Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Float like a butterfly ...

... Sting like a creep! Edited to add the new Nightcrawler trailer, as well as this Extra first look:

Lots of photos of Jake Gyllenhaal filming Southpaw in the Bronx this week. Some of the expressions are priceless.

Playing air cello.

"It took 100 of these tiny bottles to make me look this sweaty."

ETA: JakeGyllenhaalFF's caption is much funnier:

50 Cent challenged Jake to do the ice bucket challenge!! Was this it? Someone get Jake a bucket! 💦


I don't think a leg is supposed to bend that way.


"That didn't feel right."

"No, that's not where it hurts."

"Your hair is too short for a scrunchie!"

These two are just nice shots:

I hope to be able to update the post with the video from Jake's Ice Bucket Challenge. Stay tuned.

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Monica said...

re: Constellations:

The Broadway production of Constellations is a reunion of sorts. Gyllenhaal starred in an Off-Broadway production of an earlier play of Payne’s, If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, in 2012.
“He’s been very nice about the work and he’s not someone who needs to do a play so he only does the projects he’s got a personal interest in,” says Payne.

From Hagen said...

From Cameron Bailey's write-up of "Nightcrawler":

In this gripping portrait of LA's dark side from first-time director Dan Gilroy, local TV feeds on local crisis. Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a loner and petty thief adrift in the LA night when he happens upon the nightcrawlers in action. He gets himself a cheap video camera and a police radio scanner and begins the chase. Fresh car accidents, robbery victims, home invasions — everything is fair game. But the competition is stiff: Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) is already a seasoned professional with police contacts and a reliable buyer in TV producer Nina (Rene Russo).

But Lou has a nose for blood. Seemingly immune to the moral dilemmas of his new job, he doggedly pursues the most shocking scenes he can find. It turns out he also has the eye of an artist: if the scene doesn't quite tell the story Nina needs — urban crime threatening innocent suburbanites — he is more than willing to enhance the picture. Like the protagonists of Michael Powell's Peeping Tom or Krzysztof Kie?lowski's Camera Buff, he is a chilling metaphor for filmmakers.

Gyllenhaal reveals this compromised character from behind eyes that can go suddenly, frighteningly blank, in behaviour that feels both surprising and true. Screenwriter turned director Gilroy (Freejack, The Bourne Legacy) crafts a tense atmosphere in this contemporary film noir, and gives Gyllenhaal the opportunity to deliver what may be his most forceful, compelling performance yet.

UltraViolet said...

Didn't want to lose those last few comments. And also, vote for Jake in this poll.

Spain all atwitter over L&OD and Jake and Anne.

Jess said...

"These two are just nice shits:"

Typo or just for a good laugh? giggles

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Someone wrote a review of nightcrawler on reddit, but it has many spoilers:

I'll start with what I didn't like about the movie.

Pacing: at times the movie dragged. There were too many similar scenes about how...

Supporting Cast: I feel as if the supporting cast was incredibly weak.

Predictability: the movie was very predictable but I will say the way the story was told was very nice.

As for what I like:

Gyllenhaal: His character carried the movie IMO.

Art: the setting takes place in Southern California. It's very dark most of the time and street lights and driving on the streets is where all the good stuff happens.

Soundtrack: the sound on this movie was pretty suspenseful. Even quiet scenes have a noisy silence.

Overall I would say this movie is very solid. The good heavily outweighs the bad... it delivered a well told story with a great performance from Gyllenhaal. Rating: 8/10 very solid


mary said...

Can't wait for the ice challenge video too UV thanks for the new pics.

UltraViolet said...

Oops! Thanks for pointing out the typo. LOL. Will correct when I get home.

Thanks for the review, Monica. Good to hear the praise for Jake's performance. It sounds like the movie looks good!, at least.

Piruleta said...

Spain all atwitter over L&OD and Jake and Anne.

