Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Okja Okay

We don't know if Jake Gyllenhaal will be on the Croisette for the Friday premiere of Okja, but the film is already making its presence known in Cannes.

At Cannes, IMR International will be selling the rights to The Sisters Brothers, the Jaques Audiard movie Jake will be filming this summer.

The Sisters Brothers is scheduled to begin principal photography in Spain and Romania next month and is based on Patrick deWitt’s darkly comic novel about a pair of brothers who wreaked havoc during the California Gold Rush.

Phoenix and Reilly play the eponymous killers – one of whom enjoys his murderous lifestyle while the other longs for a quieter life.

Everything changes when they are assigned to track down a gold prospector, played by Gyllenhaal, working for their mysterious employer the Commodore.

Red carpet and other event photos to fill up the post :)

Noir et blanc:


Video highlights:

Jake and the gang arriving for the photo call.

Press conference:

TV interview


Red carpet:

Post-screening reaction:

Jake and Tilda interviews:

Jake at Fandango press conference

Jake and others at the IRC/HFPA event

Jake presenting the big check

Jake leaving the party

Jake on a yacht

Jake in the background applauding after The Killing of a Sacred Deer screening


UltraViolet said...

The NY Times theater critics posted their Who Will/Should Win picks for the Tonys and gave Jake some love:


WILL WIN: Ben Platt, “Dear Evan Hansen”

SHOULD WIN: A tie! Ben Platt and Andy Karl (in “Groundhog Day”)

SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Jake Gyllenhaal, “Sunday in the Park With George”*

You can go here to vote for Jake/SITPWG. Normally, I'd say it's bad to vote if you haven't seen the shows, but they make you vote in all the categories, so everyone is probably voting on something they haven't seen.

Diana said...

I love those huge posters on buildings, they are quite a looker!

I think Jake might really go to Cannes, just a gut feeling. I could imagine that Netflix would want the whole cast of the two movies taking part in the competition to be there.

I am soooo tempted to vote for Jake/SITPWG since the voting opened but I don´t know any of the other shows and you have to fill in the whole form of course!
Decisions, decisions.... right now I would love to know the exact date for the release of the cast album.

BlueJean said...

Good to see a new post! Thanks UV! Hope you're OK! x

Hagen said...

I've noticed that there's no DVD of Netflix' "Beasts of No Nations". I guess "Okja" will only be available to Neflix subscribers.

Diana said...

Multiple newssites report that Jake will attend Cannes.

The official site of the festival has a timer on it that counts backwards, it ends at 7 p.m. CET. You can click on a button that says "web tv" and you can choose between "live", "channels" and "trailers" there.


Anonymous said...

In LA at the moment but hoping he flies out soon to Cannes.


likemonalisa said...

I watched the interview Anon 6pm mentioned. not so good. the host didn't prepare well. But Jake looks great, he seems very relax. i looooooove when he says how are u in mandarin.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good

BlueJean said...

"I watched the interview Anon 6pm mentioned."

What interview? All I see is a photo. I need new glasses, for sure! ;)

Hagen said...

Deadline: ‘Okja’ Star Jake Gyllenhaal On Joy In Mimicry, Movies As Sandcastles And Carving Out His Unique Space As An Actor

I play a guy named Dr. Johnny. He’s a zoologist, and he had, at one time, a very popular animal show, and it has since been in decline. He was hired by the Mirando Corporation—which is Tilda Swinton’s company, her character is Lucy Mirando—to be the spokesperson and head of this contest that they have, where each continent has developed one of these creatures. They’ve been genetically altered, and a different farmer on each of these continents has been given one of these creatures to raise. I’m the face of the contest, and because I’m a zoologist, I pick the most perfect specimen who’s going to then be cloned. He’s insane. He’s mad. He has horrible style, but he’s a wonderful character.

Maura said...

That Deadline interview is great. He talks about working with Denis. Really enjoyed it!

Scott said...

Full trailer


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Scott. Good to see the full trailer. It is intriguing!

