Jacques Audiard (‘De latir mi corazón se ha parado’, Un profeta’, ‘De óxido y hueso’, ‘Dheepan’), va desembarcando poco a poco a Almería. Tras Joaquin Phoenix, que llegó el lunes de la pasada semana, y John C. Reilly, que lo hizo el martes, ayer fue el turno de otro de sus protagonistas, Jake Gyllenhaal.

El actor norteamericano, candidato al Óscar a mejor actor de reparto en 2006 por ‘Brokeback Mountain’ y protagonista de filmes como ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Zodiac’, ‘Prisioneros’ y ‘Nightcrawler’, aterrizó en la capital a final de la tarde y mantuvo un encuentro con Audiard.

‘The Sisters Brothers’ se rodará en localizaciones almerienses durante cuatro semanas y después continuará en otros escenarios espańoles como las Bardenas Reales de Navarra y el Pirineo aragonés.

Jake Gyllenhaal lands in Almería to star in 'The Sisters Brothers'

The American actor, nominated for Oscar for 'Brokeback Mountain', arrived Monday afternoon

The cast of 'The Sisters Brothers' (...) is disembarking one by one in Almeria. After Joaquin Phoenix, who arrived last week on Monday, and John C. Reilly on Tuesday, yesterday was the turn of another of its protagonists, Jake Gyllenhaal.

The American actor (...) landed in the capital late in the afternoon and met with Audiard.

'The Sisters Brothers' will be shot in Almeria locations for 4 weeks and then continue in other Spanish areas such as Bardenas Reales de Navarra and the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Even "asergarciarada", Aser Garcia Rada, the Spanish set medic retweeted the announcement of Jake's arrival in Almeria.

UltraViolet said...

Saw a few tweets and FG sightings of Jake in NY Sunday and Monday. Seemed odd, but then someone on FB posted a photo of him from behind. This tweet indicates Jake may be going to Korea?

Daniel Marsh‏Verified account @DanielCMarsh 15h15 hours ago
See you soon KOREAAAA

Gonna meet and shoot Jake gyllenhall, lily collins, steven yeun ....... eggzoited

Who knows?

Keep forgetting to post this:

t.j. miller‏ Verified account @nottjmiller
Jesus Christ. #Okja is amazing. AWE STRIKING AND ASTOUNDING.
Thank you @netflix for making such a film. You are a studio now. Go. Create.

Anonymous said...

This gon be crazy, y'all

UltraViolet said...

A character video for Dr. Johnny Wilcox

Okja review:

Scott Weinberg‏Verified account @scottEweinberg
As expected, #Okja is something special. Bong Joon Ho has the soul of Steven Spielberg and the wit of Terry Gilliam. 🌭
There are moments in #Okja there are almost unbearably sweet, and then later there are some that are truly disturbing. Also it's very funny.

Gyllenhaal's voice, though.

Dug it. He (and Henderson) add a lot of color to that thread.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, posted the same video, anon. It is wild, lol.

Diana said...

I love the new trailer! It had me in giggles all day yesterday.

I am glad the dating rumours (Jake and Lily) are not coming up as much when I am googling. I wish I could block all that rubbish in a google-search, Jake´s love life is off limits anyway.... ah well. It´s always the same when a new movie comes out...

Has anyone read The Lost Airman? I have read similar stories and if this one is just half as good as the ones I already know it´s going to be REALLY interesting! I have ordered the book today, the little passage I´ve read was really intriguing. I am writing a fictional story that partly plays between 1930-1945 so it might help me, too!

Anonymous said...

There are rumours about Jake and Lily?

Diana said...

There is a site suggesting that Lily is interested in Jake, but I haven´t clicked on it, so I don´t know the whole content, just the first two / three lines.

Some sites are just out to get clicks and would write everything to get them. And as I´ve already posted I´m not interested in Jake´s private life, so I am trying not to click sites that provide gossip about his love life.

BlueJean said...

Lily's a beautiful young lady, that's for sure :) Other than that: yes, Jake's private life is his own.

"It´s always the same when a new movie comes out..."

That's so true.

Maura said...

New Okja trailer. It looks so beautiful!

Real Sal said...

Back in LA?


Anonymous said...

Nope. That Instagram account published 7 celebrity photos 12 hours ago.

UltraViolet said...

Someone posted a photo of Jake on FB on Wednesday night. He was seeing A Doll's House Part 2 in NYC. One assumes he'll go back to Spain at some point.

There's been lots of Okja love on twitter, even for Jake's performance. So that's nice :)

UltraViolet said...

Happy Father's Day out there :)

Jake will be on the 9:00 hour of the Today Show on Friday. Not sure if it will be live or if it's taped. Maybe he'll talk about going to Spain?

Anonymous said...

"Jake will be on the 9:00 hour of the Today Show on Friday. Not sure if it will be live or if it's taped. Maybe he'll talk about going to Spain?"

Maybe but it's mostly for "Stronger", judging by the description:

TODAY 6/19 - 6/30 on NBC
Friday, June 23
(9-10 a.m.) Jake Gyllenhaal, Miranda Richardson and Jeff Bauman on Today.

Seems a bit early, though not if the trailer drops around that time. Or next week? (fingers crossed). The scheduled trio - Jake, Jeff, and MR - may suggest a new marketing strategy for "Stronger". Since the script features Jeff's mother as much if not more than Erin, I think promoting Jake and Miranda Richardson, focusing on Jeff's complicated relationship with his mother, would be a smart thing.

Also, a word on SITPWG cast album hopefully...

"One assumes he'll go back to Spain at some point."

You bet :D He's playing the 3rd most relevant character, the catalyst for the brothers' trip. Not as much screentime as Joaquin and John but he'll have some good scenes, and good long speeches. Morris' diary could add 2-3 more onscreen scenes. Not to mention Audiard's penchant for adding a lot to the stories he's adapting.

Since it's basically a road movie on horses, it'll be a long shoot: 4 weeks in Almeria, other 4 weeks in Navarra (Bardenas Reales desert) and Aragon (Pyrenees Mountains). Then Romania's Buftea studios and Calugareni. Maybe Jake and Riz's scenes are mostly in Navarra and Aragon. Maybe they don't have scenes in Almeria.

One thing's for sure: this is a New York week.

Wednesday, A Doll's House on Broadway (some "fans" and their comments are weird; imagine being a celebrity and people approaching you, at the theatre, yelling: Stop promoting Canada Goose clothes! WTF?)

Friday, TODAY show

UltraViolet said...

Interesting that this is for Stronger. I don't get their promotion strategy, if they even have one. But perhaps they will show the trailer. If the film is coming out in September, they need to start playing that thing.

News on the Sunday recording would be great.

Some Okja tweets and reviews.

