Sunday, May 27, 2012


Jake Gyllenhaal's last movie character took over the body of a history reacher. Last week, we saw shots of Jake in character, as a history teacher, for his new movie. Today, Jake was spotted filming scenes on a Toronto streetcar. He just can't get away from public transportation!

Jake in animated discussion with director Denis Villeneuve:

Set report from Mr. Will-W:

Today's filming saw Gyllenhaal and Laurent on a Streetcar, then following her to her Office in hot pursuit. The Film Crew took several precautions to protect their Talent and Gyllenhaal was veiled by not one, but two umbrellas. Fans watched across-the-street in awe as he ran through multiple takes, snapping Photos with their Cell Phones.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


Anonymous said...

Jake is soooo hot! yum:)

UltraViolet said...

He is looking good.

Repeating some of the tweets from the end of the last post:

Jake Gyllenhaal just asked me why I wasn't dancing while in line at a restaurant. Then he smiled and I almost died. #truestory #loveTO

I AM STARING AT #JAKEGYLLENHAAL RIGHT NOW! God bless toronto film shoots
downtown TO on wellington street!

Toronto paparazzi is scary and aggressive when it comes to Jake Gylenhaal. #youmakeithardtodomyjob

Jake Gyllenhaal smiled at me :)
I'm at Playa Cabana (Toronto, Ontario)

Made eye contact with Jake Gyllenhaal today #loveToronto

My exciting Sunday afternoon: coming across the set of Denis Villenueve's AN ENEMY w/Jake Gyllenhaal in Toronto!

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal at Playa Cabana. Who knew a beard could look so hot?

Neighbourhood Mexican hot spot just got hotter. Jake Gyllenhaal spotted.

Well I can check that off my list... Was soo cool being able to watch Jake Gyllenhaal film a movie!! Can't wait to see it!!

I can't take in the fact that a friend of a friend is an extra on Jake gyllenhaal's new movie and they talked..

Also, this not-so-nice report from the set.

There is that tweet of the person saying how aggressive the paps can be, so there are two sides. But I hope Jake can lighten up. It doesn't seem like the attention is going away.

UltraViolet said...

Wonder if this disrupted filming?

Crazy accident right beside the filmset for Jake Gyllenhaal.

bobbyanna said...

Whoa, he looks really good! Love the black leather jacket. Thanks, UV!

Sorry he's had to deal with the distraction of Paps. I think regular fans are respectful, and most of their tweets have been really positive. Jake seems to be enjoying himself in general.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Bobbyana, that site is a pap site and if the Toronto paps sre anything like American paps they will shout things at the stars to get a reaction. Fans are respectful, paps are not. Jake is not the problem and I beginning to think that stars are justified in their total displeasure of the paps. They are bullies with cameras who always use the excuse "I'm just doing my job", get a real job.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics, UV. He looks great. AS for any reports of Jake asking the photogs to leave it was probably because the paps were saying some ugly things to him.

There are so many things filming in Toronto. I remember the times I've been there it wasn't hard to come across a film crew. Just look for the orange cones and trailers. I saw at least two film productions and the day I was leaving I saw some orange cones near Union Station. Too bad I couldn't stick around to find out what was being filmed.
My friend and I were on the sidewalk watching a movie being shot and someone on the crew came over and asked us if we were background. I said no, but I often wondered what would have happened if I'd said yes :)


bobbyanna said...

I noticed the helmet, and wondered if Jake's got a bike in this movie? That would be so cool! : )

The paps don't necessarily have to be yelling something ugly at Jake, Lily, to be disruptive and distracting. Bullies with cameras. Good description.

Monica said...

I'm liking the look of the characters! And he's so sexy as Anthony!

Chica said...

He is looking mighty fine in that leather jacket!

There is too much set pics IMO, I can see why Jake is pissed at the paps. I don't mind the tweets but the seemingly day to day set photos have got to be a distraction.

Hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Day and remember why we have this day off, to remember and honor outr fallen troops.

Hagen said...

By July we'll be able to edit our own version of "An Enemy". LOL
Interesting that Anthony wears a wedding ring. Apparently the adaptation is pretty faithful to the book (without fake beards though).

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree that there seems to be too many set photos, it takes away from the mystery of the film. I hope that they find a way to block it but it may be difficult.

He looks smoking hot and he is carrying a helmut which means the character is riding a motorcycle :)

Wishing everyone here a quite and safe Memorial Day and hope that everyone keeps thoughts and prayers to all the brave men and women who serve.

bobbyanna said...

Hope everyone enjoys the Memorial Day holiday today.

My thoughts & prayers are with all those who sacrificed their lives for our country, and especially remembering their families, today.

UltraViolet said...

Visited my parents' graves today. It's always moving to see the flag on my father's grave and all the other graves.

It is a beautiful day here, a nice end to the long weekend.

It's hilarious that so many people can't figure out that Jake was filming and not just taking the streetcar in Toronto.

Some tweets:

Jake G must be at The Hazelton: Groceries @WholeFoods, dinner @PlayaCabana last night & saw him jogging last wk! Welcome to the 'hood!
11:40 AM

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on my lunch break today, such an unexpected treat for the eyes
1:02 PM

I saw somewhere on twitter that there's a heat alert for Toronto today. And several people mentioned how hot it was yesterday when Jake was wearing that dark outfit and leather jacket.

UltraViolet said...

From FB, a nice set report by an extra. provides some counterbalance, as well as perspective, to that tablod report:

So, today, on set; one moment we're watching Jake Gyllenhall charming fans, the next?

Serious three-car collision, less than a block away. Thankfully, nobody was killed.

This should reinforce the lesson that you NEVER know when you're going to need first aid and CPR training - and that ALL of you should be trained NOW.

