Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Okja Okay

We don't know if Jake Gyllenhaal will be on the Croisette for the Friday premiere of Okja, but the film is already making its presence known in Cannes.

At Cannes, IMR International will be selling the rights to The Sisters Brothers, the Jaques Audiard movie Jake will be filming this summer.

The Sisters Brothers is scheduled to begin principal photography in Spain and Romania next month and is based on Patrick deWitt’s darkly comic novel about a pair of brothers who wreaked havoc during the California Gold Rush.

Phoenix and Reilly play the eponymous killers – one of whom enjoys his murderous lifestyle while the other longs for a quieter life.

Everything changes when they are assigned to track down a gold prospector, played by Gyllenhaal, working for their mysterious employer the Commodore.

Red carpet and other event photos to fill up the post :)

Noir et blanc:


Video highlights:

Jake and the gang arriving for the photo call.

Press conference:

TV interview


Red carpet:

Post-screening reaction:

Jake and Tilda interviews:

Jake at Fandango press conference

Jake and others at the IRC/HFPA event

Jake presenting the big check

Jake leaving the party

Jake on a yacht

Jake in the background applauding after The Killing of a Sacred Deer screening

New character poster:


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BlueJean said...

I think most (if not all) of Jake's Okja scenes are on YouTube by now (in separate clips), so there's no need to watch the full movie if you're just looking for Jake's performance. He's got one (drunk) scene with Okja which could be a bit disturbing.

Good luck on your studies, Monica!

bobbyanna said...

FOund another crew member who deals with lighting and he's taken a lot of photos, nothing of actors, mostly the sets in Almeria and now Navarre. They built quite a town. : ) These are mostly production shots but I enjoyed them. (They also chronicle the progress of the shoot.) Anyway his name is kasullas on instagram.


Real Sal said...

Possibly back in NYC?


UltraViolet said...

There have been several NYC sightings so it looks like he's back home.

Exiting the subway a hot sweaty mess and walking into a perfectly coiffed Jake Gyllenhaal was exactly how I wanted to start today.

There are worse ways to start the day!

Anonymous said...

Rebel Wilson is latest to move into the same building in NYC as Jake.



Real Sal said...

Anon, that building seems like the place to be! I'm going to be in NYC for NYE with my one of my best friends. Booked my hotel a few months ago to avoid a price hike and now find out it's a 5 min walk from Jake's new apartment...I PROMISE NOT TO STALK, GUYS...!

New photo? Looks like a club or something. And 2 excited young ladies admiring Leo.



Real Sal said...

Jake was at the Raf Simons fashion show.

This twitter user has a video, and some pictures from Just Jared.



bobbyanna said...

Thanks for all the goodies,Real Sal...... how lucky for you that your NYE hotel is so close! LOL! I know you won't stalk...maybe just "go for a walk..." : )

BlueJean said...

I like that new New York Fashion Week club photo a LOT. Very pop-art-Andy-Warholish.

Anonymous said...

Per the VF article seems Jake had a good time at the Fashion Show. Sounds like a cool show/venue.


UltraViolet said...

Very late responding but yes, what a great photo. Lovely accident of lighting and color. And what a fun surprise.

Sal, enjoy your NYC adventure! Don't get arrested :)

I saw somewhere that filming will resume next week, so perhaps Jake will be back to Spain. Who knows?

UltraViolet said...

Funny odds and ends:

Known for great hair as far as Cambodia

Does Jake have another job?

Jake as dog(s)

Diana said...

I just watched the short video from SITPWG. Is it just me or can I see parts of Jake´s character Dr. Johnny in his performance (or the other way round, however you want to see it)?? It just totally hit me when I watched it!

The club photo from the New York Fashion Week is great. I like the colors. It´s a case of shooting at the perfect moment. It reminds me a lot of my boyfriends´ style of photographing when he´s booked for a gig at a club. I used to love photographing, but haven´t done it in years. I should really change that!

Real Sal, I would love to spend NYE in NYC! I won´t be able to fly, but I really hope Jake get´s to do "Burn This" at the Hudson Theatre in 2018 (about the time SITPWG played, that would be perfect!).

Michelle said...

Do you think there's weight behind the rumors Jake is being considered for a part in Tarantino's new movie?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that but if Jake has the chance to work with Tarantino that would be great. Tarantino claims he may stop making movies and retire any day now.

Diana said...

Michelle, you mean the rumors that Jake is considered to play Charles Manson? Now THAT would really be something completely different. Jake has been on the "evil side" before, but this role would be the ultimate evil.

We´ll see about that. The whole project is more or less a rumor and there are a lot of actors mentioned. And I have only seen "The New Daily" report it and I wouldn´t consider this to be a reliable source. Still, it´s maybe worth to keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

Finally "Stronger" poster is here - with a lengthy interview with director David Gordon Green: Why Jake Gyllenhaal Was the Only Choice for 'Stronger'

More than one reason to like the poster:
It's simple and the message is clear: it's about the inner strength forged through adversities, not about the bombing.
Similar to the book that inspired the movie, it features Jeff (Jake) exclusively > also a clear message (all things considered...).
The framing of the photo: it subtly shows just a hint of the prosthetic legs (not hammering it).

Diana said...

I really like that poster. It´s stripped down to the absolute essentials, which makes it all the more powerfull imo. The interview is great, too. I have also read an interview with Tatiana Maslany this morning on "Interview" that you might want to check out:


With the announcements of the programming at TIFF coming next week there are first speculations on which movies might be screened at the festival.

The Globe And Mail

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good in Spain, i think

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's back to Spain. The pic was taken today by this guy

2:00 pm - 19 Jul 2017
Alejandro‏ @alex_oros29
Esto de que vas por el pueblo y te encuentras con Jake Gyllenhaal
When you go out on the town and you meet Jake Gyllenhaal

Arilene Rodas‏ @rodas_ari
Cómo fue que te lo encontraste y en donde?!?!?
How did you meet him and where?

Alejandro‏ @alex_oros29
Por lo visto esta grabando una película por la zona en la que vivo y me ha parado por mi camiseta de los GSW. Es muy agradable
He's filming a movie in the area where I live and he stopped me for my Golden State Warriors jersey. He's really nice.

Elena in Movieland‏ @Elenamglez 3h
Te importa si te pregunto cuál es esa zona?
Do you mind if I ask you what that area is?

Alejandro‏ @alex_oros29 3h
Provincia de Huesca, Valle de Tena

I Was Feeling Epic‏ @ItIsJustMeDear
Was it taken today in Spain?

Alejandro‏ @alex_oros29 4h
Yes, this afternoon

Huesca is a province in the north-east of Spain, part of Aragon.
Valle de Tena is a...valley in the Pyrenees Mountains, crossed by the Gallego river.
We may guess what scenes Jake, Riz, Joaquin and John are shooting in this valley crossed by a river.

Maura said...

International trailer. Can't say I'm convinced :(

UltraViolet said...

Convinced of what, Maura? I thought it was very emotional.

Anonymous said...

This trailer plays even better than the first one. ���� It's more poignant and it features glimpses from scenes in the script that I was looking for. Pleased to see THE scene included. That scene alone will be shocking and terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time. This movie's gonna wreck me...

My only fear is how they'll handle it, since the quality of a movie means nothing if it isn't packaged and promoted properly. Marketing nowadays has to be aggressive enough to register with a fickle audience and antiquated industry, but also nuanced enough to not hurt any of the many sensibilities. It has to keenly hit all levels: satisfy the critics' whims > winning the audiences > capture the industry's attention. It's like planning a battle, and oftentimes a good movie may find itself crushed under the weight of others like Jon Snow in that claustrophobic Battle of the Bastards. I hope Stronger will find its way up.

Maura said...

I don't know... there's something about it I just don't like. But it's a trailer. I might like the movie.

bobbyanna said...

Wow. Thanks for posting.I just watched the trailer and it really affected me. Very powerful. I really can't wait to see this. It's hard sometimes to translate a major event and make it personal, but this looks like they did a pretty effective job. Jake and Tatiana are really intense.

Anonymous said...

If anything this trailer convinced me more than the 1st. I was a little worried with the song choice and tone of the 1st (though I still liked it). The script I loved and this 2nd trailer reassured me they stuck with it, though they didn't show much humor in it. I think leaving the jokes for the movie is better anyway once you've seen them in the trailer they aren't as effective. The scene anon mentioned was one that stood out to me too I'm glad they kept it. I may be in the minority here but I'm also a David Gordon green fan. The recent interview with him made me confident in his direction when he said about the script "cheese factor never kicked in" plus he's great with humor and I think he'll be able to effectively bring some levity to this that won't be to generic or "cheesy". -KD

Scott said...

Kind of get what Maura is saying. Just my opinion; I don't think Tatiana is intense in the trailers, I think she is just right. I see the character in her, I see Jake trying to be Jeff Bauman with no subtleness. He does seem over the top (maybe it's the editing of the trailers). It's a fact Jake spent months with Jeff trying to understand him and to portray him, sometimes method acting is not needed. I felt nothing from the trailers and I cried during Okja,

Speaking of, I enjoyed Jake in Okja, I don't see what the big deal was or criticism of overacting. The characters portrayed by Jake and Tilda were supposed to be ridiculously over the top so Jake and Tilda did it right for me.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean scott. I'm hoping it's just editing to. They do seem to have chosen the most dramatic moments of the script for the trailer and he's not being subtle at all. I felt that way about him in nocturnal animals so hopefully it won't be to that level the whole movie

Diana said...

I like the second trailer, too. The first trailer aimed a lot more at the emotional side of the viewer I think. Music is very powerful, the chosen song underlining the trailer was meant to have that effect I think. That´s a bit of a dangerous path because it can easily make the whole thing look kitschy. Luckily that wasn´t the case, at least not for me.

So now that we kind of have the emotional reaction covered (sort of), we have the second trailer. Apart from showing more scenes from the movie it concentrates more on the actual story and let the shown scenes speak for themselves. It´s a bit like: now that we got your attention with the first trailer we give you more info, get more into the story.

So far I am pleased with how they build up/trigger the curiosity in people. I hope the marketing/promotion is well planned. I am with anon at 7.38, that´s a tricky part.

I´m going to watch Stronger in Amsterdam on the first weekend of it´s release. It´s going to be a nice trip for the weekend, driving there on friday after work and going back home sunday afternoon.

BlueJean said...

I also liked the second trailer better than the first one.

My biggest fear for 'Stronger' is that the impact of the "Boston Marathon victim" story isn't as well-known internationally as it is in the States. I mean, I had to look up Jeff's story when I first heard Jake was cast.

I get what both Maura and Scott are saying about the lack of subtleness. Can I say that I got sort of a 'Southpaw' vibe from the crying scene in the trailer? There was a scene in the 'Southpaw' trailer that was almost the same (Billy crying in a bedsheet).

Nevertheless - looking very much forward to this!

Anonymous said...

So far it does seem that Lionsgate/RA are doing the right thing in building attention but it's a long way ahead - and we've experienced recent cases of distributors tragically mishandling his movies (e.g. Demolition). Fingers crossed for Stronger to be handled with care.

