Monday, April 30, 2012

Musical notes

A hodgepodge post today, beginning with some info about Jake in Big Easy Express:

We get to see a bit of the boys playing basketball with Jake Gyllenhaal in Austin, where they reveal they’ve been drinking copious amounts of “water” for the past four days. Right.

Speaking of Jake, he got special thanks in the credits.

More observations on the film at the link. And you can catch a brief glimpse of Jake "rocking out" to Little Lion Man in San Pedro. Go to the 3:10 mark.

More from the Shoes on working with Jake:

How did your collaboration with Jake Gyllenhaal come about?

Daniel Wolfe directed the video for Stay The Same, and we loved it. We wanted to work with him again, and he really likes our music. So we talked about doing a new video for Time to Dance, and he was really into it. Daniel is working a lot with actors, in Stay the Same it was with Johnny Harris (This is England), this time it was with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Would it be fair to see it as symbolic of a full-on cross-over to mainstream fame?

No, we don’t think so. We’ve never been more indie ! It’s about a famous British director doing a video for an indie french band with a mainstream A-listed American actor, and about this same actor who likes our music, playing a psychopath serial hipster killer in our video, because it’s far away from roles he usually plays.

And how has his presence in your video affected your popularity as a band?

Everybody was talking about it, about him and then about us. But we won’t play at le Stade De France like David Guetta because of that.

Jake will apparently have an English accent in If There Is...

The British playwright Nick Payne, 28, has been given a starry boost by Jake Gyllenhaal who will make his American stage debut this summer in his first play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. Payne wrote the play, which premiered at the Bush in 2009, when he was just 25. Gyllenhaal will play Terry, a foul-mouthed drifter who strikes up an odd friendship with his obese teenage niece. "He likes the humour and anger of the character and the tone of the play," says Payne. The actor was sent the script and liked it so much he came to see Payne's last play, Constellations, at the Royal Court in February.

After a reading of If There Is... with Roundabout Theatre in New York, he signed on for a full run, opening in August. Gyllenhaal will adopt an English accent for the role but will Payne tailor his script for American audiences? "No. Although at the read-through I asked, 'does everyone know what Asda is?' and they said, 'not really.'" Is he ready for Jake's starstruck fans at the stage-door? "I'm sure there will be a bit of hoopla but I'm quite happy to stay anonymous." Not for too much longer, I'd guess.

(RRT photos courtesy of Andy the T photography.)


UltraViolet said...

It's interesting that there was a table read of the play, even though all of the parts haven't been cast.

Also, I thought this was nice - a comment under the first photo of Jake with the accordion:

Your watermark is awesome on this shot. Those were some good times! Jake was really cool and called my sister to wish her a happy birthday when we were in Austin.

UltraViolet said...

The LA Times floats Jake as a potential Mick Jagger.

Anonymous said...

OMG! it would be amazing!!!

UV there is Franco too!you cannot escape tonight!:)))

Extra said...

I was wondering about Jake's involvement in this documentary, thanks UV!

You can tell that Jake had a blast on that tour.

It is interesting that Jake did a reading for that play w/o the rest of the cast in place.

Jake as Mick? I really can't picture that.

bobbyanna said...

Me neither, Extra. I think it's all in fun...I hope : ) (They need to find someone who "moves like Jagger" : ))

UV, Jake does a great English accent...but of course some people might make it a point of criticism. I'm really looking forward to the play!

Thanks for the footage of the RRT. I was like that the audience knew the words, and sang along. Very cool. Jake really enjoyed himself!

Daniela said...

Jake's appearances in the documentary Mumford are always so fast, but enough to see his joy to be there!
I also think that history with Jagger joke lol

A good day to all!

UltraViolet said...


I think the Jagger casting choices were tongue in cheek in some cases. I couldn't tell for Jake and Franco.

Jake will definitely get flak for the accent, as he did from some for PoP, even though he did a good job and got praise from others. That is Jake's lot in life these days.

Good day to you, too, Daniela. I hope there's some Jake on the train in the documentary footage. I guess we're going to have to wait for a Jake fan to see it to find out.

Viv said...

From someone saw EOW screeing on Cinemit:

Saw this movie and already think this is one of the best movies of the year. I was on edge for the last hour of this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are excellent in this movie. It's a cop drama but unlike anything you've seen before. You feel like you're totally right there with these cops as you follow them around the underbelly of LA. If I had anything bad to say it would be that America Ferrara is in this movie and she's under utilized if you ask me. As a surprise, at the beginning of the screening the director David Ayer came up and spoke to the audience. He then brought up someone that he says he became friends with during the filming and up comes Jake Gyllenhaal! Nobody was expecting this. So needless to say Jake Live and Jake in a great movie... one of the best nights ever.

Chica said...

I got a ticket to see the screening of EOW, and as I said before the review will be spoiler free!

Thanks for the review VIv!

