Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The reviews keep coming

Doing a bit of a catch up on theater-related items that have gotten lost in the flood for End of Watch news and promotion.

The first review is mine! I finally got a chance to see Jake Gyllenhaal in his American stage debut last weekend. Jake's performance was top-notch: He nails the accent, the mannerisms and the attitude of Terry, a lost soul who stops battling his own demons for a short time in order to help his niece fight hers. And maybe help them both grow up.

Terry's reformation doesn't last, but his impact on the family does. And on the play. The show comes to life with his arrival and lags a bit when he's offstage for a brief time towards the end.

Jake's Terry is immature, angry, funny, dark, rude, bold and cowardly, crude and compassionate. Totally charming. And really profane. He sets off an explosion in this family but doesn't stick around to repair the damage. He sees that his niece needs help and offers it, in his own way. But he can't move past his own fear and anger, so he bails. He knows he shouldn't but he can't bring himself to change enough to help for the long haul.

Jake handles the fast-paced, elliptical dialogue perfectly. He seems totally at ease on the stage, even as his character is a ball of nerves. And he has great chemistry with all of the actors. He and Brian O'Byrne seem like brothers. And Jake and Annie Funke sparkle in scenes ranging from tough to tender to tense. Like the audience, Anna is happier when Terry is around.

The play is funny, poignant and disturbing. But it's not quite as thought-provoking as it wants to be. The set design is clever, with the actors moving props from the center of the stage to set up scenes, then tossing various bits into a trough at the foot of the stage.

That metaphors and conflicts may not be original, but they are legitimate: Grown-ups who pay too much attention to the world around them and not enough to their own house; a child who is finally seen and heard by someone who recognizes her pain but can't overcome his own long enough to help her.

It's an old, familiar story brought to new life by four impressive actors, especially Jake and Annie. I'm happy I got to know their story.

We'll move on to professional reviews!

The New Yorker:

As Gyllenhall superbly plays him, Terry is a bearded, feral soul, who sidles into view in a gray knit cap and a yellow T-shirt, at once heartbroken and hapless. "I, I. I fuck things up. And it makes me mad," he says. He's full of good intentions and bad advice. (He suggests to Anna that she tells her school tormentor "that if she gives you any more grief, I'll be taking shit on her doorstep for the next month and a half.") He can't mobilize thought; he is cluless--a state that is betrayed by his syntax. His sentences, like his life, have no direction or resolution. "Prb'ly shoulda rung or something, but," he says when he sees Anna (whom he addresses as "Hannah") for the first time. "Phone was fucked and I thought, by the time I've arsed around getting change for the fucking. You know the phone, and that, thought I might as well just."

Huffington Post:

It is clear this family is sinking, but not until George's wandering, ne'er do well brother Terry (Gyllenhaal) appears for an unexpected visit that they realize just how deep of a mess they are in. Sporting an authentic working class British accent, Gyllenhaal gives Terry a charmingly well-meaning, slightly bewildered manner that juxtaposes George's buttoned-up professor personality in a very entertaining way. On paper it would be difficult to believe these two are related but this duo of talented actors give them an authentic connection. (As George expounds on his book and how he hopes it will change the world, Terry interrupts with the question, "What's the carbon footprint of a joint?" George does not laugh.) ...

Even though some meanings of the play were not quite clear -- the title, for example -- it is a poignant and powerful show with an especially strong cast. One hopes to see all of them, including Gyllenhaal, in more stage productions soon.

New York Magazine:

Jake Gyllenhaal, it turns out, is a stage actor of innate instinct: Whether he’s delivering a laugh line, getting lost in playwright Nick Payne’s trademark ellipses, or tossing furniture into the Plexiglas sluice director Michael Longhurst has attached to the lip of the stage, Gyllenhaal displays the intuitive understanding of theater-space — its exact dimensions and tolerances — that eludes so many film actors. He’s in perfect communication with hundreds of people while maintaining perfect intimacy with his scene partners. Not bad for a newbie. ...

But If There Is is a young, tender, exploratory play, and ultimately, it takes refuge in the same paralyzed bourgeois mildness its characters are smothering under. The flood comes — quite literally, thanks to some impressive, if slightly cumbersome onstage waterworks — and we still end up swaddled in cozy, prime-time-drama what-can-you-do-but-love-each-other comfort.

