Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope all the American GBers have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for the regular posters, occasional commenters and even the lurkers here. And, of course, for this guy:

Enjoy the day, your family and friends, wherever you are!


Jules said...

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

I'm not American but I'm grateful for this guy, too LOL I hope it's ok :-)

Have fun, y'all!


Paula C. said...

What a beautiful post,UV, in words and picture. Thank you for the birthday wishes for my son, can't believe he turns 9 today!

I hope all of you enjoy your day.

Monica said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

bobbyanna said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Paula!

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

My brother's hosting today,and my assignment is to prepare grilled veggies for 26 people. : )

Chica said...

Wishing everyone here at GB a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving to every one here at GB have a good day going over to my mothershaving about 23 people over biggest crowd shes has had in years.

And we are are thankful for Jake hope he has a nice day too im sure he will,

Happy Birhtday to your son Paula.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for all my friends near and far.

I hope Jake is having a great day with his family and friends


suvee said...

Happy Thanksgiving to UV and all my old friends here at GB!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hi Suvee!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone here at GB!!!

Constant lurker said...

Happy Thanksgiving for all Americans Jake's fans here. Wishing you all the best.

Daniela said...

It's too late to wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day? If you are not happy Thanksgiving Day !!!!!! :D

Extra said...

Thankful for my family, friends and GB, Happy Thanksgiving!!

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Jules. The good wishes were for everyone, not just the turkey crowd. Thanks for stopping by :)

Paula, hope your son had a happy day.

Bobbyanna, that's a LOT of vegetables hope they were good.

Thanks for the good wishes, Monica, Chica, Lily, OONP and Extra.

Mary, hope you had a great time with your mother and everyone.

Suvee,good to see you! Hope all is well.

Constant Lurker, thanks for delurking for the day and for the Thanksgiving wishes.

Daniela, it's never too late for happy wishes!

My Thanksgiving was lovely. Lots of good food and some very funny stories. Hope everyone had a good day.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I'm one of the lurkers who only reads but rarely comments.

Thanks for your blog!

sass said...
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sass said...

Happy Thanksgiving again babblers, and Happy Black Friday shopping if you are out there :)

I hope everyone here had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope Jake and his family, particularly his Mom, enjoyed the day!

I woke a few minutes ago, with my TV and "The Three Stooges," cackling and slapping each other in my ears. WOW! :lol :lol

I don't see many older shoppers out there on TV. Maybe later for us baby boomers, if at all.

Twenty years ago, I remember heading with my bff to shop @0400 when I lived in TX. One of the gaming systems was going fast and our sons wanted it in the worst way!
That was fun. My bf and I laughed at our struggles later... did we struggle to get those systems for our boys. "Whew" I'm glad that's over!

I wish God blessings on everyone here!

I enjoyed two good football games yesterday, except for the Football player who stepped on another player's shoulder. I'm totally happy he was ejected from the game. He could break the other players Rotator cuff or worse.

Tweety said...

Hope everyone here had a great Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Mine was hectic but I had a wonderful day, ate too much as usual!

bobbyanna said...

I ate way too much, too!Hope everyone enjoyable day! Yes,UV, a LOT of veggies. Even tho she wasn't with me, youngest daughter was "instructing" me bye phone on how much balsamic vinegar/olive oil to use,etc.: )

I'm trying to decide whther I see
"Marilyn" "Hugo," or "Descendants" today. I try to always avoid Black Friday madness.

(waves to suvee and all the lurkers! : ) nice to 'see' you! )

Mary said...

I had anice day yesterday too with my family ate too much too my daughter and i going going to brave it out this afternoon and do some shopping.

Shondra said...

Lots to be thankful for and I always will be thankful for being a Gyllenhaalic!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

Waves to Suvee!!!

Paula C. said...

Speaking of avoiding black Friday madness, I wish we had a black Friday here in Portugal, but no, we don't and that's more annoying than trying to avoid one :(

Daniela said...

What Black Friday?

UltraViolet said...

Daniela, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which has become the biggest shopping day of the year in the States. Many stores have midnight specials or early specials; many alos have specials all day. But people line up overnight to be the first at some stores to get the early-bird specials. It's madness in many locations!

Paula, I don't think you're missing much! I will report back tonight after I spend most of my paycheck at the Apple Store!

Sass, we were reminiscing about buying our nephews mp3 players, before iPods took over the world! We thought we were so hip.

