Friday, October 15, 2010

Edible Do-Gooding Foodie

A first-hand account of the dedication of the Edible Schoolyard at P.S. 216 in Brooklyn:

The Edible Schoolyard, an experimental educational program to bring children closer to their food sources, has officially launched its first New York City location at P.S. 216 at 350 Avenue X, with a dedication this morning that brought educators, activists, politicians and celebrities to Gravesend.

Construction began on the $1.6 million project in September, and this morning children played and planted, kicking the smell of dirt and wood-chips into the air. Media and parents flocked around them snapping photos and taking video, following a half-hour of speeches from some of the project’s backers.

Sitting in the front row was friend to the project Jake Gyllenhaal, the Oscar-nominated actor who has been helping raise funds for the citywide initiative.

The Wall Street Journal profiled John Lyons who co-hosted the fundraising dinner with Jake earlier this week. Lyons, pictured above with Jake and the kids, is the president of production at Focus Features.

(Thanks to Sheepshead Bites for the photos and text and to People for the title.)


FL said...

UV said ...Hey, Bobbyanna, someone else seemed to tweet that Jake is/was at Rosa Mexicana, which has more than one NYC location. One of which is in Union Square.

Are you EFFING kidding me????? No, seriously?

Sigh...I guess I was 13 days too early. MAN!

Beautiful restaurant. Great 1800 Margaritas. Excellent guac.


UltraViolet said...

Ack - timing is everything, I guess, FL. Maybe the sighting was wrong? Here's the tweet or rather retweet from a private account:

Rosa Mexicana with view of the Yankees game and Jake Gyllenhal. Perfect!

mary said...

nice to see jake involved wwith something like this and he looks good too the beard is nicely trimmed

bobbyanna said...

Awwww! He looks cuddley. Everyone seems happy and enthusiastic, especially the kids. Great project!
Nice that Lyons from Focus Films is involved with it, too.

FL,you were there???

Monica said...

I love the first photo. He is so beautiful.

thanks, UV.

UltraViolet said...

De nada, Monica.

Fucking Yankees.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, I was a little abrupt there. My Yankee hatred got the better of me.

Jake does look good, I agree, Monica and Mary.

Monica said...

I love Yankees.:P

I'm watching Atonement on TNT. This movie is awesome!

bobbyanna said...

When I think of how much time I spent wandering around Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, etc. in Brooklyn in June, or how we always hang around Union Square!:( FL you have my sincere sympathies!

And I know that if I got on a plane tomorrow,... Jake will too...heading west or something:(

bobbyanna said...

Monica I enjoyed Atonement, the movie much more than the book.

Long ago, Reggie Jackson was once rude to my baby girl who just wanted his autograph, and was very polite. So I don't like the Yankees either.

Lola said...

Jake looks so good. I love the photos of him and the kids the best, naturally:) I liked Atonement too the ending is so sad.

Chica said...

He looks really good here and happy. I'm thrilled that he is involved in this project, what great photos!

I've been to the Rosa Mexicana, excellent food and the best Margaritas!

When I go to Brooklyn it's usally Greenpoint or Coney Island where my friends live, Jake is in P. Slope, Williamsburgh, Cobble Hill, Carrol Gardens and I think I remember a tweet of him in Bushwick.

I usually go to Union Sq. for the farmers Market and the closest Jake was in my neck of the woods was a few weeks back when he was in Long Island City for that food event!

And speaking of the Skankees, what the hell happened to the Rangers last night? Are they doing an imitation of the Twins?!!

Yes, I hate the Skanks with a passion.

suvee said...

It's always a treat to see pics of do-gooding Jake! Thanks, UV.

Oh, FL.... 13 days? Bummer!

Anonymous said...

Would pretty much not like Reggie (who also played on other teams) but to hate other people on his team because he acted that way - still don't have to be the fan of the team but that's kind of like someone in a town does something horrible so the whole town suffers for it...or about with every religion there are terrible people then it becomes that they're all bad people.
Generalizations hurt innocent people.
I bet Jake has met some rude fans (and sometimes he might not want to talk..or give autographs..he has said no at times, which he has a right to do) and would hope he didn't think his whole fan base was rude.
But i know people "hate" teams so that's how you feel..that's how you feel..go with it...
Just making a comment.

