Thursday, May 3, 2012


The trailer for End of Watch is out, and it captures the film's intensity, as well as the great chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña.

That's Jake, photographed by Damon Winter, a Pulitzer Prize winner. Winter was the photographer who took these LA Times photos of Jake:


From chica said...

Reposting chica's EoW reaction:

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post last night. I took a friend to the screening of EOW and we went to dinner afterwards and I got home really late.

Can't reveal too much but I have to say that the film is beyond intense, almost nerve racking at some points. Jake and Michael Pena make very convincing L.A. cops and have good and believable chemistry.

It felt very real and the comparison to Southland is correct on some levels.

Language and scenes are rough but real.

The only complaint that I have as the female characters weren't developed enough and Anna and America were wasted IMO, still Anna had some nice chemistry with Jake.

Not a blockbuster of course but an intense, fascinating character study of 2 L.A. cops.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Baird Knight ‏ @SarahBaird
New York
Cracked out on caffeine-spiked bowl of hot drink (@davidtlittle!), shoulder-to-shoulder w/ Jake Gyllenhaal. @dotdotdottweet is my witness.
3 min ago

Anonymous said...

It seems that Jake is in Dublin, inplace called Workman's club

bobbyanna said...

Sure, he's in Dublin. Just 27 minutes after he walked out of a restaurant in San Francisco.

Especially, since he was in the Chinatown neighborhood around Canal street less than 2 hrs. ago.
Magic Jake.

Thanks, UV. OMG that trailer is intense. I'm really looking forward to EoW.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say how much I love these photos. Beautiful!

I'm looking at the sky getting really, really dark. I think we're in for the mother of all thunderstorms. It was 89 here today!

Anonymous said...

bobbyanna there is a photo

Martin Foyle ‏ @martinfoyle
Jake Gyllenhaal is at Dublins Workmans club, @aimee__says posted this pic

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, but I don't believe Jake is in Dublin.

Anonymous said...

Ok. but can you say with safety that is not Jake?

Monica said...

I hate trailers that give everything. Well, the movie seems to be intense.

Anonymous said...

"FAIL: Went to Workman's to invite Jake Gyllenhaal over for spliff and tea, but he was nowhere to be seen. WIN: Tom Lowe just retweeted me."

1hr ago

bobbyanna said...

I hate these disgusting anonymous trolls who track dirt in here and spout filth.

I said I did not believe Jake is in Dublin.

I don't pretend to know where he is, I simply used common sense. Anyone can do simply math and realize that the timing is off.

People see Jake everywhere. I was merely pointing out that he was also "seen" in SF, and he was spotted on Canal Street in NYC.

Of all those sightings,including Dublin's, I'm inclined to believe the one that has him in NYC.

No poster has actually said they were with Jake in a pub.
When Jake was in a basement in Nashville, people were actually therer with him, and he was with Mumford & Son, which made it credible.

Anonymous said...

Kiersten Paige ‏ @Kiersten_Paigee
My mom just sent me the casual "Jake Gyllenhaal and Minka Kelly are having dinner at the same resturant as us" text.
5 min ago

Kiersten's mom is in NY.

Kiersten Paige ‏ @Kiersten_Paigee
My mom just texted from NYC and said "omg this is so Jersey." As if I wasn't jealous enough that she got to go there...
4 h ago

Mary said...

thanks for the trailer UV it looks really intense gave me something nice to watch on my lunch cant wait till sept 28.

Anonymous said...

Tim Silver ‏ @simtilver
Today's redeeming quality: conducting an interview at a coffee shop next to Jake Gyllenhaal. #truestory #dreamy
5 min ago
Hempstead, NY

Anonymous said...

That photo of Jake in Dublin, well that isn't Jake. some small similarity (they both have beards and are dark haired)

Unless Jake has started to clone himself (if he has send a clone to me)

Hempstead? I used to live not far from there. I'm a Long Islander


Anonymous said...

"Minka Kelly browsing the racks of Jenni Kayne's boutique in LA's Brentwood."

1 hr. ago

Anonymous said...

"Minka Kelly browsing the racks of Jenni Kayne's boutique in LA's Brentwood."

No, it is a sighting of April 16, Minka is in NY because she has received a prize.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Roterman C ‏ @natroterman
New York

Ladies, it is with great disappointment that I say this: #SPOTTED Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal & Minka Kelly dining out in NY... #youreaditherefirst

4 min ago

UltraViolet said...

LOL at that photo of Jake in Dublin. Nice try.

From twitter:

ioncinema ‏ @ioncinema
TIFF 2012 prediction: David Ayers' END OF WATCH

I had hoped for that. But if Jake makes an appearance, it will have to be on a Sunday/Monday night.

Which raises the question of other promotional appearances for EoW. He can do all the NY shows, but he won't be on Leno or Ellen, which is too bad. Just because I think that's a different audience.

The trailer reaction has been really good. It's encouraging.

UltraViolet said...

The Dublin tweets are hilarious. Jake was definitely the talk of the town!

