Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southpaw Day

New Nightcrawler art, posted on Facebook.

Updated to add some photos from shooting on Monday. Perhaps the last day of filming?

The movie is just wrapping, but you don't need to wait for the release to celebrate. Today is international Left-handers Day. Sure, it's a made-up, meaningless holiday, but let's celebrate with some photos:

I think Holden is Jake's only one other left-handed character:

It's been a sad week for Hollywood, with the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. A 13-year-old Jake played Robin's son in an episode of Homicide. You can watch all of Robin's (and Jake's) scenes here.

That's Jake with the legendary Lauren Bacall, at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

RIP, Lauren and Robin.


UltraViolet said...

As a left-hander myself, I couldn't resist.

i hope the Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall part isn't tacky. I know these stories are not about Jake, but I though it was of note to make the connections.

I originally had a screen cap of Robin and Jake from Homicide, but I wanted a happier photo.

Piruleta said...

Is Jake wearing a neck tattoo again?

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV! Not tacky at all. Love the photo of Jake with LB. Can't get over how good they all look.

And thanks for celebrating Lefties today!!! As a left handed person I'm delighted we have our own day! ; )

Mary said...

Not tacky at all UV. I'm not left handed but my daughter is along with 2 of my brothers and sister:(

BlueJean said...

Awesome pics, esp. the ones with Lauren. How cool.

Left handed characters? I think Anthony ('Enemy') is left handed - in fact, I'm pretty sure. Jake has said he made Adam right handed and Anthony left handed, so there would be some difference between the two of them.
It's in the scene where Anthony writes down Adam's name.

Tweety said...

Love the post UV and I remember that pic of Jake and Lauren Becall!
Such sad news about Robin Williams. He was brilliant but so troubled may he rest in peace.

Monica said...

Jake looks tired.

Mike Clark ‏@mikeclarkWTAE

Only on @WTAE go behind the scenes of #southpaw meet the local actor who landed a role w star Jake Gyllenhaal 11pm

UltraViolet said...

Added that one and another one to the post. Thanks, Monica!

That makes sense, BJD. I tried to look through the screen caps, but you can't really tell. I had to laugh, too, because so many of the screen caps are so dark, it's like there is nothing on the screen.

Piruleta, it looks like it in some photos but it's hard to tell.

UltraViolet said...

LOL and damn it!

Has once again distinguished herself but not in a good way! Whispering how cute Jake Gyllenhal is and lurking in the shadows, trying to get a photo of him on set, Jake spotted her and pointed her out to the producer. The producer came over and admonished Cindy, saying, "This is a real movie! We don't want any of this on the internet!" She assured the producer that her camera was a poor one and only she would know it was "him"! The producer thanked her and as he turned away, her friend's grandson said, "Jake Gyllenhal pointed at you. That's a bonus!" And, her friend's grandson used binoculars to help her take a much clearer photo, which turned out better than she expected! Thus, the privacy setting for "friends" for that photo. Cindy doesn't want Jake Gyllenhal to be pissed!

Jess said...

"Jake spotted her and pointed her out to the producer"

Wonder if it was Weinstein? LOL

"Jake Gyllenhal pointed at you. That's a bonus!"

The fact that he recognizes her is so worth it. Jealous.

And the fact she is not upset that Jake ratted her out speaks well of her dedication to Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I was happy she seemed to find the humor in it. I do wish that JAke would just relax. There's security to worry about these things. And someone snapping a photo with a camera phone is not going to ruin the movie.

Yes, it could have been the pivotal scene where the entire plot is revealed by seeing exactly how JAke looks, but I'm thinking it probably wasn't.

In any case, I'm glad the woman got her photo!

Just updated the post with a new Nightcrawler one-sheet. Really cool photo.

UltraViolet said...

Back in New York?

10:55 AM - 14 Aug 2014
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the coffee shop. BEST. DAY. EVER. 😍

stop that right now !!! How hot is he

he's pretty hot & his apartment is right up the block from my job!


99% sure I just passed Jake Gyllenhaal on the street. #Celebs #gottalovenyc
2:30 PM - 14 Aug 2014

UltraViolet said...

Entertainment Weekly giving short shrift to yet another Jake movie in their fall preview.

Wouldn't want to take any inches away from Gone Girl's promotion.

Cute story from Zodiac days:

s normal a household as the Terry’s purported to be, that doesn’t mean Dad’s professional life never overlapped into Hanna’s.

