Thursday, October 25, 2012

Local promotion

Jake Gyllenhaal has been hitting the local media outlets in New York, promoting If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. He'll appear on tomorrow's episode of The Chew, where they did not, apparently, discuss whose show has the worse name.

ABC released photos from the appearance, almost all of which scream for captions:

Jake and Brรญan F. O'Byrne also appeared on NY1:

If you didn't get to listen to Jake and Brรญan discussing If There Is on the radio the other day, you can still hear it. Definitely worth the time.

More stage door:

On October 29, New Eyes for the Needy is holding a dinner to celebrate its 80th anniversary. If you can't attend, you can bid on some pretty cool auction items contributed by Jake's friends.


Anonymous said...

Marc | Lady Gaga ‏@MarcMonster

Me and my boyfriend

UltraViolet said...

Alice Waters tweeted support, too:

Alice Waters ‏@AliceWaters
Please support our @edibleschoolyrd Ambassador, #JakeGyllenhaal for New Eyes for the Needy!

Monica said...

fun and excited to see this show.

I don't think we'll see Nailed, unfortunately. But would love to see Jake working again with O'Russel.

Scott said...

Jake looks tired in the fan pics.

bobbyanna said...

Awww. Thanks for posting about the Auction, UV. Glad Alice Waters is supporting him, too

I checked and The Chew (ugh!) comes on in the afternoon @ 1 PM on ABC. But They also have the episodes online so people can catch them later.

UltraViolet said...

Here's The Chew's tweet this morning:

Today Jake Gyllenhaal is making all your food fantasies come true in our kitchen! Don't forget to watch at 1e|12p|c. #thechew

He does look a little tired, Scott. But pretty good, still :)

The host committee for the dinner is also Jake-friendly:

Aziz Ansari
Mario Batali
Tom Colicchio
Elvis Costello
Bear Grylls
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Adam Levine
Peter Sarsgaard
Jessica Seinfeld
Alice Waters
Patrick Whitesell

Elvis Costello? I wonder if Aziz will be the emcee.

Also, they need to publicize that auction some more. Although at the low prices, I'm thinking of bidding! The one for Mario's restaurant is insanely cheap.

Scott said...

Maybe that's point of not too much PR so that folks with less money can afford it. I am sure Jake's famous friends will contribute to his beloved charity. I love Tom C, wished jake would be on his Top Chef show. If Natalie can do it why can't Jake? Adam and Bear, and I love that Jay Z came thru with the tickets. Jake has an impressive set of famous friends. I like them all.

Monica said...

I like almost all of them hahaha this is very good news.

bobbyanna said...

Looking at the photo of Jake with Mario, I sincerely hope that was not crushed red pepper Jake was dumping in the pasta!

Anonymous said...

Amanda Giroux ‏@AmandaGiraffe11

When Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting in the cafeteria #allthestarring

UltraViolet said...

Jake's on the cover of Singapore Esuire for Movember. The story isn't online yet.


Not even going to try to play it cool... Jake Gyllenhal next to me in @soulcycle this morning & it was awesome. #motivationinspinclass
Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
11:25 AM

Plus a lot of very funny Chew tweets:

Oh my gosh. Jake Gyllenhaal on @thechew THANK YOU, JESUS!

Pasta + Jake Gyllenhaal = a happy Marisa.

Jake Gyllenhaal on the chew. Even with the beard he can get it. #yummm

Holy mother of Christ, Jake Gyllenhaal right now w/ this burly beard just turned my lifelong lusting fantasy to FULL HEAT #perfectman

At least they didn't make people wait for him!

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna. We'll find out soon, I guess.

UltraViolet said...

More from The Chew:

Just as I was running ahead of schedule for the first time EVER, Jake Gyllenhaal comes on The Chew and now I'm intrigued.... #ilikeyourbeard

Jake Gyllenhaal is a good looking man. However he is taken to a whole new level now that I am watching him cook. #daytimetv #thechew #beard

Mario Batalli is all over Gyllenhaal right now. He's levitating out of his crocs he's so excited. Hugs hugs hugs.

to hear @mariobatali say "I'm not quittin' you" to Jake Gyllenhaal on @thechew made me laugh so hard I spit out my lunch.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the sexiest fucking guy EVER, that beard oh my god.......