Glad you and Mary and Bobbyanna amd Tweety and Shondra all had a good day yesterday.

Thanks for delurking to say hello, MrsJakobGyllenhaal! How funny that your husband's name is just one letter off from Jake's ;)

Glad you enjoy the blog!

Off to The Descendants to check out the work of the people who wrote Jake's next movie - I hope!

UltraViolet said...

Oops, forgot to say there have been a couple of tweets of Jake on the subway today. Wonder if he hit the Apple Store, too!

bobbyanna said...

Daniela, "Black Friday" is the name that stores have given to the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. I don't know if there is anything to compare to it in other countries.

It is supposed to be the one biggest and most profitable shopping day of the year. The day that businesses hope will let them finish the year "in the black" or with a profit instead of "in the red" which means they lose money.

They have special sales, for this one day only, that offer buyers fantastic savings on all kinds of merchandise, so people will go out to the stores and shop and spend lots of money.

It can get pretty crazy. Especially if you are a Walmart Shopper! LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Oops! Sorry, UV. But you always say things shorter and clearer! I tend to ramble. : )

Paula C. said...

Bobbyanna and UV, the words Apple store, fantastic savings, biggest and most profitable shopping just left me more depressed! Nice try to convince me that I'm not missing nothing.

Daniela said...

UV, Paula C., Bobbyanna today passed a reposting about it in the newspaper, saying that the U.S. is common to have that day and are looking to put here in Brazil, there are promotions of this kind here in just a few stores

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:
"NBD!!! My bro is at a bar in Brooklyn sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal. #JEALOUS Can you NOT rub this in my face as I write this damn paper?!"
3 hrs. ago

Twitter said...

NBD!!! My bro is at a bar in Brooklyn sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal. #JEALOUS Can you NOT rub this in my face as I write this damn paper?!
6 hours ago via

jake gyllenhaal walking around the LES, walked past my shop about 20 minutes ago...
25 Nov via

Anonymous said...

Can Jake be in two places at once. Was he in Brooklyn or LES?

Huh? said...

I'm pretty sure Jake could be and has been in Brooklyn and the lower East Side in the same day. As have millions of other people.

Anonymous said...

The LES twitter happened earlier than the Brooklyn one.

Sag Actor said...

Recovering from Turkey day, I hope everyone here had a good one.

Black Friday has turned into a noghtmare in some parts of the country, it's support and shop small business today, a much better alternative!

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter:

"I just walked by Jake Gyllenhall on Spring Street."
1 hr. ago

"Breakfast with Jake Gyllenhaal. I read The Guardian,he listened to a Democracy Now podcast. A lefty match made in heaven...except he left :("
28 min ago

sass said...

Hi everyone *sass waves*
I hope Thanksgiving was AOK with everyone!

I've slowed down considerably, but on a good day I can still do Brooklyn and the LES, maybe just not as fast as his deliciousness, Jake.

Jake is still alls right with my/our/this world.

bobbyanna, I remember...:lol

UV, buy a bit o Apple for me:)

l love you all,


Chica said...

I'm more cyber Monday than black Friday, too much crazy for me!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Jake will have a problem getting around this weekend via the subway because most of the lines will be down or limited due to track repairs.

UltraViolet said...

I love the Democracy Now tweet!

Some cute tidbits from the ONTD thread about Jake on the subway:

I walked by Jake Gyllenhaal on Broome St a few weeks ago and he smiled at me. It was everything.

He seems very sweet. He filmed a few scenes outside my work and he was so cute playing with some old guy's puppy.

last christmas my friends and i saw him buying stuff at f.a.o. schwartz. he was at the register and had sunglasses on so we didn't say anything to him but we were standing like 10 feet away freaking out and he just looked really amused by the whole thing.

From twitter today:

Omg. I'm totally walking next to jake gyllenhaal on my block in front of Michelle williams house!
21 minutes ago

UltraViolet said...

I mostly stayed out of the stores today after spending a small fortune at the Apple Store. I bought goodies for everyone, Sass!

There were a few other excited tweeters who saw Jake today, so he found some way to get around the subway work.

UltraViolet said...

From tumblr:






(picture of Jake)










Very interesting...

bobbyanna said...

LOLOL!!!! Brooklyn Heights. Hmmmmm indeed!

I did some shopping within the last two weeks, and the rest is online and some gift cards. No craziness of stores for me!

