Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If There Is More...

... we'll post it!

TheaterMania did some opening night interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and the If There IS cast, plus director Michael Longhurst and some celebrity attendees:

Annie Funke thinks that each of the characters in the play is searching for something different.

I like this description from Next Magazine:

Movie star Jake Gyllenhaal makes a smashing New York stage debut in Nick Payne’s provocative If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. An introspective look at a dysfunctional British family for whom communication has ceased, the “it” in Payne’s title is different for each character. For the father George, superbly played by Tony-winner Brian F. O’Byrne, it’s a reason for the human race to continue its existence in spite of its destruction of the environment. For the mother Fiona, embodied with subtlety by Michelle Gomez, it’s a reason to stay in a marriage that’s gone stale. For George’s slacker brother Terry, played to perfection by Gyllenhaal, it’s a purpose to his seemingly purposeless existence. And for their overweight and bullied daughter Anna, played with heartbreaking honesty by Annie Funke, “it” is simply a reason to go on living.

Annie also mentions a funny moment that happened onstage early in the show's production:

One moment in the final scene with Terry and Anna, standing on what looks like the bow of a ship, (Titanic references are plentiful throughout the play) ended in unexpected laughter during one show. “Either the second or third preview we were standing on the top level and I had a bag over my shoulder and it flew down to the water-drenched stage,” Funke said. “The audience laughed and we laughed and it was just an organic moment.”

Video of Jake at the stage door:

And more fan photos:


UltraViolet said...

Love Brian's reaction to the idea of him and Jake being brothers.

Some play posts from FB:

Who goes up to an actor and asks for a signature without anything to write with?! Me. UNPREPARED!!! Good thing all of the jumping teenage girls had a Sharpie. Good play in NYC!

We just saw "If there is I haven't found it yet" last weekend. It was great! Thoroughly enjoyed it, the acting was fantastic, all of them. Look forward to visiting Roundabout again in the very near future. Definately recommend this show!!!!!

Anonymous said...

D W Mault ‏@D_W_Mault
Waiting the #LFF Press Screening of End Of Watch to start... (@ Cineworld Haymarket) http://4sq.com/TpqtFK

Fingers crossed!:)

Extra said...

And what a fantastic job at posting UV! Again thanks so much for all your hard work at keeping us all updated!

I'm just loving all these fan photos, what a thrill it has to be to not only to see Jake up on stage but to see and meet him afterwards.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Extra. i still haven't gotten sick of the fan photos!

Some LFF screening reactions:

Tom Fordy ‏@TheTomFordy
#EndOfWatch absolutely brilliant. My favourite of #lff so far. Intense, funny, and driven by excellent performances. Well done chaps.

E C Forde ‏@ECForde
#LFF Film pick superb Cop drama @EndOfWatchMovie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THBZ6Bx9DgI https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/lff/Online/default.asp?

Melissa ‏@Frizzworld
First film done. End of watch. Welcome to #lff. Bit early in the day for dead bodies. #traumatised

Alice S-H ‏@alibelle
End Of Watch had moments but pacing was all over the place, cinematography was a mess & it felt like Dredd in places. But, Jake. #lff

Mairéad Roche ‏@Merazad
Film a Day for a Year 215. End of Watch. My #LFF favourite film & one of the best of the year. Jake Gyllenhal continues to impress.

Paul Weedon ‏@Twotafkap
End of Watch: Could have dropped the handheld camera conceit. Otherwise solid.

Tim Robey ‏@trim_obey
Just saw END OF WATCH. More soon, but for now: Peña. Just Peña. Love Peña. Can't film critics have partners?

Christa ‏@Big_Pants
Loved End of Watch but Mexican gangbangers are worse shots than The A Team.

Andrew Jones ‏@EthanRunt
Oh, End Of Watch was...not.good.at all.

Wendy Ide ‏@wendyide
Interested to see what people make of End Of Watch this morning. Saw it last night and am still buzzing. #lff
Retweeted by Nigel Floyd

And more intervuews to come? From a Brit:

what you up to in NYC then?

I'm doing the End of Watch junket later today and then flying home - red eye jobby!

bobbyanna said...

The fan photos are a lot of fun, UV, the video, too! Looks like the press is gearing up in the UK! Yaaay! Too bad Jake can't get there, but I'm looking forward to it.It will be interesting to see people's reactions to how EoW is received overseas.

UltraViolet said...

Some days are luckier than others: I'm off to rendezvous with awesome Jake Gyllenhaal for an interview! Psyched!

I intvwd him b4 a few yrs ago, but he is so fantastic in his new movie I just want to shake his hand! Big fan!

I assume Jake's part of this Q&A will be by satellite:

Ah cant sorry at a Q and A for End ofWatch with Jake Gyllenhaal on Friday :-) Then Tim Burton Q and A Saturday

And I guess Jake did show up at his Brooklyn BFF's party:

My PA is filling me in on her night of VIP epicness at the Jayz show. Floor seats, back stage, Back stage VIP & party at 40/40.

Terrance J. Jake Gyllenhaal. Cameron Diaz. Rashida Jones. And a bunch of other celebs. She's so hype right now. Lol! I luv it.

Added a couple of new stage photos from IHJ.