New York Press:

Payne’s portrait of Anna is made of sturdier stuff, thanks mostly to Funke herself, who blends the right elements of diffidence, fear, anger and curiosity into a gorgeously insightful teen performance. Terry’s encouragement of Anna to not hide but claim her life is the central tie of the play, and Funke and Gyllenhaal create a unique bond for their floundering characters. (Both accents are spot-on, though Gyllenhaal struggles with some projection problems.) Gyllenhaal is also effective when opposite O’Byrne, suggesting just why these two brothers trekked disparate paths.

Village Voice:

This is Jake's American stage debut, and he's very effective, using lots of physicality for the stoner character, plumbing the guy's awkward well-meaning quality and potentially darker instincts as he reconnects with his bullied niece (Annie Funke).

If he were some unknown, Jake's definitely the kind of actor about whom you'd say, "Wow, he should be a movie star."

And he's competing with all the elements here.

Throughout the play, the cast throws pieces of furniture into a canal in front of the stage, and by the end--as you may have heard--the water seeps onto the stage as O'Byrne wonders, "Are we worth saving if we're not prepared to change?"

Yes--if Jake Gylenhaal is part of the human race.

Reviewing the Drama:

I like the production more than I like the play. The play is good. It’s well-written, but it’s a fairly typical family drama. It doesn’t explore any new familial territory, there’s no new insight and the climax is a little predictable - especially if you are paying attention to details throughout. (Although, I do like the environmental slant.) But the production is fascinating, especially the scenic design (by Beowulf Boritt) and direction. Terry is a tempest; he comes in with this reckless abandon and pollutes the environment - he starts throwing everything he’s “finished with” in the water. Anna starts following suit. But the water can only hold so much before the flood. And like the cagey, irresponsible loner that he is, Terry leaves after wrecking everything but before getting his feet wet - literally. ...

PS - The buzz surrounding this show is, not surprisingly, all about Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a treat to watch him as he finally had some meat to sink his teeth in to. Gyllenhaal is a more talented actor than some of his film roles have allowed him to showcase. (Moonlight Mile, Donnie Darko and Jarhead were fantastic. Prince of Persia - not so much.) Here, he excels at walking the fine line between comedy and drama, creepy inappropriateness and touching, sincere care. It’s also a generous performance. Gyllenhaal doesn’t grandstand or try to use movie star bravado to overpower any of his fellow actors. Terry does, but not Gyllenhaal. His performance is nuanced and graceful, and ensures he’ll be welcomed back on the boards any time.

A total pan from Rex Reed in the NY Observer.

Catch up on post-play photos:

Jake and Brían O'Byrne backstage with K'naan:

Jake and Brían at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday:

"it took every girl around us 20 mins to figure out what we already knew. haha"

Caricature by Paul Thurlby for The New Yorker.


UltraViolet said...

Some collected play tweets and FB posts from the past week or more:

Cherry Jones led the Standing O for 'If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet' (her 'Doubt' co-star Brian O'Byrne was also in the cast). #theater
9:17 PM - 28 Sep 12

Just saw "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet". Really amazing. Jake Gyllenhaal was incredible.

//I've thought about 'If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet' and my review: Jake Gyllenhaal is a babe

As the lady next to me said, "This is to meet Jake Glickenhaal" #lolz //

Do you think Jake Gyllenhaal would jog through the rain to see me in MY off-Broadway debut? I'd like to believe that he would.

@RTC_NYC #IfThereIs was great! Loved the destruction of the set and how that was a metaphor for the destruction of the lives around it.

entire cast amazing .... saw last eve with my twenty something daughters all moved by story and performances

#if there is I haven't found it yet #Brian O'Byrne #Jake G Torrents of praise for afternoon matinee. Entire cast wowed us. Save us all

FANTASTIC piece of theatre+wonderful use of symbolism!Jake Gyllenhaal is SO good in that role that u actually forget its JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!

See @RTC_NYC 's IF THERE IS... It's daring and compelling - a pretty great show.

showed his acting chops in his first Broadway appearance as a purposeless wanderer who nonetheless had deep compassion.

Us mag: VIP Scene. Scarlett Johansson congratulating Jake Gyllenhaal on his performance in the play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet

UltraViolet said...

The New Yorker illustrator said on his FB page that Jake's mother liked his drawing so much that she wants a print. Pretty cool.

The guy has some great stuff on his site.

More tweets/posts:

BTW Jake Gyllenhaal is beyond fantastic in "If There is I Haven't Found It Yet"

@RTC_NYC #IfThereIs was great! Loved the destruction of the set and how that was a metaphor for the destruction of the lives around it.

