Friday, October 19, 2012

Jake's got the moves

The End of Watch video parade continues. Some good stuff in this batch!

Not sure that reporter really knows who Mick Jagger is...

You should date a Mexican girl:

Jake has a cold:

"He is my friend:"

I think this is a repeat, but I can't remember! But it's a good one.

Jake and Brian O'Byrne after the performance of If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet on 10/20 in New York:


UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say Go, Tigers! Yay for sweeping the Yankees.

In case you missed it from the last post:

Can't believe I said 2 Jake Gyllenhaal 'Don't u ever shave' while he was signing my autograph.

:) :)

Jake scheduled to visit old friend Mario Batali's The Chew next week.

Such a terrible name for a pretty bad show. But maybe I'm just bitter that it replaced All My Children/One Life To Live.

Chica said...

Double yay for the Tigers, hate the Skankees!

The Chew is a crapfest and yes I'm pissed as well with ABC canceling AMC and OLTL.

Looking forward to hearing what Gyllencrazy thought about the play!

Scott said...

I love Clinton but the CHew belongs on the food network or cooking network.

Excited for Thursday, maybe Jake will cook. Of course it's a one day delay where I lived so it will be Friday for me.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, as events progress the extraneous footage ebbs away meaning the film’s greatest asset, the relationship between Gyllenhaal and Peña’s characters, is given the unobtrusive focus it deserves. The natural, brotherly banter between the pair forges a believable and indelible relationship, and this on-screen chemistry helps ramp up the tension when the two are engaged in a number of dramatic, life-threatening situations. There’s none of that seasoned cop teaching his young partner life lessons. These are two young men thrust into a frightening world who must rely on each other daily in order to survive. Both officers are in simpatico and the two actors do a terrific job of bringing a moving authenticity to this.

Ayer is currently in production on (of all things) yet another Schwarzenegger comeback vehicle, but on the strength of End of Watch it would appear he is much better suited to the type of riveting, small-scale character drama he establishes here. With a reputed budget totalling a meagre $7m (particularly impressive, given the talent attached) its money well spent.
4/5 Stars

Hagen said...

Hollywood Reporter:
"Hollywood's Dating Hell: Too Many Movies Crowd Calendar

There simply aren't enough weekends in the year to support the number of wide releases studios and bigger indie players are jamming into the multiplex. Independent films are even more vulnerable to dating woes because the major studios command the best dates. So players like Lionsgate, Open Road, FilmDistrict, Relativity and CBS Films are often forced to release their movies during crowded off-peak months."

Mary said...

Never watched the chew before guess i will now:)

Anonymous said...

From twitter seems like everybody in Indonesia is Watching EOW!

Rachel said...

Another pic of Jake from the EOW Q&A the other night!/ChloeCahillNY/status/259271574941745153

Scott said...

Hagen are there any box office numbers from Mexico yet? Or has EOW opened there?

Hagen, GB own's box office mojo.

Hagen said...

Scott, EoW doesn't seem to have a release date in Mexico yet, which is a surprise to me as the movie is popular with Hispanics in the US and Mexicans are usually quite up to date ("Looper", "Hotel Transsylvania" and so on have already been released). Maybe they don't like the way Mexican cartels are portrayed in EoW , no idea.

EoW has grossed $37 million in the US so far, a total of $39 million might be possible, $40 million are out of reach.

Scott said...

"EoW has grossed $37 million in the US so far, a total of $39 million might be possible, $40 million are out of reach."

I hope this is not a jinx, but it is possible to re-release the film if it get's positive awards buzz. I know it's a big if.

Hagen said...

Scott, if there will be any awards buzz for EoW it's more likely that the DVD and Blu-ray sales might get a boost which would be fine, too.

Finally EoW has a German website, simple and empty, but better than nothing.

Scott said...

"Scott, if there will be any awards buzz for EoW it's more likely that the DVD and Blu-ray sales might get a boost which would be fine, too. "

Disagree films have been re-released before going off to dvd sales. Give a little hope and stop concentrating so much on box office numbers. I appreciate that you do get all the information but a film's value is more than just box office.

