Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elle Homme

When the MSN folks tweeted that "Jake Gyllenhaal sprinted down the red carpet ... giggling," I didn't think we'd get many pictures from ELLE's 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute. Boy, was I wrong! Here's Jake in action:

In close-up:

And from the side. These are ripe for captioning. First up, Jake and Gwyneth, the original Jake-sex-scene crier.

"I wonder if my smile looks as fake as it feels?"

Then Hilary Swank:

"I think I'm going to throw up on Jake Gyllenhaal."

"If I look just to her right, I can see conversational freedom..."

"Unhand me, woman!"

Then Quentin Tarantino:

"The lights have gone out, my eyes are closed, yet he keeps talking. And talking. And talking..."

Would you like to see Jake in a Tarantino flick? Sadly, though Kathryn Bigelow was there, no photo of her and Jake discussing that new venture.

ETA: Aparently, Jake presented Gwyneth with an award.

"Bottom line, she is not a mere mortal like the rest of us," the actor, 29, said in his introduction. "She is an Internet-savvy, award-winning, lifestyle guru, making all of us look lazy. She doesn’t just find a nice guy to settle down with -- she marries a rock star and then domesticates him. She doesn’t just cook -- she goes to Spain with Mario Batali and then domesticates him! She is not just a lifestyle guru, but she invents a whole new fitness movement and then convinces me to try it, and I do it, and I am, therefore, domesticated ... sweating my ass off in spandex, which is humbling and embarrassing."

When Paltrow, 38, took the stage, she said she didn't have a speech because, "I kind of wanted to speak from my heart." And she was more candid than ever.

"Jake is gorgeous and hilarious and when we worked together in Proof, I was pregnant and I was a f****** nightmare hormonal mess, but we managed to stay friends through it anyways," she said.

A couple of tweets of Jake (and Maggie) at tonight's Mumford and Sons show at the Hollywood Palladium.


Anonymous said...

Thanks UV, Jake is looking good. I thought Maggie was in London?.

Carla said...

"Would you like to see Jake in a Tarantino flick?"

Yes!! Honestly - I was more excited to see him with Tarantino than with all the ladies.....:-)) Not all of T`s films are great but usually original and it would be great for Jake to be introduced to the huge group of Tarantino fanboys (and -girls).

He looks great - thanks for the pcitures, UV. So it looks the PR for LOAD has started? I am always surprised to see how many celebs you see at those events.

PunchDrunkCritic love LAOD:

LAOD review

"I'll be honest and say that this is one of my favorite films of the year so far. The movie presents a real world look at a couple brought together no matter how much they try to fight it. Genuinely funny, tragically romantic, and unflinchingly erotic"

Anonymous said...

Jake continues to look ... well... beautiful. How can a man be beautiful?

That long summer break has really helped - he's relaxed and ready to rock red carpet events.

Great post, thank you.:)


JF said...

Thanks for the pics.

Carla, thanks for the review. Hopefully many other critics will be equally enthusiastic. :)

mary said...

thanks UV jake looks great

Sheba baby said...

He looks yummy and I love the captions!! Bigelow was there? Very interesting.

Jake in a Tarintino film? Yes!!
Thanks for the link to the review of LOAD Carla, they loved it!

bobbyanna said...

Squeee! I love the way he smiles!!
He just lights up!

It was quite the gathering. Harrison Ford, Quentin Tarantino,
Annette Benning, Diane Keaton, Kerry Washington, Cathy Hardwycke, Kathryn Bigelow,Michelle Monaghan and Sam Rockwell. It looks like Jake made some kind of a presentation.

UV, I notice in the Quentin Taqrnatino photo: is it my overworked imagination, or in the background, are those ladies all looking at Jake very admiringly? :)

bobbyanna said...

I meant the darker one where Jake's eyes are closed.

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, everyone. It was fun to see the pics. Been a while since we've had Event Jake :)

You're right, Bobbyanna - I just edited the post to include this info. Looks like Jake presented Gwyneth with an award. I'll be nice and just not say anything at all... ;)

Thanks for the PunchDrunk review, Carla. Love to hear that kind of review.

Sheba baby, that first Jake/QT pic needs a caption, too, but I was too tired to come up with one. But I love all the odd looks Jake comes up with. Hee.

FL said...

Yeah I don't get the Gwyneth hate. So what, she sounds a bit pretentious at times. We all do. I thought Jake's intro of her was lovely though.

Monica said...

I like Gwyneth, and she is good actress. I just hate the color of that dress! haha

Jake is so great.

thanks Carla.