Powerfully metaphoric show with a great discussion afterwards at Playwright Celtic Pub!!!!!

"If There is" is a very powerful play. Jake G plays a British vagabond amazingly well. @RTC_NYC

Viv said...


You are so hard working.*bow*

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a great review UV, you should do reviews professionally!! Of I go to NY during the week of Thanksgiving, I plan on seeing it, the play runs until the end of November.

Love the New Yorker illustration,Jake must be over the moon with these reviews!

Great fan pics too, I always love seeing Jake interact with his fans.

bobbyanna said...

I *bow* too!! This is a great post and I enjoyed your review very much, UV! It's wonderful to see all the positive coverage of the play in one place, compiled as you have done. As for stuffy old Rex Reed, I don't think anyone pays much attention to his brand of acid anymore. He's very 70's! LOL!

OONP I hope you do get a chance to get into NYC to see the play.

How cool to see Brian,Jake,and K'naan hanging out. K'naan performed at the Global Citizens festival. (Jake's surrounded by tweeters. )

Love the fan photos, too!

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say how much I love the very first photo of Jake as Terry onstage.

Mary said...

Thanks UV you are the best.

Anonymous said...

Carly W. ‏@ShimmyMaxx18

Met Jake Gyllenhaal! He's truly talented and handsome too!!

Scott said...

"Carly W. ‏@ShimmyMaxx18

Met Jake Gyllenhaal! He's truly talented and handsome too!!"

She looks familiar and a bit too friendly. She bests step back from my man, I'm a bit jealous.

And PS I am a girl.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Scott. You have to share.

BTW, that video in the post is a new one. The actors talk about the play and each other. It's great.

Annie was interviewed for NBC NY and answers the important questions:

NBC4NY: The theater community is insular. What went through your mind when you heard you’d be working opposite someone who travels in an entirely different orbit of celebrity.

FUNKE: I had seven callbacks, and the final two were with Jake, which was both great and intimidating ... to see a famous movie star who you feel like you know, because you’ve seen their body of work. I had that moment of “Oh my gosh. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.” And then 30 seconds later it was like, “Well, this is where the hard part starts.” To walk in there and see Jake and Brian is intimidating. I had no idea what to expect from Jake, because who knows what celebrity is like. ... I was instantly bowled over by his intelligence and his generosity as an actor. He’s up for trying anything.

NBC4NY: So .... bald Jake or hairy Jake?

FUNKE: Ha. I went to see “End of Watch” today. I realized I’d never known him without facial hair. I would say ... Jake with hair. But he can pull off a bald head very well.

And aww, thanks Viv, Bobbyanna, Mary and OONP. I think you are all being too nice. It was hard to think of something new to say after we've read all the reviews.

Extra said...

We are getting so spoiled! What a great idea to have all of the reviews in one place, thanks so much UV!!

Loved reading your review, it must have been incredible to see him up there on stage.

Great backstage concert pics and I love the fan pics after the play too!!

UltraViolet said...

Very cute FB story from someone who works at Whole Foods:

I will live the remaining days of my life the happiest because I MEANT MY JAKE GYLLENHAAL LAST NIGHT!!! Life goal: Completed! =D



This is how I know Jake & I are soulmates, I didnt want that shift but I picked it up..AND WE MET!!!!
2 hours ago · 1

Jill: DAMN! DAMN! DAMNIT!!!!!! lmao!!!! well i guess it was just meant to be haha. Now i don't feel bad for anymore!!!! YESS YESS!!! SHOOT! soulmates? not after i snatch him from ya! ;) so uh did you hug him? shake his hand...asked if he needed help with a cab??/ hahaha
2 hours ago · Edited

the day that hugh jackman walks in wholefoods I swear to you I will jump him....oh waiting waiting waiting for wolverine lol
2 hours ago · 1

I got an autograph ...I told him I loved him since bubble boy and he laughed and wrote xo on my paper...Then he expected me to ask for a hug but if I would of hugged him there would be no WAY IN hell I was going to let go!!!

UltraViolet said...

It was incredible, Extra. So grateful to have the opportunity.

I should add a link to all the previous reviews. I did want to have them all together. You know, for posterity, lol.

dina said...

Sometimes I wish Jake or one of his "people" or his relatives would pop in here and notice what a great blog this is. He has some really cool fans.