On the set of “Zodiac,” Hanna decided she wanted to snap a photo with two of the stars, a pre-”Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. and post-Kirsten Dunst Jake Gyllenhaal. The A-Listers were OK with it, but with one stipulation: “We’re not taking a normal picture.”

Gyllenhaal told Hanna that they were going to act like gangsters. She, nervously, made a duck face. Then Downey — the personification of charisma — stormed in and pretended to eat Hanna’s face.

“They totally made my month by being so cool,” she says.

Worth it to keep reading for the kid's McBongo anecdote, lol.

Monica said...

Entertainment Weekly giving short shrift to yet another Jake movie in their fall preview.

For me it is the same as not posting anything about the movie. Sad that just films of big studios receive the most attention.

Fury starring Brad Pitt will open the same day as Nightcrawler.

Anonymous said...

Joey ‏@joeynemati 6h
Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the Meatpacking District tonight. He was a total asshole.

Anonymous said...

K.P @kiaraamor_ · 12h
Omggg I just saw jake gyllenhaal omggg. @ jakegyllenhaal # jake gyllenhaal

he asked me if I won my game ohmaiga

K.P @kiaraamor_ · 12h
I can't believe I didn't stop him to take a picture. I reacted so late. I didn't know what to do #jakegyllenhaal

Monica said...

Nightcrawler @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER · 9h
Lou Bloom has a message for you all. Be sure to check back next Thursday for your newest look at #NightcrawlerMovie.

On the same day he was a nice guy and an asshole. nice!

Hagen said...

According to Awardswatch Forums there will be a test screening of "Nightcrawler" on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Maybe we'll get the first reactions to the movie (as far as the audience is allowed to write about it).

Jess said...

"Anonymous Hagen said...
According to Awardswatch Forums there will be a test screening of "Nightcrawler" on Tuesday in Los Angeles."

Just came to say I love ErikDean.

FP said...

Sean Niggh Contreras ‏@sneiaggna


UltraViolet said...

LOL - he is a very big Jake fan. I hope posters can give impressions and won't limit info to private messages.

The last time Jake was spotted here (Fishkill Farms), it was with the first sighting with Taylor Swift. Let's hope nothing that disastrous is about to begin. From two different tweeters:



I repeat jake GYLLENHALL and I just spoke to each other !!!!!!!!!

he was at the farm all day he has the cutest German Shepard puppy

UltraViolet said...

If it was Jake, it would be fun if someone got a snap of the puppy.

This would be great, if true. From the Mercury Report, a "weekly Film and TV Production Report. We list contact info for projects in the development and pre-production stage."

SHOOTS: Sept. 15 - Nov. 5th, 2014
PRODUCERS: Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith, Molly Smith, John Malkovich, Thad Luckinbill, Jean-Marc Vallee, Trent
DIRECTOR: Jean-Marc Vallee
CASTING DIRECTOR: Suzanne Smith Crowley in house
STATUS: In Development
STORY: An investment banker, struggling to understand his emotional disconnect after the tragic death of his wife begins to tear apart his life in a effort to see where he went wrong, is ultimately rescued by a woman he meets in a chance encounter.

Also saw a FB post from an actor saying he was booked to work on Southpaw:

Happy Friday to me, Just got word I'm booked Working on Jake Gyllenhall new feature film Southpaw. Can't wait to be apart of this !!!!

Maybe there's some filming left?

Jess said...

I knew Jake could not go long without getting a dog in NYC although it took a couple of years. I guess Atticus is in LA for good, hope he is doing well though.

Monica said...

What happened to Atticus? I hope he is doing fine.

Earlier this week my dog ​​passed away :(

Jess said...

Oh Monica,

My sympathies to you for your loss.

FP said...

Monica :( hugs

Anonymous said...

"Twittsburgh ‏@twittsburgh · 19m
Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal at Jam on Walnut"

So NYC, apple picking and the new puppy a couple hours ago a mistake? Jam at Walnut is in Pittsburg.

Monica said...

thanks, Jess and FP.

If he's in a jam, I think we would have more sightings and not just one. Let's wait and see if he has a new dog.

About Demolition, it was what I was thinking. Be filmed in September to November, New York is a great place for it, since he can use the weekend to rehearse for the play, or November will be enough.

Chica said...

So sorry about your loss Monica.

