Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hard worker seeking employment

The first look at Nightcrawler:

And now the trailer:

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, but this is promising. Definitely a new look and a new vibe for Jake. I can't wait to see more. Maybe promotion is finally gearing up. A poster soon, perhaps?

Maybe they'll go minimalist:

I guess not :)

This student travel school did some promotion of its own:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar nominee best known for starring roles in films like The Day After Tomorrow, Jarhead, and Brokeback Mountain, traveled with us on our Language Learning France program.

Jake is probably the same weight he is in Nightcrawler!

(Minimalist posters found at Minimal Movie Posters.


Sag Actor said...

It's not what I was expecting but it looks intriguing, thanks!

Iove the posters and he looks circa October sky in that French language pic!

BlueJean said...

LOL at the posters!

Also looking forward to 'Nightcrawler' now!

bobbyanna said...

Loved the posters, UV. This "first look" at Nightcrawlers is pretty unsettling.

Mary said...

Thanks UV great video can't wait to see it at the theater hope its in wide release still haven't seen Enemy yet

Anonymous said...

Lou looks harmless and somewhat charming in some of the video and quite frightening and as mention before unsettling which I believe is how the character is written to be in the screen play.

The size of Jake's eyes rivals that of ET. I don't know how audiences will respond but I do feel some folks will dwell on the weight loss as an Oscar ploy which I know as a fan of Jake's is not his intention.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal First Look as ‘Nightcrawler’ Surfaces in Craigslist Video: ‘Hardworker Seeking Employment’

The first video of Jake Gyllenhaal as his “Nightcrawler” character surfaced on the internet Saturday in a bizarre place: Craigslist. Or actually not a bizarre place at all and simply the kickoff of a clever viral marketing campaign.
A representative for Open Road has not yet returned TheWrap's request for comment.
In the clip, Gyllenhaal's character — an aggressive freelance crime journalist — is searching for employment while philosophizing on the current climate for present day job seekers.
The Craigslist ad, posted by Gyllenhaal's character Louis Bloom , is headlined: “Hard Worker Seeking Employment.” The advertisement reads, “no job too big or too small. I have my own car and phone. Persistent, punctual, polite and hardworking,” echoing some of the video's sentiments. However, no line in the ad or video is more catchier than his character's concluding motto, “If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket!

Me again: I don't see it as a promo for the movie, more like a teaser, a taste for Jake's character.
As someone who read the script (thanks to Monica if I remember correctly), I can say this is nothing compared to what Lou Bloom's going to do, the events he sets in motion and how he will react. It doesn't give away anything, though the final 5 seconds show us who Lou really is: a jackal in sheep's clothing. It's meant to be unsettling since Lou is a textbook sociopath. Most characters around him only see the ambitious man with a strange charm, the readers are the ones witnessing his actions and reactions from the first page to the last.

UltraViolet said...

It's intriguing, for sure. I've already seen a couple of Oscar jibes, so I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot of that. I hope the performance outweighs the appearance, pardon the pun.

Filmstage diss the promo and predicts a TIFF premiere for Nightcrawler.


just walked by jake gyllenhaal.
i told him he looked nice. why am i so awkward.

These two instagrammers have a bunch of Southpaw set pics.

UltraViolet said...

Please watch the spoilers, anon. Most of us have not read the script. It is all very intriguing.

It's definitely promotion for the film. Let's hope they have more ticks up their sleeves.

Speaking of modern promotion, I forgot to put this in the post. A Rachel McAdams fan board noticed that if you look at the the poster from Southpaw set, you can see three twitter accounts, all valid:


Anonymous said...

"Filmstage diss the promo and predicts a TIFF premiere for Nightcrawler."

I didn't see a diss in the article but I may have missed something. Since the video has been out a few days, it worries me that only now its getting some looks and tweets. I do for one understand why they took this route though, it kind of ties into the premise of the film.

UltraViolet said...

Typo - was supposed to say "digs" not "diss."

Here's the Craigslist ad.

Anonymous said...

I know it works as promotion, I'm the person who brought it to this blog a few hours ago :-) Just saying it's more a teaser for the character then for the movie itself. Tomato, tomatoe.

I didn't give away any real spoilers, trust me. I'm careful.

Was Filmstage's a diss? They wrote nice things: "When it comes to under-the-radar dramas we expect to make a major splash on the fall festival circuit, the one that comes immediately to mind is Nightcrawler. One of our writers recently got a look at the script and had nothing but high praise."

Great eye in finding those twitter accounts! Fictional characters using twitter is a novel idea. I'm intrigued and sorta amused: does it mean that Billy "The Great" Hope will tweet eventually? I guess this is the closest we'll ever have to Jake using social media :-)

From those Instagram pics: "Wills Gym" belongs to Forest Whitaker's character. His name is Titus "Tick" Wills, isn't it?
Meaning they're shooting scenes from Billy's "down" days when he meets the trainer who helps him, maybe saves him?

Anonymous said...

If you want proper credit, why don't you pick a name? :)

As I clarified above, it was a typo. "Digs" not "diss."

Anonymous said...

"Typo - was supposed to say "digs" not "diss."

Lol, Ok thanks, I have jet lagged and my eyes are really tired, lol.

Hot Mess a.k.a. Anonymous said...

Digs not diss, I get it.
Like my then instead of than. Damn typos!

And I don't want credit, everybody contributes here. I just don't like to be dissed when I have only love and admiration for Jake.

"Everest" tidbit from a DM feature about Vanessa Kirby:

Today her hair is brown with a fringe, a hangover from filming Everest in which she plays climber Sandy Hill Pittman opposite Jake Gyllenhaal’s climbing guide Scott Fischer.

How did she feel working alongside big-name Hollywood stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin? ‘I’m really overfamiliar anyway, so I was sitting next to Jake in the read-through, and straight away I was telling him about my brace and stuff, and spitting all over his script – I think he got an impression of me pretty early on.

‘We were high up in the mountains and it was very challenging, because we did all the climbing ourselves. We didn’t have any doubles, not even stunt people.’ (a bit of a white lie, methinks)

I have to find a name for this blog: Hot Mess, like Vanessa's nickname, since I make a mess sometimes but I don't mean it.

Jess said...

Hot mess you are not, I think your last entry was adorable and I have enjoyed your comments. By the way I am anon who is jet lagged (anon 11:25PM) and also misunderstood the diss typo.

FP said...

Hi Hot Mess!