Haha reading some of the comments was really entertaining. The movie was trending at second place ("The Hangover" was first) which was nice :D

Not too many reviews about Nightcrawler :( I found this comment funny, tho "…gives Gyllenhaal the opportunity to deliver what may be his most forceful, compelling performance yet". Reading around seems like Jake gave "his best performance yet" after End Of Watch, and the same happened with Prisoners and Enemy, and now with Nightcrawler. Sounds good, sounds really good lol

UltraViolet said...

IHJ posted a short Nightcrawler "First look" clip from Extra; it's embedded in the post, as well.

Someone on FB posted this after seeing Jake at lunch the other day:

ake... I sat at the table beside yours today while you took your mom out for lunch... I really wanted to get a picture with you but not without your permission. I know it was so obnoxious of all the other people taking sneaky pics of you and your mom. Total violation of privacy bad I'm sorry you had to go through that. I don't live in NYC. But I hope I get to see you again in person and maybe then I'll ask for a pic. I appreciate your work and wish you the best of luck.

UltraViolet said...

I'm also totally stealing this caption. Much funnier than mine:

50 Cent challenged Jake to do the ice bucket challenge!! Was this it? Someone get Jake a bucket! 💦 #JakeGyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Billy Domineau ‏@BillyDomineau 14m
I just petted Jake Gyllenhaal's puppy. Metaphor? Today: No. Soon: Yes

Hagen said...

That's a cool snippet from "Nightcrawler", I'm looking forward to the new trailer.

BlueJean, Polytechnique won't have English subtitles. The 'Steelbook Edition' will probably make more sense for you.

Hagen said...

The Playlist: Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Desperate & Obsessive In The New Full Trailer For ‘Nightcrawler’

Love it - and again smart use a song ("I'd love to change the world").

Jess said...

I loved it and I read the screenplay, don't no one rain on my NC love parade.

FP said...

Ant Dunn @Antmeist33 · 35 min

Strongly recommend the film Nightcrawler when it comes out. Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely superb in it

I'm not sure but it seems that this person has seen the film

bobbyanna said...

This trailer is fantastic! I can't wait.

UltraViolet said...

Great trailer; great reactions/ And some interesting tidbits out there:

Jane Schoettle ‏@jane_tiff 24m
So good--I promise you. #TIFF14 Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Desperate & Obsessive

From a Hollywood Elsewhere story about the date change for NC:

So the Nightcrawler guys sat down with Open Road execs to suss things out. They went through all the alternative dates and handicapped all of them. They quickly realized that every single remaining weekend contained “appalling” competition except for Halloween weekend, which was wide open. “No one else is going to bother us on Halloween weekend so fuck it, we went for it,” my source says. The first thing any new film wants is available “oxygen,” as he puts it, and Halloween weekend had plenty to spare.

Team Nightcrawler is not afraid of “the Halloween thing,” as he puts it. “The paradigm can be broken. We’re not gonna sell Nightcrawler with pumpkins.” On top of which “the film is dark,” he says, “but it’s not dissonant with Halloween. Plus we’re hoping we’re gonna come out of the Toronto Film Festival with some critical momentum.” Out of which the buzz will have nearly two months to build.

And from comments:

Bite The Dust
Have you seen "Nightcrawler" yet? Opening it on 2000+ screens would have led to terrible numbers. The film is quite brilliant, but way to harsh as a satire for mainstream audiences (or the academy) to like. Its one of the best american films of the year but its hard to imagine that it will make a lot of money.

And then this:

How come none of you Blogging mafia, so called journalists, did a story about Harvey Weinstein trying to buy this film in Cannes, and Dan Gilroy's brother stopping it because Harvey is a well known liar and generally full of it and then Harvey LOSING It and telling Tony he is a shit director and his brother deserved what he got

And this tweet made me laugh:

can't jake gyllenhaal just do like one CRAZY STUPID LOVE-esque flick where i am just wanting to kiss him & not terrified the entire time???

UltraViolet said...

Jake challenged again.

Also, forgot to say that the guy who says he saw Jake's puppy seems to be vacationing on the Vineyard. Perfect place for an ice bucket video!

UltraViolet said...

