Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hot and cold

NYC pap pics of Jake Gyllenhaal have been rare this fall, but he was snapped yesterday. Looks like Jake dressed for winter then de-layered.

Some new old photos found around the inter webs. I've never seen this one from the Jake/Paul Bettany photoshoot. Do we know why they were even in a photoshoot to begin with? I assume it was when Kirsten Dunst and Paul shooting.

I just like this composition:

(NYC photos courtesy of IHJ.)


UltraViolet said...

Should Jake worry about those Soul Cycle classes?

Not sure if anyone else reads Mt New Plaid Pants, a blog written by a big Jake fan. He ran into Jake a few weeks back and also did a funny post/poll about those green pants.

bobbyanna said...

Wow, intersting stuff about Soul Cycle's technique. Thanks for linking the New Plaid Pants blog, it's hilarious. My first time reading it! : )

Mary said...

nice post that blogger is hilarious and souns like he is a real Jake fan

Anonymous said...

love the Jake pics. And the stuff about soul cycles, when he goes back to LA he'll be able to thrill the other cyclists there too


Chica said...

Jake look like a typical hipster New Yorker in these pics,LOL!!

I have seen and read that blog before, he is a major Jake fan, that was too funny!

I was thinking about Jake taking up Soul Cycling when he returns to L.A. if he stays there long enough, ineresting article.

Yah I thinkit must have been when Paul was filming with Kristen, the pics ar very stylish and cool :):)

Viv said...

From FB:

Gabrielle Pinon:
"give me a guy that looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and plays piano and my pants will drop quicker than the economy"

This makes me LOL

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for sharing those cute new pics of Jake in NY. He fits right in.

I've been a fan of Paul B. for a long time now and seeing him with Jake is fantastic. They should do a movie together.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake does look like he just fits in there in NY, thanks for posting the pics!!!

I'm a fan of Paul's too, love this photos here. What has happen to Paul anyway, careerwise. Is he still married to Jennifer Connelly and do they still love on Brooklyn?

What a funny stalking story from that blogger, I think that we can all relate!

Paula C. said...

I was starting to get worried about the pants but if you look at Jake the proper way, you will see that these pants are the same color but are not the cargo ones he's been wearing for the last month!

OoNP, Paul is still married to Jennifer and they had a baby a few months ago and still live in Brooklyn.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Paula C!

I obviously didn't have enough coffee when I posted that : love on Brooklyn=live in Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to think that Jake spent plenty of time in NY, his parents had homes in both NY and Calif and he was going to school so he lived in NY. so of course Jake can fit in with a typical NYer :D


UltraViolet said...

Morning coffee:

Jake Gyllenhaal sighting with my morning coffee. Things are looking up!
45 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
Favorite Retweet Reply
replies ↓

STOP IT. I'm so jealous!! Did you tell him he's beautiful and invite him to our cookie swap? I'd bake another batch for him!
39 minutes ago

Also, Stephanie has the pics, so I'm updating the post.

Monica said...

Great find, UV.

Paul Bettany was my first choice for Joker after seeing Batman Begins.
I always thought he was so talented and wasted in mediocre films.

Yesterday I saw Martha Marcy May Marlene. Still got some questions in my mind. Great performance by Elizabeth Olsen.

Tweety said...

It's been awhile since we have seen Jake in a wool hat, he blends in very well there in NY, not that it matters since he is tweeted about 24/7 while he is there!

Love the photos of Jake and Paul. Paul seems to have fallen off the map which is a shame, he really is a good actor.

I would love to hear more about your thoughts on Martha Marcy May Marlene Monica. I remember when Jake went to a screening of it and itgot good reviews but it isn't playing anywhere near me.

Tweety said...

PS: I have visted that New Plaid Pants blog before, that blogger is a hoot and I love reading that!!

I agree Paula C, Jake has several versions of the tan/cargo pants!

bobbyanna said...

I saw Paul Bettany recently in Margin Call. He & Stanley Tucci were the best things about it. He's always been one of my favorites...ever since his Chaucer in The Knight's Tale. : )Would love to see him work with Jake!

Thanks for the heads up on the cargo pants, Paula!

Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene, My Week with Marilyn, and Hugo are tops on my must see list. They're still around, but probably not for long. I'll see Tree of Life OnDemand. I'm looking forward to Tinker Tailor, too.

UltraViolet said...

Pic of Jake at La Colombe today.

I saw Shame and Coriolanus. Coriolanus is very good, but bloody. A very good directorial debut by Ralph Fiennes.

Shame is very well done but leaves you cold. It also has a bloody side. I don't think I would watch it again. Fassbender is good, but not great. Carey Mulligan steals the movie.

I want to see Young Adult and Tinker Tailor. And waiting for Iron Lady and In the Land of Blood and Honey. Not so interested in Mission Impossible which I got a sneak preview ticket for. No thanks!

I guess I'll see The Girl With The Too-Long Title; I've read all the books. But I kind of hate Fincher now. I hate that he hasn't hired Jake again and that his movies pre- and post-Zodiac were huge hits. And that he fed that whole "Jake is a whiner" falsehood.

Monica said...

Place tight and full. I hate places like that.

Tweety, the film begins with the escape of Martha and during the course of the film, mixing flashbacks with the main narrative, you will gradually learn what that place did to Martha. There comes a point where you do not know if the beginning of a scene is in the present or the past, the director was good with it to show all the confusion that is going on in the mind of Martha.
There are many moments of tension, suspense, duality between light and shadow.
Forgot to mention that John Hawkes is in the movie. He is the leader of the sect that is philosophical.
The film's ending is open.

Josie said...

RL has kept me away from my favorite Jake blog. Thanks so much UV and everyone else here for posting all Jake related updates, sightings and tweets!

It's been so long I forgot my password:(. I will have to get a new one.

It looks like Jake has been back and forth from L.A. to NY, love all the sightings, tweets and encounters especially from the Plaid Pants blog, LMAO!!

I have never seen that photoshoot of Jake and Paul B, I like the last shot of Jake.

Thanks for the reviews and suggestions for some movies that you have seen everyone. I saw Hugo and found it quite charming and visually stunning.

suvee said...

Josie, I agree with you about Hugo. It was a touching and charming story. And visually, it was incredible, beautiful, amazing.... a real treat for the eyes. I was totally enthralled!

I really want to see Coriolanus, but good to be forewarned about the "bloody". I figured it probably would be.... I'll just have to squint.

I doubt I will see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, since I am apparently the only person in the civilized world who did not like the book. Have no desire to see all that nasty cruelty and violence - reading it was bad enough.

UV, I think Fincher's "go to" guy is Brad Pitt. EW's Entertainer(s) of the Year issue has a celebrity "guest" writer doing an homage for each of the finalists. Fincher wrote Brad Pitt's, no surprise.

Paula C. said...

I want to see Hugo, the girl with, young adult, tinker tailor, coriolanus and Mission Impossible but I will pass on Angelina's directorial debut.

Bobbyanna, Tree of life was one of the worst movies I've seen in a couple of years, visually it's beautiful but that's all

Paula C. said...

Daniela commented on Monica's forum that these days it's easier to recognize Jake by his clothes than by his face.
That made me laugh, it's so true!

Monica said...

I liked The Tree of Life. It is a philosophical and theological reflection of existence. Great movie. Good performance of Brad Pitt.

Josie said...

Hugo really surprised me Suvee, one of the best films of the year.

I'll think I will skip The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well, I never read the books and have no interest in seeing the movie.

Pitt has been on 3 Fincher films: Seven, The Fight Club and B. Button, I think that Pitt is one of the few actors in HW that can tolerate Fincher.

Haven't seen Tree of Life but I did see Pitt in Moneyball and thought hat he was good in that.

Ha, ha, that is so true about Jake these days Paula C!

bobbyanna said...

I saw the three original Girl/DragonTattoo movies after I read the books, and I thought it was dumb to remake them. I love Daniel Craig, but I don't know if I'll see them. Of course, Fincher is saying it will be a totally different experience., etc.

Shame isn't anywhere around, UV. I'd like to see Blood & Honey and Coriolanus. Iron Lady and War Horse, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, too. Lord, It'll take weeks to see alll these. What a pile up!