Far from me to create dissent, but people who fear that he may be OTP or not subtle in portraying Jeff are wrong, in my opinion. The script has 4-5 moments when Jeff Bauman isn't subtle at all, as he does scream in pain or in horrible, ugly despair. They're featured in the trailers and, from the glimpses we see, Jake is playing them exactly how they were written.
The heavy dramatic moments are balanced by humor (a lot of it provided by Jeff himself and his rowdy, unsubtle family). For the most part, Jeff tried to hide his pain and PTSD, sometimes doing silly things, but there were moments when he shivered, sweated and screamed experiencing excruciating pains (the prosthetics fitting) or kicked and screamed in the deepest, lowest state of despair. Not showing these moments on screen would trivialize and deny his ordeal.
These (IMO) wrong assumptions could be due to the fact that the trailers feature primarily the big dramatic scenes. Or it could be a result of "hive thinking" influenced by NA/Okja unfair reviews. I say unfair because the first wave of Okja reviews - the ones that influenced the other critics, and consequently the audiences - were over the top themselves. It wasn't Jake whose performance was OTP (dr. Johnny was meant to be unstable, shady, tragically grotesque - literature is full of such characters; did those critics read the classics, like, ever?). And the voice isn't irritating. On the contrary, Jake should have been commended for the sharp control of it - in the same scene, he flawlessly transitioned from his head voice to his chest voice, something only a trained vocalist is able to do. No doubt due to his vocal training, af the time, for SITPWG.

In short: humor and humanity outweigh the heavy dramatic scenes in Stronger script. But those big scenes do exist, and with good reason. Just like there's a reason for Jake to play them like this: unbearable pain and black despair are what Jeff Bauman experienced in real life. There's a time and place for subtlety, and there's a time and place for rawness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous at 12:12. I don't think the trailers are an accurate representation of the overall script and may be a bit misleading. The emotional elements shown in the trailers are just a small part of the story, and seem fine to me. Who wouldn't get a little upset if their legs had been blown off? Though the struggle to overcome the physical challenges and PTSD is part of it, the script also focuses on Jeff's positive attitude and his relationship with his family. Lots of comedic elements as well. Of course, I'm assuming that they haven't strayed far from the version of the script I read. LOL. RH

Diana said...

What they said (Anon at 12:12 and Anon at 2:11) lol.

Sometimes I wish my native language was English, I find it hard sometimes to express myself accurately. But I´m with you two, with everything in these last two postings.

After reading my last posting and the two of yours I was reminded of something Jake said: He can never watch a movie that he is in like anyone else BECAUSE he was/is a part of it. All he has is his reaction to the script and the hope that the audience will have the same when they watch the movie.

It´s the first time for me that I have really studied a book and script that intensely and I have to say that my reaction to the trailers is defo influenced by the fact that I have this knowledge from these two sources. So yes, I think trailers (in general) can be misleading. And I also think that the scenes in the two trailers are accurately played. I know a little about the difficult process of healing after a traumatic experience, physically and psychologically. From what I have seen so far I have high hopes that these parts of Jeff´s story will be shown as ruthless and bare as they have been in real life. It´s not easy to watch, but you know, life tends to throw bucketloads of sh*t at you at times and you got to show that, too. To shy away from that would really do the film no good IMO, it would be dishonest.

Diana said...

I forgot to ask something: where did you find the script? I simply googled, but I find it hard to find scripts. Most of the times it´s not even the original screenplay. In the case of Nocturnal Animals the script that I have was defo written by someone who simply watched the movie and wrote everything down. I could tell because of an interview with Armie Hammer. He said that he accidently knocked a glass over in a scene that ended up in the movie and that this had not been in the original script. It´s in mine, though.

BlueJean said...

I agree with your 5:11 post, Diana.

"I know a little about the difficult process of healing after a traumatic experience, physically and psychologically."

Me too, unfortunately. Life's not always easy.

I'm sure this story will be told with the greatest amount of respect for Jeff. Jake just wouldn't and couldn't do this without giving it his all - it's how he works, it's how he handles most roles, especially in recent years. But yes, there's a fine line between being intense and being too "method", as Scott called it.

I'm not worried. Jake knows what he's doing with this, I'm sure of it. He'll be great. People are already looking forward to his performance in 'Stronger'. If this flops, it won't be because of Jake. We'll only have everyone else to blame ;)

Bobbyanna said...

"I'm not worried. Jake knows what he's doing with this, I'm sure of it. He'll be great. People are already looking forward to his performance in 'Stronger'. If this flops, it won't be because of Jake. We'll only have everyone else to blame ;)"

I agree, BJ. Thanks for putting it so well. It would take me 7 paragraphs to say basically the same thing. : )

bobbyanna said...

"I'm not worried. Jake knows what he's doing with this, I'm sure of it. He'll be great. People are already looking forward to his performance in 'Stronger'. If this flops, it won't be because of Jake. We'll only have everyone else to blame ;)"

I agree, BJ. Thanks for putting it so well. It would take me 7 paragraphs to say basically the same thing. : )

Anonymous said...

Diana, I found the script a while back on this website: http://deconstructthescript.blogspot.com/2016/01/stronger-jeff-bauman-story.html
Subsequently, the script itself has been removed, but the critique of the script is still there. RH

Diana said...

Thank you, RH. That´s an interesting blog, I have saved it in my favorites and will look into it more closely when I´m back from London.

I have found the script via a posting on reddit. Someone posted a link to a site with all the scripts on the blacklist in 2015, and Stronger was amongst them. They are all listed in pdf-format for download.

@JavierGrasaAlon posted a photo of himself with Jake (looking tired IMO) on Twitter. He seems to have grown his beard a little bit longer (again), but his hair, too!! I am really curious to see how he looks like in the movie.

Maura said...

He's in Jaca. I've been there.

BlueJean said...

Hoping to find the 'Enemy' script as well. It was once available on Scriptdrive, but I forgot to download it and it's gone now :( :(

About to read 'The Sisters brothers', by the way. Found it in the library this weekend :)

Hagen said...

Apparently it's very likely that "Stronger" will premiere at TIFF. But I wonder what happens with "Wildlife". I haven't read anything about it lately.

Scott said...

Is it wrong to feel exhausted by Jake's films in festivals? At least the release of Stronger will be close to Tiff. I just feel film festivals are too much pressure and can tank a film before it's official release.

I am intrigue by Wildlife because of Paul's directorial debut and also because no one is talking about it so there are no high expectations.

Hagen said...

Is it wrong to feel exhausted by Jake's films in festivals?

Certainly not. I think it's refreshing that a critically acclaimed film like "Dunkirk" opens without a premiere at a film festival.

BlueJean said...

"I just feel film festivals are too much pressure"

*thinks of 'Demolition'*

I don't know. Not all festival films are expected to be huge hits - or are they?

I was thinking... So far, we've had three Jake films this year. 'Life', 'Okja' and 'Stronger'. Am I the only one who thinks it's better to release 'Wildlife' in 2018 (which will probably happen)? Even though Jake's role in 'Okja' was small, I think three films a year is enough. I'm hoping 'Stronger' will be huge for him, so they might want to wait and see how successful it is. And I'm trying to avoid the word "awards" here - or even the word "Oscar" ;)

UltraViolet said...

I don't have festival fatigue, but it is exhausting that all the prestige movies open in the fall. Or almost all of them.

Stronger was announced as a world premiere, so I assume Jake will be there. It's obviously close in date to the movie's actual opening, so that's a bit strange. But I hope it will be generate positive buzz.

BJ, I don't think they are expected to be huge hits always. But the hope is they will be awards players.

I agree that Wildlife should be held until next year. There has been no talk of a release date or a trailer or anything. I'm looking forward to it, but I wouldn't want it to be drowned out in all the other fall movies.

Hagen said...

"Stronger" has a runtime of 119 minutes.

bobbyanna said...

I could be mistaken, but for me, when a film is announced as being part of a film festival, it seems like that confers a level of recognition; prestige or quality on it. I know that is not always the case, and you mention Dunkirk as a great example, but I like to read that Jake's got a movie premiering at a Festival.

I think of these as the six "legitimate" festivals in that regard : Cannes, TIFF, Venice, Berlin, Sundance, and Telluride. Those seem to carry more prestige or cache' or whatever the right word is. (I know I'm saying this badly. : ) )

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Gary Michael Walters‏ @garymwalters
@StrongerTheFilm will have its world premiere on Friday, September 8th at @TIFF_NET #JakeGyllenhaal @tatianamaslany

Thank you for sharing with us so soon the day of the premiere! Jake Gyllenhaal will attend the event, right?

#JakeGyllenhaal will most definitely be attending!

Friday isn't considered a premier premiere night, but it's better than a midweek date.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Friday isn't great. Ideally, you want to premiere on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday.

Hagen said...

"Prisoners" and "Nightcrawler" both premiered at TIFF on a Friday. So I don't see a Friday premiere as a bad sign.

I wonder if Paul Dano will submit "Wildlife" for participation at Sundance Film Festival.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, Friday isn't great."

Not true. The Martian premiered at TIFF Friday, 11 September 2015. 2 Golden Globes awards and 7 Oscar nominations. Nightcrawler premiered Friday, 5 September 2014.

"Ideally, you want to premiere on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday."

Only because prestige movies that premiered at Cannes or Venice are scheduled at TIFF during the second week, starting Monday (Arrival, LLL). Or Sunday at 10 PM like NA. But prestige world premieres are scheduled at TIFF during the first weekend (Friday-Sunday). Don't believe everything AW bloggers say, verify first.

UltraViolet said...

It's not just AW bloggers, but thanks for the advice! I was at the big Friday premiere last year - American Pastoral. Let me tell you, it was not first-class.

Monica said...

I don't have festival fatigue, but it is exhausting that all the prestige movies open in the fall. Or almost all of them.

This!! I love movie festivals, and I'm always happy to see Jake at a festival.

Nolan doesn't take his films to festivals because he's a snob!

Canuck_Cutie said...

I've been going to TIFF since 2002, the 1st Friday of the fest isn't a bad day. High profile movies premiere over the first weekend. Lesser titles and titles that have premiered elsewhere premiere later in the fest during the week.

The first weekend of the fest is the busiest in terms of premieres and star power. The Friday date is fine.

Anonymous said...

Jake's Soho apartment that he's been living in for a while is up for rent. $6,895.00. I know it's NYC but god that's a lot of money for a one bedroom!

Anonymous said...

Link, want a link

Scott said...

Know I have not posted much lately but I do look in on this blog often and I have got to say I am a little creeped out by some of the posts on Jake's housing arrangements. It's a little invasive but I know fans are interested but based on Jake's level of privacy it still creeps me out no matter who it is.

Anonymous said...

I just want to see what it looks like. I'm not gonna follow him...

bobbyanna said...

Going back to the topic of film festivals, does anyone know the way Venice or Cannes are set up? My question deals with public access. For instance, one of the things that is so cool about TIFF is that anyone can buy a ticket to go to screenings. YOu have to do it early and it can get expensive, but it does allow for the public to share in the festival. There are, of course the deal makers, industry leaders, agents business people, all sorts of levels of press & industry types but the general public can wander around too. But I get the impression that except for the ropellines, Cannes is not nearly as open to the public, and neither is Venice. I was in Venice once during the festival, but it seemed all the action was happening on The Lido, and I don't think it was possible for ordinary people to see any films. I do think you can get in to movies at Sundance. Of course with both TIFF and Sundance the demand is so high you have to start planning months in advance, now. I first went to TIFF many years ago, when it wasn't so crowded.

BlueJean said...