Jake had so much fun on that tour and I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary.

So Jake will be doing an accent for the play? Yeah he will get flak, but he did a good job with his accent in Pop so he can do it.

I think the Jagger thing was tongue in cheek, I hope:)

Viv said...


Don't get your expectation too high about EOW.XD
Hope you enjoy it!!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the review, Viv. Hoping Jake makes another appearance and we get reviews from Chica and many more :)

Funny tweet I just saw:

My dog only watches tv when Jake Gyllanhaal is on. There's some serious homo canine crush happening here.. #dogwhisperer

And I meant to post this one the other day:

I bet under eye color on Jake Gyllenhaal's driver's license it just says "dreamy."

Anonymous said...

Queens of Sweet ‏ @QueensofSweet
Why was Jake Gyllenhaal riding the A train at 1am? If I had money I wouldn't be riding the A train at any time especially not at 1am!

Anonymous said...

Amanda Soledad ‏ @Amanda_Hidalgo

Cierto se me olvido contarles que ayer estaba jake gyllenhaal en la tienda de abercrombie jaja yo casi me muero

bobbyanna said...

According to justjared/UsWeekly, Maggie had a baby girl, Gloria Ray Sarsgaard on April 19th. So congrats to the family!

Sheba Baby said...

How cool of it for Mumford & Sons to give a shout out to Jake in their documentary, I can't wait to see it!

Maybe it's good thing Jake is doing an off-broadway show (The Roundabout) instead of on Broadway. It's more intimate and hopefully you won't get any snarky remarks about his accent.

Looking forward to your review Chica!

Congratulations to Maggie and Peter!

Anonymous said...

Well we know Jake can do a British accent. So it will be nice to see him do it again.

Mazel Tov to Maggie and Peter on the birth of their baby girl. Nice name.


Mary said...

Congrats to Maggie and Peter. Glad they were able to keep the birth quiet.

Paula C. said...

Congratulations to Maggie and Peter! I love the name Gloria, it was my grandmother name.

If I have a girl I will name her Sofia.

Chica, you are so lucky, enjoy the screening and give us all the details.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, congrats to Maggie and Peter. Hope Ramona is enjoying her new sibling.

I love the name Sofia, Paula.

UltraViolet said...

I guess Jake was at Soul Cycle today:

just took soul cycle with Jake Gyllenhaal #lifeiscomplete

Monica said...

Congratulations Maggie and Peter!

bobbyanna said...

I just got a "Google article" written by a CNN entertainment producer who relocated to L.A. She writes about the interesting stuff she discovered when she first moved, and talked about experiencing H'wood Farmers Market:

"On Sundays, the Hollywood Farmer's Market takes over two streets and four blocks. It's a great way to spend a morning strolling between stalls, choosing from produce that was picked just days before at the height of ripeness. I once heard an Aussie extolling the virtues of basil from a particular herb stand. I turned and realized it was the late Heath Ledger, with Michelle Williams, their new baby Matilda Rose and Jake Gyllenhaal..."

I remember when that happened, and it made me smile and get teary-eyed at the same time.

Forgot to say, I'm so glad, chica, that you got ticket for EoW!

Anonymous said...

"Jake gyllenhall just led my soulcycle class with the instructor. Normal."
43minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna thank you SO much for sharing that article. I remember Heath mentioning he liked cooking and used to look up recipes on google to try. Jake likes cooking too, I can imagine the convos they must have had. I wonder if they ever got together and cooked for each other?

I wonder if Jake will be making NY his permanent home or dividing his time between NY and Calif? After he's done with the play (and I wonder if Atticus is okay?)


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Congrats to Maggie and Peter, I love that name!

Thanks so much for the update on the upcoming RRT documentary UV, I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes out. I loved "following'" Jake and the band during the tour!

I hope to get to see Jake in NY when he does the play and I'm so happy that he is stretching his acting wings. I hope he plans to do more.

Like most L.A. based actors, Jake probably has homes on both coasts plus it helps that he has family on the East Coast.

I remember when I used to post on the DC forum and that Jake/Heath/Michele/Matilda sighting was posted and remembering how happy it made me feel.

UltraViolet said...

I remember a sighting of Heath, Michelle and Jake at the Farmers Market, but I assume it wasn't by this same person. Wasn't the person who posted it on DC a regular poster, not an entertainment reporter?

Looks like Gawker Stalker is back, though it doesn't really seem improved. In the age of twitter, it seems old hat. They had Jake spotted at La Colombe today.

Twitter said...

End of watch was pretty good.
2 hours ago via

bobbyanna said...

I'm perfectly capable of mixing things up, getting confused,especially since this happened in Spring of '06. But I recall that a woman, Teresa, had a Heath fansite, & also posted on DCForum. Heath knew her, they really were friends. On rare occasions, he'd post on her fansite.

