Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Agent of change

Big news that Jake Gyllenhaal left his long-time agency, CAA< and has moved to WME. Let's hope this is the beginning of a successful partnership, leading Jake to great roles in great films.

Jake has done some big films, and this old interview of him on Jonathan Ross resurfaced. From The Day After Tomorrow promotion:

Someone sent me this a while back: behind the-scenes footage from TDAT, including Jake and Emmy Rossum's screen test kiss. Grainy but fun.

In a very different potential role, Jake apparently almost starred in a movie called "Seventh Heaven." Nope, not a movie version of the TV shown thankfully. But a romantic comedy:

Why did you move on to writing books instead of screenplays?
Ninety-five percent of scripts that are bought don’t get made. A script of mine, called Seventh Heaven, was bought by Miramax after this bidding war. It’s been in pre-production about three times. It’s had every director you’ve ever heard of. The first one, John Madden, assembled an incredible cast with Jake Gyllenhaal and Judy Dench. It was about to start filming and it collapsed. Over eight years this happened about five times. You end up working uncredited as a ghostwriter. You get paid but you don’t get credit.

And here's a description:

Over time I taught myself to write. My first proper piece of writing was a film script called Seventh Heaven, which I sold to Miramax film company. It is a story about a young man in 1820 who convinces his community that the world is about to end, due to a collision of the stars. He is hoping that the girl he has fallen in love with, thinking she only has two weeks to live, will marry him. I am hoping that the film will be made in the next couple of years.

I wonder how many movies Jake almost made or would like to have made and what kind of movies he'll make with a new team in place.


UltraViolet said...

Jake spotting in LA:

So I decided to saddle up to the bar at Saddle Ranch and who do I sit next to... Jake Gyllenhaal.
6 hours ago

UltraViolet said...

Probably at sea already,, but bon voyage, Mary.

Still digesting the news about WME. I have a good feeling about Jake finally leaving CAA. I think Kim H was a good agent for him in the past but he needed to shake things up. I hope Whitesell will get things done for Jake.

And yay for the Golden Globes. I didn't think Jake would do them this year, so it's a nice bonus.

Extra said...

What fantastic news to wake up too, it's about thime Jake!! He needed th change, maybe he will start getting more interesting choices in scripts.

And yes to him being a presenter on the GG this Sunday!!

bobbyanna said...

"I wonder how many movies Jake almost made or would like to have made and what kind of movies he'll make with a new team in place. "

fascinating question! : )

Thanks for the fun video clips. Gotta love Emmy! : )

(waves to Extra!) I'm looking forward to Sunday...and way less beard!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for Jake. I wonder if this was a joint decision between him and Maggie. That they both wanted to shake things up in their careers, take things in a new direction and start by getting new agents to represent them. I hope WME gives Jake's plenty of wonderful roles for him to sink his teeth into (LOL I almost said rolls)


Anonymous said...

From twitter
" @TheOnlyCatWeiss
Cat Weiss
Met Jake gyllenhaal in a build-a-bear t shirt, sweet."

Just chillin singin for the Grammys with Jake Gyllenhaal . #nbd"

Chica said...

Bravo Jake, now ditch your PR team!!

Whitesell has an impresive list of clients and now Jake is one. He has a great rep and I'm looking forward to him shaking up Jake's career.

Love the video UV, he had a nice chemistry with Emmy.

Can't wait to see Jake in his tux Sunday night :)

LOL Twitter said...

Look for me on NYC Ch. 7 tonight. They interviewed me thinking I was Jake Gyllenhaal. #nailedit #livetweetsfromthecitythatneversleeps
4 hours ago v

sass said...

UV and babblers all, I'm So happy about all the good Jake news. He has new representation at last and the wonderful Golden Globes news...he is presenting. YAY!
Back later to watch the videos...TY all.

bobbyanna said...

Adding to the "Good News" cycle, the Director's Guild announced it's nominees for Best Director, and Stephen Gyllenhaal was nominated in the Television feature category for a movie called "Girl Fight."

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love the Jonathan Ross interview, that was fun to watch!

Love Emmy too, she and Jake were so cute together.

Jake usually dosen't do the red Carpet thing but I can't wait to see him present.

Seventh Heaven sounds kind of lame, I'm glad Jake didn't make that film. John Madden ended up directing Jake and Paltrow in Proof.

Looks like Jake is starting the New Year making a very important change, good for him!! 15 years is a ong time to be with an agency.

bobbyanna said...