Mary said...

Interesting indeed UV

suvee said...

The Apple Store.... on Black Friday!?!? Under normal circumstances, any hour of the day or night, my Apple store is a zoo! I have NEVER been there when it wasn't wall to wall people. I cannot imagine what it would be like on Black Friday.

You are a brave soul, UV! :)

bobbyanna said...

Ours, too, suvee. People line up outside and they admit a certain number in at a time. Always a crowd. That's in a normal, non-holiday situation.

Anonymous said...

one photo I'd love to see is Jake with Matilda. Maybe if he couldn't get into Manhattan he stuck around Brooklyn and visited Michelle and Matilda.

I didn't see that photo, UV, of Jake, was there one?


UltraViolet said...

It was just an old photo of Jake, not one from today.

Suvee, there was a line, but they asked you what you wanted. I'm such an Apple whore, er, regular, that I knew exactly what I wanted so they led me to an Express table. It was all pretty quick and painless.

Except for the bill :)

Daniela said...

Good morning!!!!
I read well? This report talks about the tumblr Jake with a girl q is already deduced that it was a girlfriend?

Paula C. said...

Dani, we don't know if the girl that posted on tumbrl is telling the true, if she is ,I just wish the best for him, I love when Jake is in love, he smiles more, dresses better and hopefully starts working!

Tweety said...

That is a very interesting tumblr account of Jake UV :)

I've been busy this weekend with family and haven't been checking much of the tweets. You are a brave soul UV, I have avoided the madness that is Black Friday, I mostly shop online.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, I believe the tumblr account.
It just sounded 'right.' Very unexpected. I was very intrigued by the location. : ) Jake sure does a good job of avoiding a lot of media attention...most of the time. : )

I actually really love shopping, but not the crowds and craziness of Christmas shopping. I am a serious bargain hunter.(More Best Buy than Apple: ) )

When I "research" stuff in the internet before heading out, I discovered it curbs my "impulse" buying. : )

UV, you sound like you're a planner, know what you want, get in, get out!

Mary said...

I went shopping on friday with my daughter the crowds werent too bad the biggest line was at victoria secrets where i spend 90 bucks

Sheba baby said...

Hope everyone here that celebrates had a Happy Thanksgiving, I'm sick of the leftovers already!!

Hope Jake and his family had a fantastic time as well and I have a feeling he did based on the tweets posted here!!!

I braved the crowds on Friday and Saturday and shopped for some family members, mostly sporting goods.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, hope you are all over the craziness of black Friday, I'm not sure about this tumblr account there is no doubt jake is a hugger and we've seen many pics of him hugging friends etc but to make out in a public place doesn't seem a very jake thing to do, not from how private he has been lately, I'm not sure if making out means the same thing as it does in the uk but something isn't sitting right about that particulat part of the post, I can believe that he was there maybe hugged someone goodbye but not a full on PDA.

Tweety said...

Ah simmer down Anon, Jake isn't a monk and we really don't know the real Jake now do we???

If he was making out with that chick good for them both, maybe that's the real reason why Jake has been in NY so long.

I don't get Jake fans getting bent out of shape everytime he is seen with some girl.

bobbyanna said...

I admire all of you who braved the crowds! About 8 yrs. ago I rushed to Sears @ 6:30 AM on Black Friday, to buy my mother a vacuum cleaner. No one was there! The store was empty. I felt sorry for the workers who got up so early and I felt really silly for falling for the hype. I could've gotten the same price @ 10 AM!


Daniela said...

The problem will be if Jake is never seen but with this girl, can not trust everything you read on Twitter or tumbrl, if you lie, the next time I'll see to believe

UltraViolet said...

LOL, tweety. It's so funny how eager some people are to doubt any piece of news that might suggest Jake is dating someone. It's so silly.

I highly doubt the tumblrer hatched a nefarious plot to spread a false rumor.

Sheba baby, I never host the dinner and every year, I wish I had leftovers!

Daniela said...

I mean to lie there in twitter or tumbrl

UltraViolet said...

You're right, of course, Daniela, that we have no idea if the story is true. But some people seem to panic whenever Jake is rumored to be involved with a woman. It's laughable.

Paula C. said...

It's true,UV and I cant't understand that!

Jake always said he wanted to have a family of his one like his sister, so I'm looking forward to the day he finds a woman that makes him happy.

Anonymous said...