I guess we will find out soon if Jake has a new pup of the paps catch him walking him or het in NY!

Saw Lauren Becall several times with het dog around the Dakota in NY . RIP Bogie's baby and may Robin RIP.

Great news about Demolition filming in NY!

Hagen said...

You have my sympathy, Monica.
Jake mentioned Atticus in an interview with the German edition of ELLE magazine in May, but he didn't reveal where Atticus currently is. (Jake praised Atticus for waiting patiently until a scene has been wrapped.)

In the same interview Jake said he's got the feeling that his time is running away. Maybe that's the reason he starts working more steadily. My Entertainment World also reports that the shooting of "Demolition" will start on September 15th. If that's true Jake will have to focus on the promotion of "Nightcrawler" in the upcoming weeks.

bobbyanna said...

This is going to be a really tight schedule. Naomi Watts is currently shooting Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent in Atlanta. I'm glad they'll be shooting Demolition in NYC.

((((monica))) So very sorry to hear about you dog!

Tess said...

From an article I read on I Heart Jake from Antoine:

Director Antoine Fuqua Talks Jake Gyllenhaal & ‘Southpaw’

"In the meantime, though, there is the deadline for “Southpaw,” which The Weinstein Co. could release as early as December, although no date has been announced."

That Harvey likes to stack his deck for the awards season, doesn't he? But please don't rush a film.

Jess said...

Sorry, that's from me Jess, mis-key.

UltraViolet said...

Wow. It would be unbelievable to push it to a December release. I'd hate to see that if Jake's performance is awards-worthy.

Thanks for the Elle link, Hagen. Is it new, I wonder, or all recycled?

Chica, it's so cool that you got to see Lauren Bacall. She was one of a kind.

Monica, I am so sorry about your dog. Big hugs to you.

Monica said...

December?? That would be a surprise.
I was hoping for next year, but this is Harvey, so...

thanks, guys.

UltraViolet said...

Here's the article. Lots of interesting stuff in there.

Jake Gyllenhaal is ripped and rough looking.

This is not the perfectly groomed, model-handsome actor from “Love & Other Drugs” but one molded and muscled from months in the gym, training long before production started in June on “Southpaw” in Western Pennsylvania.

Director Antoine Fuqua wanted him to convincingly play a light heavyweight boxer. A sneak peek at a smartphone photo shows Mr. Gyllenhaal has transformed himself.

The hair is short. The blood and ink are fake. But the abs are real and impressive. Very.

“He looks like a fighter. He’s got tattoos. He’s got everything. He’s got the eyes kind of messed up, the nose is different. Oh, yeah, he looks rough. He looks tough,” Mr. Fuqua, a Pittsburgh native, said recently over coffee in the lobby of the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel, Downtown.

“I really wanted him to be a fighter. Right now, he’s been boxing so much, he’s in that mentality,” the director said of the actor who has portrayed cops, a military helicopter pilot with eight minutes to stop a bomb blast, a sixth-century prince of Persia, a newspaper cartoonist, a Marine and a heartsick cowboy. …

In the meantime, though, there is the deadline for “Southpaw,” which The Weinstein Co. could release as early as December, although no date has been announced.

Mr. Fuqua and film editor John Refoua (an Oscar nominee for “Avatar”) have been editing as they go along and apparently aren’t daunted by the timetable. “I like the energy of that. We shot all our huge boxing sequences up front. Normally I’ll do the hardest thing first. I just think people have more in them than they think.”

That strategy minimizes overthinking or second guessing although it can “freak the crew out” sometimes, he acknowledges.

Mr. Fuqua, 48, has been boxing since his days in Pittsburgh and turned his suburban office here into a temporary communal gym, and Mr. Gyllenhaal, no stranger to workouts, as proven by “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” and “Jarhead,” embarked on rigorous training.

“Four months, twice a day, in the boxing gym. Every day, sometimes on Sundays, and he completely committed. In fact, that’s where I interviewed him,” the filmmaker recalled.

“Harvey Weinstein called me and said, ‘Well, you guys should meet.’ I said, ‘Well, let me see if he can throw a punch,’ ” the director recalled.

Mr. Gyllenhaal could, and the title “Southpaw” has a double meaning here, from the traditional use of the left hand to tapping into the other side of your brain. “In life, sometimes you have to switch your tactics, even as a parent. Kids age, you age, life moves forward,” Mr. Fuqua said.