This guy took a photo ofJake filming Okja in NYC:
Charles Bradesco Verified account
freelance film & TV critic, extremely for hire / formerly @rollingstone @vanityfair @UPROXX @thedissolve /

OKJA, or PACHYDERMS OF ENDEARMENT, or Don DeLillo's THE WATER HORSE — LEGEND OF THE DEEP: Netflix financed hippie agitprop and I loved it

Lots of tasty supporting turns (my heart belongs to ecopunk Lily Collins), a masterly chase with a frenetic score, Tilda says "epic fail"

Can confirm that Jake Gyllenhaal did indeed allow himself to have fun

I'm already hearing people say Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in OKJA is bad
Personally, I disagree and I think he's magnificent in it

I watched Okja at the Sydney Film Festival yesterday, extremely good movie and you all should watch it when it's on Netflix
it was very good stuff also very good jake gyllenhaal
still thinkin about jake gyllenhaal’s voice in okra


“Tucked away on closing night of the festival, OKJA was a true delight – weird and wonderful, with all the hallmarks of the best works of its director, Bong Joon-Ho The whole cast was phenomenally entertaining, with Jake Gyllenhaal in particular looking like he was having a ball in the sort of role that would normally be filled by Johnny Depp. But of course it was all about the super pig. And we want one. We love super pig! It was wonderful to watch on the big screen, too – as it’s being relegated to the confines of Netflix later this month. Don’t miss it when it does show up on June 29th, however. It’s destined to be an immediate favourite of the streaming service’s collection.”

Slight spoiler ahead:

‘Okja’: Bong Joon Ho on His Loopy, Lyrical Netflix Masterpiece:

Even Swinton’s loony-tunes evil routine is nothing, however, compared to the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal as TV animal-show host (and craven Mirando spokesperson) Dr. Johnny Wilcox. Decked out in jean shorts and glasses, sporting a mustache that’d look great on a second-rate ’70s porn star, and affecting a squeaky whine that radiates egomania and entitlement, Dr. Johnny seems like a castoff from Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” music video. All bug-eyed expressions, flailing limbs, and corrosive amorality, it’s a full gonzo turn, and the most uninhibited—and unexpectedly transfixing—Gyllenhaal has ever been on-screen. When, after being genuinely moved by his first sight of Okja, Dr. Johnny interrupts his special moment to bark at his camerawoman, “Fucking film me, Jennifer. You can’t fake these emotions,” the film hilariously, scarily exposes the lie of his family friendly joviality.

Old article about a New York hairstylist who has worked with Jake.

Fun old photo.

UltraViolet said...

From a twitter convo among theater critics/writer

I like to see someone like Jake Gyllenhaal, who's pushing himself in new pieces and revivals, plays and musicals.

Peter Marks
An example of an actor from movies who has really burnished his reputation via the stage. Always was good, now pretty great.

Yes, that is a relationship that has been very good to both parties.

Plus he's a class act.

BlueJean said...

still thinkin about jake gyllenhaal’s voice in okra

Okra? :))) Orca? ;)

Have to say I'm slightly more interested in 'Okja' by now. The trailers look pretty good. Who cares if Jake's performance is over the top? When they compare him to Johnny Depp... Okja (the pig) was created / supervised by a Dutch guy, who also supervised the tiger in 'Life of Pi', which won him an Oscar.

I like to think of Okja as a hippo, rather than a pig, by the way ;)

Hagen said...

Apparently I can watch Netflix one month for free. I think I'll see the dubbed version of 'Okja'. ;-)

BlueJean said...

I saw an advert like that as well, Hagen. I'll look into it :)

And this:


UltraViolet said...

You say okja, I saw okra ;) A lot of folks have said it looks more like a hippo, as well.

The more I read about it, the more curious I am to see it.

Italian article about Stronger, with first images. I have to say that I wasn't prepared for that shot of Jake in the wheelchair, in the now iconic image of Jeff Bauman from the Marathon. The photo at the site isn't the full image, but even just this was hard to see or me.

UltraViolet said...

In typical Jake fashion, lots of news today. This is exciting:

Deadline Hollywood‏Verified account
Hot Package: ‘Nightcrawler’s Dan Gilroy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo reteam

And LOL:

Hot Package needs to be the actual name of this Jake Gyllenhaal movie.


After the compelling team-up in Nightcrawler, writer-director Dan Gilroy is plotting a new untitled film set in the art world that will reunite his stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. Sources said Gilroy’s CAA reps are shopping the untitled film and that multiple buyers are swirling. Gilroy went from vet screenwriter to a remarkable directorial debut on the pitch black Nightcrawler, with Gyllenhaal playing the sociopath cameraman and Russo the local news producer who sells her soul for ratings.

Not a lot of detail but the bones sound great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, UV :)

And lol - Jake and Ryan in the same building.


Anonymous said...

...And he looks so much like Jeff looked back then, specifically in that iconic photo. It's amazing how much Jake can change/mold/adapt/adjust his physical appearance for a role.
All 3 new stills are striking (still sensing a change in promotion: no Erin).
With new promotional stills and the interview on Friday, may we hope for a trailer, finally? Of all 4 movies this year, "Stronger" is the one I'm most interested/invested in, with "Wildlife" second. "Life" lost me when I figured how slimy Calvin is (too bad, since Jake & SciFi was a great combo, but I can't stomach slimy stuff). "Okja" didn't peak my interest until last summer, when those photos of Jake's awesomely crazy outfit and mustachioed persona surfaced. Now I can't wait to see Dr. Johnny Wilcox.

Not a novel idea (it's been done here before) but we can make a "personal top" out of Jake's in development/in production movies. He has so many lined-up, more than ever before, he's riding the wave of the most creative part of his career, so far.

And, surprise!, we can add one more project to the ever growing list: a new movie with Dan Gilroy (and Rene Russo) :D

Hagen said...

So there's "Rio", "The Anarchists vs. ISIS", "The Division", "The Son", "The Lost Airman" and Dan Gilroy's new project. I think it's unlikely that Jake will play a part in all of these movies. I wonder in which films we will actually see him.

There's no release date for "Stronger" in Germany yet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, until I typed my message (damn phone!) my "news" about the Dan Gilroy project wasn't news anymore :(

Anonymous said...

Jake is confirmed to star in all of these movies (yeah, amazing!): The Son, The Lost Airman, The Division, Anarchist vs ISIS, and the upcoming Gilroy movie. "Rio" was the only "unconfirmed" one, until UV linked us to a Wells article where Luca Guadagnino himself talks about his future Gyllenhaal-Cumberbatch movie (set in Rio, to be filmed next year in...Sri Lanka). So "Rio" is confirmed, too. From the horse's mouth.

The only question is: when will each of these movies be filmed? Because clearly we're talking the next two, three years.

And there's also "Burn This", and The Helicopter Heist (not clear if he's just producing it or starring&producing).

Anonymous said...

according to that article Jake's new apartment is "paparazzi proof" his previous building was not. there were a lot of photos taken in front of his apt. good for him for trying to get more privacy. and I'm sure being closer to Ryan is a plus ;)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I really don't like Ryan, I don't know why

bobbyanna said...

OMG, yes Jake is a busy guy, but I can remember a time where he was doing one or two movies a year and things were slow, so I'm happy for him...and us! Great news about his new condo, it sounds lovely, but I was sort of put off by the description of it being a haven for celebrities Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, etc. and I was never much of a Ryan Reynolds fan, but I guess they are good friends now, although I find Ryan kind of "overly effusive" ? as a friend. LOL! He seems to lay it on pretty thick. IMO. The very best news of all for me, was learning that Dan Gilroy and Jake are working together again!!! That is absolutely straight up great news!

Monica said...

Happy with the news of a new movie with Dan and Rene Russo! I loved the chemistry between Jake and Rene Russo!

Diana said...

