Monday, May 21, 2012

Last lazy Sunday?

Jake Gyllenhaal photos in NYC on Sunday afternoon before leaving for Toronto. Filming begins this week on his new movie, An Enemy. Jake was spotted at dinner with the director, Denis Villeneuve.

Jake out and about in Toronto on Monday:

(NYC photos courtesy of the Daily Mail.)


UltraViolet said...

Very interesting article in the NYTimes about Born To Run inspiration Michah True. Tidbit:

“Born to Run” was being made into a movie. The business deal did not involve True, and for a while he thought: Here it comes again. The film will bring as much upheaval into my life as the book. Sarsgaard — the director and co-author of the script — had warned him that no one watches a two-hour movie about himself and comes away thinking, that’s me up there.

True thought things had also taken an amusing karmic twist. McDougall, not him, was going to be the movie’s main character, and after reading a draft of the script, the book’s author, in an e-mail to True, called it “ridiculous” and said his “high expectations for the movie had plummeted.”

True took satisfaction in that. Now McDougall would find out how it felt to be defined by someone else. In an e-mail sent to Sarsgaard on March 26, he wrote, “As we know, I would have much liked to at least proofread, fact-check, and/or co-write what” McDougall said about him in the book. “Soooooo....... It is hard to feel toooo sorry for him.”

Not sure if my expectations can get any lower :)

KY. said...

Jake and Denis pic :)
Rachel Shuttlesworth
Went all the way to LA and didn't see anybody, but at dinner in TO next to Jake Gyllenhal

Anonymous said...

Really the name of this restaurant is Terroni!?!

mayumintolor said...

Hello! Thank you for the great post with nice pics!
Really I love to see the photo of Jake at the restaurant! Jake and the director look so lively. :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV, for the NYT article on the Born to Run project. You're right, doesn't sound very promising at all.
Maybe it's not going to happen.

The "friend" with Jake & Naomi is the artist, K'naan.

Sheba baby said...

That is indeed K'naan Bobbyanna, I love his music!

It looks like Jake will be involved with some behind the sceens stuff regarding The Enemy like he was with EOW.

Born to Run sounds more and more like a vanity project for Peter and it doesn't sound like it will ever get off the ground but I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hollie Whitehead ‏@holliewhitehead

Met jake gyllenhaal this morning, probably will be happy for the rest of my life
18 min ago

Chica said...

Thanks for that NYT link UV, I had forgotten about Born to Run. McDougall is an interesting man but I don't know if there is an audience for this movie, maybe Peter is aiming for Tv/cable with this.

I think this is the calm before the storm, Jake is going to be real busy from now through the fall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I saw some on IHJ he is with Naomi leaving the Slaughtered Lamb Pub (what a name for a restaurant)

I wonder how well Jake knows TO. I can recommend places to eat to him :D


UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting that KY, but I posted it in the original post. That's how we knew Jake was having dinner with Denis Villeneuve :)

Hi, Mayumintolor! I hope Jake and Denis V will have a great working relationship. This film is going to be a real challenge for both.

Hi, bobbyanna, sheba baby, chica and Lily.

II should try not to be pessimistic about Born To Run. Good movies can be made from diverse topics. Just not sure until we know more, I guess.

UltraViolet said...

Those who have read the book on which An Enemy is based probably already know this, but according to one tweeter, Jake will have at least one nude scene.

Asked the lady making jake gyllenhaul's "cock sock" what the measurements were ;) lmaaaooo
10:34 PM - 16 May

how did you even end up in that situation #wat

lolol i know eh, random, but it was on the set where he's filming a nude scene :O well... almost totally nude... #cocksock!!

who do you work for?!

haha I wasnt there for work.. I wish! I just know the costume designer, so he took me on set :)

Twitter said...

So Jake Gyllenhaal was across the street from me, chillin for 20 a Toyota Matrix? Loll, why?
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11:48 AM - 21 May 12 via web · Details

Anonymous said...

groan zone ‏@groanzone

Jake Gyllenhaal is staying at the hotel across from my building and I'm currently kicking his ass in Mario Kart Wii online.

Monica said...

This is sad for Peter.

yeah I remember the nude scene in the book.

Thanks for all informations

KY said...

ghazelchalil ‏@_ghazelchalil


Twitter said...