Chica said...

Jake back on the red carpet where he is at his best, he looks great!

I love the pics and his interactions Gweneth and Tarantino,he has such an expressive face. I love Swank's dress!

Funny captions UV:)

How awesome that he got to present an award to Gweneth.

Love the review from PunchDrunk Carla, thanks!!

UltraViolet said...

Well, I remember hearing once that Jake and Gwyneth didn't really get along during Proof. No idea if it's true or not. Maybe her description of her behavior would account for that and they are really friends now, though I'm not sure I buy it.

As for her being pretentious? Maybe we all are, but she excels at it, IMO. I didn't used to mind her too much, but the whole GOOP thing pushed me over the edge.

get real said...

LOL, UV your captions are awesome as always!

I have to say that I always give a huge squee when I see Jake talking with other actors and/or directors!!! :D :D :D I get a thrill from it and usually want him to work with them. I am a fan of Quentin and think Jake would kick ass in one of his movies.

And he looks amazing!!! Gorgeous, sexy, etc, etc! I also like his classy speech for Gwyneth. I am glad she acknowledged that she may have been a bitch during the filming. Although she of course didn't say it in those words, lol. ;)

Great to hear more good reviews for LAOD.

UltraViolet said...

Glad you enjoyed them, get real. I'd love to see some video of Jake's speech. I wonder if the entertainment shows will have any of it.

There's a brief glimpse of Jake in motion but not talking at the end of this video.

Here's a list you don't want to see Jake on. Hollywood's least-liked Executives. He got only two nominations; Mel Gibson, the only other actor on the list as far as I can see, got only one.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, well. Yeah, UV, GOOP really did it for me, along with the whole faux English thing.

I'm starting not to mind her,bcz I do believe she and Jake are kind of friends, so I'm trying to overlook certain aspects of Gwyneth. And yes. She is a fine actress. She is.

I'm very glad he presented the award! I agree, Get Real! Anytime Jake's with industry peers, producers, directors, etc. I get very excited and very hopeful!:)

Gwyneth must have asked for him. That's usually how it works. His intro of her was very charming.

I notice he plugged that gym and workout routine we all noticed from months ago.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, hopefully Jake was working that room!

Is he on his way back to NYC?

NYU Ticket Central

FREE SCREENING & TALK BACK! See "Love & Other Drugs" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway tomorrow (10/20) at 7pm, and join Jake and director Ed Zick afterwards for an exclusive Q&A!
To RSVP, please send an email with your full name, university, and whether you will be bringing a guest to FOX.NYRSVP@FOX.COM. University IDs will be checked at the door.

Those college kids have all the luck!

BTW, the winner of that least-liked poll above got over a thousand nominations; #2 got 289. Just to put things in perspective.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Meraviglioso uomo !!!
I love you :)

Extra said...

He looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy, sigh. And he sounded like he was in good spirits too!

Paltrow is ok, she has a film coming out I think next month where she plays a country western singer. I think she is good pals with Maggie as well.

I like seeing Jake mingle with directors and other actors at these events too, I hope the networking worked!

What's up with that list? Mel yes but I never heard anything about Jake that would put anywhere near crazy Mel!

NYU students are lucky, that sounds like that going to fun with all them doing a Q&A after the screening!

bobbyanna said...

That Brown List mention was just bizarre. I don't believe for a moment that it was anything more than mischief.

Two people nominated him as "unlikeable?" What crap. The candid shots I've seen over the years, of Jake with his PAs, publicists, etc.they're relaxed, affable, happy, etc.

suvee said...

He is maturing into quite a man, isn't he? Love, love, love his casual dressy style. The nice, perfectly fitted suit without a tie..... kills me. I know I'm alone, but I prefer this to a tux. Much more sexy IMO!

UV, I also was under the impression that he and GP were not truly friends. Guess I'm wrong. But I was reminded of something John Madden said about them in a 2005 feature on Jake from the late, great Premiere magazine (and yes, I still have my copy):

He has in common with Gwyneth that he's grown up in a family that's in the business. He's been around it all his life, grown up in the hothouse of all that. And I think the family's a very whole family, as Gwyneth's was, and that gives you a kind of confidence, a sense that your feet are not going to be slipping unless you're really careless. So - ego's not quite the right word for him, but that sort of self-belief, that self-confidence, is very important. And it is a large part of his presence onscreen.

I think that is a very perceptive observation.

Thanks so much for the PunchDrunkCritic review of L&OD, Carla. I got rather faint when I read "unflinchingly erotic". :)

UltraViolet said...