Lots more stuff in there about Antoine Fuqua filming in his hometown.

Hot Mess said...

Hi, I'm back from my vacation and I can't believe how many Jake-related things happened. (And some non-Jake, very sad, shocking news: Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams. I'll always remember him in 2 opposites: Mr. Doubfire and Fisher King - genius!)
I'm sorry for what you're going through, Monica, I sympathize: my mom's beloved cat (17 y.o.) died this week.


On the Jake front, great news and hectic schedule! Just like Jake's working agenda should always be. Not only for his career. I truly believe his work makes him happy.

"Nightcrawler" trailer - Wow! I'm sure the movie will get people's attention. I was afraid before but seeing that split second from the police station scene, Jake's sly, unsettling smile, and remembering the scripted scene, I have faith that Dan Gilroy did right on his own words, with the help of a 200% committed Jake and a skilled cinematographer. I'm on pins and needles until the Toronto premiere.
"Fury" changing the date and landing on Oct. 17 is infuriating. I hope that Open Road will rethink the release date. The smartest thing would be to announce it right after TIFF (where Nightcrawler may gather buzz).

"Demolition" - We knew there was a mid September-mid November window but weren't sure Jake could do all at once: filming Demolition and promoting Nightcrawler. With NY as location, the stars seems to allign, allowing Jake to do the late/morning talk-shows tour. He only needs 3-4 days for LA interviews and red carpet premiere.

"Southpaw" - oh Weinstein, you old devil! I saw the report Jess mentioned above. It's here:

Very informative piece, worth discussing at least half of it.

A few wise words from Anne Thompson (July 28): "Also in the production stage is Antoine Fuqua's promising fighter flick Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal in awesome physical condition. [....] Never expect Weinstein to hang onto this schedule, however. If any one of these movies arrives in an award-worthy state, all bets are off."

If Harvey smells any chance for awards, he will want to release Southpaw during the "awards month", December. The post-production team will have to work their butts off to complete it by the end of November for SAG, AMPAS, critics screenings (with Jake in full rehearsals for the play.) I don't know if it's in the realm of possibility. But if the miracle happens, Weinstein could provide Jake the awards campaign that, I'm afraid, Open Road won't be able to support for Nightcrawler.

All in all, things are shaping up wonderfully for Jake. Hectic but great.

One more thing: tomorrow (today, almost) Southpaw will shoot an exterior scene in the real Bronx. They're looking for SAG extras this time, and a stand-in for Jake.

SAG-AFTRA -- Stand In for Jake Gyllenhaal (5'11, Caucasian) (Mon 8/18-afternoon/late shoot Southpaw

Seeking: SAG-AFTRA Caucasian Male, approx 5'10-6'0, dark hair, slim/average body type to Stand In for Jake Gyllenhaal. This will be a split call & go late - possibly 12pm-3am or 3pm-3am (just an approximate). This scene is shooting Monday August 18th in the Bronx. This will be Exterior work. If you have stood in for Jake before please indicate in the notes.

Seeking: SAG-AFTRA Men & Women, African American, Latino & Caucasian, 18-50 age range. To portray Bronx Neighborhood Pedestrians & Club Goers. This will be a split call & go late - possibly 12pm-3am or 3pm-3am (just an approximate). This scene is shooting Monday August 18th in the Bronx.

Hot Mess said...

Sorry Ultraviolet, did not see that you already posted that "Southpaw" report. Many of its details are worth several conversations.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Monica, for the loss of your dog.

I think Atticus is at a friend of Jake's, he is too travel, I think. Jake shepherd's and wanted a puppy (if the story.of him.getting a puppy is true

FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal flexes his biceps while demonstrating his boxing moves for latest movie role as he strolls thr...

Jake looks beautiful!

Ruwan Jayatilleke @RuwanJay · 11 h

Photo: i spy gyllenhaal? in NoHo #jakegyllenhaal. sighting from afar

Piruleta said...

Sorry to read about your dog, Monica.

About Southpaw: December? wow this is what I call rushing things! If they think this is awards worthy, why don't they wait till next year? I don't have any idea how this business works but there's been other cases of actors/actresses with two awards-worthy performances in the same year that ended with the actor/actress out of competition because of vote-splitting. Of course I'm just thinking about "best actor" category and they are probably expecting more than that.

