Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowled over

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon leaving the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night, after attending a Ray LaMontagne/Jenny Lewis concert. Jake seemed by turns amused and annoyed; Reese bubbly, buzzed and bugged.

These photos of Reese and Jake have led to many amusing captions, including:

Jake: "Get off of my car!"
Reese: "How much is that doggy in the window?*"

Reese: You wanna piece of me?"

"... the one with the waggly tail..."

Reese: "Just say the word and we'll take this outside, mister!"
Jake: "Noooooo!"

For a trip down memory lane, some video of Jake and Reese watching Jenny Lewis at Coachella in April, and Jake dancing sidestage at Ray LaMontagne, ACL 2006:

Watch more Jake (with friends) and Ray LaMontagne here and here.

As a bonus for this post being so late, check out this gigantic version of the ultimate Jake "Come hither"picture:

Click the link above for the nearly lifesize, awesome version.

A photo from this weekend: the cliffs of Gay Head in Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard, once listed by Jake as his "Favorite Place on Earth." Note also his "Drink of choice" :)


(Photos courtesy of IHJ and


office of nancy pelosi said...

LOL at the captions, the pictures are funny as hell! Looks like they had a good time at the concert.

Not only is Jenny Lewis Jake's ex, but she was in Pleasentville with Reese and Tobey!

I love the protective Jake and Reese is adorable even while drunk IMO, and thanks for adding one of my favorite Jake pics!!

What a beautiful photo from MV, and I did notoce Jake's favorite beer in Reese's hand!

FluorescentLamp said...

Isn't Stella Artois everyone's favorite beer? MmmmStella.

Looks like a fun time was had backstage at the Hollywood Bowl the other night. And I always find it fun/interesting how Jake Gyllenhaal is 6 degrees or less from everyone else in Hollywood. It always comes back to Jake, as OONP just pointed out. :-)

bobbyanna said...

That picture of Jake in the car is inspired! Thank you for "life-sizing" it! If only...:)

Agree, OONP. She looks like she was having a lot of fun. I didn't realize Jenny was in Pleasantville.
Lots of intersections in H'wood.

Thanks for sharing MV with us, UV. I'll add this pic to my "virtual vacation" files.

Anonymous said...

Fun post. The "take it outside" caption is hilarious. Wondering why Jake's hair is so long. This is the length he wore it for Rendition.

sheba baby said...

These pictures are hilarious!! Love all the captions. I had no idea Jenny and Reese were in Pleasantville together, six degrees indeed!

Love the beautiful photo from Gay Head in Aquinnah UV, looks so peaceful. I never tire of looking at the picture of Jake reclining in the backseat!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
These pictures are very funny. Thanks, UV!

In Pleasentville, she played one of Reese's friends at the beginning of the movie!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are too funny! Glad they got to kick back and have a bit of fun, damn paps! Don''t blame Jake one bit for being pissed.

Is this true or just another rumor? Jake as Axl Rose??:

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake as Axl Rose??:

Oh HELL to the NO. How...who...WHAT? No way. This has to be someone's idea of joke casting. I mean, Axl doesn't really even play a role in Kurt's life. It's gotta be a joke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Courtney's version of "dream casting?"

Anonymous said...

new pics of jake and reese on ihj leaving a movie theater last night after seeing bruno

paula said...

I love the pictures of Reese hanging out the car window and the pic of her and Jenny! Jake looks serious and pissed but I'm sure he had a good time as well.

There was a tweet about them at the movies last night, too bad they saw Bruno, what a piece of crap and a waste of $$$!!

Monica said...

Bruno has not yet debuted in Brazil. The debut will be in August.

I'm anxious to see Public Enemies, but only on July 24!

Anonymous said...

Reese looks like she is trying to "help" Jake in the pics of her hanging out the window. Keepin' an eye on those paps while he pulls away. LOL! I'm liking her more and more. Jake needs to practice his game face.

chica said...

I love the contrast between the "serene" Reese and the "serious" Jake.

I've seen serious/protective Jake before but this the first time I've seen this side of Reese and I like it! She isn't fallen down drunk, just a few beers, and just having a good time.

I keep forgetting about the Jake/Jenny and the Reese/Jenny connection, thanks for the reminder!! They look so serious in the pictures of them last night at the movies considering they just came from seeing a comedy, Bruno! Or maybe they still are coming down from the Sunday concert.

I would love to vacation on MV, hope you hade a great time there UV.

I hope that "news" about him playing Axl Rose is a joke.....

UltraViolet said...

That cast list for the Cobain pic is crazy - sounds like a wish list more than a fact.

I did think of you when I saw the Stella, FL :)

Maybe Bruno is as bad as Paula says and that's why they seem subdued. Or it could be an aftereffect of the previous night's festivities!

I hope you like Public Enemies, Monica. I wasn't thrilled with it. More importantly, I hope they show the Brothers trailer.