That is a very interesting quote from Madden, suvee. Glad you saved that magazine! Jake and Gwyneth do have a lot in common. But I still don't think they're friends.

Many people have mentioned that inner core of confidence Jake seems to have. And it's nice to think it can be traced back to his family.

As for that list, maybe Jake just had a bad experience with someone. Or maybe it was a joke. We'll never know. But we do know that Jake seems to get along well with most of the people he works with. But of course, one never knows.

Looks like Jake is on the move again. From Twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal is on our flight. I REPEAT Swoony McDreamboat de la Heartthrob is trapped in a tin can with us.


Chica said...

Thanks for tracking that Madden quote about Jake Suvee, I miss Premiere along with Movieline:(

Sounds like Jake is on his way back to NY for that Q&A tomorrow at NYU. I have a friend that works at NYU P/T, I'll think I'll e-mail him tonight!

Monica said...

Hello. Very tired!

From twitter
@joshuahorowitz Josh Horowitz
Chatting with Jake Gyllenhaal and "Love & Other Drugs" director Edward Zwick tomorrow. What do you want to know?!?
8 hours ago via web

Tweety said...

I like the cool, casual and sexy look Jake is rocking too Suvee, I like this look and just a hint of the scruff, perfect!

I remember reading at the time that there were problems between Jake and Gwen during Proof, she at least kind of confirmed it.

They look like they are friendly now , remember when Jake and Reese spent Thankgiving with her in London when he was filming Pop and I also remember a few more sightings of them hanging out.

Lookung forward to hearing about the Q&A tomorrow!

Lola said...

Jake looks great. Yeah i would also like him to work with Tarantino. I think him and paltrow are friendly. I think when he was dating reese they went out on a double date. I like gwyneth, and i actually really like the goop site especially the recipe's. Why isn't Anne doing any of these Q&A's?

Monica said...

Jake once said that there are people who dislike him. I think this is normal, there will always be someone who does not like you.
And the site itself surprised to see Jake's name on the list but were just two people. Worse if more people.
There are people there with more than 30 votes.

I believe that he and Gwyneth have become friends recently. Last year there were several sightings of them together, including one at a concert by Coldplay.

Lola, I think Anne is still busy with shooting of a film. I don't remember the name, but is being filmed in England.

Lola said...

Do you mean Once monica? Because on imdb it say its in post production, and nothing else is currently filming.

Monica said...

I have not seen the imdb. So, I do not know what the reason.

But I still have hope of seeing them together on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake looks good in Burberry, very classic and sexy. What a great event to be a part of, I would have loved to see him with K. Bigelow!

I run hot and cold regarding Paltrow, she hasn't really done anything lately that I liked and I have not read her blog. She has a new film coming out next month that sounds oscar-baity as does Swank.

I'm fangirling over Jake and Tarantino too Carla!

Sounds like that Q&A today at NYU is going to be geared to the late teens/yearly 20's crowd. I hope they will have a positive response to the screening.

It would be great to have Anne participate in the Q&A's too. I thought she was still filming.

I hope Jake and Anne will be doing lots of promo for LAOD next month.

Anonymous said...

As time flies I think now it was probably two years ago around Thanksgiving that Jake and Reese..Gwyneth and others were together in London.
And back in LA Jake and Gavin were at something.
I think she said even with all she was going through during "Proof" they became friends and have remained friends.
Jennifer and Jake have both given awards to each other and each picked who they wanted to give that award and so am sure Gwyneth asked for Jake.

Anonymous said...

Oops - had the wrong husband for Gwyneth..

Chica said...

I need to read links more carefully, the Q&A isn't going to be at NYU, that's just the name of the org., DUH! My friend that works at NYU was wondering what the hell I was talking about!

The creening is at the Regal on 42and it's for college crowd. Jake and Ed will be doing the Q&A there.

Yeah, the college kids are lucky!

bobbyanna said...

I saw somewhere,FB or Twitter, that Jake did an interview while he was in L.A.,too.

It's great that Jake's doing a lot of PR for the movie. Plus, he did a magazine photoshoot in NYC, the New Yorker talk with David Denby, Alice Waters & the Edible Schools stuff, the Grand Fooding, etc. and even the mention in EW's list of top 50.(I wish he'd been higher than #46 but still...)

I'm actually glad Anne isn't taking the lead this early in the movie's promotion, and that Jake is getting more exposure. If this is a sign that he's developing a slightly higher profile, he is doing it in a very classy way, and I love it.

lawgoddess said...