Watching @thechew - Could there be anything better than a trifecta of pasta w/ a side of Jake Gyllenhaal? I dont think so

Jake Gyllenhaal is on The Chew right now..he looks like Abe Lincoln

Jake Gyllenhaal speaking about his favorite non-profits >>> #charitable #attractive

Mario Batali just hugged Jake Gyllenhaal on @thechew, if a round Italian gets to be huggin on him, it should be me

The levitating one made me LOL. At work.

Anonymous said...

Chris LeBeau ‏@cllebeau

Wait, I think I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the N train. He had a pretty good disguise!

UltraViolet said...

Final Chew:

@thechew that was a great segment! I laughed the whole time. Mario & Jake Gyllenhaal are hilarious together!

Jake Gyllenhaal on @thechew... I could watch that guy make a bread sandwich.


Kelly K. Bensimon ‏@kellybensimon
What a great class @soulcycle. I'm still sweating

did i tell you @soulcycle that jake gyllenhaal was in my class today. only in #newyork do movie stars sweat next to you.

UltraViolet said...

Uploaded a youtube video with part of The Chew appearance. Looks like it was great energy.

I liked this play tweet:

(Jake) was exceptional in the play tonight too :)/I saw a broadway play here tonight. Was harrowing, gritty, funny @ Roundabout Theatre Company 111 W 46th St

I forgot to say hello to Daniela when she stopped by yesterday. It was great to see you. I'm sorry EoW was delayed in Brazil. Will you be able to leave the princess for a quick trip to the cinema? :)

Scott said...

I love twitter right now and payback is "fun" sometimes.

Mary said...

Why whats going on Scott?

bobbyanna said...

UV, you poasted the video from Mario! Thank you!!

He did dump the crushed red pepper! Oy! Jake! I use crushed red pepper in my arrabiata sauce, but never like that! : )

(Watching them with the pasta, I couldn't help but hear my Grandma's voice in my head, complaining about the absence of fresh basil. Grandma used basil in everything. LOL!)

I hope more people will get involved with the auction. Some great prizes.

Scott said...

His beard got wet from all the pasta. He really needs a trim.

But only 2 more months before he shaves?

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:

Partying with jake Gyllenhal & Leo di cap. Nbd

4 min ago

Anonymous said...

Is there somewhere to watch the chew segment online from outside the US? The one here + IHJ don't work for me :(

Chica said...

So glad that Jake and Brian taped a segment of On Stage for NY 1! It will probably air on Saturday morning, I will keep an eye out for it.

I will have to hole my nose while watch that Chew segment UV. That show is a crapfest and I really don't like Mario. From the pics released it looks like Jake had a great time!

I wish I had the $$$ to bid on some of the items for the charity, some of the stuff is really cool. Hope they raise alot of money for such a great cause.

bobbyanna said...

I would love to be able to bid on something from the New Eyes Auction! But alas! : (

Well, EoW is still hanging on a a couple of theatres, but neither one is nearby. Glad it's still around.

Paula C. said...

I can't wait to see the video,judging from the photos it seems they had a blast cooking, but unfortunately the video the clip is not working for me.

Would love to go to that dinner, love all the hosts, especially Tom Colicchio, I really don't know why, but i think he is hot. He, Jake, me and food sounds perfect!

UV, Jake is leaving you all confused, hehehe, Daniela has two boys, I'm the one with the princess, but either way I think there will be no cinema for both of us!

Anonymous said...

natalia ‏@aGirlinNYC

Having a business meeting while sitting in front of Jake Gyllenhaal is tres difficult #celebrecrush

Anonymous said...

jordanlarae ‏@jordanlarae

Just walked by Jake Gyllenhall with @Chavaniceday #iseeyouunderneathyourbeard acted like a little school girl for sure

Anonymous said...

K Menick ‏@ktmenick

Sometimes it seems I can't take two steps in this city without seeing Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anonymous said...

Tamika Sonj Lawrence ‏@TAMIKASLAWRENCE
Reason 1012 you should smile: the other day I semi-scowled at a cute, creepy, bearded guy who was staring at me. It was Jake Gyllenhaal.

She is Currently in Book of Mormon on Broadway:)

Anonymous said...

I watched the Chew on Hulu and it worked for me

I wonder how often Jake cooks?


UltraViolet said...

Oh, Paula C. Now I feel even worse that I missed Daniela. I missed her and I mistook her! I hope she is well. Glad to hear you and the princess are fine, too.

<a href=">Gyllencrazy</a> uploaded the video if you can't watch the Hulu link.

UltraViolet said...

Some of the bids have gone up a bit, probably because Adam Levine tweted about it"

Still pretty low bids, though.