I did have a great time on vacation. I wish I'd gotten to go for the whole week, but work intervened. But it was very relaxing!

DianaV said...

In the concert pictures, everyone is commenting on Reese, but maybe Jake was a wee bit tipsy too. I love the picture of Reese and Jenny. They look like little girls being all "girly." It looks very "Southern."

The "Bruno" pictures look like they were inside a mall, (shopping bag) and I noticed one on IHJ where a security guard was assisting them. I think inside of malls is private property and those photographers shouldn't have been doing that inside.

Anonymous said...

OT: This person posted a picture of Jake, Reese and her kids in Ojai at a concert on Friday, then removed it.:

Reese was wearing the same ring on her right finger as she in the pics at the concert.

Anonymous said...

It was never posted on the twitter account but on ojai paparazzi/flickr:

Anonymous said...

anyone else having trouble connecting to ihj that i am keeps saying web site unavailable

Anonymous said...

We really don't know what was being said to R&J in the pictures -We really don't know anything.
It's just good to see them.

Monica said...

IHJ is ok for me!!

thanks anon 06:29 and 06:53!

Anonymous said...

I have to smile at the pic of Reese "Let's take this outside" Witherspoon. :) Great captions, and I did notice she was drinking Jake's favorite beer - and he looks great.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the Ojai pics anon, I gave up figuring out the ring thing!

suvee said...

Nice to see the Ojai pic...... thanks, anon!

I gave up figuring out the ring thing!

So have I, oonp. :)

extra said...

"Let's take this outside", LOL!! She does look like she may have been saying that!! Jake looks so serious but he may have been a bit buzzed himself.

I think you are right DianaV, it's a shopping mall. Movie and some shopping, the paps shouldn't have been there.

They looks really tired, I guess they didn't fully recover from Sunday!! Thanks for posting the videos from coachella nd ACLS/2006, those are still fun too watch.

I really hope that the Axl Rose thing is just a rmor, I shudder at the thought!

Thanks for the Ojai pics anon, and i will leave all ring speculation to the experts!

Anonymous said...

I guess other celebs were at the Bruno screening. Maybe it was an invitational thing from the distributor to generate some buzz.
Odd group.

UltraViolet said...

LA movie theaters are a good place for celebrity spotting. Back in the day, I had my biggest celeb sighting, in terms of star wattage, at one, It might even have been that Century City mall.

I saw Bruce Willis and Demi Moore leaving a flick.

Thanks for checking IHJ, Monica. It's working for me, too, so it must have been just a temporary glitch.

Anonymous said...

"Brothers" is not listed on the first line-up for Toronto.
They will be updating the list every tuesday.


At the moment there is some buzz - but IMO the film needs festival support to start some real hype.

There are other film festivals but Toronto is ususally the most important one.

josie said...

LOL@ at photo#5! I like these series of pap shots even though Jake is pissed and Reese had too much beer. They had a good time and got to hang backstage with Jenny Lewis and that's all I need to know. They definately looked more subdued at the mall/movies the next night. Recovering or a reaction to the film they just saw, hee, hee.

I have mixed feeling looking at that Ojai pic. It is intrusive but at least you don't see the kids faces and I'm glad to know that they can go to their farm to relax and mostly be left alone.

Disappointing news regarding Toronto, I was hoping Brothers would screen there, thanks anon.

bobbyanna said...

Toronto is the largest in North America and second only to Cannes worldwide. A "Brothers" screening is still a possibility. Don't count them out yet. It all depends on whether they have submitted it for Toronto.

I'm really glad to know Jake and Reese and the kids are supporting the local farm/business community in Ojai. Wonder if the farm is growing enough produce to sell at Farmer's market. That would really be sweet.

Anonymous said...

Having a movie at Tornoto or anywhere else is always nice, but there are a lot of movies that have great reviews that are never in any Film Festivals.
Pictures are pictures - unless someone is right there in front of them and getting their own personal comments to what they are thinking and how they are feeling it's all speculation.
But it's easy to do.

get real said...

So they were seeing Bruno, lol, I do want to see that.

And despite the pap annoyance, I was glad to see them with Jenny Lewis. I like that they all hang out together.

Thanks for the Ojah pic, anon!

I am keeping fingers crossed that Brothers does show at Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Even drunk Reese is a cutie and I love Jake's back the hell off look!

That picture of them in Ojai is such a contrast to the concert and movie pictures. Of course they had no idea a local was takng their picture but it's such a nice, calm and sweet photo. I'm glad they have that farm to escape to.

There are other festivals coming up and as bobbyanna pointed out, there is still time to add it to their screenings.

tweety said...

fdrom twitter, translated from German:

DIETHERKERNER: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal und Reese Witherspoon am Nachbartisch. Sehen blendend aus. Trotz ihrer bekloppten Namen. I luv LA.

about 4 hours ago from web

Anonymous said...

Translation? Anyone? Anyone? :)

Anonymous said...