Back to the housing topic for a moment ;)

"I am a little creeped out by some of the posts on Jake's housing arrangements. It's a little invasive but I know fans are interested but based on Jake's level of privacy it still creeps me out."

I know how you feel, Scott. I'm pretty sure none of us here are stalkers ;), but it is invasive. I even feel the same way whenever I see pap pictures of Jake's holidays or out with friends or with a new "lover" or whatever. I'm not interested in his private life - not in that way. Years ago I saw some pictures of his house in LA, but even that felt a bit too private. I've read that his new house is in a building that's "paparazzi-proof"... ugh. It must be horrible to have to live that way. Fame must be a burden sometimes.

Diana said...

BJ + Scott, I agree with both of you. I too have been writing about Jake´s house and shouldn´t have done that at all and it´s good somtimes to get a slap on the fingers... so thank you for the reminder, Scott. Seriously. The less is posted on the internet, the better it is. You never know who reads it and I don´t want to make it easier for loonies to stalk anyone. As I´ve said a while ago it´s a shame we can´t rule out personal stuff when googling. That would be great, because the first two or three lines in google search sometimes give away more than I want to know...

Personally, for me it´s good to know what areas to avoid when travelling somewhere. That´s got nothing to do with Jake but with celebrities in general. We are photographing a lot, mainly streetart but also interesting architecture, and my personal nightmare is to accidently stand in front of someone´s house who IS a well-known person and to get in trouble because of our camera equipment! We never had any problems with residents, depending on what part of the house we want to take photos of we´re even asking whether it´s ok to do so. I remembered Jake´s new place from googlemaps when we searched Manhattan for interesting buildings, but it wasn´t interesting for us. At that time I had no idea about the residents.

About the film festivals, I´d also be interested to hear how that works. Their own websites don´t give away anything, bobbyanna? I never checked for Venice or Cannes, but for the Tribeca film festival you could simply order tickets online. But that´s a small festival and as I was very late I haven´t checked for the premiers.

I have just watched Jake´s appearance at the Tonight Show from 2016 and this year. I really think his voice has changed slightly since SITPWG. It´s a tad bit fuller and a little bit deeper than before I think. I wasn´t sure at first but checked some interviews and it really seems like it. It´s not a surprise given the vocal coaching he´s surely had for SITPWG, though. I really hope he´s going to do some more musicals, I´d love to hear his voice again and see him perform in another show.

Real Sal said...

Scott, BJ, Bobbyanna and Diana - agree on all parts. Unfortunately, it's seems that private stuff will always be a fascination, and some can go too far with it. I think it's great though that on a whole we mainly talk about his work, or personality, and, unless a new woman pops up, we stick to positive things.

P.S. I am curious though. If property is bought (not just referring to Jake here) in a Trust name, how does the information get out on the person behind the Trust? Does that mean someone from his team / real estate people leaked the information?

UltraViolet said...

Agreed that we don't want to get into details, but I don't think there has been that much emphasis on Jake's housing. It was everywhere on twitter and in the news, so it's natural people read it and mentioned it. It's not like we did a post on it.

Sal, there are people who report on real estate deals and publicists/marketing for the properties involved. I don't think Jake's people leaked it.

About TIFF: No one is saying there have never been good films on the first TIFF Friday. But the last two years, the early Friday premieres at the Princess of Wales have been terrible: American Pastoral last year and Our Brand Is Crisis in 2015, a particularly bad omen because David Gordon Green directed that. And it is a really, really bad movie.

I don't think they are programming it with the movies they think are terrible. It could just be seen as a bad omen.

Bobbyanna, Cannes is an industry-only festival. People are penalized for not using their tickets, though, so people beg for the cast-offs. And you have to be properly dressed. Would love to go someday, but only if I didn't have to worry about all that.

You can get tickets for Venice, I believe.

Look away, BJ :) Pics of Jake in Jaca this week:

Something's funny

Not so funny

Anonymous said...

aren't those photos an invasion of privacy?

UltraViolet said...

Who are you?

BlueJean said...

"Look away, BJ :) Pics of Jake in Jaca this week:"

:) :) :) *casual* Those aren't that bad. They're work-related, cos Jake's filming there ;)

No, seriously. It's nearly impossible to escape cameras when you're famous, I know. But I mean - he's just sitting there. I wish they'd let him be. But that's wishful thinking in this day and age, I guess.

bobbyanna said...

Here's my take for what it's worth : Jake's famous. It's his fame that's a large part of people being interested to see his movies or his plays. He even goes out promoting them on TV and radio, in magazines and newspapers.

Maybe people would see his work anyway because they like the writer, or the director or the plot, but he is the one that goes out on TV and magazines and radio shows and newspapers to sell his movies.

And when we see him in a live environment on stage doing a Q & A talking to a live audience, he is very comfortable and engaging and friendly in person. He seems to enjoy the back and forth with his audiences. He gives the impression he is accessible and nice and fun as a person. But his choices also determine what kind of fans and people see his movies. He's not in some franchise which might make fame harder to manage.

The success of his movies and plays depends on people seeing them. When a person is famous, they can't turn on the attention and then turn it off at will. I think Jake would probably like it if he could but it's impossible. In general, Jake has been very successful in protecting his privacy.

Jake is photographed and followed and written about a lot less than many of his peers. He's not chased & hounded like back in the Brokeback Mountain days. That was pretty awful. Things are much calmer for him now. Of course his lifestyle doesn't invite a lot of comment. He doesn't hang out in clubs or on yachts getting drunk and chasing half naked models around the deck. LOL!

But if he is out walking a dog, or crossing a street or sitting at a restaurant he will be seen, and since almost everyone in the world has a camera, it's very likely he will get his picture taken. And since we have the internet and social media, a lot of people will see it. Right now someone in Budapest knows Jake bought a new condo. It's like a kid knowing his favorite baseball player likes Nikes not Adidas or granola instead of oatmeal.

All things considered, it's part of his job, and his life. Part of his chosen profession. He is well paid and he has a good life to all outside appearances, but everyone of us has a downside to our professional lives, and being famous while eating a sandwich is the price he pays.

In any case, I don't mind knowing where he lives, and yes, if I'm in NYC and it's convenient, I might walk past, or drive past the building just to see it. Not to stalk him or hang out on the corner waiting to catch a glimpse. Then I can tell who ever I'm with, "A lot of celebrities live in that building." There's nothing sinister about it.

I agree there are definitely times when it is intrusive to see certain types of information or photos posted, but most of the time I think he's actually kind of fortunate. When being famous is part of your job, being ignored too much can be equally uncomfortable. : )

Real Sal said...

Well said, Bobbyanna!

BlueJean said...

Good post, Bobbyanna.

"He doesn't hang out in clubs or on yachts getting drunk and chasing half naked models around the deck."

Not that we know of, no. LOL.

Hasn't Jake said he has a "complicated relationship" with fame? Or something like that? I guess that sort of covers it. I'm quite sure he would love to be able to turn the "fame" button off sometimes.

Scott said...

Ok on a happier strange note, Bubble Boy is going to Broadway and yes the play is based on Jake's old movie. Sadly Jake is not in the cast. I adore that movie so much.

UltraViolet said...

Wow - no posts in a week! Here's some news. Well it's newsy:

Anyone who’s seen Okja has certainly heard Jake Gyllenhaal’s laugh. You might have wanted earplugs during some of his higher-decibel line deliveries. But the Oscar-nominated actor chuckled in softer (though very good-humored) tones recently when asked by EW about one of the great debates of summer 2017 movie-watching.

That is, whether his wild, dialed-to-11, wheels-off-the-cart performance in the vegan-adventure film by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho is, as Vulture put it, brilliant or awful? Gyllenhaal plays Dr. Johnny, a zoologist and TV show host with sinister motives and that incredible screeching voice, especially when he wails, “Have I ever given you a boring show?” ...

“I love that,” Gyllenhaal tells EW of the reactions, in between gulps of laughter. “I just really love that when one thing can vacillate between one end of the spectrum and the other. And that was the point of the character. From the very beginning, Bong said to me, ‘We have to hate you and you have to be bad.’ That was the goal and, well, I’d say we reached it. And so some people really love that and some people just think it’s genuinely bad. That’s fine.”

He added, “That’s the reason why I do my job, for reactions like that. A lot of people have complimented me during my career by saying that my performances are subtle. I’m grateful for that. And now some of those same people are saying, ‘I’m sorry, this just too big and over the top.’ So I can’t seem to satisfy anyone — but that’s where I like to be anyways.

I wonder why they were interviewing Jake.

Not news, but I loved this tweet:

Was wondering why a woman on a bike looked simultaneously very familiar and prettier than anyone I've seen in real life. Was Keri Russell. We like to say celebrities are just like us, but no, no they are not, they are way prettier.

I once got literally bumped into by Jake Gyllenhaal and he was like a perfectly designed and constructed building. Like he was engineered.

Anonymous said...

It has been a quiet week! No Jake sightings as far as I know. He still must be hard at work in Spain. I wonder if that interview was from when Okja just came out - and for some reason EW held off until now to publish. Stronger at TIFF next month should make for a few more postings. :) Also, isn't the cast recording of SITPWG supposed to be released in September as well? RH

Diana said...

It has indeed been quiet! I have found something on cinemablend, posted 23 hrs ago:

How Jake Gyllenhaal Feels About People Bashing His Okja Performance

With Netflix already dominating the world of TV production and releasing a tremendous amount of original programming, the streaming service has now set its sights on film. Netflix has begun buying the rights to exciting new film projects, and releasing them exclusively for its subscribers. One of the most highly publicized and somewhat controversial of these films is the sci-fi epic Okja. The film boasts some great visual affects, a captivating story, and an ensemble cast chock full of A-listers and recognizable faces. One of the biggest stars on Okja is Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the slimy and over the top TV host Johnny Wilcox. Unfortunately, Gyllenhaal has gotten some icy reception regarding his performance in the role, although he doesn't appear to be that upset about it. He said:

"I love that. I just really love that when one thing can vacillate between one end of the spectrum and the other. And that was the point of the character. From the very beginning, Bong said to me, 'We have to hate you and you have to be bad.' That was the goal and, well, I'd say we reached it. And so some people really love that and some people just think it's genuinely bad. That's fine."

Well, you just can't please them all. But while opinions about Jake Gyllenhaal's Okja performance vary from person to person, it looks like the naysayers are actually being too swept up with how hatable Johnny Wilcox is. And according to Gyllenhaal's comment to EW, he made him unlikeable and over the top on purpose.

Okja is interesting because it balances almost cartoonish sensibilities with moments of realism and understated performances. Jake Gyllenhaal's characterization of Johnny Wilcox is most certainly anchored in the former, which can be seen from the very first time Johnny shows up in Okja's first act. Gyllenhaal uses a ridiculous character voice for Johnny, sounding like a spoof of a character, rather than one based in reality. This affect is used throughout all of Johnny's scenes through the rest of the film, even the horrifying one that sees the character torture poor Okja. It's a ridiculous voice, which is no doubt why some naysayers have attacked the performance that accompanied it.

But Okja doesn't exactly veer away from the ridiculous. Tilda Swinton's first scene as Lucy Mirando is absolutely bonkers, as she attempts to sell the idea of super pigs to investors. It's colorful, silly, and certainly sets up the entrance of Jake Gyllenhaal's weirdly voiced Johnny. So while there are moments that will break your heart in the Netflix film, it's not exactly based in realism.