I am really excited about all these new projects, not just because there is a lot for us to look forward to, but also because I think it shows that there is a lot of interest in Jake´s talent and skills as an actor. And that is what I am most happy about for Jake. There are interesting characters to portray and I am curious to see how Jake puts them on screen.

He once said in an interview that he would love to do one play for three movies because he loves to be on stage so much. I cannot get that out of my mind and I am wondering whether or not his projects will shift more towards "stage work" one day. I don´t know the time schedule for all the upcoming movies, but it doesn´t seem to head to 3:1 that soon!

I hope "Burn this" will really fit into his schedule. In case the run should be like SITPWG time-wise, I´d be really happy! Flights are not too expensive in the early year and I´d love to see him on stage again. Still - I am not giving up hope to see him on stage in London!

I have taken a look at his supposedly new home. I love old buildings and what I have seen looks gorgeous! I hope he does get more privacy there. I would have a hard time to decide where to live. I prefer to have my own house with a garden and that´s hard to get in Manhattan I think, especially when you want your privacy. On the other side - I love to be close to water, I love the sound of flowing water and the seagulls... luckily I don´t have to make a decision!

Anonymous said...

We called it: "Stronger" trailer debuts tomorrow!


Tune in tomorrow to watch the trailer release of Jake Gyllenhaal's inspirational new film, #StrongerMovie.


Anonymous said...

While balancing her own stage and screen work, Kazan is also in the editing room for Wildlife, an adaptation of the Richard Ford novel she and her longtime partner, the actor Paul Dano, optioned and produced, with Dano directing and Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal starring. (“It makes me really want to direct myself,” Kazan said.)

BlueJean said...

"So there's "Rio", "The Anarchists vs. ISIS", "The Division", "The Son", "The Lost Airman" and Dan Gilroy's new project."

Thanks Hagen. I had lost track.

"Stronger" is the one I'm most interested/invested in, with "Wildlife" second."

Same for me. And 'The Son', because of Denis Villeneuve. And Jake and Dan working together again is great news! :)

Maura said...

I'm looking forward to "Rio" and "The Son". "Stronger" makes me really nervous, because it can turn out to be too sentimental.

Diana said...

Maura, have you had the chance to read the script for "Stronger"? From the script I would say the movie won´t be too sentimental, but of course there is room when shooting - not to mention the soundtrack.

I will be at home when the trailer goes online - 11.30 EST as far as I have seen!

It must be weird for Jeff to see this movie. It would absolutely be for me.

Maura said...

I read the first few pages, but never finished it. I did like what I read, but you just never know what they'll do with it. I'm cautiously excited.

UltraViolet said...

In case people can't find it, trailer here. I'm a little teary.

Anonymous said...

Stronger and Wildlife are my "most expected" out of Jake's completed movies.

Btw, Stronger's script isn't too sentimental or melodramatic nor "propagandistic" (for lack of a better word). It actually has a lot of humor - provided by Jeff himself (he has a self-deprecating attitude for the most part) and by his rowdy blue-collar family.

I obviously don't know what they did with the movie but Jake mentioned a few times the humor, so at least they kept that vibe.

As for Jake's 6 (!) movies in development, and 1 in production, there's so much to talk about...but I'm anxiously awaiting for Stronger's trailer.

Tomorrow, I'll post my thoughts and hopes on his 7 upcoming movies.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving what I see of Stronger. Trailer looks very promising.


Anonymous said...

My God, UV, thank you for the link! I wrote my message from the bus, on my way home, then clicked on your link, and now I'm slightly shaking (trying not to make people on the bus look at me suspiciously).

All the feels... God, I hope it's handled properly, and with care, cause it could reach so many peoples' hearts. Deservedly so.

Diana said...

I got a message on my mobile and watched the trailer immediately.

I don´t know what to say other than what I posted on Jake´s fb-page. I love Jeff´s bio and the script and I am so happy Jake took on this project. It´s a wonderful story and really is one of those that are meant to be shown on screen.

The trailer is wonderful. It really had me in tears, it brought out the same reaction I had when reading the book and script and I really really hope the whole movie will be just wonderful. My gut feeling tells me it will be.

Damn it, who´s chopping onions here?!?!

BlueJean said...

An emotional trailer. I can't wait for the movie.

BlueJean said...

Reading the comments on Jake's Facebook page. He gets a lot of love for the 'Stronger' trailer. People are truly excited for it. I'm so, so glad. Hope the film will live up to the expectations.

Real Sal said...

Haven't watched the trailer yet, think I have to be in a different mood for it.

He's certainly going to be a very busy man for a while! Are we also adding the Jim Jones story to the list? I feel like it's been forgotten (by myself) and the internet.

bobbyanna said...

I'm just stunned. That trailer is so powerful. Had me in tears.

Anonymous said...

That trailer for Stronger punched me in the gut, powerful. Such a contrast to Okja.
I love Jake's choices lately, can't wait to see both movies!

Tweety said...

That trailer for Stronger punched me in the gut, powerful. Such a contrast to Okja.
I love Jake's choices lately, can't wait to see both movies!

UltraViolet said...

Very emotional reactions from a lot of people to the trailer. Mostly positive. Except for AwardWatch, of course, lol.

This tweet really did make me laugh out loud:

Ya gawta go tuh Bawston tuh try n get n Oscah!

Translate from Indonesian?

Here's the translation:

@IndieWire Yes gawta tuh go tuh Bawston try n get n Oscah!

Proof that no one watches the third hour of the Today Show. I assumed this didn't air because there were no tweets about it. But it was on. No Miranda Richardson though:


Okja stuff:

From The Gate:

The biggest surprise here, however, is Gyllenhaal, who goes so stratospherically over-the-top that he manages to be the most unhinged presence in a film that already features Tilda Swinton as a villain. Simultaneously channeling Groucho Marx, Rip Taylor, and professional wrestler Dalton Castle, Gyllenhaal’s performance here is high camp for the ages and unlike anything the actor has even attempted since the maligned comedy Bubble Boy. He throws all manner of good taste and restraint to the wind, and the results are gloriously entertaining.


I saw @OKJAnetflix last night and I loved it. Really sweet, funny, and then scary/profound. Tilda and Gyllenhaal are both wild in it

Garrett Smith @filmadelphia
#Okja is great. I wish it were getting a theatrical release - Gyllenhaal's bad-guy-in-a-90s-kids-movie demands to be seen on the big screen

Wow, #Okja is quite a stunning film. Funny, heart warming, sad and very eye opening. Definitely watch it when it debuts on Netflix.

OKJA IS SO GOOD! Easily the best I've so far! Jake Gyllenhaal is unreal in it, Paul Dano is fab, and the story is so touching #edfilmfest

Will have to think about all of Jake's projects. I think The Son, The Last Airman and the new Gilroy/Russo ones are my most anticipated.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety! Haven't seen you in a while. Or I haven't said hello. And hi to bobbyanna, Real Sal, Blue Jean, Diana, malavika, Maura, Monica, Hagen, likemonalisa, and all the anon (who should create names :)

If I missed you, sorry. Hello to you, too!

Fun to see the place hopping with all the news.

Diana said...

Hey everyone!

I was a little surprised about the Today show. The interview that was done during filming Stronger, has that been the only bit on the show? I thought Jake, Jeff and Miranda would be in the studio.

My fault, probably....

Have a lovely weekend!

UltraViolet said...