This is from twitter but I'm not sure he meant today. I think he did.:

"Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal @ San Diego Airport. Looked pleased he wasn't being pestered. Immediately looked away tho "

2 hrs. ago

Monica said...

He has enormous respect for CAA.
This is something I admire about jake. He still maintains respect for what Kim and CAA did to him.

bobbyanna said...

So true, monica! I admire him too. He's a classy guy. No wonder he works out so much! LOL! He has a lot of self-discipline.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Nbd Jake Gyllenhaal at pinkberry
33 minutes ago

From TableHopper:

A bunch of tweets flowed in on Saturday, spotting a bearded and sunglassed ~Jake Gyllenhaal~ at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. @foodiehunter shares that he ended up stopping at Hapa Ramen; further digging reveals he ordered a miso market bowl with an egg. (I’m trying to work a fertilization joke in there somewhere, but I’m just going to let it be.)

And an interesting blog post about Jake's career.

Some interesting comments about Jake. It's sad that it's come to this, but I think there is reason for optimism.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say - Yes, you have to love Emmy for going for it! Smart girl.

Paula C. said...

UV, I read the comments about Jake's career, and again lots of comparison with Gosling career right now, but I find interesting some say that he should go back to indie and dark roles, others say he needs to get a franchise like Bourne, but overall no one seemed very optimistic.

I have a good feeling about EOW and although it's hard to look at Jake IMDB page and see a empty future I'm hopeful that's gone change soon.

Emmy was very smart:)he looked a little shy, so adorable!

Monica said...

Paula, Gosling is the Jake of yesterday. Who remembers know that during the Brokeback, Jake was one of the most celebrated actors, as well as Gosling is today.
It is interesting that despite all the talk of the talent Gosling, how much he is good actor, many can see Jake do a good/great job acting in the same roles of Ryan.

Agreeing with Nathaniel, Jake ought to take more risks. When he says risk is not to make an adventure film, but something in the line of Fassbender.

Paula said...

Im so glad that Jake are shaking things up in his professional life. I agree with Nathaniel @ filmexperience, he needs to take more risks, hopefully he will achieve this with his new agent and WME.

Can't wait to see him as a presenter at the Golden Globes this Sunday!

Congrats to Papa G on his nomination!

Paula C. said...

Paula, Gosling is the Jake of yesterday.

You said it all, Monica!

Fassbender has a darkness, almost vulnerable about him that I can't find in another actor of his generation, he's unique.

bobbyanna said...

I think Jake has a lot of range they haven't even begun to unleash in films. I saw glimpses of his dark side in Rendition, and Jarhead, and Source Code, for sure.

But I also found him so vulnerable when he was doing the pod scenes in Source Code, that he made me tear up a few times.

He has excellent comic timing too. I am very optimistic about the future for him. He certainly has built a very solid foundation and I think inside the industry he has respect for his talent and for his generosity to other actors.

It's strange, but I think part of his problem has been that he can't be fit labeled one single "type", or if they have labelled him, they got it wrong.

Monica said...

Dark side he showed in The Good Girl. He's crazy, dangerous and Jennifer Aniston needs to get rid of him.

Paula, Fassbender is a method actor. He is truly unique.
I was just talking about how he is building his career. Their roles are varied and in depth.

Daniela said...

Hi Girls! I am very happy with the news of the GG and WME

Monica! remember what I said in your community that would be the year 2012 and I was confident: D
I think I have any connection whatsoever with Jake, in my past life, maybe, who knows this woman who is missing in your life is me. OMG! kkkkkkk

Twitter said...

Today my car got searched by the police, got a pkg tix, sat next to Jake Gyllenhall & Austin Nichols at dinner & had great sushi. Yay 2012?
14 hours ago via Echofon

Daniela said...

Sorry, is that sometimes I think of such nonsense, and worse yet, write, already tried to change but I'm so happy!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of Jake and Austin hanging out in a while, Nice to hear they got together.

I might be missing the GG I hope there will be video of him presenting


Anonymous said...


Marzena : Duncan Jones / Jake Gyllenhaal SourceCode - no 8 of the best reviewed films of 2011 on Rotten Tomato! Congrats! http://www.rottentomatoes.com/guides/golden_tomatoes_awards_2011/wide/

Anonymous said...