Loved the Deadline interview, too, Maura. I'm going to assume the reverse view of Jake's face was intended. Here's a little info from the photographer.

It seemed Jake would be attending, and thanks to this alert Facebooker, we know he's in France.

Diana, go ahead and vote! They are basically making people vote when they haven't seen things.

Hagen, I hope there will be Okja DVD features, even if there's no actual DVD.

Likemonalisa, do you know if there's a link to the interview? I wonder if China will embrace Life more than the rest of the globe. Would be nice if it bumped it up into profitable territory.

And BJ, I'm hanging in there :)

Maura said...

Lots of problems today at the Okja screening.

Love this tweet from Kyle Buchanan:
OKJA: Big pig and big ideas, but the performances are even bigger, topped by a Jake Gyllenhaal role so flamboyant it can be seen from space

I can't wait to see Jake go REALLY BIG!

Hagen said...

Festival de Cannes‏ @Festival_Cannes
#Photocall #Cannes2017 OKJA by BONG Joon Ho #Competition

Peter Bradshaw‏ @PeterBradshaw1
Bong Joon-ho's Okja is a wonderful family action-adventure in the spirit of Roald Dahl, Melissa Mathison and Dodie Smith #Cannes2017

Robbie Collin‏ @robbiereviews
Okja: every inch a Jon Ronson-penned film, and perhaps madcap to a fault, but the highs – mostly visual/kinetic – are dizzying. #Cannes70

Bilge Ebiri‏ @BilgeEbiri
OKJA contains the best and worst of Bong. Loved the 1st half, but his ability to balance wildly divergent tones eventually fails him here.

Alex Billington‏
Okja - Bong Joon-ho's anti-capitalist, anti-meat love letter to animals. Fun action, goofy characters, satire galore, captures your heart.

Alex Billington‏
Wowza. Never seen anything like Okja before, one-of-a-kind film. If this doesn't make you go vegetarian, I don't know what will.

david ehrlich‏ @davidehrlich
OKJA: like ET on crack. wild & wildly uneven, but always soulful. A+ cast, 1 legendary chase, everything you want AT the movies #Cannes2017

david ehrlich‏ @davidehrlich
There is *oodles* of room for improvement in OKJA. There are also more memorable characters here than in most entire summer movie seasons.

Gregory Ellwood‏ @TheGregoryE
As for the movie itself... Okja is masterful filmmaking. Moving, inventive, visionary. And funny too. See it on the big screen. #Cannes2017

Hagen said...

Variety: Netflix’s ‘Okja’ Redeems Itself With Cannes Critics After Tech Snafu

Hagen said...

The Wrap: ‘Okja’ Cannes Review: Netflix’s Giant Pig Movie Is Messy Good Fun

The members of ALF include a delightfully earnest Paul Dano – but their comic escapades, and even Swinton’s delicious scenery-chewing, are overshadowed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s insane performance as Dr. Johnny Wilcox, the host of an animal show with declining ratings. In short-shorts and bad hair, he plays Dr. Johnny as part Crocodile Hunter, part Richard Simmons (in his prime) – he’s way over the top, which is exactly where the famously exacting Bong wants him to be.

Diana said...

Jake answering the question how he prepared for his role:

"That´s just who I actually am. Right now.....behaving the way I am now I have spent a lot of time preparing for. I am trying to be as cool and calm and collected as I possibly can but normally I am like that, I dress like that and it´s what I prefer to be".

NEVER sip at a cup of coffee whilst watching an interview with Jake! I don´t have to renovate my kitchen now but it is THAT close!!


I´m still laughing, I cannot even finish my coffee!!


likemonalisa said...

It's live streaming, so I don't have the full interview. But the stream media made a 3 min. cut. I'll try to upload it to u2 later

likemonalisa said...

hope it works.


Scott said...

Well the HW reporter did not like Jake's performance, they did not get it was supposed to over the top. HW is stuck in Nightcrawler land.