I know Jake was not in any of the predictions but Nightcrawler's trailer has caused some buzz already, and even if he is not a favorite right now, there could be some surprises when the movie is finally out (hoping Fury doesn't overshadow it).

Thinking about it, if they don't release Southpaw this year, Jake will have three movies coming out in 2015 (Everest, Demolition?)… a lot of competition if we consider that all of them deserve some awards attention, which obviously we don't know yet.

Thanks for the article, I'm curious to see how Jake looks with the tattoos, the "fake" nose and the "kind of messed up" eyes.

Hagen said...

Is it new, I wonder, or all recycled?

According to Elle magazine the interview was led by Christian Aust in May 2014, but the answers were (inevitably) recycled.

I think it's silly to release the vast majority of movies that are a bit more sophisticated in the fourth quarter. And I'm not sure if a prosthetic nose is such a good idea. Admittedly it might make sense when you play a boxer, but the nose of Nicole Kidman in "The Hours" or Steven Carell in the trailer for "Foxcatcher" are somewhat distracting.

Jake looks beautiful!

And he can't stop boxing. ;-)

UltraViolet said...

It really is dumb for so many movies to be jammed into one quarter.

Looks like Jake's not done yet - guess this is why he had to keep the moves:

12 minutes ago
Bronx bound...Filming last scene of SouthPaw with Jake Gyllenhaal

Mot sure if he's an actor or behind the scenes.

And yesterday:

Just locked eyes with Jake Gyllenhaal at brunch. No big. — at Cafe Orlin.

No way! So awesome!!! I love him! Where? Are you in New York??

I moved to NY about two months ago

Well, I knew that, but was wondering if you were there now, or out here in so cal when you saw him.... So, are you loving NY? Are you in the city? Best city ever!! Do you have a date with Jake??

So dreamy

Can you please marry him??? I would love to have him in the fam!!

Omg lucky! He is gorgeous!

UltraViolet said...

Read the Elle interview. Some typical Jake answers, but I did think the answer about having a family was interesting. As someone without kids, I understand the sensitivity to questions about when/if you'll be starting a family.

Also just added a couple of photos from set today. Guess there was at least one more day of shooting. The first one is a pretty nice shot.

mary said...

Thanks Uv great pics looks like he wears a wedding band in this film.

Hot Mess said...

He looks hot and cute at the same time in the NYC photos. I imagine he's shadow-boxing in his sleep by now :D

The new photo from the Bronx set is a really good one.

Another one, jogging:
Ireneee @queenn_Ira
Jake Gyllenhaal is in my block filming his new movie

Can't stop thinking of Rocky I for the obvious reasons, though I'm sure Southpaw will be more character driven, grittier and better acted. What I keep thinking is Rocky won best picture, got 10 more Oscar nods. Raging Bull, The Fighter won Oscars. Maybe Weinstein keeps thinking the same :-)

Jess said...

Well maybe around this time or close to it tomorrow night, there will be some indication of how Nightcrawler feels. And I think if they are going to change the 10/17 release date it should be done soon. There does not appear to be much running of the trailer on TV or in print or online. I wish Jake would get a movie where the studio just runs the promo early and keeps it going. The police comedy that debuted this past weekend did really well because the promo was early and often.

I think trying to keep the film such a mystery until Toronto could be a mistake for film that opening so close after the festival ends. I hope the film does not get lost (screen count wise) among the bigger films. Jake needs a solid box office -really solid (probably not number one) but solid.

Maybe do a 180 and take Fury's original release date. I think if its an award hopeful waiting later may help to keep the film relevant. But Jake has such bad luck with distributors small and large.

UltraViolet said...

Added a few more photos from filming today and tonight. Love the photo under the subway; it was captioned: One of the Nicest stars I've ever met !!!

The one with Jake and Antoine and the extras was on FB, with this exchange:

I came out from work, to come out in a movie with my mom.

Is that jake gilinhal?


Wow that is cool what part you gonna do in the movie what is the name of it

I was Makin believe I was buying something

That's cool when does it come out

I don't know I'm waiting for my check lol

UltraViolet said...

Fingers crossed for Southpaw to follow in the boxing-movie-awards tradition, HM!

Jess, it's hard to tell the right approach. It's a small movie, and I can see it getting buried in that awards-season flood. I guess we'll find out tomorrow night if some viewers think it should be in the running.

Mary, love the flash of the wedding ring :)

Monica said...

