Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do you know that song?

The Wrap ranks the year's Top 10 trailer songs, and Nightcrawler lands at number two with "Faith in Love" by CSS:

“Nightcrawler” has a darkness to it. The trailer emits a sense that we're going on a journey of transformation. There are layers to the song, which has an epic feel that somehow befits Dan Gilroy's indie movie, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a crime scene photographer. It would've been real easy to overlook the music in this trailer but The Wrap prides itself on finding the diamonds in the rough — and this song is a jagged gem. But don't take our word for it…

“As a film, ’Nightcrawler' is bold, off-centered and unique. The tricky part was finding a trailer song with similar attributes. Working closely with the ‘Nightcrawler’ filmmakers, we took that direction to Buddha Jones’ music supervisor Pete Hasty. He brought us several options and we all chose ‘Faith in Love’ from CSS. Everyone agrees that it captures the free-wheeling, brash intensity of the movie and it's also a great anthem for Jake's character, Louis Bloom. On top of that, we love the driving energy that it infuses in the trailer,” said Jason Cassidy, president of marketing at Open Road.

What other Jake movies have had memorable songs? Jarhead, of course. I forgot it opens with "Don't Worry." It's more famous, of course, for Kanye's "Jesus Walks:"

Moonlight Mile starts out with David Gray and "The Light" and then uses Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight:"

Of course the movie takes its name from the Rolling Stones song that plays over this behind-the-scenes video of the making of the movie:

Jake is so young!

Brothers features "Never Say Never" by The Fray and "Bad," one of my favorite U2 songs:

Like Nightcrawler, End of Watch's trailer song wasn't well known. It's called "In the City," by Kevin Rudolf:

What's your favorite trailer song or trailer, for Jake movies or in general?


UltraViolet said...

Peter Sarsgaard talks a little bit about Jake/Everest:

Your brother-in-law Jake Gyllenhaal just wrapped Everest that filmed on location in the mountains. Have you chatted about that at all?
From what he has said of the trip it sounds like it was a very hard shoot. For me as an actor, there are some scripts that I'll read and think, "I'd love to see that movie." There on the location you're wrapped up in a down suit with just a little of your face showing. When I did Jarhead with him, we filmed for months and the action is amazing to watch when it's cut. But as an actor, the work can get mundane. For example, you'll actually spend a day just taking apart and putting back together a rifle.

Read more:
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Red carpet reporter questions and answers:

10. Who's surprisingly charming?

Jake Gyllenhaal. He insisted on stepping over the velvet rope at the Love & Other Drugs premiere so he could stand beside me when we spoke.

BlueJean said...

What a fun post, UV!

I'll think about the music question later, but the biggest surprise for me was to hear 'Twilight Zone' from Dutch rock band Golden Earring in 'End of Watch'. I mean - our very own Golden Earring! In a Jake movie! I was so proud! *grins*

Great song too, I might add.

FP said...

Director Naomi Foner Discusses Parenting Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal And Making 'Very Good ...: When Naomi Fone...

"Very Good Girls," a coming-of-age story starring Elizabeth Olsen and Daokta Fanning, explores the friendship between two adolescent girls who are lusting after the same young man, played by Olsen's real-life fiancé, actor Boyd Holbrook. The person who helped clarify Holbrook's character? Foner's son, actor Jake Gyllenhaal.
Jake was in the editing room frequently. He was the one who pointed out that Boyd's character was like Clarence in 'It's a Wonderful Life,' who comes in and tells them something they need to know," she said. "He gave me some great advice during the making of this."

FP said...

column – Top 5 Jake Gyllenhaal performances


BlueJean said...


Adam / Anthony is at number 2! Yay!!! But where is Jack Twist? :(

Thanks for the link, FP! :)

FP said...

Hello BlueJean :)you're welcome! The person who wrote the article has put Jack Twist at the very beginning of the article, but these are his personal choices, with which I agree for the most part, of course Jack Twist is an iconic role, but I'm glad that Jake, by now is not only identified with that role, no matter how great and wonderful that role is, for an actor of his talent would be a bit reductive, but I'm with you, I love Jack Twist so much! :)


Some of these reactions to the IMDb's tweet which signals the trailer of NC have put a big smile on my face :)


Have you seen the trailer for 'Nightcrawler' (starring Jake Gyllenhaal)? What do you think?

