Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo blast

Let's start the week with more stage door photos.

I thought this was a new photo, but I think it's from the Esquire UK photo shoot. Still something for our Italian Jake fans to look out for:

Rough babelfish translation: It's hard to ask questions when you're younger. Especially in Hollywood, where it seems like everyone knows what they are doing? Italian help welcome!

This is a German report on the End of Watch premiere. There's some video in here that I don't remember seeing. And Michael Pena saying something about Lance Armstrong...

Jake Gyllenhaal ganz unscheinbar by ENews_cac


UltraViolet said...

Some play tweets:

thanks babe!! I may or may not have screamed for him when he did his curtain call. #idid #noregrets LOVE YOU

#IfThereIs was great! The acting was fantastic and the set was absolutely terrific! My mezzanine seat was the perfect spot./I also really enjoyed the post show discussion. It made the experience even more enjoyable. Jake was insightful & funny.

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal off-broadway. Brilliant.

Jake Gyllenhaal was INCREDIBLE in RTC's If There Is... One of the most charming & vividly committed performances I've seen this year.

Met Jake Gyllenhaal tonight! Went to see his play. It was amazing, and he was perfect! future husband finally knows I exist!

today's #NYtheatre quote courtesy of @RTC_NYC's #IfThereIs "I miss her. I miss her something chronic." #saidbyJakeGyllenhaalw/accent&scruff

From the "perfect husband" tweeter above:

I went to see his play, “If there is I haven’t found it yet”. It was really good. Pretty dark, but Jake was definitely the comic relief. He was super scruffy, but still totally perfect.

We waited outside afterwards and first the main actress, Annie Funke, came out. She was super sweet and even complimented my eye shadow. Then not long after that Jake came out! He actually came and signed autographs and took pictures. I was so star struck that I didn’t say even half of what I wanted to. Even though I actually could have. It wasn’t super hectic like I heard some other post show signings were. But I basically told him he was amazing. He looked right at me, talked to me. And when we took the picture, he was SO close!!!!

Such an amazing moment!

A series from yesterday:

Oh. I’m about to be about eight feet from Jake. Pardon me while I try not to fall apart.

So... how was it?

I have a lot of emotions right now.


I’m waiting at the stage door for the first time in my life. I was sitting like five feet away during the q&a.

Aww, have you met him before?

no! Ten years and hopefully finally.

no signing. He left straight away. Disappointed.

Aww, I'm sorry! BUT you got to see the play and the

I did! And it was an incredible show and he said “kids are cunts” and I’m still shaking.

I really want to hear him say that now.

in this perfect accent. Reminded me a lot of Tom Hardy on Stuart a Life Backwards. Very street.

you mean, incomprehensible?! Lol. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have been there with you

at times! He was wasted drunk in one scene and that and the accent was almost impossible. They extended it two weeks I WILL GO BACK.

And from Sunday:

Eating French food at buvette ..../Jake gyllenhal just walked into the restaurant we are eating at

Casually eating lunch with jake gyllenhall/oh my gosh take a picture!!!!!!/he went in a backroom so its tough...

Anonymous said...

Matt Rhode ‏@mattrhode

I'm pretty sure we just hung out with Jake gyllenhaal on the Subway...

Anonymous said...

Jackie ‏@JackieeKalil
Just made eye contact with Jake Gyllenhaal, already planning our wedding. Totally normal, right?

8 m ago

bobbyanna said...

I love these fan photos so much!!
I'm happy for him. It has to be such a lift for Jake, and he looks like he has sort of eased into it, too. Lots of smiles.

Will look forward to translation, LOL! My Italian is limited to "Ciao, bemm!" and some curse words my grandmother and grandfather used...: )

bobbyanna said...

Opps. I meant "Ciao bella!"

Mary said...

Still loving all these fan pics he looks really happy.

Monica said...

in this perfect accent. Reminded me a lot of Tom Hardy on Stuart a Life Backwards. Very street.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh lol

thanks for all these tweets, UV. all very fun.
Jake looks great in these pictures.

Viv said...

Stage Ready LLC ‏@stageready

CREW CALL: PRISONERS Feature film "Prisoners" starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano and Melissa Leo...

Scott said...

Ok off to apply for the crew positions, will be quitting my current job because my boss is not as cute as Jake and Hugh.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake and Brían will be on the radio tomorrow:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Brían F. O’Byrne, stars of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet will be interviewed tomorrow from 1:30PM-2:00PM on “The Leonard Lopate Show.” The show airs on 93.9 FM and AM 820.

Read more:

Lopate is an interesting guy.

I hope that east camaraderie between the two "brothers" comes across on the radio.

UltraViolet said...

Good luck on the crew, Scott. Be sure to take note sand pics for us :)

I knew you'd like that, Monica :)

And yup, we've had a couple of months with these photos and I'm still not sick of them.