Interesting. From comments on Badass Digest :

Yeah, that trailer is pretty much the whole movie. Don't watch it if you wanna see the movie.

It's really a "feel" movie though. I don't think the trailer spoils it because there's nothing to spoil. The plot isn't the point. It's a movie that really is about watching an actor embodying a fascinating character in the middle of this stylish, rumbling, cherry red Dodge Charger of a movie. I like the comparisons to DRIVE, even though the two movies aren't all that similar, because they both are all about how the movie grabs you, not so much the twists and turns.

Monica said...

The new trailer gave too much about the film. : /

Jess said...

"The new trailer gave too much about the film. : /"

Ok I won't bother watching the movie then (LOL). Although most movie trailers these days I believe purposely give a lot of information about the movie to get people interested in the story plot. And besides its not that difficult to go online and read a movie's screen play. Just reading the synopsis of Nightcrawler you can pretty much figure out how the plot will play out.

Nightcrawler (although the title itself is misleading) may have one of the most relatable and uncomplicated subjects of any of Jake's recent movies: Overzealous, competitive and sometimes ruthless news people. It looks like pure entertainment with a great lead character, action and out of this world cinematography. I too do not believe Oscar will give this film any love because this time the subject may be too simple and good for Oscar viewers.

I wish Open Road would have done more of those 60 seconds spots (ON TELEVISION and ONLINE) with Lou interspersed with bits of the movie's scenes. Waiting on TIFF and critics as a promotional tool is sort of a gamble.

BlueJean said...

"BlueJean, Polytechnique won't have English subtitles. The 'Steelbook Edition' will probably make more sense for you."

Thanks as always, Hagen. Will keep it in mind ;)

Interesting reviews for 'nightcrawler'. The trailer looks great! So they think the movie's 'too dark'? Is that good or bad?

I like Jake in 'dark' - always will.

Monica said...

Jess, I was talking more about a scene in the trailer that give too much for me about who is Louis.

Xavier Dolan said in an interview that will just decide to make another movie when get tired of masturbating with photos of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Alex Vicente @alexvicente · 6h
Xavier Dolan en @lesinrocks: "Decido hacer otra película cuando me canso de masturbarme con fotos de Jake Gyllenhaal"

FP said...

Monica LOL!
It's nice to know that Jake is such an inspiration to young filmmakers!

Hagen said...

The new trailer gave too much about the film. : /

I guess Open Road has to do everything it can to draw people's attention to this small movie. Subtle hints of the plot probably wouldn't do the trick.

It's nice to know that Jake is such an inspiration to young filmmakers!
LOL, FP, that's a very diplomatic way to put it.
I think I could have done without that information. xD

The teaser-trailer has been dubbed into German.

Sag Actor said...

I agree that the trailer gave a bit too much away but WOW!!! NC looks really good and Jake looks cray-cray!

Jess said...

This is what worries me so much about Open Road, the release day changed not the year, 2016? From the official Facebook page:

Basic Info.
Joined Facebook
Release Date
October 31, 2016
Open Road Films"

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Jess. That is bad. Almost as bad as Bold films still referring to the movie as Nightcrawlers.

LOL at Xavier Dolan.

I don't think the trailer gave too much away, but I'm going to try to avoid watching it again, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler seems really good

LikeMona Lisa

Jess said...

"Almost as bad as Bold films still referring to the movie as Nightcrawlers."

Actually that might help the fanboys from complaining so much about their precious blue comic hero.

Anonymous said...

Justine Tucker @thestiine · 15h
worked at Fiddlehead for 4 yrs & every summer Jake Gyllenhaal comes in either when I would've been working & wasn't or right after I left

FP said...

Steve Zissou ‏@blakeyhcb 15 min

Jake Gyllenhaal the bae �� MVY tisbury farmers market. Remember that time I sold you vegetables bby ily

Anonymous said...


Either he's barefoot or has webbed feet. Great arms.

FP said...

Barefoot sexy Jake!

Michelle said...

is that a tattoo on his left foot?