It did seem like it was going to be a new interview. Not sure why they decided to show that segment - I guess to coincide with the trailer. I'll be thrilled if Lionsgate/Roadside has some kind of marketing strategy and doesn't just half-ass the promotion.

The trailer reaction is incredible. Almost 15 million views on Facebook. Majority positive comments. I really hope the studio can capitalize on this good will.

If you have time, watch some of the youtube trailer reaction videos. You can see people slowly realizing it's about the Marathon bombing and some trying not to cry. It's (oddly) fun to watch. I find the trailer reaction an odd youtube phenomenon but I enjoyed these.

Diana said...

UV, I DO hope they´ve got a good marketing strategy, otherwise I´m gonna send them my CV and kick some serious backsides! I had a good feeling when I read the script that the movie could be really good, and the trailer is REALLY promising!

I found the trailer reactions on youtube really interesting to watch, especially because I wanted to compare them to my own.

Still no international release dates....

Anonymous said...

From the announcement (Jake, Miranda and Jeff) it did imply a new interview. Maybe we're wrong and they meant last year's interview (and they cut out Miranda's part), or Jeff wasn't available, or Jake had to go back to Spain. According to a Navarra newspaper article about preparation for next part of the filming, starting June 29, Jake is guaranteed scheduled for it. They got their hands on the call sheets - smart guys :D

About Jake's new movie with Dan Gilroy: Netflix has won the heated auction for the project. It will get a small qualifying theatrical release.
I'm torn: on one hand - happy that Jake and Dan will have total creative freedom; on the other hand...

BlueJean said...

"Still no international release dates...."

For 'Stronger'? October 5th (Netherlands) :)

BlueJean said...

"About Jake's new movie with Dan Gilroy: Netflix has won the heated auction for the project."

Netflix again? Hm.

It's something we'll have to get used to, I suppose.

Real Sal said...

Not sure where this is, but new photo!


Real Sal said...

Actually, the guy is Spanish, so assuming Jake is in Spain for filming.

(I should read before I post ;)

Anonymous said...

And the menu behind them is written in Spanish :-) Thanks for the photo, Real Sal. Now we know for certain he's in Almeria*, which means he had to go back to Spain.

* A little bit of detective work (a.k.a. the other photo posted by the Spanish guy) shows they are in the volcanic area of La Granatilla in Almeria-Níjar Basin. These areas of Almeria Province are part of a spectacular National Park, the only European region with a hot desert climate.

Thursday, they move to Navarra, in the Urbansa-Andia natural park.
The article I mentioned above is from Diario de Navarra:

La avanzadilla del western ‘Los hermanos Sisters’ está sobre el terreno construyendo los decorados en la sierra; el rodaje incluye seis jornadas entre el 29 y el 6 de julio, con presencia de Joaquin Phoenix y Jake Gyllenhaal.
Desde comienzos de junio una avanzadilla de unas 30 personas se ha desplazado a la sierra de Urbasa-Andía para realizar los preparativos del rodaje de la película, Los hermanos Sisters, un western dirigido por el francés Jacques Audiard con dos conocidos actores de Hollywood, Joaquin Poenix y Jake Gyllenhaal entre los protagonistas, que aparecen en casi todas las escenas de la trama. No faltarán en las que se graben en la sierra entre el 29 y el 6 de julio, según el plan de rodaje, con secuencias tanto diurnas como nocturnas.

The advance crew of the western "The Sisters Brothers" is building the sets in the mountains. Filming will take six days, between July 29 and July 6, with Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal present.
(....) Joaquin Poenix and Jake Gyllenhaal among the protagonists, who appear in almost all the scenes of the plot. They won't be missing the scenes recorded in the mountains between July 29 and July 6, according to the shooting schedule, with both day and night sequences.

Diana said...

BlueJean, you are a dangerous person, you give me ideas that are no good for my bank account *lol*. Do I remember correctly that movies in the Netherlands are in English with Dutch subtitles? Ooooh, I could be tempted to drive to Venlo or Roermond, that would be about 2 hours something....

I am always amazed at how much effort it is to shoot a movie! What I´d give to be on a set - not necessarily because of Jake or a movie he plays in, but just to see for myself how all that preparation of all the departments finally comes together to bring a idea to life. Just look at the final credits of a movie, there are sooo many people involved, even when it´s a small budget film! Incredible.

And all that for 2 +/- hours of entertainment - isn´t it mad somehow?

I love it anyway... *lol*

Dan Gilroy´s project with Jake and Rene seems to be seen as being something bigger, especially when it´s true that Netflix had to outbid "multiple buyers to get it". Dan´s "Inner City" with Denzel Washington and Colin Farrell is on my to-watch-list. With the creative freedom that Netflix has been praised for (and hopefully provides in this case, too) it should be interesting to see whether it´s going to have an effect on the style of the movie.

I am wondering whether Nightcrawler would have come out differently with Netflix? Not complaining here, just a thought...

So Jake is back in Spain. I could do with some sun, I´m as white as a mozzarella.. and I wouldn´t be too unhappy about photos of Jake in costume! I am really curious to see how close to the book´s description of the character he´s going to look like.

BlueJean said...

"BlueJean, you are a dangerous person, you give me ideas that are no good for my bank account *lol*. Do I remember correctly that movies in the Netherlands are in English with Dutch subtitles?"

:))) That's right, Diana. The subtitles, I mean. And yes, I'm very dangerous ;)

bobbyanna said...

LOL! This is off topic, but not :

Diana, my youngest daughter & I once had the chance to be extras in a movie that was shooting in Detroit. Many years ago. Many. : ) I was very excited. It was a Harrison Ford movie. We were going to be in a crowded restaurant scene....( which ended up being cut from the movie...us...not the restaurant scene.)

The reality was not very fun. The set itself was a confusing mess of strange equipment and wires everywhere. Temporary lighting hanging from ceilings, etc. Actually hazardous. Crew people were milling around wandering all over the place. It was total confusion.

We spent most of our time with dozens of other extras in a confined area away from the action, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Finally they "placed" us in the scene, we were sitting there pretending to talk and eat for about 10-15 minutes, and that was it. Done.(Didn't even get to eat the food. It was mostly lettuce and hamburger buns, that had seen better days! LOL!)

Never did see Harrison Ford... but I did meet him on another occasion and he was average height, the most nondescript, ordinary looking guy, but very, very nice. Good sense of humor.

As I recall, there wasn't a lot of set building. They used actual houses, and public buildings, streets, even parking garages, and local bars & restaurants. And our Court house. The movie was Presumed Innocent, a really good movie. I think you can catch it on cable. : )

Real Sal said...

I have one, too!

I'm originally from South Africa (Cape Town, to be specific) and in my final year of High School they filmed a period movie at my schoool for a few months. Built a mini town over 3 football fields, including little roads, old cars and some fake earthquake destruction areas. It was called 'Ask the Dusk' and was produced by Tom Cruise and starred Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek.

Because we were preparing for final exams, our teachers wouldn't let us be extras but the younger kids could. We would sometimes hear the '...and cut' from our classrooms if it was quiet enough. My friend met Colin at a petrol station shop buying cigarettes and she said he was really sweet :)

I never watched the movie - my mom tried but said it was awful and couldn't get through it. I think she was also expecting to see our suburb but they blanked out the beautiful Table Mountain, lol.