Anonymous said...

Nesta McGregor ‏@NestaMcG
Interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal in 15 minutes about his new flick End of Watch. What should I ask him @BBCR1 and @BBCNewsbeat listeners?

3 min ago

How nice :) said...

Nelson Aspen ‏@NelsonAspen
Have to say, Jake G is not only one of the most talented stars but also one of the most intelligent/erudite. And he rocks a beard!

Scott said...

I love you Jake, but that beard is beginning to scare me. Trim please.

Hagen said...

Thanks to Columbus Day EoW added another $603,011 to its box office (total: $33,453,028) and passed Zodiac ($33.08 million).

Anonymous said...

It's very good Hagen!

UltraViolet said...

Forgot about the Columbus Day bump. Nice.

Some more London Film Festival reactions. Looks like the shaky cam is turning more folks off than it did domestically. And there's more of a feeling that it glorifies the police:

Luke Grima | WGTTM? ‏@LGrima

Paul Martinovic ‏@paulmartinovic
END OF WATCH: Magnificent central performances nearly ruined by dodgy found footage conceit. Still impressive+relentlessly entertaining #LFF

Will Gore ‏@WillGore
End of Watch is brutal, funny and pretty thrilling. The 'film within a film' framing device is annoying and unnecessary though #lff

Ian Mantgani ‏@mant_a_tangi
END OF WATCH: Messy, shakycam LAPD propaganda. Engaging at times but overall annoying, offensive #LFF

olilyttelton ‏@olilyttelton
END OF WATCH (C+) Leads ace, film less so; caught awkwardly between actioner and docu-drama, with wooliest found-footage aesthetic yet #LFF

PPlasticHelmet ‏@PPlasticHelmet
END OF WATCH kicked the day off in fine fashion. Now it's time for START OF WORK. #LFF

Shaun Munro ‏@ShaunMunroFilm
Dynamite performance from Jake Gyllenhaal in END OF WATCH. Probably among my favourite turns of the year./And Michael Pena was awesome too. Guy doesn't get enough credit in anything he does really.

Mike P Williams ‏@littlestpicshow
END OF WATCH was pretty damn good. More fascinating insight later.

LOL :) ! said...

Brian O'Connor ‏@KALI_KID18
If you haven't seen end of watch you aren't living!

Anonymous said...

Film & Festivals Mag ‏@filmandfestmag
Some top #LFF recommendations: @robotandfrank, @SpikeIslandUK, @goodvibesfilm, @BewareOfMrBaker, @fngrmovie, @EndOfWatchMovie, #Antiviral

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that was nice, 11:47 :)

Open Road has combined all the EoW clips in one youtube playlist if you can't get back to the theater. Or haven't gone yet. I hope to go again this week.

Another fan photo:

This, by far, was the best night of my life. #jakegyllenhaal #ifthereisihaventfoundityet #nyc #gyllenhaalic http://instagr.am/p/QkWt3ivVMI/

Assorted tweets:

What a great performance by all the cast and @Jake_Gyllenhaal in #IfThereIsIHaventFoundItYet
10:24 PM - 3 Oct 12

jakegyllenhaal 's range as an actor is expansive. Is there anything he cannot do? #IfThereIsIHaventFoundItYet

If There Is I Haven't Found it Yet is the only off-bway show w/a splash zone. Front row gets to ogle Jake Gyllenhaal & get soaked in water!/I was cool w/ it! I did get totally soaked (in a WHITE dress) though. But the play was great. JG did a nice job w/a London accent!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein were at Jake's play tonight.

Anonymous said...

Sandee Roston‏@SandeeRoston

At the Jake Gyllenhaal play with Calvin Klein and Anna Wintour seated to my left.
3 hrs. ago

Anonymous said...

oh, sorry, anon.

Anonymous said...

thanks, UV for the lovely posts you do


UltraViolet said...

Hi, Lily! You're welcome :)

Here's a sneak peek of am interview Jake did for Australian tv. He mentions working with Heath on BBM.

Someone tweeted this earlier, and you can hear that it's true in that snippet:

interviewed jake gyllenhaal. i think he had a cold. i think i have a cold now. lol.
Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite
7:01 PM - 9 Oct 12

Anonymous said...

Keleigh Nealon ‏@KeleighNealon

Just saw #JakeGyllenhaal. I wonder if he remembers being in an elevator with me and the awkward story I told him. #Celebrity #Sightings

Anonymous said...

Nelson Aspen ‏@NelsonAspen
Sneak peek at my conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal. Here he shares recollections of working with Heath Ledger: http://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video/-/watch/30825584/jake-gyllenhaal-on-heath-ledger/

Hagen said...

EoW will have its Middle East premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival on Saturday, October 13th.

Hagen said...

"End of Watch" at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Anonymous said...

Although the now ubiquitous use of hand-held camera footage does lend some scenes a visceral, gritty quality, this feels like a gimmick that is wisely, if crudely, abandoned in the second act. What really makes this film so impressive is its commitment to characterisation in a genre that does not usually care for it.