Apparently Jake went to a place called Miss Lily's last night:

Ms. Lilly's jamaican joint gets 4 stars from Jimbo, jake gyllenhal, and the fbi weird dude from Boardwalk Empire. Cool spot.

#jakegyllenhaal at #misslillys just chillen ., thanks mishka for the free shots


A lot of H2O, many psychological levels,& brilliant performances by all 4 actors make If There Is I haven't Found It Yet a Broadway star.

From tonight - no details:

The fact that jake gyllenhaal wished me a happy birthday>> #socool #lovenewyork ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

bobbyanna said...

UV, I'm pretty sure the "fbi weird dude" from Boardwalk Empire is Michael Shannon.

Anonymous said...

Marco Dante ‏@MarcoDante
#Jakegyllenhaal (entire cast really) Gives an amazing performance in "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet."
25 m ago

Anonymous said...

Allison Beatrice ‏@allisonrose103
Just made eye contact with jake gyllenhaal on houston...I'm freaking out(!)

46 m ago

UltraViolet said...

Random play stuff:

Last night I went to The Roundabout Theatre Production of “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet”. It is a British play by Nick Payne. It was staged in a very clever and off-beat manner. The cast was uniformly excellent: Annie Funke, Michelle Gomez, Jake Gyllenhall and Brian F. O’Byrne. It should be seen.

Then a fantastic performance by Jake Hyllenhaal in 'If There Is I Haven"t Found It Yet'. What a wonderful actor he is.

Fun theater podcast reviews the play at the beginning. Very positive reaction.

Anonymous said...

Steven Hook ‏@Hook_24

Partyin with a bearded jake gyllenhaal

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The Chew segment was short but fun and Jake is really looking like Rasputin , LOL!!! I can get used to this look, it just needs a bit of trimming IMO.

I'm so happy that Jake is getting such fanrasric reviews, I just wish that it was on Broadway, he would have had a shot for Tony nomination based on the reviews of his performance.

I'm batting down the hatches here by me, we are expecting Sandy to stop by for a visit this weekend!

Monica said...

Frank DiLella ‏@fdilella
My interview with @RTC_NYC stars - Jake Gyllenhaal and Brian F. O'Byrne will be on at 9:30 AM... Tune in!

bobbyanna said...

Good luck, OONP! I hope the storm's not as bad as predicted, but I daew Bloomberg on TV, and he's not fooling around. The red zone, Zone A, is certain to be evacuated, and the next level, the yellowe zone, is Zone B, where my daughter is.

Mayor Bloomberg said they'll make a decide sometime tomorrow about shutting down the MTA and the bridges. I guess the worst of it will be the heavy winds and the rain starting Sunday evening then Monday & Tuesday.

A lot of tweets asking for Jake to come & rescue them! LOL! One or two for Dennis Quaid. That movie really resonates, still. : )

Daniela said...

Hi UV!!
It was postponed again, instead of November 2, the Day of the Dead holiday here in Brazil is now is November 9, if not postpone again.
And as there is no work for me on Friday and my kids are in school I'll be freee !!:D

Monica said...

November 2?

Mario and Jake were fun. And I liked seeing jake talking about Chris Fischer!

Anonymous said...

Claire Burns ‏@clairelbs

Today's hangover cure? Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in #IfThereIsIHaventFoundItYet matinee with @chandnipatel. And a lot of hurricane prep talk.

jessica h. ‏@tuckerbaileyco

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet w. Jake Gyllenhaal (@RTC_NYC) (@ Laura Pels Theatre w/ 2 others)
My sisters are freaking out during @RTC_NYC Q&A - I said just go to @organicavenue if you want to get up close & personal w. Jake hah;)

Chica said...

NY and Bloomberg tend to paint doom and gloom anytime there is a hurricane/storm warning but better safe than sorry! I have all my disaster supplies for the weekend through Tuesday.

The weather will effect people going to the theater, especially if they shut down transit tomorrow, I hope that doesn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Mario Batali ‏@Mariobatali

Just saw jake Gyllenhaal off bway at the Pels theater...defo my fave play in the past 5 years. GET TIX NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

JoAnn F. Jansen ‏@joanlouise2

Had a great time choreographing "End of Watch" with Jake Gyllenhaal, he's really wonderful to work with...

Anonymous said...

Ally Kennedy ‏@ally_kennedy14

Holy shit just met a guy at a wedding who went to to high school with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Segel and is still friends with them๐Ÿ˜ฒ #dead

Anonymous said...