Guess this is why Jake wasn't at the Wednesday screening. From the NY Post:

Jake Gyllenhaal screened his buzzed-about upcoming movie “End of Watch” for Jay-Z at the Crosby Street Hotel on Wednesday. The rapper attended Gyllenhaal’s small friends-and-family screening of the Open Road Films movie, which comes out Sept. 28 as directed by “Training Day” writer David Ayer. Sources said Jay could be contributing a song to the project, which stars Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as LAPD officers, with Anna Kendrick and America Ferrera. Producer John Lesher was also a guest. His next movie, “Blood Ties,” is shooting here with Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, James Caan and Marion Cotillard.

UltraViolet said...

Chica, thanks again for your report. What was the crowd reaction like? Also, what did you think of the chemistry between Jake and Anna?

The trailer seems to give away a lot - do you think it's too much?

Anonymous said...

That picture is beautiful UV, thanks!

As for the trailer, it sure looks intense. I've never been a fan of cop movies and I'm not gonna start now, Jake or no Jake, but I have a feeling that this particular way of shooting with the hand-cams will win my dislike. Oh and Jake might play a part on that, as well :-)

I'm interested in the audience reaction, too. Now that the trailer is out I'm reading unfavorable comments, but that was to be expected.

Viv said...

I am excited!!I wonder if there's a red band trailer in the future.:)

Chica said...

Hi UV!
THe audience was very enthusiastic,
especially the guys. Overall the crowd seem to really like it.

The chemistry was great between Jake and Anna, IMO not off the charts like Jake and Anne in LOAD, but it was a nice, sweet, sexy chemistry. Too bad her character wasn't really developed.

Did the trailer give away too much? In a sense yes, like most trailers nowadays, still I hope people don't watch the trailer and think that because there is more to the movie than is shown in the trailer.

I have family that live in Hempstead, LI Lily. I have a feeling that that sighting was a loo
k a like!

Sag Actor said...

The trailer is kick-ass! A bit too much info? Yeah probably but so what, It still makes me want to go see it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jake has spent any time on Long Island. Pity if he hasn't it's a beautiful place.

are you a Long Island girl, Chica?

I wonder what Jake's family thought of his movie, if they ever give honest critiques of Jake and Maggie's movies (it would be interesting their reaction to Maggie's Hysteria movie :))


Chica said...

Lily, My family and I are from Queens. We moved briefly to LI but I moved back to Queens when I got older.

Hysteria is another movie that I
'm anxious to see!

Monica said...

The scene of him dancing is funny. I think I'll make a gif of it!

Viv said...

to chica

I want to know did the audience feel uncomfortable with shaky POV style??

Chica said...

That's a great idea Monica!

My friend did complain that it was making her a bit dizzy, but I was fine with it as were the people around me.

Office Of Nancy Pelosi said...

The trailer reminds me of Southland which isn't a bad thing:)

Looks really exciting, thanks so much for your thoughts on EOW Chica!

Anonymous said...

Mishki Vaccaro ‏ @Meeshkee

30 M AGO

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like we won't be hearing about him soul cycling for a while, unless he does it in Toronto.


Josie said...

RL has been crazy lately and I haven't had time to stop by my favorite Jake blog lately :( :(

What fantastic news that Jake will be doing a play this fall on NY! I would love to go and hopefully I can arrange to clear my schedule.

The trailer for EOW is all kinds of cool and fast ride, it does remind me of Southland as others have already pointed out. I hope that that doesn't turn some people off.

Looks like he is off to Toronto to film The Enemy. He is sure having a busy year after some down time which is great news for Gyllenhaalics.

Daniela said...


I saw the trailer yesterday, I realized that David had intended to show the reality and not just action
I think we'll surprise us with Jake

Too bad, Chica that you can not tell you more about the film

Monica said...

A member of the Nolan Fans said he saw the trailer of End of Watch before The Avengers.

Anonymous said...

Dont think Jakes in Toronto. That tweet sounds like that girl just heard he will be there for filming

Viv said...

Advanced screening review....Spoil alert!!

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, work got the better of me today.

Gyllencrazy, Jake has gotten me to watch genres I'm not fond of, too. And glad you like the photo - I think it's beautiful, also. I wish we could see all of the unpublished Jake photos out there. I also wish Jake would do some more beautiful photo shoots. He hasn't done a really good one in a while.

Not sure this movie will make that happen, but we can hope.

Also, the trailer has gotten some negative reactions, but overall, it has been very positive. declared it one of the week's best.

Viv, a red band trailer is something to look forward to!

Lily, I have a feeling the Gyllenhaals give their honest opinions. Hopefully, they enjoyed this one.

SAG Actor, sounds like the trailer did its job for you :)

OONP, I have heard a lot of Southland comparisons. And most people seem agree that's a good thing. I never watched it, but I know it got/gets raves.

Monica, someone on FB leo said they saw the trailer before The Avengers. That's very good placement for EoW!

Also, I found a dancing gif 9in the next post) :)

Josie, so good to see you! After a long dry spell, there's a lot of Jake news to catch up on. It is exciting.

Daniela, there's a little in the next post about the realism of the film.

Finally, thanks again to Chica for sharing some more thoughts on the movie. Glad to hear the crowd was into it. Especially the guys - this kind of movie needs them!

I do worry about the shaky cam aspect. I know it turns a lot of people off. I don't generally mind it.

It's a shame the female roles weren't explored more. But I'm glad Jake and Anna have good chemistry. Jake and Michael also seem to really click.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the link, Viv. Will repost that, as well as my last post in the new post :)