You can currently catch Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja on Netflix, as the film was released over a month ago, and his next film Stronger will arrive in theaters on September 22, 2017.

I like it that the more time passes, the closer everyone seems to look at Jake´s performance and appreciate his work on this character.

BlueJean said...

I love how relaxed Jake seems to be about the reactions to his Dr. Johnny role :)

Real Sal said...

Lol, Jake flipping the bird. NYC, poster says it's not new.


UltraViolet said...

From a post on AW:

And she said Stronger has been offering screenings for LA reporters this week, here's what she thought of Gyllenhaal's performance:

I'll translate her main opinions:

1 Gyllenhaal's shown strong performance, convincing and touching, as does the wife actress. Plot overall similar to Theory of Everting. Very hopeful Best Actor candidate.
2 Lots of painful&suffering&violent scenes which might be a difficult watch for some. Not an easy film to watch.
3 Same distributor as Patriot's Day but Lionsgates managed to avoid anything overlapping between them, or anything related to the terrorists.
4 This might be more impactful than Garfield's Breathe due to its social relevance.
Screening a month before its TIFF premiere shows confidence from the studio.

Not sure if the last line is from the reviewer or the AW poster. The reviewer gave the movie an A- grade.

Diana said...

Tom O'Connell (theatre producer) posted a photo of the script for the Brokeback Mountain Play on twitter, posting: "So, this was *finally* given life today... @brokebackplay so good to have creatives and workshop cast in the same room. #BrokebackMountain".

It seems like something is finally really happening there....


I have never been to a press screening, I would love to!

Real Sal said...

Pretty hotel


Diana said...

OMG I just laughed so loud....

I cannot find the post again, someone posted "OMG HE´S ALIVE AND BREATHING!!" on twitter, alongside a photo of Jake in front of this hotel in Spain:


@JakeG_Online posted the link to the instagram account of the hotel with said photo.

Diana said...

I have just found this interview that I totally missed when it came out, it´s from the "Life"-press junket in Germany. I really like Jake´s answer to the last question. I hope you can watch it, I don´t know if it´s blocked in other countries:


UltraViolet said...

People were very happy for a new Jake photo, lol. There have been a few twitter sightings of Jake in NYC, a couple at Dimes Restaurant. We'll see if he has to return to Europe for more filming.

Diana, that was a good interview. I hadn't seen it before either. I think there are some other new/old interviews from Life out there. It is so clear that Jake dislikes answering any of the "name three things" questions. He managed in the end but it was a struggle!

Diana said...

UV, I fully agree with you on the "name three things"-questions! I´ve had that feeling in other interviews, too. He sometimes seems to cringe a tiny little bit or he takes a deeper breath and I am literally waiting for him to roll his eyes going "not one of those ones again!". It´s actually interesting to really observe him, having watched so many interviews with him you can oftentimes tell which questions he feels ok with and which ones not so much.

I wish I could download this one because as far as I remember they take the videos offline at some point...

Monica said...

So a fan goes to Jake Gyllenhaal's apartment, he does not like what he sees, apparently verbally assaulted her, and the girl is acting she is a victim.
What the fuck is that?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a girl it's a guy who stalked him. Still very wrong of them to do.

BlueJean said...


I don't know where you read that, Monica, but I agree, it's a sad thing. I don't blame Jake for getting angry, to be honest. Stalking is such an invasion of privacy. I thought that building was meant to be very private?

Monica said...

It's on twitter, BlueJean.

Thanks, anon.
A fan traveled from Turkey to the US to see Jake. He waited for hours in front of Jake's apartment to talk to him, when he arrived, he was rude to this fan. Jake yelled.
I understand that everyone wants to meet their idol, but going to his apartment is wrong. This is not right. No wonder he was rude.

Scott said...

This is why it is creepy to stalk his residences online fan or no fan. But it's nice to see that some twitters are calling the "fan" out. It's scary as hell, Jake thought he had a sanctuary in his new home.

Monica said...

If he had said yes, we would have other people there tomorrow. I know how it works because I see it in other fandons. And that same fan said there were two other people there waiting for Justin Timberlake.

That's what happened to Tom Hidleston. He was accessible to fans until they started following him everywhere. He changed, the fans began to complain that he was no longer the same.

BlueJean said...

"This is why it is creepy to stalk his residences online fan or no fan."


"It's scary as hell, Jake thought he had a sanctuary in his new home."

And exactly.

:-( What do those people expect of Jake? To invite them in?

Anonymous said...

"the fans began to complain that he was no longer the same"

True fans would not feel that way, only ones with the mindset that celebrities belong to them would feel that way. Jake is so low key and doesn't court fans or exposure outside his films that a real fan would know how Jake values his privacy. Maybe this is a stunt and it never happened or the guy lied.

UltraViolet said...

This is a very sad saga. I hope the tweeter can move on and so can the rest of twitter. Boundaries were definitely crossed, and that is not okay. I often wish Jake were more easygoing in fan encounters, but he does not like being bothered in his private life. I can't really blame him for that. And going to/near where he lives and hanging around is just wrong. Not sure how that wouldn't be obvious to anyone, but especially someone who is a fan of Jake's.

That said - this is a young person, a fan. Yes, he went too far and clearly has issues. But I can't help feeling bad even though he crossed a line. I hope he will stop tweeting about it and try to put it behind him.

Ugh, this is really the downside of fame.

In happier news, IHJ posted a scan from EW. This must be the interview where they asked Jake about Okja. The Jake/Jeff Bauman teasing cracks me up.

Monica said...

I hope he will stop tweeting about it and try to put it behind him.

I hope too. I talked to him tonight, I hope he will feel better soon, and that he will move on.

I often wish Jake were more easygoing in fan encounters

Me too. But I think to him fans only in red carpet or in the theater.

UltraViolet said...

Hey Monica! It was nice of you to talk to him. His latest posts are alarming. I sent you an email.

BlueJean said...

"I often wish Jake were more easygoing in fan encounters"

Maybe he had some really bad experiences once, you never know. I often feel sorry for Jake too, as this seems to be another example of "damned if you do, damned if you don't". He may have lost a fan with this one, I suppose. I'm not on Twitter, so I can only respond to what's posted here.

I wouldn't want to be in Jake's shoes as far as the "fame" thing is concerned, that's for sure.

michelle said...

This Twitter thing has gotten a little uncomfortable now. The man in question has repeatedly threatened to kill himself over the sceptism his version of events have been met with. I know nothing about him, and I hope he gets all of the care and help he needs, but when you post for days about needing help to "find Jake" and mention you've been searching Tribeca for hours to see him ... people might be slow to believe you "just ran into him" when he apparently yelled at you for approaching him while with friend and/or family.

BlueJean said...

Yikes. That's more than "a little uncomfortable"... I hope this all just calms down :(

Ann said...

Very sad and uncomfortable situation. I hope that fan gets the help that he needs.

He apparently did the same thing last year with Leonardo DiCaprio. He also posted that he thought he saw Jake getting out of a car in front of his apartment building on Thursday night. If so, Jake might have also seen him and perhaps that's why his reaction was so strong to seeing the same man again outside his building Friday night.

Celebrities don't owe fans anything other than what they provide through their art and talent. I can understand the desire to meet your favorite celebrity but there are right and wrong ways to do it. Especially with someone like Jake who has made it clear that he likes his privacy. If you're a fan, you should know that he isn't always receptive to fans on the street. If you're desperate to meet him, find a way to attend a premiere, Broadway show or event that he's at. Don't stalk him in NYC or stand outside of his apartment.

UV, I love that Jeff Bauman teases Jake about Bubble Boy and Prince of Persia. I'm looking forward to the Stronger press tour.

Diana said...

"Celebrities don't owe fans anything other than what they provide through their art and talent. I can understand the desire to meet your favorite celebrity but there are right and wrong ways to do it....... If you're desperate to meet him, find a way to attend a premiere, Broadway show or event that he's at. Don't stalk him in NYC or stand outside of his apartment"

I couldn´t agree more with that. I have walked around in Tribeca in february and april trying to find some of the locations where Demoliton has been filmed as this movie means a lot to me. I was so happy when I found two places. I was also hoping NOT to run into Jake and I was relieved when I didn´t. I partly used the time when he was on stage performing so there was no chance to cross ways. He could´ve recognised me from the stage door at the Hudson and it doesn´t take much to imagine what his understandable reaction would have been.

I don´t see a problem in asking him for a photo or autograph or simply try to talk to him when he´s at a work-related event of whatever kind. I was reluctant to go to the stage door first because I think that the job is done (on stage) when the actors come out but they also came out because of the fans to sign and take photos, so I did go in the end. And funnily I went there to meet someone other than Jake (who actually asked me to come back) in the first place when I went back again!

From what I read here I feel partly sorry for the guy (in case the whole story is true). He clearly seems to need help and I hope he does get it, and not just for his own sake but also for people he might otherwise stalk. I once had a stalker and it scared the hell out of me. We even tried to involve the police but that was difficult and would´ve been really expensive for us at the time. There were no strong laws to protect people from stalker back then. I was once being followed by a guy from the bus station and he managed to follow me into our apartment building. I could just about escape into the elevater and it luckily went up when the guy tried to open the door to follow me in. Luckily our flat was on the 7th floor and he didn´t try to follow me up the stairs. I was terrorised on the phone for years (don´t know whether that was the same person, though). Well let´s just say it´s horrible and even now, after many years, I sometimes feel uneasy when I´m seeing the same person in odd places.

It´s easy to say that this is all part of being famous and that you have to pay that price but I don´t wholly agree. Why should it be normal? We´re just used to paps and fans following celebrities around and intruding their privacy. Magazines are making tons of money on the back of celebrities by posting photos and oftentimes idiotic made up stories and as long as people buy these mags or click on their sites that won´t change. I don´t think it ever will. I also doubt that all this pap-stuff has such a great effect on the success of (in this case) Jake´s movies - or maybe that´s just wishful thinking. Fame is a b*tch.

Real Sal said...

Diana - that is just horrendous, and I'm so sorry you went through that. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been for you.

I feel kind of bad for making my jokes about my hotel being close to his new home for when I'm there over new year's. To be honest, I was going to take a stroll around Tribeca because it's a lovely neighbourhood and walk past the building. I certainly wouldn't stand there looking like a fool, when drinks are to be had coz I'm on vacation ;) And reading through the twitter feed, it appears the guy stood there for like 8 hours? That's unhinged and unfortunate for all parties that it got to this. Saying that though, I do hope this doesn't scar this young fan as he's getting a lot of hate online.

I totally agree with all points on privacy stated above, but at the same time it also bums me out that this isn't the first time we've heard of Jake being unpleasant to fans (if stories are true, of course).

Apparently that apartment building is home to many famous people, so I think Jake is going to have to deal with this more often because of his neighbours. Ironic that it's the selling point on the apartments was it being 'photography proof and private', yet I don't think we ever heard of this happening outside his previous homes.

Privacy is underrated. I wouldn't be able to deal with the attention, so I empathize with those wanting to just get on with their lives.

Scott said...

If it's true about Leo then I would think the people around this young man should help him or get him help. He should step away from social media and see he is wasting his life worshipping celebrities.

Monica said...

I don't think we ever heard of this happening outside his previous homes.
Because his other addresses weren't all over the internet like this new apartment.