Spme dumb newspaper prints a story how he doesn't sign, and you post dozens of pictures and stories from fans who were with him. A few people complain he is rude but 99% of what I read about him is how nice he is.

All that stuff is important, because Hugh Jackman has a reputation, too, of being a really nice person. I am really glad they are working together. Jake is lovely.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the nice words, Dina. Though we'd probably scare the Gyllenhaals away if they visited! We obsess but we do it with kindness, Gs :)

As for signing after the play, I agree up to a point. Just today, someone tweeted that Jake didn't stick around after the matinee:

Jake gyllenhaal got me all wet in IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET. instint upgrade from rear rush to front centre splash zone. But...

But I think it was a dick move not to stay and sign more playbills. There were like five or ten more people there, Jake. #nopic

And he was only at the stage door for maybe two minutes.

Of course, if you read the Broadway forums, you'll find out that many stars don't sign after the matinee. And you'll see from other accounts that Jake has been friendly and patient.

But if it's your one chance to see him and he doesn't stop or is brusque, I can understand the disappointment.

In Contention presents Best Actor prospects, in alphabetical order:

Jake Gyllenhaal - 'End of Watch'
Pro: Gyllenhaal is a previous nominee in the best supporting actor category for his work in "Brokeback Mountain." He won a BAFTA Award and the National Board of Review honor and received a SAG Awards nomination for the performance. This year, his work in David Ayer's "End of Watch" has earned him some of his strongest reviews since "Brokeback." The film is an early fall favorite of critics and a surprise hit at the box office for distributor Open Road Films. If Open Road can get screenes to Academy members early enough, he's got a chance.

Con: In their short history, Open Road hasn't earned a Golden Globe nomination let alone an Oscar nod for any of their films. It may be too much to ask a distributor more excited they may actually make money on another film besides "The Grey." And recent Academy history is full of actors (or their publicists) who tried to mount their own campaigns and failed.

Anonymous said...

Rob Salerno ‏@robsalerno

Jake gyllenhaal got me all wet in IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET. instint upgrade from rear rush to front centre splash zone. But...

UltraViolet said...

Sometimes I think people don't even read my posts... :)

Scott said...

Oh Rob at least Jake made you wet in person, some of us have not had the pleasure. So stop worrying about about what you don't have and remember it is forever written in Twitter history that Jake Gyllenhaal made you wet.

Anonymous said...

Deb ‏@Debbiecakes910

I just got a Jake Gyllenhaal hug when he signed my playbill after seeing "If There is I Haven't found it Yet"!!

bobbyanna said...

Faisal Alsaja‏@AlsajaFaisal

"Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal as he was walking towards the theatre. Wished him good luck. I'm seeing him perform tonight. Nice guy"

Just found this on Twitter, as Jake heads back to work. Weds. & Sats. have to be long days when he has two performances.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. Meant to post that
sasha4Jake posted this tidbit a couple of hours ago:

"The most exciting part about @RealHughJackman + Jake Gyllenhaal working together for #Prisoners is: Hugh tweets from work. #fangirlheaven"

Wonder if we'll get any reports from pple who might have seen the script for Prisoners.

(Trying not to think about tonight's debate. Makes me nervous! : ) )

bobbyanna said...

The search function on Twitter isn't working for me. : (

UltraViolet said...

Hmm - it's working for me, Bobbyanna. Twitter's probably just overloaded. Lots of tweets touting Jake for President.

Some tweets:

Can somebody explain how I keep running into Jake Gyllenhaal in random NYC locations? First @HudsonClearwatr & now on 1 train @ Houston stop
4:52 PM - 3 Oct 12

Just bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal as he was walking towards the theatre. Wished him good luck. I'm seeing him perform tonight. Nice guy.

bobbyanna said...

It's working now, UV. I saw the Jake for President tweets! LOL!

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, I repeated the tweet you posted - sorry about that! I did read your post, but earlier in the day, I swear.

Anon 5:29: That shows how two people at the same stage door can have a vastly different experience.

From FB:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal off Broadway. Damn...he is HOT!

If you guys in NYC you should see it! Laura Pels Theatre "If I Haven't Found It Yet" This is amazing!

Chica said...

Thanks for your review UV! I was more impressed with Jake and Annie as I said in my review but this is such a perfect vehicle for Jake. Part of an ensemble and Jake's role is the most fascinating character.