I just met Jake Gyllenhall by my apartment and he wasn't as friendly as I had imagined him to be. But he was SUPER good looking!
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1:13 PM - 21 May 12

Paula C. said...

I didn´t read the book because I want to be completely surprised, and because I´m Portuguese and the book is with Portuguese characters I would have a picture in my head and I´m afraid to be disappointed when i see the movie, so I want to have a free mind even to the naked scene, although after LOAD there's not much to the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Gwen Elliot ‏@gwenelliot

Ummm Jake Gyllenhaal is in whole foods. #whydonticomeheremoreoften

UltraViolet said...

That's a cute twitter pic! I'll add it to the post.

From twitter:

Ummm Jake Gyllenhaal is in whole foods. #whydonticomeheremoreoften

5:14 PM - 21 May 12

And from last night:

Listening to the females on terroni patio talking about how they try to eat only 400 calories a day makes me ashamed to be a female. #boooo

10:26 PM - 20 May 12


don't feel too bad for us. Jakey gyllenhal was sitting at the bar, and we quietly swooned.

UltraViolet said...

Paula, I didn't read the book because I also don't want to picture the scenes before seeing them. I'm hoping the director brings a bold eye to the scenes :)

Monica, I don't really know if that's so sad for Peter. It could be that McDougall is too close to know if it's good or bad. Or maybe they did some rewriting.

Daniela said...

Paula C. has nude scene in the movie? huumm!
I searched on google about the novel that inspired the movie, I found quite interesting.
I was missing seeing that gorgeous hair of Jake, is whiter, also these days all cloaked in NY lol

UltraViolet said...

I like the hair. It's long and sort of mussed up. Also, no one has pointed out that the beard appears to be trimmed.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Well I noticed UV, it's nice and neat and trimmed and he looks great!

Jake is iun Toronto to film The Enemy and let the tweets begin, LOL!! The Canadians are as good as the New Yorkers when it comes to tracking Jake :)

I haven't read the book either, I want to have the element of surprise too Paula C, but I don't mind hearing about the cocksock at all!

I like Peter but I have to say that this project didn't interest me at all.

UltraViolet said...

From a casting director in Toronto:

Just walked by the hottest bearded man on the street. Stared at him a little too long. Oh that's Jake Gyllenhaal!

7:36 PM

UltraViolet said...

Maybe Peter will surprise us all, OONP :)

Anonymous said...

Bri Lay ‏@brielay
Yup that's right Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting about 4ft behind me right now <3

2h ago

Anonymous said...

UV I noticed the beard was trimmed :D

May I ask what is the name of the book the movie is based on? (I forgot)


Mary said...

Lily the name of the book is the double.

I noticed too that Jake had trimmed his beard but didnt have time to post anything because I looked at them real quick before I left for work I also like the lnger hair.

UltraViolet said...

The name of the book is The Double; it's by Jose Saramago.

From twitter. I wonder if any other distribution deals were made or if An Enemy has picked up any:

Just screened 'End of Watch' in #Cannes. Amazing film. Im so excited to be a part of bringing it to hong kong

7:52 AM - 19 May

Also, from an interview with Anna Kendrick, who made seven movies in the last year! I wish Jake would do that one of these years :)

Have you seen a screening or a cut of End of Watch?

Kendrick: Yes, I saw a screening of it and it was very bizarre coming out of it because I realized it was the first thing I’ve ever done that was super intense and serious. I came out of [the screening] physically feeling ill because it was so intense, and I was so tense through the whole movie that my back hurt (laughs). So I was like, “is that good? Did we do a good job? Is that okay?” Because usually you come out of a movie and your like, “That was fun, right everybody? That was a good movie, maybe?” And this was like, “I feel awful, that’s good right?”

UltraViolet said...

Oops - didn't see that you had answered, Mary :)

Also, yay, Lakers lose! (Sorry, Jake.)

UltraViolet said...

More from twitter. The CZ takes shape:

Sat down at @terroniTO tonight in Jake Gyllenhaal's seat circa half an hour ago. Its like I totally met him. We're totally best friends.

10:55 PM - 21 May 12

Jake Gylenhal is sitting 2 seats away from me I wonder if he had gnoccis like me lol

8:40 PM - 21 May 12

Just sat a table away from Jake Gyllenhaal at a restaurant!! #starstuck #holyshit

9:08 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal sighting in Whole Foods. Burly beard.