The scenes of seemingly innocuous banter top everything else for sheer likeability. In one, a seamless combination of clever scripting and relaxed delivery, the two men, one white, one hispanic, exchange affectionate cultural jibes, and in doing so dismantle between them all the ethnic barriers that the gangland ghettos surrounding them have built up. It's a masterful moment.


Anonymous said...

Mark ‏@MJL77
My #LFF top 5 - Argo, End of Watch, The Sessions, Sightseers and the Marion Cotillard screen talk. Should be a good one this year.

UltraViolet said...

Love the Independent review. High praise. Worth reading the whole piece.

I wonder how EoW will play in Abu Dhabi? :)

A few play tweets:

So, Jake Gyllenhaal with an English accent, that's something new! Loved the Broadway transfer of Payne's play and had a fantastic seat! :D

The Laura Pels Theatre, W46th St. "If there is I haven't found it yet" with an AWESOME Jake Gyllenhaal!

Saw the Jake Gyllenhaal play last night; I call it that b/c he really was the best thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Sleuthing Toxic ‏@toxic_sleuth

you know what doesn't suck? going to whole foods and running into jake gyllenhaal! he's pretty dreamy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I was a little surprised Jake brought up Heath, it must be getting easier to talk about him now. I'm glad he referenced his friendship and how being friends beforehand helped when working on BBM.

I wish Heath were here, I think he would have gotten a kick at seeing Jake's play (as well as the movies he's done)


Rave review !:) said...

Captivating and engaging, End of Watch is a miracle of a cop movie that provides us with characters worth rooting for and a rare cinematic look at good cops.


Chica said...

These photos show how relaxed and at ease Jake is with the fans!

Love the Independent review of EOW,I'm really excited about the continued response to the movie.

I still get weepy when I hear about Heath :(

Monica said...

Hugh Jackman will go into Liam Neeson-mode in WB's PRISONERS set to take theaters hostage on 9/20/13. Melissa Leo also stars.

UltraViolet said...

It's annoying that they are spinning that one little mention of Heath into JAke's talking about Heath. Perhaps he will in the full interview, but that snippet was not what they promoted.

Some play stuff:

You should see "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet". Comic and painful at times, but compelling throughout. #play #Roundabout #theatre

Just saw If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Brían O'Byrne and @Jake_Gyllenhaal melted my heart! #go #saltofthefuckinearth #ilaughedicried

Anonymous said...

Dana Rundberg ‏@DanaRundberg

With one of my favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal in #NYC. #JakeGyllenhaal #Gyllenhaal #Gylenhal #SourceCode # http://instagr.am/p/Qn8ZmyuoPa/

Anonymous said...


😁😝😍 RT @yesDanielle: Just talked to jake gyllenhaal, nbd. #dying
Brandon W Fletcher ‏@bwfletcher

Legit think I just walked by Jake Gyllenhaal. #fb
Liz Parsons ‏@slizziep

Two words. Jake Gyllenhaal. Happy birthday to me and @mrglennon (@ Roundabout Theatre Company) http://4sq.com/Qj9nEK

Anonymous said...

Nat Laurent-Marke ‏@NettleLM85

Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal do a fantastic interpretation of an English accent. Like a slightly Brummie Dick Van Dyke with more swearing.

Hagen said...

"Rush", a biopic about Austrian Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda, will open on the same date as "Prisoners" (release schedule), but "Rush" is probably more interesting for Germans than Americans. I'm surprised that "Prisoners" is already set for a September 2013 release as production will begin only in January. They have a pretty tight schedule, haven't they?

EoW was released on the Philippines on October 3rd (#8, $38,268).

EoW will be shown in 1,551 theaters on Friday (down by 819, - 34.6 percent compared to this week).

Shondra said...

RL has kept me away from my computer and my favorite Jake blog so I have a lot of catching up to do!

I have to say that i'm kinda jealous looking at all of these fan photos, they are so lucky!! Read the reviews plus the reviews of the GB's that saw the play, thanks so much for sharing your reviews and experience with everyone here.

Saw EOW and Jake gave an amazing performance as did Michael. It reminded me of Southland , so glad that it is doing so well at the box office.

Thanks UV for all of your hard work!

Scott said...

"EoW will be shown in 1,551 theaters on Friday (down by 819, - 34.6 percent compared to this week)."

I never understood why Jake's films always lose so many screens especailly this one while movie like those 2 that opened with his, don't lose many or any at all. And Maggies film still has over 2500? Can someone explain the process, EOW was out earning those films with more screens. It will be lucky to get 40 million.

Scott said...

EOW was out earning those films who had more screens.

Sorry just really pissed off.

Viv said...

yeah.....EOW lost so many screens in just three weeks is really weird....

bobbyanna said...

Not positive how it works, Scott, but distributors negotiate with exhibitor groups (theatre chains, etc.) and I think they guarantee a minimum number of screens per week over a specific time period. The exhibitor has the discretion after that has been met, to start reducing screens.

They often do this to anticipate newer films coming in. Sometimes exhibitors make deals for movies they think will be big, but the movie underperforms yet they are stuck with their commitment. Sometimes a movie is more successful and they will try to increase viewings of their contractual arrangement with the distributor allows it.

There might be a contractual restriction on having a movie in theatres too close to the interval before it's released on DVD.