@IMDb it looks fucking awesome

@IMDb looking forward to watching it! Every movie that featured Jake Gyllenhaal this past 2 years were great #cinema

@alexanderaikas @IMDb i tell ya this gyllenhaal kid is goin places

@dylanduarte @IMDb jokes aside though, he's on his way to becoming the biggest/best ever. I'd really want to see him get there.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, you skipped ahead to a different topic - songs in the actual movies :) But that is a good song.

FP, those are fun tweets. The reaction to the NC trailer has been phenomenal. And thanks for the article about Naomi Foner. It's cool that Jake got to collaborate with her.

More nice words about Jake:

8 Stars Who Other Actors Love Working With

3. Jake Gyllenhaal
Another example of a great guy to work with. Very collaborative. No negative reputation. Great attitude.

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets:

I just brought our food to a movie set and JUST MET AND GAVE JAKE GYLLENHAAL ICE CREAM
6:57 PM - 1 Aug 2014

What flavor was it? 😄

hahaha I think it was a Klondike!

Even Jake Gyllenhaal likes Klondike bars! Did ya say hello? 😅

haha! Yeah, he was going over the script so I didn't wanna go all fan girl and what not!

jake gylleenhaal and rachel mcadams are coming to eat at steel cactus tonight....
4:34 PM - 1 Aug 2014

Chillin hard with the producers of the new jake gyllenhall movie...tryna convince them to bring Jake out #mancrushsaturday
12:03 AM - 3 Aug 2014

And frm FB:

Pittsburgh Smokehouse
August 1 at 7:48pm ·
Tonight we had the pleasure to deliver our Smoked Cajun Garlic Wings, Homemade Mac and cheese, and Steamed Veggies to the set of the movie "Southpaw". We were able to catch a glimpse of the star of the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We can't wait to deliver our Smoked Beef Brisket to them on Monday!

There was also an exchange among people that worked on the movie, with a few folks saying the 50 Cent/Jake fight never happened, FWIW.

BlueJean said...

"@alexanderaikas @IMDb i tell ya this gyllenhaal kid is goin places"

LOL! I like that! So cool the 'Nightcrawler' trailer is so well received.

bobbyanna said...

What a great post! Thanks UV! Music is integral to how a movie affects me,so it's always a relief when it "works" in a movie. I'm looking forward to Nightcrawler's use of music.

When I think of how a soundtrack enhances the entire experience, I have to include BBM at the top of the list of Jake's movies.

But then there's Donnie Darko, October Sky, Rendition, Source Code, Brother, EoW, etc. Zodiac really captured that time period, with the soundtrack.

As for movies in general, I have several favorites that I think made really effective use of music: an older movie, Ragtime; and more recently Zero Dark 30; and I can't think of any director who uses music as effectively as Martin Scorcese did in Goodfellas.
I'm sure we all have personal favorites, but Jake's movies are right up there.

Extra said...

Zodiac & Donnie Darko are my favorite Jake movie soundtrack hands down!

So happy with the reception for Nightcrawler's trailer, it looks amazing!

BlueJean said...

Brokeback for me too.

Also 'Moonlight Mile' (the entire soundtrack) and 'Brothers'.

I have the BBM, Moonlight Mile, Donnie Darko and Zodiac soundtracks on CD, the last two including the songs featured in the film, not just the score.

Mary said...

Fun post UV. My favorite Jake movie sound tracks are Zodiac and BBM

FP said...

favorite movie sound tracks are Donnie Darko, BBM, EOW!

mike massimino @mass2100 · 6 h

Very excited about this week. In the mix for 3 different projects. Flesh and bone, Gotham, and the film Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Monica said...

They have already started the auditions for Demolition? So, filming will begin soon.

I love the soundtrack of Moonlight Mile.

Hagen said...

I agree with "The Wrap" that "Faith in Love" by CSS stands out as a trailer song. I think I like the "Donnie Darko" soundtrack the most.