6:07 PM

And from the person who tweeted the photo earlier:

hahahaha you should have he was outside talking with these people for like 20 min

still freaking out .......

LMAOOO he bought orange juice

Apparently, there were fireworks tonight in Toronto for Victoria day. I wonder if Jake watched them.

bobbyanna said...

"I like Peter but I have to say that this project didn't interest me at all."

That sort of sums it up for me too, OONP!

Yes, the beard and the hair have been trimmed, but still maintain their "looks." : )

Must say, so far I'm delighted with the tweeters from TO.

FYI: I just got a Google alert that Demi Moore will be working with Naomi Foner in the Very Good Girls movie project. I don't remember whether it was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

First pics of Jake on set, that was quick.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake is settling in and, like you said, finding his CZ. I do the same thing. I've been to TO several times and my friends and I find our CZ, check out good restaurants. Gotten some recs from Canuck friends, etc. It will be awesome for him to work with Isabella R.

I wonder when Naomi is going to start filming her movie? And where?


Mary said...

Thanks anon for the new picsso I guess the beard and longer hair was for the movie wonder if the beard will be for the whole film ?

Tweety said...

He has certainly has found his CZ in Toronto and they are doing a bang up job with the tweets!!!

He looks like a History teacher at that link, a very depressed one just like the story describes.

I am so looking forward to The Enemy, it sounds intriging and I love the supporting cast.

bobbyanna said...

Love these set photos!!!
I've been wondering about the beard, too, and whether it's for the entire movie.

I'm trying hard not to give in to the urge to read this book. I am. But I have to go to the Library this week for other reasons.....

Lily, I thought the Naomi movie was going to be shot in NYC. Not sure. Don't know when anymore. I Think it got delayed at one point, but it appears to be back on track.

Monica said...

nice pictures

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the set photos on IHJ I'm wondering does his character smoke? And why was that woman in pigtails taking photos of Jake smoking?

He does look like an intense history teacher, he does have that look.


Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Jake = Tertuliano!!!

UltraViolet said...

Hello, Leonor!

Jake definitely looks like a teacher! I just realized that Jake's movies are segueing: Sean Fentriss is now Adam.

Daniela said...

UV, is same! haha
I'm curious to know how is Anthony, because after all, if there is one person in history equal to the other as other people do not realize it before?

Anonymous said...

Elyse Goody ‏@Oh_Goody
How do you respond to a text from your sis that says: "Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting 10 feet away from me right now." TELL HIM I'M ON MY WAY!!!
30 m ago

bobbyanna said...

"I just realized that Jake's movies are segueing: Sean Fentriss is now Adam."


Paula C. said...

He does look like a history teacher, the kind of one you have a crush on:)
The clothes on the pigtail women look schizophrenic, but Jake looks smoking hot!
I wonder if the other character, the actor will also have a beard, if not that means jake would have to shoot all the teacher sequences and then dive into the actor character, I think that would be easier and we could experience two jakes in one, bearded and beardless.

Off topic : I want to share with you I'm having a baby girl. I'm so over the moon.

Anonymous said...

The pigtail woman is part of the crew. You see she has a transparent satchel with stuff in it, as well as the camera. Maybe they were testing the lighting and make up.

Best wishes to you, Paula C.

KY said...

Congratulations Paula C!:))))

Jake looks so intense in these pics!

Extra said...

He looks like a very intese and sexy professor in these set photos, I love it!

That is fantastic news Paula C!

Mary said...

Fantastic news Paula I have a boy and a girl.

bobbyanna said...

Paula C!!!!! This is wonderful news! I have two daughters.

Now we see the History professor, I'm also anxious to see his "Double."

Anonymous said...

La La ♛ ‏@ElCeeCee
Photo evidence #jealous?

Anonymous said...

La La ♛ ‏@ElCeeCee

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

"The duplicated man" of José Saramago is a psychological thriller, on identity, obsession and cowardice. It is not an erotic thriller. But it is sure that with Jake it will be!!!

Tweety said...

Hena Awan‏@HenaAwan

Jake Gyllenhaal shooting "An Enemy" underneath my mom's condo in Mississauga! Him on the right!

Anonymous said...

Paul Maiero ‏@paulmaiero

Two famous dinners in a row for @AllysonRecasens - I'd say I'm a bigger deal than Jake Gyllenhaal, but I haven't been on the big screen

bobbyanna said...