Today my car got searched by the police, got a pkg tix, sat next to Jake Gyllenhall & Austin Nichols at dinner & had great sushi. Yay 2012?
14 hours ago via Echofon

fake tweet, sorry guys:)

Monica said...

Oh Dani, what you said was sweet.

HFPA site: Golden Globe

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Monica. Cheeky Golden Globes.

I'm irritated that Reese is presenting, because that will be the storyline around Jake. Oh well. Will be good to see him.

Dani, don't worry about what you said! No need to apologize. It was sweet :)

Still no glimpse of Jake post-shave. He like to keep us in suspense!

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: Minka Kelly Rejected Jake Gyllenhaal!

Jake Gyllenhaal tried -- and failed! -- to add Minka Kelly to his little black book.

In the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday), a source claims that Kelly, 31, "declined" an invitation from Gyllenhaal, 31, when he asked her on a date last fall.

bobbyanna said...

Found thois on FB from yesterday:

"Highlights off my day: seeing and talking to Jake Gyllenhaal about my dog xD ♥
and a great dinner i came home to after work that my mom and dad made me :)"

7 hours ago near Los Angeles, CA ·

"Say WHAT! jake?? How??"
7 hours ago.

"...yeahh xDD he went into the store i work at to buy his dog food xD lol"
6 hours ago.

"Omg your so lucky ♥.♥ haha is he gorgeous?"
6 hours ago.

"suuuupppeeerrr gorgeous xD and really nice x))"
6 hours ago

This really made me smile! Guess Atticus is still "in the game!" : )

Anonymous said...

If that tweet is true (about Jake buying dog food) than Atticus is still around (I had thought maybe he gave Atticus to a friend) I figured maybe if he's going to be away for a while in NY he has a friend stay at his place and house/dog sit for him.


Monica said...

I want Jake to present the award for best actress in a comedy / musical. I'm sure that goes for Michelle.

bobbyanna said...

Aww, monica, that's a sweet idea! I like it a whole lot better than Paul Giamatti presenting to Michelle. : )

Tweety said...

I would love that! I think that Michelle is the odds on favorite to win in that catagory.

I'm happy with the change Jake has made with agency and manager but the annoying tweets Minka Kelly makes me hope he ditches his PR team as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Minka story was from Jake's people. It paints him as a loser. Not what you want to promote in a client.

Anonymous said...

I think that was Tweety's point. There are a few examples of stories like this, and Jake comes off as a sad sack or a reject. Maybe he doesn't care. But his "side" is rarely given notice.

UltraViolet said...

Also, ditto to how annoying it is to see all those tweets, especially the Top News one. Ugh.

Almost as annoying as that fake Jake tweeter who has been on a positing spree. And is an idiot.

Monica said...

Twetty and Bob, Michelle has won 10 awards from critics, Meryl comes in second place with four awards.
Michelle has great chances of winning on Sunday.

I need to do a google search to know who is Minka Kelly.

bobbyanna said...

I once saw Minka on some talk show. I think she was one of the new Charlie's Angels that failed. : ) She is very beautiful and she seemed very sweet. She and Jeter have been dating forever. I hate the fact that we are being spammed.

"the annoying tweets Minka Kelly makes me hope he ditches his PR team as well."

"There are a few examples of stories like this, and Jake comes off as a sad sack or a reject. Maybe he doesn't care. But his "side" is rarely given notice."

I agree! I consider the source.
Us Weekly and Page Six, the NY Post. Neither is reliable.

Monica said...

She's the girl who appears at the end of 500 days of summer. She's very beautiful.

Daniela said...

I think it sounds so fake when he speaks of "source" in news
I want someone remind me when was the last good news about jake coming of this type of site.

Tweety said...

Thanks Anon, Bobbyanna and UV, that's what I meant. The silence on his peeps side when crap like this is out there is beyond annoying.

UltraViolet said...

I finally had to filer out the Minka Kelly, Jionni/Snooky and @Fake_Gyllenhaal tweets. Way too annoying to search through all of them.

From twitter:

Next table over Michelle Williams & Jake Gyllenhall. Which reminds me: I really can't afford this dinner.
10 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

Also from tumblr:

Only in LA can you have a conversation about a celebrity only hours earlier and then, after narrowly escaping a car towing, look left and see that same person behind the wheel of their car.

That celebrity happened to be Jake Gyllenhaal tonight. I looked left and there he was, smiling. Good smile, Jake. After a few seconds of pretending to ignore his friend in the passenger seat who was actively seeking my attention, I obliged and rolled down my window. We exchanged a few words - rather awkwardly (let’s be honest it would have been no matter who was in the car)- while Jake just sat on the other side smiling. Then, just as the conversation was becoming riveting, the light turned green.