Get Real said...

Awwww, he is looking adorable and doing such good for kids. So great! I agree, Bobbyanna, very cuddly. :D

WTF....again Jake is Union Square and I miss him!!! Damn!!!

I love Union Square, farmers market, the Barnes and Noble, etc. and like you FL, Bobbyanna, Chica, it's always the timing with missing Jake! :p

As a Yankees comment except...Let's Go Yankees. ;p

Hey if it makes a difference, I used to intern at WBCN in Boston in College and passed Fenway every time I went there, lol.

Monica said...

More pics:

viv said...

Get Real
I am a Yankees fan,but I love Rangers,too(stange....hum?? :P)

Is Jake a Red Sox fan? I remember he wear a RS hat before,and I want to see him play "Damn Ynakees".

OK,I am a strange Yankees fan:P

BTW, I love Jake in these pics.He looks so gorgeous :)

Extra said...

He has such a beautiful smile and looks less serious than he did Thursday night.

Timing is everything FL!

I love Atonement Monica, very underrated movie IMO.

Supporting and raising $$$$ for the Edible Schoolyard project is a family affair.

Maggie and Peter attended a fundraiser back in June. They are seated to the left:

PS: I'm not a fan of the Bronx Bombers either, go Rangers!

bobbyanna said...

In the pictures at IHJ: There's one where Jake is eating something. The African American guy in the tan jacket and the NBC cap looks familiar. Is that the bodyguard guy who sometimes accompanies Jake?

Anon, WTF in my post do you see the word "hate?" I find your comment condescending and offensive.

Chica said...

I took a look at that pic Bobbyanna and I don't think that's Mr. BG, he does look like him a bit though.

I wouldn't pay attention to that anon. Bobbyanna, you don't use the word hate in your comment.

Me on the other hand....

Anon. needs to chill, they don't sound like they have much of a sense of humor or don't really get the rivalry among fans and teams, most of it is good natured ribbing, well it is for me anyway!

My distaste for the Skanks comes from the viewpoint of a disgruntled Met fan and the cheerleading from the media in NY which is hard to stomach.

So if Anon. wants to point out any comments regarding hate, they should point it at me, LOL!

Monica said...

Very funny:

bobbyanna said...

chica, my daughter Lisa goes to the Union Square Farmers market, too! I especially love to go around there during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season!

I love Brooklyn! I especially love to go to the flea markets. There are some amazing food finds. Local vendors. Vinyl records,too! All kinds of stuff.

They also have the stoop sales. I think that's what you call them. My kids told me people put stuff on their front stoop, and sell it all over the neighborhoods on certain days.

Get Real said...

Bobbyanna, the Union Square farmers market during the holiday season is brilliant! I love shopping at the stalls selling gifts.

Seems like Jake is leaving NYC

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by Sun In Bloom to say good bye & pick up his breakfast & food for the plane. He's been so supportive and is a delightful human being! It's energizing to be surrounded by light'.

Tweety said...

That pic of Jake is funny Monica, thanks! I love all the pics from this event, he looks really happy, and so handsome. And if I didn't need anymore reasons to fangirl over Jake, his involvement with this cause is just wonderful.

Jake at one of his Brooklyn CZ:

peterme: One way Gorilla is different than Cole: You don't see Jake Gyllenhaal (or any celebrity) at Cole. (Yes, this is a celebrity sighting.)
about 1 hour ago

FL said...

Aww I was just getting used to all the NY/BK sightings. Well he's no fool - there's a chill in the air and he's probably heading toward warmth. Oh and pesky work commitments.

Hey if it makes a difference, I used to intern at WBCN in Boston in College

Oh Get Real, I like you even more now. :-) 'BCN, the radio station of my life. You probably know they are no more. Tragic. I hope you were there during the good years. :-)

mary said...

well its getting cool here in ca if jakes headed back to la which he probably is cloudly and overcast with a chance of rain but be glad to have him back in LA for awhile

Chica said...