Hagen said...

Disagree films have been re-released before going off to dvd sales.

Certainly not because of a 'Best Supporting Actor' nomination.

Give a little hope and stop concentrating so much on box office numbers. I appreciate that you do get all the information but a film's value is more than just box office.

Yes, obviously.
But last week Germany's largest news magazine called EoW 'loser of the week' at the US box office. If we like it or not, box office data build an image and will decide whether Jake's upcoming smaller movies like "An Enemy" and "Mississippi Grind" will be released in cinemas or will go straight to DVD.

Scott said...

Smaller American movies don't always do well overseas (and vice a versa) but i would harly put a nail in the coffin of An Enemy and Mississippi Grind because of Germany's box office, no disrepect meant. Smaller movies will always be made including Jake's because there are movie goers out there who actually go to movies for more than special effects. EOW is a success financially no matter how you downplay the numbers. It at the most cost 10 million to make including other production costs, it has the possibility of making 4 times its budget.

IF you are really cynical lets say it costs 20 million in all, still it will make twice its budget and that's before foreign and dvd. Jake has plenty of time to go at the big blockbusters again if he wants but I don't think that's what he wants hence the changes he has made career wise. Jake is only 32 years old, Liam Neesom is what 60-70 years old and just became an action star what 3 years old?

I don't mean to start an argument with you. Stay a bit more positive as I hardly think Jake has anything to worry about when it comes to his small films. I really don't see Mississipi Grind being heavlily marketing to foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

Hagen, I understand and respect your worry about BO, this time however it seems me excessive, anybody waited for these numbers, "especially us fans", or these enthusiastic reviews. Everubody, inclusive" the guru of the BO" thought EOW didn't have hopes against Jennifer Lowrence and Clint E, and then we know how the things have gone, the film has kept on losing theaters but it has constantly boxed above the expectations, today the movie has earned as Lawless, that has whoever in the cast and it costs the double , and it is very nearby, to other films with well other numbers of production or promotion as Resident evil Or Nemo. As it regards the oscars, who could think about nomination or oscar buzz 6 months ago? Despite all the adversities the film is a success of criticism and public.
JMO, Sorry for my poor English:)

Anonymous said...

TeamBritneyNY ‏@TeamBritneyNY

16 m ago

Hagen said...

I really don't see Mississipi Grind being heavlily marketing to foreign countries.

That's the point. I'd like to watch Jake's upcoming movies in cinema over here, not just on DVD. If Jake's movies do well in the US, that doesn't necessarily mean that the movies will be released in Germany. Of course, that's important to me.

Anonymous said...

That's the point. I'd like to watch Jake's upcoming movies in cinema over here, not just on DVD

Hagen up to today has been exactly the contrary one, Jake's movies went very well to the foreign countries and not so well in USA, In my country LAOD, has been a Hit, and always in front of Black Swan, the same for PoP.

Hagen said...

Despite all the adversities the film is a success of criticism and public.

I agree and of course it's not that important if EoW will gross $39 m or $40 m. Apparently it gets more and more difficult for small independent movies to be successful at the box office.

Hagen up to today has been exactly the contrary one, Jake's movies went very well to the foreign countries and not so well in USA, In my country LAOD, has been a Hit, and always in front of Black Swan, the same for PoP.

Yes, and I'm glad that Jake is more appreciated in the US now than two years ago. I'm fine with Jake starring in smaller movies as long as his films are released in many countries. IMO "An Enemy" has a better chance to get a wide release in European countries than in the US, the opposite for "Mississippi Grind".

Anonymous said...

Adivina donde come Jake, La estrella de Hollywood Jake Gyllenhaal visitó un Subway en California. #sabrosoyfresco

UltraViolet said...

In case you didn't see it the first time or just want to watch again, Jimmy Fallon is rerunning Jake's recent appearance tonight.

These are cute tweets from tonight's play:






Actually when he was out signing autographs I was very calm and relaxed and we chatted. After he left I shook and freaked.