They have already started the auditions for Demolition? So, filming will begin soon.

Has Jake ever filmed three movies within one year? IMdB has listed Jessica Kelly and Suzanne Smith as casting directors for "Demolition". Apparently they're already casting smaller roles (mike massimino @mass2100 Actor in US but huge STAR in Germany: Hm, what?).

UltraViolet said...

You guys are killing me. Now I won't be able to do soundtrack as a separate post :)

Hagen, I think that guy is just making a joke, like he's David Hasselhoff or something.

I would be really surprised if Jake fits in another movie before the play, but it would be great! I think the Proof/BBM/Jarhead trifecta was filmed close together but I don't know if it was all within a year.

bobbyanna said...

Saw this on a tweet from Rachel McAdams twitter account. The Screenwriter was at Comic Con for Sons of Anarchy and he commented about his experience with Southpaw, specifically his control issues and the fact he isn't used to re-writes and "improvising." It starts at the 12:20 point when someone asks the Control question. I smiled at the way he said, "improvising."

Jess said...

Thanks Bobbyana,

Antoine sounds like Jake's kind of director. Lol. Being that Antoine is known for wanting to make everything authentic and having an actor like Jake who is destined to be a director share his own two cents, I am not surprised by the rewrites.

And being that the script was originally for Eminen, I would think the screenwriter would be prepared for rewrites perhaps not daily. But still the script is the screenwriter's baby in a way and I glad he put the "improvising" tag on Antoine and not Jake. But I wouldn't be surprised if was thinking Jake. lol

Piruleta said...

This is a nice post! it's interesting how music can influence and inspire people. I think it was Shyamalan who said that every time he is making a movie he says to everyone he is not going to use music but he always ends up using it because it really helps elevate the emotions in a scene.

Trailer's subject is also interesting. Curiously, I didn't want to see Prisoners at first because I didn't like the trailer. I finally watched the film because of all the good reviews out there, and I'm glad I did because the movie is my favourite of last year, and it helped me to appreciate Jake as an actor and watch some of his other films.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I haven't watched the clip. I bet Kurt Sutter was including Jake in his head, Jess, lol.

Sutter has posted a few times about the film. I hope he'll like the finished product.

Piruleta, a trailer really can make a difference. I remember a lot of people saying that the Source Code trailer made the movie look completely dull and unoriginal. They were surprised when the movie was fresh and engaging. I'm glad you did watch Prisoners in the end!

Photo of Jake on set. Is this the first unfettered look we've gotten of the hair?

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

about an hour ago
Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal. YUMMIE


yes leaving the old giant eagle in a black Tahoe. looked like going to film lots of security on brownsville

Monica said...

the new haircut looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

"the new haircut looks terrible."

It looks like another fade haircut on the side with a Marine crew cut on the side. It actually looks pretty good from the front.

Anonymous said...


MTS: Marine crew up on top

UltraViolet said...

Let's hope it looks better in motion, Monica :)

Photo of Jake, hood up.

BlueJean said...

Jake and his hair - he continues to amaze me! :)

Chica said...

My favorite soundtracks are from BBM and Zodiac. Loved the trailer for Brothers.

Can't comment on the haircut yet until I get a good look!

Hagen said...

I think Jake's haircut looks alright, at least for a movie role. Is that a tattoo below his ear? And does he wear a grayish beard as a boxer?

Anonymous said...

"And does he wear a grayish beard as a boxer? "

I think that is the shadow of his paleness on that side of his face. I don't recall Jake have gray in that area of this beard, which is sad commentary on my life.

Hagen said...

I think that is the shadow of his paleness on that side of his face.

'Shadow of his paleness' sounds poetic. xD It's hard to tell, the picture is blurry. The current welterweight WBA/WBC champion is three years older than Jake. It seems to be possible that boxers have gray hair or beards.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Anon 2:26. And Hagen, I agree. "Shadow of paleness" could be the name of a poem or short story.

Saw this on FB:

I totally just seen Jake Gyllenhaal on Brownsville!