Josie/Suvee, I agree about Fincher/Pitt.Fincher isn't one of my favorite people either.

sass said...

I love this post...can you hear me laughing?
I guess Jake stopped riding his Bike on NY streets, not that I want that to continue.
I want to see all the movies especially TTSS but I will settle for two.
U think Mister Fincher, is going about continuing to talk about Jake's comments about his Directing style. I would hope not
because that would indeed be counter productive, for him most of all.
Jake has no reason not to express his opinions about this person. However, I have noticed that no other actor has dared critique his movie making skills in print. So many people lined up to take Jake down about that I fear he
s been the subject of much envy in that town.
Zodiac was good NOT great but was in the top 5 of most critiques. Too bad all the critics Kudos came in too late to influence the Academy, though Fincher says he cares not about that institution. hmmmm

Jake is going to be just fine because he is a good person, fine and true and honest. He knows every important bigwig in Hollywood (including Toby's father-in-law,:)) he's just in a dry patch.
I read a post written by Finchers's about his feelings about David Denby's posting a review of his movie without permission...too bad that happened to him...but sh*t happens.
I love DD cause he says SC is a top film of 2011

UltraViolet said...

Guess Jake didn't get the SoulCycle is bad" message:

@bexinthecity got to spin behind Jake Gyllenhaal today, I loved my @zengofitness but she wins!
13 minutes ago

@bexinthecity oh Jake G in spin trumps my @selenaGomez time in DC, no doubt! So fit and flirty? All good!
55 minutes ago

You forgot the part abt being next to Jake Gyllenhaal RT @sassletic Got real sweaty @soulcycle . Love love love them. I feel alive and free.
6 hours ago

Viv said...

50 Best Movies Of 2011:Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal on 12th place. Drive on 1 place.

I want to know Jake future project ASAP. Sigh.....He is too quiet for almost two years(include next year?).

UltraViolet said...

Good to see you, Josie! I hate it when I forget my passwords.

The couple of off liners I know who've seen Hugo weren't crazy about it. But both you and suvee really liked it. I have heard that it is beautiful to look at.

Suvee, I don't know that I actually liked the books even though I read all three, lol. I did like the original tagline: The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas.

Pitt is definitely Fincher's boy. But he can have an old one and a young one!

Sass, I didn't mean to imply that Fincher was continuing to harp on it, only that he initiated it/inflamed it at the time.

It's a shame that Zodiac got such praise but no awards play.

it's easier to recognize Jake by his clothes than by his face.

LOL, Paula and Monica!

Tweety, thanks for kicking off the MMMM discussion. Love hearing everyone's movie thoughts.

Lord, It'll take weeks to see alll these. What a pile up!

Too true, Bobbyanna. It's so annoying that they hold all the "award" movies until the end of the year.

And so sad for another awards season to come and go with no Jake. (Except for the GG last year. Maybe they'll surprise us again this year!)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Viv. Nice to see some people remembering SC; too bad it wasn't in the Top 10.

Already tired of seeing Drive in all the lists!

And yes, we are all anxious for Jake's next project.

sass said...

I was just thinking out loud about Fincher etc...too much thinking out loud in fact way too much, though I don't think that often about Fincher, or anyone, who went off back then about Jake's comments.:):)

Twitter said...

scottstudenberg Scott Studenberg
Seth Myers is wearing Jake's same red & black lumberjack shirt #SOembarrassing #ihatewhenthathappens
2 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

scottstudenberg Scott Studenberg
I swear Jake Gyllenhaal keeps staring at me. He's single - right?
3 hours ago

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I'm not a Gyllenhaalic long enough to remember Fincher talking bad about Jake. I like Zodiac as a movie, since I'm not only a fan of Jake but also Robert Downey jr and Mark Ruffalo.
Also I like to read these kind of books, dark and lingering, full of atmosphere, even if not much is happening. But I agree it's certainly not a movie for everybody and everyday.

I started off as a Gyllenhaalic right in the wave of PoP and it was a very good year for Germany afterwards. LAOD, Brothers and Source Code each were shown in theaters end of 2010, beginning of 2011. So this is my first dry patch. But I have so much to still discover, I'm fine with it.