The show was so amazing and I met Annie (the lead), got a hug, and she signed my playbill. Then I met, spoke to, and got picture with Jake.

I think the only person more excited than me is my cousin who is the ultimate Jake fangirl

Also, I'm hopefully meeting Jake after the show, in which case, I may die.


About the box office discussion: I hope Jake is in a pattern where he makes big and small movies and works a lot. Some will be hits, hopefully, and some misses, inevitably.

Despite what that German paper or website said, EoW is a hit, and a surprise box office winner. I don't think Jake's career gets anything but a boost from it.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I love that twitter sequence UV! It's sweet to see how excited she was!

Anonymous said...

Spencer Snyderman ‏@snyderman18

Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Amanda Kilmer ‏@heyl0u


Tweety said...

Reading those tweets were a blast UV! I've been kinda ignoring the Jake tweets since they sem to involve Swift and her album:(

EOW did very well in the US.I always thought that it would be a hard sell overseas since it's really a very L.A. centric cop film.

Anonymous said...

In many of these countries, except for Japan and a few others, I don't think movie box office is ever as big as it is in America.

bobbyanna said...

Oops, that was me @ anon. Anyway, I checked PoP's box office numbers just out of curiosity, and here's a link:

I found it pretty interesting. It gives me a better perspective.

Sun's finally coming out, and I've volunteered to knock a some doors today! : )

Anonymous said...

You’ve broken the law and I’m here to arrest you. I’m fate with a badge and a gun. Protecting the prey from the predators, the good from the bad. We are the police,” LAPD officer Brian Taylor says in the opening scene of “The Watch,” from writer-director David Ayer.

These may sound like the words of a cop character from one of the millions of cop movies and TV series now available but, as it turns out, he’s just as real as you and me. Or would be if you let him.

In “End of Watch,” Ayer, he who brought us one of the best dirty cop movies ever with “Training Day,” a man who writes from experience, having lived all the realities he so faithfully paints, manages to go beyond the buddy-cop formula / cliché he resorts to in order to offer us another slice in the life of the most renowned police department in the US.

Monica said...

Paul Dano

What about upcoming roles? Word is you just signed on to star in Denis Villeneuve’s crime drama Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.
I did a part this summer called Twelve Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen [Shame, Hunger], and we’ll see what happens with that one. … I don’t think I can say much about Prisoners, since it’s in pre-production. I hung out with Jake once, and he was a really great guy, and we meant to hang out again. I’ve never met Hugh. I hear he’s a good man.

Anonymous said...

Shaun Rhodes ‏@ShaunRRhodes

How I see the #LFFAwards going: #EndOfWatch or #Argo for Best Film and #SutherlandAward to go to @MBTDFilm or #BeastsOfTheSouthernWild.

fingers crossed!:)

Anonymous said...

Nicole Davis ‏@nycdavis

Jake Gyllenhaal sweat on @me_mclaughlin today. Looks like I need to start spinning. #soulcycle #ifthatsnotmotivationtoworkoutidontknowwhatis

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Kaye ‏@LindseyEKaye
Nothing like starting the day with Jake Gyllenhaal @soulcycle

Anonymous said...

Rust and Bone just wins London Film Festival,
Argo, The Master,End of Watch are not even in the short list,
Silver Linings Playbook wins "Surprise film of LFF"

from the comments it seems that many thought that would have won or Argo or EOW

Scott said...

Oh well, EOW still continues to surprise people.

Scott said...

I don't dare click that link above.

Anonymous said...

What link Scott? :)

Anonymous said...

Becca Cardenas ‏@pocahontas528
Crossed paths with Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC today & nearly pooped my pants.Wish i wasn't a spaz & asked him for a picture =(

Anonymous said...

So my cousin's friend dates jake gyllenhaal?

I can't get over it


I'm so confused I don't get it apparently his parents love her

Anonymous said...

Margot is prettier than Jake and that's no small feat. If true, she is by far the prettiest girl Jake has ever dated. But again a blond 22 year old but there's something different about her in a good way. And her Aussie connection reminds be of Heath and Matilda.