Altho movies are increasingly available On Demand sometmimes before they even hit theatres. It can be very illogical.

Usually at this time of year there is almost a log jam of movies opening.

I want to reccommend a really really good book, an easy read Called "Open Wide," by Dade Hayes & Jonathan Bing. IUt was published in 2004, and it's fascinating how much has changed since then, but it is also fascinating look at how it works. The basics and the stories are still sound.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Shondra. Good to see you! There is a lot to catch up on. It's been a good couple of months for Jake fans :)

It's a shame that EoW is losing that many theaters. I assume it's because Open Road is such a small distributor. It doesn't have the clout to negotiate as well as the bigger companies.

bobbyanna said...

Wanted to add that the percentage share of profits between distributors and exhibitors changes over those weeks too. Most exhibitors make their profit more from concessions than box office. (Thats why they love kids movies so much. Certain demographics buy more popcorn. : ))

Maybe the reason some of the movies you refer to are still on a more screens is because exhibitors are stuck with underperforming movies. Usually when a movie's bad, the distributor hypes it relentlessly for opening weekend because they know it doesn't have "legs."
Tracking polls before release usually indicate how a movie will perform, higly anticipated, etc. but by then the exhibitors have already committed. They usually have to buy "packages" from the distributor of four or five titles at a time.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, UV, about Open Road, etc. I think EoW surprised in many ways. All good. : ) I don't think anyone was expecting the almost universal love from critics,but they loved it.

Also, maybe some people thought it would appeal to a narrow audience but it obviously grew beyond that. Open Road did a great job marketing the movie, (for a change) and really understood the audience.
I believe marketing to the Latino community, and all the positive reviews and buzz expanded it's reach. I hate to see the reduction in screens, too. I'd much rather see some of the other titles disappear. : )

Hagen said...

Scott, look at the theater count for this week in detail:

End of Watch
theaters: 2,370 (-410, -14.7%)
screens: 2,500 (-500)
shows: 31,700 (-7,500)

Trouble with the Curve
theaters: 3,003 (-209, -6.5%)
screens: 3,003 (-497)
shows: 35,300 (-7,600)

House at the End of The Street
theaters: 2,720 (-363, -11.8%)
screens: 2,800 (-600)
shows: 35,100 (-9,500)

"House" and "Trouble" lost more shows than EoW in absolute terms.

The drop is pretty normal (for comparison "Drive" released at the same time last year). On the other hand a movie like "Lawless" had very good legs just because there were very few competitors. Maybe it would have been smarter to release EoW in the first week of September, but it doesn't help to speculate about that.

I hope that EoW will gross at least three times its opening weekend box office sum ($39.5 million). That would indicate a healthy box office performance. Of course $ 40 million would look better. ;)

The times said...

There is more genuine chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, playing a pair of profanity spewing, ass-kicking LAPD officers in David Ayer’s End of Watch, than you’ll find in all of this year’s romcoms combined. Rarely do two performances complement each other so perfectly.

Hagen said...

Open Road is owned by the two largest U.S. theatrical exhibitors, AMC Entertainment and Regal Entertainment Group (Wikipedia). I think it's unlikely that they have bigger problems to negotiate with theater chains than the major film studios.

Even box office bombs like "Dredd" are shown in more theaters in its second weekend, but are dropped by a huge number of theaters in its third weekend. The same will happen to "Won't Back Down".

Scott said...

"Hagen said...
Scott, look at the theater count for this week in detail"

Thanks Hagen but that just makes me more angry. I have an off the wall theory as to why EOW has lost so many screens and I did see where Open Road and Amc were connected which baffles me. I will not share my theory because I could be totally wrong and it has nothing to do with dvd sales.

Scott said...

"Hagen said...
Scott, look at the theater count for this week in detail"

Thanks Hagen but that just makes me more angry. I have an off the wall theory as to why EOW has lost so many screens and I did see where Open Road and Amc were connected which baffles me. I will not share my theory because I could be totally wrong and it has nothing to do with dvd sales.

Anonymous said...

Looper is supposedly building steam as an OScar contender which i do not understand because SC got great reviews and Looper is just another SC.

And when did JGL become so influential, I don't think Looper would have done well BO wise without Bruce Willis the star and the draw.

Hagen said...

Scott, the NY Times published an article about Open Road on August 19th ("A Studio-Theater Venture Aims to Fill Gaps"): "Like any theater company, chief executive, Tom Ortenberg explained, AMC and Regal have empty screens through many weeks of the year. Their idea, and his, was to “create some assets to help fill those screens.”

As "Hotel Transsylvania" and "Taken 2" are immensely successful there's just no need to fill empty screens and EoW probably had to take a back seat.

Looper is supposedly building steam as an OScar contender which i do not understand because SC got great reviews and Looper is just another SC.

I don't think Looper stands a chance to receive an award.

UltraViolet said...

So from that article, Open Road may be owned by those companies but they can't push their way to more screens due to agreements with other companies:

Open Road, however, claims no particular advantage in booking screens at its parent companies. Its movies play across all theater chains in roughly the same proportion as other releases.

EoW did gain an advantage by getting its trailer shown so often.