UltraViolet said...

Frankly, all I can see is the number of buckets surrounding Jake. I'm bummed that he hasn't done the challenge or if he has, didn't share it publicly. I am holding out hope he'll come through.

The other thing I see: Green. Pants.

Other than that, he looks great :)

Monica said...

I'm bummed that he hasn't done the challenge or if he has, didn't share it publicly. I am holding out hope he'll come through.

I think he will not do it.

is that a tattoo on his left foot?


Extra said...

Ah the return of the green cargo pants!
I don't find the trailer spoilerish at all, it's a roller coaster ride and I can wait until Oct. 31st!

Jess said...

"I think he will not do it."

It has sort of gotten a little bit over the top which some celebrities trying to one up the others. Maybe Jake doesn't want to do it by himself, he could do it TIFF. Does he even know how to work twitter or instagram?

Monica said...

Does he even know how to work twitter or instagram?

His mother has twitter, his sister has twitter, Peter Sarsgaard has twitter, he could do and ask for one of them to post, or he could post in a youtube account. It would be better on youtube so he could block comments. He could send for the ID Pr.
I hope he will not do in Tiff.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can upload a video to You Tube. I hope Jake will do it soon and get it over with.

BlueJean said...

Somehow I also think he won't do it.

FP said...

Somehow I also think he won't do it.

I also think so, ,I think Jake has made a generous donation, which is the most important thing to me, but thank God he never do what we expect him to do!
He's just not that kind of guy,and I'm perfectly fine with that ;)

Anonymous said...

I think he will do it. I bet he's trying to think of some clever way to present it.

Chica said...

Jake was in da Bronx, my bf lives there and some of the stores sure look familiar!

The NC trailer looks off the charts bur I get leery when they start talking about awards so early.

I also think that Jake won't take the challenge but maybe just make a donation.

Monica said...


IBF belt signed by director & cast of movie Southpaw.(Antoine Fuqua, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker & Victor Ortiz)

FP said...

Net Mag 360 ‏@NetMag360 18 min

EXCLU – Jake Gyllenhaal : “Le cinéma, c’est meilleur que le sexe !” very interesting article

Anonymous said...

Tickets for Constellations go on sale Sep 30.

Mary said...

Wish I could go:(

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" will have its US premiere at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, on September 25th.

Fantastic Fest: We are also excited to announce that we are closing the festival with the red carpet US premiere of Dan Gilroy’s highly anticipated NIGHTCRAWLER, a pulse-pounding thriller set in the nocturnal underbelly of contemporary Los Angeles. Written and directed by Dan Gilroy, who will be in attendance at the festival.

UltraViolet said...

Still no ice bucket challenge video. Not a surprise but still a drag. SMH.

Apparently, Jake will not attend the NC Fantastic Fest premiere:

Jen Yamato
Sadly I hear Southpaw-trained Jake Gyllenhaal can't make it to @FantasticFest. There goes my guess for @timalamo's Debates title bout :(

Saw this comment on the Hitfix story about NC:

I saw an early screening this week, and it is indeed awesome. Darkly funny and intense. Shame about the trailer though, cause it shows way too much of the film, revealing key plot points that might take away some of the fun and surprise. Best to know as little as possible before going in.

Hot Mess said...

Ultraviolet and Monica, TY for the warm thoughts. Sorry for my belated response (work in full swing, spending more time with mom...) Can hardly keep up with Jake-related news but fortunately all the info one might miss out on Jake can be found here. :-)

Came to post about "Nightcrawler" closing Fantastic Fest but nobody can beat Hagen to it :-)

Dan Gilroy, who will be in attendance at the festival.

There's this related tweet:
jen yamato @jenyamato 1h
Sadly I hear Southpaw-trained Jake Gyllenhaal can't make it to @FantasticFest.

Considering Jake will start filming "Demolition" Sept. 15 in NYC, it sounds legit. By then though, we'll have enough interviews and photos from Toronto to feast on.