Anonymous said...

Is she Laura Cameron from Pan Am?
She is very beautiful and talented.

Viv said...

If you want a rumor looks believable, at least make up one news or article.......


UltraViolet said...

Play spoiler alert!

Came home late last night and crashed after a great day in NYC, where FL and I got to see Jake onstage. This time, Jake did come out for the post-show talkback segment, along with Annie Funke and Brían O'Byrne.

Jake was very charming and funny, giving thoughtful answers and only veering into Gyllenbabble for one answer.

The moderator said the discussion would last for about 20 minutes, but I think it went a little longer, as it just before 4:30. The first questions were directed to Brían, but Jake got a couple at the end.

As we were waiting for the actors to come out, someone asked about the water. One of the crew (I can't remember his title) was describing the process through which they recycle the thousands of gallons of water.

The tech guy seemed relieved when the actors came out, so he could stop answering. But they insisted he continue. When he was done, Jake made a joke about "Bad Jews," which is the title of another Roundabout play in production. But his mike wasn't turned on, and the joke was sort of lost. Jake said he could say that because he's Jewish.

There was a very easy, fun camaraderie among the three actors. Someone asked Brían about the long scenes where he has to be silent when the other actors are in focus. (He sits in a chair and reads for a good length of time. The actors are all onstage for most of the play, even if they aren't in the "scene.")

The questioner said s/he (can't remember) found Brían fascinating in those scenes, and Brían joked that he'd lord it over Jake and Annie later that people found him sitting and doing nothing more compelling than their acting.

He said that it's not really hard to stay in character and be still, that he is listening to the other actors. Jake added that Brían really is listening, that he's taking notes and is like the second director. Brían tried to shake his head, but Jake said Brían really does it and that the other actors appreciate it.

Jake added that Brían is their Actors' Equity rep, and he and Annie both tapped their left arms with two fingers. I don't know why.

Jake went on to heap more praise on Brían, who jokingly pulled some money out of his pocket and peeled off a bill to give to Jake, payment for the kind words. Jake gave it back, then said something like "Wait, this is Off-Broadway" and pretended to take it back.

Jake added a lot of funny comments throughout.

Someone asked Jake why he chose this as his American debut, and he mentioned the architecture of the writing, as he has many times, and the "beating heart" of the play, as well as working with the Roundabout. He also said the interaction with the other actors was the best/most important part for him. He talked about how excited he was when Brían agreed to join the production, as he didn't think they'd get him.

Someone asked Brían about the use of a plastic bag in one scene, where his character gives some seeds to his wife. Since Brían's character is an avid environmentalist, the questioner wondered why he didn't use a paper bag or something else.

Brían acknowledged the seeming hypocrisy and said that it could be seen as a sign that George isn't completely rigid. But he also said that he hadn't wanted to use a plastic bag, but Michelle did. And that as of Tuesday, it wouldn't be plastic. Tuesday is the start date for the new actress playing the role of Fiona. I don't know if the comment was meant as a joke or a dig, but it was pointed.

Jake interjected that his character, Terry, gives his niece a gift at the end, and it's also in a plastic bag. He seemed to think there should be a noted difference between the brothers' use of plastic.

UltraViolet said...

The babbling answer was about the hints of incest/sexuality between Terry and his niece. Basically, Jake said that he and Annie play the love in the scene and the intimacy, but they don;t focus on the sexuality. Or something.

He also said that Terry is stunted emotionally so in some ways is on the same level as a teenager. And that both characters are just looking for love.

In part of the scene discussed, Jake's character touches Annie's face, and Jake said that was scripted.

(In a different scene, Annie approaches Terry in a sexual way. In one performance I saw, she tries to kiss Terry. In yesterday's, she just kisses his hand. But they didn't talk about that.)

Jake was looking over at Annie a lot during this answer, and she seemed to be agreeing. I would like to have heard her take on it.

Okay, I am now babbling so I will end there. If I think of other things, I'll post. I'll also just add that Jake looked incredible in the post-show. Relaxed, confident, handsome, sexy.