What if the only trained personnel around were injured? What would you do?

Look around at your nearest loved one. What if they
passed out and had no pulse.

Please - even if it's not through my firm, GO GET TRAINED.

do you provide 1st aid to movie sets?

Most of them have set medics present. That takes care of their liability issues, though I would certainly a) train the crews (the skills never really go away, with minimal practice) and b) supply trained medics to them.

(I was actually there working as an extra today) ...

Sorry you had me at jake gyllenhall!

Nice guy. Spent time talking to some of us - poor guy had to crouch down on the floor of the streetcar when it was being pulled back down York Street, because of all the screaming maniacs. (Seriously, after we had to re-set three times because of it, it got old - poor guy riding the floor, just looked miserable - reminded me why I don't think I'd want his life, awards, money, whatever.)

Nice....I've always liked him and his movies!

He's worth our money. I'm proud of the extras, too - not ONE Brokeback Mountain joke.

That does not sound like fun.

UltraViolet said...

More fro m twitter:

no problem. Worth going by & taking a look, it crazy how they've taken over the street

I was cycling by, he was eating gelato on the way back to set. Queen Video is completely blacked out. Crew had lunch in Revival.

Hottest day in Toronto just got a little hotter Jake Gyllenhaal on College street for "Spider" aka An Enemy at Queen Video cc @olv #CdnFilm

Guess Jake is finally SPiderman :) That appears to be the movie's alias.

Anonymous said...

I feel for anyone filming a movie in the heat wearing what Jake was wearing. But he did have it far worse in Morocco where it was a lot hotter. (for POP)

I didn't think they let the fans get that close. I remember when I was watching a movie being filmed and we were kept across the street and at one point told we had to move because they could see our reflections in the glass of the store fronts.


bobbyanna said...

Ugh, at the thought of poor Jake crouched down in the trolley. I guess twitter makes it much easier for fans to track the production, and Jake.

I think some films have bigger security budgets than others. It's expensive to close a set when you're working right out in public.
But keeping the fans and photographers at a distance should be basic.

It's been beautiful & sunny today, but hovering near 91 all day.

Anonymous said...

I love that first photo posted of Jake, he looks perfect, sigh....

I would think the constant pap intrusion and the fans would be disruptive to the cast and crew. I just hope it doesn't effect the out come of the film. Movies are filmed in Toronto all the time, I would think the city would have instructions to keep people at bay even on a small budget film like The Enemy.

Enjoying my Memorial day with friends and family and keeping in mind the troops that have given their lives so we can all enjoy this day.


Mary said...

Hope every one had a nice safe holiday weekend.

I love the look of Anthony think I prefer him to Adam:)

UltraViolet said...

Anthony seems to be the preferred double. Poor Adam - one can see why he'd be messed up!

From Facebook:

Just got a call from some automated "Political Opinions of America" place. Reminds me of the time I registered to vote with MTV's "Vote or Die" and got an automated voicemail from Jake Gyllenhaal reminding me to vote, hahah!

That would have been fun!

Also from FB, from a Playa Cabana worker:

Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal, pleasure to meet you last night, glad u love Mexican food :-)

Hello to Hagen, who is new, I think. Or recently delurked. And to Josie, Mary, Lily, Monica, Chica, Bobbyanna, OONP and anyone I missed!

Anonymous said...

hi UV


Paula C. said...

I just saw this new post today and all I have to say is yes, yes and yes!

If I was in my final pregnancy weeks that photos would be enough for me to go into labor:)

Extra said...

LOL Paula C, I agree!

Yeah I think that Anthony is the preferred double UV, no wonder Adam wants to change places!

Thanks for all the filming updates UV, it sort of reminds me of Nailed where we seemed to be getting almost daily set pics and updates.

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

UltraViolet said...

I'm glad the photo didn't cause early labor, Paula C! :)

Ah, Nailed. We did get a lot of photos, Extra. Now if we could only see the actual movie one day!

(Not the movie "One Day," btw. I watched it a few weeks back, and it's pretty bad.)

Toronto seems to have backed offJake today. But I did just see this:

Lol to all the people waiting outside the ritz to see jake gyllenhal
4:32 PM

Anonymous said...

Lol to all the people waiting outside the ritz to see jake gyllenhal
4:32 PM

Apparently Wand Erection (One Direction, boyband) are staying at the Ritz and maybe not Jake.

UltraViolet said...

LOL @ Wand Erection. Hope no one is really waiting for Jake. What a letdown!

Some tweets:

Said hi to Jake Gyllenhaal when I unwittingly rode by his set today. Got a nod back. #CanDieHappy
7:27 PM

Just drove by Jake Gyllenhaal on the way to @onedirection with @KikiNic #ineednewpants
6:24 PM

We've had our first Gyllenhaal sighting. Sorry @bruce_croxon but that might have upstaged your drop in.
6:24 PM

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal downtown wootwoot

Lol jake gylenhall in a car driving beside us #classictoronto
5:56 PM

Paula C. said...

I´m expecting a lot from Jake with this characters, I hope they bring him the recognition he once had and not that he lost it,but he needs some more.

Only by the photos on set of him as Adam and Anthony , I can already see the difference between them, apart from the clothes, With Adam his face was more somber, a bit depressed like he was caring some major concerns and the head always down, with Anthony he looks confident, his head his up and looks sexy and mysterious.

Sag Actor said...

Your updates are fantastic UV as usual. Does anyone know how long the shoot is?

Mary said...

According to reporrts I have read till July 13.

Sag Actor said...

Thanks Mary!

UltraViolet said...

I know what you mean, Paula C. It would be nice to see Jake recognized again for the great actor he is.

Thanks for the nice words, SAG Actor.

New Post with some new set photos.