From twitter:

That's right, ladies: I was two bikes down from Jake G. at Soul Cycle this morning. #IdUnfollowMeNow
10:57 AM - 11 Oct 12

Anonymous said...

Oh Soul Cycle is back!

I jus want to be happy with the great job Jake has done in these two years, I don't want to make comparisons with other actors, they are all different and with a different history, Jake is the more talented tho JMO :)

Anonymous said...

Greg Mooradian ‏@gregmooradian

Sonora met Jake Gyllenhaal! @sunnnyraee http://instagr.am/p/QpXSXUnKUF/

Mary said...

I am just glad that EOW is doing well and getting good reviews I dont understand all that stuff about the number of screens or how long it plays I'M sure it does have to do with contracts that open road signed with the theaters.

Glad to see hes still going to soul cycle.

Anonymous said...


He looks so tired but happy.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Porteous ‏@Andrew_Porteous
BFI London Film Festival #End of Watch Premiere http://instagr.am/p/Qpj1DsD3c5/

colinchapman ‏@colinchapman
At the ridiculously high security premiere of the new Gylenhaal film , End of Watch. Very wet red carpet... #LFF

Anonymous said...

"EoW was released on the Philippines on October 3rd (#8, $38,268)."

That's only $4000 less than The Grey's opening earlier this year. The Grey I think is a better comparison than Source Code. EOW did better in Russia than the Grey.

Anonymous said...

Oops, The Grey did better in Russia than Eow.

Hagen said...

Michael Peña and David Lesher have attended the UK premiere at the London Film Festival.

Mary said...

I wondered if Michael would be able to make it too bad Jake wasnt able to go.

Mary said...

Wonder if David Ayer went didnt see any pics of him?

Hagen said...

,Wonder if David Ayer went didnt see any pics of him?

He starts shooting "Breacher" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on October 15th, so he probably couldn't fly to London.

Anonymous said...

Alastair JR Ball ‏@AlastairJRBall
In short: go see End of Watch when it is out. One of the most intense two hours of cinema I have seen in years #lff

Alex Beattie ‏@alexpcbeattie
End of Watch was an emotional juggernaut. Amazing turns by Pena and gyllenhaal as boys in blue in the hood. Raw, brutal & immersive #LFF

Nicola Richards ‏@NickyRR
The bar has been set #LFF - 'End of Watch' is superb. Waiting for my stomach to unknot, it might take a while. How tense?

Paddy Welch ‏@padwelch
What End Of Watch premiere lacked in celebs it made up for in well goodness - LAPD, gangs, genuinely well good. Go see. Fanks @littletc

Simon Harris ‏@ingreenskies
Very much enjoyed End of Watch. Funny, tense, brutal, exhilarating. #lff

Anthony Thomas ‏@groundkill
End of Watch is an amazing film. Go and see it. Awesome. Just seen it at London Film Festival.

Anonymous said...

Tendai ‏@Tendai01
One movie in and I'm not sure it will be beat. End of Watch was immense #LFF

Anonymous said...

colinchapman ‏@colinchapman
End of Watch was great. Gylenhaal on fire. Gritty, moving and a new spin on the cop bromance. #LFF

UltraViolet said...

I wondered if this would happen after Jake said they'd be doing the play through December:

The U.S. premiere of Nick Payne's humor-kissed dysfunctional-family drama If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, at Roundabout Theatre Company's Off-Broadway home at the Laura Pels Theatre, will get an extra two weeks following a hiatus.

The production has given film star Jake Gyllenhaal his (well-reviewed) American stage debut, playing an estranged, misfit uncle who bonds with his outsider niece while visiting his brother and sister-in-law. Tony Award nominee Enid Graham (Broadway's Honour, Fortune's Fool, Dinner at Eight, The Constant Wife, The Public Theater's recent King Lear) will take over the role of busy mother Fiona on Oct. 23.

The limited run, which was originally scheduled to run through Nov. 25 only, will take a 12-day break before resuming performances on Dec. 8 and play two additional weeks through Dec. 23.

End of Watch was an emotional juggernaut. Amazing turns by Pena and gyllenhaal as boys in blue in the hood. Raw, brutal & immersive #LFF

It's really a shame Jake couldn't go to the LFF. But the movie is being well-received:

Had a load of friends see End of Watch at #LFF tonight and it's had universally rave reviews. Glad as it's such a good film. Hope it flies.

Very much enjoyed End of Watch. Funny, tense, brutal, exhilarating. #lff

Just out from End of Watch as part of #lff @BFI Fabulous movie. Much much more than a buddy cop film. Great characters.

The bar has been set #LFF - 'End of Watch' is superb. Waiting for my stomach to unknot, it might take a while. How tense?

Absolutely loved End of Watch. Intense, emotional and funny....I'd highly recommended it (unless you don't like swearing!!) #lff #endofwatch

End of Watch has excellent use of POV camera without seeming gimmicky. Entertaining on the whole albeit somewhat schlocky emotionally. #lff

End of Watch blew me away. That was one intense film #lff

END OF WATCH #LFF: best LAPD thriller in a long time. Great dialogue from Pena and Gyllenhaal. Camerawork leaves you genuinely carsick.