Jessica Repetto ‏@JessicaRepetto

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet starring Jake Gyllenhaal was fantastic #mustsee

Paula C. said...

Thanks for the link UV, the hulu was not working for me either. It was so funny, He really loves being around food.

" I ain't quitting you"-lol.

bobbyanna said...

Well, NYC is closing down Subways @ 7 PM and buses by 9 PM. This will allow all workers to get home. They just announced they're evacuating people who live in zone A. (My kid is in Zone B) I hope everyone affected by this mega storm stays safe.

Jake's play has one performance @ 2:30 today, and then nothing until Tues night. If things get worse they may have to cancel it. They're expecting power outages because of the high winds.

UltraViolet said...

I saw a tweet that the If There I matinee will go on today. But I wonder if the dinner will take place tomorrow night.

Hello, Daniela! Glad you'll be able to see EoW when it opens.

Paula C, glad you got to see the Chew video. Jake really does love his food!

Hope OONP, chica and all the other East Coasters in Sandy's path stay safe.

UltraViolet said...

This is a wow! I hope she goes backstage and Jake gets to meet her:

Sitting next to Vanessa Redgrave @ #Broadway show, "If there is I haven't found it yet." #win

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say it's great that Mario went to the play and enjoyed it. I was a bit worried that he thought he was going "the week of December 5," since the play isn't up then :)

bobbyanna said...

OMG. She's a Deity! : ) Vanessa Redgrave. Amazing.

UV, all theatre performances are cancelled tomorrow according to Theatremania and The Broadway League. I thought Broadway's traditionally dark on Mons. but apparently Phantom of the Opera and several others had performances scheduled.

Tonight's performance of Bad Jews at RTC is cancelled as well. I bet the dinner tomorrow night will probably be cancelled, too.

Scott said...

VRed wow that's awesome.

bobbyanna said...

I was a bit worried that he thought he was going "the week of December 5," since the play isn't up then :)

LOL! Bless Mario! Glad he saw it!

Mary said...

Glad that Mario saw the play when he said he was seeing it the week of Dec 5 I was thinking too he wouldnt be playing that week then thought maybe he meant Nov 5 glad he liked it
and pretty neat that Vanessa r saw the play too wonder if she liked it?

Hope every one on the east stays safe.

Extra said...

Vanessa Redgrave saw the play, how cool is that!! Glad Mario got to see the play and tweeted about it.

Jake is so at ease in the kitchen, I can see him having his own cooking show!

Not surprised that tonights performance has been canceled.

Hope everyone in the eye if Sandy is safe and snug at home.

Anonymous said...

Sarah ‏@MagasinxStitch

Jake Gyllenhaal et moi after 'If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet'. Excuse the fact I'm gurning, I had a nano

Chica said...

Is that tweet suppose to be in English??? LOL!!!

I'm about to watch On Stage on NY1 with Jake and Brian if it's not interupted again by breaking Sandy news (On Stage was suppose to air Saturday morning but the Sandy coverage interupted it)

I'll let you know if it airs and give a review. I hope IHJ posts the interview.

No work for me tomorrow, my job is open but i'm not getting stuck in Manhattan when it really hits, not worth it!

Scott said...

I hope everyone on the east coast does not blow off this storm. Mother Nature has a way of making people remember what's important,

UltraViolet said...

LOL - we need the urban dictionary.

This is sweet. Hope everyone takes shelter tonight:

Braved the impending hurricane to see Jake Gyllenhaal on Broadway. Reward: I got to meet his grandpa!

Um yeah @clayerbear just had dinner next to jake gyllenhaal and his family

Sitting 2 feet away from Jake Gylenhall at dinner #freakingout @JackCentra/steakhouse in Brooklyn!

I don't know which if Jake's grandfathers is alive, if either one is.

Scott said...

"Reward: I got to meet his grandpa!"

Jake in his beard maybe? Probably a joke?

Chica said...

I thought that Jake's Grandfather on his Mothers side was still alive, but I may be wrong.Maybe it was an Uncle.

On Stage was interupted again due to the continuing storm coverage.

I know that it's important to keep New Yorkers up to date but all they are doing is showing the same taped footage they did, 3 hours ago. I should know because I have been watching all afternoon:(

So the "updates" aren't really updates. The local channels and the WC are doing a better job.

NY1 is annoying as hell and cheap because it actually costs them more to have their reporters out there 24/7 which they would have to do to keep their news current.