You seems very clever,you always bring interesting and detailed informations,and your thoughts and opinions are brilliant!

Welcome! :)

FP said...

Hi Jess! :)

Monica said...

lol hot mess. You contribute a lot, anon. thanks.

Monica, the Bold Films guy just tweeted it today, that's why it hasn't been seen everywhere.
Yeah, but I think they should do a better job with this viral. It's not like everyone is known about Nightcrawler. I posted the trailer on a forum and some people were thinking it was about the character of the X-Men.

Hot Mess said...

Thank you, guys (and gals)! I think all of us here, or most of us, love Jake in our own way and wish all the best for him: success, recognition, respect, nominations and - someday - awards. :D

Hot Mess said...

TY, Monica, for so many links! I read Into the Woods and Nightcrawler scripts thanks to you.

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Hot Mess and Jess for choosing names. And thanks for all the tidbits. We are all Jake fans here, which is the most important thing. But it's nice to know with whom one is speaking :)

I saw that Vanessa Kirby item and thought the same thing about stunt doubles.

Monica, I agree that they should do more. And I think the Nightcrawler thing is going to cause a lot of confusion. Even the film company (Bold Films) doesn't know if it's singular or plural.

BlueJean said...

Hi Hot Mess! :)

Hi Jess! :)

Chica said...

What a unique and intriguing trailer ! I agree that should be promoting it more.

Jake's eyes do look huge with the weight loss!

Welcome Jess & Hot mess!!

Hagen said...

The teaser looks more like satire than drama. I wonder how the movie will be tonally.

It might be the kind of role that is recognized at the Independent Spirit Awards and / or The Gotham Independent Film Awards.

And I think the Nightcrawler thing is going to cause a lot of confusion. Even the film company (Bold Films) doesn't know if it's singular or plural.

I think it would be wise to settle for the plural. If you search on twitter for #nightcrawler you get a lot of tweets about the X-Men character.

‘We were high up in the mountains and it was very challenging, because we did all the climbing ourselves. We didn’t have any doubles, not even stunt people.’ (a bit of a white lie, methinks)

According to IMdB Vanessa Kirby had a stunt double in "Everest" indeed (Nellie Burroughes).

Jess said...

Thanks for the welcomes, much appreciated.

Jake's films for the last few years do seem to suffer from poor PR moves but with the exception of End of Watch which did a pretty good job for a small film although it did not have much PR after the movie opened.

Maybe the job video is the introduction to the character that necessarily the first look of the film. Just my IMO and based on the screen play the video does define Lou pretty well. I for one want more.

Hagen said...

Jess, I think the biggest problem for "Nightcrawler" will be the overcrowded release schedule. Four movies will open in wide release on October 14 (plus "Birdman") and a whopping five movies on October 21. I don't know how that could work out for "Nightcrawler". (Besides Open Road Films was founded to fill theaters during weak times. So I don't get why they've decided to release "Nightcrawler" on that weekend.)

FP said...

JAMDiaries ‏@JAMDiaries 2 min

No big deal but I'm eating breakfast with Jake Gyllenhaal in New York City... #eeeeee

FP said...

Jake is tranding in UK LAOD is on on Channel 4 :)

Hot Mess said...

Thanks for the welcoming, what a nice surprise :-)

I just found this webstagram pic, taken July 15 by someone with access to Jake and Forest's gym:

#nocamerasallowed - clearly the production team does a great job in forbidding any picture to be taken.

Jake looks so good (his back and arms, that is), it's a shame we and the world can't see more. that a tattoo, or two? It wouldn't be surprising knowing Jake. On IMDB a tattoo deigner, Rhet Kidd, is listed for “Southpaw”.

“The teaser looks more like satire than drama. I wonder how the movie will be tonally”
Satire fits the best description. I'm wondering about the tone, too, and Dan Gilroy as a director is a question mark. I hope he did right by his own (great)script. I also wonder how much of this teaser is actually from the theatrical version.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, great find, HM! Love the folks who can take a good (non-invasive) stealth pic! It does look like a tattoo.

The NC video seems to be getting a good reception.

Love this article from Pajiba.

I’ve been banging the Gyllenhaal drum for a few months now, thanks to his remarkable run of films since the disastrous back-to-back showings in Prince of Persia and Love & Other Drugs. People forget, however, that Gyllenhaal was nominated for an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain and he might have deserved one for Zodiac, and his under-the-radar performances in End of Watch, Prisoners and Enemy over the last two years have been nothing short of outstanding. He’s come so far and done so much that it’s easy to forget that this is the kid with the break-out performance in Donnie Darko that we all used to love.

Right now, I think he’s the most underappreciated actor in Hollywood, and the last few years, he’s been quietly putting together a filmography that rivaled that of Matthew McConaughey’s heading into his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Nightcrawler looks like Gyllenhaal’s Dallas Buyers Club, and after you spend 45 seconds with his gaunt, terrifying looking character hustling for a job, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jesus, that looks outstanding. And Nic Pizzolatto, if you’re listening and haven’t nailed down your True Detective season two cast, give this guy a look. He can play one helluva cop, too. Look no further than Prisoners, End of Watch and Zodiac.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Casey Affleck, and Michelle Williams for TD2.

Think about it.

Okay, I pasted the whole thing, lol. Jake gets so much flack for PoP/L&OD. McBongo had more bad movies in a row than those two. But still, it's nice that people are appreciating Jake's performances.

UltraViolet said...

Back to filming in "the Bronx" today:

Just drove by Jake Gyllenhaal!

Idk how you didn't crash your car in excitement! You're so lucky!

I know right!? I thought there was like a bomb threat or something! And then I saw the most beautiful man...and slowed down pretty hard!

Mmmm yummy


Can we trade spaces just so i can gaze upon that man!? So jealous!!!

I would have followed him and been late for work! He's such a dream!

The ooggling was soooo good!

Urgh!!! What is he doing up there anyway!? SEND HIM MY WAY!!! IM STILL A SINGLE WOMAN XD


FP said...

Hunter Giles ‏@Hunter_2213 9 min

Movie set!! Jake Gyllenhaal getting in car

bobbyanna said...

I like the stealth photos too! Looks like Jake has Source Code hair. : )

"...Dan Gilroy as a director is a question mark. I hope he did right by his own (great)script...."

I'm feeling the same way.

Personally, while they were certainly not without their flaws, (none of which are Jake's fault) I think Jake's exposure (!) in LAOD and in PoP really did a lot to broaden his audiences.