Just saw End of Watch at #LFF - ignore the haters, it was excellent. Maybe the camera work bugs some? Great script, fantastically played

UltraViolet said...

Anon and I captured some of the same tweets, but I'm glad to see even more positive ones.

Also an Anon said...

It seems the play is being extended 2 weeks:


I'm glad to hear it but also kind of surprised that Jake doesn't want a decent break before starting work on Prisoners. He's a busy man ;)

Also an Anon said...

Sorry, apparently we posted at the same time!

UltraViolet said...


Anonymous said...

In the meantime EOW, is doing very well at BO yesterday dropped only 13%

6 End of Watch $398,847 -13% 2,370 -410 $168 $34,312,163

too bad the huge drop of theaters:(

Anonymous said...

Anon and I captured some of the same tweets, but I'm glad to see even more positive ones.

UV It's a joy that there are so many positive comments about and of watch!:)

Callum Oakaby Wright ‏@callumowright
At the UK Premiere of End of Watch tonight, was an excellent film! #LFF #BFI pic.twitter.com/6MSGGthw

Andrew Eastel
@AndrewEastel Producer/Director living and working in London, UK. Director of 'Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon' @deadoraliveuk @thirtynine40

Go see @EndOfWatchMovie . The best film I've seen in a while. Amazing script, great performances. #inspiring #LFF

Stefanie said...

Hi Everyone Bakes play has been extented atRoundabout till will take a break for 2 weeks on Nov 25 and start again December 8 till 23!!

bobbyanna said...

I'm so,so happy EoW is being well received @ LFF. This is just beautiful! Great news about the play as well!! Now more people will have a chance to see it!

Anonymous said...

Gold Derby ‏@goldderby
Will Jake Gyllenhaal be a SAG nominee for "End of Watch"? http://bit.ly/Qm66EH - @jakeg_online

fingers crossed!:)

Scott said...

"Gold Derby ‏@goldderby
Will Jake Gyllenhaal be a SAG nominee for "End of Watch"? http://bit.ly/Qm66EH - @jakeg_online

fingers crossed!:)"

I don't want to think about it, too early and other performances are still to come. I will not think about awards, I will not think about awards. As I matter of fact I will go about life thinking Jake didn't have a movie this year.

Scott said...

And Bobbyana, thanks for the information on screens, well thanks to all of you. Interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am strongly bothered by the tweets during the debat that Ryan looks like Jake or his evil twin as one tweet put it.

bobbyanna said...

Ohh, me too, Anon. There is absolutely no resemblance that I can see.

Mary said...

No Way Jakes alot better looking

UltraViolet said...

EoW producer John Lesher says he and Jake will start working on Mississippi Grind in May.

I like the idea of Jake having more than one movie lined up!

Also, I wonder why Michelle Gomez is leaving If There Is...

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and the endless Paul Ryan tweets are irritating, though some are quite funny.

Scott said...

"EoW producer John Lesher says he and Jake will start working on Mississippi Grind in May."

Wonderful news- working = filming? Probably not, sounds like Jake is also producing?

FYI-there were more tweets comparing Ryan to Eddie Munster (trended actually) than Jake G.

Monica said...

EoW producer John Lesher says he and Jake will start working on Mississippi Grind in May.

Jake is on fire!

Tweety said...

Yeah the Ryan looks like Jake tweets are annoying but this was funny and Biden did kick his ass:

Alfonso Belloso‏@CreeprSuthrland

Joe Biden is really letting Jake Gyllenhaal have it.

Mississippi Grind was another rumored movie, i'm so happy that he has anither movie lined up after Prisoners!

The screen drops for EOW posses me off but not surprising since Open Road is a small distributing Co.

Monica said...

Wonderful news- working = filming? Probably not, sounds like Jake is also producing?

He is the producer and I think he will also act in the film.
Prisoners begin filming in January and I think it will end before May, so give him time to act in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

with a 'c' & a 'y' ‏@carrryn


bobbyanna said...

Another movie lined up!! That's Great!!! Yaaay, Jake!

I see a resemblance between PR looks like Alfred E Newman, (Mad Magazine.) but the Eddie Munster comparison works! LOL!

Anonymous said...

chelsea bonetti ‏@chelseabonetti

Just met jake gyllenhaal #dying

Hagen said...

I thought there was a slim chance that Jake might promote EoW in Germany in December. Oh well. Admittedly it doesn't make sense to spend much time and money on marketing over here. The movie is probably a tough sell to Germans. I think EoW stands a better chance in the UK and maybe Australia. I'm surprised that there's no release date for Mexico yet (total overseas box office by now: $2.0 million).

Anonymous said...

Fiona Lai Fiona Lai ‏@fiwee3

With Jake Gyllenhaal in NYC 😍 @ Laura Pels Theatre http://instagr.am/p/QqkdCYoWc1/

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Too bad Jake couldn't attend LFF but his schedule is really tight at the moment. Good to hear and read all the great reviews for both EOW and If There Is.., still pouring in!

I also wonder why Gomez is leaving the play so close to the end? But it is great that it has been extended so more people can see it.

The Jake/Paul Ryan tweets were groan worthy, I just don't see it. Eddie Munster on the other hand..., LOL!!

Biden did wipe the floor with him didn't he :)

review !:) said...