Ann said...

It wasn't just the HW Reporter. Most reviews I read didn't like Jake's performance. But I did see a few make the same criticism of Tilda Swinton as well that it was too over the top.

I'm really excited for Okja!

Scott said...

Have not read that many reviews because I can't find them. Sorry to hear that about Jake but I thought the whole point was to not like the character.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it seems like Jake's performance wasn't well received. I guess that's the risk when you go big. There were some people on twitter who liked Jake, along with many who didn't. I thought Tilda Swinton's Snowpiercer performance was over the top and cartoonish. Seems like the director encourages that sort of thing. It ill be interesting to see for ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Jake's performance and choices (high-pitched voice) are exactly what director Bong Joon-Ho asked from him. It was addressed at the presse conference:

Jake: "He said that's where his voice is"... "Bong acted it out for me, so that was purely Bong inspired."

Bong: "Sorry, Jake!"

If they don't like it, they should ask director Bong Joon-ho why he wanted Dr. Wilcox to be portrayed this way. But for any Bong connaisseur: all his movies have wild, bizzare and grotesque characters (Tilda Swinton in Snowpiercer). It's not a Bong movie without one such character.

Anne Thompson - Indiewire: Gyllenhaal asked Bong to give him a part in the movie he was concocting with Swinton, and plays television wild animal wrangler Dr. Johnny at a high pitch, as directed by Bong.

Steve Pond - The Wrap: The members of ALF include a delightfully earnest Paul Dano — but their comic escapades, and even Swinton’s delicious scenery-chewing, are overshadowed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s insane performance as Dr. Johnny Wilcox, the host of an animal show with declining ratings. In short-shorts and bad hair, he plays Dr. Johnny as part Crocodile Hunter, part Richard Simmons (in his prime) — he’s way over the top, which is exactly where the famously exacting Bong wants him to be.

Kyle Buchanan - NY Mag: At its core, Okja is about a little girl who goes on an incredible journey to reunite with the titular super-pig pet, but Bong Joon-ho has dressed up that simple story in flashy clothes and big ideas, embroidering his film with chase sequences and over-the-top performances. Swinton is a strenuous hoot as the businesswoman who kicks off the super-pig project, but it’s Jake Gyllenhaal who will have people talking: As a short-shorted TV show host who tangles with Okja a time or two, Gyllenhaal delivers a performance so flamboyant, you can see it from space. I can’t wait for the whiplash in his inevitable lifetime-achievement montages when Gyllenhaal’s sensitive, subtle work in Brokeback Mountain runs right up against a clip of him shrieking, “Half-wit degenerate fucktards!” from Okja.

bobbyanna said...

I haven't read too many reviews but the accounts I did read were mostly positive about Jake and Tilda. I know filmgoers were angry at first because of some technical gliches, and of course it was Netflix so there was some catcalling and booing, but once the movie began and things settled down people talked about the movie itself and like Jake's character. I guess I'll wait. I love Tilda & Jake so I can't imagine either of them giving a bad performance.

BlueJean said...

I must be the only one who isn't looking forward to 'Okja' - sorry *hides* I don't have Netflix, so I probably won't be able to watch it anyway.

Hagen said...

Variety: Annapurna Nabs Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal Western ‘Sister’s Brothers’

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal throws serious shade at Trump's treatment of the environment

bobbyanna said...

Good for Jake. I'm glad he's speaking up about issues.

Sag Actor said...

Same here Bobbyanna! Looking forward to Okja, looks like a wild ride!!

I saw Life, thought it was just ok, not one of my favorite Jake films.

Anonymous said...

The lovely @melsil asked Jake Gyllenhaal about female directors, and his response made my eyes turn heart shaped. Bless #Cannes2017

@TomiLaffly 5m5 minutes ago
What was his response?

@melsil 10s10 seconds ago
I had to make eye contact with him so I am awaiting a transcript but it was feminist as fuck.

Diana said...