I'll miss the Jake NYC sightings too, he sure was here for a long time though!

Bobbyanna/Get real : Union square is the best and the holidays are the best time to shop there.

I love Brooklyn, I wish I could afford to live there but the prices for apts/co-op/condos are through the roof for any of the areas that I would like to live, sigh.

I've heard of the stoop sales in Brooklyn Bobbyanna, they are like tag sales with a twist!

UltraViolet said...

For the record, I hate that Yankees :)

Lots of great new photos from the event. I think Jake might have eaten that entire apple, core and all! I'll add some to the post.

Farewell to Jake in NYC. It was fun while it lasted, which was a long time.

Did anyone else watch Letterman last night? Amy Sedaris was on. She has a new book, apparently. I think it's about crafts, not sure. I missed the beginning of her segment. But she showed a picture of herself with a beard that she said she made from her old hair. She sort of looked like Jesus. But she said, "Don't I look like Jake Gyllenhaal?"

At which point, Dave pulled out a photo of Jake from the New Yorker event and placed it over/next to her picture, and she did sort of look like him. It was very funny.

Monica said...

He going to LA?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Add me to the list of Yankee haters:)

Jake will make a great Dad one day, I just love these pictures of him with the kids at this event!

I quite enjoyed the sightings and tweets of Jake in NY, it's so close to CT, it really is,LOL!!

He did spend a lot of time there and it looks and sounds like he had a great time.

Tweety said...

I'm sorry I mised Letterman last night UV, that must have been hysterical!

Since Jake was on his way out of NY a few hours ago and this is out of his CZ, I think this may be a look a like:

elisabethbrevet: Think I just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal on a bench along Central Park West #manohmanthiscity didn't make sure tho bc I don't like to stare

about 3 hours ago

Lola said...

In some of those photos on IHJ it looks like he has some gray in his beard. I think he mentioned it before in an interview that he has a patch of gray hair in his beard, i don't know why i just thought i would point that out:)

Anyways i came over here to comment because i just got done watching the prince of persia for the first time. It was so good! I can't belive it didn't do better in the states. I loved, loved, loved the costumes. I loved everything it was very beautiful. I'm very impressed with Jake i think he pulled off the action role great. Which i wasn't expecting at all. I definitely plan on buying it probably some time after LOAD comes out in theaters.

Monica said...

Jake at LAX Airport

mary said...

welcome home jake glad to see you back in ca.

hes really trimmed the beard down yea.

FL said...

hes really trimmed the beard down yea.

The back-to-business beard. It's been fun to watch it go from bushy to full to moderate stubble in the last couple of weeks. :-D He looks great.

Anonymous said...

Back to LA - wonder if he's getting back to work? Publicity for Love and Other Drugs must be coming up soon.

We'll see him off to the gym and out getting coffee again. Yay.


Get Real said...

FL, 'BCN was the best!! I love that you love that kind of music. :D I was there in the early 90's so it was during their awesome years. I do know they are no longer. :( Same with KROCK in NYC which was their sister station and is now gone too. :( :( Now I listen to Sirius radio.

Wow, Jake pretty much shaved off the beard! I know all the anti beard folks are happy, lol. I was getting used to it and kind of digging it. But of course that face is a thing of true beauty! And this look will be great for LAOD promotion!

Paula said...

He's back to his "business" scruff, YAY!!! I like it just like this. I do think it's time to gear up for LAOD PR sunflower. Probably a lot of print interviews like he did in NY for Esquire also he may have some irons in the fire:))

He is just lights up in these pics of the kids at the edible school event, so happy to see his gorgeous smile.

I'm reading a lot of reviews from people who have seen screenings of LAOD and a lot of them are saying that Jake and Anne are really good along with Hank Azaria but the film is uneven and just, ok.

If true, I don't expect any Oscar nominations, maybe Golden Globes as OONP pointed out but I really don't care, I just want this to be a crowd pleaser and hit for Jake!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The bushy beard is almost kaput and he is back in L.A.! Thanks Monica.

BTW, CBS this morning is doing a feature on my boss right now!!

bobbyanna said...

