Friday, August 13, 2010

Apple Trailer

So I guess it's now called Love *ampersand* Other Drugs. Okay.

Yet the not quite live website for the film shows it as Love *and*. . . Okay.

Either way, Love & Other Drugs. . . Love and Other Drugs, we now have the Apple trailer that Gecko Movies uploaded to YouTube making it easier for us to access whose computers hate the Apple site. I suggest watching the trailer in the full-screen mode. Oh yes.

Before the Apple site froze me out, I was able to get a couple of screen grabs I thought were interesting.

I wonder if Zwick and/or the costume department demanded that Jake wear the super azure blue contacts on this film because I don't think I've ever seen his eyes look this crystal before.

Also, probably a Jake set demand - notice the box of Corn Flakes he's eating? Organic. Naturally.

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Lola said...

That sucked i posted a comment on the other post right when it was disabled. Anyways the trailer looks really great. I hope this does good at the box office, do you guys think it will? I just really want Jake to be in a successful movie.

FluorescentLamp said...

Sorry about that Lola! I wish we had a way to see who was in the middle of commenting before we close up shop on a blog post. :-(

The trailer looks like the film will be a fun ride. I'm sure it won't be to everyone's liking, but I think I agree with Bobbyanna, whom I cut short in the last post as well...

This is practically the perfect trailer!!! I just love it!!!

Finally! In my poor, over-active imagination, this is the trailer for the movie I've been "casting" Jake in for the past five least!

I agree with that. But in my over-active imagination it would be this, but under the Apatow banner. Yeah, yeah, love the Apatow Factory movies or hate them, but they make a lot of money and make a lot of people happy. One day. . .

JF said...

The trailer doesn't give away too much, that's probably a good thing. The screen caps are great, the chemistry between Jake and Anne seems awesome.
Lola, I'm with you, hopefully this will be successful for Jake and Anne.

Anonymous said...

Jake has made a lot of successful movies. Some of them might not of made big money but as far as the quality and work in them - very successful.
There are movies that have been big blockbusters but to compare them to something like BBM or "Zodiac"..or...then they don't stand up to them. And that is something that will be noted as time goes on.
There won't be a kid contingent for LAOD but I think it will do very well with the reviews and also an adult audience.

Extra said...

Thanks for the video and screencaps FL, the trailer looks awesome! Finally a movie where Jake's charm, good looks and his humor are on display. He looks good with Anne, you can see the chemistry, sigh.

November 24th can't come fast enough for me!

get real said...

Finally got to watch about awesome!! Jake and Anne have fantastic chemistry and Jake is perfect as a smooth talking salesman that makes women swoon!

Cathy E said...

Just beautiful - the two of them, the scenery. I love that scene where he's sleeping. :)

Looks like it will be funny too.

Anonymous said...

See the trailer is on Hollywood Elsewhere and it's all Anne (tho with those sites there are negative folks)and you wouldn't know Jake was in the movie. (Of course I think the majority of people who comment on this site are male.)
One said they were disappointed in the trailer making the movie look kind of sappy. Judging it so quickly. So silly. It hasn't even started to let people know what the movie is all about.
It Is a comedy but it is also a drama. Laughing and crying will be involved when watching it.

suvee said...

Loved that trailer!! Thanks, FL!

Finally! In my poor, over-active imagination, this is the trailer for the movie I've been "casting" Jake in for the past five years...

You and me both, bobbyanna!

Lola, my guess is that L&OD will do very well at the BO..... very well for a rom-com/dramedy. Realistically, for some movie goers, rom-com translates to "chick flick", a genre they avoid. But L&OD is getting a good amount of Oscar buzz and that should help attract people that might not have otherwise been interested in it.

Unless it's a stinker, I think L&OD will do much better than Zodiac, Rendition, Brothers, and probably even BBM. But I'm just guessing here.....

Lola said...

No problem. I love judd apatow movies, I enjoy dirty jokes. I know jake has had successful movies like BBM and zodiac im just hoping for other people who focus on box office that it will do great. I can't wait till november 24th it seems so far away.

Sag actor said...

I saw that on HW Elsewhere too Anon. You would never think that Jake was in the movie based on that post and the comments.

It's being sold as a rom-com based on the trailers so far but it's much more than that.

Thar said, I like what I have seen based on the trailers, looks like a winner to me!

Sag actor said...

I saw that on HW Elsewhere too Anon. You would never think that Jake was in the movie based on that post and the comments.

It's being sold as a rom-com based on the trailers so far but it's much more than that.

Thar said, I like what I have seen based on the trailers, looks like a winner to me!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

I don't think I've ever seen his eyes look this crystal before.

Brokeback Mountain, FL?