I like this Anne Thompson On Hollywood write-up: Dan Gilroy's directorial debut about a freelance writer thrust into LA crime journalism will first bow at Toronto before US-premiering at Fantastic Fest. Open Road opens "Nightcrawler," which has Best Actor potential for Gyllenhaal, in theaters on Halloween.

also this tweet:
Matt Barone @MBarone
.@fantasticfest choosing NIGHTCRAWLER as the closing night film confirms my hopes that it's as dark as twisted as those trailers suggest.

Hot Mess said...

...And Ultraviolet beat me to that Jen Yamato tweet by 2 minutes :-)))

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say hi to Gyllencrazy - thanks for the info!

Mary, I wish you could go, too! I also think it's crazy in this day and age that plays aren't taped and available for all to see.

Hot Mess said...

Second trailer does give away too much (guess they were too eager to make it thrilling). Silver lining: spoilers are cleverly edited so that un-spoiled people have nothing to fear.

I love Kris Tapley's enthusiasm for Jake's film. It's a recent trend among critics. Since Prisoners, more and more are hopping on the Gyllensance train.

Nice description: Dark and twisted and shot like they gave a damn.

This looks like the cult classic of the year.... feels small and almost a throwback to previous decades where movies like this weren't so infrequent granted a revealing response from Tapley: That's precisely why I'm looking forward to it. Doesn't appear to be, uh, prestige enough for some of my colleagues. I can't wait, though.

Too small, not prestige enough could lead to Jake being snubbed again even if his performance will be top of the game. OR may not have the funds to sustain a proper campaign for Nightcrawler and Rosewater. This is where Southpaw may come into play. (Ann Thompson: "The Weinstein Company is looking at a lean Oscar season this year -- unless they add some late-breaking contenders")
If it'll be ready for a December release Weinstein can definitely sustain a big campaign. The buzz he could create for Southpaw can make Nightcrawler more visible and Jake the center of conversation. Regardless of the results, it's a good thing. With every movie where he's outstanding yet snubbed, Jake is building a great reputation. Awards will come eventually. Years after being consistently underrated, Jeff Bridges won the Oscar and quipped: You're ruining my underrrated reputation!

Hot Mess said...

A beautiful sad memento I found today (my one-day-all-you-can-google-Jake).

Melissa Leo remembering Robin Williams remembering Jake:

You worked with Robin Williams on an episode of Homicide: Life on the Streets and in one of his last films, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. How do you remember him and working with him?

M.L.: As we were working, I must’ve mentioned to Robin that I was going to work with Jake Gyllenhaal and Robin remembered that Jake was his son in Homicide. I hadn’t even thought of that and Jake was like “What? Oh yeah, yeah! My dad directed that… Oh my God! That was my first acting job!” Both Jake and I had to think about it and Robin completely remembered. He’s a magical man. A very, very special human being and a very, very fine and hard working actor. It’s a great loss for all of us and beyond that there’s not much that I can say. Just too sad…

Monica said...

The buzz he could create for Southpaw can make Nightcrawler more visible and Jake the center of conversation.

Could cancel each other.
I don't see Southpaw debuting this year.
For all I know, Harvey likes to promote his movies taking them to festivals, doing tests screenings. His actors have to make campaign, with Jake in a play, make it almost impossible for him to do it.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it doesn't seem like Southpaw can really make a December release. But who knows what goes on in Harvey W's mind?

Hello again, HM!

...And Ultraviolet beat me to that Jen Yamato tweet by 2 minutes :-)))

Timing is everything! :)

It is nice to hear all the high hopes for NC and the good reactions from people who've seen it. I am afraid that ti won't really win anything in the end, so I'm trying not to focus on awards prospects. This would be the third year in a row Jake's name was bandied about but never really considered.

Thanks for posting the Melissa Leo item. I'd love to hear Jake's memories of working with Robin.

UltraViolet said...

Don't think I've ever seen this before. The Roundabout Theatre Company's abridged (2.5 minutes) video of If There Is. More fuel for my irritation that they don't just put out a video of the whole performance.