Nightcrawler @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER · 7h
In 3 days, Lou Bloom makes his pitch. Check back Thursday for your newest look at #NightcrawlerMovie.

I think it will be a new message from the lovely Louis Bloom!

Wow jake gyllenhall is right in front of me. Filming on my block😳

Hugs for your mother, hot mess. Thanks to all for the words.

UltraViolet said...

From an interview with boxer Victor Ortiz:

You’re also going to be in another film called “Southpaw” with Jake Gyllenhaal. Is there anything you were able to teach him that he worked into his performance as a boxer?

Jake Gyllenhaal was trained by his boxing coach. I actually did give my two cents, but I thought any time I did that I was kind of stepping over the boundaries. What I’ve learned as a boxer is that anytime there is a coach telling his boxer what to do, you never want to interfere with that.

And from the NC FB page:

In 3 days, Lou Bloom makes his pitch. Check back Thursday for your newest look at ‪#‎NightcrawlerMovie‬.

And vote for Nightcralwer in this poll of the fall's most anticipated movie.

UltraViolet said...

Hot Mess, didn't see that we had posted the same things above. As you said, lots of stuff in there worth mentioning. Welcome back from vacation. And I'm sorry about your mother's cat!

Monica, I'm hoping the NC folks have more creative promotion planned!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm not surprised with the rush with Southpaw with Weinstein behind it. I just hope that the film doesn't get lost in the other movies being released around the same time for awards season.

Thanks UV and everyone here for all the Southpaw and Nightcrawler updates and I love the NC banner!

Still in shock over the death of Robin Williams and another link to old HW is gone with the passing of Lauren Becall.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog Monica :(

Hagen said...

Finally we get a close look at Jake on the set of "Southpaw". :-) I'm OK with the nose, but I'm curious how the eye makeup will look like in the movie. Jake looks rather deranged. xD

Yet another competitor for "Nightcrawler": Titled, “Men, Women & Children” Reitman's six feature has been set by Paramount for a limited release on Oct. 3 before expanding wider on Oct. 17. (The Playlist)

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" will premiere at TIFF on Friday, September 5th at 9 PM.

UltraViolet said...

First look at the TIFF schedule has Nightcrawler premiering on 9/5. Running time listed at 147 minutes!

UltraViolet said...

Oops, didn't see your post, Hagen.

And that was apparently a typo. Looks like 117 minutes. (Official schedule slot shows it as 147 minutes here. But the info page has 117, which makes more sense.

If you want to see Southpaw Jake, someone posted a short video on FB.

FP said...

Moe Paretti ‏@moeparetti 6 min

Jake Gyllenhaal is at jacks wife people 😍 hiiiiii

UltraViolet said...

With his mother, apparently. Jack's Wife Freda is the (terrible) name of a restaurant that is apparently quite good.

Here's another photo from the Sunday stroll.

Jess said...

"Elevation Pictures ‏@Elevation_Pics · 25m
LA is the city that shines brightest at night. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in #NightcrawlerMovie.'

I wonder how many attendees will not read the synopsis and think its another comic book movie. LOL

BlueJean said...

Guys, I'm missing something here, I think. An Elle interview with Jake?
Can't seem to find it or I need new glasses... ;)
Could someone please post a link?
Thanks a lot!

UltraViolet said...

Finlly, reason! Jake Gyllenhaal's ‘Nightcrawler’ Moves to Halloween, Avoids Brad Pitt's ‘Fury’

Saw this on FB, from a woman who works with set designers, stylists, makeup artists:

After many years booking my artist with Jake Gyllenhaal, I finally met him on set today. He is as lovely as I imagined.

Posted today.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, BJD, didn't see your post. I know how frustrating it is to hear about an interview and not be able to find it!

The Elle interview was in one of Hagen's posts. It's here.

Jess said...

Good news UV? I am not up on what is usually out for Halloween except horror movies but maybe NC will be an alternative for adults.

Monica said...

Nightcrawler @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER · 3h
TUNE IN TONIGHT at 7pm EST to @nbc's @extratv for the debut of the new #NightcrawlerMovie trailer and come back on Thurs for your full look!

UltraViolet said...

Your move, Jake…

FP said...

pics of Jake looking hot as hell;)

the article is a joke full of inaccuracies, but the photos are beautiful

Come on Jake accept the challenge of 50!

UltraViolet said...