Ann, he said he spent two days looking for Jake in NY. He spent eight hours waiting for Jake near his apartment. And he even saw Leo. Jake may have been warned that there was a person waiting for him there. Anyway, as a Jake fan for more 10 years, I don't remember him being aggressive with fans. He says no to fans but I just remember him being agressive with that guy who tried to take a picture of him in the bathroom.

I hope he will get help, and move from it.

Anonymous said...

I am mere listener in here but I couldn't help but post this
I feel sorry for that 19 year old kid who wanted to meet his idol.
I don't think he intentionally invaded his privacy, he realized his mistake afterwards.
But it is very wrong to yell at him and
It is very wrong for people to cyberbully and make fun of his suicidal thoughts.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think we ever heard of this happening outside his previous homes."
"Because his other addresses weren't all over the internet like this new apartment."

Monica, that's why Real Sal said it's ironic...buying an apartment that's known for it's privacy and now it's being invaded.

bobbyanna said...

You know some of us were alive when John Lennon was assassinated outside his apartment building one evening when he arrived home after a recording session. It was a "fan" who had been stalking him. Only back then there was no internet or social media. Today it's a lot easier to "track" a celebrity. I completely understand Jake's reaction and I don't feel sorry for the fan at all.

Diana said...

Anon at 2:38 I also feel sorry for this guy, when I was his age I was a huge fan of a famous singer and also took a few things too far (at least that´s how I see it now).

It´s a part of growing up to learn what´s right to do and what not. It´s just sad when it goes as far as it seems to have gone in this case. I don´t know anyone who doesn´t say "oh my god I´ve done some stupid things when I was young" and I am defo no exception. With social media the response is cruel, though. There is only two extremes so it seems, the ones who push you and the ones who beat you down, and both of that very strongly.

Since I have been stalked I understand Jake´s reaction. It´s bad that the guy has been the one who got it because I´m sure he´s not the first one standing outside the building. It´s certainly not ok that Jake yelled at him (again, in case it´s all true) but even Jake is only human and there is a point when you´re just fed up with something and it breaks out. I specifically remember that Guardian interview when Jake had enough about being asked about Taylor. Jake once said that he has quite some temper which does get him into trouble here and there.

I really hope that kid does learn his lesson and most importantly, is able to move on and focus more on himself and not on celebrities.

My gut feeling tells me that Jake will not stay in this apartment building. It might be very private inside but as soon as you´re stepping out it isn´t. And there are a few people who´ve bought apartments who are being followed a lot more than Jake and Jake automatically gets to see their fans and I´m sure paps also and vice versa.

But to come back to more pleasant things, I haven´t heard anything about new promotion dates for Stronger? The last thing I´ve heard was that it´s going to TIFF. Am I blind?

Ann said...

Bobbyanna, I had the same thought about John Lennon. I imagine it can be scary for celebrities. You want to think the best of people but you never know what someones intentions are.

I wonder if security or police presence outside that building will be increased now. It should be, imo.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear you went through difucult phase in your life, I am glad you left behind and able to speak about it and guide others as well.
You put it very diligently and exrepressed your thoughts sincerely.
Such a virtues hard to see in people..
Thank you....

Monica said...

It´s certainly not ok that Jake yelled at him
It's not, of course, but we don't know why he reacted like that. We're getting a side of the story, but we don't know how he approached Jake, whether he was gentle and Jake rude or otherwise, if Jake was warned about it. The only thing I know is that it's not okay to go for two days to look for an actor everywhere, even if he didn't intend to invade Jake's privacy.

Jake wants his fans in professional moments. He can take a picture from time to time, but not more than that. I don't know how anyone realized that. He will never be like Hugh Jackman who is adorable and recognizes the efforts of fans whenever he can. So you stay or leave.

Diana said...

Jake and his dad were robbed near their house in L.A. I don´t know how old Jake was at the time but it must have been traumatising anyway.

Someone tried to take a swing at Jake when he left a restaurant with a friend of his (who was a policeman, remember that interview?)

That´s only two examples I remember right now. There must be so many more, a fan being the aggressor or not, and we won´t ever get to know most of it.

We´re given so much with movies, stage performances and interviews from every actor or artist in general. I cannot give everyone of them enough credit for taking the time to sign autographs and make photos with fans at screenings, premieres, stage doors, outside tv- and radio-stations etc. They all wouldn´t have to. Yes, it´s good PR, but still.... that HAS to be enough. Period.

To quote Jake: Crazy people don't sit around wondering if they're nuts.

Anon at 7:11
Wow, thank you. I´m always trying to see both sides and be as fair and objective as I can. What we see every day, what we go through every day shapes us and influences our reactions/actions/point of view in the future. I try to remember that other people have other histories and therefore act or think differently than I do.

Real Sal said...

So has the Sister's Brothers finished filming now?

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the reminders, Diana. I remember when Brokeback Mountain came out, and then after that for at least a year or two, Jake was constantly harassed by photographers and others stalking him. At one point, Jake and his childhood friend Chris Fischer who was staying with him couldn't open the front door to the apartment they were staying at in NYC because of the harassment. The photographers would follow Jake and his MOTHER right up to the door of their house as they walked home from an evening out in NY.

The only other thing I have to add is that a lot of people have different definitions of the word "yelling." When I used to reprimand my kids, even if I had not raised my voice, they would later describe it as," you yelled at me..." which I did not.

So maybe Jake raised his voice. Maybe he lost his temper, or expressed exasperation, was upset at being "ambushed" but there are degrees, and if you as that fan were embarrassed and even felt guilty for what you were doing, you'd be upset and angry enough to make it the worst thing that ever happened to you.

I'm looking forward to him finishing his shoot in time to promote Stronger. : )

bobbyanna said...

I just wanted to add that I don't think Jake would automatically, reflexively go off on a fan. Since he's been doing theatre in New York there are so many people he has worked with and met through the various plays he's done, for all he knows he could be running into someone connected to something he was involved with. That fan must have done something to set off Jake's radar.

BlueJean said...

"So has the Sister's Brothers finished filming now?"

*sigh of relief*

Yes, let's move on, guys. What happened was very unfortunate but, as Monica said, we only have one side of the story. One thing though. I just wish Jake would sometimes remember his own advice from the James Lipton interview in 2013: "The way you behave with everybody is more important than the work that you do. It's essential. It is everything. Generosity and kindness and patience will get you so far."

I thought about that quote an awful lot in the past days. 'Everybody' shouldn't just mean 'people in the business'. There's also fans, who (clearly) make mistakes, and reporters, who sometimes ask the wrong questions - remember that Guardian interview with the Taylor Swift question? No matter how understandable it is that Jake looses his temper or gets upset or annoyed, or maybe even scared - he's in the public eye. Whether he likes it or not. It comes with the job. He'll have to deal with that one way or the other. He can't be under security for all of his life... for that wouldn't be a life - that's a prison.

That said, I hope the young fan is OK and I hope Jake is too.

Anonymous said...

So has the Sister's Brothers finished filming now?

No. Filming in Romania will start soon.

Diana said...

Filming should start on 18 August and take place in Călugăreni, Buftea and at Castel Film Studios until 15 September.

The Division should be the next movie, right? I just can´t remember what is after that, I am still too focused on Stronger *lol*

I hope for news on "Burn This", the play Jake was supposed to re-open the Hudson Theatre with. I am wondering whether he still wants to do it and if so, when. As far as I remember it should have run for longer and in that case it would have to be planned way in advance so it doesn´t clash with filming.

I have watched Jake in Constellations a few weeks ago. I found a video with the whole play by pure coincidence (can´t find it again, I suppose it´s been deleted). Illegally recorded from the audience obviously, the quality was not that good but I could see and hear everything. I thought it was very interesting but sometimes hard to follow. It certainly is a piece where you have to be very concentrated when watching because once you´re out it´s not easy to find your way back in. I loved the chemistry between Jake and Ruth, it was clearly visible, even though the video was that bad.

Ann said...

I hope for news on "Burn This", the play Jake was supposed to re-open the Hudson Theatre with.

Hudson Theater has already announced their next show, it's not Burn This so I don't think this will happen until next year, if it happens at all.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, you are right about "everybody." But that's a two-way street. I'm not going to defend The Guardian behavior, though I think there's blame all around. But that fan did not treat Jake with respect. And the story changed multiple times, all to make the fan look better. I just don't think we have enough information to go on to make a judgment.

As Monica said and as I often say, Jake is not Hugh Jackman. He never will be. Yes, I wish he could relax on this point. But he can't. And he doesn't really have to. We have to get used to that as fans. If you don't like it, then it's perfectly fine to stop following him. Not that I think you want to do that, BJ. I know what you're saying. But I'll reserve criticism for verifiable incidents. I don't think this is something we can judge Jake for.

Diana, I'm sorry you had that stalker experience. I'm glad you're okay!

And now, let's put this in the past. If I could think of an idea for a post, I'd do a new one. I'll try.

Anonymous said...

I know we shouldn't talk about his personal life, I can't tell you HOW MUCH I agree with this

UltraViolet said...

On yet another terrible day to be an American, something to make us smile.

Monica said...

Greta is an adorable girl!

Thet journalist didn't make a mistake. He wanted a reaction, good or bad.

Diana said...

I´ve got another one, it still makes me giggle!

very stylish, Jake!

Anonymous said...

Greta is an adorable girl! And a lesbian.

Real Sal said...

I'm so in two minds about the Greta relationship. I read the Lainey article and straight away was like 'yes!' but then I doubt myself. They seem comfortable due to them being longtime friends, but I also don't see any chemistry. He doesn't act with her the way he does with previous girlfriends, but maybe that's the point?

I do feel the multiple pairs of matching shoes does mean something, though. And the fact that she doesn't appear to be working at Good Eggs in SF. I wouldn't be surprised if they live together (roommates, at the very least).

Either way, I really like her and I think she's a catch, and I want him to be happy.

Anonymous said...

Old pictures I don't recall seeing:

January 2016, LA.


Southpaw training


UltraViolet said...

Nice pics, anon.

A new Stronger twitter promo. This is going to be a tough movie to watch!

Real Sal said...

Can't help myself ;)

Jake and Greta at an ice cream place yesterday


Very quiet around here...everyone ok?

Diana said...

Hey Real Sal,

everything good over here in central Europe - wet, but good! I might grow fins soon, tho..... we´re still in shock about the attacks in Spain. I´m so sick of these terrorists, really.... they´ll never win. About time they learn it, but unfortunately, idiocy won´t ever die out.

No news on Jake (job-related ones I mean) which feels odd somehow as he usually is that busy. I think I´m still spoiled from the time he did SITPWG. There were news several times a day almost every day, even without all the gossip-stuff! Hard to get used to less Jake-ish input! I hope he has some time off to relax and just enjoy himself, though.

Real Sal said...

Was a wet day in London - I had the day off and chilled at home watching Fixer Upper. Very exciting life I lead ;)

One of my best friends has been holidaying in Ibiza and flew back last night. I know it's not near Barcelona, but it was worrying. Very scary times.

Since Jake isn't one of the brothers in The Sisters Brothers, maybe his filming is done? I reckon he'll lay low in NYC until TIFF in a few weeks. Until then, drought Jake.

Anyone here going to TIFF?

Anonymous said...

some interesting comments on that fb photo

"Fun! My husband sat next to him on a plane. He was complaining about his most recent break-up"

bad joke said...

"Since Jake isn't one of the brothers in The Sisters Brothers"


Anonymous said...