BlueJean said...

So... it isn't all that glamorous to be an actor, eh? Fun stories! :) The way I read them, it's a miracle that out of such chaos on a movie set, they are still able to create movie magic! :)

BlueJean said...

'Stronger' release date for the UK: December (!) 8th. That's strange... why so late? Same thing happened with 'Enemy'.

bobbyanna said...

Great story, Real Sal! I remember that movie. I'd watch anything with Salma & Colin Farrell...You're Mom was right,it was pretty awful. LOL! Had no idea it was shot in SA. Wow.

Blue Jean, from what I've read, and from that one experience, it seems like a "hurry up and wait" kind of process, very boring and frustrating. They go through a lot of trouble and attention to every little detail to set up a shot, and then they have to take it all down and set up the next shot, etc. There are so many things to distract the lead actors, it's a wonder they can turn in anything resembling a convincing performance.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to mention the unions & the guilds. Certain people can't touch certain things. They can only be moved or adjusted by specific people. So there are always a lot of extraneous people milling around with phones and walkie talkies, etc.just waiting in case they're needed. It seems crazy and I can understand how expensive it can get.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Jeff interview with be on Access Hollywood today/tonight. Seems like same Fenway venue as the Today Show interview.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm here for another Jake/Rene/Gilroy team up. And speaking of the art world I saw Nocturnal Animals on Blu Ray over the weekend and I'm really wanting Amy and Jake to work with each other again.

UltraViolet said...

I got to see Okja last night in Cambridge. I was so happy to see it with an audience and on a big screen. I liked Okja more than Snowpiercer. It is a true original, though not a masterpiece. Some of it is too cartoony and over the top, including both Jake and Tilda.

The girl who plays Mija (Ahn Seo Hyun) is wonderful! She really carries the movie. And there are some beautiful shots, which I was happy to see in full cinematic glory. Some of the points are too obvious, but it is quite moving and often very funny. And disturbing. But there's something quite moving in the simplicity.

I enjoyed Jake more than Tilda, and the crowd seemed to enjoy him, too. Especially when he first appears on screen.

Probably not one of those Jake movies you'll rematch again and again, but definitely worth a try.

Some more tweets:

It's OKJA day! I cannot WAIT for most of your responses to this wonderful near masterpiece
And for Jake Gyllenhaal's short shorts tour de force performance

Time? Checked
Netflix? Signed up
Work? Fuck it
Mentally ready? Kind of
Okja? June 28th 11am ET (time zone converter)

It's almost the day... DAY FOR OKJA🐖

In Stronger news, Mayim Bialik praised the trailer on both Facebook and twitter. And that Access Hollywood segment was basically the same footage as the Today Show stuff, shown in different order. There was a little more, but not a lot. Natalie Morales is on both shows, so that's why.

UltraViolet said...

What fun set stories! I've never been on a set/been an extra, but a friend and I may have seen that Stronger swingset scene being filmed :)

Diana, you should definitely drive to see the non-dubbed Stronger!

Thanks to the anon posting on the Spain filming. Jake was spotted there today with a trimmed beard! It was nice to see for a change.

Diana said...

Good morning! Well, at least it´s morning here....

So it´s Okja-day! My tv-provider is playing tricks on me at the moment, we got Netflix running again yesterday, though. Hopefully it´s gonna work this evening!

T-7,5 hours!

Funny and interesting set stories from you, RealSal and bobbyanna! Feels a bit like all the chaos on a stage of a music concert. I´d be lost after cable no. 3 for sure... I have seen two scenes being shot. I could watch both only from afar, sadly, but didn´t want to get in the way, of course.

I hope there will be some facebook-live interviews for Stronger! I got a question of mine answered during a facebook-live interview for SITPWG. Well, halfway really. The interviewer baggy-packed his own question. Jake apologised to me for his mobile going off all the time by adressing me directly "Sorry, Diana...." That made me laugh! I had one more question each during two live interviews for "Life" answered. I will be better prepared for Stronger, though.

UltraViolet said...

I loved that moment when Jake's cell phone went off and his sheepish response. Lucky you, Diana!

I forgot to say that Jake's screen time in Okja is pretty light. So all the people with such extreme reactions are overreacting, IMO. It's definitely going to be a divisive performance. You can see some critics discussing starting here.

I'm annoyed by the trend of dismissing Jake as an over-actor since Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler and Okja? Sure. But Life, Demolition and Everest? No. Southpaw I would argue no. Same for Nocturnal Animals (though I'm sure folks would say the one screaming scene makes it hammy.)

Anyway, can't wait for other folks to see Okja!

Anonymous said...

New Okja Jake promo from Netflix HERE

Ann said...

I forgot to say that Jake's screen time in Okja is pretty light. So all the people with such extreme reactions are overreacting, IMO

I came here to say this same thing. For as little as he's in the film, I'm surprised at all of the comments about his performance. And his screen time is spread out over the film so it's really not what people are making it out to be. I saw nothing wrong with his performance. That's what Bong Joon-Ho wanted, I think it worked in the film. I enjoyed Okja.

The fact that people are using this as their way to bash his other performances is pathetic, imo.

Scott said...

"The fact that people are using this as their way to bash his other performances is pathetic, imo."

Jake has arrived at that status of trolls trolling at their best. It comes with every actor or actress who hits their stride. I take that criticism (completely based on personal preference of hating on actors and actresses who work all the time) as Jake hitting the big time. It's also called jealousy. Same thing happens to Jennifer Lawrence, Leo Di Caprio, Chris Pratt, Christian Bale etc.

UltraViolet said...

It's fun seeing twitter reactions. I'd say it's majority positive for Jake's performance and definitely for the film itself. Many Jake naysayers, too. But it's not the bloodbath I feared.

Glad you enjoyed Okja, Ann. We certainly won't see anything else like it.

I think the knock against Jake is unfair, but I also think he has to watch out. As we know, perception can become reality. I saw someone on Facebook use hashtags like "jakegyllenhaalasnichokascage," "lookouts jake gyllenhaalagain." Jake has worked so hard and should have enough built-up good will. But Holywood and people are fickle.

Some of my favorite tweets:

I don't want to call Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in Okja "life changing," but it will be the entire model for my new personality.

Jake Gyllenhal as an unflattering anime villain rules

the year is 2389. i have a shrine to steven yeun on my wall. i cry over jake gyllenhaal every day. i have seven pigs, all named okra.

Loved Okja! Terrific and often hilarious movie. Gets ya right in the feels.
Jake Gyllenhaal basically played a drunk Ace Ventura.

PLEASE WATCH OKJA (good movie + jake gyllenhaal + great message + JAKE GYLLENHAAL)

All of the performances register across the board (even Jake Gyllenhaal's...whatever that was), the effects and action are fantastic.

I'm absolutely screaming @ Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja

The number of lines Jake Gyllenhaal must have snorted before each Okja scene could keep a small village awake for days & it TOTALLY PAID OFF

I know we're all split on Gyllenhaal in OKJA so I just want to say I loved every minute

And Gyllenhaal... He fucking DID THAT! Dr. Johnny ranks high among his performances. Deserving of Best Supp Actor, but won't happen. #Okja

Jake Gyllenhaal is a national treasure #Okja

congrats to Jake Gyllenhaal, who has managed to create a whole new genre of acting in OKJA

These negative hot takes on Gyllenhaal are so deeply wrong. He's a riot.