I agree about McConnaughey's bad movies. In fact, I have to say that I found his performance in True Detectives irritating. He had no range at all. There was a robotic intensity to his interpretation of that character. Woody Harrelson was outstanding, but Matthew was "meh."

FP said...

I tend to be an optimist, but if Dan Gilroy was a big question mark as a director, would not have triggered the bidding wars after seeing the film in Cannes, I hope at least.

Jess said...

Ok so how many of you subscribed to Louis Bloom's channel? The count is at 45 now, lol.

FP said...

If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket!!!!!!

Sorry I cann't get it out of my head! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

"Michael Martinez ‏@macksoda · 1m
So excited that Jake Gyllenhaal is going to play nightcrawler! Odd choice, but the character was great in X2!!"

Poor baby, who is going to tell him not that Nightcrawler.

Hot Mess said...

Breaking news :-) Naomi Watts in negotiations to join Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Demolition’

Should a deal close, Watts would play a pot-smoking customer service representative for the company behind a vending machine that eats the protagonist's money. Though she's dating her own boss, she begins to fall for Gyllenhaal's character as she learns of his pain and loss.

This indirectly confirms Jake's involvement in "Demolition". Very good news :D

Picture of a black-hooded Jake on the set of "Southpaw", near "Wills Gym".

and some other set pics:

Hunter Giles @Hunter_2213
Movie set!! Jake Gyllenhaal getting in car

Hot Mess said...

Oh, sorry FP, you already brought the movie set pics. Don't know how to edit my post.

I'm an optimist too: I want to believe Dan Gilroy made a good movie but we won't know for sure until its premiere (at TIFF hopefully).Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Watts is Heath's ex?

Monica said...

Great news about Demolition!

Best Actor watch: Will 'Nightcrawler' be Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Taxi Driver?'

Watts is Heath's ex?


Jess said...

I saw the hitfix article and ignored it on purpose. Like UV mentioned in another post, I don't want to hear all the accolades about Jake's acting just to be disappointed during awards seasons.

But it was difficult not to read it.

Monica said...

Yes, Jess, too early to talk about it. I also don't want to get excited about it.
It was nice to see that people are intrigued by the movie.

Hagen said...

I'm glad that "Demolition" is moving forward. It sounds like an entertaining romantic comedy. Since Jake is one of the producers of "Nightcrawler", he'll probably focus on that movie in fall, be on stage in winter and eventually play his part in "Demolition" in spring.

UltraViolet said...

I haven't subscribed to Bloom's channel but 75 people have so far!

Hagen, that 10/17 release date is totally crowded. There's only one movie opening on Halloween, but maybe that's not a good release date traditionally?

One site (Rope of Silicon) mentioned that the 10/17 date is unconfirmed.

Deadly home invasion near the Southpaw set.

UltraViolet said...

Nightcrawler at TIFF. Yay!

bobbyanna said...

OMG! TIFF! That's wonderful!!!!!!!
And they announced it in the first round, too! So pleased. I have my fingers crossed for Nightcrawler. It'll be really interesting to see the reactions to this character.

Hagen said...

There's only one movie opening on Halloween, but maybe that's not a good release date traditionally?

So far there's no wide release scheduled for October 31. Maybe it's not the strongest weekend at the box office (for example October 31-November 2, 2008), but I think it could work for a small movie.

From the TIFF press release:

Nightcrawler Dan Gilroy, USA World Premiere
Lou Bloom, a driven young man, discovers the nocturnal world of L.A. crime journalism. Joining a group of freelance camera crews who film marketable mayhem, Lou makes his own place at the table, aided by Nina, a veteran of the blood-sport that is local TV news. Blurring the line between observer and perpetrator, Lou finds his calling in a murderous world reduced to transactions.
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed and Bill Paxton

Monica said...

Yay Tiff!
Antoine Fuqua is also going to TIFF with Equalizer.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a movie with Rachel McAdams set for TIFF as well?

A lot of "Oscar" bait films in the line up and not too mention others that are not yet or will not be at TIFF. It looks like another crowded year.

Great for Gilroy to have a first directed film at TIFF though.

Hagen said...

There's a still from "Nightcrawler" on the TIFF site. (Currently it takes ages until it loads.) Runtime of the movie: 117 minutes. The official facebook page is clearly arranged.

Hagen said...

New link for the "Nightcrawler" page on the TIFF site.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

That video and Jake's appearence are really unsettling but effective!

What great news about Nightcrawler @TIFF!

I can see the comparison with Taxi Driver but it's much too early for Oscar buzz imo.

Hagen said...

Rope of Silicon: Trailer for "Nightcrawler"

Hagen said...

UV, Open Road Films has confirmed the release date for "Nightcrawler" on its official Facebook page.

UltraViolet said...

I see that. I guess they aren't changing the date or the title! Nice tagline, too. Updated the post with the trailer and the FB banner.

Intense, intriguing trailer. Definitely a departure for Jake, for all those folks who want him to do something different. Not sure about that mirror scene. Looks perhaps too over the top but will hopefully work in context.

And Jake looks almost normal in certain scenes.

UltraViolet said...

Added the (non minimalist) poster, as well.

I really don't understand the choice of date or title. But I hope it works. The trailer seems to be getting a good reaction.

Monica said...

wow this trailer!

bobbyanna said...

I can't access the trailer. :( It tells me the video has been removed.

Hagen said...

I particularly like the cinematography and the artwork. That's quite an achievement for a low-budget movie. Jake reminds me remotely of Christian Bale in "American Psycho".

I really don't understand the choice of date or title.
I'm not sure if Open Road Films has confirmed that "Nightcrawler" will be a wide release on October 17. Maybe it will open in limited release and expand later. It worked fine for ORF's "Chef".

UltraViolet said...

I updated with a new version, Bobbyanna. And the link in Hagen's post should work, as well.

UltraViolet said...

It says nationwide on October 17 on the FB page. But another site lists it as limited release on 10/17. That's a better strategy, I think. But not too staggered.

This is actually a pretty good movie for a Halloween release. It is creepy.

Lots of folks commenting on the cinematography. You're right that it's an achievement for a low-budget flick, Hagen.

Oh, I added the poster to the post, as well.

Hagen said...

It says nationwide on October 17 on the FB page.

Oh, I didn't notice that. That's probably the most reliable source we have. :sigh: No idea what they're thinking. BTW I can imagine that the title works fine internationally. The X-Men character isn't that well known. Nevertheless it would have been smarter to avoid any confusion.