Who knows how many years ago that woman's husband talked to Jake on a plane? Because there's another comment about seeing Jake and Kirsten Dunst kissing. Must've happened 12 or 14 years ago. Timelines on comment sections are funny like that:P
"We sat down and you immediately noticed sitting across from us Kirsten Dunst making out with Jake Gyllenhaal. So this is your second sighting of Jake!"
I'm having a hard time imagining the mature Jake of recent years sharing any personal story with a stranger, least of all on a plane with dozens of other strangers around. Impossible. Heck, Jake sharing a breakup story on a plane 10 years ago doesn't sound true. But Jake of today? No way.

Kinda stalkerish pic but it's cute, sweet and the guy says he took it discreetly. Jake's looking at Greta so intensely.

Anonymous said...

LOL wow you have great eyes or just seeing what you want to see, I can't tell who Jake is looking at in the photo. It could be some other gal's butt. Stop shipping Jake with Greta, if they were dating you would never see her at film festivals with him or vacation pics. I believe she is the friend that was his answer to if men and women can be just friends. He stated that he had a female friend that has been a good friend for years and he does the same things with her as with his best male friend Chris.

Anonymous said...

that's what I found interesting I just can't imagine Jake doing that on a plane, most times he's spotted on a plane he's keeping a low profile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that woman's husband just has that type of personality that people feel comfortable revealing things to. And maybe this was a long time ago when he was less serious. And affected by a break up. We all thinking Alyssa?

BlueJean said...


:) No, Real Sal is right. Jake plays Hermann Kermit Warm. I'm actually reading the novel right now. I'm on page 200 - and there's not a whole lot of Hermann Warm yet, so it's probably a smaller role. Kind of a strange book though.

Quite wet here, too (Netherlands). Hope to watch 'Life' this afternoon, as my DVD arrived three days ago. Exiting life here as well ;) ;)

bobbyanna said...

Jake was a lot more open and accessible when he was younger. After Brokeback he seemed to start retreating. I think it was Antoine Fuqua who mentioned Jake being so dedicated to his work on Southpaw he ended up breaking up with a girl he was dating because he spent so much time training. But I don't recall Jake ever mentioning it. It was just some of the lore surrounding promotion of that movie.

As far as his personal life is concerned he's luckier than a lot of actors who get a lot more attention. (Especially since he doesn't call the photographers to cover himself.) In a way, "Boring Jake" might be aging out of the gossip rags. LOL! Stronger is coming out soon, they will be watching him and trying to come up with stuff to talk about.

I think it helps a lot that Greta is not an actress or a model trying to make a name for herself, and Jake flatly refuses to confide in the media about his personal life. At some point pictures of a couple walking the dog, going to the gym, getting gelato, etc. is kind boring.

Diana said...

I am not following Jake´s career for long but I´ve read/watched a lot of old reports, interviews and old blog posts to get an idea about how his career developed.

It´s my opinion and personal experience that the more open and accessible you are the more attention you actually get, and that includes unwanted attention. I am sure there are examples out there that prove the opposite, but at least in Jake´s case I think it´s true. I wouldn´t dare to walk up to him and bother him, knowing that he doesn´t like it. And I´m sure many other people who respect his wish for privacy (that he expressed more than once and does so again and again!) are the same. If he were easy and accessible to fans I probably would act differently. This way, he has at least some - probably the larger part - of his fans off his back.

Everyone working in showbiz knows they finally owe their success to the people who go out to see their movies/films/tv series/whatever. And I think many of them would love to be just nice and kind and take some time to talk to people to show their gratitude to at least some of them personally, but it´s so easily getting out of hand.

What happened to Jake after Brokeback Mountain and when he was with Taylor was insane imo. And he was not the only one affected, his closest friends and family were also drawn in and seriously? If I had been in his position I could´ve probably taken that for a while or until the attention would have faded, but my family and friends? Who have basically nothing to do with MY decision to do whatever I want to do? That´s a big, massive red line! And if it were only for them, I would retreat. Because when you are a person who REALLY cares, that´s what you do.

I am soooooo looking forward to see Stronger. And I really want this movie to be successfull. But I am also scared it might get as crazy as it got with BBM, especially if Stronger should REALLY get the recognition when it comes to awards.

Some people crave the attention and get a high from that, some people don´t. Today you´re worshipped, tomorrow they´ll walk all over you. That´s how showbiz works.

BlueJean said...

"But I am also scared it might get as crazy as it got with BBM"

That won't happen. I mean, for Jake. He wouldn't let it happen. Or should I say: he wouldn't allow himself to get consumed by success, the way it happened with Brokeback, I think. I'm sure Jake has learned a lot from that period in his career - both good and bad.

How long have you been following him, Diana? I discovered Jake in 2012, after seeing Brokeback :)

Diana said...

"he wouldn't allow himself to get consumed by success, the way it happened with Brokeback, I think. I'm sure Jake has learned a lot from that period in his career - both good and bad."

Absolutely, as far as Jake is concerned. But what I mean is the reaction of the press, and some obtruding "fans" (I hope I used the right term to describe them!).

I have a very special history with Jake. I have just written half a paragraph about it but I am trying to keep it short (which is hard, I do use a lot of words usually!). It started with Prince of Persia (seriously!), I had recorded the movie from TV and watched it towards the end of 2015. I googled it to find out more about the movie and Jake when I read about Demolition, and the description of that movie really got to me.

I had just lost my mom in August that year and I was so shocked that the movie described exactly what I was going through at the time emotionally. I googled everything I could find about the movie, read and watched every interview and that was how I got drawn into movie-making, and Jake´s work especially. The way he described his role in Demolition and how he worked on it really triggered my interest. And as stupid as it may sound, it finally helped me deal with my own emotional situation and after many years of trying to find out what I really love, I started writing. It meant the world to me when I was able to thank Jake that he actually made me write (even though I´m sure he though I was a crazy woman *lol).

Okay, I better stop now, I don´t want to spam this blog *lol*. It´s about Jake, not me... ;)

Real Sal said...

I like hearing how people started following Jake's career :)

(So sorry about your mum, Diana).

I remember seeing October Sky at the cinema on a school trip when I was 12. I think I only really paid attention to his work after watching Jarhead (I blame Santa's hat for piquing my interest). I sometimes drift a little, depending on what's going on in my life, but tend to always go back to him. I enjoy pop culture and keep up to date with Hollywood things, but he is the only actor's career I actually care about.

And this is the only blog that I comment on. I like the interaction here. I feel whenever I try talk about him in real life, my friends think it's obsessive. Maybe so, but it makes me happy. It's nice to come to come here to talk without judgment.

BlueJean said...

Maybe an idea for a new post? "When did you discover Jake?" :)

I've had an incredible Jake crash course after Brokeback. My second one was LAOD - mainly because of the Jake - Anne pairing, like in Brokeback. My third was 'Brothers' - and then that did it. I thought he was great in that role: macho, rough, but so sensitive at the same time.

I also post at the Ultimate Brokeback forum, but lately the Jake discussion there is very slow. I've tried to quit him, but so far I haven't succeeded ;) I come here for Jake news and because I like to talk about him, preferably not about his personal life ;)

My faves, after BBM: 'Enemy', 'Demolition' and 'Brothers', in that order.

Anonymous said...

A post on Twitter yesterday said that Jake was on his way to Romania to continue filming on Sisters Brothers. There was a new pic but it was just him in a car so IDK how accurate the Romania part was.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't give him a lot of time to shoot before TIFF, if it's true.

Hagen said...

TIFF on "Stronger": Adapted by John Pollono from Bauman's memoir of the same name, Stronger is a stirring tribute to the determination of its protagonist, the love his partner, and the spirit of the city he calls home. But Stronger also asks deeper questions about what it means to be a hero — questions heart-rendingly embodied by Gyllenhaal, who, with his curiosity, creativity, and courage, continues to prove himself one of the finest actors of his generation.

"Stronger" will premiere at the Roy Thompson Hall on Friday, September 8th, at 6:30 PM.

Anonymous said...

Nice TIFF write up! Thanks, Hagen for that.

If he is in Romania now that gives him a few weeks of filming. If needed I am sure he can fly from Romania to Toronto for TIFF.

Guess we will see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful write-up indeed. Thanks, Hagen. So many feels for this movie.

Jake's presence in Toronto is officially confirmed.

That Jake sighting is legit. A girl coming from UK saw (and photographed) Jake early morning Sunday at New York's JFK terminal. Here's the pic and location.

Almost certain he was heading to Romania since according to Christel Baras, the casting director for extras, the Romanian part of production will feature San Francisco scenes (amongst others):

"Așadar, ne-am hotărât să turnăm în Europa. Existau decoruri de western în Spania și mai există decoruri de western în România. Au împărțit echipa în două, iar toate scenele din pădure (...) s-au turnat în Spania. În România se vor filma scenele din cele cinci orașe prin care trec protagoniștii, San Francisco, Oregon City, Jacksonville și orașe de coloniști, așa cum arătau în Vestul Sălbatic"

We decided to film in Europe. There were westerns settings in Spain and there are still westerns settings in Romania. We split the production crew in two (...) all scenes in the forests were shot in Spain. In Romania we'll shoot the scenes for all 5 cities that the main characters travel, San Francisco, Oregon City, Jacksonville and colonists' towns as they were in the Wild West."

As we know, the brothers are sent to find Herman Kermit Warm in San Francisco. Ergo, Jake will film those scenes at least.
Though I suspect his role has been expanded, judging by the movie synopsis (suggesting the brothers follow Herman from Oregon to San Francisco) and the fact that he shot scenes in 3 different locations in Spain.

Jake being confirmed for Toronto means he'll wrap his scenes before September 8.

bobbyanna said...

Eeek! My daughter was at JFK early morning Sunday returning to London....I wonder... but then she would have said something. Unless she was half asleep...

Anonymous said...

About "Burn This"

Anonymous said...

On BroadwayWorld they're doubting some of Riedel's stories. After all, he's a professional theater gossiper, paid to create stories where there aren't any.

He mentions "just a rumor" that Adam Driver is interested in doing Burn This. Akin to "a friend of a friend said". We don't know if Jake is still attached to the project or not. Riedel doesn't seem to know either. Same guy who said it was all about Jake's schedule now changes the story. It smells of ol' theater shenanigans, and I'm sure Jake wants none of them (he left LA to get away from Hollywood shenanigans).

On BroadwayWorld someone mentioned that Jake wanted Ruth Wilson to be his co-lead in "Burn This" (but she had the "Hedda Gabler" project). Which means it was about her schedule, not his. Who knows? Maybe they'll do another play someday.

I'd rather see Jake doing another Broadway musical than "Burn This". I even have a great one in mind. Also hoping for the movie adaptation of Sunday in the Park with George. Could Jake be planning it?

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned an interview where Jake for a story about him and his father bring robbed when he was younger. Can someone link me to the interview or relay the story?

BlueJean said...

I think it was Diana who mentioned that.

Diana said...

I did, I am trying to remember what interview it was, I am not sure... all I remember is that it must be a few years old, and I think it was the one when he was talking about getting up early with his dad to go running and that he loved to do some carpentry (he made a kitchen table for his mom I think he said?) back then.

The robbery took place not far from their house. Jake didn´t say more than that they were robbed, he didn´t say what happened exactly.

I´ll keep it in the back of my mind, in case I should find it I´ll post a link.