OONP I am disgusted and fed up with the way people are beating up on your boss!:) Without her we'd have no healthcare reforms at all...among other things.

I can barely stand to watch any political "news" this season! There's such a completely lack of journalisitc integrity, and so many unchallenged lies!

In Michigan, the state GOP is recruiting and financing more than 3,000"challengers" for election day, to intimidate minority and young voters. Karl Rove's strategy.

I'm SO glad to see Jake looking like Jake again! Gotta be honest.
Also glad he's back in L.A. But I was getting used to him being in the same time zone:) (sigh.)

Anonymous said...

Seems like the early reviews for LAOD people were loving it as a movie and Jake & Anne.

There are some people who won't go to a movie that has a lot of nudity and sex in it and this will certainly be known to the movie going public so not sure what effect that will have on box-office. But I do still think it will do well.
And whatever the reviews will be Jake and Anne and supporting cast will get good ones.

Monica said...

I think the promotion of this film very weak. We just have a few stills, a poster and two trailers.
I expected more.

Get Real said...

UV, Here is the video of Amy Sedaris on Letterman. She talks about Jake around the 7:12 point. Very cute. :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yeah I know Bobbyanna. It's pretty depressing. The way things are going there will be a shift in Washington next month, more tough times ahead.

What's happening in MI is disgusting. And Rove should be wearing an orange jumpsuit for his role in the outing of Valerie Plame!

I agree that the promo for LAOD should be more agressive right now, a new poster and trailer would help.

Thanks for the Letterman link Get real!

Get Real said...

Sorry, I should have said the 7:10 point.

And I agree totally with you, OONP and Bobbyanna regarding what is going on with some of the ugly politics....sigh. All I say is everyone needs to get out and vote!

I hope they ramp up LOAD promotion asap. It's a movie that should be a real success for Jake. There are a lot of movies coming out around this time of year that haven't gotten a lot of promotion yet so I hope they get in gear with LAOD.

bobbyanna said...

OONP, Get Real, etc., there's some very ugly psychological warfare going on right now,too, including
AP wire's slanted headlines!(Rupert Murdoch. AP wire appears in every hometown newspaper.)

Trying to convince discouraged voters to stay home or turn out to vote "against." An amazingly transparent, very simple strategy.

"Rove should be wearing an orange jumpsuit for his role in the outing of Valerie Plame!"

Yes,the Prez has lost some ground, made some mistakes, miscalculations.(Compared to Guess Who?!?!) Of course I have areas of disagreement with him(!)Du-uh!

But as Bill Maher so eloquently put it a couple of weeks ago:
I'll stick with my sometimes "disappointing friends.."

suvee said...

Yippee! Jeb Stuart is gone, and Scruffy Jake is back! :)

The current political landscape is sooo depressing. I agree that our President has made some mistakes (who doesn't?), but I never expected perfection from him. I'll still take him, warts and all, any day.

And speaking of depressing. Here's what makes my heart sink..... Jackass 3D made $50 million it's opening weekend. Really??? PoP can't get to $100 domestically in how many weeks, and this lame movie makes half that amount in 3 days? I'm just shaking my head in disbelief......

Chica said...

Wait a minute? Is that the face of Jacob B. Gyllenhaal?? It's been so long since I have actually seen his face that I forgot what it looked like!

It's good to see it even though he isn't too thrilled at the pap invasion, can't blame him.

The political atmosphere reminds me of 1994 OONP, Bobbyanna and Suvee, 2 years after Clinton won the presidency and you remember what happened then::((

I can't believe the weekend BO for that crapfest Jackass 3D Suvee.

My BF wondered if Pop would have made more $$$ if it was made in 3-D adding to the price of ticket, It think that what happened in part this weekend.

suvee said...

Good point, Chica. I forgot to factor in the higher ticket $ for 3D. But still......

bobbyanna said...

People can bite my head off for saying this, but I saw PoP on TV two days ago, and honestly, I could just shake JB and Mike Newell!! Especially MN!

Chica,PoP would've definitely benefitted from 3D...or something.(But remember, "Inception's" FXs are some really great non-3D FXs.)
PoP has a 70's feel to it. And not in a good way! I think they did a shabby job, and shame on them!