Mary said...

Thanks Hagen and UV glad to finally see a trailer can't wait to see it.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV, I just watched it! OMG! Jake looks like a psycho! Finally! LOL! This is going to be a wild ride. Damn.
Agree, excellent cinematography.

Jess said...

Thank you UV for the video and poster ( I want it)and its really nice that Jake is attracting new fans who are very appreciative of his talent.

Now here's hoping promotion of the film follows thru in a consistent manner.

BlueJean said...

Another intense one for Jake! He's sooooo good at that! The trailer looks awesome.
Can't wait. Seriously can't wait.

UltraViolet said...


Even trailers have counterprogramming. Once you've watched #FiftyShades, Jake Gyllenhaal's Nightcrawler looks good.

This guy works for a film company:

Believe me, ‘Nightcrawler’ is as good as it looks … via @Variety

I know I'm ranting to the choir here, but the amount of posts like this just irks me:

I don't know what happened but Jake Gyllenhaal decided to become a actual actor, and he's doing some solid work recently.


#JakeGyllenhaal returns to his edgy, neurotic roots a la #DonnieDarko in NIGHTCRAWLER ...and I'm digging it!

I shouldn't nitpick, because the trailer and the teaser have received overwhelmingly positive reactions. Despite the superhero whining.

jess said...

"superhero whining"

Yes but I have noticed that some of the other commenters have chastised the superhero whining.

I wonder if the superhero movies will implode on themselves, too many spinoffs and too many fandoms and sequels.

UltraViolet said...


FP said...

Jaden Smith ‏@officialjaden 29 min

Jake Gylenhaal Is A Genius.

oh well :)

FP said...

jaden up date ;)

Jaden Smith ‏@officialjaden 3 min


UltraViolet said...

But Jaden, clearly, is not.

Apparently his misspelled tweet was trending on twitter. Jake/the NC trailer is also trending on Facebook, which is better news.

Another celeb tweet for Jake:

Bridget Moynahan ‏@bridgetmoynahan 1h
The 20th Annual IFP Independent Spirit Awards in February of 2005 with #JakeGyllenhaal! #tbt #throwbackthursday

FP said...

But Jaden, clearly, is not.


I appreciate the effort tho ;)

UltraViolet said...

This AV Club exchange made me smile:

Never been a huge fan except in Zodiac...and Donnie Darko...and Jarhead, and Brokeback Mountain, aw fuck it, he'll do great. I do think he works better as an actor if he's not playing the likeable lead actor ala young Harrison Ford and is working against that (he's great in Zodiac as an obsessive, annoying asshole precisely because of that factor).

One word: Bubble Boy
Never forget.
[lights candle, plays Elton John]

I remember enjoying Bubble Boy just for the pure joy he puts into the character the entire way through. Like he really went for it, despite the movie being called Bubble Boy.

Note that I disagree with the sadly prevalent perception that Jake isn't a leading man/needs someone dynamic to work off.

FP said...

I've got the feeling This perception is no longer so prevalent,fortunately.

In these two days I have read so many compliments about Jake's talent and his as lead man that I think I'm going to cry, it was about time

FP said...

I do think he works better as an actor if he's not playing the likeable lead actor ala young Harrison Ford and is working against that (he's great in Zodiac as an obsessive, annoying asshole precisely because of that factor).

UV but I do not think this person was saying that Jake is not " lead man material", I think he meant that it is not a lead man in a traditional way to old hollywood, but I might have misunderstood

UltraViolet said...

Hi, FP. The notion I dislike is that Jake needs someone who IS dynamic to work opposite, because he himself is not. Like the example they cite of Hugh Jackman in Prisoners.

You're right that it's wonderful to hear all the praise these past few days, but there are still so many misperceptions. I get annoyed.

Glass half full, I try to remind myself.

FP said...

I know UV, you're right, I'm always too optimistic, but by now the "Jake Gyllenhaal is so underrated as an actor" have gone from being a rarity to be the norm., I think Jake was so dynamic in EOW that would be enough to make the career of at least 3 so-called action heroes.

I do not expect anything from awards season, I just want to enjoy the moment and hope for a bit;)

Hagen said...

But there are still so many misperceptions.

Sometimes Jake contributes to those misperceptions. For example he said over and over again that his attitude towards his job changed fundamentally when he turned 30 and prepared for EoW. Unintentionally he belittles his previous work by such comments. I don't really care about that. It's just an issue of image and (sometimes clumsy) self-marketing.

FP said...

Hi Hagen! I have perceived that phrase as the acceptance of a more than normal growth and maturation as a man and as an artist.

UltraViolet said...

I think that's a good point, Hagen. Jake seems to run away from some of the movies from his down years. I think that's unnecessary. Call them for what they are/were and move on.

I also think he's always been pretty serious/intense. And in some ways, I hope he can let up a little. Every project should not be life and death. I still wince a little when I hear tidbits about Into the Woods. I don't think it would kill Jake to do something a little lighter every now and again.

But, again, nitpicking. I'm thrilled for the NC reception so far.

If you want to know more about the red car Jake is driving in the trailer. It's a Dodge Challenger SR8 392.

And I'm not sure these folks understand the point of the movie, since they seem proud to be portrayed in it!

And did anyone read my LOL above? I can't believe no one has commented on the absurdity of that story.

FP said...

maybe I'm the only one but I'm really glad that Jake has given up into the wood, I think he is just not that kind of actor, not light in his work, and perhaps that is why his work is so special and iconic, however JMO :)

Anonymous said...

You said "For example he said over and over again that his attitude towards his job changed fundamentally when he turned 30 and prepared for EoW."

Can you show me a source where Jake said that? I wonder why EoW changed his attitude or was it that he was turning 30?

Jess said...

"Can you show me a source where Jake said that? I wonder why EoW changed his attitude or was it that he was turning 30?"

I remember Jake referring to how EOW changed his life. I would think witnessing a man die in real life will do that and watching what police officers do on a ride alongs. If you go back watch some of this promotional interviews on Youtube, or online or here in prior blog posts I think you can find some of his quotes.

I also remember David Ayers speaking about how Jake fought hard to win him over for the part of Brian Taylor. Ayers had said if I remembered correctly that Jake had told him he was tired of the direction his life and career were going and he needed a change.

Monica said...

I also think he's always been pretty serious/intense. And in some ways, I hope he can let up a little. Every project should not be life and death.