As was said Jake really wants a family and hope someday he does find someone. I think that's what fans of anyone would want. And Jake does deserve to have that lady and maybe a couple kids. He did say he'd like 4, but no more.
Also think there are some who just don't like Jake with any woman - its some sort of left-over thing from BBM.

sass said...


I wonder if he knows how loyal we babblers are to him...not that it matters...but so many of his fans, decided not to like him any longer, when he started dating again after K.

Tell you what folks, I have a huge reference point for taking life seriously, but with a grain of salt; Jake's dating habits are the least of my concerns. If he's happy, I'm happy! I'm his Mom's age, which might account for my laid back attitude.

UV, The Patriots are slaughtering the Eagles...have slaughtered them.!!

Tweens, teens and others of us (me, maybe with me boy) helped "Breaking Dawn" make $63.3 million dollars this past weekend. WOW!!!

Football is creeping more and more into my Sunday nights. I love CBS's 60 minutes, I just got hooked on Amazing Race again, love The Good wife and I'm glad I don't have an early work day so I can enjoy them all.
OH well, good nite all,

bobbyanna said...

From twitter:

"Jake Gyllenhall @ 169 and Frank Ocean tonight! Sunday I don't hate itttttttttt!"
36 minutes ago

Looks like Jake's out for the evening. Raw bar on the LES
169 East Broadway.

Chica said...

Your Sunday nights sounds like mine Sass, football, 60 Minutes, AR and TGW! I'm a big Giants fan.

Jake said he wants a family and I think at his age it shouldn't come as a surprise to his fans if he is looking and having fun as I hope he is!

The Vampires aren't getting my $$$. I saw the Muppets, what a cute movie and I love Kermie and Miss Piggy!!

Jules said...

I sure hope Jake is finally having some fun (he looked pretty down recently). Whether he's dating or not, this is my only concern, that he's happy. With whomever and doing whatever he likes. Just happy.

Anonymous said...

Little snipper about Jake on Sat

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thank God for, I have avoided the day after Thanksgiving madness aka as Black Friday for years!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Did you get a chance to see Marilyn Bobbyanna? I thought the film was just Ok,but Michele was fabulous, she really caught the essence of Marilyn IMO.

Jake listening to a podcast of Democracy now, a man after my own heart!

Anonymous said...

I liked the report of Jake listening to the Democracy podcast.

I wonder if he braved the Black Friday crowd. I stayed away from the malls but did do a little shopping in K-Mart (which is not located in a mall)


bobbyanna said...

OONP, haven't seen Marilyn but it's on my "to do" list along with "Descendants." Ended up being coerced into watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on TV this weekend! : (

UltraViolet said...

Whether he's dating or not, this is my only concern, that he's happy. With whomever and doing whatever he likes. Just happy.

A big old ditto from me, Jules!

From twitter:

Just had coffee with Jake Gyllenhaal and didn't even realize it was him until we walked away. Seriously though.
1 hour ago

It just took me a second to realize I was standing next to Jake gyllenhaal @jeremyezell
1 hour ago

I saw The Descendants and enjoyed it, though I think it's slightly overrated. Will be very happy if Jake stars in an equal-quality effort from that team.

Monica said...

I just read that Maggie is six months pregnant! Congratulations to her and Peter Sarsgaard!

bobbyanna said...

I saw that, too, monica! Yaaay for Maggie & Peter! Also read that Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman just got engaged!

Paula C. said...

That's good news, congrats to Maggie peter and little Ramona, she's gone be a big sister!

Also very happy for Anne, she deserves to find happiness after what she went trough with Raffaelo.

Extra said...

I thought she looked pregnant when she was in Italy promoting Hysteria!

Congratulations to Magie and Peter and to Anne and Adam on their engagement!

sass said...

Great news from Adam and Anne and Peter and Maggie.
Happiness abounds.

UltraViolet said...

Happiness abounds, indeed, sass. Congrats to all.

From twitter:

People..i met Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway today in Manhattan..does anyone know his Twitter?
52 minutes ago

@Leemsie soo nice!! Totally incognito!! I shook his hand lol
51 minutes ago


@felsull I just passed your buddy Jake Gyllenhall on Canal and Allen. Thought you should know.
4 hours ago via

Anonymous said...

mazel tov to Maggie and Peter and Anne and Adam

Jake has a lot of happy stuff going on around him.


Daniela said...