Hagen said...

According to David Ayer Jake at first didn't want to get his head shaved. Jake disputes that vehemently. Ayer adds that Jake later agreed as he didn't want to look like a novice. Jake: 'OK, he's the director, so I agree with him.' :laughing:

Anna Kendrick says her intimate scene with Jake was filmed on her first day of shooting. For her it was easier that way. She didn't know him well and had butterflies in her stomach.

Michael Pena: Jake is like Lance Armstrong, he's brutal. :failed compliment: LOL

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen. We've heard that Jake stuff before, but I don't remember the Lance Armstrong bit.

Anonymous said...

meaghan holowesko ‏@mwesko

just a typical monday. took the dog for a walk, spin class with JAKE GYLLENHAAL. think my day is complete.

ros@dimaggio63 said...

ho compreso benissimo il pensiero di Jake... e la traduzione fatta in italiano è perfetta !
Perchè chiedere aiuto ?

Scott said...

"ho compreso benissimo il pensiero di Jake... e la traduzione fatta in italiano è perfetta !
Perchè chiedere aiuto ?"


bobbyanna said...

Ciao, Rosa! A translation would be nice! LOL!

Good to see you! It's been a long time: )

Anonymous said...

Scott Derrickson
@scottderrickson Director/screenwriter of THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and SINISTER. Screenwriter of DEVIL'S KNOT.

END OF WATCH is powerful and highly entertaining. Spectacular work by Ayer, Pena and Gyllenhaal.

3 m ago

Chica said...

I woll never get tired of looking at these fsn pics, he really looks loke he is having a blast meeting fans after the show!

Thanks for the heads up on Jake and Brian being on Lopate's radio show tomorrow. He has a great radio show.

UltraViolet said...

Brief radio snippet with Jake for EoW.

A melange of play reviews: First:

I viewed the Firday night showing on 19 October. I was moved. Annie Funke as Anna was amazing! I could completely relate to the character and was moved to tears during the climactic scene. Byran F. O'Byrne and Michelle Gomez tackle the role of self-absorbed parents. In the beginning you want to strangle them, but by the end you identify with the pitfalls of parenting. Jake Gyllenhaal did what I expect him to do: impress and inspire. He doesn't dissapoint. Nick Payne has written a poignent play. The set designer is brilliant. After viewing a play the preivious night where the set was traditionally established, I was blown away by the complete deconstruction of the stage and props as the plot moved from one scene to the next. The theatre is about the size of a high school auditorium; therfore, the seats are good even toward the back rows and on the sides (where I sat). If there is one disappointment to note it would be after the play when we waited in hopes of getting the Playbill signed. Of course Mr. Gyllenhaal attracts his fanbase and they are excited to see him after the play. However, we (I include myself in that fanbase), are just as eager to thank the rest of the performers for an amazing performance and get thier autograph to commemeorate the occasion. Hence the dissapointment; I'm not sure they know how much each of their performances in a piece like this means to a person like me. If you grew up like I did, this is the best play on or off Broadway, becasue it speaks to the heart of a sad little girl and reminds her of how far she has come.


In an utterly convincing English accent, Jake Gyllenhaal gives a lovely performance in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, a play by the British playwright Nick Payne that’s receiving its American premiere in the Roundabout Theatre Company’s small (just) off-Broadway house, the Laura Pels. After his recent movies – Love and Other Drugs, Source Code and End of Watch – it’s a relief to see Gyllenhaal in a decent role. Payne’s play is a little glum but it’s no disgrace. All four of the characters are fully three-dimensional; they give the actors something to play, and there isn’t a weak performance in the cast. ...

Byrne’s work is the most prodigious, both physically and vocally, among the ensemble. He plays a man who finds it easier to allow his work and his ecopolitical convictions to insulate him yet longs to reach out to the people he loves – the other three characters in the play – and manages it often fitfully. But it’s the interplay between Gyllenhaal and Funke that gives the production its emotional core. Michael Longhurst does a fine job of directing what is almost entirely a series of two-handed scenes, and the stagecraft is nifty. All along the lower edge of the stage is a tank full of water into which the actors toss furniture and props at the conclusion of scenes. The idea is that just as the earth is leaking water while most of the world continues to pretend it’s not there, so this family is neglecting the sorrow that keeps escalating and threatening to drown them. This scenic concept (Beowulf Boritt designed the wonderful set) is a lot less dopey than it sounds: the image of chairs and desks floating downstage of the actors is very compelling, and at the climax, when Annie tries to slash her wrists in the bath and water begins to soak the stage, too, the effect is both quirky and powerful. If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet (a terrible title, I think) isn’t an outstanding dramatic work but it sticks with you.

UltraViolet said...