I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies, but I love to see Jake in this trailer. He is so charming, hot, beautiful ...
The chemistry between Jake and Anne is fantastic.

I do not know how many times I watch this trailer.

I think some people expected to see the most dramatic part of the movie in the trailer, mainly to see the performance from Anne Hathaway. But I'm happy they did not it.

It's a great trailer!

mary said...

boy really cant wait to see this movie now both jake and anne look great and of course jake is really hot and sexy this is the way i like jake with the hair and clean shaven thanks again FL

UV said...

Did someone on HE say that Wells has seen LaOD? I don't remember him mentioning that. The commenters there can be pretty juvenile.

The trailer seemed to have good twitter buzz so that's good. I'll have to watch it a few more times just to make sure I've gotten all the nuance :)

Carla said...

Why should anyone take those HE readers serious? I read Wells blog because he sometimes has some good contacts and film infos but the regulars on his blog are just a bunch of frustated middle-aged men. Perhaps they should try to get laid once in a while - sorry, UV & FL...!

Reading some of the reactions towards Jake I can understand Wells frustration and him pretending Jake does not exist...*Lol*

The trailer looks lighthearted but I am sure we will also get to see some of the depth and the seriousness the film has to offer during the next months.

Jake and Anne have great chemistry and I also like the supporting actors so far (judged on the little scenes we have seen).

Sheba baby said...

I've watched the trailer at least a half a dozen times (thanks FL!)

This looks like this is going to be a fun romantic comedy with a serious tone( I would guess that Anne's character/ Parkinson disease will be addressed in another trailer, they are usally more than one trailer)

Jake's and Anne's chemistry looks like it's off the charts , looking forward to seeing this.

Monica said...

UV, I think the JW's comments are based at the screening that he mentioned a while ago. Maybe he read the script. He does this with many movies.
He likes beautiful young actresses. Last year he always spoke wonders about Carey Mulligan. This year he's talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway.

I think this trailer is just to attract the attention of the public who loves romantic comedies. Sometimes it is much easier to go that way to attract attention $ $ $ than the other.
The fact that the trailer is being shown before the new Julia Roberts movie says it all.

I want this to be a good movie, well received by critics and audiences.

I turned on the JW site for information, but those people who make comments ... RGM was not a great film, but the performance from Anne Hathaway was one of the best from that year.

Anonymous said...

Think it has already been established this will be a good movie.
On the YouTube showing of it someone's comment was the trailer made them feel like they'd already seen the whole movie. Boy are they wrong! There are a number of people out there who have no idea the type of movie this is. (More than the usual drama of a couple breaking up, etc.)
That's one of the things about this they are Not giving away the complete drama part of it at the moment.
As for Wells. There hasn't been anything that i know of where he has said he saw a showing of it. Probably won't do that until they start showing it for critics closer to the time it is out (or close enough they can have their reviews written).
It's probably going to really be a bummer for him to see what a great job Jake does. Tho he probably may just spent a moment to mention he is in the movie. That will be a victory..ha.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Trailer: To the beginning Jake
speaks with Bruce Jackson (actor Oliver Platt worked with Heath Ledger in Casanova. Was Paprizzio)...
Do they remember?

Anonymous said...

Oops just went over to look at Wells again (he does highlight other movies, and as said there are some things of interest over there sort of) and back with Anne. He's quoted someone saying Anne is so great she looks like she's in another movie.
They just mention Jake as being the character she is involved with.
This completely insults Jake of course. If she gives a great performance then she is working with someone who also gives a great performance. His character has his own problems to work through but she has the most dramatic.
But we have seen some comments from people who have seen the movie who mention Jake is great too.
And we will be seeing that later on when the critics have their say and more people have seen it.
Jake will come out of this movie adored by people who never paid much attention or some who just "liked him".

Anonymous said...

Also all their attention on Anne wouldn't of been possible if Jake hadn't talked her into doing the movie.

Tweety said...

I can't stop watching that trailer! I'm anxious to hear more from the screening that was tweeted about.

I remember Jake saying he talked Anne into taking the role in LAOD:)

henbot: Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal @lamill!
about 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Tweety said...

I came across this tweet just now, I assume she mentioned this on the Craig Ferguson show:

@kimberlykane Just found out Maggie Gyllenhaal grew up in Silverlake! Isn't that awesome?
11:33 PM Aug 11th via web

I know she was born in East NY and her parents moved to California where Jake was born a few years later but I just thought they moved to L.A./M. Drive. It sounds like they lived in Silverlake for a bit first. I wonder how old Jake was before they moved? I ask because Jake spends a lot of time there , didn't hear/read that he moved from the H. Hills so he must have friends there, friends going way back to childhood.