Great captions!

And hello, handsome!

Anonymous said...

New still of Jake from L&OD

Can I just say WOW.

bobbyanna said...

Suninbloom: "feeling dreamy after another encounter w/ jake gyllenhaal @ #organic #gluten free #vegan #raw restaurant, www.suninbloom.com in Bklyn. "
33 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Reply Retweet

I'm sorry. These folks are so unabashedly Jake smitten I have to laugh.

suvee said...

Dang! It ought to be against the law to be that handsome (and charming). Thanks for the new photo, anon!

Tweety said...

He looks drop-dead gorgous in that pic, thanks anon!:

MarisaLalli: About to be so close to Jake Gyllenhaal it's unbelievable. (@ Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/4povg7

FL said...

Ooooh, Anne showed up, too.

Chica said...

Yes!! Damn I wish i could have gone.
Those college students had better have taken lots of notes!!
Thanks FL!

Tweety said...

I love that pic of them FL, I hope we get more reports!

It's interesting that the studio is screening this for a MTV/college crowd. Are they really the audience for this very adult movie? Jake and Anne obviously have fans in this age group but i don't think the subject manner will be of interest for them, we will find out soon enough.

kkattalia: Just spent the evening with Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and MTV. There was ice cream cake involved.
7 minutes ago via Twitter

Monica said...

Thanks, FL. Anne is so great!

Anonymous said...

I thought LAOD would be a movie they would want to appeal to the 18-34 year olds. MTV doesn't just mean mid-teen kids. This is a heavily 18 and above crowd.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. Great pic!

FL said...

From FB:

There was a free screening of their new movie Love & Other Drugs that doesn't come out until next month at this movie theatre in Times Square-I found out about yesterday afternoon from a friend at NYU--and like I RSVPed and just went and Anne actually wasn't going to come and then the MTV dude said she'd be there. The interview will be on MTV.com. I'm probably in the back wearing a Greek fisher man hat and Buddy Holly glasses. I was too chicken to ask a question.

They took our phones away and did a metal detector so no pictures, sorry folks! They were so normal though. Funny and genuine! Anne had no make up on, she's gorgeous. And of course Jake is like even hotter in person. GO SEE THIS movie, all they do is have sex. You get to see Jake's ass--it's a plus! ;)

So it looks like MTV will air Jake and Anne's talk? And no wonder we didn't get any other pics from the event tonight save that one covert pic. I hate when they abscond phones and do metal detectors at these things. I wonder if covert-pic-taker had her phone hidden in her boot or sock. Not that I would know anything about hiding cellphones in a boot or sock where metal detectors are being used.

UltraViolet said...

No, FL, I can't imagine you ever doing anything like that! Hee.

Thanks for the pic and the recap. I wonder when MTV will actually air this.

I'm glad Anne went, too. I don't want Anne taking the lead, but I don't mind seeing them together. Would love to see them on the cover of EW, Monica!

Oh, and thanks for the new still of Jake from L&OD, anon. It's gorgeous.

LOL @ the Sun In Bloom woman. Who can blame her for being giddy?

From Joshua Horowitz, MTV guy:

Had a very fun Q&A tonight with Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, and Edward Zwick. We laughed. We cried (not quite but close). Posting soon

FL said...

Who would've thought Jake Gyllenhaal would be so funny. And then Anne Hathaway shows up in all her beauty. Typical Wednesday night in NYC!

Oh silly newbie fans.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Wells saw L&OD and really liked it

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add he has vidoes of last nights q&a on his site.

Carla said...

Wow, a really great review from Wells - I had not expected this. First time he is praising Jake - he loved ZODIAC but was never too excited about Jakes portrait of Graysmith.

Has anyone seen the Bruce Willis comment in London at the RED premiere in London?

REC premiere

Something about Jake and Justin Timberlake being "tough" and "to watch" - problem is with Bruce I am not sure whether he is serious or sarcastic.....

Anonymous said...

I think if Bruce was being sarcastic he would of picked a couple young actors who were not considered good actors but he picked two who Were considered good actors.
(and yes, the acting Justin has done have gotten good reviews).
No matter what Bruce says its usually with a smirk..which makes Bruce..Bruce..but again, am sure he was being honest in his comments.

Anonymous said...

For all Gyllenhaalics!
Visit the official IheartJake.com facebook page:


mary said...

love the movie still of jake from LOAD and thanks for all the tweets and updates every one.

UltraViolet said...

Quick post - did a new post with the Wells stuff. Thanks all.