Non sequitur - I don't know why this just occurred to me, but the one bad thing about Jake beginning to film Demolition so soon is that his hair won't have grown back. I'd like to see a different look from the Southpaw buzz.

UltraViolet said...

According to this story, Jake will be attending some kind of program at TIFF:

The latest industry speaker additions join a previously announced program that includes appearances by Michael Moore, Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Foxcatcher's Bennett Miller and Jake Gyllenhaal of Nightcrawler.

Unclear what the program is.

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" is rated R for "violence, bloody images, and language".

UltraViolet said...

About expected, I guess.

Unclear if these folks have seen NC, but it seems so:

Managing Editor of @WSJSpeakeasy
Wow. Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible in #Nightcrawler #TIFF14

TIFF 2014

Eli Glasner, arts reporter, CBC News Network

Nightcrawler: “Jake Gyllenhaal uses his charisma to cunning effect in this thriller set in the world of cable news. Think you’ve seen the sleazy side of life in L.A.? Nightcrawler gives Cronenberg some serious competition.”

bobbyanna said...

Great reactions to the movie, UV. I'm really looking forward to reading about the reception it gets at TIFF.

The only other movie I can think of that has a character that will creep me out is Foxcatcher.

Monica said...

Jeremy Freed ‏@MrJeremyFreed 39m
Hey, isn't that Jake Gyllenhaal? Find him on newsstands across Canada Sept 3rd. @sharpmagazine…

UltraViolet said...

Nice cover shot. Not new but he looks good.

Susan Sarandon mentions Jake:

We're living in a world where mediocrity is rewarded. If that's not your focus, then you're looking for the heat, to be validated by people you don't necessarily respect or know, and so you've got yourself in a difficult, self-perpetuating, crazy ass feeding cycle. I've worked with a lot of young actors on the brink, and you can definitely see the difference between someone like Jake Gyllenhaal who is always interested in the work and do character parts, or Brad Pitt who could've gotten by just being pretty, who are really serious about trying different things. They like being an actor. It's not just being famous. And I think we help people become famous for ten minutes now — it's not even fifteen — so easily and constantly, that the goal has switched from finding something that you like to do to being famous. I think it's great that people are posting all kinds of things that they do, but some of them are just not really very worthy for that rush of all eyes on you, and I guess that's why people have 2,000 "friends" that they're showing their life to, and Catfish and all these things that are happening. I even find myself, since my dog has a Twitter account, an obligation to post every now and then. It becomes like a whole other pet or something that you have to feed and be aware of! It's such an interesting time in terms of what media has done.

Hot Mess said...

Always a pleasure reading what actors like Susan Sarandon or Melissa Leo have to say about Jake. Especially Susan noticing Jake's interest in doing character parts and his lack of interest in being famous. She puts him in the same category with Brad. Jake's reputation is not there yet, but it's in the making, people are taking notice.

Beautiful photo on Sharp Magazine (from the photoshoot he did right after Prisoners for Elle?). With a new interview? It's about time!

...the one bad thing about Jake beginning to film Demolition so soon is that his hair won't have grown back. I'd like to see a different look from the Southpaw buzz.
Had the same thought, Ultraviolet. There's a silver lining though: if Jake would've done Demolition after the play, next Spring, knowing how incredibly fast his hair grows, God knows what hairstyle he would've chosen for it. As it is, he can't be too "creative" with short hair. Maybe a Source Code-style, which I liked.

Could cancel each other.
You may be right, Monica...but I hope you aren't in case both films will be released this year ;-) All I know is, Harvey can make things happen. I mean, Bradley Cooper owes his current rep largely to Harvey who got him nominated for an average performance. I just want for Jake, a more nuanced and dedicated actor, to be the beneficiary of Harvey's "powers".

Hagen said...

There's a silver lining though: if Jake would've done Demolition after the play, next Spring, knowing how incredibly fast his hair grows, God knows what hairstyle he would've chosen for it.

LOL, good point. It doesn't hurt if he can't play with his hairstyle for a change.

