Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie or madness?

Days later, it's still unclear if Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Chistopher McDougall and others were in Leadville, Colorado, for film research or just for fun. Though the book's publisher, Knopf, denied any knowledge of it, rumors were rampant that they were in town for a movie version of McDougall's Born To Run.

Brandon Fuller, who brought us the first photo of Jake in Leadville, saw Jake again at the start of the race:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was standing in front of me on the start line with his Flip camera shooting some video. Another crew was over further with some big lights. I gave Jake the head nod…what’s up. He responded.

If you want to read a detailed account of the grueling race, Fuller's blog provides it. He also has a lot of photos, including the one of Jake above and below:

Until I read this account, it had seemed like Jake and company did an admirable job of staying low-key:

Jake Gyllenhaal and another big star that my non-movie-star, non-fanboy head can't identify, and a small crew of others who seemed to be producers and/or directors and movie technician guys showed up and followed the race. And I mean they really followed it. They lived in Leadville for a few days before the race, they didn't sleep much or at all during the 30hr race, and even at night, I ran into them again at Fish Hatchery aid in the middle of the night. Mostly they watched, but I think they helped at times too.

They didn't seem to be filming any final footage of anything. It seemed to be tons of snippets. I was standing around with a random runner and friends at Twin Lakes. Jake G's star-friend was taking photos of us with a huge camera. It was only later that I noticed he had a small shotgun-mic attached. So he was taking movies and over-heard everything we said!

The director guy, of course, had to have a special chair that couldn't look like anyone else's. And of course he parked his glorified ass in it, apparently unable to stand amongst normal folk. LOL And he had to have guys handy to write anything down in case he said something important, like, "gimme a bigger latte manana" or something like that.

Ouch. I hope there wasn't too much of that posturing! It's interesting that they were there a few days ahead of time and that they pitched in at times.

Just a note that the man posing with Jake is, I think, Ken Chlouber, founder of the LT100 and the person who gives out buckles to finishers.

There are links to photos and videos in the Fuller blog. You can get an idea of the kind of effort and insanity it takes to run this race. It's easy to understand why it would intrigue Jake.

Also, if they are making a dramatic movie and not a documentary, and Jake is going to star - there is apparently a strong shirtless running tradition :)

Belated congrats to Brandon Fuller for finishing the race and thanks for the photos!

PopSugar is running a shirtless contest, and Jake is in the Final Four. Click to vote or just to ogle.


UltraViolet said...

I know I repeated some photos, but I don't have a lot to work with!

NYC-area GBers, here's your chance to see an advance LaOD screening. Tomorrow night at seven. If you go, we want a report!

Saw this on FB, and it cracked me up: We don't take coffee breaks in my office we take Jake Gyllenhaal breaks!

Sounds like my kind of office!

I also forgot to say that Tweety's posted tweet from the last post cracked me up, as well. The one about people assuming the tweeter was Jake. There is a lot of funny Jake stuff on FB and twitter.

FluorescentLamp said...

What I like about Brandon Fuller's blog is that his pics link right to his Flickr account where you can see them CRAZY BIG! THOSE ARMS!

I hope a NY-area GBer is contacting @mik3cap right now!

FluorescentLamp said...

I was standing around with a random runner and friends at Twin Lakes. Jake G's star-friend was taking photos of us with a huge camera. It was only later that I noticed he had a small shotgun-mic attached.

Looks like Jake G's star-friend with the big camera and shotgun-mic attached was Peter. :)

UltraViolet said...

I assumed it was poor, unnamed Peter. And yes, bless Mr. Fuller for posting the photos on flickr in plus size.

Chica said...

Damn! Seating for tomorrows screening in NY for LAOD is full! I filled out the form in case some seats become available. I'll let everyone know if I hear back from them, fingers crossed!!

Thanks for the heads up UV!

Wow, sounds like Jake and Peter were in serious scouting mode in Co over the weekend, something has to be up::))

That race sonds intense and grueling.