Anonymous said...

Got the new Entertainment Weekly today. They usually have a full page picture from a movie opening that month then the rest is pretty much along the lines of what LAOD was.
For Dec. there's a full page picture and largest story for the month on the new Reese movie.

Anyway, do feel LAOD will get the best reviews.

suvee said...

Tweety, I thought that Jake grew up in Hancock Park. But don't know when or for how long.

Do we know for sure that he moved from the Hollywood Hills house?

Tweety said...

Hi Suvee! I thought he grew up in Hancock park too, Maggie mentioning she grew up in Silverlake threw me a bit. It could be that his parents and Maggie/Jake lived in Silverlake and then moved to Hancock park later on.

Just speculating based on the tweets of him there and in Venice ar times, a good guess is that he has friends in both places and he likes to hang out with them as much as possible.

As far as his place in H. Hills is concerned I assume he still has hsi place there.

Lola said...

I can't stop watching the trailer, it just looks so different from anything i've seen him in. Also i've had POP in my head for the last couple of months so this is refreshing. He looks so good also more like himself like when he's on all those talk shows. I loved that song at the end of the trailer so much that i got it, its beautiful girl by INXS if anybody wants to know.

FluorescentLamp said...

Tweety and Suvee (by the way, so happy to see you posting regularly again, Suvee!!) - I think on CraigyFerg Maggie said she grew up Hancock Park/Silver Lake. She mentioned both in the same breath.

Hancock Park is actually a misnomer for the area of LA she and Jake grew up in, but it's far more recognizable than saying Windsor Square, which is actually where they grew up. Windsor Square is the more prestigious area (the official LA mayoral residence is in Windsor Square), but through the years has sort of been swallowed up by Hancock Park. Anyway, the outskirts of Silver Lake is just a couple of blocks away from their childhood neighborhood. She probably hung out in Silver Lake as a teenager, though it wasn't nearly as hipsterific back when she was a teen. ;-)

Paula said...

Remember a week or so ago where there was concern that there was no trailer for LAOD yet!! Well BAM, here it is and well worth the wait!

Love the flirty and sexy Jake here he and Anne look so good together.

It's one of the better trailers have seen this year and it doesn't give away the major plot: Maggie's Parkinsons disease played by Anne.

Thanks so much for posting the video and the scanned EW article!

bobbyanna said...

I love watching this trailer!!! I've lost count of how many times!

Don't know if Zwick insisted a bluer contact lens for Jake, but I'm real glad the rest of him looks au naturel!:)

(I think chest hair is a 'good look' for Jake!...can I say that?) :)

Chica said...

Lost count on how many times I viewed this trailer too!

I did notice that his eyes looked different, but it's not jarring and he looks hot!

I love his look in this, perfect!

Anonymous said...

His eyes do look a little crystally blue, don't they? Sigh. The trailer is very intriguing, I'm wondering what's going to happen between them because playah Jake isn't going to appeal to Anne's character I don't think. Fun. :)

bobbyanna said...

And I adore the picture of Annie's head resting on his chest, and they're smiling! (Sigh!)

bobbyanna said...

The scene where his brother asks if he's been abducted by aliens, his sense of comic timing, his look, is just perfect!

OK. I'll stop. After all. It's just a 2:28 minute trailer, right?

Anonymous said...

Their intimate scenes are lovely, and I love the OMG! scene. :)

Anonymous said...

Jake's eyes looked crystal blue in BBM so I don't think he wearing colored contacts here.

When is/was Maggie on Craig Fergusun?

suvee said...

This latest (real time) Jake drought is getting on my nerves. You think I'd be used to them by now.

I'm wondering if there is going to be a U.S. premiere of Nanny McPhee Returns? Like maybe in L.A.? And is it possible that Maggie's brother might show up to support her? :)

Anonymous said...

We know he has been to restaurants with Maggie but not much else.
Think he might be having meetings or doing whatever actors do when they're getting ready to make another movie?
Or - maybe he's just hiding out.
Usually when we start wondering where he is we find out fairly soon.

Monica said...

actor Oliver Platt worked with Heath Ledger in Casanova. Was Paprizzio...
Do they remember?

Yes. I love Paprizzio!

Maybe Jake became a person unattractive for paarazzis!

I do not miss seeing pictures of him every day. So, for me, this period is great.

JF said...

There are new pap pics:

Jake and Ramona

Carla said...

"Ask and you shall receive"...:-)

Welcome back, Mr Grizzly Man!

According to Indiewire, Fox is planning an awards campaign for LAOD:

LAOD campaign

Hint to Fox PR team: Screening at a Filmfestival usually means building buzz....!