Okay @netflix, what do I have to do to get my own Okja, and maybe a delusional Jake Gyllenhaal?

Sexuality is fluid and the heart wants what it wants or whatever but it is so gross that I'm attracted to Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja

I seem to be in the minority but I find Jake Gyllenhaal's performance quite scary and effective. #Okja

#Okja is special. Really special. So much heart & originality. Swinton & Gyllenhaal go all out & loud, I loved it. Mesmerizing chase scene!

Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Okja has only spoken one line so far but he has already become my favorite character in all of cinema

Just started watching the new Bong Joon-Ho movie and is.. is that Jake Gyllenhaal playing a foul mouthed Ned Flanders...?

Anyway Jake Gyllenhall in OKJA is my new style icon.

Really appreciate that Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in #Okja is so loud you could probably see it from space. Big fan, awesome movie!

Jake Gyllenhaal is doing something I've never seen him do before and it's fucking amazing #Okja

This is sort of negative but made me laugh:

I pretty much loved the sweetness of OKJA from the start, but would also like to see the move Gyllenhaal & Tilda thought they were in.

Definitely negative but LOL:

A quarter of the way into Okja, and I'm rooting for the pig to eat Jake Gyllenhaal

And yes, there are many other negative ones. You can find them yourself if you want to read them.

Diana said...

I loved Okja. I had already typed a response to some negative comments on twitter about Jake´s performance but decided not to bother. Why should I waste my time on that. I would love to discuss his performance and character in lengths, but I mean analyzing it and not bashing it.

There is a massive difference between bad acting and watching a creepy/dislikable behaviour that is part of the character. I think Jake did a great job. His voice and the way he moved had me in stitches, really! When it comes to his character, Dr. Johnny made me feel kind of sad. He sold his soul just to get back into the spotlight. There were two key-scenes that stood out for me, but I don´t want to post spoilers so I cannot write about them here. All I can say is that Jake showed us many aspects of Dr. Johnny´s personality with little gestures and a specific tone in his voice for example. I had to watch him very closely to see it. What makes a good performance for me is when you can see many layers of someone´s personality and Jake did that very well.

I absolutely loved Ahn Seo-Hyun, especially the scenes with Byeon Hee-Bong, who plays her grandfather. Tilda Swinton was great! I love to watch her so much. And the rest of the cast was great, too. It all seemed to come together organically, which I am sure was not THAT easy because of the language-barrier. Director Bong has done a great job!

Scott, I fully agree with you. Jealousy, that´s what it is.

UV, Hollywood is the definition of "fickle", I think. It all seems great and shiny and everyone loves one another on the outside, but I believe you ALWAYS have to watch your back and know VERY well who to trust and who you better not. It´s a multiple billion-Dollar-business, and as soon as money is involved every business becomes a huge fishtank filled with a lot of sharks, and you have to be a clever fish not to get butchered by them. But I believe Jake knows this industry inside out, otherwise he wouldn´t have lasted as long as he has.

I think we agree that to become successfull in this business you don´t only have to have the talent, but you have to be a clever businessperson, as well. A statistic I have read not very long ago says that 95% of all actors worldwide are unable to make a living out of their profession. I think that says a lot about how hard the competition is.

I had to giggle about a posting by Gary Michael Walters on twitter: "18 Million Facebook Views in less than a week? WTF???!!! I'm feeling STRONGER every day ❤"

I was so happy when I saw the numbers and reactions on facebook! I hope people will really go and see the movie in the cinema.

Diana said...

I found something about The Sisters Brothers:

"Jacques Audiard will shoot The Sisters and Brothers starring Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly and Jake Gyllenhaal in Romania starting 18 August 2017. This western set in Oregon in 1851 is an French/American/Romanian coproduction with Cristian Mungiu's Mobra Films coproducing from Romania.

According to an announcement posted by Agenția de Casting, shooting would take place in Călugăreni, Buftea and at Castel Film Studios until 15 September 2017. The agency is looking for Romanian, Irish, British, American, Peruvian, Chilian, Mexican, French, African, Ukrainian, Russian people as extras. According to a press release issued in Romania on 29 June 2017, Christel Baras is the casting director."

source: www.filmneweurope.com

Want to be an extra, anyone? *lol*

BlueJean said...

I'm very tempted to try a free month of Netflix, I must say. Just to watch 'Okja' ;)

Thanks for your comments, guys! They're fun.

Diana said...

Hi. Me again. So - it´s summer now, is it? Right, yeah?

I am in shopping mood.
Sunday In The Park With George-cast-album-shopping-mood, to be precise.

I have sent a tweet to Warner Music and posted on broadwayworld.com.
I want a release-date.
I am needy.
I am determined.

They said summer.
Summer it is! *stompsfoot*

BlueJean said...

Patience is a virtue ;)

And good things come to those who wait and all of that... :)

We've just had 'Okja', and 'Stronger' is coming up. I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Okay was incredible, I loved it. It definitely felt like something new and unique which is so rare for movies these days. Even more excited for Dan Gilroy and Jakes next project now knowing what they could do going on netflix. As far as Jakes character goes in okja I was fully prepared to cringe after everything I read online but I loved it, all of it. I watched it with my husband and he knew nothing about Jakes part going in aside from just a few production stills so I was curious to see what he would think. I think his interest level peaked everytime he showed up on screen and he was definitely laughing. He also loved the movie. As for stronger am happy with the response it's been getting but really hope people actually go see it.

UltraViolet said...

Glad everyone here has enjoyed Okja so far! And please feel free to say if you didn't. I can totally understand why one might not enjoy Jake's performance.

Diana, thanks for the tidbit on Sisters Brothers filming. Since Jake is not one of the leads, I hope/assume he'll be done filming well before September 15. I'm hoping Stronger goes to TIFF. And he'll need to be doing promo for the 9/22 opening.

Also, I agree about not responding to the twitter comments. It really isn't worth it. And the clear majority are favorable. So let the haters hate!

That Gary Michael Walters tweet made me laugh as well. But then it made me wonder if they know what they are doing. They seem taken aback by the reaction. (Admittedly, I'm surprised, as well.) But they need to keep this momentum going. /whine

About the SITPWG recording: Someone on BroadwayWorld says it will be out in September. The poster is allegedly working on the album.

bobbyanna said...

So "Stronger in September, then SITPWG cast album, too? With Jake singing exquisitely, beautifully, brilliantly????? I hope Jake's powerhouse agent, Patrick Whitesell, and WME, and all those film people are as impressed as we all are....just sayin' ; )

EFK said...

This from Vulture is a very interesting and thoughtful take on Jake's performance in Okja. Contains some spoilers fyi...

Also, a very cool Okja related photo...also spoilery.

Personally I was surprised at the reaction at the Stronger trailer too lol but so happy it seems to resonating with a lot of people. Let's hope Gary and all of Jake's team promote this well!!

Diana said...

To be honest I rarely recognise Easter Eggs when watching a movie. When someone points them out I go "oh! Yeah, now I see it!" I´ve read that there a quite a few, not just the Obama war room-shot. Have you recognised any Easter Eggs when watching?