Rating: 4/5

The BFI London Film Festival is now in full swing and one of the movies that will be a major contender in the In Competition category is David Ayer’s new film End Of Watch.


WOW! :) said...

Steven M. Sipple ‏@HuskerExtraSip
"End of Watch" best cop movie I've ever seen, and I'm 46. Maybe best movie I've ever seen, after "No Country For Old Men."

Anonymous said...

Alberto Chan ‏@albertochan

I think just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in soho. Hipsters looking....

Anonymous said...

Let’s get one thing clear: there is one reason, and one reason only why END OF WATCH is getting so praised and HARSH TIMES and STREET KINGS were barely seen. Actually, technically it’s two reasons: Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. Their relationship is so brilliantly acted, so utterly convincing in its rhythms that it has to go down as one of the best portrayals of both adult friendship in movies for a very long time. They are equally good at conveying the different faces worn police officers - the way their performances change when in each other's company, then with their superiors, then with their familes, then with 'perps', feels completely authentic, and neither actor ever strikes a false note. Gyllenhaal hasn’t been this good in anything for a long time, and as opposed to some other pretty-boy actors in tough-guy role, you totally buy him as the marine turned cop. Pena, too, is a revelation, finally given the opportunity to play a complex, fleshed out role that isn’t just the token Latino, and duly turning in an understated but flawless performance. It’s more than likely that both will be heavily involved in the upcoming awards season.

When you stare too hard at it, END OF WATCH does begin to fall apart, but it’s a film that feels like it doesn’t expect to be analysed and dissected like many other films at the festival will openly invite you to. All it wants to be is a relentlessly entertaining genre film, and thanks to superb pacing, Ayer’s characteristically great dialogue and those two masterful performances, this is an ambition it fulfils - it’s one of the best cop films in years.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday at EOW UK premiere Michael has said that Jake is a genius and can do anything!:)

How nice:)

Scott said...


Wow, well said but give extra props to David Ayers for the script. I hope that he follows thru with the HBO series. Hey Jake be the upstart politician assistant with an occurring role. HBO always seems to put out stuff that's on par with Oscar stuff, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Franchesca Ramsey ‏@chescaleigh

OMG I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the subway. I am fan-girling so hard right now. So embarrassing
he was getting off the E train in the west village.
I completely lost my cool. I don't even know what happened! lol
he was passing the train window and I literally screamed "g that's f-ing jake gylennhaal" and the entire car thought i was nuts

Hagen said...

Q & A after the UK premiere of EoW

David Lesher on working in South Central LA: "We were firing AK-47s and all these guns off at four o'clock in the morning and really had almost no complaints, which trust me you couldn't do in Brentwood or Beverly Hills." LOL

Scott said...

"I completely lost my cool. I don't even know what happened! lol
he was passing the train window and I literally screamed "g that's f-ing jake gylennhaal" and the entire car thought i was nuts "

lol, I would so do the same thing after they picked up off the floor.

I feel alot better about the screen lost for Eow. Looper lost some screens but might get them back, Curve and End of Street had more losses than EOW. And Maggie's film lost over 2500. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Liz Bauer ‏@lizzgb519

Met Jake Gyllenhaal!!! He put on a great performance in his new play #jakegyllenhaal #ifthereisihaventfoundityet pic.twitter.com/YYg9Nlm7

Anonymous said...

Pili Castiñeyras Pili Castiñeyras ‏@Pilicasti

Aaaaaa no puedo creer q d pedo lo vi al potro d Jake Gyllenhaal si pasaba dos min antes llegaba para la foto #teamoo pic.twitter.com/v6coDsiU

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Witzel ‏@jennifer_witzel

Jake Gyllenhaal.... http://instagr.am/p/QtFOnCo8Sm/

UltraViolet said...

I'm more worried about the box office since looking at the times in the major Boston theater this weekend. No evening times, just an 11:15 and 1:50 show. That's not going to add up to much, sadly.

Fingers crossed for the UK box office. Great reviews so far, but I don't think the movie opens until next month, does it?

Anonymous said...

Anna Lee Dearth ‏@DearthVader29

Jake Gyllenhaal just hit on me by asking if I could swipe him in to Nelson dining hall, then told my roomie that he wants half of my p$&&% ?

Mary said...

The theater I go to is still showing 5 shows of EOW.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal just hit on me by asking if I could swipe him in to Nelson dining hall, then told my roomie that he wants half of my....

Sure Ann Lee, take your meds now ;)

Anonymous said...

Jack Blackburn ‏@BlackburnJA
End of Watch: Just magnificent entertainment. This visceral cop thriller will make you laugh, cry and jump out of your seat. #LFF @BFI

The Ape ‏@Howmuch4_theape
End Of Watch: Immense satisfaction derived from watching people enjoying their job and doing it well. Superb #lff

Anonymous said...

Reel 6 ‏@Reel_6
End of Watch: One of the purest and most visceral cinematic experiences I have had in years. 5 star entertainment. #LFF @BFI

Anonymous said...