I’m not really a fan of being hit on by random people to start with, and this situation made it doubly weird. I mean, really, what are you supposed to say? “Heres my phone number?” Yeah, I don’t think so.

However, I will say “thanks Jake” for letting me pull out.

Viv said...

We need some new Jake movie information, not endless dating rumor...sign....

Anonymous said...

I agree Viv, I want to know what Jake's next move is. I hope the tweet about he and Michelle dining together is real. I mean I can see it.


sass said...

I often wonder if it's a standing Jake instruction to his PR people NOT to respond to any "source" gossip.

It makes him look "Patrician" to me...not a good thing sometimes...but he does not seem to want to sully his persona with responses to gossip particularly from an "A or D" list actress/singer.

Am I wrong? What would he put out there that would not keep the conversation going?

He should hire me and I could *#*@* *^ all those sources.

Bye for a while to all my Gyllenbabble buds.


bobbyanna said...

sass, you bring up a good point:
"What would he put out there that would not keep the conversation going?"

If he responds,it looks like they baited him. So maybe best not to engage. Or the somewhat ungentlemanly, "I never asked her out. We're just friends."

I think his PR team rarely gets ahead of negative gossip before it becomes bigger than it ever needed to be.

They ignore stuff until it goes too far, then respond in a dumb way with threats, etc. By then the story is sticking, the response is too little too late. They're inconsistent and they lack good judgement.

In PR, perception is everything. They are image bulders. But Jake's PR don't seem to recognize when stuff makes him look bad, or ridicules him.

Jake definitely needs better PR. The Minka story's not important, but it's being spun in a way that makes Jake look bad,and Minka look devoted to Jeter. Jake isn't the story, but that's not how it's being played. Her PR people could use some schooling, too. : (

Constant Lurker said...

The point is - you can not shut the twitter up. People repeat in tweets endless stupidity. For fun? To do, what the others do? It's a mystery to me. It seems they enjoy finding something ugly about someone, to spread.
"Minka look devoted to Jeter. " - maybe she is, but in the same time she did nothing to stop this. If all this is a truth, she was the one to reveal Jake's and her private conversation.

bobbyanna said...

Well, uh, yes, anon. The item said, "A source close to Minka Kelly" it's "insider dish" The narrative: She had other options if she wanted to exercise them, but she loved Jeter SO MUCH she turned down Jake! This was about her not Jake. They just used him.

Anyway, there are new pictures @ justjared and he looks absolutely gorgeous and YES! You can see that beautiful face.

Jake's actual Face! LOL!

bobbyanna said...

He really looks amazing. Seriously.


Paula C. said...

Now, that's what I call hotness!!
I missed seeing his face and I never thought he would go completely beardless, but I like it:)

Do you know what else I like, his car, that Audi is beautiful like it's owner, I would love to have that car, better the car with jake as a extra!

Mary said...

Im back had a great time weather was great and so was the food.

What good news to come home to and a beardless Jake surpised hes presenting at the GG but glad and good news about him leaving CAA and signing with WME.

bobbyanna said...

(waves to mary!) Glad you're back and glad you had a wonderful time!!!

sass said...

Welcome back Mary!! Glad you had fun...going over to see beardless gorgeous Jake.

Monica said...

He's very hot with this new look! Thank you Bob!

It seems that Jake will present the video for My Week With Marilyn at the Golden Globe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how "ahead" of this story Jake's PR people should be. I'm not sure it's really a bad story at all. It's all just Hollywood fun, I doubt many people take it too seriously. If Jake were seen next week with another girl, I doubt people would be negatively affected by this Minka Kelly nonsense.

Believe it or not, very few people actually spend much time following every Jake Gyllenhaal move. Jake's PR people primary responsibility is to help him promote his films. It's not their job to chase down every single stupid thing that's said about him on the internet and/or the tabloids.

If Jake didn't want his PR people to fight back against Reese Witherspoon and all the negative stuff she was throwing at him publicly, I seriously doubt they'd spend much time with this.

Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal asked a hot actress out on a date. Oh, said actress was still in love with her ex-boyfriend and declined. Big whoops. There are bigger tragedies in life.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry - had a very long, very, very bad day.

New pics of Jake in a new post.