Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dastan in miniature

According to, LEGO and Disney have premiered their new Prince of Persia line at Comic-Con today.

Herewith a little Dastan, with obligatory facial fuzz.

You can see the rest of the pieces at Flickr.

I suppose I like this set enough, yet there really doesn't seem to be much of a difference between this new, exclusive PoP set and the earlier DIY PoP pieces.

Jake out at Toscana in Brentwood on Tuesday night.

Jake at the Dodgers on Wednesday night.

According to RadarOnline:

Jake Gyllenhaal stepped out on Wednesday night for a low-key outing with another famous face. But don’t worry Reese, it wasn’t another gal!.The actor hit up a baseball game in Los Angeles with his brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard.

“Jake was there with Peter and some other guy, it looked like another dad,” an onlooker told The threesome sat in the Dugout Club seats as they cheered with the rest of the sellout crowd as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-2.

Photos courtesy of Flickr and IHJ.


josie said...

I love the Lego Pop set but your're right about the set not much different than the earlier set. An ostrich??? Love all the stuff coming out about Pop.

He looks great in the Dodger gsme and Toscana pics, too bad Peter was camera shy!! And he seems to be wearing a Spiderman shirt, hint of a surprise visit to Comic con?

Monica said...

It's a shirt of Iron Man! My friend has a shirt similar to that Jake is using!
Perhaps this is one gift of Robert Downey Jr.

I love Lego toys. I think I will buy and put on my desk!

josie said...

IRONMAN! Thanks monica.

suvee said...

As perfectly adorable as that Dodger's photo is, the Toscana pic really makes my pulse race. He looks so 60's, so cool, so effortlessly sexy.

Love his hair now......I'm hoping he's trying out this look for Love and Other Drugs.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Love the Toscana picture to, very cool and sexy and his hait=r isn't covered up!!

That definately is a Ironman tee he is wearing, love the shirt, hate the beanie!

The Pop legos are too cute and we get to play with Jake/Dastan, LOL!!

bobbyanna said...

I SO agree! The Toscana pic is delish! I think he knows. How can he not know the effect he has.:)

The Lego figures made me smile. Somehow Jake's gorgeous torso didn't translate...but he has a huge sword.

Love it when Jake wears that knit cap like that. Yeah, he knows.:)

Anonymous said...

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were at ComiCon to promote Alice in Wonderland, today. Johnny's visit was a "surprise" and the cast of the Twilight sequel was there yesterday, I think. So Disney was smart to give themselves some space with PoP.

lawgoddess said...

Lovely pictures and a fun post, FL. Thank you.

Hope UV is having a terrific time in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Owen Wilson is enjoying himself in St. Tropez, right now, so either his part isn't that big, or he's finished, or he reports to the set later than the rest.

chica said...

The legos set is realy cute! I know a lot of Red Sox fans were happy when Manny was traded but it still must have been a kick to watch Manny at Dodgers the other night for Sox fan Jake and i don't mind the beanie at all!

Oh man he really looks sharp and sexy in the Toscana pics.

I have this feeling that Jake may be making a surprise appearence at Comic con today.

agent_krycek said...

I'll admit my grasp of geography is shakey at the best of times (it was only a few years ago I realised Billaricay wasn't a town in Ireland, it's a town in Essex, the county next door to London, where I've lived all my life *insert shamed face*) but seriously, Ostrichs in Persia - really?

Mr G - looking sharp and hot in the Toscana pictures :D

sheba baby said...

Lego Jake/Dastan looks really mean and I detect a smirk!!! Ostrichs in Persia? Cute, I can picture Ava and Deacon playing with the legos, hell I can picture me playing with the legos!!

The return of the beanie! He must of been hot in it that night, still looking good and love the Ironman T-shirt!

And speaking of hot, he looks smokin in the Toscana photo, and no hat!!

Lemon said...

but seriously, Ostrichs in Persia - really?

Absolutely. The Arabian Ostrich (which is extinct now) was thought to have roamed the Arabian Peninsula. Supposedly, they were revered amongst Muslims and I believe that Persians would eat ostrich meat.

Anonymous said...

• Jake Gyllenhaal, rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers during a night out with brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard at sold-out Dodger Stadium. The guys watched as the home team bested the Cincinnati Reds, 6-2, from the stadium's club seats, and cheered like crazy when Manny Ramirez hit his grand slam. They also grabbed some peanuts and Cracker Jacks – traditional ballpark fare! – and Gyllenhaal was very nice when approached for pictures by fans.,,20293400,00.html

get real said...

Yay...I adore Jake and Peter hanging out together. :D Would have been great to see a picture of the two of them, but pics of Jake are always more than welcome. He looks great at the ballgame (Iron Man shirt = bonus!) and going to dinner. ;p

We have Legos!!! Yes!!