I think he wasn't so serious as now. And he is getting more intense and serious.

And did anyone read my LOL above? I can't believe no one has commented on the absurdity of that story.

Doesn't work in my country.

bobbyanna said...

So according to the National Enquirer, 50 Cent and Jake started out sparring and ended up really fighting, and Jake got knocked down and got back up and they had to stop them because it got intense. It all started with 50 pissing Jake off by goading him and criticizing him for not being "real."

LOL! is right, UV. If it's even half true, I hope they shot some footage of it. ; ) Watch out for that nose, and that perfect Jaw line, Curtis! Do not even think about it. LOLOL!!

BlueJean said...

"And did anyone read my LOL above? I can't believe no one has commented on the absurdity of that story."

Doesn't work for me too :( (Netherlands).

Interesting discussion on Jake's intenseness, guys. I happen to be one of those people who loves him in intense roles. Watched 'Zodiac' the other day and had forgotten how good he was in it.

What movies do you think he runs away from, UV? PoP? LAOD? Looking at where he is in his career, I can understand his point of view - although I don't think he ever critisized both films in public. He refused to answer the question about his (own) least favourite movies in the Actors Roundtable, didn't he?

Hagen said...

Maybe I'm the only one but I'm really glad that Jake has given up into the wood

So am I, FP. Most of all I can't really connect with the music. I'm still not sure what to expect from "Nightcrawler", but I'm glad that Jake did that movie instead.

I don't think it would kill Jake to do something a little lighter every now and again.

I hope that "Demolition" will fall into that category.

Thank you, bobbyanna. Sounds like an intriguing story. xD Unfortunately the "National Enquirer" has blocked its own website outside of the US. ;-)

I have perceived that phrase as the acceptance of a more than normal growth and maturation as a man and as an artist.

I think the widespread notion that Jake has become a 'real' actor since EoW is at least partly based on Jake's interviews. Though I'd argue that he had done a terific job before that, for example in "Source Code".

UltraViolet said...

I just think it's silly to ignore movies like SC and Brothers and Jarhead and BBM and Zodiac and Rendition. It's silly when Jake does it and it's silly when writers or critics do it.

Plus, I don't think L&OD is the disaster it's made out to be. Same for PoP, but I understand that one is harder to argue. But even if you allow those, it's two movies out of 20.

As for Into the Woods, I don't think a few weeks work on that would have derailed Nightcrawler. And a bit of variety in a prestige film wouldn't hurt Jake's career.

Anonymous said...

"As for Into the Woods, I don't think a few weeks work on that would have derailed Nightcrawler. And a bit of variety in a prestige film wouldn't hurt Jake's career"

Agree but Jake's weight loss for Nigthcrawler would have made for a demonic looking prince against Chris Pine. I believe that is the reason Jake could not make the scheduling work.

And somehow I think Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep will rule the spotlight for that movie no matter who else tries to steal the spotlight.

And how many people really know Into the Woods outside of Broadway people? I think the only reason it will be mainstream is because of Meryl and Johnny, I think Jake would get lost much like Anne Hathaway was in Alice. I forget she wasn't even in it because the hoopla was all about Johnny. At least this way Jake has a chance to add yet another iconic character to his resume. He's only 33 years old, plenty of time for so call prestigious films but remember your definition of prestigious may be someone else trash tent pole movie.

Right now Jake is making good choices and is on the radar, he's done a big budget film set for next year. Demolition Man does not seemed to be too intense and I believe Jake can make intense funny. He's doing Broadway again later. That's enough variety. Disney will keep making musicals because that's what it does and I am sure if Jake wants to be part of a Disney musical, he will not have any trouble getting cast.

Isn't Into the Woods dark with a bit of fluff? At least it was on Broadway.

UltraViolet said...

I don't know how many ways to say this. I don't wish Jake did ITW instead go NC. I think he could have done both and I wish he had.

If that meant he didn't do such an extreme weight loss, all the better, IMO.

I am thrilled Jake is doing Constellations and that will be a departure. But I think he would have benefited from the few weeks of work ITW would have taken. And I would like to have seen it.

And yes, it does have darker themes. It's not fluffy. It's just not Taxi Driver, either.

I am pretty clear on what a prestige movie is.

Jake out and about in PA today?

Jake Gyllenhaal came into my store today. I died.

no way OMG

he was shopping incognito 👹 //

Today is a great day. You know why? BC JAKE GYLLENHAAL CAME INTO WORK 😍😍😍😍😍

Recently from some extras:

A few days ago I would've never imagined I'd be talking with Jake Gyllenhaal about Pittsburgh. He's a big fan of the city. We've got that in common.

This crazy just being around Forest Whitaker, Jake and Ortiz everyday, getting advice. Everybody is normal and don't act better than anyone. An experience ima always take with me.

Jess said...

It's a mix of entertaining and frustrating looking at the YouTube comments over at the Nightcrawlers trailer.

I am pretty sure the 520 something dislikes are folks who thought the movie was about an X Men character. The comment below sums up how brainless fans of comic heroes can be:

"gamma6263 hours ago
are you people expecting the x-men legally retarded? there is no night crawler x-men film. you think that it'd all the sudden just exist without any casting announcements? Jesus you people are stupid."

He or she is right, except the I would not say retarded more like their brains are mush.

BlueJean said...

"I just think it's silly to ignore movies like SC and Brothers and Jarhead and BBM and Zodiac and Rendition. It's silly when Jake does it and it's silly when writers or critics do it."

Ignore BBM? :(

That's never ignored. Never. Not by Jake or anyone.
Same for Jarhead. Jake has recently said it's still one of his faves.
And I think he's proud of Zodiac, too.

I still think Jake sees 2010 / 2011 as the turning point in his life and his cereer. He turned 30, moved to NYC, changed his management and agency around that time, I believe... he made a new start.

FP said...

Ronnie Weil ‏@ronnieweil 4 min

At Soho brunch with Jake next table. Close enough :)
New York, NY

Andrew C Bly ‏@82acb 13 min

Almost embarrassingly asked for a selfie with jake gyllenhaal on Lafayette. Happy Saturday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Naomi Foner ‏@NaomiFoner 8m
This movie is a gem!
Can't wait for you to see this amazing performance. …

Anonymous said...

Naomi Foner ‏@NaomiFoner 8m

Totally unbiased

Monica said...

he made a new start.

Totally agree. He is not ignoring these films, he still talks about them, but he needs to move on and focus on what he is living now.