And what a great job at posting all the play reviews, Jake should be really proud and happy.

I'm curious to see how EOW fares this weekend. It would e great of it eneded up in the top 5.

As far as the debates last night are concerened, IMO most people have already made up there minds.

Romney may have been more "feisty" but the President scored on substance. I'm sure the fact checkers are having a field dat with Romney this morning :)

Hagen said...

Hollywood Reporter: The Secret to a Smash Movie: Lure Latinos

According to MPAA research, Hispanics make up only 16 percent of the U.S. population yet represent 25 percent or more of those buying tickets to the cinema. They also go to the movies more often than any other ethnic group: Hispanic moviegoers go to the movies 5.3 times a year, on average. That compares with 3.5 times for whites and 3.7 times for African-Americans.

Studios and indie companies are no novices at marketing to Hispanics, but they still only spend a fraction of their marketing budgets on this demo, at least in terms of advertising on Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo. Open Road, for instance, spent about 10 percent of its television budget for End of Watch on the two nets; usually, it would only spend 5 percent (in line with other companies). Guided by Cassidy, Open Road also cut a Spanish-language trailer for the movie. "What has been instructive is that the more authentic the Latino experience feels, the bigger draw it seems to have for that audience. For us, the response was amazing," says Cassidy.

But Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, believes Hollywood isn't doing enough. "They need to do better if they want to capture this market," he says, noting that many of the roles played by Hispanics fit into the villain stereotype.

Nogales, whose group is based in Pasadena, also thinks film marketers need to be even more proactive. The coalition is proposing a First Look Club, where Hollywood's establishment would prescreen movies and TV shows for Latinos to create prerelease buzz. This summer, Open Road prescreened End of Watch for Nogales' group, and he says it paid off.

The activist also commends End of Watch for not falling prey to stereotypes, noting that Pena's character plays a hero. "I can't think of too many films where there is a balance of Latino bad guys and good guys," he says. "I can remember when many films had an African-American sidekick. We're seeing the same phenomenon with Latinos, and that needs to change."

Following End of Watch's successful opening, the coalition sent an e-mail blast to constituents urging them to see the film. Again, the effort aided the film, which dropped a modest 40 percent its second weekend. "Hispanics go en masse to the movies and as a family," notes Blacker. "Sometimes, they even go repetitively. Any studio has to find a way to be relevant to the U.S. Hispanic market."

bobbyanna said...

Thanks. Very interesting article in THR. It confirms a conscious effort to really market this film differently. They've done an excellent job, and I also liked seeing other actors besides Jake out here working hard to sell the movie. I remember Michael and Natalie Martinez making appearances in places like Dallas with large Hispanic populations.

Chica,I agree. It's all about "arithmetic, common sense & history. " : ) Maybe after a good night's sleep the media will take a second look. Holes big enough to drive a truck thru.

Anonymous said...

I saw the article from THR last night, great insight.

As for the debates, no one really remembers the first debate when voting, it's the last one that counts. I hope Obama didn't "win" the debate last night, it just means that Romney set the bar high for himself. He's not a bad guy Romney, its just that he does not know what's it like to struggle at any level. I don't think he knows what its like to handle pressure. But we will see, it's up to President Obama to take charge and I think last night may have woken up the Obama camp. Waiting for Romney to fail is not a good strategy.

Scott said...

9:30am was me


bobbyanna said...

I know I asked this earlier, but
I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the script for Prisoners?

Wanted to know if the plot calls for the detective and the victims' father to eventually team up or are they always at odds?

Does HJ become the bad guy? Is there ambiguity? I wonder how big Jake's role is. I'm sure it's substantial even if it is supporting.

Would be cool if Jake turned out to be the kidnapper. Like Gary Sinise in Ransom. : ) (Kidding!)

Hagen said...

I'm glad that Jake will play a part in "Prioners", as I'm confident that the movie will appeal to audiences outside the U.S.

EoW entered the box office chart in Thailand at #4 ($67,783) For comparison "Source Code" grossed five times as much in its opening weekend ($338,587, #2).

Rachel said...

bobbyanna said...

I know I asked this earlier, but
I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the script for Prisoners?

Wanted to know if the plot calls for the detective and the victims' father to eventually team up or are they always at odds?

Does HJ become the bad guy? Is there ambiguity? I wonder how big Jake's role is. I'm sure it's substantial even if it is supporting.