(Thank you for your kind words, Real Sal)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

you could take out stronger and substitute in any of jake's recent movies in that tweet.

Anonymous said...

Ok, since "about Stronger", much like "about Burn This" feels parcimonious, here's Sneider's actual tweet:

Jeff Sneider‏ @TheInSneider
Hearing STRONGER features a very good Jake Gyllenhaal performance but that it's not quite the stuff Best Picture nominees are made of.

If we had a dollar for every time this phrase was uttered (by critics, pundits, bloggers, wannabe-oscarologists, twitterers, friends and especially foes) during the last 5 years... As someone commented: "This could be entitled Story of His Life".

Oscars aren't about quality anymore. They're about being the popular kid in HW, or being part of the latest social/cultural trend, or simply having many powerful friends with clout.

As an actor, if you have the industry's support, you'll be nominated - Best Picture or not.
You're part of the Circle, and doing the dance > you get our vote.
You leave the Circle, and refuse to dance > you don't get the vote.

Thankfully, there are exceptions here and there, "happy accidents", some truly good small movies and good people slip through the cracks and emerge as real winners (e.g. Moonlight). I'm hoping Jake will be one of these exceptions.

UltraViolet said...

Laughed and sighed at the "Story of His Life" tweet. That InSneider guy is a Jake fan, so I wish he'd been more effusive about the performance. I also hope Jake is prepared to answer the "disability drag" comments and questions that will come up.

I do wish Jake could find a movie equal to his talent. Of course, even when he does, he's not rewarded. See Nightcrawler and Nocturnal Animals.

Jake talks about the robbery a bit in this guest DJ stint. From the transcript:

I would pick “The Fox” and this version is by Burl Ives. My father used to sing this to me -- and I love Burl Ives just as a character, just as a musician -- and when I was a little kid we were robbed outside of our house. We were driving home, we pulled up and we were robbed and ever since I was always really nervous about falling asleep, you know, naturally, and so my dad would sing this to me before I’d go to bed.

Someone tweeted a link to that recently, and I listened to it again, so it was fresh in my mind. He might also have discussed it in other interviews - I don't recall.

Diana said...

The only hope I have is that the movie is going to be as good as the book and the script, because I love both. I have started to read the book again a few days ago. I´m having a difficult time and I don´t know why, but this book does something.... anyways, I am planning my trip to the Netherlands to see the movie. Decision made! I just don´t know whether I´m going to plan a whole weekend (that would be Amsterdam) or just quickly cross the border and go to a cinema close by.

UV, thank you for posting that link. I think Jake must have mentioned the robbery in another interview because I cannot remember this one. I´m not sure, though. I´m going to listen to it later.

Still no more release dates for Stronger in Europe. I´ve tweeted to @Strongerthemovie but didn´t get a response. Not that I expected an answer, but I wanted to try...

BlueJean said...

"I do wish Jake could find a movie equal to his talent. Of course, even when he does, he's not rewarded. See Nightcrawler and Nocturnal Animals.

And 'Prisoners'. Loki was such an interesting character. Back then, I could see a Supporting Actor nomination... :(

I'm starting to wonder what people want/expect of him. We here all know what Jake is capable of and it seems most people in "the industry" know it too, but what kind of role does he have to choose to be truly rewarded for his work? I hate to think that Jack Twist will/would ever be his only Oscar nomination - and that's a lot coming from me, cos I love BBM dearly.

Anon at August 23, 2017 at 9:21 PM: I agree with everything you say. I don't know much about "the industry", but I guess you're right.

bobbyanna said...

My personal impression is that Jake's problem with Oscar is that first, he doesn't belong to any of the A list power cliques. He's not part of Clooney's gang or Leo's or Ben Affleck's and obviously there are overlaps. But last year, for example, the Oscar buzz for Casey Affleck last year started long before anyone had ever seen or heard of that movie. And I don't think it overwhelmed at the box office. In fact, Casey has never overwhelmed at the Box office. But "They " decided Casey was the frontrunner for Oscar. And Matt Damon actively and visibly campaigned for him.

Something similar needs to happen for Jake. Harvey Wienstein doesn't have the clout he used to have, and even more significant he's made a lot of enemies over the years. I think both Clooney and Affleck have expressed a sense of wanting to "stop Wienstein" in various Oscar campaign years. But having said that, I really believe Jake needs his agent to fight really hard for him, to make an irrevocable decision that "this is your year" back in February or whenever, and start spending the money to hire the PR team to make it happen. It's a pretty involved campaign

Scott said...

". It's a pretty involved campaign"

But the backlash to those campaigns is growing every year. It's a shame that Casey won because the performance was not great and it shown the hypocrisy of Hollywood and its' liberal base when it comes to sexual harassment. How come HW be so critical of Trump and yet has Casey and his loathsome brother win an Oscar? Sorry the Oscars are really becoming a bit tainted.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, and no, Scott. The obvious, in your face part gets the brunt of the backlash and the criticism, but just based on all the books and articles I've read and my observations over the years, the insider games are rarely ever commented on.

For example, Matt Damon like Mark Wahlberg, and Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Leo,has clout in H'wood. he is a job creator, which is important, and he's definitely a profit generator. People want to be on his good side. People respect him and are influenced by him.

So when he gets way out in front a a film, and talks about how he turned this part down and was thrilled because no one but Casey could ever play this part, etc.etc.etc. that wins over the industry media like THR and Variety, etc. especially.

It's all very political.So if WME wants to see Jake Gyllenhaal with an Oscar, Patrick Whitesell and the guys at WME have to be willing to do some horsetrading and negotiating for him.

And he has to be willing to spend the $$ for a campaign, by hiring the kind of publicists with clout and who can strategize how to make best use of him. And Jake has to be accessible and open up in ways he's not necessarily comfortable with. At least that's my take on it.

Personally with the exception of the groundswell for BBM, I don't think Jake has appeared in a movie that got that overwhelming reaction. But I do believe Stronger may be the one to do it. And Jake will be in the spotlight as he never has been before, because he has to carry that movie.

Ann said...

And he has to be willing to spend the $$ for a campaign, by hiring the kind of publicists with clout and who can strategize how to make best use of him.

I agree with what you're saying. I just want to point out, in case it's not known, that Jake and Casey Affleck have the same publicist. She's one of the best too. I just think Jake doesn't want it as much as other people want it for him so he doesn't play the game.

Diana said...

I just think Jake doesn't want it as much as other people want it for him so he doesn't play the game.

I just wanted to say something similar, Ann.

The question for me is, how far does JAKE want to go when it comes to awards? Of course it´s nice to get an award and I´m sure everybody working in the business wants one, at least veeeeery deep inside. But it comes at a cost and that´s the crucial point. It´s not just all the campaigning and being around the right people etc.etc. I think it´s also about all the consequences that come with it AFTER one´s won, too.

One thing I could easily understand from all his interviews: As long as the movies work and make enough money to pay the costs and there is some profit, too, that´s what he calls success and he´s happy with that. Now make of that whatever you want, it could be genuine, it could also be the polite answer meaning, thanx, but that whole what-you-have-to-do-to-get-an-award-thing is just not up my road.

I wish I could ask him about this whole awards-thing and get a relentless comment on that from him. But that´s never going to happen, I think, so we´ll have to keep guessing.

After all, it´s a multi-million-dollar business, and I´m sure that at least some of the Academy Awards are given out to people bearing in mind what the NEXT project will be. To promote a movie with a recent Academy Award winner in the team is a veeery different kind of promotion. And there are many other reasons to give an award to specific people/projects, none of them having to do with the sheer recognition of the work and wanting to reward the best.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was pretty cool and speaking of good pr. New Yorkers go! - malavika


Monica said...

Stop shipping Jake with Greta, if they were dating you would never see her at film festivals with him or vacation pics. I believe she is the friend that was his answer to if men and women can be just friends.

Alyssa Miller was with him on Tiff, she traveled with him to Martha's, there were paparazzi photos of them together. This soon after he became more private, but we must not forget that despite this, he didn't hide any of his girlfriends.
With Greta he has an advantage, he can take her everywhere since everyone thinks they are childhood friends, in fact they are. It's the consensus of everyone. This works as a shield for him if they have become more than friends. It protects a new relationship and the person he is with.

I'm not invested in Greta, and in her relationship with Jake, but if they're more than friends, they have my support.

No one actor will say he made a specific movie to win an Oscar, but I believe every actor wants to win one. It's the biggest recognition for a Hollywood actor.
Jake never hid that he is willing to campaign for a award, he does Q & As, he goes to the awards, the difference is that he doesn't act desperate.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, monica, he doesn't act desperate. If I recall, at least it was my impression last year, Mara had to practically hold Casey's hand and get him to be interviewed and be at places in public schmoozing and glad handing etc. Stuff Casey would have never done on his own. The contrast in his behavior was startling. And Leo was suddenly very accessible in the year he won. Although with Leo, I do feel like he earned his Oscar if not for Revenant then for other work.

bobbyanna said...

My point being Casey was sort of clueless but very willing to do whatever he needed to do with Mara's help. It was as if he needed to prove to everyone that he really wanted this. because his brother and powerful friends were working on his behalf but he needed to show up too. That's only my impression.

UltraViolet said...

I hate to be so cynical, but that all felt like an act from Casey Affleck. He wanted that award, and he did every Q&A and talk show he could to make it happen. And it helped to have big brother's backing.

Not sure what Jake has to do just to get nominated. I don't even entertain the idea of his winning. I think there may be backlash to Jake's performing a role of a disabled person, and that may hurt his chances.

Malavika, that is cool. Thanks for sharing! Tickets are already sold out. I'll be in Toronto for TIFF, but I hope we hear some reactions.

From twitter:

4:34 AM - 25 Aug 2017 from Romania
In a Bucharest hotel. On one side of the room is Jake Gyllenhaal chillin. On the other a biz meeting discussing the Illuminati. Weird day. I know this reads literally like a weird dream but it's actually happening. "The Rothschilds control central banks" vs Jake's baby blues.

And I thought Hotel California was a strange one haha...

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave the conspiracy theories or the piercing blue stare.

Anonymous said...

I agree, UV, about Casey.

Harvey burned bridges because he was seen as a bully. It's funny because some of the same people who felt he was a bully are now doing the same thing. At some point they will overreach too.

BlueJean said...

"I think there may be backlash to Jake's performing a role of a disabled person."

You mean sort of the same thing that happened when he played Billy Hope in 'Southpaw'? As in: "Here's Jake Gyllenhaal who plays a boxer / a disabled person... as if we haven't seen that before. He's so desperate for an Oscar!"

Hmm. I'm afraid hat might happen, yeah. For some reason it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

I really hope Jake doesn't care about the Oscars, frankly.

Anonymous said...

All successful actors "care" about recognition for their work from their peers. It also affects their salaries and the kind of projects they're offered. Jake is wiser and more mature today than he was 12 years ago. But I believe he is only human and would welcome the acknowledgement.

Anonymous said...