@melsil has posted the transcript on twitter, I can´t copy it, though. I would love to watch this press conference, I have read there were three so far. I have seen one.

Anonymous said...

Greta is with Jake at the festival. She's a lucky girl to get to do all this traveling with him.

Scott said...

This is so sad.....but funny too. He should get tips from Alicia.


UltraViolet said...

That was funny. I saw the guy's first post on twitter and was going he'd have his moment. Alicia Malone mentioned in one of her blogs that Jake said hello to her at the smaller Okja press conference.

I'm pleasantly surprised that they're has been more promotion for Okja. I figured it would be one day and then out. And Jake's hanging around for a few days was also a fun surprise. Especially happy to see him involved in helping the IRC.

I've updated the post with lots of photos and video, so enjoy. Hopefully you haven't seen all of them already!

UltraViolet said...

Also, thanks to the person who pointed out that Jake's OTT performance was at the director's lead. I've read more positive things about it on twitter, though the reaction was mostly negative. An interesting switch for Jake, who is often praised for delivering a great performance in a mediocre movie.

Not sure if people saw this article, where Jake and Bong talk about their relationship and the character.

"There are a plethora of these kinds of television hosts and the oddity of how they behave, which is speaking to children and getting a certain amount of attention from that, and being this broken child himself," Gyllenhaal said. "So I think he misunderstands how he talks to people because he's so used to getting attention from being like (in kids-show host voice) 'Hey!' It's sort of a performance on top of a performance all the time."

Recalling his direction to Gyllenhaal for a scene in which he wheezes heavily in a breathless high-pitch after climbing a mountain, Bong cringes a little. "Sorry, Jake," he says. But the director had his own ambition: to be part of the canon of wild, unrestrained Gyllenhaal performances.

"He's done so many wonderful works with many great directors. It's a huge spectrum. 'Nightcrawler' and 'Southpaw' and 'Enemies,'" Bong said. "And among these various and impressive roles that he performed in so many films, I wanted to create a Jake Gyllenhaal performance that was very impressive, but unique." ...

"Particularly Tilda's and my character allow for this ability of reality and fantasy to coexist," Gyllenhaal said. "That freedom you feel, you're safe in his hands. It's fun. It's not wracked with searching. It's just this crazy jumping off a massive cliff."

Of course, more important than all of this is the situation in Manchester. What a horror. I'm sorry for everyone who was there. Such a senseless act.

Real Sal said...

Morning all,

Horrible news about Manchester, my thoughts are with them. I felt a bit tense on the underground on my way into work.

Be safe out there :)


bobbyanna said...

My heart aches for all those who are affected. Sending lots of love to Manchester this morning.

Diana said...

I´m still in shock about the news from Manchester. I´ve been in the city so many times and I love being in England in general... it´s become a second home to me. It feels odd to carry on like nothing happened...

So Greta went to the screening of The Killing of the Sacred Deer with Jake. She can be seen standing and applauding next to Jake in the video you linked, UV, and they are talking, too. I love to see them together, friends or more, I don´t care. It´s great to see him with people he cares about.

The black/white shot of Jake and Lily looks gorgeous!

Chica said...

I will never understand the violence, my heart aches for all who are effected. Awful news.

Love all the pics and videos from Cannes, I didn't think Okja was going to do that much publicity there.

BlueJean said...

Manchester :( Shocked and sad. Will this ever end?

Good to see the 'Okja' updates, UV. Haven't seen or read much lately, so I'll be sure to check them all!

UltraViolet said...

It's a shame Jake didn't/couldn't go to the 70th Cannes reunion. Would have been fun to see him with all those fellow filmmakers.

IHJ has more Jake-on-a-yacht photos.

Scott said...

It was great that Jake was a lot more visible at this film festival but bless his heart he seemed so embarrassed at all the "Jake Jake" from the photographers.

Anonymous said...

Is he still in Cannes? Wonder if he'll stay till the end of the festival and then go straight to the Indy 500 (Sunday).