Not that I wouldn't like to know what's coming up tough...

sass said...

Morning babblers, Had fun trying to decipher "Gold Derby" prior to seeing my Onc this AM
Seems I have to see more movies than I thought and will have to narrow them down a lot. I think I want to see The Artist just to see what all the fuss is about...and maybe D. Fincher's movie and The Descendants...later.

Critics are giving awards to movies already...and off we go. :)

Top script list 2011

I wonder if Jake will get one of these scripts...if he wishes...fingers xed for a new movie...


Sag actor said...

The Artist is definately on my must see list. I also want to see Shame and War Horse.

Awards season is here already! M. Williams has won the Boston Critics award for BA.

I hope that SC shows up in more top ten lists, it reall was one of the best films of the year.

Sag actor said...

The Artist is definately on my must see list. I also want to see Shame and War Horse.

Awards season is here already! M. Williams has won the Boston Critics award for BA.

I hope that SC shows up in more top ten lists, it reall was one of the best films of the year.

Monica said...

Mrs. Jakob, here you will understand a little of what happened.

I don't see much drama. But the media loved it to create a fight between Jake and Fincher. Of course, they chose Fincher to love and Jake to hate.

sass said...

PS not spamming ...:) UV, Please point me to the lists...the ones you talked about with Drive listed in everyone.

Monica said...

Sass, there are several lists. You can see it here: Awards Daily News

bobbyanna said...

"I don't know that I actually liked the books even though I read all three, lol"
UV, I agree. Exhausting, disturbing,and very brutal, yet I had to finish them.

Yes, monica, the media seemed to highlight Jake's comments, even tho Robert also criticized Fincher's method.

bobbyanna said...

Not to spam, but I just saw this from a girl leaving NYC going to Orlando:

"Just had a 15 min convo with Jake Gyllenhaal. Missing my flight was absolute destiny!!!"

Not sure where her "15 min convo" happened.

sass said...

TY SO much Monica. Off to read and eat!

Paula C. said...

Jake wasn´t the only actor who spoke about Fincher method, I remember that in THR actors round table 2011, Robert Duvall said that Stanley Kubrick did the same as Fincher and he was an actors enemy,duval also said how can Fincher tell the difference between the 3rd and 75 take, that kills the actors freedom.

You can check it here at about 41 minutes

Extra said...

I think that Jake is addicted to the Soul Cycle classes!

Thanks for posting the latest Jake in NY pics and the old/new photos of Jakeand Paul Betthany, they both look incredible.

That Jake "encounter" with Jake from the plaid blog is too funny, i've read his blog before!

Thanks for the Awards Daily link Monica, it's the best site to follow for the upcoming awards season. I hope that SC will make at least a few lists.

Reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoos was exhausting and thrilling, I love those types of books.

I hear thast the Fincher version pales to the Dutch version, no surprise.

Daniela said...

Hi!! Qual é o nome da agente de jake ?

Daniela said...

Sorry I forgot I was not in the community of Monica ha ha

What is the name of the agent jake?

Anonymous said...

From twitter
Nicholas Gautschi
Just shook hands with Jake Gyllenhaal on Wilcox Ave. I think I won for today

Monica said...

What is the name of the agent jake?
Kim Hodgert.

Daniela said...

Thank you, Monica :)

bobbyanna said...

Well, that guy's in L.A so I guess Jake is too?

The Golden Globes get announced Thursday....I'm crossing everything but my eyes. : )

Chica said...

Ah, maybe Jake is back in L.A. for the GG nominations? I know it's a few days early but there may be a chance that he will get a nomination.

Last year I think he flew into L.A. waiting for the GG announcements. I think he was in NY at the time too.

Monica said...

I was thinking about the screening of End of Watch. David Ayer said he would show the film to buyers before the end of the year.

bobbyanna said...

Monnica!!! Yes! I hadn't thought of that. ;)

UltraViolet said...

I didn't see it but did Jake appear on WWE in an ad for the troops? Saw a lot of twitter reaction. Or is it just the usual case of mistaken identity?

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too that Jake gets a nomination


UltraViolet said...

Remind me to comment on the Fincher stuff tomorrow. I have to go to sleep@

New post.