Well, when they said it was an "erotic" thriller, I definitely sat up and noticed, Lenore! I agree. With Jake in it, it has great potential. : )

Gotta love the Toronto tweeters.

UltraViolet said...

BTW, that first tweet is from the woman who was an extra on PoP, wrote about it and then asked us to take it down. Small world.

And a few more:

So dreamy Jake Gylanhall (sp?) is here at @Kultura_Toronto Hot stuff!!!

Dying that I'm not at the #KaryzmaLaunch especially now that I know Jake Gyllenhaal is in the house. #IWorkTooMuch

just sat beside Jake Gyllenhal @ Kultura no joke

Stalking jake gylenhall at a sushi restaurant. Totally fan girling with @luiszulayahka xo

Oh em gee. Jake Gylenhall is now entering our parking area! New found appreciation for the hard work actors put in.

And my favorite for the day:

Jake Gyllenhal is filming in Mississauga right now. Explains the unbearable heat today.

UltraViolet said...

it's not going to be easy keeping up with these Toronto tweeters :)

Anonymous said...

Toronto tweeters are GREAT. Love all the pics.

I just got the book out of the library (The Double)


Mary said...

Well UV you are doing a darn good job of keeping up with all the tweets yea those Toronto tweeters are as good as the NY tweeters I believe.

I bought the book but havent decided if I want to read it or not.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Mary!

Sorry, I'm late to the party but congrats to Paula C!

It is not an erotic thriller. But it is sure that with Jake it will be!!!

That says it all, Leonor!

I'm curious to see The Double, as well. I assume Jake will have a different look, but who knows.

UltraViolet said...

Tweets from earlier:

A series of tweets from the past few hours:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL is at Kultura Resto right now..... king street and jarvis. YOU'RE WELCOME PAPARAZZI. #toronto

9:53 PM - 23 May 12

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal smoking outside. My Brokeback Mountain fantasy is slowly coming true...

Ahhhh saw jake gyllenhaal twice today! :)
the valleys area! The film crew said they're moving locations tomorrow


Lol we were just sitting across from his trailer, he drive by and was just staring at us #jakedreamy


Crew member tells me they're only shooting a mayonnaise commercial for local TV. Then I see Jake step out of a cab behind him. Lies!

UltraViolet said...

Now those are out of order, lol. The woman who tweeted Jake at Kultura is the PoP extra.

Anonymous said...

LOL at all the tweets, it's impossible to keep up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Shaza ‏@ShazasScrapbook
Thought I'd post some picturesss :p #fb

Anonymous said...

Now that I think it, in the book of Saramago there is a scene of integral nude mmm...

bobbyanna said...

I'm loving all the tweets, but I feel sort of guilty. On one hand I'm so glad we're getting pictures and fan experiences from the set, and on the other hand I feel bad for the distractions it causes for Jake when he's at work.
But I am loving them! : )

I loved his reaction to the guy with the magazine!

Anonymous said...

jules ‏@huliohlopesz

Nbd jake gyllenhaal across the street from my work filming some movie. HIII THERE

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that while they are filming the fans are kept back from the area. And Jake is able to concentrate on the job at hand. I love edge of your seat movies and this sounds right up my alley. I wish that the director tweeted like Duncan did, that was a wonderful experience to hear from the director as the movie was being filmed.


Anonymous said...

Jake and Melanie.!/casiestewart/media/slideshow?

Monica said...

Melanie is in that movie that he refused Now You See Me.

Anonymous said...

So, it is not her?

Monica said...

It's her. She has already completed the filming of Now You See Me

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks:)

Monica said...

Few people know that Melanie is a singer too. She recorded a song with Damien Rice.
It is a pleasure to see one of my favorite actresses working with jake.

UltraViolet said...

I think I have that Damian Rice song, Monica! I did not know that was Melanie Laurent.

From twitter:

u wouldn't believe the amount of security

um its not that easy smartass

I'll try though

lol can't cuz of security

for his new movie "an enemy"

lol how the hell do I hug him while he is shooting a scene?

yo I took out my phone nd they were like no pictures nd clear the area

shooting a movie scene

security was there nd they said no cameras

lol I was like OMG what the hell is he doin in my lobby

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in my building lobby

UltraViolet said...

Those were all tweets from the same person, btw.

New post.