A couple weeks further back, I was fortunate enough to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the Broadway play If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. Here’s another outstanding American actor with incredible depth, who not only knows how to work the camera but also possesses a magnetic stage presence. I’ll freely admit that Gyllenhaal is the reason I got a ticket to the show. But I’m glad he drew me to it, because it really was a great production.

I could write a lengthy essay on If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, but considering this is something of a three-way post, I’ll curb my enthusiasm. ...

If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet explores some interesting issues, and, as I said, easily warrants a longer write-up. I’m including it here because it was part of a string of recent events or discoveries (there are others, but these are three at the top) that deepened my awareness and appreciation of some pretty impressive artists. It’s always exciting and somewhat surreal to see very well known actors perform live, and watching Gyllenhaal’s play hammered home the fact that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

And fourth:

When movie or TV stars decide to appear on the New York stage, it’s a high risk proposition.

The eight-times-a-week exposure is flagrant, and if you’re not up to the rigors of stage acting, bad reviews and bad word of mouth can be a prolonged PR disaster.

It is doubtful that anyone who saw Julia Roberts in the 2006 production of “Three Days of Rain,” for instance, carries a vivid memory of what she did in that Richard Greenberg play. ... Both Lange and Roberts displayed hubris by going directly to the big leagues — Broadway — rather than start in a small off-Broadway house and then work their way up. ...

Another movie star, Jake Gyllenhaal, is now making a memorable New York stage debut in the Roundabout Theatre’s production of Nick Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” which has just had its limited run extended by two weeks (to Dec. 23) due to the good reviews and strong ticket sales.

Gyllenhaal has only acted on stage once before — ten years ago in a London production — but he looks and sounds like someone who is completely at home there. He has the chops.

The film star was smart to choose an ensemble piece staged in Roundabout’s smallish off-Broadway venue, the Laura Pels Theatre, but there wasn’t a false note in Gyllenhaal’s performance and he meshed perfectly with his co-stars. ...

But, the human elements in “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” remain strong and Gyllenhaal is so appealing and troubling as Terry that I left the theater Thursday night hoping it wouldn’t be another ten years before the actor hit the stage. He belongs there.

UltraViolet said...

Ciao, Rosa. Just checking to see if the machine translation was close to the real meaning. Grazie!

Chica, now we just have to try to remember to listen tomorrow, if we can!

Anonymous said...

Billi Murphy ‏@bylie_murphy_

randomly seeing jake gyllenhaal just made my night @kserra5 @darceyxo

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Keep the reviews and fan photos coming UV, he looks so happy and relaxed around the fans!

I hope there is a podcast for this radio interview today.

Tweety said...

Happy fans, happy Jake, love the fan pics! Hi Rosa, good to "see you"!

I think she may be at the radio station today for the interview UV mentioned:

Tiffany Potenciano‏@tiffanykrisp

Staying up all night and going to work at 6am went from horrible to amazing when I found out Jake Gyllenhaal is going to be at work today.

Anonymous said...

vanessa camarra ‏@_VANE5SA_
Stuck in the office while John cena and jake gyllenhaal are in studio. I'm pissed

Anonymous said...

Lisa Fuhrman ‏@lmfuhrman
Just another day in the office for Mr. @fdilella, straight up chillin' with Jake Gyllenhaal. #amaze

8 m ago

Josh Robin ‏@joshrobin
In more important news, Jake Gyllenhaal was at NY1 this am re @RTC_NYC's "If There Is..." (via @fdilella)

11 m ago

Frank DiLella ‏@fdilella
Jake Gyllenhaal and Brian F. O'Byrne stopped by the studio this AM to talk about the @RTC_NYC's "If There Is...".

14 m ago

♠Ashley.C.Ennis♠ ‏@AshEnnis
Time for show #2!! Jake Gyllenhaal will be joining us! Airs 10/25!

47 m ago

Hagen said...

E! Online: "Just because he's debatably no longer the celebrated champion he once was does not mean the Lance Armstrong saga won't hit the big screen someday. Sony has been developing the project forever with Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance's real-life friend, attached."

Rachel said...

WNYC has a listen live option for Jake and Brian's interview at 1.30.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting that, Rachel. Was just about to search for it again :)

Not the Lance movie story again! Not aimed at you, Hagen, but at E. Jake never was attached, there was never even a script. It's such old misinformation masquerading as fact, repeated ad nauseam. There's a lot of that going around this week :)

Sam said...

That Frank guy is pretty hot himself. Wow.

UltraViolet said...

This is wonderful, listening along...

UltraViolet said...

So we'd been wondering about the two-week break, and I wondered if it was for EoW promotion in Europe, and it seems that is the case. So you European GBers have something to look forward to!

It was a good interview. And Brian helped Jake out of his babble at one point. Hee.

Mary said...

I didnt hear the radio show where in Europe will he be going did he say? Didn't think they would be doing much pomotion over there glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

What Italian jurnal is it?