There is a skype Q&A with Bong Joon-Ho on youtube, that took place yesterday after the first screening in Canada:


On Stronger: I couldn´t find the 2017 line-up on the TIFF website. Since I have never checked on that before the festival kicked off I have no idea when it´s coming out. I will check the website regularly. In case I get to know about any facebook-live or other live-interviews I will let you know right away.

Diana said...

Oh sorry, I just realised I posted a spoiler!!! *bangshead*

UltraViolet said...

The TIFF lineup is usually announced near the end of July, so we have to wait a few weeks. And don't worry, Diana, that's not really a spoiler.

EFK, that Vulture story was really good - good points on both sides. AndStronger approaching 20 million views. Amazing.

I watched a few more reaction videos yesterday. There's one where the guy basically just has to end the discussion because he's too broken up.

Bobbyanna, fingers crossed for a September release. Earlier would be even better. Later would be unacceptable!

Some more fun Okja tweets:

If Richard Simmons and Paul Lynde had a baby and that baby was raised by Steve Irwin, you'd get Jake Gyllenhaal's character in #Okja

Okja is like a Wes Anderson movie got food poisoning and hallucinated lying on the bathroom floor. Fun to see Jake Gyllenhall go full ham!

As if there was any doubt at how talented Jake Gyllenhaal is, he is phenomenal in Okja

Main Okja takeaway so far is genuine pity for people that think Gyllenhaal is bad in it

I liked it! Solid tension, great looking creature , and Jake Gyllenhaal intensely screaming are all pluses.

Jake Gyllenhaal's celebrity zoologist is everything, and so is everything else in #Okja. I laughed, I cried, I threw out my hotdogs.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that there was a Jake spotting in Barcelona, posted on Facebook. So if you're in the city, look out for him!

Aso, photos of Jake and Joaquin in Almeria.

UltraViolet said...

Update on Where's Gyllenhaaldo: The Barcelona sighting was reported by someone who was in San Sebastian yesterday. And someone else allegedly sat next to Jake at a restaurant. So perhaps Jake was seen in San Sebastian. Both San Sebastian and Barcelona are hundreds of miles away from Almeria (and each other), so who knows?

Anonymous said...

They aren't in Almeria anymore. They moved to the province of Navarra ─ the mountains of Urbasa-Andia natural park, where acc. to Diario de Navarra report I posted, they will film 6 days, with Jake in almost every scene acc. to the shooting schedule:

The filming includes six days between July 29 and July 6, with Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal present.

Confirmation of that report came yesterday from Noticias de Navarra:

La película ‘The Sisters brothers’ ya se rueda en Urbasa-Andia

Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed y John C. Reilly, entre otros, se alojan en Pamplona

Pamplona ─ Las primeras tomas en Navarra del western The Sisters brothers, del director francés Jacques Audiard, se rodaron ayer en Urbasa-Andia. (...) La grabación durará una semana, del 29 de junio al 6 de julio, y el equipo se acercará a diferentes zonas de Urbasa y Andia (...)
El equipo del filme, de unas 150 personas, ha instalado un gran campamento base en la Venta de Lizarraga, con vehículos para el equipo técnico, preparación de actores y catering. El equipo y parte de los actores se alojan en un hotel de Arbizu, también se han alquilado algunos bungallows en el camping de Urbasa, adonde también han acudido algunos trailers. Los intérpretes principales se alojan en Pamplona.
La presencia de esta superproducción se está realizando con discreción y no parece que los visitantes vayan tener la posibilidad de ver de cerca a los grandes actores, pues del 29 de junio al 6 de julio el tráfico será restringido a vehículos y personas en las zonas donde estén trabajando.

'The Sisters Brothers' is already rolling in Urbasa-Andia

Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed and John C. Reilly are accommodated in Pamplona

Pamplona ─ The first scenes in Navarra of the western The Sisters Brothers were filmed yesterday in Urbasa-Andia. (...) Filming will last a week, from June 29 to July 6, in different areas of Urbasa and Andia (...)

The film crew, about 150 people, has set up a large base camp at Venta de Lizarraga, with trailers and catering. The crew and some of the actors are staying in a hotel in Arbizu, bungallows have been rented at the Urbasa campsite, where trailers are also camped. The main actors are housed in Pamplona.

The presence of this production is being carried out with discretion and it doesn't seem that people will have the possibility of seeing the actors up close, since from June 29 to July 6 traffic will be restricted around the areas where they're shooting.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks ANon. So Pamplona isn't at all far from San Sebastian. Didn't JAke go to San Sebastian for some FIlm Festival a while ago? I think hew may have been given an award?

Anonymous said...

Jake is housed in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra. And, yes, Pamplona is close (1 hour by car) to San Sebastian. Mistery solved :D

The weekends are free, so more Jake sightings may happen if he decides to sightseeing other cities.

Almeria is located in the south of Spain (Alboran Sea separates it from the shores of Morocco).
Navarra is located in the north of Spain (bordering France).
They wrapped scenes in Almeria Tuesday night, traveled to Navarra Wednesday and started shooting in Urbasa Thursday.
Sometime this month, they'll move to the province of Aragon, The Pyrenees Mountains, also in the north of Spain. map of Spain's provinces

Besides looking for local reports, one way of knowing where exactly they're shooting at any given moment is by following "Dr. Flanagan" (Aser Garcia Rada, the Spanish set medic) IG account. He stopped hastag-ing the actors names (a case of intense nagging by fans, I assume) but he posts pics from every location, even the flight from Almeria to Navarra.

BlueJean said...

I don't know how you guys have time to check all those facts from filming in Spain ;)

Right. I registered with Netflix and watched 'Okja' just now. Mixed feelings. Adored Okja, although she's still more a hippo than a pig to me ;) The little girl was great. As someone here said: she carried the movie. Tilda was... hmm.

I honestly can't see what the fuss is all about as far as Jake's performance is concerned. I had prepared myself for something horrible, but it wasn't half as bad as I feared. In fact, his first scene (on the mountain) was funny, I thought. When he said how he (Dr. Johnny) had to be "on" all the time... it resembles Jake's professional life in a way, I'm sure.

Yes, the character was unlikeable. Yes. the "drunk" scene was over the top and so was the "festival" scene. But for everyone who accuses Jake of being too serious - they should watch 'Okja'.

BlueJean said...

Hm. Found this on a Dutch blog (on Jake):

"Ik weet ook niet goed wat ik van Gyllenhaal zijn acteerprestatie moet vinden. Overacting? Of net niet? Op bepaalde momenten grappig maar geregeld ook eerder irritant dat je hem voor zijn kop wou slaan. Hij moet oppassen met dit soort rollen want voordat hij het weet is hij niet meer geloofwaardig in het serieuzere werk dat hij doet."

Does anyone here agree with the last sentence? How Jake should be careful with accepting this kind of roles, or he wouldn't be believable in his more serious roles anymore? I get what they're saying, but I don't think people will judge Jake on just this one role. If it had been Johnny Depp, nobody would've cared ;)

Anonymous said...

"or he wouldn't be believable in his more serious roles anymore?"

Why would anyone with a brain agree with that? It's bullshit. Fortunately, everybody will have their answear in 2 months, when "Stronger" will premiere at TIFF. And later this year, when "Wildlife" will be released. What naysayers and haters keep forgetting is that Jake has 2 more movies, "serious" movies to be released soon. (Which goes to show the benefit of having multiple movies per year, instead of just one.)