Miscellaneous thoughts: A few days ago, one commenter was wondering about possibility of SITPWG movie. I don't think that's going to happen, but I do recall one of the cast members stating in an interview that, in addition to an archival recording, during one of the last performances, there was a high-tech filming of the performance. My hope is that it gets a showing on PBS or via one of those special, limited releases at theaters. I agree with another poster that it sounds like Jake's role in The Sisters Brothers is bigger than the book since he has been spending so much time filming - at all locations. As for Stronger, not sure if UV's comment about Jake playing a person with a disability was in response to some postings on YouTube and elsewhere that a person with an actual disability should be playing that role. I don't put much stock in those comments as those same threads had comments stating that what happened to Jeff Bauman was faked. Finally, it's less than a month from the September 22 release date in U.S. and I haven't seen much publicity for Stronger. Wondering if they're not going to be spending a lot of money promoting or if they might be planning to move release date depending on reactions at TIFF. The original trailer just mentioned coming in the fall versus a specific date. RH

Anonymous said...

Is the tiff screening sold out? just the gala or all of them?

Canuck_Cutie said...

TIFF ticket packages which allow you to chose your tickets before the general public are sold out. So TIFF members and ticket packages holders get to select their tickets over the next week. Any tickets that are left, including gala tickets, go on sale to the public on Sept 4th at 10 am.

Hagen said...

Boston Globe: The US premiere of “Stronger,” the movie about Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, will not be held in a fancy theater in New York, Los Angeles, or even in Boston.

Instead, the much-anticipated movie starring Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal will screen first, on Sept. 12, at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown, where Bauman and 31 others injured in the bombings were treated.

BlueJean said...

Oh - that's beautiful. It may not be "fancy", but it shows that everyone involved with 'Stronger' isn't just focusing on awards ;) I'm convinced the movie will be respectful to Jeff's story and to the stories of all other victims - and that's the most important thing.

Anonymous said...

Jake is back to New York with Greta and Leo.


Diana said...

I don´t know why the fact that the US premiere of “Stronger” will be held at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown makes me so happy, but I really am! It really made me smile when I read it and still does when I´m thinking about it.

I´ve got a "date" with Jake on October 7th in Roermond. That´s a 2-hours-drive, that´s okay because I don´t have to spend a night. The cinema is right next to a shopping outlet, oh how awful.... I´m pretty excited, it´s going to be the first time I´m going to see Jake on the big screen!

Seems like Jake has finally finished filming for The Sisters Brothers. He´s been in Romania less than a week then. That´s not much... oh the flying back and forth all the time would make me go crazy. I would happily take over his frequent flyer miles account, though!! LOL

Hagen said...

I´ve got a "date" with Jake on October 7th in Roermond. That´s a 2-hours-drive, that´s okay because I don´t have to spend a night.

I don't understand why there's no release date yet for "Stronger" in Germany. However there's a distributor (Studiocanal).

Scott, I hope you're not affected by Harvey.

BlueJean said...

You already found a cinema in The Netherlands then, Diana? That's strange. I haven't found one (yet). Roermond would also be a two-hours-drive for me too, but I friend of mine is getting married that Friday, so I doubt I'll be able to go that first weekend.

Anonymous said...


Diana said...

Hagen, I am checking "filmstarts.de" for a release date in Germany almost every day. The site has been quite reliable so far and has been one of the first sites to list Stronger. I am also quite confused as to why there are no more release dates in Europe apart from the UK and The Netherlands yet. Maybe the dubbing is not finished yet? That was my first thought but somehow I doubt it.

BJ, I just checked the website of the cinema I would like to go to again and have translated some of the content. It says that there is no screening planned just yet. I hadn´t seen that note before!

I hope everyone is safe in the area where Harvey is raging.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Jake has finally finished filming for The Sisters Brothers. He´s been in Romania less than a week then

Jake flew to Romania Sunday Aug.20 and he was still in Romania Friday Aug.25, according to a journalist who saw him chillin' in a hotel in Bucharest.

We don't know if Jake wrapped TSB. They don't film during weekends. Maybe he used this weekend to come back to NY as he did during the entire Spanish shoot.

Scott said...

Thank you Hagen, fortunately I live in North Texas further inland. Bless Houston, it's seems to always shoulder the brunt of Hurricanes that hit Texas.

Diana said...

Ok, I really want to see that movie so I did a little diggin´....

BJ, I found something: Service Bioscoop Luxor / Rijksweg 18 / 5953 AE Reuver (pretty much in the middle between Venlo and Roermond)
Stronger is in the list but screening from Dec. 14th! Tickets can already be reserved, so that seems to be all fixed. At least I seem to have found a cinema that defo screens the movie. Hurrah for me *LOL*

I don´t want to wait that long, though, so I shall keep on diggin´...

BlueJean said...

December 14th? It premieres here at October 5th! I'm sure the big Pathé cinemas will update their scedules soon :)


Diana said...

I was surprised about that date, too! I have already saved the Pathé cinemas in my favorites-list. October is still way ahead, so I think that´s why Stronger is not in the list just yet.

Ann said...

Has anyone seen any TV spots for Stronger? I've seen some for other movies coming out on 9/22. Making me nervous.

UltraViolet said...

Someone posted what looked like a 30-second TV spot on twitter. But I haven't seen one yet. There was this tweet yesterday:

Gary Michael Walters‏ @garymwalters Aug 29
Great Stronger marketing meeting with @roadsidetweets! Special thanks to Howard Cohen, Eric D'Arbeloff, Jake Gyllenhaal, @toddlieberman

So at least we know there's a plan, FWIW.

Scott, I forgot that you live in Texas. Very happy you're out of harm's way. All good thoughts and support (donate if you can) to the folks in Harvey's path/wake.

Diana said...

Just found this about the Calgary International Film Festival (published by the Calgary Herald yesterday):

On Wednesday, the festival announced the remaining 65 films in its lineup, for a total of 166 films, including 97 features and 69 shorts from 54 countries.

That includes some high-profile films, including Indian Horse from director Stephen Campanelli and executive producer Clint Eastwood. The film is based on the novel by Richard Wagamese, a renowned novelist and former Calgary Herald columnist who died in March. Campanelli and cast members Sladen Peltier, Ajuawak Kapashesit, Forrest Goodluck and Edna Manitouwabe are expected to be at the Sept. 24 screening.

Other highlights include The Florida Project, a coming-of-age drama and followup to American filmmaker Sean Baker’s critically acclaimed 2015 film Tangerine; Haifaa al-Mansour’s Mary Shelley, starring Elle Fanning, a romantic biopic about the author of Frankenstein; David Gordon Green’s Stronger, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany and chronicling the real-life tale of Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing; Canadian director Jamie M. Dagg’s Sweet Virginia, an Alaskan-set thriller starring Walking Dead alumnus Jon Bernthal; and German director Michael Haneke’s Happy End, a drama about the European refugee crisis set in Calais.

The Calgary International Film Festival runs from Sept. 20 to Oct. 1. For a full list of films visit calgaryfilm.com.

No information on whether any cast members will attend atm.

Anonymous said...

New pics of Jake and Greta


Anonymous said...

poor Jake

Anonymous said...

Jake's been home in NY this week, he may have wrapped The Sisters Brothers. Although, Hair!, so maybe a few more scenes for him to shoot.

I don't condone pap pics but once in a while some of them turn out downright beautiful. Or entertaining like today's rehearsing to propose to Greta ;-)

True to his words: When asked about his favorite high-calorie indulgence, Gyllenhaal manages a fun answer. "Haribo holds a dear place in my heart," he says. "What I love about them is that they have all these varieties of essentially the same thing. Which is really a mindfuck in a way. But at the same time, really entertaining. They're doing their duty as entertainers", Jake is sharing Haribos with Greta. Hair and the philosophy of multifaceted entertaining Haribos :-)

In serious news, "Stronger" is on a festival path: after TIFF, Calgary, Cinéfest Sudbury, it will screen at BFI London Film Festival. Screenings: October 5, 6, 8.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives a remarkable performance as a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing in this emotionally compelling true story.
David Gordon Green’s rousing drama is an inspiring and often devastating account of one man’s physical and emotional journey, keenly questioning notions of patriotism and heroism along the way.

Scott said...

Goodness his hair looks great in the pics with Greta. He should keep it long for awhile and away from greased hair gel. I would love to see him in tuxedo with that hair and that jaw line. He is gorgeous and it makes him look younger.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jake has beautiful hair and doesn't need the hair gel. And I enjoy Haribo as well lol. :)

Wow, great review from the BFI London Film Fest but the link doesn't work. :(

Anonymous said...

I like Jake's longer, let loose hair, too. I'd love if he'd sport it like this, just slightly styled, on the red carpet for TIFF.

The link works for me, anon 10:10 AM. Since I don't have another direct link, try this: click here on BFI LFF homepage and type STRONGER in the search bar. Hope it works.

New moving interview with Jeff Bauman:

After Jeff Bauman watched “Stronger” for the first time, he wasn’t sure how he felt. He was hot, that was for certain; he couldn’t stop sweating. He just wanted to go home and sleep. So that’s what he did. But when he woke up the following morning, he was still having trouble accepting the depiction of himself in the film. The movie (...) didn’t shy away from Bauman’s struggles.

Things between the couple had been rocky for a while, and only got more difficult after Bauman became an amputee. Hurley was dealing with immense guilt over the fact that he had been at the marathon to watch her run; he was trying to numb the pressure of becoming a symbol of “Boston Strong” through partying.

Suffice it to say, reliving this on the big screen wasn’t easy for either of them. Earlier this summer, when they watched the movie for the first time, they spent the majority of it bawling.

“At first, I was like, ‘That how Dave and Jake see me? Like a piece of work?’” Bauman recalled. “It portrayed me partying and drinking and not showing up for therapy once a week when I should have been there three times a week. That’s real. I was lost going through this. He got me totally right. But was hard to face it and see that other people saw that.”

Especially since now, four years after the terrorist attack, Bauman is in a much better place. (...) Though he was anti-therapy for years — he thought it was a “pseudo-science” — he now sees a psychologist three times a week. He’s been sober for 13 months. And while he and Hurley are no longer together, they have a 3-year-old daughter, Nora, who they share joint custody of.

The article shows that Jeff's found "a new confidante in Gyllenhaal" during filming, as he told Jake everything about the recovery process: “He got obsessed,” Bauman said. “We first met in the middle of winter, and he watched me walk on the ice. He was asking me a million questions: ‘How do you take off your legs? How do you transfer? If you were to fall, how would you get up?’ And I wanted to share my feelings and how I felt about everything — the whole spectrum of me.”

This confession wrecked me: Though he’s come a long way, Bauman still, of course, grapples with the bombing — and his breakup with Hurley. Sometimes, when he’s feeling particularly depressed about “relationship stuff,” he touches base with Gyllenhaal.

“I’ll say ‘I’m really down’ and he’ll call me,” Bauman said. “We’ll talk, and he’ll give me some positive info and just remind me that I have to focus on myself and making me a better person.”

Seeing the movie, he acknowledged, brought those dark feelings back to the surface. “But it also made me realize a couple days later: Look at me now. I’m doing great, and I just gotta keep going.”

BlueJean said...


Some of what Jeff said made me cry. Thanks so much for posting the link, Anon.

Diana said...

I just had to read this interview again, it´s really moving.

I think I´m going to print it out and put it in the back of the book. It feels like an epilog to me somehow.

Sometimes I hear or read about stuff that people go through and I feel like I shouldn´t complain about my "problems". But then again, I´ve been through enough for a couple of lives so I´m done with that now. I´ve had my share!

Scott said...

It's endearing that Jake seems to make life long friends with people he meets on movies who are not necessarily in the business. In a way it's a gift to see yourself as others see you and then maybe you can use that to build a better you.

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