Anyway, there was speculation about whether Jake & Heath really remained friends after the Oscar hoopla, etc. So Heath actually called her on the phone from where they were staying in L.A., and told her he was with Jake, and they'd gone to the Farmers Market. She could hear Jake joking in the background.

I also remember another account where Jake was with them and an unidentified Blonde, who Jake handed money to, and joked about her spending it or something. It's too bad there are no photos.

Anyway,this recent account seems to confirm the others.

Hope everyone who has a chance to see it, will love EoW!!

Anonymous said...

Kat Von Pire
‏ @KatVonPire
At work. And possibly so is Jake Gyllenhaal, as An Enemy is shooting here too. Weeeeee!

Tweety said...

I think it's a bit early in the month for Jake in the UK tweets:)

Jake won't have any problems mastering the accent for the play but i'm sure he will have his distractors.

Looking forward to any GB's here that have a pass to EOW reviews, I think NY is tonight, waves to Chica!

Cant't wait for the M&M documentary!!

PS: What is the DC forum?

Anonymous said...

DC 's a forum that sprang up for people who were moved and wanted to discuss BBM. I think it started in 2005? DC is Dave Cullen, a writer/author who started and maintains it.

Tweety said...

Thanks Anon! I thought it had something to do withe politics/Washington, DC !

Viv said...

From tiwtter:

BrianisTuft: At an advanced screening of #EndofWatch with @aliceinnyc. The ppl attracted by free screenings both terrify & captivate me. Like Hoarders.

kanyessa: Saw an early preview of #EndOfWatch with @VictorHugoDuran and still feel a little dizzy. Although Kristy Wu was awesome! Very proud of her!

dontmistamark :@Cinemit thanks again for the passes for #EndofWatch & the #Avengers! both were amazing movies! had a phenomenal time at both!

Twitter said...

This movie made me think of everyone out there risking their lives so we r free & safe. We honestly don't pay them enough for what they do.
Reply Retweet Favorite
2h Tummy Tunes ;) ‏ @metrothinker
Will likely get an R rating for language & violence as it's very graphic but it's def a must see. Even more appreciative of the police.
Reply Retweet Favorite
2h Tummy Tunes ;) ‏ @metrothinker
End of Watch will be in theatres in Sept & honestly is gonna be a hit. It's shot home movie style & u feel the rawness of the streets.
Reply Retweet Favorite
2h Tummy Tunes ;) ‏ @metrothinker
@Cinemit End of Watch was fantastic. Honest, funny at times & touchingly raw. An homage to the people out there keeping us safe. Thank you.

Viv said...

From twitter:

aliceinnyc @Cinemit Thank you so much again for the #EndOfWatch passes! We LOVED it! Everything I hoped it would be and more.

Viv said...

From the same person above:

aliceinnyc: END OF WATCH = PHE. NOM. A. NAL.

aliceinnyc: Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena's on screen chemistry & "partner" relationship was so authentic. #EndOfWatch

aliceinnyc @AnnaKendrick47 I'm completely bias since you are Girl Crush NĂºmero Uno BUT End Of Watch was INCREDIBLE. Thank you for making great films!

Chica said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post last night. I took a friend to the screening of EOW and we went to dinner afterwards and I got home really late.

Can't reveal too much but I have to say that the film is beyond intense, almost nerve racking at some points. Jake and Michael Pena make very convincing L.A. cops and have good and believable chemistry.

It felt very real and the comparison to Southland is correct on some levels.

Language and scenes are rough but real.

The only complaint that I have as the female characters weren't developed enough and Anna and America were wasted IMO, still Anna had some nice chemistry with Jake.

Not a blockbuster of course but an intense, fascinating character study of 2 L.A. cops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chica, for telling us about EOW. Well without spoilers.

I hope that the GG/Oscars and the rest take notice too


Anonymous said...

Here is an interview Jake did for POP, I'd never seen this one before (Or I just don't remember it) he looks so adorable. I only hope that we see this look again. He also mentions LAOD and Source Code.


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, chica! I like Southland so the comparisons make me feel very optimistic, I'm also encouraged by the description of how intense it is.

I've seen other David Ayer movies, and he never seems to develop his female characters. It's as if all his male characters view women threw a very narrow lens. Unfortunately, they're almost accesories.

Thanks, Lily. The video looks familiar, but I love seeing Jake and yes, I like that look very much.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Movies ‏ @YahooMovies
Warning: you may not catch your breath during our trailer premiere of Jake Gyllenhaal's new cop thriller 'End of Watch'

9 min ago

Monica said...


Anonymous said...

You are welcome:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the EOW trailer, it looks intense.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Extra said...

Thanks anon and Chica, looks like a real roller coaster ride!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for the sneak peek Chica and the trailer anon., it looks awesome!

Paula C. said...

Tanks Anon, I've been waiting for this. Felt very intense and real.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks to chica for the great review of the movie and to Viv for posting all the reactions. Trailer up in a new post.