An A-list cast,and they just didn't delivere a credible product. They certainly had time to do it. But we 've already beat that horse to death! That discussion's been exhausted ten times over.

Jackass appeals to a very clearly defined, specific demographic. It is garbage.

UltraViolet said...

Joining in the BCN love. Very cool that you worked the, get real. And thanks for finding the Letterman video. It really cracked me up so I'm glad other folks can see it.

Lola, I'm so happy you finally got to see PoP and enjoyed it. I enjoyed it every time I saw it in the theater. Still haven't watched all the way through on DVD yet.

I'm thoroughly sick of the election coverage and ads and can only hope there isn't complete carnage on election night.

Hopefully we'll get some L&OD promotion to distract us.

Extra said...

Well I won't bite your head off Bobbyanna because I agree after watching Pop again!

I understand that Newell was going for a throwback feel for the movies, sort of like the films E. Flynn made but you're right, it had a 70's feel to it.

And because of that they really didn't know how to sell it. It was rated PG-13 so some families didn't take their kids, based on a VG, but the gamers weren't impressed, etc.

That said I did enjoy it for what it was, a fun popcorn flick and I thought Jake did a great job as did Gemma and Alfred, they rose above the material, but yeah it's surprising that Newell and Bruckheimer didn't deliver, they sure had enough time, talent and $$$.

Good to see Jake's face, I wonder if he will go clean shaven when he does promo for LAOD!

The political landscape will change next month and not in a good way.

Carla said...

"The political landscape will change next month and not in a good way."

Over here people are also concerned and discussing the elections...I remember the time two years ago when people were so excited and full of enthusiasm...:-((

I just watched PoP again this weekend and I enjoyed it for what it was - Jake did a fine job and it is sad to see him getting all the responsibility for the "failure" on some blogs and film sites.

Duncan Jones has answered some fan questions concerning SC on his twitter:

"@ManMadeMoon when is Source code out?"

"@MartinMcSweeney From what I can find on the net... 11th March?"

"@ManMadeMoon so how is the post production going on Source Code? All well i hope!"

"@5ypher All good so far! A LOT of effects in the film. A handful that will definitely make for good nerd discussions for effects geeks! ;)"

It will be interesting to see what kind of promotion Jones will be doing for Source Code.

Cathy E said...

We saw PoP too and loved it. Jake was beautiful in it, as was Gemma - it was visually a great film. I wonder if maybe some moviegoers at least in this country are just not into old-school type movies, has to be all special effects or tasteless humor. Good thing some of us still are. Count me in for BCN too. :)

bobbyanna said...

"...I thought Jake did a great job as did Gemma and Alfred, they rose above the material, but yeah it's surprising that Newell and Bruckheimer didn't deliver, they sure had enough time, talent and $$$."

Well said, Extra. Casting was something they really got right, all around, IMO. The supporting cast was great, too. The sets and costumes were very impressive. Those were the pluses that made PoP enjoyable, yet frustrating for me.

Monica said...

From facebook :
Official Love and Other Drugs Movie Okay, we need your QUESTIONS for Jake, Anne and Director Ed Zwick - ADD THEM TO THE COMMENTS NOW!
há 12 horas

FL said...

Is it just me that thinks the official L&OD Facebook page and official twitter is being manned by someone who doesn't really know much about Jake, Anne, Zwick or the film? It just feels soooo amateurish!

UltraViolet said...

It's very amateurish. It's more like a fan-run site. Run, as you said, by someone who doesn't know much about the principals.

Anne Hathaway's Vogue interview. Some of the shots are beautiful. Better than the cover, where I think she's unrecognizable. But I think they are trying too hard for the Audrey Hepburn connection.

mary said...

over on wet dark and wild she posted an account by the guy who took the photos at the school on friday he said jake want suppossed to be there he just showed up and even hung around after the media had left to visit with the kids this just shows you what a sweetheart jake is.

UltraViolet said...

It's great to read that Jake is so down to earth and gracious.

And handsome, of course. New pics, new post.