By the way the traslasion is «At the begining (of career as an actor) it’s hard to understand yourself and make question at Hollywood is not appropriate when everyone seems to know what they do.» ;)

bobbyanna said...

Thak you, anon. The Italian sounds very similar to what we already read in English.

Mary, Jake didn't say where he was going. I'm surprised too, that he is still going to be doing EoW promo then.

Anonymous said...

JuleeWhalin ‏@JuleeWhalin

Weird "@LeonardLopate: Jake Gyllenhaal, Leonard + Brian F. O'Byrne in WNYC studios. #menwithfacialhair ”

Mary said...

Thanks Bobbyanna I found the broadcast stephanie posted it sure of figured shw wouuld have it I just heard him say that he had some commintments because the play was supposed to end earlier.

UltraViolet said...

I thought Brían said that Jake was originally supposed to go to Europe to promote EoW when the play ended.

Also, I loved Brían's exhortation that people go to see the movie and his praise for Jake's ability. I bet that makes Jake very proud.

Monica said...

This story is sweet: meeting jake gyllenhaal

UltraViolet said...

Aww, that is a great story, Monica.

Anonymous said...

Misha Beiser ‏@MimiBeiser

ASTOUNDING meal with a best friend at @ilovebuvette topped off with some Jake Gyllenhaal in the corner :) Good times
Fiorella Fernandez ‏@theatregeekk

Met Jake Gyllenhaal and THEN Snoop Dogg in one night.. #dying #isthisreallife

Anonymous said...

Meredith Breedlove ‏@merbreed

first celebrity sighting, Jake Gyllenhaal #missionaccomplished
he was pretty rude, but beautiful!
he said he would take a picture with me, but never came back to do so :(

Anonymous said...

sairbear ‏@sairbear

Going to a broadway play tonight, staring Jake Gyllenhaal. Bumped into him on the street, figured least I could do is go see his play.
yup & smiled. He smiled back. He's short irl :)
he is super cool, did you get a pic ????
no mate.. I didn't want to intrude. I just smiled & he smiled back :)
indeed. Thanks for the feedback. He was exceptional in the play tonight too :)
I saw a broadway play here tonight. Was harrowing, gritty, funny @ Roundabout Theatre Company 111 W 46th St

Daniela said...

What a cute story!!

I am very happy with the news about new works.
Too bad EOW was postponed here in Brazil, placed the premiere in full holiday
Result: children at home, anything cinema
Well to all a Good Night!!:)

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter :

"Join New Eyes in honoring Jake Gyllenhaal on October 29, 7pm at Colicchio & Sons in NYC. Get tickets today! http://neweyesfortheneedy.o"

The 29th is Monday, Jake's day off from the play, so this sounds like something he'll attend. : )

bobbyanna said...

I've been checking out the items for auction @ the New Eyes website.
Personalized autographed guitar and tickets to see The Voice, from Adam Levine/Maroon 5; Dinner for 6 @ Mario Batali's restaurant Manzo, Breakfast or Lunch (in L.A.) with Bear Grylls; Two tickets to sit in JayZ's seats @ a Nets Game in the new Barclay Center; autographed copy of Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. Looks like Jake has been recruiting some friends to get involved! : )

Chica said...

That was a nice interview, great news about him promoting EOW overseas. That means that he and Open Roads are pushing the movie for awards:)

It sure sounds like it Bobbyanna!

Scott said...

Impressive friends indeed. I can not believe I am saying this but I hope they never release that movie of Jake's with Jessica Biel. She and Timberflake are disgusting human beings and I don't care whose idea it was to make a video of the homeless at a 6.5 million dollar wedding. Totally OT but sort of related to an ex-costar of Jake.

UltraViolet said...

That's too funny, Bobbyanna. I guess Marcus didn't return Jake's auction calls! The Jay Z item is pretty cool.

That sounded like a horrible video, Scott. A really bad idea that I hope Justin T and Jessica B did not laugh at. But it doesn't make me not want to see Nailed.

Anonymous said...

Carla Mac ‏@carlamac33
Jake Gyllenhaal after his play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet"

30 m go

Scott said...

US weekly online has a studio pic of Jake and Mario apparently Jake's segment was taped. Jake looks chummy and so does the pasta although the audience is looking away from Jake.

They must be nuts.

Anonymous said...

Margot said...

Was Jake's segment of The Chew filmed today or was it filmed earlier? Anyone know the actual date it was filmed?

Margot said...

Michael Pena: Jake is like Lance Armstrong, he's brutal.

Pena said that about Jake?

UltraViolet said...

Yes, he said it at the EoW premiere. He meant it as a compliment, like fierce, driven.

The Chew segment was filmed on Tuesday.

Scott, it is odd that the audience is looking away in so many shots. Maybe it will make sense when we see the segment?

The photos and more in a new post.