Jealous!! Lol are they still filming up there?!

Hoff Ya, they left then came back. I drive super slow past everyday, hoping to catch a glimpse!

I might have to go drive by...very slowly lol

Lucky you. I thought they were done also.

Chica, good to see you!

UltraViolet said...

Some random tweets and posts:

Not sure if I'll make the cut but I'm an extra in southpaw and talked to Jake Gyllenhaal.

So I'm sitting on sankey, sick as ever on my way to pick up Autumn from daycare and see all these cameras and stuff I look over to my right while waiting for the cop to direct me and there in his little actor chair is the famous Jake Gyllenhaal

I can't get a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhal to save my life #Southpaw ��

I live near the area where they were filming in Carrick. It created tons of positive and exciting activity. I didn't see them but my neighbors saw Forest Whitaker and Jake.

And this funny exchange:

Guess Who I saw TODAY Up on Brownsville..........He was Next to the Passenger Door & I got the What's Up Head was......
Jake Gyllenhaal,

No way! Cool

Jealous!!!!!!!! My fave of his is Donnie Darko!

Yes..they are Filming 2mins from my House!!

Eek! Think I'm gonna show up at your house in a giant bunny suit! so cool!

I would pee myself then faint!

LOL... I had Layla Yelling she wanted a Lollipop from the BANK!!

Screw him and everyone else that is making a bigger mess of that corner not impressed .. Take your film crews actors and sets and go to Hollywood to film please.. They make coming and going to work a pain in the a$$

I am so jealous!

UltraViolet said...

Article about the man who plays Jake's cornerman:

Mark Shrader spent two weeks in June up close and personal with some of Hollywood’s finest.

Shrader, who owns Mark Shrader’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Washington, was cast to play Doc Field, the main cornerman for Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the upcoming movie “Southpaw.”

“It took three days to find out I got the part,” Shrader said. “Those three days felt like three years. I was so happy and worried. A total mix of emotions.”

Shrader temporarily relocated from his Monessen home to Indiana, where the cast and crew shot the majority of the film’s boxing scenes at Indiana University. On set for as long as 14 hours a day, Shrader said he understands why actors and actresses get paid so much.

“They dedicate their lives to a film,” he said. “Whatever they make, they deserve.”

He also spent three days in Pittsburgh during late July filming additional fight scenes for the movie.

Shrader, 39, said Gyllenhaal and co-stars Rachel McAdams and 50 Cent are “normal people.” At one point, Shrader said Gyllenhaal invited him to the spend the day with him in the gym. …

“It was amazing to be around such famous people,” Shrader said. “But I felt comfortable.”

FP said...

Erin Tuite ‏@etooties 2 min

I finally saw Jake Gyllenhaal today. He's just as beautiful in real life as he is in movies 😍 :)

Hagen said...

Deadline: Beau Knapp has joined The Weinstein Company’s Southpaw from writer Kurt Sutter and director Antoine Fuqua. Knapp will play Jon Jon, the fighter’s lifelong best friend who came up with him through foster care and is on the payroll.

Hagen said...

Naomie Harris will play the part of the social worker.

Deadline: The Antoine Fuqua-directed drama penned by Sons of Anarchy‘s Kurt Sutter has added Naomie Harris to its cast. Harris will play Angela, a social worker who works with Gyllenhaal’s character and his daughter.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

My favorite soundtrack is MM and Jarhead!

I'm surprised that they are still adding to the Southpaw cast this far into filming.

UltraViolet said...

We of course had the Harris scoop weeks ago :)

And the Beau person has been filming. I think their PR people are just slow on the trigger. His wife linked to the story:

Poor Beau had to work every day for two months with Jake Gyllenhaal All that hard work is paying off! Proud of you Bobo!!!!!

BlueJean said...

"I'm surprised that they are still adding to the Southpaw cast this far into filming."

Naomie Harris will replace Lupita Nyong'o, who is working on 'Star Wars' right now. Shame, I would've liked seeing her in a movie with Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if this is today, but Mike Tyson visited the Southpaw set.

This man is not at all happy with the Southpaw folks. Or life in general, it seems.