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh Chica!! I'm crossing EVERYthing for you right now! I hope some seats open up. :-))

Chica said...

I also contacted @mik3cap, thanks FL!!!

mary said...

fingers crossed too for you chica sure be nice if we can get a first hand report from a fellow gber

Tweety said...

Good luck with scoring those tickets Chica!

It's fun trying to put the puzzle together regardng Jake in Co.!!

I don't know if this was Jake or a clone, this tweeter says that he met Jake at a Home Depot in Alabama!:

DREWHFT: I just met Jake Gyllenhaal!!
about 4 hours ago via web

Love the shirtless montage of Jake pictures, off to vote!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, chica, good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed. Seats do open up for these things, so let's hope it works out.

Mary, forgot to say I'm glad you had a good time in Palm Springs. Was the picture of Jake in the brochure a picture of him actually in Palm Springs? Because when I was there in the winter, at one point I wondered if Jake spends or has spent much time there. We haven't really had sightings of him there.

LOL, tweety. I saw another FB sighting of someone who thinks she saw Jake at a gas station - in California. He does get around!

bobbyanna said...

Hang in there chica!! I'm crossing everything but my eyes in hopes you get in!

OMG, I checked out his blog. I could never do what Fuller and all those people do. Talk about focus and dedication? Preparation? Ugh!

I was trying to imagine shirtless Jake running the mountain trails in those tiny black shorts.

Look. If he really wants to make this movie I say go for it, Jake. (I'm still thinking it could be for a documentary.)

Monica said...

Thanks for all this information, UV. Jake and Peter look great.

As Shondra, I also really liked Inception and the performance of the entire cast (well, almost all, Juno is not good actress to me). Leo is great, but do not understand how some people see a possibility of him being nominated for an Oscar for this performance.

get real said...

Chica...fingers crossed that you will get tickets!!! I am so damn bummed that I have to work at an event tomorrow night so I wouldn't be able to make it even if there were tix available. :( :( :(

Thanks for the heads up on the screening, UV!

Wow, sounds like some serious filming went on in Colorado. Just glad Jake and Peter weren't being as diva as the director. It will be very interesting to see what becomes of all this.

Still swooning over Jake and his arms(!!) in those pics.

mary said...

UV the picture they used was just a picture of jake in a suit taken about 3 or 4 years agoi think and i dont think jake spends alot of time in palm springs that im aware of so i was kinda surpised when i saw his picture

Carla said...

Good luck and fingers crossed for you, Chica!
Usually with those events not all people who got tickets are attending - here in Germany those tickets then are given to fans waiting outside.

I would like to know who the "director" was? Looks like Jake and Peter behaved low-key. Perhaps we get some information on a possible documentary/film during the next weeks.

Chica said...

I checked my e-mail this morning and so far nothing! I'm still hopeful, the screening is at 7:00 tonight but you will need to get there at least an hour early to start lining up. The weather is crappy today with rain predicted off and on all day.

Doesn't matter, if I do get the tickets I'll just make sure I will bring my umbrella.

Thanks everyone for wishing me luck and keeping your fingers crossed!

Jake's guns are swoon-worthy Get real::))

UltraViolet said...

Still hoping for some good news for you, chica!

TIFF Skip List: 7 Notable Films Not Heading To Toronto:

The Toronto International Film Festival finalized its schedule yesterday, adding another 102 films to bring its total to 247 features. Though it’s quite possible a few stragglers will end up making the cut before the festival kicks off on September 9th, at this point it’s unlikely that most (or any) of the seven films discussed below will end up debuting at TIFF. Reasons could vary from reducing the expenses that come with premiering at a festival to not wanting to conjure up bad buzz. And it’s actually quite common for a couple of real deal awards titles to hold off from festivals and make their splashes closer to their official release date (recent best pic noms “There Will Be Blood,” “Milk” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” all come to mind). ...