Growing family, congratulations to Maggie!
Just to clarify, when I do not believe in something or someone saying on twitter or tumbrl means we do not want happiness, is the opposite, that's all;)

Chica said...

What great news all around, congrats to Maggie,Peter, Annie and Adam!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Daniela, we know you aren't one of those people who doesn't want to see Jake happy. Just the opposite!

bobbyanna said...

FYI: The Gotham Awards (Independent Films) are being live streamed. No Jake sightings, but the wards show is both boring and interesting. Jim Jarmush, Ang Lee, Charlize Theron, Gary Oldman, Judy Greer, Alexander Payne, Clooney and the other guys from The Descendants. Oliver Platt and Edie Falco hosting, @ Cirpiani Wall Street in Lower Manhattan.

Anonymous said...


bobbyanna said...

Sorry to triple post, here's the link:

bobbyanna said...

OT: IFP/Gotham Awards: Don't know if this is any clue to how awards season will play out, but "The Descendants" was nominated, but shut out, and in an unusual move, the jury chose "Beginners" and "Tree of Life" to split the Best feature film award. Natalie Portman & Nicole Kidman were part of the jury. "Beginners" also won Best Ensemble."Meeks Cut" off and "Take Shelter" were also nominated.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Source Code has a chance of being nominated? I loved that movie


Monica said...

I don't know if the Gotham Awards is so important.

Lily, Source Code debuted earlier this year. Probably still one of the best, but I don't think it will go to prizes.

bobbyanna said...

monica, they're the East Coast equivalent of the IFP Spirit Awards, and they're important. A lot of films get nominated by both AAMPAS and IFP. The Spirit Awards, given out in L.A. in February, the day before the Oscars often dovetail with Oscar. The IFP/ Gotham awards aren't huge like the Oscars, but they're a good preliminary of what may develop in the coming weeks.

I wish Summit would campaign for Source Code/Jake. The acting was superb. Vera Famiga gave it a plug tonight, when she introduced the Best Ensemble nominees.

Mary said...

congrats to Maggie and Peter im sure jake is thrilled too there was speculation on other sites that Maggie might be pregnat and congrats to ann and her boyfriend too

UltraViolet said...

From someone who saw Jake on the subway today:

@Yankeefan2975 he seemed like he didn't want attention from i respected his privacy lol

@Yankeefan2975 he was on the train a very short time..he knew i was staring at him lol i think he felt uneasy i shook his hand lol

@Katsproduction it was a fluke!! I couldn't believe it myself!! heart was racing when he sat next to me lol

@noto2699 the F train..he got on the train at 2nd ave and got off at 14street..i didn't expose his identity i just shook his hand lol

@DJ_McInberger unfortunately he was wearing a shirt lol..he's very tall!! I shook his hand lol

UltraViolet said...

A couple of other tweeters also placed him at Columbia today.

I can't pay attention to the awards yet. If there were a Jake movie involved or a movie I really loved, it would be easier.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@UltraViolet How funny that your husband's name is just one letter off from Jake's ;)

Yeah, isn't that something? Otherwise they'd get mixed up all the time.

Very interesting tumblr post. I hope for Jake it's true. I want him to be happy.

Sag Actor said...

The Gotham awards are important butyeah it's a bot too early for me to pay attention to any awards.

I hope SC gets some love, it was one of the best films of the year.

Daniela said...

Hi everyone!!!! :)
I once read a blog about possible Oscar nominations, and SC was there, but as debuted earlier this year he would be forgotten, and Monica said Zodiac also debuted at the beginning, was considered one of the best films of the decade, but received no indication

Monica said...

End of Watch:
Ayer said it evolved into something not so rigid, which he called a mix of “unconventional storytelling interwoven with conventional photography that creates a portrait of their lives. It’s a cross between Cops and Mean Streets.” It is Ayer’s third directing effort after Harsh Times and Street Kings, and he’s got a cut that he’ll test with an audience before finishing and showing it to potential domestic distributors before year’s end. The film, which was financed by Exclusive Media, will be ready to be seen by domestic distributors before year’s end.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Monica, about the EOW info. I hope that the release date will be a lot sooner than we think


Tweety said...

Thanks for posting the news about EOW Monica, looking forward to it.

And congratulations to Maggie and Peter!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the scoop, Monica. This could be really cool or it could be a train wreck! I can't wait to see it.

No news on JAke but a new post.