Then again blogs are just regular people opinions, and some of them are hateful people venting. But it's a global trend: divisive, taunting opinions, mockery, snark, bullying are signs of our times.

Maura said...

Do we know for sure that "Wildlife" is coming out this year? *fingers crossed*

BlueJean said...

"Why would anyone with a brain agree with that?"

Anon, I have to say Jake is very well respected on that blog. People are genuinly interested in his career and are always curious to see what he does next. So they're no haters, that's for sure. In fact, when I saw the first photos of Jake as Dr. Johnny, I was sceptical as well. "Oh dear, this looks silly". And it is a silly role - not how I like to see Jake mostly. It's just not as silly as I had expected.

And yes, I'm glad he'll be his serious self for 'Stronger' and 'Wildlife' soon ;)

Diana said...

I´m still in a daze, have been to see Coldplay in Frankfurt on friday - my first Coldplay show. Just WOW!

Anyways.... back to Jake: I don´t agree with the poster on the Dutch blog. I know what he/she means but... how can I put that... even when an actor is really good I think it is not a very wise move to always go for the same type of roles, unless you know you´re no good in playing something different, of course. But when you don´t add some diversity to the game your performance becomes kind of predictable, you know? This way you can never be sure how something turns out when you watch it because you know that (in this case) Jake´s performance could go ANYWHERE. That´s what keeps me on the edge, that puts some chilli to the dish and that´s how I like it.

Jake cracked 20 Mio. views on fb and got more than 28.000 comments, that is so incredible. I cannot wait to see the reactions to the next Stronger trailer, let´s see where this is going and whether the numbers once the movie is out will match this.

I´m still giggling about "Where's Gyllenhaaldo", UV!! That´s going to stick with me for a while *lol*

Anonymous said...

I don't have Netflix and have not seen Jake's performance yet. However, I am amazed that there has been so much publicity (pro and con) about it (especially since it's apparently a smaller role). Entire articles have been written about this one, little role (from he's awful or worst thing ever to he's brilliant and gives an Oscar-caliber performance). All the tweets have covered this range as well, but more positive than negative. I prefer to think of this as "all publicity is good publicity". As for some people believing that Jake has gone to over-the-top performances in recent roles, anyone who has actually watched any ot his movies (can't speak to Okja) know that's not true (one or two emotional scenes in a movie do not make for an over-the-top performance). RH

UltraViolet said...

Happy Fourth of July to the Americans. And everyone else, for that matter :)

Thank you for enjoying my puns, Diana! And welcome, RH - I don't think you've signed your posts before. If you have and I've forgotten - apologies.

About Jake and his role choices: I saw a tweet saying that Jake is turning into Nicholas Cage, then variations on that tweet. And it did bother me. But then I realized Jake has Stronger and Wildlife and the Sunday cast recording, etc. So there will be folks who fixate on the extreme, but I think most people will understand that Jake has true range.

Wildlife is supposed to come out this year, but we haven't really heard anything about it, so that may have changed.

We need a Spanish speaker to let us in on any nuance, but I think this article is saying that Jake went sailing in Gipuzkoa/San Sebastian and did some wandering about. He declined photos. He was also seen walking around when they were in Almeria.

Monica said...

There are many scenes of animal torture in Okja?

Diana said...

Hi Monica,

I would say three major scenes/scenarios, so not too many, but very disturbing. Those three scenes have really shaken me, especially because I know these things happen pretty much the same way in real life (I used to know a "traditional" pig farmer).

All in all it was okay for me to handle. The good thing about Netflix is that you can pause the movie to kind of "snap out of it" for a moment when it´s getting too much. I didn´t need to do that but I can imagine that someone who is very sensitive might want to use this opportunity.

I am happy I watched it because after all it is a wonderful movie.

Mary said...

Happy Fourth!!!

bobbyanna said...

Happy 4th to all !!! (Hi, Mary & Monica!!!! hope you are both well!: ) )

Just noticed that Jessica Chastain was recommending 2 movies on twitter, Okja & The Beguiled.

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth!

New photo to celebrate. He looks VERY handsome!

Ann said...

Wildlife is supposed to come out this year, but we haven't really heard anything about it, so that may have changed.

I read an interview with Paul Dano recently, when he was asked about Wildlife he said that he was still editing it and didn't want to talk about it much. I imagine since it's his directorial debut he's going to be protective of it until it's ready.

Jake looks gorgeous in that new photo!

Happy 4th everyone :)

Hagen said...

Happy Independence Day to all American Gyllenbabblers!

I must catch up after a vacation. I've just watched "Okja" and have mixed feelings about it. I don't think the cartoonish elements and the slaughterhouse scene blend very well. But the film kept me engaged throughout. And I'm fine with Jake trying something different in a supporting role.

Diana said...

Happy Independence Day!! Hope you´ve all had a great weekend, it was a long one for you over there, wasn´t it? Sorry for forgetting about that when I posted earlier on.... I never knew any Americans before *lol*

Jake looks truly gorgeous in that photo. Is it just me or does he look tired, too?

Diana said...

Breakfast in a hotel this morning:

Jake in San Sebastian

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Happy July 4th!
Haven't seen Okja yet but I can't wait,
It looks like a wild ride��

bobbyanna said...

*waves to OONP*

Monica said...

I would say three major scenes/scenarios, so not too many, but very disturbing.

Thanks, Diana. I'm not going to see this movie, but I'll keep the compliments and how much you all are enjoying the movie and Jake's performance.

Diana said...

Monica, there is a video on youtube called "Dr. Johnny (Jake Gyllenhaal) meets Okja | Okja(2017) movie scene". I am not posting the link here on purpose, you should find it easily, though.

You should watch this, it´s Jake´s first scenes in the movie and they are soooo funny! It´s before Okja is taken away from home and you can watch it until the end.

BlueJean said...

"I've just watched "Okja" and have mixed feelings about it. I don't think the cartoonish elements and the slaughterhouse scene blend very well. But the film kept me engaged throughout. And I'm fine with Jake trying something different in a supporting role."

Hagen, I agree with everything you say. I had mixed feelings too. And I'm glad Dr. Johnny was only a supporting role - imagine a whole film of Dr. Johnny's hysteria! ;) :) That would be too much!

Enjoy your holiday!

"... Jake´s first scenes in the movie and they are soooo funny!"

They are! Those first scenes... he's quite normal ;) Not as over-the-top as later on.

UltraViolet said...

Jake and Riz last night. These chefs/restaurateurs. are giving us a glimpse into Jake's Spain wanderings.

Hi Mary and OONP - good to see you again :)

Hagen, I think I liked it a bit more than you, but that was my basic reaction, as well. Let Jake try something outlandish every now and again.

Diana and Blue Jean, good advice for Monica.

And thanks for the Wildlife tidbit, Ann. I was hoping we'd get some WL news during Okja promo but I never saw any.

Monica said...

Thanks, Diana and BJ. I'll try, but I don't want to see animal torture. I'll try.

I'm posting little because I'm back to the University for another college degree, but I'm still looking at Jake!

Diana said...

Good luck for getting that degree, Monica!

I´m not trying to talk you into watching the above mentioned scene. I have just watched the whole part on youtube once more, and there is absolutely no animal shelter to see. Most of it is Jake, let´s say a gay Ace Ventura on speed.

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