Thanks for all the info, everyone. This all made my Friday. :) Have a great weekend all.

agent_krycek said...

Absolutely. The Arabian Ostrich (which is extinct now) was thought to have roamed the Arabian Peninsula

Well you live and learn, thanks Lemon :)

Anonymous said...

I am very curious why his hair is in the longer style.

extra said...

Love the little stash on lego Jake, and it does look like a bit of a smirk as well! Arabian ostrichs, you learn something new everyday, thanks Lemon!!

Why, why must you cover up that beautiful head of hair Jake? Well at least he didn't cover it up the previous night, he looks really sexy there!!

I guess we will find out later on if he attended Comic con.

FluorescentLamp said...

Nobody would be more surprised than me if he showed up at Comic-Con, but I just can't see how that would happen. Unless he crashes someone else's well-attended panel and screening. :-D

tweety said...

I don't know about Jake and Comic com, but what I was able to translate from Portuguese, this guy is driving Jake to the airport (L.A.?) to see Reese. I assume "she" is Jake's assistant and the car was rented do the paps wouldn't spot him at LAX:

danielaragao :
Then she asked who was in the car I rented it and driving the paparazzi do not follow him. He will travel to see the girlfriend, Reese.
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

This post is to make my friends jealous the: tomorrow I'll Bring the Jake Gyllenhaal at the airport. Has become the home of his assistant ...
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

Monica said...

Good night, bablers!

Tweety, Jake's assistant hired Daniel to lead Jake to the airport. He's a Brazilian who works as a driver in Los Angeles.

She asked me to go in the car that I rented and driving to the paparazzi don't follow him. He will travel to see the girlfriend, Reese.

Monica said...

Haha i saw Jake Gyllenhall (correct spelling?) at JimHenson lot. my coworker said i must go to the kitchen! i can take a glimpse5:09 PM Jul 23rd from txt

Jim Henson is producer?

FluorescentLamp said...

Thank you for the translation, Monica! I was hoping you'd stop by and give us the correct Portuguese to American version. :-)

Jim Henson was the creator of the Muppets. He has since died but the studio still carries his name and I think his children now run Jim Henson Productions. It's the same studio where the Los Angeles version of Sesame Street is filmed as well as lots of other children's shows.

Monica said...

Thanks, FL!

Disney site: Prince of Persia

bobbyanna said...

Wow!!! Monica thanks SO much for the link. OMG. Jake's name is above the title! He looks fiercce and edgey and really hot.

Anonymous said...

all i get is something that says defy the future and a chain with a scorpion dangling when i click on am i suuposed to do something else or see something?

FluorescentLamp said...

I love that the red sash sort of flows to and fro.

This site will have to be bookmarked and checked often for more content. Maybe his hair will flow in the breeze as more content is added! :-D

Anonymous said...

Of course Naomi was involved with creative development of Sesame Street so it will be great if he carries on the family connection with this creative company.

shondra said...

Wow, thanks for the link monica, the site is cool! This film is going to be massive.

Thanks also for the translation monica as well!!

shondra said...

PS: Jake looks super sexy in the Toscana pic and cute in the Dodgers pic despite the silly beanie! Too bad we didn't get to see Peter.

The lego set will be the first in a long line of Pop merchandise, I loved legos as a kid and I really like this set. said...

Jake and Reese mention in NYT article on actors visiting the WH:

Some slip in just for tours. Ms. Witherspoon, with her co-star Paul Rudd and her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, dropped in on Mr. Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. when she and Mr. Rudd were here filming a movie. (The White House photographer took a picture of the president and Ms. Witherspoon in the Oval Office; it hangs in the working quarters of the West Wing, out of view of most visitors.)

sag actor said...

Jordan Mechner at the graphic novel/Prince of Persia panel at Comic Con:

That site looks fantastic Monica!!

UltraViolet said...

Bonjour from Paris. It has been a beautiful day here. The whole vacation has been fantastic. Tomorrow is the last day, boo. Thanks to FL and all of you for all the updates. A bientot :)

Monica said...

Nailed (2009) (in production) .... Howard Birdwell

Thanks for the link, anon!

Happy to read you're having fun, UV!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Glad to hear you are having a great vacation UV, Paris is a beautiful city.

Thanks for the Disney/Pop link Monica, looking good! And thanks for the translation too!

Jake fan said...

Thanks for the link to the PoP site, Monica. It looks really good.

I don´t understand why Disney did not use the Comic Con platform to promote PoP. Reports and trailers of the movies shown there are all over the net.

Especially since many people remain sceptical - a panel with the cast -Jake with his charme and humour would have blown them away.

I hope you enjoy your last holiday, UV.

FluorescentLamp said...

a panel with the cast -Jake with his charme and humour would have blown them away.