"Enemy" has opened in France in 157 theaters. That's more than in any other country. On Wednesday it was watched by more than 20,000 people. That's pretty good and rather surprising given its late release in France.

Anonymous said...

Has Jake already began filming Demo? I have a seen a couple of tweets about him filming in someone's neighborhood:

Jake Gyllenhaal is filming here... and this is two blocks from our apartment. I love this city. #la…

Monica said...

No. Demolition will be filmed in New York.
Jean MV is in Telluride today for Wild.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love Susan Sarandon and enjoyed reading her take on actors and their choices and Jake.

I am determined to see Jake on stage this time!

Looking forward to hearing more feedback from TFF for NC, the trailer is fantastic!

BlueJean said...

Thanks for posting the Susan Sarandon article, UV. She's amazing. Must remember to re-watch 'Thelma & Louise' - also because of Brad Pitt ;)

Here's to Enemy's success in France! :)
Haven't read any reviews at all for 'Enemy' in the UK. Has the movie even been released there? Since 'Donnie Darko' did extremely well in the UK and had a huge following, the British people seem to have loved Jake ever since. It'd seem weird not to release 'Enemy' there.

BlueJean said...

Ahem ;) Just checked IMDb - 'Enemy' will get its British release on January 2nd 2015! *shocked*

I'm totally surprised. Why so late? Better late than never, but still... The British public will probably be able to see 'Nightcrawler' before that! ;)

Hagen said...

"Enemy" was seen by 82,000 people in France in its opening weekend. It will gross more money in French theaters than in North America.

Why so late?
Pathé UK announced to release "Enemy" for a long time and pushed back the release date again and again until it finally decided to sell the distribution rights to another company (Curzon Film World), probably because the movie didn't do well commercially in other countries.

The release of "Nightcrawler" will be pushed back by two weeks in Germany to November 13.

FP said...

Jillian/ItsJillStrif ‏@JillStrif 14 min

@shaycarl @WTKGTS @katilette You mean MY Jake Gyllenhaal? ;)

Hagen said...

He doesn't miss an opportunity to grow back his beard, even if it's only for a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

shaving sucks.

UltraViolet said...

That's an old picture of Jake from the play days, no?

Not sure if he's there now or if he's been there all along, but it looks like Jake was on the Vineyard this weekend. Tweets from folks on the island:

Casually meeting Jake Gyllenhaal at the Galley
9:51 PM - 31 Aug 2014

Saw jake gyllenhaal, dougie fresh, and Chris rock was your Sunday?
10:12 PM - 31 Aug 2014

"Enemy" was seen by 82,000 people in France in its opening weekend. It will gross more money in French theaters than in North America.

Wow. Enemy is the kind of movie one assumes the French would like. I guess they do! Denis Villeneuve must be pleased.

FP said...

Wow. Enemy is the kind of movie one assumes the French would like. I guess they do!

LOL! :)

UltraViolet said...

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing
Top #TIFF14 recommendations: Imitation Game, Mommy, Foxcatcher, Seymour, Wild Tales, Nightcrawler, Force Majeure, 2 Days 1 Night, The Tribe.

you saw Nightcrawler?

Not yet... But two trustworthy friends who have say it's one of their favorite films of the year.

I heard the same from someone. Seeing it Friday at TIFF. :D

Me too. Have a ticket for the premiere, can't wait! Bring on the Gyllenhaal.

From someone who had been on the Vineyard:

10:15 AM - 2 Sep 2014

Guess Jake,like the rest of us, has to leave summer behind.

UltraViolet said...

Nice photo!


UltraViolet said...

BJ, I forgot to say that you can see a video of Susan Sarandon talking a little about Jake here. She's always been very complimentary.

Hagen said...

That's a very intriguing article from Variety.

Playlist: You're Invited: Indiewire Talks to Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Wiig, Channing Tatum and More at TIFF

Saturday, September 6
Location: Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front St. West
4:00pm-4:30pm -- Jake Gyllenhaal ("Nightcrawler")

UltraViolet said...

New post.