Naomi is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Pic of Jake in NYC from yesterday, I hope the twitter user doesn't mind since he edited the pic???????????

#JakeGyllenhaal yesterday in NYC!

But Jake looks fantastic, so glad the weight loss was only 20 pounds, Matthew M still does not look the same since his weight loss. Matt's face looks almost plastic.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. I think the person just edited it from a pap photo

This person is working on set and took a stealth photo.

UltraViolet said...

To further beat the dead horse of Jake's filmography: Yes, he made a new start, and it has been a good one. But he seems unable or unwilling to discuss any film that had difficulties. Witness his babblish answers and evasions about L&OD and Ed Zwick or his false fawning over David Fincher. The latter might have been for self-protection, but it's a little odd that Jake can't just talk about a potential negative. Not saying he should trash anyone but it always feels a little forced when these subjects come up.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks, anon. I think the person just edited it from a pap photo"

When I clicked that link, I got a malicious malware edit blocked or it may be security software.

UltraViolet said...

It's just a link to, a pap photo site. But IHJ has a few more photos. You have to log in to see them.

bobbyanna said...

UV, after watching and reading lots of interviews over the years, I get the impression Jake will practically turn himself into a pretzel to avoid controversy.

By that I mean he avoids saying anything that can be construed as even mild criticism or instances of disagreement while working with any directors.

IMO, he errs on the side of excessive diplomacy often at the cost of candor. I find it frustrating. Most actors can talk about their experiences on set without it coming across as disparaging a director, but Jake wants to avoid even the perception of criticism or controversy. He goes overboard in making sure he offends no one. That's just my personal impression.

Anonymous said...

"He goes overboard in making sure he offends no one. That's just my personal impression."

Maybe so, but isn't the movie business very political? Jake as much as I adore him does not have that box office clout yet and maybe taking the advice of those close to him. He took a lot of flack from the Fincher stuff, didn't he?

To be fair I don't recall too many actors and actresses being too blunt without it costing them parts in the end.

It's extremely competitive business with a lot of new competition from foreign actors. Just IMO.

Hagen said...

Movie Casting PGH: "Southpaw" casting news

Looking for females to portray "expectant mothers" who would feel comfortable to be on set in a scene at a foster care center.

Looking for a few real EMTs tomorrow for a scene filming at PNC Park.

10 Days of filming left here in Pittsburgh on "Southpaw"!

Jess said...

"Looking for females to portray "expectant mothers"

Does 20 pounds of extra tummy fat qualify?

BlueJean said...

" Witness his babblish answers and evasions about L&OD and Ed Zwick"

I'm sure I've read an interview in a Dutch or a Belgian magazine once in which Jake said LAOD was "so-so". He said working with Annie was wonderful, but the finished movie was somehow not what he had expected.

When I was watching the Actors Roundtable, I kept wishing he'd answer the questions about the disappointments in his movies - but he didn't... ;-)

What about Fincher, then? Did Jake ever have a argument with him on set or so? Just curious.

I've read reports he did fight with Denis Villeneuve on the set of 'Prisoners'. So I guess, when he really feels safe with a director, he's not afraid to argue on set.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Jess! Give it a try.

Bobbyanna, you nailed it. He seemingly doesn't want to offend. Maybe he'd say it's all part of the creative process and he doesn't want to tell tales out of school. But you can say some things, surely, without causing offense. It is a very political business, but there's room for candor.

BJ, there was an infamous NY Times story about Zodiac in which Jake complained (some say whined) about the amount of takes Fincher forced them to do. His quotes were innocuous, but Fincher acted all surprised and offended. RDJ said the same things but go not flak.

The internet being what it is, people still refer to Jake's Fincher issues and whining. And Jake has seemingly bent over backward to distance himself from the (perfectly reasonable) remarks. But all of his ass-kissing doesn't seem to have made Fincher any likelier to cast Jake again. I guess we'll see.

(Fincher was also the one who wouldn't let Jake go to the Golden Globes when BBM was nominated. This appeared to the Internet as Jake boycotting because he wasn't nominated. I have Fincher issues :) )

It's not so much that Jake won't talk about some difficulties making a movie, but he refuses to discuss the negative perception of some of his movies or of his directors. Somewhat understandably, of course.

BlueJean said...

Oh - and this:

"To further beat the dead horse of Jake's filmography"...

You know UV, I still feel like a newbie on here sometimes - and I've been a Jake fan for a whole two years! ;) I love talking about his films! :)
This seems the best place to do it. Several other Jake blogs are hardly updated these days... :(

So you're stuck with me here! :)

UltraViolet said...

Here is the article. btw.

UltraViolet said...

Happy to have you. I feel bad that we didn't discuss Enemy more. I want to rematch soon and have some more discussion. I love your enthusiasm for Jake films.

Twitter makes blogging harder, I think. Everything moves so quickly and is confined to brief observations.

I was just thinking that this is a good time to be a Jake fan: Southpaw in production, Nightcrawler on the way, Broadway in the winter, Everest set for next year. And perhaps Demolition in there, too? There were tomes in the past few years when we didn't know what Jake would do next or when!

BlueJean said...

"I feel bad that we didn't discuss Enemy more."

Is it that obvious I love 'Enemy'? Noooo... LOL! ;)

I love how there's room for discussion here, without all the "Jake's so great, look how sexy he is" stuff. I'd feel like a teenager again if I had to read comments like that all the time. You're not afraid to be critical about Jake and / or his films and that's why I enjoy coming here - apart from all the news of course! :)

Jess said...

"I have Fincher issues :)"

And I here I thought it was just me with those issues. Jake is most certainly not the first actor to complain but I would like to think that Jake would want to work with the big F again.

I am glad Jake gets to work with new exciting directors who seem to be actor directors. I would like for him to work with Sam Mendes again and certainly Denis.

Jess said...

Correction fast:

but I would like to think that Jake would NOT want to work with the big F again.

BlueJean said...

Just read the Fincher article. Thanks for the link, UV!

Interesting. Very interesting. That's not whining on Jake's part, I think - he was being honest. Maybe too honest. It's kinda refreshing to read ;)

UltraViolet said...

This made me laugh. From someone working at the courthouse:

It's a crazy mess!! They have stuff literally everywhere, and it's hysterical, because half of the extras are dressed like deputies, and people keep stopping them to ask them things, lol…

UltraViolet said...