Someone ran into Jake today in Pittsburgh:

the moment you run into jake gyllenhall, on the morning you didn't shower...and with your husband 🚫

The NY Post ran a sighting of Jake with his mother at Tamarind in NY, but they didn't say when.

UltraViolet said...

An account of the reading of Another Country:

The choice of this book, which explores the complexities of race and sexuality, is not surprising, though the choice of speakers — author and professor Colm Toíbín and actor Jake Gyllenhaal ’02CC — might be. A long line of people assembles outside the Frank Altschul Auditorium, among whom it is tough to decipher who came for a love of Baldwin, who for a respect for Toíbín, and who for the rare opportunity to see Gyllenhaal up close. A young student turns to her friend and asks the question on so many minds: What’s Jake going to do? Surely, Toíbín could speak to his and Baldwin’s shared literary concerns: their wrestling with nationhood (Toíbín is Irish) and sexual identity. But how exactly does the handsome actor, who studied religion at Columbia, fit in the picture?

Inside the auditorium, Toíbín and Gyllenhaal walk to center stage and sit in wooden chairs. Toíbín, the unassuming academic in his black jacket and blue jeans, and Gyllenhaal, the heartthrob with his hair slicked back in a ponytail, look like a professor and student sitting down to coffee during office hours. After a roar of applause, Jake reveals that his sister, the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal ’99CC, gave him a copy of Another Country while he was a student. “The place where I was, the streets of New York,” he says, “and grappling with this intellectual hierarchy ... I just found this book to be everything when I read it.” Toíbín, too, is compelled to justify his presence at this discussion, remembering the thrill of first learning that Baldwin was gay. “Oh my God! I thought I was the only guy who was like this, no one else.”

At that moment, anyone wondering why a talk on Baldwin was being led by two white men — and not, for instance, by Rich Blint, Columbia’s associate director of community outreach and education, and the event’s organizer, who is black, gay, and a Baldwin scholar — would have found the answer: Toíbín and Gyllenhaal are two members of the diverse group who make up what Baldwin referred to as his “tribe.” This tribe, composed of the artists who have been touched by his works, reinforces Baldwin’s legacy not just as a writer but also as a humanist. As Farah Jasmine Griffin, a Columbia professor of English and African- American studies, points out in her introduction for the evening, Baldwin’s writing helps us trudge through “the muck and the mire of our historically inherited and constructed identity to meet each other face to face as human beings.” Novels like Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953) and book-length essays like The Fire Next Time (1963) accomplish this through their examination of identity politics and spirituality. …

Among his tribe in the auditorium, though, Baldwin is very much alive. He is there when Gyllenhaal recites his words and when Griffin declares him “preeminent.” On this night, Baldwin, like his tormented hero Rufus, “is the center of the universe,” as Toíbín explains, “and then he’s gone” — leaving us with the task of remembering, and now, reviving.

FP said...

Megglemore ‏@princess_megara 31 min

The guy in white... Would be Jake Gyllenhaal gracing us at Shadyside Sephora with his presence today…

UltraViolet said...

Some tweets:

Sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal!!!! I'm dead!!!!! 😵
Unintentionally matching my brother for dinner #cuties @ Soba
8:39 PM - 9 Aug 2014

Matt is celebrating his birthday tonight w/ the cast of southpaw. The cast is jake gyllenhall, forest Whittaker, and Rachel mccadams. WTF.

And from someone on set:

On the set of Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie! He looks even better in person

I was going to go down ! Did you get a picture or anything with him ?

No, he was upstairs filming on the balcony and in the upstairs apartment. He walked past though and looked right at me and Erin so that's good enough for me

At one point when we were watching the screen he was joking around and lifted up his shirt so I got to see his abs and his amazing arms haha so I'm all good!

UltraViolet said...

More from the restaurant tweeter:

are you going to ask for a picture?!

He said no 😭


He was nice about it, said like nice to meet you but not today

aw, well at least he was nice.

Yeah from overhearing his conversation he's like SUPER down to earth

FP said...

mads ‏@Madhatter7611 3 min

kinda blury but my dad & Jake Gyllenhaal @ the wrap party of the South Paw movie, where my dad plays detective Parker

Tess said...