Of course, it helped that he wasn't wearing the green pants or the blue button down shirt. White tee, blue sweater and gray/taupe pants. He looked great.

UltraViolet said...

Quadruple posting, but: Jake didn't sign or take photos after. He left, smiling, with Brían.

Monica, thanks for that Paul Dano tidbit. Very nice to hear. Also good to know he thinks Jake is doing the movie, since Jake didn't seem too sure in that WSJ piece!

A shame EoW didn't score any awards in London, but not really a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hey UV thanks!:)
I am jealous and at the same happy for you girls!

I live on the other side of the world, and I cannot see Jake on stage live, thanks for everything! Really:)

Anonymous said...

*I am jealous and at the same TIME happy for you girls!


Viv said...


I am so jealous!!!XD

Anonymous said...

EOW opened in HK on Oct. 18th. i went to watch it on Sat. barely promoted. only scheduled 3 screenings in Sat: 12:00pm, 5:55pm and 8pm. i watched the later 2. filled with nearly half. but audiences seemed like it.

and one thing is different from US audiences(i watched EOW during my trip to US last week), not too many laughs


bobbyanna said...

I am curious to know, in countries where there is a language barrier, if Jake's voice is dubbed or if they use subtitles?

Anonymous said...

"I am curious to know, in countries where there is a language barrier, if Jake's voice is dubbed or if they use subtitles?"

bobbyanna, they use subtitles in HK


Monica said...

UV, I'm happy you watched the play again and meet friends. Thanks for the report.

The release date of End of Watch in Brazil changed from October 19 to November 2.
Bob, subtitles.

Hagen said...

In Europe countries with larger populations like Russia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain usually dub American movies into their respective languages. Countries with small populations like the Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands mostly show the original version with subtitles (except some family movies). That's why Swedes for expample usually speak better English than Germans.

Mary said...

Thanks for your report UV glad you got to see the play again and that Jake stayed for the Q&A he must have had somw where to go the first time

bobbyanna said...

Thnaks for the info on EoW.

I guess there will be two more Talk Backs in October, 23rd&30th, and maybe 5 or 6 more in November for If There Is... Of course no way to know how many Jake will participate in. UV, it's great you had that experience!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, everyone. It was a really good Jake day :)

Lily, I wasn't trying to get an autograph, so it didn't bother me. I feel bad for people who were waiting for one. I understand Jake and BOB wanting to leave quickly after staying for the Q&A, since they had an evening show. I think Jake should just tell security to let people know, so they don't waste their time.

And I feel bad if it was someone's only chance to see Jake. But he looked great and you could get a photo if you were quick.

A couple of other things: No entrance applause for Jakke. There was the last time I saw the play.

And this tweet made me laugh. Definitely applied yesterday, as well:

I'm pretty sure the median age of this theater audience is 85....but I get to see Jake Gyllenhaal :)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry about the delay for EoW, Monica. At least it's not too much later.

Bobbyanna, I'm surprised there are so many more talk backs. Would be interesting if they do one with the new actress in the role of Fiona.

EoW is at just under 38 million. From this point in weekend averages on, SC made about 2.5 million more, so there is an outside chance EoW could get to 40. SC was doing more per theater at the time, though.

UltraViolet said...

LikeMonaLisa, I'm glad you got to see EoW. Wish it were playing in more places, but this isn't an international film, it seems.

I wish someone could have taped the Q&A, but they were very vigilant about cameras. Security came over to two people near me to tell them to shut their cameras off.

UltraViolet said...

I updated the post with the best photo of combined efforts from yesterday.

It's not a great photo, but it captures the afternoon, lol. Jake was in a great mood, tight with BOB and with an old lady running interference.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

A GB get together in NY to see Jake's play, fantastic!!!

I'm so jealous UV, you got to see him twice! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us.

Here's hoping that EOW reaches a 40 million at the BO. It's still playing by me, but on only one screen.

Anonymous said...

Danielle ‏@smiledani

Me and my love 😘😍

UltraViolet said...

New work week, new post.