Unfortunately, one of those folks who saw Jake at the courthouse today did not have anything nice to say about Jake:

it's official, Jake gyllenhaal is a dick

wait did you get to see him??

just on camera. he wasn't nice to anyone up in the offices by the courtroom and wouldn't sign autographs or take pictures.

No pics or autographs is understandable when he's working. But how hard is it to be nice? It would be great to hear about Jake being friendly again.

At least some nice words from a coworker:

Charles Hoyes has waited the last 37 years for his passion and hometown to collide.

On Monday, Hoyes spent the day exchanging lines with actor Jake Gyllenhaal as the pair filmed several scenes for the upcoming movie “Southpaw” at Washington County Courthouse.

According to unit publicist Scott Levine, “Southpaw” tells the story of boxer Billy Hope (played by Gyllenhaal) as he makes his way to the top of the sport. But instead of glory, Hope finds his life falling apart around him.

The movie includes several “important” courtroom scenes, Levine said. Washington County President Judge Debbie O’Dell Seneca permitted crews and Gyllenhaal to use her courtroom, two jury deliberation rooms and the downstairs jury lounge. Despite the additional influx of people and security, court proceedings were conducted without interruption, O’Dell Seneca said.

Hoyes, who grew up in Washington and graduated from Trinity High School, said he plays the role of Gyllenhaal’s lawyer. While he couldn’t provide additional details about the film, which does not yet have a release date, Hoyes gushed about working with Gyllenhaal.

“He’s a fantastic actor to work with,” the Thousand Oaks, Calif., actor said. “I’m just playing off of him.”

Piruleta said...

I don't know Jake has much as some of you do. I started to follow his career recently but if there is something I've learned from following another artist is that fans cross the line between them and the famous person a bit too often. The reports about meeting this singer have always been really nice "he was so sweet" "he was so cool" "he was so friendly"… but there was still radom reports of people saying he acted like a dick. I'm not saying those comments were false but maybe it was not the right moment or the right place. We sometimes forget these artist are human beings and that they may not be in the mood or they are just concentrated in their work, or simply they have a bad day and don't want to be disturbed.

What a rant, sorry lol. Not trying to defend Jake because I don't know if this is normal in him or not, but is true that fans or people in general tend to overreact when someone famous says "no" to an autograph or a picture.

I love Nightcrawler's trailer btw photography looks great! and Jake seems to go for another intense and interesting performance.

Tweety said...

Wow! Jake looks seriously cray-cray in this. Love the Nightcrawler poster, it has a noir vibe to it.

Maybe Jake was having a bad day. I have no idea but it would have been great if he was a little nice, stories like that get repeated ad nauseum .

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to watch Nightcrawler


Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" will open in Germany on October 30th.

bobbyanna said...

So glad you'll have a chance to see Nightcrawler and that it's generating so much excitement!

I feel bad when I read Jake may have been rude or uncooperative with a fan, but then, I don't know how the fan was acting towards him. Sometimes fans can be rude and obnoxious. When he is working, or on set, we know by now how "method" and intense he gets. So this comment doesn't really bother me too much.

I'm not making any excuses, because he probably can be a "dick" at times. (like most of us) I'm just thinking about the context. People who are working with him, cast & crew seem to have very good experiences with him.

Piruleta said...

Well this guy says he saw him on camera so who knows…

Anyway, I've been reading Spanish sites and blogs and looks like everyone is really excited about Nightcrawler. And the majority of the people has nothing but good things to say about Jake (tons of oscar talk and a lot of comments about how he is one of the best actors of his generation) there's a lot of interest in seeing him in this movie and his next projects :)

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety andlikemonalisa! And yay for a German release date, Hagen. That's not too long to wait after the U.S.

Hello and welcome, Piruleta. It's great to hear the Nightcrawler excitement is happening in Spain. It's really cool to see a Jake movie anticipated like this.

It's true that we only have one person's account from yesterday. And who knows how people approached him. But the thing is that more and more lately, the stories are negative. Always refusing a photo or an autograph, all of which is within his rights. It would just be nice, in my opinion, if Jake could relax and enjoy his interactions with people more.

Everything is always so serious. It seems exhausting.

On Inside the Actor's Studio, Jake talked about the most important thing he's learned - that it's all about how you treat the people you work with. I think some of that consideration should extend to fans.

bobbyanna said...

"It would just be nice, in my opinion, if Jake could relax and enjoy his interactions with people more."

"Everything is always so serious. It seems exhausting."

UV, I can't disagree with that at all. Especially the " It seems exhausting " part. : )

UltraViolet said...


On a happier note, an anecdote about Jake at TIFF in the early years:


“Every TIFF has an MVP. In 2002, Nick Nolte had that dubious distinction. My personal MVP, however, was Jake Gyllenhaal, if only because of our repeated run-ins while Gyllenhaal was still a virtual unknown - at parties and in lobbies all over Yorkville. One night, late, at Amber, I was the only guest who recognized that he was an actor, let alone had seen his recent Donnie Darko and the movie he was there for, Moonlight Mile, an innocuous drama starring Susan Sarandon, Ellen Pompeo and Dustin Hoffman. We chatted about his experience with them, talked about the scene towards the end on a park bench when Hoffman's legs were swinging, he still marveled at being in a movie with the legendary Midnight Cowboy and The Graduate star. How unknown was Jake? People weren't even mispronouncing his surname yet. He was still, like Jared Padalecki and others year after year at TIFF – just one of many handsome young actors who may or may not go anywhere big. A sweet guy."

- Nathalie Atkinson, member of the Toronto Film Critics' Association and culture columnist at National Post

UltraViolet said...

And for a laugh: the evolution of Jake's man bun .

BlueJean said...

"But the thing is that more and more lately, the stories are negative."

I've noticed that too. But this...

"We sometimes forget these artists are human beings and that they may not be in the mood or they are just concentrated in their work, or simply they have a bad day and don't want to be disturbed."

... is also something I agree with.

Let's just say I wouldn't like to be famous. At all. Everyone always has an opinion... that also seems exhausting to me. Sure, it's part of the job, but I think it can be pretty overwhelming at times.

Jake sometimes seems really uncomfortable with all the attention. He's fine as far as his career is concerned, but in real life... I don't know. I don't think he's shy or anything, just... guarded - if that's the right word.

Piruleta said...

Thanks for the welcome!

It's true, relax a bit is not going to hurt him but at the same time I can understand why he keeps the distance.