Thanks FP. So if shooting is done on Southpaw and the play begins in January, will this be enough time for Demolition Man to be shot? Or does Jake need time to grow his hair back? Lol.

Tess said...

Sorry not Demolition Man but Demolition.

bobbyanna said...

Actually, I think the play goes into previews in December, so they would probably need a couple of months to prepare and rehearse for it. I guess it's not impossible, but I will be very surprised if they squeeze Demolition in before play rehearsals begin.

Monica said...

I think the play goes into previews in December

Begins on December 16 and opens on January 13. If jake will be in Demolition, so need to start filming in September.
Or maybe the play will be postponed.
Between the play and the film, I hope he will make the film.

UltraViolet said...

The movie will definitely reach more people, Monica :) But I hope he does the play. Would be great if he can squeeze Demolition in before the play but it will be tight, especially with NC promo in there.

Cute pic of Jake at the wrap party.

They apparently also did photo booth shots. Would be fun to see some of Jake's, if he got in there.

UltraViolet said...

FP, forgot to say thanks for positing the photo links. That Sephora sighting photo was apparently taken from the security footage, lol.

Tess said...

He looks kind of tired in the picture with the little girl.

Tess said...

Oh Robin you will be missed.

UltraViolet said...

Such sad news. Been on twitter and YouTube a lot this evening, trying to process it all.

Of course, many people have posted the Homicide clip with Jake. I'd love to see the whole episode.

I wish there had been a funny RW movie on tonight. Would have been good to see.

Mary said...

So sad. RIP Robin

Chica said...

I am in shock over the news about Robin Williams :(

bobbyanna said...

Me, too, Chica! Stunned. What a loss. Feel so sad for his family. I spent a lot of time on You Tube last night as well.

Hagen said...

It's shocking how many actors have serious mental problems. Very sad.

BlueJean, the bonus disc of the "Enemy" mediabook will contain "Polytechnique", one of Denis Villeneuve's previous movies - in French with German subtitles and a dubbed German version. I've no idea if they will offer English subtitles.

FP said...

Shady Side Academy ‏@shady_side 1 min

Star Jake Gyllenhaal (gray T-shirt) on the set of the movie #southpaw at the #ssamiddleschool yesterday.

O captain! My captain! rise up and hear the bells. Rise up - for you the flag is flung - for you the bugle trills

so sad, RIP RW

UltraViolet said...

Guess they had at least one more day of filming after the wrap party. Photo of Jake. There are a couple of other shots, not of Jake, on that twitter account.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - sorry, FP! :)

Something a little more lighthearted on this sad morning:

so my daughter has a crush on Jake gyllenhaal.
LikeLike · Share

As she should


Don't we all

she say daddy I love him can he come over for a sleep over. I'm like no lol.

Am I invited to that sleep over? I won't even need a sleeping bag I'll just lay on him lol

omg! that's to funny.lmfao

smart girl lol

FP said...

UV :)))

I won't even need a sleeping bag I'll just lay on him


Hagen said...

David Ayer's "Fury" starring Brad Pitt will be released on October 17th. Currently there are five movies set to open on that date in wide release. I think there's no way that will happen. Open Road will have to reconsider the release date of "Nightcrawler".

BlueJean said...

Thanks for the 'Enemy' news, Hagen!

The only other Denis movie I've seen so far is 'Incendies', so it might be interesting, but I'll need English subtitles... I don't speak French and I am able to read some German, but not well enough to read the subtitles, I'm afraid ;)

Would have preferred some Enemy featurettes, but that's just me. I'm obsessed ;)

'Mrs. Doubtfire' on Dutch TV right now. R.I.P. Robin *sad*

UltraViolet said...

I've seen the interview room clip of the Robin Williams Homicide episode, but this video has all of RW's scenes. You see a little more of Jake, including one very poignant scene.

Not the greatest quality, but nice to be able to see more.

Hagen, I can't believe they moved Fury to that date. NC will get creamed if they don't move it.

UltraViolet said...

New post.