I saw that article earlier and had to laugh. Do they still say Jake re teamed with Fuqua, his L&OD director? LOL.

But nice photos, it's true.

From AwardsWatch, a poem from someone who was at the NC screening:

Best movie of year.
Gyllenhaal was pretty great.
ISA's or bust.

Russo delightful
Script is incredibly strong
Oscar? No? We'll see.

So good news that it's a great movie but probably not getting Academy Awards love.

Hagen said...

Finally, reason!

They should have listened to us from begin on. xD I wonder if the German distributor will stick to the announced release date (October 30th).

Daily Mail obviously loves embellishing its stories, but the pictures are really nice.

I'd be happy if Jake is nominated for an Independent Spirit Award or a Gotham Independent Film Award.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to south paw. I'm surprised they are going for a Dec release. I usually expect at least a year before release.


Anonymous said...

I honestly think the OScar nominations for this movie season have already been stacked since last year. I doubt if Nightcrawler or other deserving films will even get a view by the Academy. In the last few years or so Oscar nominations are more about films that have buzz instead of being good films. They usually throw in one or two small films to stay legit but even those films are buzzed about.

Its amazing how social media has affected art, sometimes good but sometime bad.

Piruleta said...

There are more nice pictures from Southpaw's set at IHJ, you can have a close look at his "make up".

I'm not expecting too much awards love for Nightcrawler either, which it's a shame because it looks like it has a lot of potential… but is a small movie that will probably have a small marketing campaign and these days marketing seems as important as making a great film.

Anyway, I hope to read more reactions from yesterday's screening.

Jess said...

Good makeup job, Jake looks different but the touches done his face are subtle. He looks rather rough not at all the Adonis from LAOD. But I so would anyway.

Hagen said...

From Cameron Bailey's write-up of "Nightcrawler": In this gripping portrait of LA's dark side from first-time director Dan Gilroy, local TV feeds on local crisis. Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a loner and petty thief adrift in the LA night when he happens upon the nightcrawlers in action. He gets himself a cheap video camera and a police radio scanner and begins the chase. Fresh car accidents, robbery victims, home invasions — everything is fair game. But the competition is stiff: Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) is already a seasoned professional with police contacts and a reliable buyer in TV producer Nina (Rene Russo).

But Lou has a nose for blood. Seemingly immune to the moral dilemmas of his new job, he doggedly pursues the most shocking scenes he can find. It turns out he also has the eye of an artist: if the scene doesn't quite tell the story Nina needs — urban crime threatening innocent suburbanites — he is more than willing to enhance the picture. Like the protagonists of Michael Powell's Peeping Tom or Krzysztof Kie?lowski's Camera Buff, he is a chilling metaphor for filmmakers.

Gyllenhaal reveals this compromised character from behind eyes that can go suddenly, frighteningly blank, in behaviour that feels both surprising and true. Screenwriter turned director Gilroy (Freejack, The Bourne Legacy) crafts a tense atmosphere in this contemporary film noir, and gives Gyllenhaal the opportunity to deliver what may be his most forceful, compelling performance yet.

UltraViolet said...

Well that sounds compelling! I really can't wait to see it. Disappointed there weren't more screening reactions but maybe we'll get a few others.

Give Jake a few votes in this poll.

Would love to see Jake get some Spirit nominations since they snubbed him for Brokeback and End of Watch.

UltraViolet said...

Yay! I hope he really does follow through :)

Thank you, 50 Cent! Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest celeb to be nominated to take part in the ever-viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We just spoke to Gyllenhaal on the phone (he’s prepping for the Toronto Film Festival, if you haven’t heard), and felt it was our journalistic duty to inform him he’s been tapped for an ice cold shower. “Who did? 50 Cent?” he laughed. “Oh great. Awesome. Thank you for telling me. I had no idea.”

So, will he accept the challenge?

“I don’t think it’s an option,” he says. (Correct.) “I don’t think there’s any opting out. Unless you have something better to do — but I don’t think there’s anything better to do.” See you soon, Drenched Jake!

Jake's people are clueless. How could they not have heard and then told him.

Monica said...

The Broadway production of Constellations is a reunion of sorts. Gyllenhaal starred in an Off-Broadway production of an earlier play of Payne’s, If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, in 2012.
“He’s been very nice about the work and he’s not someone who needs to do a play so he only does the projects he’s got a personal interest in,” says Payne.

Source: smh