I can't wait to see Nightcrawler, there's a lot films that I really want to see this year but this one has become my most anticipated, and I'm still recovering from Enemy LOL

Jess said...

Well considering he was seen on camera and knowing that Jake likes to stay in character, would it not be a stretch of the imagination to think that Jake was in a unpleasant mode getting ready for his character's court scene?

Maybe I am not reading the same articles or blogs you all are but I have not seen an abundance of negative comments about Jake Gyllenhaal's treatment of fans. Except one instance that bugged me where Jake during the Prisoners promotion did not greet or stop and take pics with as many fans as Hugh. Of course that did make some press.

But when he is on set and at work, I totally support his choice not to engage with fans. He's at work, its his job and there is such a thing as staying in character, keeping production going and its not all about Jake. Time is money, fans respect that actors really do have a job to do.

Anonymous said...

People here love Jake and they're true fans, but that doesn't mean we wear blinders to some of his short comings and it doesn't mean we can't criticize him or wish he would do or not do certain things.

There's other blogs where people think certain celebrities are just perfect and they find excuses for them all the time. This isn't that kind of blog and that's why I like Gyllenbabble. The people here also seem intelligent. Sometimes I wish Jake would lurk and read some of this stuff. Maybe he had some really bad experiences with fans who are crazy. He usually doesn't have security guards with him when he is just walking around and stuff.

UltraViolet said...

At the risk of making this molehill an even bigger mountain, let me clarify:

1. The on-set report from yesterday seemed (to me) to be referring to something the persons had heard: that Jake wasn't nice to the people who worked near where he was working. That seems like basic common courtesy. Southpaw was invading their workplace.

I understand being in character and not wanting to be distracted. But come on. IF it's true, it's kind of assholish.

The other negative stories are mostly twitter reports or FB posts, almost all of which (lately) involve Jake refusing a photo or any kind of interaction, really. Add that to the seemingly permanent scowl he has in most pap photos these days, and it comes out to kind of a depressing figure.

Hopefully it's just a phase, but it's one that seems to be extending rather than ending.

Anon, above: Thanks for the kind words. I hope we can be somewhat objective about Jake. And I don't want this to be a piling on. He's making good movies and doing great things creatively. I just wish he seemed to like his audience a little more.

As to Jake's reading this blog: I wish he'd read the stuff like this and try to lighten up. As long as he understood that it comes from real fans.

But mostly, it's probably much better for him to stay away!

BlueJean said...

Imagine that Jake's reading here... LOL!

If so: hi sweetie! ;) ;)

BlueJean said...

Agree with everything you say btw, UV!

Anonymous said...

I think we should all back off and leave him bloody alone poor guy is probably sick of it all and hasn't the personality to deal with it

Margot said...

"People here love Jake and they're true fans, but that doesn't mean we wear blinders to some of his short comings and it doesn't mean we can't criticize him or wish he would do or not do certain things."

I agree.

When is Southpaw finished filming?

Anonymous said...

Surprise Muthafucka! @SimplyAllyJ
I just met Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Crews, 50cent, Forrest Whitaker, & Harvey Weinstein... That's over a billion dollars in one room.

Surprise Muthafucka! @SimplyAllyJ
And I touched each of them.... Who do you know that can honestly say they had a BILLION dollars in their hand?

UltraViolet said...

I saw a photo of someone dressed up for Southpaw filming tonight. Wonder if that's where the tweeter was?

Looks like Naomie Harris has joined Southpaw.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV, for the update. I haven't read anything about Lupita Nyong'o being on set. Has anyone else? Maybe I missed it?

UltraViolet said...

That person's twitter feed is charming, isn't it? Yikes.

No, Bobbyanna, seems like Lupita was never really going to be in the movie. But who knows for sure?

UltraViolet said...

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead tweeted this tonight:

Continuing my appreciation for Jake Gyllenhaal in sinister mode. …

Some fun replies.

bobbyanna said...

IMDB is still carrying her as filming Southpaw, but they can be wrong at times.

Monica said...

Everything is always so serious. It seems exhausting.

I agree, but I think the disappointments in his career had a major impact on him. So we see Jake more focused at work now, much more seriously than before. I don't blame him.
And I don't think he's so serious. He still looks good in interviews, he seems to have a good time when not working.
He looked good in recent photos with Alyssa Miller.
I think some things may be happening with him that are causing this bad mood. I hope so.

Filming will until the middle of August right? then may be Lupita will filming all her scenes in one or two weeks.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently, Jake, Rachel, 50 and Harvey were at Meat and Potatoes last night, presumably where that tweeter saw them.

Nice words about Jake from an extra:

It was incredibly awesome to see you working in person - a true professional, on your upcoming film Southpaw, the Movie, I was an extra yesterday and LOVED it (my first time!)!

UltraViolet said...

Jake does always bring his A-personality to talk shows, I'll give him that. If he starts doing glum video interviews, then we'll know something's up!

The Nightcrawler twitter tweeted a coub of Lou Bloom. Until an hour ago, I had no idea what that was. It's a repeating video.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww, I think Jake would melt:

Tasha Fuentes ‏@kleef85 · 1m
Someone obviously needs to learn you don't touch Mommy's #JakeGyllenhaal collection!

Monica said...

^^ poor baby lol

UltraViolet said...

South Africa GQ going back in time with their Jake cover. Even the interview is a repeat, I think. This all sounds familiar, doesn't it?

UltraViolet said...

There have been a lot of locations for Southpaw. I saw a post on twitter that they were back in that Carrick location. But I also saw this.

From someone who work at PSU:

Jake was here yesterday. I am sure he is around today! I got a "head nod" hello yesterday lol. I may have taken a creepy picture as I walked by him while he was in line for food!

So that's why you were at Home Depot buying duct tape, tie downs and ratchet straps....

I saw him twice yesterday, and the crew sent us some food in the store

Anyone hungry?

Some tweets:

Well jake gyllenhall is here and I can't even snap a picture 😩 / However, he is even a bigger babe in person

just made eye contact with Jake Gyllenhal at PSUGA

FP said...

Eryn McCabe ‏@Eryn_McCabe 3 min

Pittsburgh, PA

There's nothing I'd appreciate more than a casual run in with Jake Gyllenhaal #sorrynotsorry

Twitter said...

I managed to brush shoulders with Jake Gyllenhaal today. It was marvelous 👌☺️ Being an extra in a movie has its perks

9:14 PM - 31 Jul 2014

UltraViolet said...

No new news, really, but a new post :)