Tweety I think you forgot to translate, here it is.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon at the next table. Look blinding. In spite of its beklopin names. I luv LA.

tweety said...

Sorry, I thought I translaed it, duh! Thanks, I think that tweet was from this morning.

Ria said...

"GP, JG and RW at the next table
looking splendid (in spite of their weird names.)"

Nicole said...

From Twitter:
ShoopDaCoop :
Clint Eastwood, Jake Jylenhall, Reese Whitherspoon, Sean Penn, and Hillary Swank are all at my dad's restaurant. I'm about to explode.
42 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

I've never seen this spelling of Jakes name.....

chica said...

I've seen so many spellings of Jake's name on twitter Nicole, but this is the funniest, they spelled Reese last name wrong too!

I think I exploded when I read that sighting too, wow!! Penn and Swank both worked with Eastwood and won Academy awards. I hope they were discussing a possible project with Clint.

That Ojai picture makes m smile...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake and Reese were "with" the Eastwood party. They were just at the same dining establishment.

tweety said...

Probably true anon. It would help if the the person that twittered named their father's place, but still the idea that all four were there, talk about heads exploding, LOL!!

Sounds like Reese is at some softball camp at UCLA, a little bit more serious than the drills that she was doing. Sounds like Paul Rud and Jack are in Philly filming and that Owen and Reese are not needed on set right now, maybe next week.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
Site of the movie Brothers:

thanks for all links!

Monica said...

John Baker?

The Moneyball movie is back on, according to a report Thursday in Variety.

That means Marlins catcher John Baker is sure to get pestered again with questions about who will play him on the big screen.

"I have no idea,'' he said. "Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal?

Baker is one of the so-called "Moneyball players" featured in Michael Lewis' critically acclaimed book about the unorthodox draft methods used in 2002 by Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane.

Beane will still be played by Brad Pitt. How about John Baker playing John Baker, who has a small but significant role in the book? After all, he was featured in Summer Catch, which ranks as one of the five worst sports movies ever made in 2001.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the website link!!! Now, if I could only hear it! I have suddenly lost all my sound. I've gone to the control panel, and done some other stuff, even checked to make sure all the wires are attached, but no

FluorescentLamp said...

How about rebooting, bobbyanna?

Monica said...

You entered the main volume?

bobbyanna said...

Thank you, FL and Monica. It worked. Sound restored. I feel so stupid. I tried everything else except re-booting. It was just fine earlier this morning. I must have done something to make it "go away."

sheba baby said...

The site is up, yes!!!! Thanks monica.

FluorescentLamp said...

I must have done something to make it "go away."

I don't think it was anything that you did at all. It was probably a site you visited earlier that gobbled up all your sound. That happens to me quite often. Nothing that a little reboot won't solve. Glad to hear you have sound again. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they have the farm on Ojai to getaway to, I bet it's really peaceful and relaxing there.

Thanks for the heads up monica about the Brothers site!

Anonymous said...

Iron Man 2 and PoP are both opening in May, 2010. I hope they aren't on a collision course.
I just realized that, when I was reading about Jake and Reese hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow.

tweety said...

From twitter:

conejita_hop: Jake Gyllenhaal was @ Disney, on MY floor, while I sat in my desk completely oblivious of his presence. um I dont know if i can handle this.
about 5 hours ago from web ·

I know that Pop isn't on the Disney panel at Comic con but maybe Jake will make some surprise appearence to tie in with the rumored sneek peek trailer?

Anonymous said...

I hope so! :)

sag actor said...

The rumor is that there will be a sneek preview of the Pop trailer at Comic Con, I hope so!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! :)

goopy said...

When I saw this:

along with the twitter sighting of Jake, Reese and Gwyneth, I knew Reese is taking eher advice:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if that "medical spa" was just using Reese's presence to promote themselves. That blurb even sounds like it was written for the medical facility! Reese and Jake seem very food conscious, and seem to be very healthy. When is Gwyneth going back to the UK?

Anonymous said...

First official photo of PoP.

bobbyanna said...

Wow! Verrrry nice. Thanks, Anon. I like it. A lot. And so it begins. Hang on, Jake!

chica said...


How much you wanna bet that Jake will be making an appearence at Comic con next week?

It starts 7/23 on a Thursday but there is stuff happening on 7/22. The visit to Disney, and now this blyrb in EW?? Probably on the graphic novel panel towards the end of next week.

Thanks Anon.!!

office of nancy pelosi said...

He is definately swoon worthy in that picture, he looks amazing!

I agree about the Disney twitter sightings, the graphic novel panel is next Friday I think. That's where the author of the Pop graphic novel will be appearing and hopefully Jake as well!

extra said...

Wow, he looks great!! I can't wait until next May!!!!

"I'm tired of taking myself so seriously," says the actor.

He has Brothers coming out in December so he is still doing serious roles but this should be a blast!

FluorescentLamp said...

I think I'll make a new post. See you there.