Oh well, off to watch The Walking Dead!

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Jake is hunkered down in BK for a hurricane party! The Subway was supposed to be shutting down at 7 PM. Of course, maybe he's using a car. The bridges & tunnels are still open and functioning.

OT: Today is Matilda Ledger's birthday. She's 7!

I thought Jake's maternal grandfather was still alive, too. Of course it could have been an uncle, or a family friend.

Chica, I'm surprised your offices are open. My daughter got an e-mail late this afternoon that hers were closed. I think Tuesday will be more of the same. These weather "updates" have to be SO irritating!

Anonymous said...

Oh too bad about Jake's dinner tomorrow nite, I would think it would be cancelled. Sounds like his family may have been in town for it maybe?

And some of those folks on that list were in HW, may be difficult to get a flight in or back if schedules were a concern. The dinner was kind of an out of nowhere announcement though. Might be better to have it on Mario day, Nov 5th? lol

Scott said...

The dinner has been officially postponed according to the Eyes for the Needy website.

I know how private Jake is but it would help his charities if he got a twitter account if only to get word out about them since they are small but important charities. Not to mention it would stop the fake accounts.

Anonymous said...

Isabel Centra ‏@IsabelCentra

Just sat right across from Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal at a restaurant! ahhhhh!!! #morebeautifulinperson ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Paula C. said...

Just want to wish everybody on the east coast stay safe, just heard on the news that Sandy is about to hit N.Y.

Bobbyanna, i can imagine it is even harder when you are not with your daughter.

bobbyanna said...

(waves to Paula C! ) Yes, I am a little worried, but my NYC daughter is OK at this point. I am wondering about my youngest who works in North Carolina. : (. We talked Friday, but not since.

Hope she didn't lose power, and she isn't driving if it's bad out there. NYC just shuts everything down and tells you to stay inside. It is less predictable in North Carolina.

I'm sorry The New Eyes dinner benefit was postponed, but maybe they will have more time to raise awareness.

bobbyanna said...

This storm hasn't really "arrived" yet, and the Red Hook area of BK, and Jamaica in Queens is already experiencing flooding.

Hope OONP is doing alright in CT, and everyone else as well. Stay safe! It's colder and windy here. They are predicting Sandy will converge with a cold front and bring snow! It's like a movie... but too real.

Scott said...

Well jake is in town Bobbyanna, I am sure he will rescue you if you ask. NOw where is Dennis Quaid? Stay safe though.

bobbyanna said...

Scott, I am in the Midwest, no where near a rescue! LOL! I am smiling at all the references to Jake & TDAT.

Lower Manhattan is already experiencing flooding. It is interesting to google the NYC,gov. evac map and see which "zones" are experiencing flooding.

NJ, VA, NY, CT are going to get hit pretty hard.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this storm puts Jake to mind of the movie he did "The Day After Tomorrow" Quick to the Public Library people!

Rachel said...

All shows canceled for Tuesday as well, according to BroadwayWorld

Chica said...

I was just going to post that Rachael, I guess the show doesn't go on :(

It's really bad here, transit is shut down tomorrow too. My job emailed me that the office will be closed.

Some people in the area A sections of the boroughs waited till the last minute to evacuate and had to be rescued. What the hellis wrong with some people?

bobbyanna said...

I SAW that Chica! They were being led out in row boats. Dumb.

Mary said...

UV my brother is flying into Logan on wednesday any problems at Logan?
Then driving into NYC his daughter is running in the marathon on Sunday

UltraViolet said...

Aw, it's a shame for anyone who had tickets for If There Is and won't be able to make it any other time.

Mary, Logan hasn't had too many flights today, so schedules may be messed up. But from my experience, it's the people whose flights were canceled who suffer more than the folks flying after the trouble. I hope he makes it! And good luck to your niece.

UltraViolet said...

The amount of Jake/TDAT tweets today was unbelievable. It's the kind of thing he'd probably get a kick out of if he went on twitter.

bobbyanna said...

Cars are floating in lower Manhattan right now. Water's up to 23rd street. What a mess. Surge was 9 ft and waters at 13 ft. bear Battery Park.

Mary said...

Yeah sounds pretty bad Bobbyanna wonder if my brother will be able to get into NYC and if the marathon will be run. I think they plan on spending a few days in Boston first before going to NYC.

Thanks UV for the info figure that maybe their flight may be delayed at the most.

bobbyanna said...