“Love & Other Drugs,” directed by Edward Zwick
This re-teaming of Venice/Toronto premiere “Brokeback Mountain”‘s not-quite-couple Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway is based on Jamie Reidy’s memoir “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman.” Gyllenhaal plays said Viagra salesman, who meets and falls in love with Hathaway’s character—who has Parkinson’s Disease (cue Oscar buzz). The film’s trailer has proven quite popular and buzz is already quite high. But 20th Century Fox decided to keep audiences away from “Drugs” until its November release (unless it pops up somewhere else, though that seems doubtful).

They link to a youtube trailer that has more than 575,000 views!

FluorescentLamp said...

They link to a youtube trailer that has more than 575,000 views!

LOL I'm sure most of us are responsible for at least 500,000 of those views! No, but seriously, I'm really happy the trailer is getting a lot of positive buzz. Sometimes when you're this deep in a fandom it's hard to be objective.

I guess I can also see the point in keeping it away from festivals if they're thinking awards. Makes sense.

I hope Chica is pestering whomever is in charge of doling out passes for tonight's L&OD screening.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, FL. I hope we're only responsible for half! But I'm also happy it's so popular. Let's hope that translates to dollars.

I hope there's strategy at work in the festival decision, but I'm skeptical. Let's hope Fox proves me wrong.

And just because there's not much happening and because it makes me smile, the FB sighting from yesterday:

I swear I just saw Jake Gyllenhall at the Chevron by my work. He even let me take the gas port we were both waiting for. What a gentleman!! ;)

No idea if it's true, but if it is... :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I hope you get soem good news Chica, it would be awesome if you got to go the screening!

Mr. McDougall is a fascinating man and i'm not surprised that HW and Jake is interested in his story.

Interesting theory on why LAOD is being held back from film festivals. I didn't realize that Milk and There Will be Blood skipped TIFF and other festivals.

The buzz the 2 trailers received online was overwhelmingly positive and the 500,000 views is off the charts!

I assume that chevron sighting of Jake was in L.A. UV? Love hearing what a gentleman Jake is!

UltraViolet said...

It was in California somewhere, OONP. The poster lives in the OC, but I'm not sure where she works.

This guy also saw Jake, but doesn't really give details:

As we ran down the final .25 miles to the aid station, an aid worker comes down the hill and says, "you guys can slow down now." I was furious that he said this. I paid $300 to be here before air fare. I know I'm out of the slam. I know I'm out of this race.. but that doesn't mean that I get to leave my pride out there too. I dig even deeper and run even harder as if I was sprinting into the finish line all the way into the barn. There, the gentleman who is 3rd in charge of the race looks at us all and says, "yeah... you guys are done." I thanked him for being so compassionate in our time of disappointment. I walk into the barn and see Jake Gyllenhall off to the side. They cut off my medical bracelet and I weigh in. I was down 9 pounds from the start of the race. I turn and a woman gives me a huge hug and tells me how good I had done.. and then... I start to cry.

There poor runners, especially the ones who don't meet their goals. All that effort. I'm pretty sure they'd say it's worth it, but man.

FluorescentLamp said...

They cut off my medical bracelet and I weigh in. I was down 9 pounds from the start of the race.

...~~*@thought bubble@*~~... Hmm...I think I've just discovered a new diet!!!

UltraViolet said...

LOL - I have read reports of some serious pounds lost!

This is kind of cool. From twitter:

Jake Gylenhaal was in our tiny town all weekend and then flew out on my bro's plane. His ticket said "Jaccobben Gylenhaal." :)

mary said...

too bad she didnt say where the plane was headed i assume he was headed back to la we will probably find out soon ifs he back in la we should eventually get some pics of him

Chica said...

I'm sitting home brooding over a Guinness and watching the Mets, in other words: NO TICKETS FOR THE LAOD SCREENING TONIGHT!!!!