I agree, but this might be a case of "easier said than done." What fans want to see at ComicCon is product and talent. They'd need a cool teaser trailer (or something longer) and they'd need more than just Jake on a panel. Tim Burton had Depp introduce both him and the Alice in Wonderland film clip at CC, but only Tim stayed around for questions. They also had the AIW costumes on display. Even that didn't create a lot of fan buzz on the internets.

I think in PoP's case you'd need a lot more than Jake introducing both Newell and a clip; you'd need a Molina, Kingsley, Arterton. And since everyone in that film save Jake are UK-based, that could prove difficult in scheduling, i.e., getting the principals of the cast to fly 11 hours for 2 hours of work.

Anonymous said...

Also Disney, as we see happening already, is not going to let POP go unnoticed.
They brought out PIRATES with a little bit here and little bit there.
Also having seen pictures from Comic Con there were POP ads (and there were other movies coming out next year who had their posters but no one at Comic Con) and of course the Lego section on it.
Also don't know where they would of put it as that really was a very busy Con.

tweety said...

Not only did she spell his last name wrong but his first name too! Unles there is a lake in Philidelphia named gylenhall!

m33sh1: ReeSe witherspoon and lake gylenhall here !!
25 minutes ago from txt ·

tweety said...

I think lunch/breakfast=brunch!

Tracysaurous: is soo jealous Marisa just ate lunch next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon for breakfast.
5 minutes ago from web ·

ACwatts: Just saw Jake and Reese and her kids in philly outside Sabrina's
about 2 hours ago from Twitterrific

tweety said...

Jake's home in the H. Hills? Rumors were that it was up for sale:

hcmack: Jake Gyllenhaal was living across the street from my aunt but just moved out. I'm disappointed.
about 14 hours ago from web

sass said...

Evening babblers,
I've been missing you so so much. One year of therapy down and all is well:):) YEAH!!! Now slowly but surely back to Gyllen-tweeting, reading and blogging with my fellow babblers.
I'm starting here and reading backwards...Jake is still and beautiful. I love that he still wears his dusty boots and knit caps...he's scrumptious.
love you all

chica said...

Hi ((((Sass))))!!!

So happy you stopped by to say hi. I have been thinking about you, glad that therapy has gone well.

Yes Jake is still hot, lots to catch up on.

Thanks for all the updates everyone.

suvee said...

(((sass))), we've missed you! Good to hear that all is well with you.

Big thanks to monica for the Disney/PoP link, and to tweety for the Philly sightings.

I thought I would share this tidbit...... it was new to me, but maybe others have heard about it. From the latest issue of food network magazine....

Keanu Reeves "is reportedly teaming with the director of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Chef (2011), about a down-on-his-luck Michelin-star chef determined to make a culinary comeback."

Mr. Fincher, I can think of at another actor that might be pretty good in this role. :)

suvee said...

Ooops! please ignore "at" in last sentence. Fingers not connected to brain!

Nicole said...

They were shopping at Whole Foods according to this.

office of nancy pelosi said...

(((Sass))) Happy to hear from you ! Great news about your therapy.

I have not heard about that Suvee, Fincher you are tslking to the wrong actor!

Catching up on all the updates, thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

Empire has a couple more PoP Pics

Anonymous said...

New Pop photos from Empire magazine:

agent_krycek said...

Hi sass - great news about your therapy, sending loads of love and best wishes.

I high approved of the leaping off the balcony whilst wet photo for oh, so many, many reasons :D

josie said...

Hi Sass, what great news about your therapy!Hugs and all the best.

Wet Jake, yes!!!! Thanks for the link.

Paula said...

Oh my, what a way to start the week! Love all the teasers we are getting for this movie, I don't think it mattered that Pop wasn't at Comic con. Disney knows how to promote their films so i'm not worried at all.

Jake looks gorgeous! The photo of him and Gemma wet almost looks like a painting, beautiful. And the one with the horse is breathtaking.

I remember Suvee's very vivid descriptions on the photos she has seen and remember the description of the horse.


bobbyanna said...

Squeee! Delicious new pictures and good news from sass! Happy Monday!


extra said...

THUD!!! I think I will need all day to recover from those pictures!

Jake looks amazing and oh yes Gemma does too!!
Great to hear from you Sass!!!

get real said...

DAMN...THUD!! Those PoP pics are seriously amazing and Jake is looking HOT!!! Great way to start off a Monday....whew. ;p

(((SASS))), great to hear from you!

Great to hear of nice J/R sightings in Philly. :)

sheba baby said...

What a stunning set of pictures, love all the details. Jake looks incredible all wet! Gemma is stunning too, wow!!! Thanks for the links and all the updates.

Love the twitters about J&R in Philly!

Good to hear from you Sass, happy that your therapy has gone well.

FluorescentLamp said...

I have a new post. See you there.