Bobbyanna, from the comments on GB on 9/25 I found some early script reviews for Prisoners, presumably before Jake had it rewritten to his liking. I'm sure the gist of the story remains the same.

D.B. Bates review of Prisoners script

ScriptShadow review of Prisoners script

bobbyanna said...

Thanks!! I'll definitely check out your links. I also found a discussion about the script on Done Deal. Back when it was first sold and Wahlberg and Bryan Singer were interested. From what I've read about it the last 20 pages of the story are supposed to be awesome.: )

Monica said...

Several people on Deadline were praising the script of this film. And for those who avoid reading the links above, the role of Jake is very important.

Sag Actor said...

The Prisoners sounds very promising. Jake is really hitting home runs with his choices of late, good for him!

Thanks for the link and all the updates, I'll try and see EOW again this weekend!

UltraViolet said...

Obama disappointed, but it's not like Romney won on anything other than style points. And even that baffles me. Obama will, I hope, show up to fight next time.

Thanks for saying that, Monica. I'm trying to avoid looking at those URLs!

So glad EoW is being supported by the Hispanic audience.

It's not going to do well overseas, but it's still number three domestically:

Wednesday's top movies: 1. LOOPER - $1.5M ($26M) 2. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA - $1.5M ($48M) 3. END OF WATCH - $650k ($28M)

Will be interesting to see how it fares this weekend.

A few tweets:

Just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal on Varick street, that was nice:)

Jake Gyllenhaal and I just smiled at each other. My life is complete.
10:20 AM - 4 Oct 12

Just passed #JakeGyllenhaal in TriBeCa and made eye contact...twice 😍
Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
10:12 AM - 4 Oct 12

bobbyanna said...

I saw that Anna Kendrick is in NYC. Maybe she'll go see the play. I think she is doing AM talk shows for Pitch Perfect.

UltraViolet said...

Lol my cousin is in new York and says Jake gyllenhaal is right next to her. I'll believe her when she gets an autograph

Wow, she says she is totally serious and he's with Michelle Williams. I'm glad I'm not there, I would have passed out by now.

Scratch that, she meant Carla Gugino. No idea who that is, but still, JAKE GYLLENHAAL.

The west village, but I refuse to be one of those people who spreads news about exactly where celebs are, lol

Umm, Carla Gugino or Michelle Williams? They look nothing alike, lol. Maybe we'll find out who it is.

Hagen said...

I'm looking forward to the casting news for "Prisoners". So far only three actors have been listed on

EoW has already grossed $28.2 million in the US, today it's passing "Brothers' " gross ($28.4), next week "Love and Other Drugs" ($ 32.4) , "October Sky" ($32.5) and "Zodiac" ($33.1). Tomorrow EoW will be shown in 2,370 theaters, down by 410 compared to this week. A somewhat bigger drop at the box office seems likely.

It's not going to do well overseas.

I think it's performing solidly as a low budget movie.
As much as I anticipate "An Enemy" (and possibly "Mississippi Grind"), I'd like Jake to act in major studio movies like "Prisoners" once in a while, so he can reach bigger audiences outside the US.

bobbyanna said...

FYI: Anna Kendrick will be on Letterman tonight for Pitch Perfect, but she might also talk about EoW.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, what I meant was that in comparison to the way Jake's movies do usually, like Source Code, it's not going to do as well.

I'm hoping it manages to make it to the $50 million mark domestically, which could be a stretch.

Speaking of money, the auction for a backstage photo with Jake went for $5k.

The Al Pacino photo went for 7k, FYI.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the tip, Bobbyanna.

Anonymous said...

"The Al Pacino photo went for 7k, FYI."

Hmm love Al, but pretty sure this bid was an inside job, Jake was way ahead a couple of days ago.

Viv said...

I predict EOW will stop at 45 million.Too many competition next two months....

But it's damn good to an R-rated cop movie.:)

I hope Prisoners will do well in the future.I don't want it become another Rendition(promising director and promising cast)...........

Anonymous said...

Drew Donaldson ‏@drewedonaldson

Just got to New York and Jake Gyllenhaal is at the bar we are at.. Good start.

Anonymous said...

James Parks ‏@stzinn88

So just tripped over Jake Gyllenhal and then asked how his show is going... right. With the lovely @_JMI_

UltraViolet said...

You're probably right, Viv. But as you said, still agood result.

Saw Anna K on Letterman. She didn't mention EoW. But she was in good form. Pitch Perfect has gotten good reviews, too.

New post.