#LFF End of Watch is brilliantly taunt, hard + very funny. Wonderfully played by Gyllenhall+Peńa who were brimming with chemistry- loved it

Cam Levin ‏@camlevin
David Ayer’s #Endofwatch. Amazing, funny & tough film. Writing, direction, performances & music, all spot on. Go see. (Love the gaming nods)

Rachel said...

take your meds now ;)

How did that become a thing? I wish people would refrain from using that line. I see that in comment sections all over the Internet on a wide-ranging host of topics, and whenever I see it I automatically think TROLL.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Haney ‏@Kevhaney
@BFI Can't recall having such an adrenaline rush from a film that delivered so heavily in many other ways! #EndOfWatch #LondonFilmFestival

Simon Thompson ‏@ShowbizSimon
End Of Watch. Oscar-worthy with career best performances from Gyllenhaal & Pena. Uncompromising, gritty, fiercely brutal. Outstanding. #LFF

8:47 AM said...

Chill out Rachel was just a joke;)

Anonymous said...

Dizzying, disorienting, potty-mouthed and violent, the film is the bastard child of a generation feeding off its own attention-deficit. It has a charged pulse from its onset, but it’s a curious wonder that, by its end, it also has a heart.

One wonders if Ayer could have had a little more trust in the material itself, especially as the central relationship that drives the film depends on the acting clout of Gyllenhaal and Peña. The chemistry between these two performers is of such winning depth that the decision to have Brian’s character make a self-reflexive “day in the life of” project is aesthetically intrusive and narratively problematic. What the film does achieve is a watchable, humanising dynamic between two close friends, whose daily correspondence contains all the contradictory, racial, sexual and gender prejudices you might expect from two beat cops who, as Brian tells us at the outset, are employed to preserve the law even if they don’t necessarily always agree with it.

Anonymous said...

movieScope Magazine ‏@movieScope
End of Watch is like Lethal Weapon meets Ken Loach. Could have watched that film roll out for days. V. good - one of best of #LFF so far. ^T

bobbyanna said...

I was happy to discover EoW is still being carried by 11 theatres in my area, and many of them have five screening a day. The Emagine chain seems to have dropped it. But that's just one in my area and there are several close by that are still carrying it.

Saw Argo last night. Full house. Older crowd. It was very good, especially for those of us old enough to remember 1979. : ) The movie was well paced, very "authentic." Edge of the seat stuff. Well edited.

Ben Affleck did a good job directing, and the acting was competent. But no performance stood out and while I'd definitely put it in my top ten, I wouldn't call it Oscar worthy.

Maybe a nom for Best Picture @ the GG. Of course with Clooney exec producing and backing it, it will probably get BP Oscar love.

Anonymous said...

BKM ‏@BrigMurphy

Taking my sisters spin class today.. Of course Jake Gyllenhaal took it yesterday #fml

Hagen said...

Exhibitor Relations (ERC) estimates that EoW will bring in $1.5 million (#12) this weekend. The estimate is based on box office data for Friday. That would imply a very harsh drop compared to last weekend ($4 million). I'm not sure if EoW still can reach $40 million, probably not. This weekend there are five new movies that are released in at least 1,000 theaters. It's inevitable that films which have been in theaters for some weeks are crowded out.

UV, EoW will open in the UK on November 23rd.
It's nice to see that EoW is well received by British critics.

Anonymous said...

Ann Duluc ‏@annycrazyblue

My hubby Jake Gyllenhaal <333 #jakegyllenhaal #hot #sexy #man #perfect http://instagr.am/p/QvD0KVAl3t/

Anonymous said...

Bianca Tamura ‏@biancatamura

MET JAKE GYLLENHAAL TODAY IN NYC OMG 😱😱😱😱😱 http://instagr.am/p/QvMM_woH_s/

Anonymous said...

Bianca Tamura ‏@biancatamura

Bianca Tamura ‏@biancatamura


While everyone's getting ready for homecoming i met jake gyllenhall. No big deal. Just fucking kidding I'm crying.
My moms sitting here saying I should've sang we are never getting back together to jake gyllenhall 😂😂😂😂😂
That was not real life. I've always wanted to go to nyc and see someone famous and now that I did, I cant believe it. I can't think straight

Monica said...

Scott Feinberg ‏@ScottFeinberg
Jake Gyllenhaal was easily the best part of IF THERE IS I HAVEN'T FOUND IT YET -- nonstop movement/tics, convincing accent, impressive job.

Viv said...

If EOW can't reach, I can say it is a disappionting result.(it's not even 3 mutiple of the opening weekend)
I know it's a hard sell, but with that very good WOM, EOW should do a bit better.

Viv said...

If EOW can't reach 40 million,....


EOW didn't do much better than Brothers without doubt...

Anonymous said...

Jacqueline Murray ‏@jacwalinmurree

I met Jake Gyllenhaal, my life is complete. http://instagr.am/p/Qv4OOOBQRk/

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Viv, it has already done much better than Brothers, no need to worry. It cost a quarter of Brothers budget and has made more.

Fingers crossed it inches its way to $40million. Disappointing that it lost so many theaters, but still a good result.

Thanks for posting that tweet, Monica. Pretty cool.

New post.

Viv said...


I am indeed a bit disappointed, esp. when EOW is getting so many fantastic reviews.
What's worng with you Americans??(jk)