Now that I got that out of my system, I hope we get tweets about the screening afterwards. I have a feeling that Fox gave out the bulk of the tickets to people that have some type of "in" with the industry (along with some critics) .

The guy I contacted last night that tweeted about the tickets he couldn't use an another tweet earlier today looked like they were on the fringe of the biz, the latter writes screenplays (They are also both from Brooklyn too!)

suvee said...

Bummer, Chica!

I was hoping you would get lucky. Seriously, who's more deserving than a GBer to get a sneak peek at L&OD?

bobbyanna said...

Dang, chica!!! Sorry you didn't get to go. When I worked at Borders, they gave out free passes to the staff to movies a couple of weeks before they opened. Radio stations gave them out,too,and so did the newspapers. But we never got to go to real advance screenings like the one that you were waiting on.

Monica said...

Sorry, Chica.

Dvd POP:

I expected to see a picture of prince on the menu, but it has not.

mary said...

weird while watching jeopardy tonight one of the catorgories was non fiction and one answer was was was christopher mcdougall book about running of course i knew the question/answer

sorry chica you werent able to get a ticket

UltraViolet said...

Mary, that is too funny. It's classic - once you hear about something, you can't sop hearing about it!

Thanks for the DVD menu, Monica. I assume Jake is prominently featured on other frames. Not too long to wait now. I get so jealous reading tweets from people who are still getting the chance to see PoP in theaters.

Chica - boo! You definitely should have gotten those tickets before all these other bozos who, hours later, have not tweeted or posted a word about the screening!

UltraViolet said...

I wonder if Twitter is having issues. No LaOD tweets at all for hours. Hopefully something will make it through the ether.

Monica said...

iramadisonave LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS was actually quite hilarious, and SO fucking sexy. Hathaway bares all, and except for full front, Gyllenhaal does too. 1 minute ago via web

Monica said...

More from same person:

I always like Jake, but after this movie... damn. He is everything. Too bad it got all movie of the week in the end, but still solid. 4 minutes ago via web

It's refreshing to see a rom com with characters who don't act like utter idiots for sake of a stupid plot. Real people with good acting. 3 minutes ago via web

UltraViolet said...

Oh,very nice feedback. Thanks, Monica. I'm glad that guy reported on the screening after talking about going. Hope to see a few more reactions.

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL is this a good reaction? I can't tell...

A friend saw Love & Other Drugs, this is her review: "Gyllenhaal's naked for 1/2 the movie. Insanely, unbelievably hot ... I cant..."


Chica said...

iramadisonave was the 2nd tweeter that said he was going , love his review!

Wish I could have gone but his review makes up for it.

Gyllenhaal naked for half of the movie FL?? I love that reaction and Nov. 24th can't come quick enough for me!!!

UltraViolet said...

Hee. Sounds like a flustered rave, FL. I love it.

If this is true, then Jake is in L.A. From FB last night:

OMG just stood in line behind Jake Gyllenhaal!! Seriously took my breat away @ the Grove

Paula said...

Sorry you didn't get to see the screening last night of LAOD Chica(

Jake naked through half the film??
I think she meant to say "I can't breath.....!! Novemer 24th, hurry up!

Looks like Jake is back home in L.A. after his visit to Leadsville over the weekend. I can't stop looking at his arms in these pictures, dear God he looks so hot, I can just imagine his arms wrapped around me, sigh.

Curious about Jake and Peter's plans for the McDougall story: Movie? Documentary? Or perhpas they are jsut fans of his, we will find out soon I hope.

bobbyanna said...

With all this positive feedback about LAOD, I'm probably going to have to "medicate" before I see it! :)

I'm really looking forward to Jake's PR visits to Kimmel, Letterman, Fallon, Jon Stewart, GMA, Today, Regis, etc.

Carla said...

" "Gyllenhaal's naked for 1/2 the movie. Insanely, unbelievably hot ... I cant..."