Twitter news feeds, from the NYT metro desk,along with CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. they are tweeting & re-tweeting some amazing photos, and keep pretty up to date info about what's going on in NYC and NJ and other affected areas. It seems easier to keep up with this crisis on twitter. As bad as NYC is, New Jersey is worse. Incredible. This is historic. I hope OONP and Chica, everyone in the affected areas is doing OK. Maybe they'll check in when they can.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Just checking in. It's a mess here in CT as you can imagine. This is the worst srorm to hit the state.

Power is out but we have a generator. I wanted to go out and try and help out in the neighborhood but was advised to stay indoors.

Hope everyone in all the effected areas are safe.

bobbyanna said...

OONP!! Glad to know you're OK! As we watch reports starting to come in this morning, it's just devastating. Everywhere. Unbelieveable.

Stefanie said...

I hope everyone is safe we made it through inMA we got some really high winds yesterday. NYC,CT, AND NJ seem to be hit the hardest. Keep safe everyone!

bobbyanna said...

I found this article about the NYC Marathon. Mary and others might be interested in the status of the race. This article outlines the logistical difficulties runners are facing if it goes forward:

Mary said...

Thanks Bobbyanna very interesting curious to see what happens

Anonymous said...

The Marine Corp Marathon was run this past Sun, they were talking about the storm here in DC and managed to get it run but many were stuck here in DC after the race, with flights being cancelled at the airports and Amtrak cancelling trips too.

I'm originally from NY so I feel for those affected. I can just imagine how many tweets there were about TDAT. I've seen some of the pics from the storm. In some ways it's eerily similar.


bobbyanna said...

Well they have announced, according to TV news, that the marathon is going forward on Sunday.

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:

gwen niles‏@gweniles
"Just saw Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal eating in Prospect Heights"

34 min ago

Anonymous said...

Wait I just remembered...I saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking his dog today!

UltraViolet said...

Nice to get a couple of Jake sightings. It will be interesting to see how people react to the water on stage tomorrow. I wonder if they will do anything different with it.

The Roundabout announced that all Wednesday performances are on.

Chica said...

Lost power briefly but it's back on now. I can't believe the damage this hurricane caused :)

Subways are still down but the buses are running. I'm working from home today. I take the bus then transfer to the subway to get to work so the bus would'nt work for me and countless others.The only other option is to take an express bus into Manhattan which costs more but I think my Co. will reimburse employees if that's the only way to to get to work.

School, Libraries are still closed.JFK and Newark airport are now open but LGA is still closed.

Lot's of people still are w/o power, Lower Manahattan, parts of Queens, Coney Island, Staten Island,Conn and LI were hit the worst but NJ was devastated.

NY is slowing getting back to normal, but it's going to take awhile.

And on a lighter nite, the Village Halloween parade has been canceled :(

bobbyanna said...

Chica, glad you're OK. I read somewhere that the MTA buses are free right now. But working from home has it's advantages. : ) My daughter's been doing that for the past two days, but she's getting very restless. It's a miracle anything is working right now.

Monica said...

Happy Halloween to all who are celebrating!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica! : )
Completely forgot about Halloween!

Scott said...

"Wait I just remembered...I saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking his dog today!"

Atticus, I miss him so. Just one pic of him would be nice and yes Jake can be in it if he Atticus agrees.

BTW I love New York and hope everyone is ok. If it means anything I think the rest of the country is really feeling for you all. There does not seem to be alot of Halloween celebration around my area, its being postpone till the weekend. I feel bad for the children but there are more important things than candy corn my favorite.

UltraViolet said...

Ditto to Scott's post.

Thanks for checking in, Chica! Sounds like working form home is the best option for now. Glad things aren't too bad for you. Some friends have had a rough time in Lower Manhattan.

I hope everyone doesn't go stir crazy!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a pic of Atticus. I missed him and was wondering what happened to him. It looks like Jake took shelter in Brooklyn with his family :D


Anonymous said...

Summers Lee ‏@sumzlee

Eating at Wild Eggs with @chiefbunnyhop and Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

I think Wild Eggs is a chain restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. I don't think there is such a place in New York.

Monica said...

From facebook:

Just met and shook Jake Gyllenhaal's hand after seeing him in the play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." He was great. It just got extended another two weeks! Go check it out. Now bar followed by Halloween...

UltraViolet said...

Aww, nice. It's great to have the play back!

I wonder if there was any mention of or nod to the hurricane. I imagine everyone is happy to be back.

New post.