This is the ultimate review! It cannot get any better...:-)

Why do you complain about November? I have to wait until January....

UltraViolet said...

There have been more tweets about Jake playing McDougall, but I think it's all rumor becoming "fact." Like the Lance A movie, which was never even on the table. But so many people talked about it, now people think Jake turned it down or didn't get it.

That bugs!

Carla, having to wait until January is unfair. This is one of those instances where I might have to illegally download if I were you.

Bobbyanna, I think this tweeter would agree with you. She might need to medicate, too:

locked eyes with jake gyllenhaal last night. think i've been ruined forever.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting tidbit from Leadville, from FB. Original poster was despairing of the idea of a movie:

I talked to them. At first I didn't recognize Jake but I did say he looked familiar, lol. They were actually personable and nice. They said they ran up there the day before and one said it kicked his ace.

The article author is wondering why Jake was there. Funny I told Peter that Jakes sister was hot in the movie secretary then he said " that's my wife! " funny I had no clue who he was. He was friendly though and promised me a picture when I run it in 2012 ;) I hope it's not ruined by then

Sag actor said...

I think people are assuming that Jake will be doing a movie based on McDougall, shades of Armstrong I agree.

But unlike Armstrong, I'm interested in seeing this develope, I hope that's why Jake and Peter were in Leadville, it sure sounds like it.

LOAD have ben getting great reviews from the screeners so far, thanks for posting them.

bobbyanna said...

"locked eyes with jake gyllenhaal last night. think i've been ruined forever."

OK! We're even! I just spewed Crystal Lite on my monitor! :)

That FB account of Leadsville was a little confusing?

Lola said...

After hearing carla has to wait until january to see load I wont be complaining about the november release date anymore:)I'm hoping to get my sister and a couple of friends to go with me to see load i'll probably end up paying their way, but it will be money well spent. I sort of think nothing is going to come out of this trip to colorado, but the report about the crew off to the side thing make me wonder.

Sheba baby said...

Been on a bit of a staycation, off to the beach later. Catching up with the goings on of Mr. G !

Interesting that Jake and Peter were in Leadville before the race hanging out, it sounds to me anyway that were doing a little scouting and observation of McDougall and the race.

If this is an upcoming project for Jake I give it a thumbs up! Especially if he decides to direct.

I have to laugh at Jake and Peter's attempt to blend in, obviously with all the tweets and FB sightings they were recognized!

Love the reviews from the LAOD screening the other night, bummer that you couldn't get tickets Chica.

Locking eyes with Mr.G? I don't thnk I would be able to recover!

UltraViolet said...

Sheba baby - hope you had a good day at the beach. Staycations are cool. I need one of those.

I need something to get my house in order! I had a new post sort of planned, then work and house interfered. It's all old news by now, but here's something new:

Today's afternoon tea featured Jake Gyllenhaal. Chado on 3rd.

Again, no idea if it's true. But it's the latest of several LA sightings, so it's plausible.

UltraViolet said...

There's an LA LaOD screening on 9/2. It says passes are all taken, but you never know. Some might open up?

Carla said...

Many screenings....perhaps we will get some more reactions this time.

I don´t understand "No rating yet" - I thought it was clear the film is rated R??

There is another fine review on Filmexperience:

LAOD in Filmexperience

"Jake pulls off the smarmy-but-charming almost George Clooney-esque character incredibly well, and his character's transformation as he becomes more involved with Anne is not necessarily written as well as it could have been, but he's great."

Monica said...

I don´t understand "No rating yet" - I thought it was clear the film is rated R??

The film is in post production, so I don't believe that all nudity and sex will be in the final version.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks for posting that review Carla, Filmreview really liked it:))

Even with editing, it's a good guess that LAOD will be rated R.

Monica said...

I realized after reading about the rated R. Anyway it will be R.
Must have been a mistake of the site.